VOL 8 NO 1 - 11/75 - Highlights: Spirit Of 1976 by Col. Cameron - and - Can It Happen Here? by Rev. Geo. Udvary - and - Points Of Law by Col. Cameron - and - Posse Comitatus, What Is It? by George Kindred - and - Reply To Natl Chronicle & More




Volume 8, No. 1

November 1975

Published Quarterly by the Ministry of Christ Church

4955 Sierra Pines Dr.

Mariposa, CA 95338

The Spirit of 1976

By Col. Ben Cameron

Moreover he said, I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob…” Exodus 3:6 - “Men and brethren, children of the stock of Abraham, and whosoever among you feareth God, to you is the word of this salvation sent.” Acts 13:26 - “Know ye therefore that they which are of the Faith, the same are the children of Abraham.” Galatians 3:7 - “And if ye be Christ’s (Christian - Ed.) then are ye Abraham’s seed (descendent - Ed.) and heirs according to the promise.” Galatians 3:29 - “Hearken to me, ye that follow after righteousness, ye that seek Yaveh (Jesus - Ed.): look unto the rock whence ye are hewn, and to the hole of the pit whence ye are digged. Look unto Abraham your father and unto Sarah that bare you: for I called him alone, and blessed him and increased him.” Isaiah 51:1-2.

With the above Scripture in mind, it behooves us to look into the past. We have been told simply that we should find our IDENTITY. We should look back into the history of our ancestors and learn from their experiences. We have all read and heard of the “Spirit of 1776.” Can we learn anything by looking back to that period of time in the history of our land and our brethren? Are things happening now that happened then? Let us try on a few for size. In the days of the colonists, those who came to this new land were subject to the English adversary system of law. The King sent his magistrates and tax collectors (governors) to this land. When the colonist failed to pay the tax, he was brought before the King’s magistrate (judges) who became his adversary rather than his protector. The colonist had no God-given “rights” - only those rights which would be granted by the King (or Queen). He could be thrown into prison as a debtor and be charged with a CRIME AGAINST THE STATE! As these methods progressed, a revolution began to foment in the colonies. Many of you have been told of the so-called “Revolutionary War!” We have news for you. There was no such thing as a “Revolutionary War!” There was a “revolution” and it grew gradually and the reasons are outlined in the Declaration of Independence. THEN CAME THE WAR! The first shot was fired at Concord Bridge and the revolution became the “WAR FOR INDEPENDENCE!” There is quite a difference between a “revolution” and a “War for Independence.” With Magna Carta, the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Rights of 1765, the Declaration of Rights of 1774, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution of the United States, the UNION was formed. These engagements entered into by the separate Republics known as the “States” and otherwise known as the “Organic Law” for these United States, completely REPUDIATED the English adversary system of law. They reversed it 180 degrees! No longer could a person be charged with a CRIME AGAINST THE STATE! No longer could a person be deprived of his GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS! No longer could a judge be an adversary of the person charged with a crime or otherwise in an action before a court. Every judge and every citizen should read Article VI, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution. It says: “All debts contracted AND ENGAGEMENTS ENTERED INTO, before the adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the Confederation.” Magna Carta, the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Rights of 1765, the Declaration of Rights of 1774, the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation are “ENGAGEMENTS ENTERED INTO” and remain the LAW OF THE LAND!

For the moment, let us look back to the days of a Roman Catholic Priest named Martin Luther. There were conditions in the Church which he PROTESTED. He had traveled to Germany and throughout Western Europe, seeing the politico-religious, otherwise called Church-State conditions. In fact, there was a conspiracy wherein the Church and State worked together against the individual citizen. That may be why some call the Protestant (Protestors) Reformation the beginning of the separation of Church and State. There was no doubt in Martin Luther’s mind that the Ecclesiastical Priesthood had written canon law as statutes which would perpetuate their practices. Under these statutes they could call a person in and place him (or her) under an “inquisition” with a charge of being a heretic. Of course, the charges were made public and posted upon the public squares. The persons were arrested and held for trials with public notice to place fear in the hearts of others who might not agree and become “protestors” (Protestants). In these activities, there was no protection from the State (Royal personages such as the King or Queen), who were actually in consort with the Ecclesiastical Orders and under their domination. All of these activities were conducted UNDER COLOR OF LAW! The “law” was the STATUTES which had been written by the culprits in power. What happened when a selected person was charged and arrested? This same “order” of Priests sat as judges. They provided for pre-trial arraignments where the person charged could repent and CONFESS to their crime of heretics. In some cases, terror and punishment tactics were used to obtain confessions. In other cases (provided adequate public confessions were made), these Priest-judges would grant special dispensations and plenary indulgences. They wrote statutes which authorized them to grant such pardons, exemptions and amnesty. These were the CHURCH-STATE conditions which brought about the PROTESTANT “revolution” (reformation).

At this point we take the liberty of quoting portions of a letter to a Utah lawyer written by Lucille E. Moran, P.O. Box 641, Tavernier, Florida 33070. Miss Moran has been most instrumental in bringing her vast knowledge and research to the assistance of those who PROTEST (Protestants) the Communist Graduated Income Tax imposed upon citizens of these United States of America since 1913. We know that Jesus Christ will bless Lucille Moran for her dedication to the restoration of this Constitutional Republic. Here goes: “First off, let me (Lucille Moran - Ed.) explain, we run what some call a PEST CONTROL BUSINESS. That is, because the main object of our service is to EXTERMINATE the current revival of INQUISITORIAL POLITICS under COLOR OF LAW. If you are even a casual student of History you perhaps already know that the EXCESSES of the Spanish (Catholic) Inquisition of the Middle Ages arose out of a combination of shams and psychological influences. The entire movement couldn’t have been generated or developed momentum WITHOUT and ENTRENCHED Priestly caste advocating use of terror tactics to extort CONFESSIONS from ALLEGED HERETICS on a DAMNED IF YOU DO - DAMNED IF YOU DON’T bias. To invoke the First, Second and Third Degrees of Inquisition - Proponents of the program relied, EXCLUSIVELY ON STATUTORY AND CANON ‘LAW’ THEY HAD WRITTEN THEMSELVES to authorize their outrageous practices.

It may jolt you to learn that the shams used for the organization, operation and goals of the contemporary INCOME TAX PROGRAM are IDENTICAL to the organization, operation and goals of the (Catholic) Inquisition of the Middle Ages. The single discernible difference is the nomenclature. It has been changed to modern language and symbols to deceive the ignorant and self-righteous. So you see, Gerald Ford didn’t invent the double standard of dishing out SELECTIVE PROSECUTION and SELECTIVE PUNISHMENT with one hand - while SELECTIVELY passing out Special Dispensations and Plenary Indulgences (pardons and amnesty) with the other, Nor did the present crop of Revenuers, Prosecutors, Judges and other members of the Entrenched Bar, who think they hold copyright on the blueprint for INQUISITION. They have simply plagiarized this left-footer scheme, in toto, from the practices and psychology of the fiendish INQUISITION OF THE MIDDLE AGES.

Regardless of WHEN or WHERE Inquisitorial Politics rears its ugly head - or what euphemistic names or banners are used to disguise it - its unimaginative techniques, motivations and objectives NEVER VARY. Historically the search for POLITICAL HERETICS has had no other course but to RELY on the ritual of extorting confessions from selected marks - so they might be SELECTIVELY PROSECUTED - SELECTIVELY PUNISHED - and SELECTIVELY EXCOMMUNICATED. There isn't a dime's worth of difference between the…Inquisition of the Middle Ages and the ecclesiastical techniques, motivations and objectives of its INCOME TAX counterpart, today.

The … Inquisition of the Middle Ages was designed to act as a LOYALTY TEST through which the entrenched companionship of that day and age proposed to maintain their status quo. It was founded on arrogances similar to the FALLACIOUS PREMISES that hirelings living off public payrolls entertain today - particularly those in the Judicial branch - by baselessly assuming that someone - somehow - some way - has anointed them with sacerdotal authority to punish SELF-GOVERNING MEMBERS of the American body politic on CONTEMPT charges. In the old days, the psychology of the LOYALTY scheme served the same two immediate purposes that the INCOME TAX Loyalty Test does today. It weeded out ALLEGED DEFECTORS to the Line of OFFICIAL TRUTH - by subjecting Heretics to the abominations of the First, Second and Third Degrees of Inquisition. This served the extra purpose of turning selected victims into PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENTS to notify their friends, neighbors and relatives what THEY COULD EXPECT for deliberately or unknowingly FAILING to display ‘suitable’ subservience and fealty by thought, word and deed. The record reveals that people were sometimes CONVICTED OF HERESY many years after their deaths - so the Inquisitorial Team would have some reason for CONFISCATING the property the heirs had inherited from the Decedent’s Estate. Variations of this type of rip-off are regular practice in Probate emporiums to this day. History further records that the combination of ingredients resulted in the MOST SUCCESSFUL scheme for COERCING ENTIRE COMMUNITIES into submissive accommodation to the conceits, arbitrary whims and self-serving notions of ‘LAW’ ever devised by any entrenched Ministerial consortium. From this it should be obvious that Advocates and Prosecutors of the Mediterranean Inquisition were NOT speaking for the community of average people. They were speaking ONLY FOR THEMSELVES and their chauvinist hitmen and camp-followers.

It is indeed a shame that such a WINNING COMBINATION eventually ran into such total disrepute. The first effective blow to that end was struck by Martin Luther. Perhaps you are aware that this good man’s sense of justice was so grievously affronted by the infamous way the HOLY OFFICE OF THOSE DAYS excused some by Plenary Indulgences and Special Dispensations while reserving the ‘right’ to SELECTIVELY PROSECUTE and SELECTIVELY PUNISH others. His outrage touched off the PROTESTANT REFORMATION. This psychological revolution was based, among other things on the NATURAL LAW principle that everyone is entitled to assert his volition or FREE WILL without COERCION by threat of penalty or punishment as long as one’s acts and behaviour do not impinge on anyone else’s rights to freely assert theirs. The principle is known as the PROTESTANT ETHIC.

