VOL 7 NO 1 - Highlights: Dilemma Of The Republic by Col. Ben Cameron - and - A Challenge And Indictment Of Entrenched Bar Members by Lucille Moran - and - The Michigan Story (Tax Revolt) Pt 1




Volume 7, No. 1

Published Quarterly by the Ministry of Christ Church

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A “Republic” is a government of Law, not of men nor the opinions of men. Ben Franklin was asked, “What kind of a government did you give us?” He replied “A REPUBLIC IF YOU CAN KEEP IT!”

We have already shown in past issues of IDENTITY where the United States is in the Bible and that Jesus Christ has identified the Jews as NOT of Israel - and the very important fact that Jesus Christ is NOT a Jew. We will not repeat the details in this issue, but will proceed to the vital subject of the Constitution of these United States and the Holy Bible from whence it came.

The Union of States known as the United States of America became a Union or a “federation of states” by a contract (compact) made and entered into by and between the States. The States represented by body politic or the “people.” This important contract is known as the “Articles of Confederation” and the source of the Articles is the Holy Bible! For confirmation of this fact, see the official text of law, U.S. Constitution annotated, U.S. Code. This should be found in your local Law Library. The Constitution was lifted from the Articles of Confederation so the source of the Constitution is the same as the Articles, THE HOLY BIBLE!

The Union of States created by the Articles of Confederation is to be in effect PERPETUAL, which means “forever.” The correct title is “Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union.” Before we can approach a solution to the DILEMMA OF THE REPUBLIC, it is necessary that we review some of the historical documents of government - some of which have apparently been set aside and forgotten, when they should be remembered and studied by all good citizens and officials of our government.

With the background of the Declaration of Independence along with the common or natural Law as given by God in the Holy Bible, we approach the basic principles for the government of the union. There appear to be many throughout the nation who believe that the government has declined to the point where problems have become insolvable. At such times, there is an old axiom taught to the Midshipmen of Annapolis - it is “Go back to the Manual.” So, for a moment, let us return to the Manual. Let us look to some of the prophecies of the “Book” - but rather than quote them here, we suggest that the reader turn to the Book and read the following passages:

Genesis 26:4-5 ; Exodus 16:28 ; Leviticus 26:46 ; Ezra 7:25 ; Nehemiah 9:13 ; Ezekiel 44:5 ; Isaiah 9:16 ; Matthew 15:14 ; Luke 7:30 ; Jeremiah 2:7-8 ; Jeremiah 5:19-31 ; Isaiah 5:13 ; Hosea 4:1 ; Isaiah 51:1-2.

Is there a solution to the DILEMMA OF THE REPUBLIC? Let us just suppose for the moment. Suppose that the following historical events came into being:

  1. The 32nd state legislature enacted a “Resolution for a Constitutional Convention.” At such a time, the only lawful delegates to such a convention would be those appointed by the states in accordance with Article V of the Articles of Confederation. This provision for the states to appoint their delegates was not altered nor amended by the Constitution nor by the states in the convention that adopted the Constitution. In fact, it is confirmed in Article V of the constitution that such a convention may be called by the states. Under provisions of the Articles of Confederation, the delegates to the convention would sit as a COMMITTEE OF THE STATES!

  2. The Committee of the States in a Constitutional Convention decide that the Constitution requires more an “enforcement” by the states rather than “amendment” and that the states in such committee take the following actions:



It is hereby declared that the purpose of the Committee of the States shall be to propose amendments to the Constitution of the United States in pursuance of Article V thereto AND FURTHER, to review past functions and activities of the federal government which was established by the states in contract by and between the states for the purpose of ENFORCEMENT of said compact known as the Constitution of the United States of America. In pursuance of Article IX of said Constitution, the Committee hereby further declares that:

  1. All prior acts of the Congress of the United States wherein appropriations of funds, monies or credits have been made for other than the domestic support of the government of the United States are hereby repealed. All credits for all such appropriations shall be immediately returned to the Treasury of the United States. Organizations and functions governed by this Act of Repeal include all Multilateral International organizations in which the United States participates. These include but are not limited to (1.) The United Nations and its Specialized Agencies; (2.) Inter-American Organizations; (3.) Foreign Aid of any kind; (4.) The World Bank and all financial elements provided by the Bretton Woods Agreement Act; (5.) All expenditures of the Secretary of State for non-domestic purposes except for the retention of Embassies outside the territorial limits of the United States.

  2. Effective this date, the Federal Reserve Act (38 Stat. 251; 12 U.S.C. 221) enacted 23 December 1913, is hereby repealed. All statutes enacted in pursuance thereof are hereby repealed. All stock of the Federal Reserve System shall be delivered to the Treasurer of the United States within 10 days from this date.

  3. The Treasurer of the United States shall immediately establish a United States Bank within the Treasury Department.

  4. The Comptroller of the Currency shall provide for the recovery of all Federal Reserve Notes in circulation. The United States Notes shall be loaned to private banks which are domestically owned, such loans to be made by the United States Bank. Interest on said loans shall be at an annual rate of Two Percent (2%), payable to the Treasury of the United States. All domestically owned private banks in the United States (National and State banks) shall hereafter function on a “commercial” basis only, maintaining a reserve of One Hundred Percent (100%) in cash of all Time Deposits (Savings Accounts). Demand Deposits (Checking Accounts) shall be maintained upon a commercial basis and reasonable service charges may be adopted for the performance of such banking services provided to the public. Existing private domestically-owned banks may borrow from the United States Bank, an amount not to exceed Fifty Percent (50%) of the total amount deposited in said banks by depositors with Time Deposits (Savings Accounts), provided said loans are supported by adequate collateral from secondary borrowers (persons borrowing from the bank), and the interest charged upon such secondary loans shall not exceed the annual rate of Four Percent (4%) to the secondary borrower. Borrowing from the United States Bank by said private banks shall be computed upon month-end balances of Time Deposits. Collateral requirement from secondary borrowers shall be in accord with good business practices.

