VOL 7 NO 3 - 1/74 - Highlights: Faith Of Our Fathers Pt 1 by WP Gale - and - Scripture Thought Provokers - and - What Is Behind The False Energy Crisis?




(Part I)

Volume 7, No. 3

January 1974

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By Rev. William P. Gale

The book with the above title was authored by Rev. William P. Gale, copyrighted in 1963. It is out of print and will be presented in following issues of Identity. To obtain the entire book, please save your Identity issues. Back issues will not be available in the future.


The author is a retired officer of the United States Army. He was born in Minnesota and was raised in the military service as an “Army Brat.” Upon graduation from High School, he enlisted in the regular Army at the age of 16 and remained in the military service until his retirement for reasons of physical disability incurred during World War II. He was the youngest Lt. Col. of Infantry in the Army Ground Forces at the age of 27 and retired at his present rank in 1950 at the age of 33.

The author served on the War Department General Staff in Washington DC and on the Staff of General Douglas MacArthur, as an Infantry Officer and General Staff Corps Officer trained in logistics. He was selected by General MacArthur along with several other officers and General Charles P. Stivers, to organize the historic guerrilla forces in the Philippine Islands during World War II.

Col. Gale attended the School of Graduate Studies at Yale University as an Army Officer and is a graduate of the major Military Service Schools. He is well versed in Constitutional Law, with credentials as a Doctor of Laws. He has been an ordained Christian Minister since 1956 and is organizer and founder of Identity magazine and the Ministry of Christ Church (non-denominational). The Ministry of Christ Church holds its weekly Sunday Services at the Masonic Temple in Glendale, California at 10 a.m. every Sunday. All sermons are taped and then relayed to congregations of the Church which have been organized in other States. The taped sermons are used by these congregations as a means to hear the Word of Christ in their respective Sunday services which are conducted in homes or other meeting places. These tape groups are not “Bible Study” groups. They are organized “congregations” and are included into the network of other “congregations” as action groups were those of like mind can gather together for the furtherance of the mission to bring Christ’s Kingdom (Government) to this earth.

If there is no such group in your area and you are “called” to establish such a group, please write to the Ministry of Christ Church, P.O. Box 423, Glendale, Calif., 91209 asking for details. There is a responsibility involved. Do not make a decision until you have searched your soul and more - do as Jesus said - “Search the Scriptures.”


Now, to - “The Faith of Our Fathers”

Chapter I         -  The Battles of Space

Chapter II        -  A Celestial Family on Earth

Chapter III       -  The Great Pyramid

Chapter IV       -  Exodus

Chapter V        -  The Nations

Chapter VI       -  The Union

Chapter VII      -  The Daylight Hours

Chapter VIII     -  The Hours of Darkness

Chapter IX       -  The Midnight Hour


Eve and Lucifer


Ad-Am and Eve



This is not merely a “book,” it is a “Revelation.” It is a story with a Biblical background which can shake the world.

The simple story told in “The Faith of Our Fathers” is one that should be read by every family in America and in Western Europe. Clergymen, Attorneys at Law, Public Officials as well as young students, will obtain a better understanding of their government and the Constitution of the United States of America.

In these days of tribulation, with enemies of God all about, one is reminded of the words of Napoleon Bonaparte when he said, “Ninety five percent of winning a war is to know your enemy.” The story of this book advances Napoleon’s advice by saying, “How can you know your enemy unless you know who YOU are?”

A clergyman once said, “Love your enemies.” In a discussion with other clergymen that followed, he was asked where he derived his philosophy and he replied, “ The Bible, of course.” The clergyman asking him questions then said, “I will agree with the Bible, now please tell me where the Bible says to love God’s enemies?” With this question, the first clergyman was stumped. He had no answer! In another instance, a clergyman was broadcasting a radio sermon. He was preaching that Christians should love everything (even Satan). Upon reaching the “race” question he said, “All of the different races of people on earth are the same.” Later that day another clergyman telephoned the radio preacher and expressed interest in the sermon. He had a question. He asked about the statement that “all of the different races are the same.” His question was “If the races are the ‘same,’ then why did you say that they are ‘different’?” With this, the clergyman who gave the sermon promptly placed his telephone receiver on the hook. He had no answer!

Those who read “The Faith of Our Fathers” will no doubt be stimulated to further research and study. It is hoped and we pray that their findings will assist in the accomplishments - that God’s Word has prophesied. They will have “ANSWERS!” Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.



This is a story about a race of people who exist on the planet Earth. The first two persons of this race, male and female, were placed on Earth by the Creator of the Universe approximately seven thousand four hundred years ago. They were placed in a garden or protected area named Eden. One might ask at this point, “Protected from what?” The answer is simple - but will be left for discovery from a reading of the story.

At the time the two children of the Creator were placed on Earth, there were many other peoples on the planet. These other people were known as “Enosh,” which means “created beings.” They had been on the planet Earth for hundreds of thousands of years and possibly millions of years before the two children of the Creator were placed in Eden. (See Gen. 1:26-31 and Gen. 2:1-5) Our story will tell of their trails and tribulations during the great catastrophes of the Earth where powerful earthquakes destroyed large areas; where lands gave way and were covered by waters of the oceans; where entire civilizations were destroyed by catastrophes beyond the imagination or comprehension of we who are on Earth in these latter days.

