VOL X NO 2 - Highlights: A Christian Government? The Business Of The Church? - and - Jeremiah Speaks To The U.S. - and - The Case Of Rev. Jim Johnston - and - What Has Happened To The Jury System?




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These are some of the ANTI-CHRIST JEWS who run YOUR government.


STUART EIZENSTAT - Chief speech writer and Chief, Domestic Affairs.

ANTHONY SOLOMON - Undersecretary for Monetary Affairs.

BERTRAM CARP - Deputy, Office of Management & Budget

DAVE REBENSTEIN - Deputy, Office of Management & Budget

MORRIS DEES - Justice Department. (Attorney General)

ROBERT LIPSCHUTZ - Chief Counsel for the White House.

MICHAEL BLUMENTHAL - Secretary of the Treasury.

HAROLD BROWN - Secretary of Defense.

WILLIAM NORDHAUS - Council of Economic Advisors.

FRED BERGSTEN - Treasury Dept., International Affairs.

HAROLD L. WILLIAMS - Director, Securities & Exchange Commission.

BOB GINSBURG - Advisor, International Economics.

DAVID AARON - National Security Advisor.

MARSHALL D. SHULMAN - Chief, Energy Department

JAMES SCHLESINGER - Chief, Energy Department

JESSICA TAUCHMAN - Office of Global Affairs under Brzinski

MICHAEL OXENBERG - Advisor on Chinese Affairs

WILLIAM HYLAND - Advisor on European Affairs

ROBERT HORMATS - Advisor on International Economics

JERRALD L. SCHECTER - Aid to Brzezinski

SOL LINOWITZ - Co-negotiator on Panama Canal Treaty

MICHAEL PERTSCHUK - Chairman, Federal Trade Commission

MARTIN GOLDSTEIN - Aide, Pentagon Arms Control

ROBERT STRAUSS - Foreign Trade Negotiator.

JOEL SOLOMON - Director, General Services Administration

SIMON LAZARUS - Presidential Aide

BRUCE KIRSCHENBAUM - Advisor, Inter-governmental Affairs

MARK SIEGEL - Deputy Asst. for Policy Analysis

DANIEL TATEL - Head of Civil Rights Div. H.E.W.

ARTHUR FLEMING - U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner.

JOSEPH ARAGON - Asst. to Presidential Aide Hamilton Jordan

ADAM YARMOLINSKI - Asst. to Arms Control Negotiator

ALEXIS M. HERMAN - Labor Dept. Women’s Bureau Director

ARTHUR BURNS - chairman, Federal Reserve Board (Recently out)

JULES M. SUGARMAN - Federal Civil Service Commissioner

MARCY KAPTUR - Domestic Counsel to White House

JAMES LOWENSTEIN - Luxembourg Foreign Service Minister

MARVIN WEISSMAN - Ambassador to Costa Rica

HARRY SHLAUDEMAN - Foreign Service Officer to Peru

KENNETH AXELSON - Asst. Secretary of Treasury

ALAN DERSHOWITZ - Specialist on Crime, Justice Dept.?

JOE LEVIN - Civil Rights Div., Justice Dept.

DANIEL MINCHEW - Chairman, Intl. Trade Commission

HENRY AARON - Asst. Secretary Planning, H.E.W.


There are probably many more than listed above, but they have changed their names to Christian names to hide their IDENTITY! Are there no CHRISTIAN men for these appointive offices of government?

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The following is a quote from Henry Ford, Sr. Made in 1922: “It is rather surprising, is it not, that whichever way you turn to trace the harmful streams of influence that flows through the society, you come upon a group of Jews? In exploitive finance, a group of Jews. In liquor propaganda, a group of Jews. In the control of national war policies, a group of Jews. Absolutely dominating the wireless communications of the world, a group of Jews. The menace of the movies, a group of Jews. War profiteers, 80% of them Jews. The miasma of so-called popular music, which combines weak mindedness with every suggestion of lewdness, Jews. And organizers of active opposition to Christian Law and Customs, again Jews. It is time to show that the cry of ‘bigot’ is raised mostly by bigots. There IS a religious prejudice in this country, there IS, indeed, a religious persecution, there IS a forcible shoving aside of the religious liberties of a majority of the people and this prejudice and persecution and use of force IS JEWISH and nothing BUT Jewish. If it is anti-Semitism to say that Communism in the United States is Jewish, so be it; but to the unprejudiced mind it will look very much like Americanism. Communism all over the world, not in Russia only, IS JEWISH.”