  5. The General Accounting Office shall immediately commence an audit of the Federal Reserve System in its entirety. All funds, credits and financial transactions of the Federal Reserve System are hereby frozen pending completion of the audit. In the interim, all monetary and banking functions of the United States shall be performed by the Department of the Treasury in accordance with directions of the Congress of the United States and the instructions contained herein.

  6. The Gold Reserve Act of 1934 is hereby repealed. All statutes enacted in pursuance thereof are hereby repealed.

  7. The Bureau of the Mint, in cooperation with the Department of the Interior, shall arrange for the United States Bank to make rehabilitation of the domestic mining industry in the United States. Domestic production of gold and silver shall be based upon a free market and a free market shall govern the production and disposition of all precious metals necessary for the minting of gold and silver coins for the account of the United States government. United States Notes, issued by the United States Bank, shall be redeemable in gold or silver coin to citizens of the United States at all times, but to foreign sources, at the option of the United States in surplus commodities of the United States which may be made available through foreign trade.

  8. Effective immediately, all costs or obligations of the government of the United States shall be paid by the Treasurer of the United States in United States Notes, which shall be printed at and by the Treasury Department and be issued and/or expended in payment of services to the United States interest free. No expenditures may be made except in accordance with appropriations made by the Congress in accordance with and in pursuance of the Constitution of the United States of America. The government of the United States shall not participate in any business or commercial activity not specifically authorized by the Constitution of the United States of America. Disposition of all such holdings and assets shall be made by the government in accordance with instructions of the Congress, in such a manner that proceeds will derive to the benefit of the United States.

  9. The Social Security Act, approved August 14, 1935 (49 Stat. 620; U.S.C. Ch. 7) and all subsequent Acts relating thereto, are hereby repealed. All accounts of funds pertaining to said Act shall be credited to the Treasurer of the United States. The Treasury Department shall employ the records of the Bureau of Old-Age and Survivors Insurance, and shall provide a monthly Old-Age Pension in the amount of Two Hundred Dollars ($200) per month to each citizen of the United States who resides in the United States and who has been previously eligible for said benefits. No benefits shall be paid to citizens residing outside the territorial limits of the United States. Payment shall be made in United States Notes as a cost or obligation of the United States. All Estate and Inheritance taxes are hereby repealed and no further taxes shall be paid by any citizen of the United States for the purpose of Social Security. In order to compensate those citizens nearing the age of 65 years and who have made substantial contributions to Social Security during their lifetime the Old-Age Pension in the amount of Two Hundred Dollars ($200) per month shall be paid to each citizen of the United States who resides in the United States, who shall provide evidence of having reached the age of 65 years. Said Old-Age Pensions shall be paid for a period of Fifteen (15) years from this date, after which no benefits shall accrue to anyone reaching said age. As the Beneficiaries decrease, the Old-Age Pension program will be phased to a completion and conclusion.

  10. Whereas Article XIV of the Constitution of the United States, proposed by Congress June 16, 1866, was not ratified by the legislatures of the necessary number of states in pursuance of Article V of the Constitution, said Article XIV is hereby declared void and not a part of the Constitution of the United States of America. All acts of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of the government which are alleged to be in pursuance of said Article XIV are hereby declared null and void. If previously enacted they are hereby repealed.

  11. Effective this date, the Federal Deposit Insurance Act is hereby repealed. (The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was organized under authority of Sec 12 B of the Federal Reserve Act, approved June 16, 1933 [48 Stat. 162; 12 U.S.C. 264]. By the Act approved Sept. 21, 1950 [64 Stat. 873; 12 U.S.C. 1811-1831], Section 12 B of the Federal Reserve Act was amended, was withdrawn as part of the Federal Reserve Act and was made a separate, independent law known as the “Federal Deposit Insurance Act.” The Act also made numerous amendments to the former Federal Deposit Insurance law.) All assets of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation will be immediately delivered to the Treasurer of the United States.

  12. Effective immediately, the Export-Import Bank Act, as amended (59 Stat. 526; 12 U.S.C. 635) is hereby repealed. All capital stock of the Import-Export Bank shall be immediately delivered to the Treasurer of the United States. The General Accounting Office shall commence an immediate audit of the Import-Export Bank and all former functions of said Bank shall be assumed by the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States.

  13. Effective immediately, the Federal Home Loan Bank Act, approved July 22, 1932 (47 Stat. 725; 12 U.S.C. 1461 et seq.) and Title IV of the National Housing Act approved June 27, 1934 (48 Stat. 1255; 12 U.S.C. 1724 et seq.) to include all amendments to said Acts, is hereby repealed. All assets of the Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corporation shall be delivered to the Treasurer of the United States immediately. The General Accounting Office shall immediately commence an audit of the Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corporation. Former functions of said Corporation shall be assumed by the Secretary of the Treasury of the Untied States.