Our story will be brief in comparison with the aeons or ages of our Universe. Brief even in comparison with the age of our planet earth. We will trace the history of a family. A family that belongs to the Creator of the Universe. We will know His Name, the true Name of the Creator as well as who His children are here on the planet Earth. We will look into the past, both of the Earth and the Universe. We will know where we came from, where we have been and where we are going. As Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”



Chapter I

The Battles of Space

During the recent years of our century we have been reading newspaper reports about men being rocketed into space, about men getting to the moon and about space ships that will travel to other planets of the universe. If we had read about space ships in our Bible twenty years ago or even ten years ago, we most probably would have had a difficult thing to believe. Why? Simply because we hadn’t seen or known about rocket engines or guided space vehicles as we see and know about them today. We hadn’t read about them in our daily newspapers. At that time we read about these events in comic strips or so-called Buck Rogers magazines. But truthfully, had we only read about them in comic strips or Buck Rogers type magazines? Let us look at the Scriptures. The Prophet Ezekiel tells us about space ships. He tells of the wheels with the appearance as the color of a beryl stone. He describes them as if a wheel had been in the midst of a wheel. When they went, they went upon their four sides. They turned not as they went and they were full of eyes (lighted windows) all about. This is similar to the description of recently sighted unidentified flying objects (UFO’s) which observers have described as space ships. The Apostle John in his Book of Revelation describes a space battle. He tells of how he was taken into the spirit and what he was shown; that he was told to return and write the things which he had seen, things which are and the things which shall be hereafter. In the symbolism of OUR Scriptures John describes the past catastrophes on the planet Earth, the great meteor or star named “Wormwood” striking Earth and a third part of the Universe being placed under darkness. He tells of Satan’s fall to the planet Earth along with the two hundred thousand thousand (two hundred million) “Enosh” or created beings who were in Satan’s army and who fell to the planet Earth with him. Before the time of John, we turn to the writings and prophecy of Enoch, the Sixth Patriarch from Ad-am and Eve. Enoch tells about the great and mighty space battle where the Arch-angel Michael was called upon by the Creator of the universe to bring His armies against Lucifer the Arch-angel who had rebelled against the Creator and King of the Universe. Satan, by the name Lucifer, had once been a light-bearer for the King of the universe. He knew many mysteries of the universe and had knowledge of many secrets of the Kingdom. He decided that he was greater than the King and attempted a revolution in order that he might take over as King of the Universe to do battle in space against the Host commanded by the righteous Archangel Michael. These angels who succumbed to Satan’s lies and who joined his forces were known as “Enosh” who had been created on another planet of the Universe. They were good in the place where they had been created because everything the Creator made was good in the place where he created it. But in their weakness they joined Lucifer’s army of rebellion and lost their first estate. Scripture describes them as the angels who had lost their first estate, or the fallen angel race “Enosh.” It was these created beings who were defeated with Lucifer in the space battles against Michael. Lucifer, along with these created beings, fell from space to the planet Earth. This space battle is the same one that John writes about in Revelation. (Rev. 12:7-17) These created beings or angels who had lost their first estate by following Lucifer in his rebellion, were now out of their proper place in the Universe. They had been cast down to a strange planet. By their stupidity and ignorance they had helped Lucifer upset the good order of the Universe and the Kingdom of the Most High Creator. They had violated the Divine Laws of nature and nature’s King. Their punishment was to be cast out of the Kingdom along with the evil one who led them. They were, and still are, under the power of Satan and they worship him as their king. John in Revelation, Chapter 9, Verse 11 says: “And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless bit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.”

We can now turn to the written history of the Asiatic peoples which includes the history of the Sumerian dynasties. These historical writings record events of Asiatic peoples on Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, long before Ad-am and Eve had been placed in Eden. The ancient Asiatic writings tell of an Almighty One who is above the God they worship. They also describe a later space battle where their king was again defeated and again fell to Earth. Descriptions of this later space battle include writings which tell of Lucifer gathering more created beings from another planet. The later space battle was witnessed by the Asiatic Sumerian peoples from their location on Earth and they tell of Lucifer bringing the black kinky-haired ones to Earth with him. These written histories also include the name of Lucifer’s captains in his armies who were defeated in the battles of space. One was named Voodah and another Beezelbub. These captains were given areas of Earth to rule over and control. It was in these armies where the Captains demanded worship of Satan from the created beings whom they had brought to Earth with them. Voodah controlled the land area we know today as Africa and his name is the source of idol worshipping Voodooism. Beezelbub was given the land area we know today as Asia and we find that the name Buddha stems from this source. There was Lucifer’s mistress named Khali. She ruled in the area we know today as India and the priests of India’s idol worshippers today are known as Khali priests. These people are spoken of by the prophet Ezekiel in Chapter 31 of the Book of Ezekiel.

We have now covered thousands and thousands of years through many ages of history on Earth. We see that there were created beings (Enosh) on the planet Earth before Ad-am and Eve. The Enosh (this name being erroneously translated to the word ‘man’ in Gen. 1:26-27) were subjected to the great catastrophes of the Earth. Scientific discoveries of archeologists offer proof along this line. The Enosh were here on Earth at the time when the Creator said to his Arch-angel Michael, “Let us put my family on the Earth. I will plant my seed on Earth to take control from Lucifer.” In reply to Michael’s question, “Who shalt Thou send?” The Almighty said, “I will send my son Ad-am (which means ‘man’) and I will send my daughter Eve in order that they might have children of the flesh and thereby perpetuate my family on Earth.” Michael replied, “But they will be alone on the planet Earth where Satan resides with his angels who have lost their first estate. Satan will do all possible to destroy our family there and to bring them under his evil power.” The Almighty answered saying, “Yes, they will fall under Satan’s power. I have given them the choice of good or evil to test them. I have planned it from the beginning. I will place them in a garden at Eden where Eve will be seduced by the serpent Satan and shall have a son by him. This evil son will I name Cain. I will also give them a good son from Ad-am’s seed whom I will name Abel. They will be free to do as they choose and they will fall because of their belief in Satan’s lies and his deceit. For their weakness and failure to obey my warnings about Satan I will take away their protective light and they shall be naked, yet I will save them and their children in due time. Cain will murder Abel the true son of Ad-am which will be their first earthly warning, yet will I give them other children who will carry on and who will do My works.” So Ad-am and Eve, the children of the Creator of the Universe, were taken from the spirit and were made children of the flesh. As children of the flesh they were in the image of their Father the King of the Universe, in His likeness with a reddish complexion. Today we call this race the Adamic race. It seems mysterious to many that there is no history, no archeological evidence, nor any evidence of any kind which can show the existence of this race of people on Earth earlier than the seven thousand four hundred years which are now confirmed by Scripture.