The SECOND blow was the Coup de Grace. It was delivered by enlarging and expanding the PROTESTANT ETHIC. It ABOLISHED every sham, imposture and conceit underlying Inquisitorial Politics, ab initio. By so doing, it secured the PRIMARY NATURAL LAW RIGHT of each individual member of the American posterity to enjoy his liberties and freedoms TOTALLY INDEPENDENT of any coercions of his free will (volition) by persons or associations of persons OPERATING UNDER COLOR OF LAW! That is why, under the political psychology of this Nation’s REVOLUTIONARY SELF-GOVERNMENT Mandate, American citizens are [a] obliged to KNOW, USE and PRACTICE the Law of the land; [b] cannot be excused on pleas of ignorance thereof; [c] can quickly PEG persons or associations of persons bent on Constitutional SABOTAGE by their methods; and [d] can Govern, Regulate and Control their own thoughts, words and deeds AND keep their Counsel with God - WITHOUT ASKING THE LEAVE OF ANY MAN! This is further why Taxation to this very day is still based upon the voluntary Compliance Principle. The precedents for this particular application of the PROTESTANT ETHIC are clearly set forth in documents written in resistance to the STAMP ACT of 1765. As a Massachusetts native I have official copies of these treasured papers. The originals are still available for anyone to inspect or study in the Archives and Libraries of that Original State. Of greatest relevance to your client’s situation is that they repeatedly ASSERT, among other things: “We have always understood it to be a grand and fundamental principle of the British Constitution that no free man should be subjected to any tax to which he has not given his own consent in person or by proxy…” (Editor’s Note: The Declaration of Rights in Congress at New York, October 19, 1765 also declares “That it is inseparably essential to the freedom of a people, and the undoubted rights of Englishmen, that no taxes should be imposed on them, but with their own consent, given personally, or by their representatives.”) I trust you are aware of what happened after it became clear to earlier Massachusetts iconoclasts that their British ‘uplifters’ were paying no heed to the Colonist’s contemptuous refusal to be coerced by statutory acts or EX CATHEDRA dicta. Mr. (name withheld) I seriously doubt that you and yours have the right slant - are in the right position - or are properly motivated to do the research and homework to prepare yourselves to competently raise CONSTITUTIONAL defenses for Mr. (name withheld) or anyone else - on charges of "CRIMINAL TAX HERESY.” Since this type of crime lies at the heart of the contemporary revival of INQUISITORIAL POLITICS now sponsored by the Internal Revenue HOLY OFFICE - allegations of CRIMINAL TAX HERESY are, of necessity, founded on and prosecuted by an entirely DIFFERENT set of rules than charges of CRIMES against NATURAL LAW such as Larceny, Rape, Murder and the like. The latter, as you may know, are NOT based upon LOYALTY TESTS of the culprit’s allegiance to present day ICONS of the political status quo; nor can defendants charged with NATURAL LAW CRIMES be prosecuted or punished for REFUSAL to submit AND CONFESS under the psychological pressures of the First, Second and Third Degrees of Inquisition that the Internal Revenue HOLY OFFICE has seen fit to RESURRECT UNDER COLOR OF LAW! To help you develop insights on some of the differences between “Natural Law Politics” and “Inquisitorial Politics,” I am enclosing a copy of my pamphlet TAXATION DEPENDS ON CONFESSION - PAVLOVIAN STYLE.

I regret to inform you that there are only a bare handful of Entrenched-Bench-Bar members throughout the nation today - qualified by character, intelligence, religious, cultural training and motivation, to defend individuals charged with “Criminal Tax Heresies.” To my knowledge none are located in the SLC area and none appear disposed to dabble in “Inquisitorial Politics” themselves. These few have sufficient courage of their convictions to make a stand against dignifying self-serving legislation and ex-cathedra dicta - calculated to transform political servants into deific Icons with some unspecified kind of “divine” authority to extort confessions and “examine the consciences” of American citizens - under coloration of law. These mavericks seem to apprehend that the goals pursued by such alliances are precisely those PROHIBITED by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which, of course, FORECLOSED IN PLAIN ENGLISH, the resurrection of a New World Priestly class fixing itself in control through Inquisitorial Loyalty Tests.

For our part, we regard the come-lately Entrenched-Bench-Bar Association as the Agency promulgating these collectivist subversions, because its members are almost solely responsible for perpetrating, supporting and enforcing every aspect of the scheme aimed at policing, standardizing and regimenting the thoughts and behavior of middle-class Americans into submissive conformance to a line of “official truth” under threat of excommunication of their rights, liberties and freedoms, and confiscation of their property on HERESY charges. This revolting development shows that most Entrenched-Bench-Bar members (whether or not they live off public payrolls) suffer from the Grandiose Delusion that the ancient European sins - which the duly constituted Law of this Land laid to rest once and for all time - can be exhumed with impunity and given New Life on this side of the Atlantic - as long as the SHAMS are again negotiated in the high-faluting symbols and language of LAW. This diagnosis is easily confirmed by the Entrenched-Bench-Bar notion that they and their own can coincidentally legislate themselves into Priestly standing for the purpose of imposturing the condescending psychological impertinence that the U.S. Constitution somehow assigns productive Americans the Old European status of political inferiority to a disinterred ministerial consortium of their “betters.”

I remind you that the Inquisition of the Middle Ages arose out of circumstances REMARKABLY SIMILAR to those plaguing this nation today. Using the precious premise that the average person was incapable of governing himself - and hence should be subjugated to those claiming themselves accredited by HOLY ORDERS (which you may have forgotten included so-called ‘Royal’ personages such as George III and his succession who likewise claim to be propelled by ‘Divine Right’) these Ecclesiastical Associates operated through a monopoly of all three government branches, viz., Executive, Legislative and Judicial under a central seat of power at Rome. This example of “Rule of Men” as you can see, was OF, BY and FOR the Clergy and other demi-gods. Our RULE OF LAW government OF, BY and FOR the PEOPLE is, of course, an 180 degree turnabout. But that is only one of several reasons why the political psychology of our SELF-GOVERNMENT mandate is called REVOLUTIONARY.

So - if SELF-GOVERNMENT by Rule of Law is currently NON-OPERATIVE in this nation, we do not have to look very far or use a magnifying glass to investigate and isolate the cause of the malaise. The evidence shows that self-serving Entrenched Bar groups have slyly set themselves up in a complete monopoly of the Judicial branch and virtual monopolies of the Legislative and Executive branches. In each, they represent no one’s interests but their own. That is why some say that our troubles really began (roughly 60 years ago) when the stage was surreptitiously set for a gradual regression into “Rule of - by and for BAR members under a HOLY SEE to which all roads are again supposed to lead. This contraband Seat of purported Entrenched-Bench-Bar control is known today as Washington, DC.

However, we approach this APOSTASY quite differently as the termites in the woodwork are still vastly outnumbered by self-governing members of the American body politic who despise the renegade pests. The route can be effected simply by carrying suggestions set forth in the Constitution of New Hampshire and Massachusetts INTO FORCE AND EFFECT. If you are not a New Englander, you may not know that BOTH of these Constitutions were written and ratified before the federal instrument for which they served as prototypes - and that neither has yet been watered down by re-writing. We are enclosing a copy of pertinent articles from the Constitutions of these two (2) Original States. Please take special notice of the language of Article 10 of the New Hampshire Constitution, bluntly entitled “Right of Revolution” and studiously compare it with the other articles we have seen fit to reproduce, until their message sinks in.

A copy of my article “ARE REVENUERS COVERING UP THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST VETERANS?” is enclosed…Since this explanation of our premises has proven even more exhaustive than we anticipated - we trust you have no objections of our making a general circulation of this text. We often save time by this means. Here we can simultaneously deepen the insights of numerous people by our comparative analysis between the INQUISITION of the Middle Ages and what rogues, rascals and mountebanks are up to in this Nation today.

/s/ Lucille E. Moran

(Editor’s Note: Publications referred to in the above text may be obtained by sending a contribution of at least $3.00 for each one to her at P.O. Box 641, Tavernier, Florida 33070).


Now, after reading the above historical background of some of the reasons for the American Revolution and the War for Independence, let us now read some extracts from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Manual. The title is “Manual Supplement 95G-50, dated August 14, 1973, “Tax Protestors.” It reads as follows: “We are concerned about the continuing publicity of taxpayers’ admitted failures to comply with the Federal tax laws as a means of protest. Our concern is because the publicity of seemingly successful tax violations, regardless of motive, causes erosion of public confidence in our tax system, with a resultant adverse impact on VOLUNTARY COMPLIANCE. Much of the “tax protest” publicity in recent years has focused on those protesting American military involvement in Southeast Asia and, in particular, their refusal to pay the nominal Federal excise tax on telephone service. However, with the winding down of the conflict, other types of tax protesters have gained attention. Among the most vocal are those REFUSING TO COMPLY with the tax laws ON THE GROUNDS THAT OUR ENTIRE TAX SYSTEM IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL…… Our objective is to DETER THE WIDESPREAD USE OF TAX NONCOMPLIANCE ASA A MEANS OF PROTEST. WE BELIEVE A SELECTIVE APPROACH, RATHER THAN A LARGE SCALE NATIONAL PROJECT, IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT WAY TO ACHIEVE THIS OBJECTIVE. THEREFORE, PRIMARY EMPHASIS WILL BE PLACED ON THE IDENTIFICATION AND INVESTIGATION OF CASES IN WHICH PROSECUTION WILL RESULT IN THE MAXIMUM CONTRIBUTION TO THIS OBJECTIVE. These cases will normally be those involving flagrant violations and those involving violations BY INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE ACHIEVED NOTORIETY AS TAX PROTESTERS. SUCH CASES USUALLY PROVIDE A VEHICLE FOR EXTENSIVE NEWS COVERAGE WHICH ALERTS A LARGE SEGMENT OF THE TAXPAYING PUBLIC TO THE CONSEQUENCES OF NONCOMPLIANCE. THE PUBLICITY ASPECTS, OF COURSE, REQUIRE A CLOSE WORKING RELATIONSHIP WITH THE PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICERS…… It is neither our intention nor desire to suppress dissent or to persecute individuals because they are critical of, the tax system or government policies. Our sole purpose is to further the total Service objective of encouraging and achieving the highest possible degree OF VOLUNTARY COMPLIANCE with the tax laws BY ENFORCING STATUTORY SANCTIONS. Therefore, the existing criteria for evaluating information items and SELECTING CASES FOR CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION must be scrupulously observed, WITH SPECIAL EMPHASIS ON THE HIGH IMPACT CASES MENTIONED ABOVE. We need to be kept informed of significant trends and Service activities in the tax protest area. We believe this need can be adequately satisfied through the use of existing reports, as follows: 1. Effective with the quarter ENDING SEPTEMBER 20, 1973, each ARC - Intelligence will include in the quarterly Regional Narrative Report of Intelligence Operations (IRM 9562), a brief narrative summary of tax protest trends; SIGNIFICANT INTELLIGENCE ACTIONS; and problems and proposed solutions. 2. Sensitive case reports will be prepared and submitted, when appropriate, as provided in IRM 9551. - We have attached, for your information, summaries of several successful cases in the tax protest area. These include the more common violations, the techniques employed, and the sanctions used. We will build on this information from data to be furnished in the narrative reports, and disseminate it to the field.”

/s/ John F. Hanlon

What does all of this mean? To boil it down and simplify it, THE SHOE FITS! Public servants are now telling the people (body politic) that the roles have been REVERSEE! They are telling us that the English Adversary System of Law has been RESURRECTED in these United States of America. They are telling us that the servant is now the MASTER and that WE THE PEOPLE have now become the SERVANTS! They are telling us that the RULE OF MEN rather than the RULE OF LAW is in effect. They are telling us that man-made STATUTES are superior to the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND as enumerated in the Organic Law and the Constitution of these United States. They are telling us that there are now servants of the people who are ABOVE THE LAW and that citizens have been re-designated as “taxpayers.” They are telling us that the Courts and Judiciary no longer belong to the people but to self-ordained hierarchy of PRIESTS who have the power to require CONFESSIONS from honest citizens of this Republic and who may PROSECUTE upon a SELECTIVE basis and who may grant special dispensations and plenary indulgences, ALL UNDER COLOR OF LAW! They tell us that the CONSTITUTION IS DEAD and that their man-made STATUTES are the LAW!