  14. Whereas, the Constitution of the United States of America is a compact (contract) by and between the sovereign States of the Union and; by said compact the several sovereign States did create an “agent” known as the “Federal government,” and that the States did enumerate all of the powers granted to said federal government as an “agent” of the states; and by said Constitution the States and the body politic known as the “people” did retain all powers not granted to the federal government (See Amendments IX and X) and; all three branches or departments of the federal government, have in the past, usurped powers NOT GRANTED by the States nor the people and have thereby violated said compact known as the Constitution, it is hereby declared that all such Acts and Agencies, departments or activities which may now be functioning not in pursuance of said Constitution, are hereby dissolved.

These Include but are not limited to:

  1. Department of Health, Education and Welfare.

  2. Selective Service System.

  3. Housing and Home Finance Agency

  4. United States Information Agency.

  5. International Cooperation Administration.

  6. All Executive Orders entered in the Federal Register wherein Congress has unlawfully delegated its mandated powers to the Executive Department of the government.

  7. All Acts of the Congress relating to rules and regulations of the Judicial department which empower the Judicial department to do other than “rule upon cases at law,” with the Constitution as the guide and basis for the ruling of the Court. This includes but is not limited to "legislating by judicial fist.”

The necessary corrective action will be taken by all concerned in order to return the Judicial department to its proper functions. The Administrative Procedures Act of 1946 is hereby repealed.






2 Chronicles 7:14



The Constitutions of the several States of this Union each has an article similar to Article I, Section 2, of the Constitution of the State of California, which reads:

All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for the protection, security and benefit of the people and they have the right to alter or reform the same whenever the public good may require it.”

This expression of the principal underlying our GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE did not originate in California. Nor, was it ever intended as mere abracadabra for the vain and self-righteous to read over the heads of other high falutin’ or mentally lazy types. For, however vague and token in quality the California version, it, nevertheless, is a re-echoing of the Revolutionary issue that caused grizzly Massachusetts’ farmers to surround Concord bridge and fire the “shot heard around the world.”

The first clue to understanding the significance of our separation from England lies in the term “revolution,” itself. The word “revolution” means a radical change, an about-face, or otherwise stated, a complete turn-round. Look it up yourself and you will find, among others, that Webster’s collegiate Dictionary defines the term “revolution” in the political sense as: “A fundamental change in political organization or in a government or constitution; the overthrow or renunciation of one government or ruler, and the substitution of another, by the governed; as the American Revolution or Revolutionary War…”

Unfortunately, even Webster’s doesn’t make a distinction between the Revolution and the War for Independence. The Revolution existed long before the bloody fighting and should NOT be confused with the War for Independence - which came afterwards to prove that these virile Americans meant business and weren’t just talkers, debaters, or hand wringers.

The Revolution came first. It was an awakening CHANGE in the Minds and mood of American colonists causing them to intellectually revolt against the British political scheme of control by fixed classes. The English system is based on a scheme of over-lords, so designed as to be self-perpetuating. Its political psychology operates on the proposition that the Monarch and her (his) consortium are the STATE (or government) and by this design everyone else is made answerable and accountable to them. The Monarch secured herself (himself) in the role of principal by appointing the judges, thus making them her (his) agents. British prosecutors don’t even pretend to speak for the public at-large. They are openly called the Queen’s (or King’s) counsel. From this, it should be easy to see that the whole strategy relies on maintaining a handful of people in control of the courts in order to make everyone else dependent upon them.

However, that was NOT all that Yankee Revolutionaries determined to turn around at all costs. The British political strategy rests its case on the further presumption that rights, liberties and freedoms DO NOT inhere naturally in the human dimension, but are instead awarded by “gracious” consent of the Crown, who, of course directly through her (his) agents, could just as “graciously” withdraw them solely on the claim of holding “better” political credentials than upright members of the body politic. Perhaps, you now grasp the profound challenge that Jefferson set forth in the opening paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence about all people being political equals until their acts and conduct prove them otherwise, one way or another.

That T. Jefferson, Lawyer-without-license and Architect-without-portfolio, drew the Master plan for this NATION OF COMMONERS is best seen from the Constitutions of two original States where the action was - Massachusetts and New Hampshire. (All other State Constitutions are less reliable as references, and some, so removed by time and distance from the Revolutionary scene, are abridged to the point of being downright unsatisfactory). However, both of these State Constitutions were written and ratified BEFORE the Federal Constitution, for which they served as blueprints, and NEITHER OF THEM HAS BEEN WATERED DOWN BY RE-WRITING. These show that under the psychology or OUR Revolutionary self-government mandate, members of the body politic are supreme and are themselves the State (or government) and people living off the public payrolls are answerable and accountable to members of the body politic NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND - as under the British Adversary system.

Article 8 of the New Hampshire Constitution entitled ACCOUNTABILITY OF MAGISTRATES AND OFFICERS reads as follows: “All power residing originally in and being derived from the people, all the magistrates and officers of government are their substitutes and agents, and are at all times accountable to them.” However, Article V of the Massachusetts Constitution spells the same thing out a bit more specifically: “All power residing originally in the people, and being derived from them, the several magistrates and officers of government, vested with authority, WHETHER LEGISLATIVE, EXECUTIVE OR JUDICIAL, are their substitutes and agents, AND ARE AT ALL TIMES ACCOUNTABLE TO THEM.” (Emphasis supplied)

If you are still dubious about shouldering the Revolutionary demands necessary for maintaining our self-government system, I cite for you Article the 10th of New Hampshire’s Constitution, which not only bans any political designs patterned after the British RULE OF MEN scheme, but provides explicit instructions for curing the disease should it prove recurrent. It is unabashedly entitled RIGHT OF REVOLUTION.


Article VI of Massachusetts’ Constitution still reads to this day: “No man, nor corporation or ASSOCIATION OF MEN, have any other title to obtain advantages or particular and exclusive privileges, distinct from those of the community, than what arises from the consideration of services rendered to the public…” (Emphasis supplied).