Many are unaware that Ad-am and Eve had a spoken language when they were placed on the planet Earth. They conversed and they wrote in that language. One of their later sons wrote it so prolifically that it was named after him. His name is Heber and the Language was called Heberew. A thorough investigation will reveal that another name was used to identify the language, that being Aramaic. It will be noted that the early Greek and Latin languages stem from the Aramaic or Heber-ew, from whence we have the language of the present day Christian nations including English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Scandinavian, Slavic and others.



Chapter II

A Celestial Family on Earth

An ancient words has been used since the days of Ad-am and Eve to denote the evil powers of Satan on the planet Earth. This word is “sin.” In order to understand the meaning of this word we must realize that Satan is evil, the opposite from good. Satan’s powers are also evil and they are used to oppose and destroy all that is righteous and good. We should remember that Satan was on Earth before the Almighty placed His children Ad-am and Eve on Earth. Satan’s evil power known as “sin” was also prevalent on Earth and still remains to this day. It is then understandable that Ad-am and Eve were placed on a planet which was under “sin” the evil influence of Satan. Also, their flesh children born on Earth being born under the conditions of Satan’s evil influence “sin.” Our Scriptures confirm this by telling us that we are born under “sin.’ This does not mean that our entry into the flesh body is an evil or sinful event, it simply means that children of the Spirit who are born into the flesh body in the family of Ad-am are born under these same conditions which existed when their earth parents Ad-am and Eve were placed in Eden. It is more warning than anything else.

The Creator of the Universe is the Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and the end. He knows all from the beginning to the end because He is King of the Universe. Nothing happens without His knowing or without His planing and permitting it to happen. Thus it was with the beginning of Ad-am and Eve. They were placed on Earth for a reason. The Creator sent His Prophets to Earth with Books and instructions to write Books and Scrolls. The Books so written will be understood by the children of Ad-am and Eve who are on Earth in the flesh but are children of the Spirit of the Creator of the Universe. Each of these children existed before the creation of the Earth. They existed in the Spirit and are not the “Enosh” or created beings. They are celestial beings, brought to earth by a process of birth into the earthly family of the Heavenly Father. When they are born into the flesh body on Earth, they have been then “born again” because they existed before in the spirit as Celestial Beings. There is a great difference between the Celestial Beings born into the flesh on Earth and the “Enosh” or created beings who were brought to Earth by Satan when he was cast out of the Kingdom with his hosts who had followed him and had thereby lost their first estate. The difference between these people on Earth are very apparent, yet the simple truth seems to impossible of understanding by so many, even those of Ad-am’s family who are on Earth today.

After Ad-am and Eve had been in the garden at Eden for some time, the Creator put them on their own with a free will to do of their own choosing. They were put under a test. They were fearful of the Earth and fainted at the gate from which they were to leave Eden. The Earth was a strange land to them, yet the Creator told them that they must go. He told Ad-am not to worry because He had set the time in days and years and He would save Adam after five thousand and five hundred years. After this time, He Himself would come to Earth and would save Ad-am and the family which Adam and Eve were to have. In spite of this promise from the Creator, Adam and Eve were very upset about their having been turned out into the strange land and the darkness of Satan’s power. Ad-am actually died of fright many times but each time he did so, the Creator brought him back to life and spoke words of encouragement to him. Both Ad-am and Eve remembered their bright nature when they were in Eden and they asked why the light had left them and why they were now in darkness? In reply the Creator told them that He knew when He put them in the garden, that they would fall under the power of Satan and that they had been warned about it and had done so under their own free will. He explained to Ad-am that Satan had once been in bright light but had deceived himself and had been cast down to Earth in darkness as punishment for his deceit and for his failure to obey the King of the Universe. Ad-am asked for permission to return to the garden just to take a look at it because he missed it so, but the Creator said “No, I have made you a promise and when the time I have set is past, then I will bring you back into the light - and I will bring all of your righteous sons and daughters back into the garden with you.”

Adam and Eve constantly discussed their glorious times in the garden and they wept over their rememberances. Ad-am would beat his breast and throw himself upon the ground from bitter grief because of the darkness he was in. In his grief he would again ask the Creator why the Glory had departed from him and Eve. Ad-am said, “While we were in the garden we saw no darkness; we didn’t even know what darkness is. I was not hidden from Eve and she was not hidden from me. We could see each other because we were both in one bright light. Now that we have been put out of the garden we cannot see each other in the darkness. Oh Heavenly Father, how much longer will you plague us with this darkness?” The Creator who was Ad-am’s Heavenly Father answered Ad-am saying, “Oh Ad-am, even Lucifer and his hosts the Enosh were in bright light so long as he was obedient to me. When he disobeyed me I deprived him and his hosts of the light. I deprived them of that bright nature and they became dark. When he was in the heavens in the realm of light, he didn’t know darkness. But he disobeyed me and I made him fall from Heaven to the planet Earth and I made this darkness upon him. You also Ad-am had that bright light when you were obedient to me. When I heard that you had disobeyed me I deprived you also of that bright light. But I did not wish to destroy you completely. In my mercy I made you what you are. I drove you from the garden to dwell in the darkness of Earth but it is not to last forever for you. When it is over, Daylight will return. The darkness is not punishment for you as it is for Lucifer. It is simply that I have made the day and I have placed the sun in the day to give you light so you and your children can do the work on Earth for which I have placed you there to do. I knew that you would transgress ad come out of Eden unto the Earth because I made you of the light and I put you on Earth to bring out children of light from thee. I knew that Satan, who had deceived himself, would also deceive you and your children. So I warned you about Satan and told you not to let him come near you and not to let him deceive you. If I hadn’t warned you of this beforehand, it could have been an offense on my part and you could have then blamed me for your failure. But I commanded you and I warned you, so now the blame is on you. Even so, I have made a day for you Ad-am and for your children who will come after you. I have made the night for them to rest from their daytime work, but little darkness now remains Ad-am and daylight will soon appear.”