Is there an ANSWER? YES there is? It has been WRITTEN and the vast majority of God’s people have failed to read it. Let us turn to the prophet Isaiah for some examples and read: “Hear O heavens and give ear O earth for YHVH (Jesus) has spoken. I have nourished and brought up children and they have rebelled against me. The ox knows his owner and the ass his master’s crib, but ISRAEL does not know. My people do not consider. Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters; they have forsaken YHVH, they have provoked the HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL unto anger; they are gone away backward. Why should ye be stricken anymore? Ye will revolt more and more. The whole head is sick and the whole heart faint. From the sole of the foot even unto the head, there is no soundness in it, but wounds and bruises and putrefying sores. They have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment. YOUR COUNTRY IS DESOLATE, your cities are burned with fire; your land, STRANGERS devour it in your presence and it is desolate as overthrown by STRANGERS.” Isaiah 1:2-7. In short, Isaiah has said that God’s people who are now called CHRISTIANS do not know their IDENTITY and that they have allowed people of an evil nature and who are not of their race, take over their nation and its government and last but not least, that under these conditions the nation is SICK! We could go on and on with appropriate Scripture and use pages and pages of print to show what the Almighty God of this Nation has said about us and TO us - but it would be of no avail until God’s people, the Christians of today, have the KNOWLEDGE as to the true IDENTITY of the Israelites of the bible. Without this knowledge and understanding, they will remain as the LOST Sheep of the House of Israel. “Seek and ye shall find - knock and it shall be opened unto you.” We will close this article with the same words with which it began - “Hearken unto me, ye that follow after righteousness, ye that seek YHVH (Jesus); look unto the ROCK when ye are hewn, and to the hole of the pit whence ye are digged. LOOK UNTO ABRAHAM YOUR FATHER AND UNTO SARAH THAT BARE YOU; for I called him alone, and blessed him and increased him.” Isaiah 51:1-2. Finally a word to those who would destroy this Christian Constitutional Republic from WITHIN - YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED! History always REPEATS ITSELF - so BEWARE OF THE SPIRIT OF NINETEEN SEVENTY SIX!

Can It Happen Here ?

By Rev. George Udvary


The following warning comes from a man who knows Communism, first hand. The author, Mr. George Udvary, spent 11 years behind the Iron Curtain, in Hungary, and was part of the Hungarian freedom fighters. When he escaped to America some years ago he came with little more than the clothes on his back. He is now a successful businessman and an example of what hard work and perseverance has been able to achieve in the United States. Now he sees frightening signs in America that parallel, to some extent, events in Hungary of some years ago. We think his message is worth hearing.

Eleven years personal experience of living behind the Iron Curtain (100% Communism), under the heel of the Russian barbaric oppressors, makes it impossible for me to keep silent any longer, when America, my new homeland, my new country is facing a series of threats in the form of blackmail and faces its downfall! I have kept quiet until I am choking on it!

As a Christian and a responsible, law-abiding citizen, I feel it is my duty to call facts to your attention. My opinion is that we have almost run out of time to wake up and put a halt to the deliberate destruction of our wonderful Nation, which not too long ago was still: “The Home of the Brave,” “the Land of the Free,” and “The Land of Plenty.”

My dear friends, I would like to sell the last chance to the majority of Americans whose voice counts but haven’t been heard yet. To those who think I’m just another rabble-rouser, I’d like to say that with eleven years ripped out of my life by communism, it has given me enough knowledge to know what I am talking about.

I went to school under communism, where they taught why and how to hate America. I worked six years in the so-called “Workers’ Paradise,” and also had to serve three years in a Russian-style army. So, you see, I wasn’t just another tourist with American dollars in my pocket, to judge my tour behind the Iron Curtain, but I had to live there and earn my bread and butter under Communism, which makes all the difference.

To get to the point, I am saying that the time has come when every American must take a firm stand, even those who are wandering in the middle of the road, not taking either side of the issue. Time has come to quit the luke-warm, wishy-washy politics and stand up like men for our rights and for our country. There is no excuse for cowardice! To put it very blunt, if you love your family, if you want them to live and survive then you have to act now!

Since time is short, and the enemy is trained to destroy and shoot to kill, you just have to think of survival. Here I am mentioning a few things that you will need, starting with the most important: First, get a weapon to defend yourself with, because our armed forces (police, national guard, etc.) are ordered not to protect personal property anymore. Second, you must get together a survival kit which will help you through any emergency situation. Depending on the size of your family and the money you will be able to spend, it will vary what you put in it, but on this subject there is a lot of literature available. However, each and all should be packed into a hiking back pack, because it is very possible that you won’t be able to use your car to reach safety and in this case you can carry the necessities on your bank with your hands free. An efficient pack should contain a good first aid kit, snake bite kit, flash light, compass, a county map, rope, mess kit, water canteen, water purifier tablets, water-proofed matches, dehydrated (powdered) food, a plastic “sportsman” blanket, warm clothing, a transistor radio (if you have one), and a hunting knife. Also, remember to have plenty of ammunition and never give up your guns, not only because the Constitution guarantees the right to keep and bear arms, but because it might save your life and it also will provide game for food.

Train your family for an emergency and the use of weapons. This also may save the life of your loved ones. Don’t panic, because the enemy will take advantage of it.

Even if all this looks or sounds ridiculous, you had better give it a second thought because it was written in the “Good Book” thousands of years ago in prophecies which are rapidly being fulfilled up to the present day. In the Bible we find page after page telling us about Jesus coming again in the middle of the battle and that battle has started already. We must have faith in Christ. Yes, you heard me right. This country or any other country has “had it” if they turn away from God. History has proved it so many times.

It is very important, however, not to act prematurely, but when you think God has inspired you to act, then for His sake and your sake, ACT!

In order to be accurate and more effective, you have to know your enemies. On this subject I suggest that you get involved right away and educate your self with hard facts and documents which are available in patriotic book stores. At first you won’t believe it or perhaps you will even refuse to accept it, but keep one thing in mind; since this country has been run by the leftist, socialistic, communistic, atheistic Anti-Christ for a couple of decades, and since they control the money and they have control of the TV and news and film industries, then you should have o problem to see who is behind the conspiracy. Actually, slowly but cleverly, they have successfully misled this country. Furthermore, they have literally conditioned the people’s minds and their thinking. Through the news media they have misinformed you and withheld vital news and important information, whichever served their purpose best. I remind you kindly again, that all might sound like too much to accept if this is the first time you’ve heard about these things, but I trust that every American who believes in Christ and his country will have enough intelligence to keep an open mind on this subject and thoroughly investigate it all. To prove what I am saying, which is only a small fraction of the over-all picture, you will find documented proof including the “Congressional Records” in the bookstores which I mentioned before, and in some libraries.

Just to name a few of those whom I call my enemies: They are any persons or organizations that are against this country, the United States of America or its Constitution; those who twist and misinterpret our laws; the anti-Christ; those who advocate atheism, socialism, communism, hippyism, black liberalism, or anybody who even supports those movements, because, my friends, I have seen at first hand what’s behind the slogans they advocate, for eleven long years under communism. Therefore, I seriously have to doubt anyone’s intelligence who is involved or sympathizes with these destructive fronts. I’d like to point out, as you may know, that patriotism means not merely that we support our present government, it means we will support our country and its Constitution!

Today in our government we have elements who are responsible, first hand, for the anti-American attitude. Here, I will mention just a few, starting with our no win policy in Vietnam. We fight the enemy with one hand and aid them with the other, thus losing the confidence of our allies. With the latest gold swindle, we practically reached the stage of total inflation and bankruptcy. Because of the bribery in our courts we have allowed the crime rate to rise to astronomical numbers. We allowed the racial problem to be sidetracked by the liberals and communists and because of it we are faced with anarchy. We let the liberal teachers turn our youth against their parents and their country, even encouraging them to raise the enemy’s flag. We allowed the New Left to turn our future generation into hippies, tuning them in with psychedelic music, turning them on with mind destroying drugs, and dropping them out with demoralizing hard-core pornography imported from Hollywood and Peking. Our policy is to build bridges toward the enemy and our president still denies it. Well, dear fellow Americans, if this still isn’t enough evidence to convince you, then I suggest that you go see a psychiatrist.

I am talking in the name of 300 million people who already know what I am telling you, and many God-loving patriotic American people are trying to tell their fellow countrymen with very little and slow success.

The people behind the Iron Curtain who have had to live there, like it or not, for the past twenty-three years, know exactly what I am trying to warn you against because they live under it and witness the false promises and lies and miseries of communism. They are every-day people who are risking their lives trying to get away from it, while here we are allowing our country to be dragged into communism while the enemy easily takes over.

If you want to know what to do about it, I won’t let you down. First, start preparing yourself then get down on your knees and ask our Lord Jesus Christ for help and guidance. Then stand up with a spine like an American and get involved. Don’t let another American flag ever burn again! Teach your family and friends what you have learned. Perhaps you could do volunteer work for good patriotic organizations (they need your help!). Support your local police, and be sure you vote conservative! Start boycotting left-wing papers and magazines. Don’t buy anything but American products and whenever possible patronize Christian-owned stores. Voice your opinion and wake up those that are still asleep. Don’t let anyone tell you to be ashamed of the color of your skin, especially if it happens to be white. I don’t feel guilty at all when I look in the mirror. I’m proud to be white. I’m also proud of the culture that the white man brought with him and that he later polished here. This is what has made America the greatest and most powerful nation on the face of the earth. However, I am ashamed that some of the black people and many of the white people don’t have enough intelligence to see through the smoke screen that the enemy is laying down to split the country in half with racial hatred. The enemy is using unjustified statements and lies, to weaken our united power in a critical time. You know, if those Negroes and whites would only realize that while they are calling the rest of us all kinds of names and blaming us for everything, they are actually helping to push the bandwagon for communism. But with this, they’re cutting the tree under themselves, because under communism, they don’t have hand outs, welfare or guaranteed income for those who refuse to work. The “Commies” say: “No workie, no eatie!”

I want all of you who love your country to demand equal time for America and don’t allow the militant minority to terrorize or blackmail you. The nonviolence doctrine is as phony as a three dollar bill.

One has to know what the country means in order to appreciate its value. To take it for granted is a terrible mistake. There are millions of people who lost their country when they were forced to leave it.

I lost my country eleven years ago when the Russian terrorists, after a few glorious free days, made it a mass prison again.

There isn’t another place on this earth where people have so much freedom, where the people have such a high standard of living, and that includes Negroes, too. If anyone can show me a place where there are as good schools as America has, or where the people own as many homes or cars as we do here, so long as they are willing to work for it, then I will apologize. But as long as I know that the demands only have to be replaced by willpower and they can have anything and even more in some cases, than their fellow white slum residents, then I will not bend over backwards!

If you have the feeling that I am prejudiced or a racist, then let me tell you something. The enemy’s favorite and most effective method is to call you names, smear you with slogans and use this to neutralize you. To label a person or a group with names like Fascist, Nazi, Racist, Radical, etc., is the easiest thing next to the burning-out method. For this we have close to 200 cities to speak for. I have just one thing to say to that. I have never seen a city or neighborhood burned down by conservatives.

America, my new country, is at the crossroads today. We are facing a total communist take-over very soon. Don’t let that happen! Stand up and fight - yes, fight for your country because freedom is not free and if we lose it we can’t get it back for Blue Chip Stamps.

Points of Law

By Col. Ben Cameron

Government officials and employees are NOT immune to suit.

See FIREMANS INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEWARK, N.J. vs WASHBURN COUNTY, 2 Wis., 2d 214; 85 N.W. 2d 840, (1957). “Government immunity violates the common law maxim that everyone shall have a remedy for an injury done to his person or property.”

Also see RABON vs ROWEN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, INC., 269 N.S. 1, 13; 152 S.E. 1d 485, 493 (1967). “Immunity fosters neglect and breeds irresponsibility, while liability promotes care and caution, which caution and care is owed by the government to its people.”

In re REICH vs STATE HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT, 336 Mich. 617; 194 N.W. 2d 700 (1972), the Supreme Court of Michigan cited KRAUSE vs OHIO, App 2d 1; N.W. 2d 321 (1971), Wherein … Ohio’s doctrine of Government immunity was held unconstitutional and others too numerous to mention.

When petitioners are filing actions “pro se” (or in Pro Per), pleading the court’s indulgence in the format of documents, etc., reference is LOUISVILLE & N.R. CO. vs SCHMIDT, 177 U.S. 230 sup ct 620; 44 L Ed 747, “…in determining whether such Constitutional Rights were denied, we are governed by the SUBSTANCE of things, NOT by mere FORM…”

The federal government is expressly prohibited from invading common law rights of the people. How then can a federal court do other than PROTECT a petitioner’s common law rights?