While not so explicit in detailing your rights and mine as the Constitutions of New Hampshire and Massachusetts, the Federal Constitution vigorously backs them up in the plain language of Amendment Articles IX and X, which read respectively: “The enumeration in the constitution, of certain rights, SHALL NOT BE CONSTRUED TO DENY OR DISPARAGE OTHERS RETAINED BY THE PEOPLE.”

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, ARE RESERVED TO THE STATES RESPECTIVELY, OR TO THE PEOPLE.” (Emphasis supplied).

Now, I don’t know about you, but I consider myself “people” and I notice that the EBB (entrenched bench-bar) just happens to be a private “association of men,” who have presumed to take “title to obtain advantages, or particular and exclusive privileges, distinct from those of the community.” But I also just happen to reject the kind of services they patronizingly purport to render as a satchel of shop-worn swindles that only intellectual-welfare-cases, who have failed to do their homework, would try to pass off on me in the first place.

Pure prophesy must have inspired Jefferson to caution, “The greatest danger to the Republic will be presented by the Judicial branch of the government. It will usurp the powers of the Legislative and Executive branches and thereby establish a ‘Dictatorship of the Judiciary’ over the people of this land.”

Even gentle Abe Lincoln showed his fealty to the Revolutionary cause when he said, “The people of these United States are the rightful masters of both the Courts and the Congress - not to overthrow the Constitution - BUT TO OVERTHROW THE MEN WHO PERVERT THE CONSTITUTION.”

Neither of these perceptive Heroes was here, however, to see the scheme for usurpation-by-association take form. Neither was I, but by long and diligent researches, I discovered it was launched around 1910 when State-wide bar associations began organizing. Somewhat later, these political collectives were confederated under a central association called the American Bar Association. Now every 10th Century Revolutionary worth his salt knows these moves laid the groundwork for relieving present-day members of the body politic of any control over the courts and judiciary, among other things, on the specious claim that, by reason of association, members of these private fraternities hold “better” political “credentials” than you or I.

To get the big picture, please contemplate the further facts that roughly 80% of the members of Congress and every State legislature are also members of the EBB (entrenched bench-bar) AND the EBB’s strategy is to rig its own lines of “official” truth via Constitutionally repugnant statutes enacted by its members to provide a way for fabricating a folio of “judicial” rule-making by other members of its consortium parked on the bench by claims of squatters’ rights, so that Federal State Attorneys General and their staff assistants, (who are also members of the entrenched bench-bar) may, in turn, prosecute the sly aspirations of their private association, that is, REVERSING roles with the body politic and setting themselves up instead as an “official” New World priesthood under color of law. And, since the main thrust of our laissez faire Constitutional system is against just such arrangements, this plot (or conspiracy, if you will) would have to be perpetuated by this back door route. In this regard, I quote Lieber on the matter of Civil Liberty:

a very important guarantee of liberty is the division of government into three distinct functions, - legislative, administrative (or executive) and judicial. The union of these is absolutism or despotism on the one hand, and slavery on the other.”

With the foregoing in mind, I again draw your attention to the common denominator shared by people living off public payrolls in decision-making posts, but especially those operating in the courts, and remind you that Revenuers (like Cops, Sheriffs and FBI men) are only the fuzz, stooges and hitmen for the syndicate (union) of bar associates.

However, you may be of good cheer as all is not lost, for even a fair-to-middling poker player can call the hand of these fakers. Since Jefferson and Lincoln aren’t around to do it for me, and I suspect their purpose in handing us their stakes was that they expected people like you and me to carry forward on our own, the major part of my strategy is, in fact, calling the Adversary’s bluff. Moreover, DUTY obliges me to do this, so that I won’t be charged in the last round-up with letting down Lincoln, Jefferson or the less famous early Revolutionaries for our Republic, by failing to indict and challenge such an open and shut case of GUILT-BY-ASSOCIATION.

When my associates and I tackle the Adversary, we do so from all sides, and we do so for REAL PEOPLE as individuals against members of the entrenched bench-bar, as individuals, who are also REAL PEOPLE, even if they are rogues and scoundrels. By so doing, we avoid the pitfalls of becoming mere sayers of the WORD instead of DOERS. Hence, we can further side-step, among other things, the temptation to talk about conspiracies instead of challenging and proving them every step of the way. Thus, it is quite unnecessary for us to tell Conspirators that they are Conspirators. They already know THAT, so we don’t bother “carrying coals to Newcastle.” Conspiracy (or collusion, as it is known in the trade) is the occupational handicap of entrenched bar members. Indeed, it is the only reason for the existence of this come-lately Association.

Although we enjoy giving attorneys for Internal Revenue and State Tax Commissions their lumps, our special targets are “judges” and “prosecutors.” Whether the latter two titles operate in the State or Federal jurisdiction makes absolutely no difference to us, since both base their cause on the same pretensions.

For openers, we usually charge the Opposition with having ONE COLOSSAL NERVE by presuming authority to prosecute anyone in the NAME OF THE PEOPLE (body politic) OF ANY STATE or of the UNITED STATES, when they DON’T SPEAK FOR ME AND MINE, who are the PEOPLE - the BODY POLITIC of each State and of the Union. We never fail to point out that ‘judges’ and ‘prosecutors’ speak ONLY for the EBB brotherhood, their stooges and camp-followers.