Ad-am again appealed to the Creator. He wanted to be taken from the gloom of this Earth and from its darkness. He begged and begged to be taken back into the garden. Again the Creator was kind with Ad-am giving him more advice and explanation. The Heavenly Father told him that He would keep His promise that the darkness and gloom would pass from Ad-am and that He would bring Ad-am and all of His righteous earth-born children back into the garden where there is no darkness. The Creator explained further to Ad-am that all of his misery he had taken upon himself therefore his pleadings would not save him nor free him from the power of Satan on Earth. He said that He would come to Earth in a flesh body of Ad-am’s family and would take upon himself the suffering and agony that Ad-am was undergoing. He would, by His coming, set Ad-am and all of His flesh children free from the power of Satan. That He would use Ad-am’s children to bring the Earth out of its darkness and to bring light to the Earth. After this explanation from the Heavenly Father, Ad-am was yet unhappy with his earthly situation. He was very stubborn and somewhat like a child who does not want to obey its parents. He attempted suicide by throwing himself off a high mountain. Eve looked down and saw him lying in a pool of blood so she also threw herself off the mountain to join Ad-am in Death. In this manner they thought that they might escape from Earth and return to the garden. The Creator saw all of this and brought Ad-am and Eve back to their earthly life again. He told Ad-am that he would just have to suffer it out on Earth. He explained that so long as Ad-am and Eve would keep His commandments, His Light and His Grace would protect Ad-am and keep him safe. But when Ad-am or His children violated His commandments, then sorrow and misery would befall them and they would suffer as a result.

There were many instances of Satan using his evil power to deceive Ad-am and Eve. Satan usually appeared in their presence as an angel of the Creator or in some form which would mislead them to believe that he was good rather than evil. Each time that he led them astray in his effort to destroy them the Creator saved them. These early experiences of Ad-am and Eve were warnings and symbolic of events to come. Once Satan stood by while Ad-am was praying and suddenly pierced Ad-am’s side with a knife-like sharp blade, killing him. The Creator brought Ad-am back to life and told him that the same thing was going to happen to Him when He would come to Earth at a day in the future. He said that His side also would be pierced and that His blood would flow from His side and that His earth body would then be a true offering on the altar for the purpose of saving Ad-am’s family.

As time passed, the Creator finally gave His approval for the earthly wedding of Ad-am to Eve. He sent Angels to direct and perform the wedding ceremony. It was not long after this that Satan continued his efforts to destroy the family of Ad-am and Eve. Satan seduced Eve and she had a son by him who was named Cain. Cain was evil and not acceptable to the Creator. Then by Ad-am’s seed came the righteous Abel, along with his sister Aklia. Can murdered Abel when Cain was a little over seventeen years of age and Abel was fifteen. Ad-am and Eve were in mourning for Abel and could not control Cain. Cain departed and joined Satan’s hosts who had lost their first estate. The Creator controlled these events and put Cain out of the household of Ad-am because Cain was of Satan’s Seed. Cain’s children were unacceptable to the Creator for the performance of His works on Earth. They were of mixed seed and a pollution of the Holy and Celestial seed.

After seven years Adam and Eve had another righteous son. He was like Abel, pure seed, and fair complexioned. His name was Seth. This son was acceptable to the Creator and it is his family line which was to multiply like the sands of the sea, yet be the least of all people on earth and be the Creator’s people on Earth. These are a Celestial people and are the Sons of the Most High God on Earth.

The generations of children from Ad-am and Eve began with Seth who married Abel’s sister Aklia. His eldest son was Enos but he also had many other children. Enos married and his eldest son was Cainan but he also had many other children. The family of Celestial People was being perpetuated on Earth by a divine plan laid down by the Creator of the Universe. It was growing in number in spite of all that Satan could do to destroy it. The nine Patriarchs of this family from Ad-am were Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah. Each of these were the eldest of their fathers and were high priests who instructed all of their children in their generations. Seth was instructed by Ad-am in the worship of their Heavenly Father the Creator of the Universe. He was warned about the evil ways of Satan and had been told about Cain and the murder of Abel. Seth and all of his generations after him were told not to mix or associate with the children of Cain because they were children of Satan’s seed. Adam revealed all of the hidden mysteries to Seth that God had revealed to him. He told Seth to pass the instructions for his burial place and for the preservation of his body during a flood that was to come. He instructed that the eldest among his children at that time should place his body on the ship that was to save a certain number of his family from that particular place - those who had remained pure in their race line and who had not mixed with the children of Cain and the hosts of the fallen angel line whom Satan had brought to Earth with him ages before. Ad-am died on the same day of the week that he had been brought from the spirit into the flesh and the hour was the same hour of the day that he had departed from the garden.

Seth was a great leader of a happy Celestial people on Earth. He followed Ad-am’s instructions faithfully. He gathered his children often ad told them of the mysteries of the Kingdom. He instructed them to make no friendships with Cain’s children and to keep themselves separate from them. Seth died and left his eldest son Enos as head of the tribe. In the meantime, Cain’s children had multiplied greatly because they married often and had no morals - but many children. There were children of diverse parents and the people of Cain were evil. They lived amongst murder, robberies and all manner of evil.