See STANDLER - Supreme Court of Florida en banc, 36 so 2d 443, 445 (1948), “The Bill of Rights was provided as a BARRIER, to protect the individual against arbitrary exactions of majorities, executives, legislatures, courts, sheriffs, and prosecutors, and it is the primary distinction between democratic and totalitarian processes. Any departure from the safeguards in the Bill of Rights, is apt to be an appropriation of some phase of the totalitarian way.”

The Judicial Power of the United States is extended to all cases arising under the Constitution. Could it be the intention of those who gave this power, to say that the CONSTITUTION should NOT be looked into? - or that a case arising under the Constitution should be decided WITHOUT examining the instrument under which it arises?

See BOYD vs UNITED STATES, 116 U.S. 616, 635 (1885), “…it is the duty of the Courts to be watchful for the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of the citizen, against any stealthy encroachments thereon.”

The United States Constitution was ordained and established by the people (body politic) for their protection and it shall not be superseded or amended by any act of Congress, or by anything in the Constitutions or Laws of any State.

“The general rule is that no unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law, is in reality NO LAW but is wholly void and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment and not merely from the date so branding it. An unconstitutional law, in legal contemplation, is as inoperative as if it had never been passed. Such a statute leaves the question that it purports to settle just as it would be had the statute not been enacted. Such an unconstitutional law is VOID, the general principle follows that imposes no duties, confers no rights, creates no office, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords o protection and justifies no acts performed under it. A VOID Act cannot be legally consistent with a valid one. An unconstitutional law cannot operate to supersede any existing valid law. Indeed, insofar as a statute runs counter to the fundamental law of the land (the Constitution) it is superseded thereby. No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.” Am.Jur. 16, 2d Sec. Pg.; 177.

“…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” The words of this amendment are simple, clear and unambiguous and were written by the Founding Fathers to be understood by the people. See U.S. vs SPRAGUE, 282 U.S. 716, 731 (1931).

Not only must the general intent be noted but each word weighted. See WRIGHT vs U.S. 302 U.S. 583, 588 (1938).

It cannot be presumed that any clause in the Constitution is intended to be without effect. See MARBURY vs MADISON, 5 U.S. 137, 174 (1803).

The Constitution is a written instrument. As such, its meaning does not alter. That which it meant when it was adopted, it means NOW. See SOUTH CAROLINA vs U.S., 199 U.S. 437, 448 (1905).

Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary of the English Language, Unabridged, published by C & C Meriam Co., Springfield, Mass., gives the ordinary, every day meaning of the words and phrases of the Second Amendment as follows:

Page 741 “RIGHT” (1) Something to which one has a just claim as (a) the power or privilege to which one is justly entitled. (2) Something that one may claim as properly due.

Page 625 “PEOPLE” (1) Human beings making up a group or assembly or linked by a common interest. (2) the mass of a community as distinguished from a ‘special’ class. (3) the body of enfranchised citizens of a state.

Page 463 “KEEP” (1) to retain in one’s possession or power. (2) not to let go from one’s possession or control.

Page 75 “BEAR” (1) to support and move; carry. (2) to be equipped or furnished with.

Page 48 “ARMS” (1) a means of offense or defense; weapon; esp: FIRE ARM.

Page 797 “SHALL” (1) used to express a command or exhortation. (2) used in Laws, regulations or directives to express what is mandatory.

Page 576 “NOT” (1) used as a function word to make negative a group of words.

Page 433 “INFRINGED” (1) defeat, frustrate. (2) violate, transgress; encroach.

The men who framed the Constitution and the Bill of Rights numbered many lawyers amongst them and if they had meant to restrict this right to keep and bear arms to a certain class, they would have defined the classes. This they did not do. Reference to Common Law is mandatory in the proper construction of the Constitution and most particularly that part of it which contains the Bill of Rights.

See EX PARTE GROSSMAN, 267 U.S. 87, 108 (1925). No limit or qualification was intended to be put upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

See KNOWLTON vs MOORE, 178 U.S. 41, 95 (1900). RHODE ISLAND vs MASSACHUSETTS 37 U.S. 657, 723:12 Peters 657, 723 (1838). MARSHAL vs GORDON, 243 U.S. 521, 533 (1917). GIBBONS vs OGDEN, 22 U.S. 1, 188 (1824) WOODSON vs MURDOCK, 89 U.S. 315, 369 L (1874).

The United States Constitution is the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, clearly set forth for their agents, elected and appointed, to follow and OBEY. No statute (law) may supersede it and anything that is not pursuant to it is not law, neither Acts of Congress, State Legislatures and constituents, or executive orders of any kind. The only change possible in this statement of the Will of the People is by the amendment process set forth in Article V of said document. It may NOT be changed BY ANY OTHER MEANS. Any purported change effected by any other means is a “pretended” act and is VOID and of no lawful effect. See PERRY vs U.S., 294 U.S. 330, 353 l (1935). Fourteenth Amendment U.S. Constitution, 1868. Preamble to the Bill of Rights. Federalist paper No. 84, Hamilton. West Va. State Board of Education et al vs Barnett et al., 319 U.S. 624, 638 (1943). Bell vs Hood, Dist. Ct. S. D. Calif., Cent. Div., 71 F Supp. 813, 816 (1947). Standler, Sup. Ct. Florida en banc, 36 so 2d 443 (1948). Marbury vs. Madison, 5 U.S. 137, 176 (1803)

Posse Comitatus

What is it?

Written By

George L. Kindred, Dean


9600 Cedar Lake Road

Pinckney, Michigan 48169

(313) 878-6328

Note: Permission to reprint and publish is hereby granted to all patriotic individuals and groups if presented in its entirety and with proper credits to authorship.

POSSE COMITATUS IS SWEEPING THE NATION! It is springing up like mushrooms after a warm Spring rain, and although the movement generally shuns publicity it is growing faster than public officials can record … and they are worried.

William B. Saxbe, erstwhile U.S. Attorney General, stated that a national Police Force might be necessary “to stop crime” … even though the federal government now has the FBI, CIA, IRS, Secret Service, U.S. Marshals and swarms of sundry other bureaucratic officers … not to fight crime … but, rather, to keep the honest, patriotic citizen from redeeming his Constitutional Republic and Individual Liberty … AND DESPITE THE FACT THAT THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION HAS NO PROVISION FOR FEDERAL POLICE IN ANY FORM.

Less than a week after Saxbe’s startling statement, advocates of a National Police Force began crying for immediate action on the proposal or “vigilantes will rise up!” It was quite obvious that Saxbe and his cronies were more worried about the VICTIMS OF CRIME RISING-UP TO NOT ONLY CLEAN UP “CRIME IN THE STREETS” BUT ALSO “CRIME IN GOVERNMENT” than he was about a federal program to merely “stop crime.” For within a few days after Saxbe’s call for a POLICE STATE citizens within sight and sound of Green Bay, Wisconsin’s main television station were informed by the U.S. Attorney General, via a morning newscast, that CIA intelligence reports stated that Michigan was most dangerous, “a threat,” to the ESTABLISHMENT in that thorough investigation had shown that the state contained over 50,000 KNOWN “rebels.” Strangely, the newscast was limited to the Greenbay area and a few other widely scattered areas as far as can be ascertained.

Later that same day, in a central Wisconsin County, this writer was thrilled by the sight of nearly 300 patriotic citizens, most of whom were members of posse comitatus, singing Christian and nationalist songs to the accompaniment of a single trumpet, valiantly standing-off a swarm of police from all over the state in a successful effort to halt a Hearing which was, in fact an unconstitutional, bureaucratic KANGAROO COURT … and they prevailed despite threats of jail with buses standing-by to take them there. The bureaucrats, in a futile effort to “save face,” adjourned the Hearing on the pretense of an alleged “bomb threat” to the Courthouse premises.

Yes, a burgeoning Posse comitatus does have the establishment worried. For while Posse Comitatus action began in Michigan with the repeated jailings of Kindred and Freed on contempt citations for refusing to surrender their Fourth and Fifth Amendment Rights on court order … and the reader need not be reminded of the successful posse action in Howell, Michigan, when tax agents padlocked Danny’s Pizza Shack, and several patriots (supported by “stand-by” posse members from several counties) reopened the business and stood-off a small army of local, state and federal officers … other areas have since followed the example in fast growing numbers. Everywhere this writer goes … and he has traveled the width and breadth of this nation several times in the last two years … he sees POSSE COMITATUS GROWING LIKE WILDFIRE!

It is natural for most Americans to ask: “What is Posse comitatus?” … particularly so, if we realize that history books have been altered over the decades, and the media has finished the job of “Book Burning” by telling its audience, via subliminal and direct indoctrination, that to disobey “authority” … regardless of its ramifications and consequences … is the mark of “Civil Disobedience,” “Poor Citizenship” and “Antisocial Conduct.” More succinctly, the one-world, one-race, one-religion (atheism or satanism) humanists who control the mass-media would have us surrender our God-given Liberty and Individualism … and the Constitutional Republic which guarantees same … on the fabricated alter of “Love and Peace.”

To accomplish their nefarious goal of complete enslavement, these Psychopaths of Satan first gain control of the World’s money-system which they can bleed at will; then they buy would-be statesmen and Christian leaders into the prostitution of political-puppetry to destroy the history and heritage of Western Civilization, the United States of America being the major target for obvious reasons; at the same time, their stolen wealth ploys and mesmerizes the general populace with bread, games and immorality so they may leisurely pick at the bones of our civilization with little fear of disturbance; and finally, although not the least or last, these parasitic vipers block the Constitutionally mandated "Redress of Grievances” by buying and gaining control of the courts and the officers thereof.

With nearly all our wealth stolen from us, and used against us, via CONFISCATORY AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL TAXATION; with our so-called leaders exposed for the knaves and moral cowards they are; with our Christian Brethren, unfortunately, albeit unforgivingly, mentally myopic conditioned and fattened for “Satan’s Holiday Feast of Victory;” with our erstwhile “free press” and debauched entertainment media in conspiracy and collusion with the enemy of God and His people; with the JUDAS-JUDGES and their Bar-underlings willfully, and with malice aforethought, thwarting the Ends of Justice and denying a Redress of Grievances…with all these horrendous facts…should we say “All is Lost” and throw in the towel?

NO, NO, A MILLION TIMES NO! WE SHALL NOT SURRENDER! Not while the blood of our Founding Fathers and their Fathers, spilled from the Holy Plains of Palestine to the marshes of Yorktown, still courses hot and heady through the veins of Christians worthy of the Name. Not while the spirit of our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, is imbued to the very marrow of our Being to fight on to ultimate Victory in His Name!

The Authors were, indeed, inspired by the Command of Almighty God when they penned the Original Organic Laws of the Colonies, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America. Therefore, in RECLAIMING OUR NATION UNDER GOD we must stay within His Divine Laws for government. God’s Laws are Just and Wise Laws, and have been known for centuries as CHRISTIAN COMMON LAW … NOT “common law,” as our “bar” lawyers would have us believe … but CHRISTIAN COMMON LAW!


Christian Common Law, as it is known today, came through a difficult period in the Middle ages, found its pinnacle in English law, but its origins can be found in the Holy Scriptures. The United States Constitution is the epitome of simplicity and truth in the adaptation of God’s Laws for Government, as man is limited in his minuscule power to create.