The Opposition doesn’t like to hear this because it alerts them to several unpleasant facts, among them, THAT we are wise to their game; THAT by documenting ourselves through exhaustive researches, we have penetrated the cover on which their entire strategy relies and on which they have been framing their attacks on individuals; AND that we know as well as they, THAT the Body Politic isn’t out to destroy itself by putting its own upright members out on contract for any of the several ‘Crimes against the State’ raps that again seem to be in vogue. We hang them on their own rope by reminding them that this is the idea the EBB has trumped up in the furtherance of their design for take-over.

To further indict them of deviously conniving a rip-off of this Republic’s duly constituted mandate of a GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE, we tell them to drop their cover and correct the headlines of their gang-tackling assaults on individuals to more accurately read: “THE ENTRENCHED BAR versus MEMBERS OF THE BODY POLITIC IN THE PERSON OF SO and SO.” To disabuse them of any mistaken notions that we don’t catch on to what they’re up to, we advise them that the Income Tax is merely a scheme for extorting tribute for EBB “credentials” under color of “law,” just as the Stamp Act was a scheme for extorting tribute for Royal “credentials” by the same kind of ruse. To underscore this point, we frequently cite pertinent phrases from the Braintree (Mass.) resolves of 1765, when taxes were imposed on the Colonists without their consent in direct contradiction to the “grand and fundamental principle of the British Constitution THAT NO MAN SHOULD BE SUBJECTED TO ANY TAX TO WHICH HE HAS NOT GIVEN HIS CONSENT IN PERSON OR BY PROXY.” (Emphasis supplied)

It is a sad fact, however, that many seemingly bright members of the body politic labor under the mistaken ideas that Bar Association members, living in whole or in part off public payrolls as ‘judges’ or ‘prosecutors,’ are their Lords and Masters, (instead of the other way around) and have brilliant minds, when, in fact, like most other public hirelings, they are intellectual welfare cases.

There is yet another mistaken idea that demonstrates the mental confusion of would-be Tax Rebels. It seems to be that because ‘judges’ and ‘prosecutors’ supposedly are such bright fellows that they, of course, immediately get the message when this Office serves them in the Tax Rebel’s behalf. Unfortunately, since most ‘judges’ and ‘prosecutors,’ like other REAL PEOPLE, are boobs who suffer from grandiose delusions of self-importance, the combination creates a situation requiring that this Office jolt them by repeated services in order to get the message through.

However, on rare occasions, all it takes is one round with us for the REAL PEOPLE we are opposing in the enemy camp to know enough to quit. These are the handful who because they AREN’T intellectual-welfare cases, quickly recognize that by doing our homework we have the goods on them AND hence they instantly grasp the fact that to attempt to proceed against our defenses WOULD AMOUNT TO PROVING OUR CASE FOR US.

However, as aforesaid, more often than not to rescue the Tax Rebel, we must disperse the enemy with repeated attacks. It is the boobs and dullards on the opposite side whom we must continuously remind that they are in the unhappy position of proving our case for us.

For them, we spell our charges and challenges in greater detail: We accuse them of having contrived Bar fraternities as a means for usurping the courts and judiciary by association, and having temporarily succeeded in programming other public employees into the fantasy that they are somehow obliged by oath and duty to act only at the direction and under orders given by Bar association members living off public payrolls, thus attempting to reverse roles with the body politic (the people) under pretensions of law, process and jurisdiction.

When they make moves toward bum-rapping Tax Rebels, we place the burden of proof where it belongs by telling them that their activities are attempts to willfully, omissively and evasively defeat the LAW OF THIS LAND by devious language conversions, enabling legislation and rule-making; AND THAT this is only what can be expected when one man, one group or one association of men has taken the law into their own hands to stack the deck in their favor by taking squatters’ rights on the courts; THAT their activities aim at the heart of the Free Will psychology of this Republic’s political mandate which enthroned the body politic (the people) in both power and control, placing upon each citizen the right and the duty to challenge the credentials of any one man, group or association of men, who might arise in combination against members of the body politic to destroy directly, or through their agents the volitional premise which is the basis of this government’s natural (common) law. We notify them that when propositions piously couched in the nomenclature of law, defeat or restrict the individual’s fundamental right of freedom of choice, the first casualty is NOT the individual victim of such abridgment, - the casualty is the LAW OF THE LAND, more commonly known as Due Process or Due Course of Law. Moreover, that such abridgments of Constitutional safeguards under statutory pretensions are not a new technique but an ancient ruse, indicting its practitioners as vectors and perpetrators of nefarious schemes for the primary purpose of Constitutional safeguards is to immunize the body politic against the means and methods by which despotism might again be launched to edge the people out of their Constitutionally fixed position and status of power and control.

We frequently ask them by what political theory they think public employees such as ‘judges,’ prosecutors and the like have been delegated the power and authority to coerce members of this self-governing body politic by threatening to prosecute and disseize them of their God-given rights, merely on the notions of ‘law’ and say-so of persons MAKING BELIEVE they are better than other people, BUT AREN’T. We ask them where they get off making believe that legislative frivolities (pretended legislation) conveniently planted on the books by the same association of persons in furtherance of their wicked design can take precedence over the Constitutional guarantees of our revolutionary self-government mandate, so that strivers can reverse roles with the body politic.

We put the wood to them by asking them to explain by WHAT POLITIC THEORY public hirelings get some fool notion that members of the body politic are NOT NOW AND NEVER WERE really meant to be the Lords and Masters under the political psychology of this Republic’s mandate and refer them to Articles IX and X in Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. We ask them if they are suggesting that the body politic should stand by and hold still (maybe as long as 200 years after the fact) to give some sleazy companionship or self-ordained association of men enough time to organize and hustle the bluff that the old English Adversary system with all its devious and arbitrary acts of Star Chamber premeditations, devoid of due process, has been alive and well all along, only waiting to be resurrected?