Enos continued the instructions of the generations of Ad-am’s Celestial household. He also instructed them to keep their children separate from Cain’s children. After Enos died his eldest son Cainan was the leader and chief priest of his people. He also instructed them never to allow one of their children in the area of Cain’s children or to make any fellowship with them whatsoever. This commandment continued and Jared became the leader and chief priest of Ad-am’s family, Jared was very righteous and kept the commandment of his father about keeping separate from the children of Cain. He constantly instructed all of his people in this matter. One day Satan came to Jared with some Enosh of his host who deceitfully appeared as good men. Jared was suspicious because their appearance was different from that of his fair complexioned people and he did not recognize them as of his family. They were obviously strangers. Jared didn't realize that Satan was up to his old tricks. The one way he could destroy the Creator’s celestial family on Earth was to seduce the children of Ad-am and mongrelize them with the fallen angel line of people who had lost their first estate. These were already mongrelized with the children of Cain and all of them were now of Satan’s seed. They were also completely under Satan’s control. When Jared had been enticed with lies to accompany Satan into the land of Cain’s children, he was astonished at the manner in which they lived. Their ways were evil and they were corrupt with no morals whatsoever. Jared’s good judgment made him realize the error he had committed so he prayed to the Creator for His forgiveness. As soon as he commenced his prayer, Satan and his hosts departed from his vicinity immediately. It seems that Satan and his people could not remain where prayer to the heavenly Father existed. Jared was saved by his prayer and returned to his land and his people, well knowing that he had been fooled by Satan. After many years, Jared’s children began to do things on their own account without first seeking advice from their elders and without consulting Jared, the Chief priest of the tribe. As time progressed, they strayed farther and during this time, Cain’s children had multiplied at an exceeding rate. They had been instructed in all kinds of musical instruments by Satan. Their clothes were colorful with many beads and trinkets which they wore on their person as well. The rhythms of their music were of the kind which stimulated their emotional and child-like nature and they joined in jungle rhythm and alcoholic drinks Satan had taught them to make. Satan was overjoyed and very pleased with his power over these people. He increased their sin amongst themselves to the point where they even hated and murdered each other, not knowing right from wrong. They took all manner of wives and many even turned to the eating of flesh. They were so blinded by Satan’s power that there was absolutely no inclination of right from wrong amongst them. In fact, they were not even aware that it was Satan’s plan to use them in his attempts to destroy Ad-am’s celestial family on Earth. Satan directed them to induce Seth’s children to join them at every opportunity. One day several of Jared’s children of Seth’s family decided that they would go from their place and join Cain’s children in their wild dances and revelry which included strong drinks. Jared was very upset when he learned of his children’s plans and he warned them not to do this evil thing. He told them if they did this it would be in violation of a divine law and they would no longer be called the children of God, but would then be called children of the devil. There was no return or Grace from the Heavenly Father for the violations of this commandment. Jared’s children who decided to do this were a stubborn group. They paid no heed to their father’s instructions and departed to join in the evil ways of Cain’s children. They were immediately seduced by the daughters of Cain and were lost from the Celestial family of Ad-am for their transgression and mixing of the Holy seed. So they became children of Satan from that time on. The departure of Ad-am’s children from their land to the place of Cain’s children continued until all but a few had gone. These few were righteous children who obeyed their father’s instructions and refused to mix with Cain’s children. These few were Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah along with some of their kin. Their experiences in the future were to be in accordance with the plan of the Creator who had foretold of the fall of Ad-am’s children to the power of Lucifer. They were to be saved from the flood that was to be brought upon that country where Ad-am’s children were mixing with Cain’s children and polluting the seed of the Holy Family, the Celestial Family of Ad-am. These few were to carry on the works of their Heavenly Father on Earth. They had not violated His commandment and had kept themselves pure in their generations. Enoch was to do many great things with the children of the Celestial Family who remained. Noah was also to be the last elder in his area, along with his few remaining righteous children who followed the instructions of their forefathers. He and his children were to be saved from the flood that would come over that particular area and the Almighty was to use Noah’s family to renew the Celestial Family of Ad-am’s seed which He had planted on Earth.

A Celestial family was ordained to grow like the sands of the sea, yet it would be the least in number of all the people of the Earth. Today, these people fulfill all of the prophecies and the Word of the Most High, the Creator of the Universe. They are the people to whom the book was given and it is for them to know the mysteries of the Kingdom, but it is not for the Children of Cain to know. It is apparent that the other two races of peoples on Earth today, in this twentieth century do outnumber them by a ration of six to one. Yes, they have multiplied like the sands of the sea, yet they are the least in number of all the people on Earth. They have become the “Nations” that the Heavenly Father promised they would be. They are here on Earth during these latter days, some yet under the power of Satan and doing his work because of their lack of knowledge as to who they are. They do not recall that the Most High placed a blindness over them which He promised to remove in the latter days so they would know who they are, and know that they are the living sons and daughters of the living God. Yes, they are continuing in their violations of their Heavenly Father’s commandments and they are permitting Cain’s children to live in their lands with them. Cain’s children are a burden to them and a thorn in their side just as they were told they would be if they were permitted to live with Ad-am’s family.

No matter what we do or say here, the plans of the almighty Father will not be changed. Not by Lucifer or the children of Cain who are in power on Earth today in many lands. The fact remains that the Celestial family is here on Earth and they will do the works of their Father even though they do not know who they are. For a better work it only remains for them to know their purpose on Earth and to know who they are. This has already been revealed to them but they joined the mob in their rejection of the Word. They are certainly what the Heavenly Father foretold - a stiff-necked, stubborn people. Will they ever learn?



Chapter III

The Great Pyramids

Enoch, Methuselah and Noah were known to the Enosh as great patriarchs in the land area we now know as the Middle East and Asia along with Egypt. Noah was known to the Asiatic people as “Ho Fi,” a great white God. He was recognized by them as a Celestial being. Many of the Patriarch’s family went to Egypt with their children and were known as the Hyksos Shepherd Kings in that area. It was Enoch who had been taken into the Spirit by the Creator of the Universe and had been given the secrets and the books to write for his people on Earth. Enoch knew the mysteries of the Universe and the number of the stars in the heavens which were visible from Earth. He and his children along with Methuselah, Noah and their children, went to Egypt where they were to use the divine knowledge that had been given to their race. These men, sons of Ad-am in the flesh, who had never violated the divine law and had not mixed with the children of Cain, were to build a great temple to their Heavenly Father. They were in possession of knowledge which their family does not have today because it has been lost to them. These ancients had the mathematical knowledge of the square of the circle which is not known to scientists or mathematicians of this twentieth century. They had the knowledge and use of atomic power which has recently been re-discovered by their descendants on Earth in these latter days. In fact, they had space ships available and in use, along with the power of the Creator of the Universe who had given them these things for their own use to fulfill His plans and to do His work on Earth. One of their primary tasks before the time of the flood which was to save Noah and his family in the land of Cain, was to build a great temple of stone. This temple was to contain the symbolic and detailed information given to Enoch and which he also wrote in his books which were left for the Heavenly Father’s children on Earth. The temple was to be built at the exact center of the Earth as it related to the stars in the heavens of which Enoch knew. The temple of stone was to have a “Head of a Corner” (a pyramid) and it would contain evidence of the complete history and chronology of the race of people planted on Earth by the Creator. It was also to contain the word of the Creator which was to be revealed to His people in the Latter days. But the prophecy indicated that the builders were to reject the “Head of a Corner” and they did. This great temple to the Most High, Creator of the Universe, was not only to contain the symbolism of the books that Enoch brought, but it would one day appear in another manner in a new land which was to be given to His people. This land would be a new Jerusalem with a great sea on the East and a great sea on the West. It would be divided by great rivers and mountains and would contain the brass and good things in the land. It would be a land of milk and honey where the box trees and the fir trees would grow. It would be a nation of His people, having been gathered from the other nations of His people. It would be the only nation with the most High as its King, lending to all and borrowing from none. The great seal of that nation would contain the symbolism and heraldry of the temple that was built by the children of Enoch and it would appear on that nation’s money along with another symbol, the great spread wings of the Eagle. (Rev.)