Yes, it may come as a surprise and possibly even a “shock” to many people to be told that the Christians of today who are of the RACE OF ADAM & EVE, are the TRUE descendants of the 13 tribes of Israel, the people of the Bible from the Old Testament through the New Testament. Most important along with this truth is that the Jews are NOT now and NEVER WERE the descendants of any one of those 13 tribes known as Israelites. These truths are in the Bible and can be found easily when one obeys Jesus Christ and “searches the Scripture”. When Jesus gave this command, there was no New Testament written. Then the only Scripture He could have been talking about is the OLD Testament! For example, Prophets of the Old Testament told of the conditions that would exist in the NEW JerUSAlem for God’s people formerly called Israelites but who would be known by a NEW name. When one reads the Book of Revelation with Identity understanding, it is clear from “that great city” is the OLD city of Jerusalem, for in Rev. 11, verse 8, it says that it is where Jesus Christ was crucified. Then in Rev. 18, verses 1 & 2 it says that the great city of Chapter 17, verse 18 is now Babylon and is become the habitation of devils. Yes, that OLD Jerusalem is a habitation of devils for in John 8: 39-47, Jesus made it clear that the Jews are the children of the devil. He also said to them in John 10:26 that they (the Jews) are NOT His sheep. Now, throughout both the Old Testament and the New, the Sheep are the Israelite people. If the Jews are not His sheep, they are definitely NOT the Israelites. Jesus said, “I come not but for the lost sheep of the House of Israel” and further told His disciples to go not but unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel. The United States of America fulfills ALL of the Bible prophecies for the NEW JerUSAlem, some of which are as follows:

And in THAT DAY shall the deaf hear the words of the book, and the eyes of the blind shall see out of the obscurity and out of darkness.” Isaiah 29:18

Hear O heavens and give ear O earth, for YHVH (Jesus) has spoken: I have nourished and brought up children and they have rebelled against Me. The Ox knows his owner and the ass his master’s crib; but ISRAEL does not know; My people do not consider. Oh, sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity; a seed of evil doers; children that are corrupters. They have forsaken YHVH (Jesus), they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger. They have gone away BACKWARD.” Isaiah 1:2-4

Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire, your land, strangers (nokri, Heb.)(means those not of your race) devour it in your presence and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers (those not of your race).” Isaiah 1:7

For the leaders of this people (Israelites) cause them to err, and they that are led of them are destroyed.”Isaiah 9:16

Thus saith YHVH the King of Israel, his redeemer the God of Hosts; I am the first and I am the last and beside Me there is no God.” Isaiah 44:6(Did not Jesus say “I am the Alpha and the Omega”?)

Hearken to Me, ye that follow after righteousness, ye that seek YHVH. Look unto the rock from whence ye are hewn and to the hole of the pit from whence ye are digged. Look unto Abraham your father and unto Sarah that bare you; for I called him alone and blessed him and increased him.” Isaiah 51:1-2(The ‘rock’ is Jesus Christ and in John 8, Jesus said that the Jews are NOT the descendants of Abraham but of their father the devil). The above quote from Isaiah says “SEEK YOUR IDENTITY!”

And the heathen shall see thy righteousness and all kings thy glory AND YOU SHALL BE CALLED BY A NEW NAME, which the mouth of YHVH shall name.” Isaiah 62:2(Yes, we are now called by that new name CHRISTIANS!)

The God of Hosts has sworn, saying, surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass and as I have purposed, so shall it stand, that I will break the Assyrian in My land (See the Book of 2 Kings where the Israelite told the Assyrian that he could not understand the Jewish language that the Assyrian spoke - the Assyrians were JEWS) and upon My mountains tread him under foot. Then shall his yoke depart from off them and his burden depart from off their shoulders. This is the purpose that is purposed upon the whole earth and this is the hand that is stretched out upon all of the nations.” Isaiah 14:24-26

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Send for an Application to start a Tape Group Congregation of the Ministry of Christ Church. The Tape Ministry is growing fast! Conduct Church Services in your home on Sundays with a Tape Sermon which tells the truth. Bring in the YOUNG people to hear the tapes, then watch the young Lions of Israel cut their hair short, become clean shaven and sons of God. All of this world order is waiting for the “manifestation of the sons of God”.