Having cited the Constitution of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, we then ask them to be kind enough to account for themselves; tell them we hold them ANSWERABLE AND ACCOUNTABLE for proposing to kangaroo up spurious processes and proceedings in pursuing the preposterous nonsense that the Old English Adversary System can still operate and take victims for “Crimes against the State” under the political psychology of this Republic’s mandate, where the body politic is supreme and is itself the State, and point out for them that they have put themselves in the middle by engineering contumacy for the Law of the land and showing their contempt for the powers and authority of their duly constituted Lords and Masters in this Land from sea to shining sea. Apparently even blockheads in the Adversary camp finally get the message when we draw them pictures, and decide that a retreat is in order. This makes it unnecessary for us to further review for them what came after the exchange of viewpoints with Great Britain 200 years ago.

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This story begins with a Tax Revolt on the part of a goodly number of citizens in the State of Michigan. As the situation developed, two Christian Ministers became the primary target for the state tax officials. These were James Freed and George Kindred. The Michigan tax officials demanded that James Freed and George Kindred bring in and show all of their personal records to the tax officials. This they refused to do (on Constitutional grounds, of course). The local tax officials then proceeded in the Livingston County Circuit Court in the County where Freed and Kindred reside. Freed and Kindred appeared in the court with preparations for their defense based upon good Constitutional grounds. The court ruled that it had no jurisdiction and recommended that the case be brought before a state court in Jackson county. This was done and again Freed and Kindred appeared in that court with good Constitutional defense. The Michigan tax officials failed to appear and the case was dismissed. Subsequently and many months later, the local tax men re-appeared in the Ingham County Circuit Court, an adjacent county to the residences of Mr. Freed and Kindred. The judge of this court, Ray C. Hotchkiss, ordered Freed and Kindred to bring in their personal records as demanded by the tax officials. Upon presentation of Constitutional defense against such tactics as well as briefs which proved that the case had already been dismissed - and that the Ingham County Circuit Court had no lawful jurisdiction in the matter - Judge Ray C. Hotchkiss ordered Freed and Kindred to jail on a charge of “Contempt of Court.” They remained in the Ingham County jail, held unlawfully by the Sheriff of Ingham County for a period of nearly six months. The manner in which they were jailed is very, very interesting. Deputies from the Ingham County Sheriff’s office came to their County (Livingston) and with a Deputy of their Counties Sheriff, removed them to the county line and then crossed the county line with them as prisoners by an order from the Ingham County judge. This was an unlawful arrest as the deputies from Ingham County were out of their jurisdiction. They were mere citizens when they crossed the county line. In short, they committed the crime of kidnap. Since the Sheriff of Ingham County is under Oath of Office to uphold, preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of Michigan, he was advised that holding Freed and Kindred prisoner in his jail without their having been granted their Constitutional rights of “due process,” was a criminal act on his part. Yet, he refused to release them. No Michigan judge would sign duly prepared Writ of Habeas Corpus even though the Constitution prohibits suspension of Habeas Corpus unless Martial Law has been declared.

It might be pointed out here that there is no such crime as “contempt of court.” Good citizens should have nothing but contempt for any judge, court, or other civil servant who subverts the Constitution of the United States or his state.

The Miranda Decision made it clear that “Where Constitutional rights are involved, NO RULE-MAKING NOR LEGISLATION may abrogate them.” Further, the Fifth Amendment, U.S. Constitution as well as the Michigan Constitution guarantees that no citizen may be deprived of life, liberty or property without “due process of law.” (Trial by jury included).

When any judge, Sheriff or other public servant arrogantly repudiates these Constitutional guarantees of citizens, he should be required to resign from office or be removed if he refuses to resign.

In the meantime, it was reported that a CITIZEN’S GRAND JURY was formed by the citizens of Ingham County. They published the following notice:

Notice is hereby given that a GRAND JURY of the PEOPLE of the COUNTY OF INGHAM, State of Michigan, has been lawfully impaneled in pursuance of the NINTH Amendment, Constitution of these United States of America; and in accordance with the Law of POSSE COMITATUS, for the purpose of investigation into the matter of citizens GEORGE KINDRED and JAMES FREED.

It has been CHARGED that the Sheriff of INGHAM COUNTY, State of Michigan, one KENNETH PREADMORE, has failed to perform his duties as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of said County, in that he has conspired with members of the Judiciary to violate his Oath of Office and has failed to perform his duty to “Uphold, Preserve and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the State of Michigan. Further, said Sheriff Preadmore has conspired with officials of the State of Michigan and the Judiciary of the County of Ingham, State of Michigan, for the purpose of depriving said citizens George Kindred and James Freed of their rights which are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. Said acts charged, constitute CRIME and violation of Federal Statutes which prohibit same.

It is hereby directed that said Sheriff KENNETH PREADMORE shall cease and desist in any and all actions which would violate the Constitutional rights of said citizens George Kindred and James Freed, as well as any other citizen of the State of Michigan and the United States. Particular reference is made to the rights guaranteed under the FIFTH Amendment, U.S. Constitution. Any Order of any Court which directs the arrest and confinement of any citizen prior to his being granted “DUE PROCESS OF LAW” as guaranteed under said FIFTH AMENDMENT, U.S. Constitution, is UNLAWFUL and SHALL NOT BE ENFORCED BY ANY SHERIFF or other official of government in the State of Michigan.