Knowledge of these things was available beforehand to the Hyksos Shepherd Kings who were the descendants of Ad-am and Eve. It was with this knowledge that they built the great temple known as the Pyramid of Gizeh. Great stones were placed in exact alignment with the stars of the heavens. The stones cut to an exactness so perfect that even a razor blade could not show measure of error. They were placed one upon the other with this same exactness. All of these things were accomplished by the children of Enoch, yet there is not one bit of archeological evidence of any modern day or other type construction equipment used by these Shepherd Kings in the building of their temple. Why? Because the construction equipment used by them is not known to so-called modern society. It was accomplished with atom powered space vehicles which are invisible today but which exist in the Kingdom of the Creator to this day, and forever. One day in the future He will put them to use again for His people here on Earth.

There were other areas where these same atomic powered space vehicles were used by Enoch’s children. They were used in the Isles where today many historians and scientists are puzzled about certain very large stones and how they were placed in their present positions. But let us return to Enoch in Egypt. It was there where he had his children build a great city, the city of On, which later had its name changed to Heliopolis by the Greek Scholars who descended from Noah’s family through Shem. At the city of On (Heliopolis), Enoch and his people had established great libraries and a University for the learning of their children. The High Priest of On was always of Enoch’s race of people, all of whom were an earthly priesthood known in that day as the Melchizedek priesthood - which was to have a substitute for many years and then return to Earth again in the Latter days.

Enoch established the various grades of the University at On, the highest grade being called the Order of Masonos. This Highest Order had certain symbols to identify its members. These symbols were the square and the compass because Enoch’s race of people were known in that day as the “builder race.” It was from this Highest Order of priests that Enoch selected four groups, each with a leader, to watch in the heavens for the sign that would be given to indicate the time and place of the Creator’s arrival on Earth as He had foretold. Enoch knew the mysteries of the Heavens and the sign that was to be given. He had been told that the planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn would come together in the heavens, but this must happen four times, once in each quarter of the year. When this occurred once in each quarter of the year, that would be the year of His coming. The conjunction would create a great single light similar to a star in the heavens and the tail of that star would sit directly over the place on Earth where the Creator of the Universe would be born in the flesh. Enoch’s four groups of priests from the Order of Masonos were stationed at four different locations and they continued their watchfulness for many years. They had been given the sign to watch for the circumstances under which the sign would occur.

Although we have not mentioned it in our story thus far, there were ancient names used by Adam and Eve and their children. These names in their language which later became known as the Hebrew language, named after Heber one of their children used to identify the children of Ad-am’s family and the Creator of the Universe. The ancient word “El” and the word “Elohim” were used to denote the Creator of the Universe or the King of the Universe. The word “Ra” means “Ruler” and the word “Ish” means “prince” or “son.” The son of a King is known as a prince. Enoch used the three words together as Is-ra-el, meaning princes ruling with their Father the King, or in other words, sons of the King or Sons of God. The actual name of the Heavenly Father in their language was spelled “YHVH” because they had no vowels in the language. This name is pronounced “Ya-veh.” The Greek scholars later translated the Scriptures into their Greek language which was a derivation from the ancient Heberew. They translated this name “YHVH” or “Ya-veh” to the Greek name “Yashua” and “Ya-seus.” Years later when the Greek translations were further translated to the then known English language, the same name was translated from the Greek “Ya-shua” or “Ya-zeus” to the English name “Jesus.” It was Ya-veh, the Creator of the Universe, who said that He would take on a flesh body, the same flesh body He had given to Ad-am and Eve. That He would come to the Earth for the purpose of performing a ritual and a sacrifice by shedding of flesh blood in the same manner as Ad-am had done in his early days on Earth. This would be accomplished for the purpose of redeeming Ad-am and all of His earthly children from Sin, which was the earthly evil power of Satan. It would set His children completely free from Satan as He had promised Adam in the early days. He would therefore be known as the “Saviour” of His Celestial Family that He had placed on Earth where Satan and his hosts had held sway for hundreds and even thousands of years. The children of the Creator’s Celestial family were told to occupy the Earth and rule over it in righteousness until the time that He would bring His kingdom to the Earth. They were continuously warned against mixing with the children of Satan and they were taught to pray “Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven.”

Enoch returned to the Celestial Spirit from his flesh body life on Earth but many of his children continued their work in various places. Some were in the Isles, some were in Europe, some were in America and some were in Egypt. In the meantime, Noah and His family were doing their work in another area. They had remained in the area of Eden and the high Holy mountain where Adam’s children had been raised before they went down to mix with the children of Cain. It was in this country where Noah resided that the Creator brought on a flood which had been promised in the days of Adam. Noah and his immediate family had been selected to bring about a renewing of the Creator’s family on Earth. The story of Noah needs no repeating here but the truth should be emphasized that all of his family were of the one race - the Adamic race - which is the Celestial Family descended from Adam. Ham, Shem and Japeth were all of fair complexion. Ham and Japeth were later to be lost as were Jared’s children, in violation of the Creator’s commandment not to go out and mix with the children of Cain. Shem was elected to obey the commandment and maintain the Holy seed line, pure, without mixing with peoples of the creation. Thus did Shem become a great Patriarch known to the children of Enoch who had remained in other areas such as Egypt and the Isles.