This people have I formed for Myself. They shall show forth My praise, but you have not called upon Me, O Jacob; but you have been weary of Me, O Israel (Christians now).”Isaiah 43:21-22

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Now, knowing that we Christians of the Adamic (Caucasian) race are the true descendants of the Israelite people of the Old and the New Testaments, let us see what JEREMIAH says to us and to our Clergy. (He speaks to ‘Pastors’ not to ‘Rabbis’)


Read Jeremiah, Chapter 2, verses 1 thru 8 and understand when you read it that it is written to Christians and is about and to the United States of America. Then read the following Chapters and verses in the book of Jeremiah:

Chapter 3, verses 12 thru 23

Chapter 5, verses 26 thru 31

Chapter 8, verses 5 thru 11

Chapter 14, verses 13 thru 16

Chapter 23, verses 1 thru 4

Chapter 23, verses 16 thru 22

Chapter 50, verses 4 thru 6

Chapter 51, verses 19 thru 20

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There is no better way to learn the truth of the Bible than to listen to these tapes. New people, first hearing these truths, should listen to at least five or more of the sermons before ‘turning it off’, since they will experience a complete REVERSAL of what they have been taught by the false prophets of the modern day so-called Church. The ‘cobwebs’ must be dissolved first and this cannot be done with one shot for this is too explosive to absorb at once. There is ONE faith (Christianity) and ONE God, JESUS THE CHRIST! Why divide Him up into these man-made denominations (forms of worship)?

The Cassette tapes cover many years of teaching the Bible. Some examples of the Sermon titles are as follows:

Born Again

Where The U.S.A. Is In The Bible

The Trinity

Mysteries of Christ

The Passover

Adam & Eve

Signs of Christ’s Coming


Old Testament Christianity

The Serpent Race

God’s Chosen Race

For God & Country

Why Were You Born?

Israel Became Christians

The Last Days

Mid-East Report

Why Christmas?

Questions & Answers

God’s Prophecy For The U.S.A.

Law & Government

Moses the Christian

Everlasting Life

The Seed Line of Cain

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It is well known that the Communist Manifesto of 1848 proposed a method to ‘communize’ a nation. It proposed a ‘graduated’ tax upon the income of each and every ‘natural’ person. This was also a plank in the Platform of the Communist Party USA in 1912. Then came the 16th Amendment to our Constitution. Prior to adoption of the 16th Amendment, Congress had passed an Income Tax Law in 1894. This Income Tax Law was challenged in the Courts and the U.S. Supreme Court ruled upon it in the case of POLLOCK vs FARMER’S LOAN & TRUST CO., 137, U.S. 429 with a re-hearing, see 158, U.S. 601. The Income Tax Law enacted by Congress in 1894 was held unconstitutional by the Court because it had the effect of being a DIRECT tax. This was because the Act of Congress had not provided that the tax be apportioned equally amongst the States. It was therefore in violation of the mandate of Art. I, Section 2, Clause 3 along with the prohibition of Article I, Section 9, Clause 4 of the Constitution which restricts DIRECT taxes to the rule of apportionment. Since the direct portion (tax) was a substantial part of the Act of Congress, the Court on re-hearing declared the entire law unconstitutional. As a result of the Supreme Court’s action on the 1894 Income Tax law, another effort had to be made to impose the communist type income tax upon the American people. They now knew that it would be difficult to impose a DIRECT tax upon the income of each and every ‘natural’ person in the country. They now knew that it would have to be an INDIRECT tax, or an EXCISE since taxes are only in those two categories, direct and indirect.