TRUTH IS SIMPLE, UNCOMPLICATED AND EASILY UNDERSTOOD, without the necessity of interpretation by would-be “experts.” But FALSITY AND PREVARICATION IS COMPLICATED AND MISLEADING AT BEST. It takes but a few words, sentences, paragraphs or pages to tell the truth. On the other hand, it requires volumes and whole libraries to attempt the legitimization of false doctrines or to indoctrinate falsity and thereby destroy the truth! Hence, the huge libraries of law, where a person could not begin to read merely the indexes of every book in a lifetime or two. This mountain of paper and print becomes a molehill of waste when we realize that little more than the Holy Bible and the Constitution of the United States of America is needed to get at the truth of Law and Logic.

For example: Were not our Founding Fathers inspired by God when they followed the First Amendment provision “…AND TO PETITION THE GOVERNMENT FOR A REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES,” immediately with the Second Amendment provision that “…THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED?” And were they not further guided by our Heavenly Father to add to the firs eight Amendments, which were a list of the more commonly suffered abuses under the Crown to be abolished, the NINTH AMENDMENT, which this humble writer believes is the most important words drafted into the Constitution of the United States of America, for it gives to the sovereign citizens not only those stated Rights enumerated, but also gives them UNALIENABLE RIGHTS WHICH ARE GIVEN BY ALMIGHTY GOD, as expressed in the Magna Charta and Declaration of Independence, as well as many other Documents personifying CHRISTIAN COMMON LAW. Thus, by virtue of the absence of specific Rights in the NINTH AMENDMENT it can only be defined as meaning that the sovereign citizen has ALL Rights inherent to God’s Laws, commandments and Judgments, man-made laws to the contrary notwithstanding.

HEREIN, THE NINTH, LAY THE CONSTITUTIONAL MANDATE FOR POSSE COMITATUS. The Tenth Amendment, which says, in part, that “The powers … are reserved to the States respectively or TO THE PEOPLE,” acts to support the NINTH, and the two Amendments, together, acts as a “legal” yardstick for determining whether the federal or state governments’ statutes and officials (executive, legislative or judicial) are acting in violation of LAW and as Usurpers and Traitors.

The SECOND AMENDMENT serves as a final ARBITRATOR-IN-ACTION, even against any federal or state government forces which may seek to abuse the Rights and Peace of a sovereign citizen or a group of citizens, under color of law or otherwise. Read it studiously: “A well regulated Militia, BEING NECESSARY TO THE SECURITY OF THE STATE…”

Now, when those Anti-gun nuts and conspirators who tell us that a “regulated militia” means that only an army or law enforcement are entitled to keep and bear arms to protect the “security of the State” you should know that they are either ignorant or they are traitors who would have you drawn and quartered the moment the arms of the nation are in their greedy, blood-drenched hands. FOR IT IS THE RIGHT OF THE “PEOPLE” TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS TO PROTECT THE SECURITY OF THE STATE. “PEOPLE” means “The WHOLE BODY OF PERSONS constituting a COMMUNITY, TRIBE, RACE, or NATION.” NOT THE RULER OF LEADERS …THE PEOPLE!

Our Founding Fathers said what they meant and meant what they said! Ten Trillion words cannot change the Truth! When the State and its Supreme Law is in jeopardy, despite all the voting and petitioning, then it is the PEOPLE’S solemn duty to rescue it. This writer believes the only answer is to start on the County Level with POSSE COMITATUS, lawfully, but with all haste and determination!

In the interest of knowledge and resultant action, the LAYMAN EDUCATION GUILD AT LAW would be pleased to send to all Patriots an Information Sheet on Posse Comitatus and details on A LAW COURSE FOR THE ACTIVE PATRIOT which is vital to any American worth his salt. Send a large self-addressed envelope with first-class postage along with your request to L.E.G.A.L., 9600 Cedar lake Road, Pinckney, Michigan 48169.

“A Reply to the National Chronicle”


This is a reply to the “SMEAR ARTICLE” published in HAL HUNT’S “National Chronicle,” Vol. 24, No. 42 - Oct. 23 1975.

Since similar information contained in the “smear article” has already been published by the Jews in their various “left-wing” publications, the first question to Editor Hal Hunt is “Who wrote the smear article on Col. Gale?” - It was signed merely “The Jutlander.” Who is The Jutlander? If the smear article has not been written by the Jew left-wing, then whose who wrote it must be ‘others.’ Editor Hal Hunt should answer this question - or does he print anything and everything without first verifying the truth of the matter?

Since Editor Hal Hunt has not identified “The Jutlander,” it is assumed that the smear article was prepared by ‘others.’ These ‘others’ must be persons who are close to Editor Hal Hunt and are not Jews - but from the tone of their writings, they have placed themselves in the very category they intend for the accused - proselytes and truth-twisters with the intention of division and contention in the Faith. They are people who have never had the capacity to build anything on their own natural talent or abilities, but seek to tear down those who do build. They want to get to the top rung of the ladder, but they cannot do it unless they tear down the ones who are above them.

Now, let us get the TRUTH in reply to the smear article and replace the twisted-truth with facts. In the first place, Col. Gale had studied and worked with one San Jacinto Capt, for two years in travel and teaching the Identity message prior to his meeting Wesley Swift. In fact, it was Rev. S. J. Capt who brought Swift to the identity of the Christians as the true Israelites of the Bible. At that time, Swift was a preacher at the Four Square Church of Amy Semple McPherson. Rev. S. J. Capt provided Swift with his first congregation, - a Pyramid Study Group organized by Rev. S. J. Capt in Temple City, California. This was during the early 1940’s when Col. Gale was overseas fighting the enemies of our country. It seems that those who worship Wesley Swift more than they do Jesus Christ, would give some well deserved credit to the man who really did Christ’s work - Rev. San Jacinto CAPT. This man not only did the early organizing to build Swift’s congregation, but he did more. In his latter years he was smeared and vilified by his ‘good friend’ Wesley Swift and the reasons for these actions were Swift’s ‘love of money’ as the story will reveal.

Returning to Col. Gale, prior to his activity in organizing the Constitution Party, he had spent three years studying with Rev. S. J. Capt and a Roman Catholic Priest who was exceptionally aware of the enemies of Jesus Christ. Col. Gale, with Rev. Capt’s assistance, organized Christian groups where he preached regularly, giving the Identity message as well as the Christian background of the Constitution and Constitutional Law. He also openly supported and defended Gerald L.K. Smith and appeared on his platform with another retired officer, Adm. John Crommelin, U.S.N. It was late in 1956 when Col. Gale was the Constitution Party ‘write-in’ candidate for Governor, that Rev. S. J. Capt came to his home one evening and said that he wanted Col. Gale to meet an old friend of his who was a preacher. Rev. S. J. Capt and Steve Goodyear took Col. Gale to Lancaster where he first met Rev. Wesley A. Swift. Swift introduced Rev. Gale to his congregation as a Christian Minister and asked him to conduct the services and present the sermon that day. They became good friends and each learned from the other. No person could be associated with Wesley Swift for five years and not learn something - and on the other hand, no one could be closely associated with Col. Gale and not learn something. So, it works both ways. Swift had no knowledge of the money system and the Federal Reserve system nor the Constitution and the Law. Nor did he have any ability at organizing. So, the two complemented each other.

Yes, Col. Gale was active ‘politically.’ He brought the Constitution Party out of the doldrums. When he was elected State Chairman of the Party in May of 1957, it had less than 200 registered members and a debt of over $1,700.00 as its treasury. In August of 1957 (three months later), the Constitution Party had two state offices equipped and paid for, - one in S.F. and one in L.A. - and over $6,000.00 in its treasury and over 50,000 registered members. More than 25,000 of those registered were in Los Angeles County. After others had refused, Col. Gale became the Party’s ‘write-in’ candidate for Governor because it was the only other legal way by which the Party could be qualified for its candidates to be on the ballot. This was due to a ‘trick’ being played by County Registrars in reporting to the Secretary of State, the Constitution Party registrants as ‘decline to state.’ This was permitted by the State Elections Code.

Col. Gale financed the ‘write-in’ campaign for Governor with his private funds rather than dissipate the Party treasury. He paid all of his own travel expenses as well as for his campaign literature. Isn’t it amazing that the National Chronicle, then known as the Shasta Chronicle with Hal Hunt as its Editor, supported Col. Gale in this campaign for Governor? And it was by this means that Hal Hunt became acquainted with one Dr. Wesley A. Swift and his tapes that were sent to him by Col. Gale! It was Col. Gale’s position on the Bible and the Christian Faith that brought the Jews and their proselytes out against him. His speeches on the Bible and the Constitution were anathema to the Jews and their agents. He stood fast in his position but the so-called Christians surrounding him and the Party officers ran like rabbits at the first Jew attack. They left him out in front and all alone. When they made the take-over, along with the party treasury and property and the membership rolls, Col. Gale sat back and said, “All right fellows, let’s see what YOU can do with it.” Within six months it had fallen apart! So - the TRUTH is that Col. Gale BUILT the Constitution Party using his military mind and training, along with his organizing abilities. Those like the writers of the present smear article in the National Chronicle, had the opportunity to carry it on but FAILED due to their lack of abilities. Then they attempted to lay the blame on Col. Gale for their own failures. This is the modis operandi of the weaklings.

Now, let us turn to the Christian Defense League (CDL). - After Col. Gale had left the well-organized and financially sound Constitution Party to those who subsequently proved themselves inadequate, and after they had smeared him for his Christian position and charged him with being associated with Gerald L. K. Smith and Dr. Wesley Swift, he returned to his Ministerial activities with Rev. S. J. Capt. They both traveled and preached the message now referred to as “identity.” Tapes of their meetings were spread from the West Coast to the East Coast. All of this was accomplished at the personal expense of Col. Gale, meanwhile taking advantage of his contacts with senior military officers all across the country. (Swift had few, if any out-of-state contacts at this time.) The idea of the Christian Defense League was entirely that of Rev. S. J. Capt. He proposed it to Col. Gale who prepared the initial material in the form of a letter entitled, “The NAACP represents the Negro; the ADL represents the Jews; who represents YOU - the white Christian?”

The printing was paid for by Col. Gale and he and Rev. S. J. Capt began presenting it at various meetings of Christian groups. These were not Dr. Swift’s groups nor within his Church. At that time, California did not have the ‘black’ problem that came later, or at least the problem was not as much in evidence as it later grew to be. But the Jew ADL problem was there to see, so from that standpoint, the Christian Defense League (CDL) idea was not premature. Rev. S. J. Capt began to obtain memberships and contributions to get the CDL going. It was at this point that Wesley Swift asked for a meeting with Col. Gale ad Rev. S. J. Capt. It was at Col. Gale’s home and Swift asked that Rev. S. J. Capt stop his activities in obtaining financial support for the CDL because he claimed that it was hurting the amounts he received in his Church offerings. As a result of the meeting, Rev. Comparet and a Mr. Hugh Greer of Swift’s Church were brought into a meeting. At this meeting Rev. Comparet arranged to file the necessary documents with the California Secretary of State to legalize the CDL as an ‘association’ for the purpose of maintaining the contributions already received in a bank account. It was agreed that these funds (approximately $1,700.00) would be held in a bank account by Mr. Greer. It was at the insistence of Swift that activities cease and the CDL be put in ‘limbo.’ In order to keep peace with Swift, Rev. S. J. Capt and Col. Gale acquiesced.