From Shem descended a righteous son named Abram. When Abram was Blessed with the assignment of maintaining the pure seed line of the Creator’s Celestial Family, his name was changed to Ab-Ra-ham. His righteousness included tithing to Shem and the Melchizedek priesthood which Shem then led. Abraham was told that he would be the father of many nations, that he and his seed after him would carry the blessings of Ya-veh, the Most High God of his fathers and that his seed would become many nations. This family of Celestial beings were to carry out the Creator’s plans to provide the family line through which He would come to Earth as foreordained and as promised to Adam. Abraham was to raise sons and daughters who would carry on to do the things that Ya-veh the Creator had planned and promised. His son Isaac was blessed with this same assignment to do this work and Isaac had many children. It was to be through Isaac’s children that the promises were to be confirmed. Isaac’s son Jacob was then blessed to carry on the project, therefor he was given the ancient name used by Enoch and Adam, the name again being employed in the family line as “Is-ra-el” or “Prince, ruling with the King.” Isaac’s other son, Esau, was not blessed to carry on the pure Adamic family of Yah-veh because he violated the commandment and took Canaanite wives. This mixed the Adamic seed with Satan’s seed and therefore many of Satan’s children today appear on the surface to be of the Adamic race, while others have the appearance of the pre-Adamic peoples with whom they mixed. They, along with the Shelahites were also known as Edomites.

(To be continued in the next issue)



Jesus said to the Jews, “That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias……” (Matthew 23:35)

question: Does this not identify the Jews as descendants of the one who murdered Abel? Was this not Cain? Then how do the Jews support a claim of descending from SHEM, who was born many hundreds of years later? If so - then the Jews cannot be “Semitic” (descendants of Shem).


Not as Cain who was of that wicked one ……” (I John 3:12)

question: If Cain is a descendant of “that wicked one” - could Adam be his father? (See Matthew 13:37-39 and Luke 3:38)


If both the Old Testament and the New Testament indicate clearly that the Israelites are God’s “sheep.” (Psalms 79:13 ; Psalms 78:52 ; Jeremiah 50:17 ; Ezekiel 34:1-31 ; Matthew 10:6-16 ; Matthew 15:24 ; Matthew 25:33 ; John 10:1-42 ; Hebrews 13:20)

question: How can the Jews be Israelites when Jesus says to them, “but ye believe not because ye are NOT of my sheep, as I said unto you.” (John 10:26)


The disciples of Jesus were first called “Christians” at Antioch. (Acts 11:26)

question: What were they called prior to this time? Were they called Israelites?


Israel was to be known by a new name. (Isaiah 62:2)

question: Could that new name be “Christian?”


Roman law prohibited Jews from being citizens of Rome.

question: Could Paul then be a Jew if he were a citizen of Rome? (Acts 22:24-28 ; Acts 18:1-6 ; Acts 25)


In the book of Acts as well in many other places in the bible, the word “Jew” or “Jews” has been placed in the passages by the translators.

question: could the translators have inserted the word “Jew” when the original word was either “Judean” or “Israelite?”


In the Old Testament and the New, the translators replaced the Hebrew word “Yashua” with the English word “salvation.”

question: If the Hebrew word “Yashua” means “Yaveh in the flesh,” or the “physical manifestation of Yaveh” - does not this word salvation mean “Jesus?”


Records indicate that Jews, claiming to be Israelites, infiltrated the church at Alexandria in Egypt when Mark was pastor there - and these Jews, posing as scribes, became the major translators of the scripture. They hated the name “Yaveh” and removed it at every opportunity replacing it with the word “Lord” and at other places simply deleting it.

question: Did this happen to the seventh verse in 2 John? The translation reads: “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.” Did this verse not read correctly as follows? “…who confess not that Jesus Christ is YHVH come in the flesh.” Was not YHVH the god of Israel to come into the earth in a flesh body? (John 1:1 ; John 1:14 ; I Timothy 3:16)

Jesus spoke in parables so the Jews could not understand.

question: Could it be that Jesus did not want them to know who He really is? Would they have attempted to crucify him if they had known that he is the Almighty God?


Jesus revealed His true identity at times. (John 14:9 ; John 10:30 ; John 5:46)

question:Since Moses wrote of the God of Israel was not Jesus saying who He is when He said, “For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed Me; for Moses wrote of Me.”


Satan boasted that he could make Job turn against God.

question: Why did Satan have to get permission for his every act against Job?


The word “kingdom” means administration, rule, or GOVERNMENT.

question: Is not the gospel of the “kingdom” the law for Christ’s Government?

question: Did not Jesus instruct His disciples to teach the gospel of the KINGDOM (Christian Government)?


On Sunday, November 11, 1973 Lucille E. Moran, P.O. Box 641, Tavernier, Florida, 33070, placed an ad in the Birmingham News, in Birmingham Alabama with the above title: “Has There Been Jury Tampering?” The ad is too lengthy to reprint in this issue of Identity. But it is very important, particularly with regard to Tax cases. It is very revealing on the matter of Juries, how they are selected, and whether or not they are being tampered with by what she calls the entrenched Bench Bar prosecutors and the Federal Courts themselves. It is suggested that everyone interested in this matter of juries, jury selection, and jury instruction write to Lucille E. Moran at the above address for a copy of the ad which was placed in the Birmingham News with the above title. It is suggested that at least two dollars be sent to pay for the cost of printing and mailing by Miss Moran, because this is a very important article.