So, in 1909, U.S. Senator Bailey of Texas proposed that the Constitution be amended. The purpose of the proposed Amendment was to limit all Income taxes to the category of INDIRECT and thus make unnecessary for the Courts to determine if the tax were direct or indirect as it had to do in the Pollock case above mentioned. To accomplish this, the words ‘without apportionment’ were included in the 16th Amendment. By placing these two words in the Amendment, it was made clear that the Amendment did not and could not place a DIRECT tax upon income of the ‘natural’ person. At this point, it should be made clear that an INDIRECT tax is an EXCISE. Now, what is an EXCISE? Let us see what the Supreme Court says on the matter. In Stanton vs Baltic Mining Co., 240, U.S. 107, the Court says: “The 16th Amendment conferred no new power of taxation upon the Congress.” In the case of Penn Mutual Indemnity Co. vs C. I. R., 32 Tax Court of the U.S. Reports, it says: “The source of the taxing power is NOT the 16th Amendment; it is Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution and we see that the only power of taxation given to Congress is to lay and collect taxes which are DUTIES, IMPOSTS AND EXCISES. These are all INDIRECT taxes and they must be UNIFORM throughout the United States.” Since duties and imposts are taxes paid by importers and exporters of merchandise, the other category is EXCISES. We must now find out what an excise is. Again we turn to the Supreme court and we find in East Ohio Gas Co. vs Tax Commissioner of Ohio, 43 F. 2d, 170, 172, the court says: “An excise is an impost for a license to pursue certain callings or to deal in special commodities or to exercise particular FRANCHISES.” In American Airways vs Wallace, 57, F. 2d, 877, 880, the Court says: “The terms EXCISE tax and PRIVILEGE tax are synonymous.” In Flint vs Stone Tracy Co., 220 U.S. 107, the Court says: “The tax may be in a corporate capacity, i.e. with the advantages which arise from corporate or quasi-corporate organizations; or when applied to Insurance companies, for doing the business of such companies . . . the requirement to pay such taxes involves the exercise of PRIVILEGE. The Income is NOT DIRECTLY taxed but is merely USED TO MEASURE or determine the amount of an EXCISE on business activities which the State has the power to either permit or prohibit. The tax under consideration, as we have construed the statute, may be described as an EXCISE upon the particular PRIVILEGE of doing business IN A CORPORATE CAPACITY.

At this point in our review of the tax matter, we are going to become very RELIGIOUS! It is the GOD-GIVEN right of every citizen of these United States to earn money, acquire, possess and defend his own property, to pursue happiness and privacy. These RIGHTS do not come from government, they come from Almighty God and the God of this nation is JESUS CHRIST. In short, these rights are NOT a PRIVILEGE granted by any government. Now, go back and re-read the definition of an EXCISE! It is simply a PRIVILEGE tax. Where there is no privilege, there is no tax! That is why the term RETURN is used. There is a RETURN for that which is granted as a PRIVILEGE. If there is no ‘privilege’ there is no requirement for a ‘return’! Not even a 1040 Form or any other kind of Form. Since we are now in the area of ‘religion’, the FIRST AMENDMENT of the Constitution is involved. These rights are ‘religious’ rights granted by Almighty God. The I.R.S. and the government violates these rights in their unlawful demands that RETURNS be submitted to the government by every ‘natural’ person rather than only ‘artificial’ persons such as corporations and business enterprises of a corporate or quasi-corporate nature. There is a great difference between the two and the 16th Amendment is ONLY directed and pertains ONLY to the ‘artificial’ and NOT the ‘natural’ persons.

We now look at Section 6012 of the Internal Revenue Code. This is an Act of Congress and may NOT amend the Constitution. It must be in accord with the Constitution or it is not law. In this statute, the words “every individual” can mean ONLY those ‘artificial’ persons who are SUBJECT to an INDIRECT or EXCISE tax. They cannot be ‘natural’ persons. They must FIRST be SUBJECT to INDIRECT taxation because of their particular business or occupation being, in itself, the occasion for an INDIRECT tax. Thus, it is the particular business activity or occupation which makes the ‘artificial’ person subject to taxation and NOT the mere innocent and lawful receipt of $750.00 as a result of the ‘natural’ person exercising one’s Constitutionally GUARANTEED and protected right given by Almighty God, to lawfully work, acquire and possess property and pursue happiness and privacy.