Now we go forward to 1962 or thereabouts. Rev. Gale had continued his Ministerial activities separate from Swift’s Church and was conducting Christian services in various places in Northern as well as Southern California. At this time a man in Whittier, California was the State coordinator for an Assembly Bill being proposed under the name of an Assemblyman from San Mateo County. The exact name of the bill cannot be recalled at this moment, but it was one of concern to the right-wing conservatives. It was purportedly in their favor by Col. Gale had learned that it had been written and prepared by Jews in Chicago and that they were using the ‘conservative’ elements in their usual devious manner for their own purposes. One of Col. Gale’s Whittier group met the man in Whittier, Mr. Richard G. Butler, who was the State Coordinator of this political ‘trick’ and arranged a meeting for him at Col. Gale’s home. This is the same Richard G. Butler who now resides in Hayden Lake, Idaho. He came to Col. Gale’s home at 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon and was advised of the Jew trickery. It was also revealed that Butler’s primary advisor and assistant was a New York Jew. It was after 3:00 a.m. in the morning when Butler and his wife, Betty, departed - but they had received a full course meal on the Bible and the Identity message. As usual, they were amazed and astounded - but Butler being a Mason, saw the truth quickly and his wife more so. After reading much of Col. Gale’s written material and attending Gale’s weekly Services in Whittier, Butler used Col. Gale’s material in a letter to his Masonic Lodge. He was promptly attacked, not only by the Jew infiltrators of Masonry but by their proselytes as well. It cannot be recalled at this moment but some reference was once made as to a trial and Butler’s dismissal from his Masonic Lodge because of the material in his letter. Butler, after learning the Identity truth, resigned from his political activity as State coordinator for the Assembly Bill and became active with Col. Gale. He was subsequently introduced to Swift by Col. Gale and attended Swift’s Church regularly. He was only one of many who Col. Gale brought to Swift since his week-night meetings were designed to assist building Swift’s Sunday services. In fact, it was Col. Gale who arranged the lease on the Hollywood Women’s Club and the move of Swift’s meetings from the black-infested downtown meeting hall formerly used by Swift. As time went on and others were brought to Dr. Swift’s by Col. Gale, it was decided that the time was appropriate for reactivation of the Christian Defense League (CDL), which had been in ‘limbo’ these past years. So, it was reactivated and incorporated with Richard G. Butler as President and others including Col. Gale, Dr. Swift and Rev. Comparet on its Board of Directors.

In the meantime, during the years preceding the reactivation of the CDL, Col. Gale and Rev. S. J. Capt had established many out-of-state contacts. Their tapes had good reception and there was demand for copies. It was Rev. S. J. Capt’s idea again that Dr. Swift’s sermons be taped for distribution. Col. Gale arranged for a large contribution to Swift for this purpose. He and S. J. Capt turned over the names and addresses of all of their out-of-state contacts and joined earnestly in promoting the tape program of Swift’s sermons. Dr. Swift agreed and it was started. Mr. R. G. Butler was not around in those days, so has no knowledge of these facts. (And neither does one Bill Fowler who is mentioned in Hal Hunt’s smear article on Col. Gale - but we will get to Fowler later in this expose.)

Now for the demise of the CDL. It came about at the same time that Swift and Col. Gale had a separation of their ways. These details will be described when we get to the case of Mr. Fowler, so suffice it at this time to merely mention the fact. The story, in short, is the same as that for the Constitution Party. Col. Gale was not involved in political activity at that time. He was taking care of his aged mother who was in her last months of life. When Swift laid the ‘smear’ on Col. Gale in the same manner he had done to Rev. S. J. Capt and anyone else he found fault with, Col. Gale and Rev. S. J. Capt merely stepped aside and said to R. G. Butler and Swift - “All right fellows, let’s see what YOU can do with it.” Within six months it had fallen apart! Col. Gale and Rev. Capt had not spoken negatively on the CDL in any manner. Col. Gale quietly stopped his activity and continued his own way in the Ministry - organizing and founding the Ministry of Christ Church and the movement now called “Identity.” Rev. S. J. Capt did the same. He and Col. Gale simply let Swift alone and went their way, and it wasn’t long before the lies were coming out of Swift’s mouth. First that Col. Gale was an agent of the CIA. It was the same lie that Swift spread about a young student Minister named Jim Shoup after Swift drove him off because he asked some friends to contribute money for his expenses while he was studying. Swift accused Shoup of taking money that otherwise would have come to him (Swift). Swift then claimed that Gale’s defection and founding of the Ministry of Christ Church with weekly Sunday services was costing Swift over $2,000.00 per month in offerings that he otherwise would have received. There are many witnesses to these lies spread by Swift and they were reported to Col. Gale, yet he remained silent. It isn’t rumor! The asininity of the remarks were obvious since the Ministry of Christ Church struggled for many years, merely paying its rent and not one had ever seen any such amounts in offerings, even after many years of hard work and dedication to the cause, not only by Col. Gale but by many others who supported the work. - In short, Swift was left on his own and even with Butler and others who listened to his lies, he couldn’t cut the mustard! His congregations dwindled and there was no opposition or negative activity imposed by Col. Gale or Rev. S. J. Capt against him. In fact, the events and actions being exposed here have never before been mentioned - and would probably never have been mentioned had not the “Swift-ites” (those who worship Swift rather than Jesus Christ) brought it upon themselves by their smear tactics at this time. They now see Col. Gale’s and the Ministry of Christ Church’s Identity movement spreading across the land. They see its success and their ego simply cannot stand up to it. They want to “rule or ruin” and by their actions they again place themselves in the very category of their false accusations against Col. Gale. They are doing the work of the Jews as proselytes. They are creating division and contention in the Faith. “By their works shall ye know them.”

Now, for Col. Gale being ‘ordained’ by Dr. Swift, as the smear article says, this further proves that the authors of the smear do err, not knowing the Scripture. Only JESUS CHRIST ‘ordains’ His Ministers! They should read what the Apostle Paul said in 1 Col. 1:10-13. The author or authors of the smear article on Col. Gale have proven that they worship a man (Wesley Swift) rather than Jesus Christ! While Col. Gale was working diligently to spread the Gospel, he was being smeared by Wesley Swift. With all of this, Col. Gale has remained silent about it all until now. So, now, have at it you “Swift-ites” and make the most of it!

Now we come to that portion of the smear article mentioning one Mr. Fowler. The truth is that Bill Fowler first came to the knowledge of the Identity message by his attendance at the weekly services held by Col. Gale in the Long Beach area. Fowler was another of those brought to Swift’s Church by Col. Gale. He moved from the Redondo Beach area where he sold insurance to Lancaster. Fowler was “Gung Ho” like many of the others. He followed Col. Gale wherever he went, always looking for the opportunity of being what he deemed to be a “big wheel.” Fowler was out of work, having been dismissed by his former Insurance employer because of his move to Lancaster. It was Col. Gale who arranged for him to be given employment by Swift on a temporary basis as Swift’s driver until he could get established with some regular employment. Fowler was present with Col. Gale at his residence on the evening Swift sent his son-in-law Duke (then employed as his driver since Fowler had obtained employment at a Jew Savings & Loan Office) to give him the “message” that Swift didn’t want him anymore. Swift’s congregation was now large and he had lots of support, so he no longer needed Col. Gale’s help. This was in essence the “message” delivered. Fowler heard it and knows it to be true. Fowler did remain loyal to Col. Gale and when Col. Gale moved to Glendale, along came Fowler, moving to the La Crescenta area near Glendale. He participated in the activities of the Ministry of Christ Church and did want to become a Minister. But he was not a young, new student of Theology under direction of Dr. Swift as the smear article claims. Nor was he “fired” by Dr. Swift as his driver since it was a temporary job to hold him over until he acquired another. He was employed by the Savings & Loan Office at the time he says in the smear article that Gale was leaving Swift and taking him “under his wing.” Since we are still unaware of the author of the smear article in the National Chronicle, we can only say here that someone is a liar. If not Fowler, then the author of the article.

When Fowler was employed at the Savings & Loan office, an incident occurred involving Dr. Swift. Two elderly ladies, clients of Col. Gale in his Securities business who had been brought to Dr. Swift’s Church as had many others, and who contributed generously to Swift as had many others - quite in contradiction to the smear article’s claim that Col. Gale used Dr. Swift’s members - came to Col. Gale’s residence. On this afternoon, two other women were present. They were there to list some property for sale since they were Real Estate brokers. They also attended Swift’s Church at times. But, back to the two elderly ladies. They wanted help. They showed the documents and evidence, including their canceled checks, that they had paid Dr. Swift practically all of their life’s savings (one over $25,000.00 and the other over $7,000.00) for an interest in the AV Electronics store operated in Lancaster by Swift’s son, Richard. The contract was for an interest in the business along with interest in alleged government contracts, when the store had no government contracts but merely an Open Purchase Order with the Air Force base nearby. Upon questioning they said that the contract was signed by Richard Swift but they had given the money directly to Dr. Wesley Swift at his home where he assured them that everything was all right and that they would receive good monthly income from the investment.

The two ladies were unaware of the recent disassociation of Col. Gale with Swift and believed that Col. Gale could use his influence to have Dr. Swift return their money, since they realized that they had been “taken.” They said that if Col. Gale could not help them, they would go to the District Attorney and file criminal charges against Dr. Swift. Col. Gale was amazed at this incident and then realized why Swift had sent his son-in-law to create the separation. With the advantage of hindsight, Col. Gale then knew that Swift knew - and that when Col. Gale learned of this, there would be some fur flying. So, Swift ‘created’ the separation before-hand in order to set up his defenses against what he knew would occur later. This was very “tricky” on the part of Swift but it fit in with other tricks of his in the past which had been ignored by both Rev. S. J. Capt and Col. Gale for the sake of unity and keeping Swift going to spread the Gospel. Now, getting back to the two ladies, Col. Gale suggested that they see an Attorney before they go to the DA with criminal charges. He suggested that they contact an Attorney who had attended Swift’s Church for many years. They did. The Attorney then wrote a letter to Swift demanding return of the money. Swift then called upon Rev. Comparet (also an Attorney at that time) to protect him. Rev. Comparet was one of the founders and on the Board of Directors of Swift’s Church. Comparet, not yet knowing the details of the matter, replied to the Attorney advising him of a major legal error. His letter was legally blackmail and the Attorney was forced to withdraw. The ladies then contacted another Attorney and this is when Rev. Comparet learned of the details. Rev. Comparet apparently could not be of assistance to Swift, so in a fit of anger, Swift dismissed Rev. Comparet from his Church (or Comparet resigned) - and would not permit him to attend the weekly San Diego meetings which had been organized by Rev. Comparet for Swift for lo these many years. After his separation, Swift would tell people at his Hollywood congregation that “Gale and Comparet went over to the enemy.” This was deceit and an outright lie! But people believed the great Dr. Swift. After all, he was a man of God, as stated in the smear article of the National Chronicle. The smear article also says of Dr. Swift, “While having his faults as we all do, there were two he was blessed with not having; the desire for great wealth or the desire to glorify himself.” Now, we will return to Mr. Fowler.

It was Mr. Fowler who dug up the evidence that the AV Electronics store that Dr. Swift sold an interest in, was in receivership at the time Dr. Swift took the ladies’ money. Fowler was working at the Savings & Loan Office and had access to such information. In short, it appeared that Dr. Swift’s son, Richard, was merely a “front” for Dr. Swift who was using the store to acquire and sell tape recorders and to acquire tape reels for his tape circuit at cost. But it didn’t work. Poor Richard simply couldn’t cut the mustard.