In order to understand this false energy crisis, we must look into the past. Let us go back to 1917 and 1918 when the Jew financiers such as Kuhn Loeb, Lehmans, Jacob Schiffs, etc. financed the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Look up the word Bolshevik in your dictionary. It is a Marxist revolution and Marx was a Jew. In short, the Germanic peoples who ruled Russia were assassinated. Over 70 million white Christian peoples of the Ukraine were murdered and starved by the Jew Kruschev. How? By a Communist, Marxist Jew take-over of the Russian Government. U.S. Military Intelligence records prove clearly that the USSR has been in Jew hands from its beginning. It was financed and directed by Jews and remains in the hands of Jews to this day, even though most have changed their names, taking more Slavic sounding names and then others are non-Jews, but married to Jews.

Every Eastern European nation that has been taken over by Communism has Jew leaders. Some other pertinent historical facts might be mentioned here. The Communist Party USA was formally organized in 1912. It’s attorney was a Jew named Felix Frankfurter, who was also the attorney for the organization of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith. Roosevelt later appointed this Jew to the Supreme Court of the United States. One of the planks in the platform of the communist party USA in 1912 was to impose a “graduated” Income Tax on the American people. Not a mere income tax but a “graduated” Income Tax. This also was one of the objectives outlined in the Communist Manifesto written by Carl Marx in 1848, as one of the means by which a nation could be “Communized.”

It was in the year 1909 that the 16th Amendment resolution was supposedly passed by the Congress. Then came the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. There wasn’t a quorum in Congress to pass it. Most were home for Christmas.

What did all of this really mean? It meant that the Jew International Bankers took over your money system and banking system. It further established the Collection Agency to collect the taxes under the Communist “graduated” Income Tax program. This collection agency is known today as the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

For a moment, let us return to the Congress in 1909 when they supposedly passed the Joint Resolution to provide for the 16th Amendment (Income Tax). If you want the proof that this Resolution is void and never legally adopted by the States, send $2.00 to Eugene J. May, 28600 Gratiot Ave., Roseville, Michigan 48066, asking for his document titled “The Cat in the Bag.” This documentation proves that Ohio was not legally a State of the Union in 1913 when it was listed as one of the States to ratify the 16th Amendment, and that there is in reality no 16th Amendment, and that there can be no “graduated” Income Tax or no other income tax.

Suppose one takes the position that there is a legally adopted 16th Amendment. Then the question should be asked, “Where does the 16th Amendment authorize a “graduated” Income Tax?” It doesn’t! Then why did Congress establish the “graduated” Income Tax by a statute known as Title 26, U.S. Code? They did - and therefore Title 26, U.S. Code is in violation of not only the 16th Amendment but the entire Constitution to include its other Amendments. At this point you might be wondering, “What has this to do with the Energy Crisis?” It has everything to do with it. Here’s why - The same conspiracy of men who financed and directed the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, are now and have been for many years in control of the entire Government of the United States. They establish not only the domestic policies of your government which have been directed toward a Communist State - but the international policies which lead to support of the Jew-Communist Soviet Union and its Satellites. Now do you see why our foreign policy has directed the Arabs to get their arms and equipment from the Communist-Jews who run the USSR? They can sell the Arabs junk for dollars - control the military actions of the Arabs at any point of a military crisis and obtain the propaganda advantage by telling the American people that the Arabs must be pro-Communist.

Now - we can’t be on the side of people who get their armaments from the Communists - can we?

Yet the false State of Israeli is a pure Communist State and the Arabs are avid anti-Communists. Confusion - isn’t it? That’s exactly what the Jews want!

Now, let’s get down to the truth of the false energy crisis. The Jews have complete control of all branches of your former Christian Constitutional Republic! The Jews control the Communist Soviet Union, all propaganda to the contrary. You are in the final stages of the Jew-Communist take-over of your Republic. Only the “emergencies” are needed to create the conditions for this take-over to be made public. The “Energy Crisis” is that emergency. It is false as you all know. We import 6 percent of our oil needs from the Arabs - yet we have been closing down our oil production and exporting 26 percent of our domestic production. Your Congress has recently given 2 billion 200 million of your dollars to the Jew-Communist State of Israeli. This is malfeasance and misfeasance in office - completely unconstitutional. It is a criminal act on the part of your Congress. Where in the Constitution has your Congress been authorized to tax you to give your money to an alien or foreign government anywhere? It seems time for a Committee of the States to replace the Congress of the United States and this is provided for in the Articles of Confederation. This may be a point for many Christians to think about.

This whole give-away of your money to the false State of Israeli is intended to arm these anti-Christ Jews against the Arabs. The next program will be to send your Christian sons to battle in the Mid-East against their own people, the Christian Arabs. You have had your country darkened at Christmas time and next you will be told by your Jew-controlled government that you cannot drive your cars nor can you purchase food.

When you begin to starve, stupid Goy - as the Jews rightfully call you - you might wake up and do what your God Jesus Christ said to do. If you do not know what that is, we refer you to St. John, Chapter 18, Verse 36.

Wake up, Christian America - Prepare to fight for your God Jesus Christ and cleanse your land!



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Are you surprised to learn that the Christians of the race of Adam are the true Israel people of the Bible? (Called Caucasians because they migrated to Europe by way of the Caucasus. Do not take our mere word for it at this point but try it on for size. Jesus said “Search the Scripture” and at that time there was NO NEW TESTAMENT! So, we turn to the OLD TESTAMENT and read the following:

“Neither shall thy name any more be called Abram, but thy name shall be called AbRAham; for a father of MANY nations have I made thee; and I will make thee exceeding fruitful and I will make NATIONS of thee and kings shall come out of thee; and I will establish My covenant between Me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee and to thy seed after thee.” (Gen. 17:5-7).

The tribes of Israel are not lost, the CLERGY are lost! The Nations promised to Abraham’s descendants are as follows: Levi not to be a nation but to be preachers in all of the nations. Zebulun is FRANCE, Gad is ITALY; Issachar is FINLAND, Reuben is HOLLAND, Simeon is SPAIN, Asher is SWEDEN, Judah is GERMANY, Benjamin is ICELAND, Dan is DENMARK, Napthali is NORWAY, Ephraim is GREAT BRITAIN and the U.S.A. is MANASSEH.