The CITIZEN’S POSSE of Ingham County, State of Michigan, is hereby delegated as the lawful ENFORCEMENT authority to ensure compliance with this directive. The law of POSSE COMITATUS provides for the following prosecution of officials of government (Servants of the people) who commit criminal acts or who violate their OATH OF OFFICE: “He shall be removed by the Posse to a populated intersection of streets and at high noon be there hung by the neck, the body remaining until sundown, as an example to those who would subvert the law.”

Subsequent to the above notice, the unlawful persecution of citizens James Freed and George Kindred was again commenced in the court by judge Ray C. Hotchkiss in Ingham County. The Michigan tax officials petitioned the judge to bring them both in to show cause why they should not be held in “contempt of court” for their refusal to CONFESS PAVLOVIAN STYLE to the Gestapo. While they were answering this action the following notice was prepared and served upon the sheriff of their county, the Sheriff of Ingham County (Kenneth Preadmore) and other officials of government in Michigan:







All Sheriffs and Law Enforcement Officers of the State of Michigan are hereby served this notice as follows:

  1. The Constitution of the United States of America is the SUPREME LAW for the State of Michigan and all States of the Union. The U.S. Constitution, annotated, U.S. Code, a Legal text, says that the Constitution of the United States was lifted from the Articles of Confederation and that the Articles of Confederation were adopted perpetual and were lifted from the Holy Bible. The source of the U.S. Constitution, therefore, is the Holy Scripture which contains God’s Laws for His people for their nations and governments. The Constitution, therefore, is a Christian document of government.

  2. The Supreme Court of the United States declared the United States to be a Christian government (See Holy Trinity Church v. US; 143 US 471, Feb. 28, 1892). In the first colonial Grant to Sir Walter Raleigh in 1584, Statute Law was required to be in accordance with the Christian Faith and statutes (enactments of a legislature) are held to be Law only so long as they are in pursuance of the Laws of God in the Holy Scripture (Common Law) and the Christian Faith. Every document of government in the founding of this nation made it clear that the precepts of the Christian Faith formed the LAWS to which they would subject themselves and that the purpose of their coming to this new land was to advance the Christian Faith, and to form a GOVERNMENT under His laws (the Holy Scriptures) the King of Kings, referring to Jesus Christ, the only God recognized by the founders of this Christian Constitutional Republic. The early framers of our government required that all members elected to serve in provincial council and general assembly, and all that have right to elect such members shall be such as profess faith in Jesus Christ.

  3. Since the unalienable Rights of the People (body politic) are God-given, any man-made effort and/or attempt to unlawfully deprive a citizen of such rights is therefore a religious matter. It is in fact, a deprivation of his religious rights. Sheriffs and law enforcement Officers and Officials are under Oath of Office to uphold, preserve and defend the Constitution - nothing more. It is pointed out here that a judicial officer (judge) of one county is only a judicial officer in his county of jurisdiction. The same applies to Sheriffs and their Deputies. When they enter another County, either in person or by legal service, they are mere citizens and have no lawful jurisdiction as judicial officers or Sheriff’s deputies. If they remove a citizen (under arrest or otherwise) from the County of Jurisdiction, this form of removal is unlawful and constitutes the crime of Kidnap. It seems that for many years, the County Sheriffs have been deceived by the Judiciary into believing that they must be mere “lackeys” for the courts, rather than the chief law enforcement officer of their respective jurisdictions.

  4. It is the purpose of this Notice and Service to make clear that Law Enforcement is the duty of every Christian Citizen. In our form of government, we have retained all Rights necessary to the function of good government. elected officials of law Enforcement and others are all “Servants” of the People … not their masters. Since Christian Law of the Holy Scriptures says that the servant is not above his master, the Law of Posse Comitatus permits the citizen to uphold and enforce the Law. It is the Sheriff’s duty to protect the citizens of his jurisdiction from all violations of law, even though such violations may be committed by persons who claim to be judicial officers, or otherwise officials of government. If the Sheriff does not perform this duty in pursuance of his Oath of office, it is the right and duty of citizens to remove him from office as their servant and to institute and invoke the Law of Posse Comitatus for their own individual or common safety and pursuit of happiness.

  5. The undersigned citizens of the County of Livingston, State of Michigan and the United States have, in the past, had their God-given unalienable rights violated by officials of government in the State of Michigan. It is contemplated that further attempts to violate their Rights will be made. If such is attempted, any officials involved will be held to answer in civil action for damages.

  6. This Notice and Service is for the further purpose of insuring that those served are aware of the penalties and costs of Civil Damages which may be incurred, in the event they fail to uphold the Law in their respective jurisdictions.

  7. “An Unconstitutional Act of the Legislature protects no one. It is said that all persons are presumed to know the Law, meaning that ignorance of the Law excuses no one; if any person acts under an Unconstitutional Statute, he does so at his own peril and must take the consequences.” (Am Jur 2nd, Sec. 178, Constitutional Law).

September 16, 1972

s/s James W. Freed, in pro per

George L. Kindred (ditto)


On this same day, September 16th, 1972, James Freed and George Kindred filed an Affidavit and Answer to the Circuit Court of Ingham County which reads as follows:


NOW COME James W. Freed and George L. Kindred, defendants in the captioned cause, appearing specially by affidavit and not generally, and in pro per, drawing the Honorable Court’s attention to the following:

1.     That said defendants are in receipt of an Ingham County Circuit Court Order requiring their presence in said  Circuit Court rooms Monday, September 18, 1972 and Tuesday, September 19th, 1972.