Further now with Mr. Fowler. He reentered the Insurance business and was doing well. He should have remained in Lancaster where he was making progress, but no - he moved to the city where he said that he was going to make it big. He needed money to support his growing family and was trying to establish himself as a broker where he could get a monthly advance from the Insurance companies based upon future business production. For this, he needed an office which he didn’t have and which he couldn’t afford. He needed money and was loaned $250.00 from an emergency Church fund. Col. Gale then assisted him by permitting him free use of office space in order for him to establish the criteria he desired to advance in the Insurance business. Col. Gale also loaned him the money for new tires for his car. One day Fowler told Col. Gale that he had a good insurance sale but his car was out of gas. If Col. Gale would lend him his credit card, he could get gas and make the sale, repaying the cost after getting his commission. Fowler used the credit card for over a month and the charges were approximately $85.00. Col. Gale had to demand return of the credit card since Fowler never could remember to return it. None of these debts except part of the debt to the Church, have ever been repaid by Mr. Fowler. Now, some more about Mr. Fowler. He was assigned the task of getting the Identity message to the local American Nazi Party in Glendale. They were being severely attacked by the Jews and needed help. Fowler did a good job and they received the message well. They were playing tapes and studying the Constitution daily and Bibles were all over the place. The local leader walked 27 blocks every Sunday with his wife and children to attend Church Services. But what really happened? Fowler still wanted to be a “big wheel.” He ended up going to the Nazi Party headquarters in El Monte and becoming a “reverend” and the end of that episode is well documented with failure.

Another incident occurred which brings Fowler’s personality and character into some light. One late afternoon he rushed in to Col. Gale’s office with a story that one of the Church members was losing his home and that his family would be put out into the street unless financial help was given immediately. He explained that he had told them that he, Fowler, would get them out of their predicament but he didn’t tell them how. So he asked Col. Gale to rush down to the bank to take care of it and that he, Fowler, would guarantee no loss to Col. Gale if he would do this for them. This seemed strange at the time because Col. Gale knew that Fowler didn’t own one thin dime.

To make a long story short, it became quite clear that Fowler was playing the “big wheel” game because he constantly bragged that it was he who saved them from being put out into the street. Again, to make a long story short, these people proved to be crooks and thieves, owing everyone large sums of money and living high on the hog. Over the period of the next three and one half years or so, along with Attorney fees and other foreclosure problems, the net result was that Col. Gale incurred a loss of approximately $29,000.00 - So, with friends like Fowler, who needs enemies? Fowler was so dedicated to becoming a “big wheel” that he devised a method of claiming to be the Grand Dragon of the KKK in California. It seems that many of the old California Klan robes had been left in his custody by a trusting friend. In the meantime, the old timers of the Klan in Georgia and Florida decided that they would reactivate the Klan. They wanted certain California people to come to Georgia for a large Klonvocation. Since their efforts were not considered to be sincere and it appeared that the same old game of simply getting dues-paying members was involved, their invitations were not accepted. But Fowler learned of these events and wrote a letter to James Venable of the Klan in Georgia, offering his services to the Klan in organizing California. The negative reply he received was written on Klan letterhead stationery. Fowler had the letterhead duplicated and prepared his own appointment as head of the Klan in California. In spite of the warnings, he proceeded with the television, newspaper and radio publicity and his project. He used the California Klan robes that had been entrusted to his custody and went “Gung Ho.” The results are a matter of record. He lost his job, all of the Klan robes (most probably to an agent) and left California for Georgia leaving many more unpaid bills. He went to Georgia and had a Klan leader there cosign for $2,800.00 worth of furniture, etc.

Since things didn’t go well in Georgia, he departed for Florida, arriving at the home of Dr. Oren Potito one early morning with a rented U-Haul truck its odometer disconnected and all of the furniture from Georgia. He “threw names” at Dr. Potito and moved in. But Dr. Potito is no fool. He checked up on Mr. Fowler and then let him have his way. It wasn’t long before Fowler had an agreement or contract all drawn up whereby he, Fowler was to take over Dr. Potito’s Church and newspaper “National Christian News.” At this point, Dr. Potito told Fowler “get lost” and literally threw him out. Fowler then went to Jacksonville, Florida where he again set up a Church with himself as “reverend” Fowler. The Jacksonville Church also ended up in a fiasco and Fowler moved to Idaho with a Hearing Aid business. He has remained ‘incommunicado’ for these past many years. Now, it appears that in Idaho he has finally made a few of those Jew “bucks” or Jewish Green Stamps. He knows that the Identity movement is finally coming to fruition through the efforts of Col. Gale and those who support the Ministry of Christ Church. Now, Fowler joins the crowd. He is coming out of his shell. He recently attended a Conference at Schell City of Rev. Dan Gayman’s and was listed as a “speaker.”

Let it be understood that there are many witnesses to all of the facts presented in this expose. It is quite clear that the enemies of Christ already know them and have published them at various times throughout the past. There is nothing new in it for them - otherwise the author would remain silent. It is regrettable that this must be put in writing, but possibly it is time to clear the air and clear out the pollution in Christ’s household. With people like these “Swift-ites” calling themselves “Christians,” it is no wonder that the Jews have had few problems. You have just been told the truth and the whole truth, so help me Jesus!

Dated: 6 November 1975 /s/ WILLIAM P. GALE, Pastor



P.S. - If those who worship Dr. Swift were real Christians, they would use the proceeds of their work to provide for his widow. James K. Warner and his crowd have put Swift’s tapes into ‘booklets,’ selling them for a profit. Why do they not send these profits to Mrs. Swift? If Butler is carrying on with Swift’s work and now representing his former Church, does he send any financial assistance to Mrs. Swift? If not - Why not?


Notice on the Use of the Name “Identity”

For the past several years, many people have come to use the term “IDENTITY” referring to themselves or to their organizations. The name “IDENTITY” was selected and registered in 1962 as the name of the official Publication of the MINISTRY OF CHRIST CHURCH, INC., of Glendale, California. Its Pastor, Rev. William P. Gale, was the person who selected the name at that time.

Yes, there is an “Identity Movement.” It was initiated and has been carried on for 14 years with dedicated work and tape groups by the MINISTRY OF CHRIST CHURCH.

Lately, one James K. Warner has been using the word “Identity” most profusely in his publications and appeals for funds for his so-called New Christian Crusade Church and his publication “Christian Vanguard.”

Now, let it be known that we have known Mr. Warner for many years. In fact, he came to us when he started his publication “Christian Vanguard” and asked if he could use our Church mailing permit in order to save postage. Upon being refused, he advised that he would set up his own Church as a front and use it to save postage for his newspaper. This he did.

As for James K. Warner, we wonder why he has usurped the use of the name “Identity” when, in fact, we have a tape recording of Warner when he was a member of the American Nazi Party. In this recording, Warner clearly says that these IDENTITY religious kooks must be stopped and that his religion is National Socialism.

Prior to his arrival in California, Warner was one of the young enthusiasts of the NSRP in Birmingham, Alabama. This was also prior to Warner becoming a member of the American Nazi Party. Write to admiral John Crommelin at P.O. Box 441, Wetumpka, Alabama, and ask him the name of the thief who confiscated his mailing list way back when. Mailing lists are essential to those who are primarily interested in working contributions from the conservative elements. They work on a “percentage” basis.

In reality, it isn’t a mailing list - it is a “sucker” list. Write and publish what they want to hear, set yourself up as a “leader” and last but not least, “get those contributions coming in and destroy anyone who gets in the way.” For example, in a recent (October 1975) bulletin from the New Orleans New Christian Crusade Church, now in Metaire, La., Warner says: “For years IDENTITY patriots in Southern California have been urging IDENTITY ministers to purchase a building that could be used for a Church, bookstore and training center.”

It so happens that there have been only TWO IDENTITY ministers in Southern California. One is Rev. Wm. P. Gale and the other is Rev. Bertrand L. Comparet. Rev. Comparet has concentrated on radio broadcasts while Rev. Gale has been providing regular Sunday Church services for many years. Rev. Gale and the MINISTRY OF CHRIST CHURCH has an established National Identity Hq. And conducts Seminars and training schools for QUALIFIED persons who desire to become Identity ministers. This has been in existence for more than three years.

James K. Warner has NEVER supported the weekly IDENTITY services except to arrive after the services and ask people to come to his home to assist in the work of producing his newspaper. Also to sell his bookstore material FOR A PROFIT!

Warner’s bulletin continues: “In the past five years I have worked hard and sacrificed a lot to make this dream a reality. With the help of IDENTITY patriots from all over America I was able to purchase two buildings in North Hollywood, California, for an IDENTITY headquarters.” Our comment is well, well! We challenge Warner to publish the documents showing that Title to these two buildings are in any other name than his own! And not six months from now but NOW! Title to the National Headquarters of the MINISTRY OF CHRIST CHURCH is in the name of the Church and not an individual. Is Warners National Hq.?

Warner’s bulletin continues: “I have already given instructions to Rev. Norton to make plans for our National Convention in January 1976 and to prepare for our IDENTITY ministers training seminar between January 15th and 30th, 1976. We hope to train and send at least two dozen new IDENTITY ministers across country next year.” Again our comment is well, well! The Ministry of Christ Church has spent over 14 years teaching the IDENTITY message and has trained and ordained only FIVE (5) ministers in that time, while preparing many others in the capacity of Lay Ministers. Time and effort has been taken to see that only QUALIFIED persons assume the critical responsibility in representing Jesus Christ. It seems that Warner plans to send men out in an “assembly-line manner,” regardless of their qualifications while usurping the name IDENTITY to take advantage of the many years of struggle and effort of the MINISTRY OF CHRIST CHURCH.

Let it be known that the ONLY IDENTITY ministers are those affiliated with the Ministry of Christ Church and those who might come to you using the name IDENTITY should be carefully investigated and verified by the Ministry of Christ Church.

We continue with Warner’s bulletin: “As you know I have been working for the IDENTITY movement for the past 10 years in California. In the past four years because of the labor of a few dedicated people we have attracted what I call QUALITY people and men of leadership quality to our organization.”

Warner ways this in spite of the fact that he has not cooperated nor worked with the Identity movement in California at any time. In fact, the tape recording where Warner says that his religion is National Socialism was only a few years back. Also his words that these IDENTITY kooks must be stopped, were well within the past 10 years. In fact, Warner has seduced men from the Identity movement, playing upon their ego and giving them the title of “reverend” when they are not properly trained nor educated in the Identity movement.

We continue with Warner’s bulletin: “I feel that I had laid a firm foundation for the IDENTITY movement in California and that my trusted associates could carry on the work in my absence from the California scene.” Again our comment is well, well! It has been rumored that Warner has told many of the young men in the Identity movement who attended services of the Ministry of Christ Church, that this church was not “doing anything” - merely having them come to Church and hear the “message.” Now isn’t it peculiar? After all of this “do nothing” by the Ministry of Christ Church, Warner now wants them to do the same thing - only under his charge!

Warner’s bulletin continues, saying: “…but since WWII patriotic meetings have been attended mainly by the ‘old guard’ - those fine patriots who continue to fight on when everything seemed to be lost. Without lies and character assassination. Thieves and traitors always try to justify their actions. Honest Christian patriots can easily see through their little game and know them for the worms they really are.” Again our comment is well, well!

In one of his earlier publications Warner planted the subtle smear of Gerald L. K. Smith who is one of the greatest Christian patriots we know. Then in his January 1975 issue of Christian Vanguard, Warner smeared and vilified a minister of the MINISTRY OF CHRIST CHURCH who has worked diligently for the IDENTITY movement for many years. This minister paid the rent on a home for Warner when he first came to California some years ago. Warner’s father was employed by this minister and this minister knows full well the past associates of Warner. In fact, he knows so much about Warner that Warner became frightful that some of it would be exposed, therefore the smear and vilification in the January 1975 issue of Vanguard. If there is any other reason Mr. Warner, we challenge you to publish it!

Now, last but not least, it is our firm opinion that those who sell books and publications for personal profit, always asking for “contributions” - and form all kinds of so-called “Christian” organizations for personal profit - have a lot of nerve to even mention the Name of JESUS CHRIST! They are certainly NOT His disciples and should be shunned by all true IDENTITY Christians.