2.     That attached to said Court Order is an application for a motion to punish for contempt.

3.     That the said application states that the Ingham County Circuit Court entered an order for “CONTINUING JURISDICTION.”

4.     That the Ingham County Circuit Court has never acquired jurisdiction over defendants Freed and Kindred with which it could lawfully order said defendants to do anything and the following examples should suffice:

a.)     The Michigan Treasury Department first sought a Court Order in the Livingston County Circuit Court to require defendants to produce books and records for examination by the Michigan Treasury Department.  

b.)     Plaintiff did NOT file a complaint.

c.)     Court did NOT issue summons.

d.)     Court denied plaintiff’s motion and ruled jurisdiction to be in Jackson.


5.    The Michigan Treasury Department then put defendant’s persons in double jeopardy by seeking a Court Order in the Jackson County Circuit Court in Jackson, Michigan.

6.    That the application states that the Court Orders of January 14th, 1972, and of January 17th, 1972, were not obeyed by defendants Freed and Kindred, and neglects to mention that defendant Freed appeared for the express purpose of pleading the 9th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as the transcript of the hearing will reflect.

7.    That attached to the aforementioned order and application is an affidavit, sworn to and signed by one Chester Zawislak of the Treasury Department who states that he “APPEARED READY WILLING AND ABLE TO CONDUCT THE EXAMINATION OF THE DEFENDANTS.”  This statement is a deliberate and willful prevarication because Zawislak was nowhere in sight during the hearing and he should be cited for perjury and the application denied because of said perjury.

8.    That defendants Freed and Kindred, are filing this affidavit and answer under the authority of the 9th Amendment to the United States Constitution and under the authority of the Christian Common Law which states in Article 8 of the Constitution of New Hampshire 1784:  quote:  All power residing originally in, and being derived from the people, all the MAGISTRATES and officers of government, are their substitutes and agents, AND AT ALL TIMES ACCOUNTABLE TO THEM.  Unquote.

9.    That said defendants are holding this Court accountable, as sovereign citizens of these United States, and are hereby ordering this Court to cease and desist from any further violation of the defendant’s rights, immunities, and privileges as protected by the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of Michigan, the Christian Common Law, and the Northwest Ordinance.

Respectfully submitted

s/s James W. Freed,

defendant Appearing in Pro Per.

s/s George L. Kindred

defendant Appearing in Pro Per.


Attached to the above Affidavit and Answer to Court Order was the following:



This notice is served on behalf of James W. Freed and George L. Kindred who are citizens of the County of Livingston, the State of Michigan, and the United States of America.

The authority for service of this notice is contained in the Christian Common Law of these United States, and the Constitution of Michigan and the Constitution of the United States of America which stem from the aforementioned Christian Common Law.


Ray C. Hotchkiss

John W. Jackson Jr.

Frank J. Kelly and his agents

Richard R. Roesch

Chester Zawislak

C. Ross Hilliard

Kenneth Preadmore

Charles Hards


  1. The Christian Common Law of these United States is the basis of the Constitution of Michigan and the Constitution of the United States, and provides that the people (body politic) are the government, and that officials of government are the servants of the people (body politic) and NOT their masters. (See St. John 13:16 and 15:20).

  2. All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for their equal benefit, security, and protection. (Art. 1, Sec. 1, Constitution of Michigan).

  3. The privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended unless in case of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it. (Art. 1, Sec. 12, Constitution of Michigan).

  4. The right of trial by jury shall remain, but shall be waived in all civil cases UNLESS DEMANDED by one of the parties in the manner prescribed by law. In all civil cases tried by 12 jurors, a verdict shall be received when 10 jurors agree. (Art. 1, Sec. 14, Constitution of Michigan).

  5. NO PERSON SHALL BE SUBJECT FOR THE SAME OFFENSE TO BE TWICE PUT IN JEOPARDY. All persons shall, before conviction, be bailable by sufficient sureties, except for murder and treason when the proof is evident or the presumption is great. (Art. 1, Sec. 16, Constitution of Michigan).

  6. Excessive bail shall not be required; excessive fines shall not be imposed; cruel or unusual punishment shall not be inflicted; nor shall witnesses be unreasonably detained. (Art. 1, Sec. 16, Constitution of Michigan).

  7. No person shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law. The right of all individuals, firms, corporations and voluntary associations to fair and just treatment in the course of legislation and executive investigations and hearings shall not be infringed. (Art 1, Sec. 17, Constitution of Michigan).

  8. No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia when in actual service in time of war or public danger, NOR SHALL ANY PERSON BE TWICE PUT IN JEOPARDY OF LIFE OR LIMB; NOR shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, NOR BE DEPRIVED OF LIFE, LIBERTY OR PROPERTY, WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OF LAW; nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation. (Amend. 5, U.S. Constitution).

  9. The enumeration of certain rights in this Constitution shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. (Art. 1, Sec. 23, Constitution of Michigan and 9th Amendment U.S. Constitution).

  10. The right to due process of law is guaranteed to the citizens by the Constitution. Due process of law is the right to be heard before any judgment is levied. No person may be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law. It includes the opportunity to establish any act which, according to the usage of common law would be considered essential to the protection of life, liberty or property. Constitutional provisions refer to certain fundamental rights which the system of jurisprudence has always recognized; if any of these are disregarded in the proceedings by which a person is condemned to the loss of life, liberty or property, then the deprivation has NOT been by due process of law.” (Leeper v. Texas, 139 US 462, 11 Sup. Ct. 577, 35 L. Ed. 225).

(To Be Continued Next Issue)


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