By Busy Bea

This documented section contains statements made by Jews about themselves. It should be helpful in furnishing evidence for the "doubting Thomases” among our people who “have ears but will not hear and eyes but will not see.” Those persons (Adamites) who have been brainwashed by the controlled, managed news media often automatically conclude that anything critical of Jews must be “anti-Semitic” and must have come from some NON-Jewish source. Such people are truly surprised to find critical essays in Jewish sources as well. (For those of you who are newcomers, both UPI and AP news sources are controlled by Jews, which helps to explain why we hear half of some news and none of other news. For example, Arthur burns alias Burnseig owning Class A stock of the Federal Reserve? Or how blacks attacked whites in recent riots in Boston).

The following summary is taken from the Jewish Digest, August, 1974, pp. 14-18. (It is important for alert Christians to keep informed about the opposition, so in following Joshua’s example, send out the scouts). This article was written by Davis Singer who condensed it from an article in Judaism, winter 1974, published by the American Jewish Congress, 15 E. 84th St., New York, NY 10028. Your author will bring you the Highlights. It’s Title is “THE JEWISH GANGSTER.”

“As the paradigmatic outsiders of Western society, Jews have been masters of social adaptation. Anti-Semites and parochial Jews alike agree, citing a range of evidence from Sammy Glick to Henry Kissinger, that Jews are an achievement-oriented group, preoccupied with and adept at “making it” under often difficult circumstances.” (P. 14). (Sounds very materialistic doesn’t it? What else should we expect from worshippers of Mammon? Ed.)

“Jewish gangsters are caught up in the same psycho-social syndrome as are other American Jews. Like the bright young men on the Ivy League campuses, the radical-chich literary intellectuals, the high-powered political confidants - all recognize American Jewish types. Jewish mobsters are simply trying to earn a living and get ahead.” (p. 14). (Since when are people simply getting ahead when they rob or swindle others? Ed.).

After reminding us that Jews constitute an oppressed group, although not culturally oppressed like blacks and Indians, the Jewish condenser of this article reveals that “…the censoring of the American Jewish past to eliminate any mention of Jewish crime has resulted from pressure within the Jewish community.” (How’s that for an admission of both the existence of Jewish crime and the source of pressure for censoring the news? Ed.) “Clearly fearing an anti-Semitic reaction and desiring for assimilationist purposes to project a ‘nice Jewish boy” image of the Jew, the American Jewish establishment, the defense agencies, the scholars, the historical societies - has turned a blind eye to a fascinating and important facet of the history of American Jewry.” (p. 14). (How helpful of him to define their establishment. Ed.)

The Jewish author admits that it made a lot of sense to keep quiet about their criminals prior to 1945, but considers it a sign of immaturity to continue to hide the fact today. “The refusal of the Jewish establishment to examine dispassionately the record of American Jewish crime reveals a fundamental lack of security and self-respect. In this instance the silence is deafening.” (p. 15). (He sounds extremely confident and boastful. Do you suppose it is because he is well aware of how powerful his people have become in the New Promised land? Ed.)

The boastful apologizer for bloodthirsty criminals offers us an extremely long list of “successful” Jewish gangsters. “One thinks, for example, of Arnold ‘The Brain’ Rothstein, the pioneer big businessman of crime, who, understanding the logic of coordination, sought to ‘organize’ crime as a source of regular income. Rothstein’s chief successors in the early 1930’s were Lepke Buchalter and Gurrah Shapiro, who, as the heads of “Murder, Inc.” pioneered in the field of industrial racketeering. It was Moe Annenberg who first made book-making a lucrative business when, in the 1920’s, he established the racing-wire News Service that gathered information from tracks and shot it immediately to scratch sheets, horse parlors and bookie joints.

Las Vegas was the brainchild of Bugsy Siegel who built the Flamingo in what later became ‘Glitter Gulch’.” (p. 15). (Quite an admission, isn’t it? Especially about Murder, Inc. - and to think that some stubborn anti-survival whites refuse to believe the warning of Jesus Christ when He bluntly told the Jews, “Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth; because there is no truth in him…and because I tell you the truth, ye believe Me not.” (john 8:44-45). How many Christian victims of these murderers would still be alive today if more of our people would believe the Master, instead of being ruined by vain philosophies.. (col. 2:8).

One of the most unjust aspects of this silence about Jewish organized crime is that many of our people are still in bondage to the false notion that the sons of Gad (the tribe of Israel called Italians), are still in control of the Mafia in our country. Such propaganda became out-dated about the time of Al Capone and the Chicago gang wars.

The boaster tells us plainly who is the head of the criminals in our nation today. “Most importantly of all, there is Meyer Lansky, financier, real estate owner, amateur diplomat and - according to Hank Messicks LANSKY - Chairman of the Board of the National Crime Syndicate.” (p. 15). In case you were not aware, this paperback book is no available and most informative for those of you who wish to do further research. In event you were not aware, the upper layer of leaders of the Mafia, like so many in our government today, are Ashkenazis. In other words, they are Jews from Northern Europe who have migrated to this land of unwalled villages. But the gullible goyim in Washington let them in anyway. Some of you may recall that a few years ago the State of Florida was trying to catch Lansky for income taxes but he claimed the “Right of Return” and joined many other Jews in seeking refuge in Israeli, to which he had already contributed large sums through charities (after robbing Christians). After his arrival in Israeli he tried to bribe officials there into letting him stay but after lengthy debate they decided it would be setting a dangerous precedent to let him remain. He then knocked at the door of several Latin American Countries but they were too astute and pro-survival to accept him. He returned to Florida where his lawyer got his “ailing” client off the hook.

The boaster then provides us with an extremely long list of names. A veritable “Who’s Who in the annals of American crime, comparable to that contributed by any other ethnic group.” (p. 16). He then proceeds to warn that if the Jewish establishment will not recognize the history of Jewish mobsters, the Jewish Defense League will be eager to fill the void. “…a large part of the Jewish Defense League’s appeal in the Jewish community has been based on its brilliant manipulation of the twin issues of Jewish identity and Jewish cathartic release.” (p. 16). (Is it ‘cathartic’ for the JDL to place a bomb in a Los Angeles apartment building where one Arab lives, thus endangering many lives when it exploded? Was it ‘therapeutic’ for them to threaten to wipe out a hotel manager and his entire family if he were to permit a group of right-wing Christians to hold a meeting in his hotel as scheduled?) He reminds us that the first significant feature article about the JDL appeared in Esquire in August, 1970. There Roy Bongartz wrote an article, “Three Meanies” in which he discussed the Weathermen, Red (Indian) power and the JDL - all of who, he argued, had abandoned respectability and were endeavoring by word and deed to project a tough-guy image of themselves. The section on Bongartz’ article dealing with the JDL was entitled “Super-Jew” and it began by quoting Meir Kahane’s statement that the Jewish Defense League was formed to change an image, and, frankly we don’t give a damn what you think of us.” (How is that for arrogance? They do not seem to care about the law either when it gets in their way). To show the image the JDL wants to project, the “Three Meanies” article featured a full page portrait of a ferocious looking American Jewish youth contemptuously sticking his tongue out at the world.” (p. 16). (Did you notice the word ‘contemptuously?’ Do you suppose it is in part because so many Christians have sat back apathetically while the JDL sneered at our laws and our God?)

If some rebels within their group happen to speak favorably about crimes, this wouldn’t be much of a surprise. Every ethnic group has some rebels. But when members of their Establishment praise the idea of crime in their midst, this is NEWS! “No less a figure than Hayyim Nahman Bialik, the ‘Jewish National Poet,’ “ was prepared to state that a ‘normal’ Jewish nation will have arrived the day the first Jewish horse thief is arrested in Tel-Aviv. The day of the horse thief is over, of course, but one need only to be a casual tourist or even a casual newspaper reader to know that Bialik’s Zionist dream has become an Israeli reality.” (p. 17). (When they think it is ‘normal’ and proof of ‘arrival’ to have thieves nearby, doesn’t that tell us something about their abysmal standards? But this shouldn’t surprise us because Jesus Christ said to them: “If god were your father, ye would love Me…Why do ye not understand My speech? Even because ye cannot hear My word - He who is of God hears Me, ye therefore cannot hear Me because ye are NOT of God” (john 8:42-47).

“A Jewish Mafia in Israeli? Indeed so - or at least so claims Ran Kislev, an investigative reporter for Ha’aretz, Israeli’s counter part of the New York Times. In a series of articles written in 1970 that provoked widespread discussion and a follow-up inquiry by the Attorney General, Kislev argued that a definite pattern of organized crime exists in Israeli, that it is modeled after the American Mafia and that it is headed by the “Godfather,” Mordechai Mentesh Zarfati. Zarfati’s own ‘family’ according to Kislev, operates in the fields of protection, vice, gambling and debt collecting. It is not at all reluctant to use strong arm tactics when those are thought necessary. Kislev also maintains that Zarfati, in true Mafia style, has ‘connections’ reaching into high government places. This claim, as well as others by Kislev, has been disputed by Meir Shamgar, Israeli’s Attorney General. It is obvious however, that criminal activity is very much a part of the Israeli way of life. The goyim have their gangsters and the Jews in Israeli have theirs - it is both natural and appropriate.” (p. 17). (So, here is an admission from Jewish sources about the existence of the Mafia both here and in Israeli.)

Now let’s return to the kingpin of American crime. “Meyer Lansky is a remarkable phenomenon and he deserves better than the treatment he receives at the hands of Hank Messedick. The central historical significance of Lansky’s criminal career is that he, more so than nay other figure, has, in the words of Joseph Epstein, ‘done for crime what the Rockefellers and Carnegies did for capitalism.’ At every stage in the transition from the ‘Era of Balls’ to the ‘Era of Brian,’ Lansky has consciously labored to make organized crime ‘bit, smooth and corporatized.’ “

Lansky’s dream of an ‘organization of gangsters along jurisdictional lines as well as cutting ethnic ties,’ has become a reality and what was once a ‘cottage industry of independent operators’ has been metamorphosed into the National Crime Syndicate. Small wonder then that Lansky allegedly sits as ‘Chairman of the Board.’ (pp. 17-18)

The boaster also admits the Messick author of the Lansky book tries to prove that Lansky is evil incarnate. (If Messick would read the Bible, he would know where Lansky obtained such decadent ideas). This boaster also reveals that, like so many other Ashkenazis who have come to America from Og and Magog, Lansky changed his name. It was Maier Suchowliansky and he was born in Grodno, Poland in 1902, arriving in the U.S. in 1911. He was born on July 4. Messick seems to think that Lansky was trying to beat the Goyim at their own game - “A Zionist Yankee Doodle Dandy.” “For the Chairman of the board who embodies in his career the Zionist aim of Jewish ‘normalcy’ and who has always been a United Jewish Appeal stalwart, settling in Israeli is the logical final step. Unfortunately the Israeli Supreme court has rejected Lansky’s application on the grounds that he is a gangster. Logic, compassion and a faithfulness to the enigma of Jewish existence should have dictated that Lansky be awarded Israeli citizenship precisely ‘because’ he is what he is.” (p. 18). (So now we see several revealing reasons why there is so much poverty in the richest nation on earth. While Warburg’s Federal Reserve and the Communist graduated Income Tax rob the people from above, Lansky and the other Ashkenazis controlling the Mafia and organized crime, do it from beneath. When they contribute to the United Jewish Appeal, most of the funds leave this country for Israeli on a tax-free basis, thus removing funds from this land in times of increasing unemployment. As long as the gullible goyim permit these conditions to continue, we will be in bondage. When we repent of transgressing God’s laws for our nation and government, we will cleanse our land of all those that offend against Jesus). All Christians should read the words of Jesus Christ as found in Luke 19:27.