When the I.R.S. and the Justice Department bring a citizen to trial on criminal charges as they did with Rev. Johnston and are doing to many others, they charge the citizen with what they call a violation of Section 7203, Willful Failure to File RETURNS! In doing this, they put the cart before the horse. Or, which comes first, the chicken or the egg? They violate the FIRST AMENDMENT rights by removing the citizen from his God-given right to a Christian NAME and give him or her a ‘title’ called ‘TAXPAYER’. Now, just a minute! It is NOT the receipt of a mere $750.00 that makes someone a TAXPAYER! Nor does this receipt of any amount make one liable for an Income Tax! To be LIABLE for an Income Tax under provisions of the 16th Amendment, one must FIRST be a ‘TAXPAYER’ as defined by the 16th Amendment. Again, which comes first, the chicken or the egg? The mere fact that someone lawfully receives $750.00 does NOT make him SUBJECT to an Income Tax nor is he therefore REQUIRED by Section 7203 of the Internal Revenue code to make a RETURN to the government.

The term ‘taxpayer’ is defined by Sections 1313(b) and 7701(a)(14) of the Internal Revenue code as ‘any person SUBJECT to any internal revenue tax, or SUBJECT to a tax under the applicable revenue law. The term ‘taxpayer’ is NOT defined as any person who receives $750.00 or more! Rev. Johnston and all citizens are ‘natural’ persons. They are not the ‘artificial’ persons who are required under the 16th Amendment to make a RETURN to the government in the form of an EXCISE which is a tax for a PRIVILEGE granted by the government. (These are Corporate persons). In short, a ‘natural’ person has never asked for nor has he ever received a FRANCHISE or a license from any government or state for which he is required to make a RETURN to the state or government in any form whatsoever. He has received NO PRIVILEGES whereby he is SUBJECT to an EXCISE or any other tax under the 16th Amendment or any provisions of any Internal Revenue code or otherwise.

The Indictments prepared by the Justice Department at the request of the I.R.S. in Rev. Johnston’s case as in all of the similar cases brought against citizens for what the I.R.S. calls ‘Willful Failure to File Returns’ are therefore unlawful, erroneous and void. When these citizens of Sovereign States are brought in by federal armed marshals under these spurious indictments, they are, in reality, being kidnapped with armed force and taken into a ‘pretended’ jurisdiction of a ‘federal court’, being removed from the boundaries of their states in violation of the U.S. and their STATE Constitutions.

Rev. Johnston had never received a communication of any kind from the I.R.S. or the Justice Department prior to his being arrested by federal marshals at his home at 10:30 p.m. on a Sunday night. He was handcuffed, taken into custody and jailed on a spurious warrant for “failure to appear”. This was later changed to an “Indictment on Information”. His trial was an insult to American jurisprudence. The Judge, Robert J. Kelleher evidenced prejudice and bias from the start of the proceedings, which could better be described as an “inquisition”. In fact, that is what all of these trials of so-called tax protestants have been. The Judge further indicated his prejudices by his refusal to provide a notice of appeal so as to permit release of Rev. Johnston on bail. A Christian Minister is being held unlawfully in a federal prison under control of a “Political Appointee” Attorney General while there is ample evidence that this same Judge Kelleher has released Jew criminals with suspended sentences and probation. I.R.S. documents showed that Rev. Johnston had been “selected” for prosecution because they believed him to be what they called a leader of a tax protest movement.

The Court assigned a Jew lawyer as Rev. Johnston’s counsel. From the start, this Jew lawyer kept telling Rev. Johnston that he was guilty and would have to PROVE HIS INNOCENCE! Isn’t that amazing? We all have been of the understanding that in American Jurisprudence, one is innocent until proven guilty! The Jew Lawyer was in constant touch with the female Justice Department prosecutor. He gave Rev. Johnston absolutely no assistance whatsoever and in fact, was his “adversary”. Where was Rev. Johnston’s Constitutional GUARANTEE of adequate Assistance of Counsel”? There was none! He was denied his guaranteed rights under our Constitution. He was constantly approached by the Jew lawyer with an offer of “plenary indulgences” if he would plead guilty. This was all done in collusion with the Justice Department prosecutor. In spite of all of these actions, Rev. Johnston stuck to his guns. He PROVED the I.R.S. a fraud and for this, was convicted by a Judge who had no lawful jurisdiction over Rev. Johnston in the first place. These “Indictments” obtained by the I.R.S. from the Justice Department in these tax cases are more than erroneous, they are fraudulent. They begin with the fraudulent claim that the individual is a “taxpayer” without one bit of PROOF of this assertion. Then they proceed from that erroneous position with a Kangaroo Court trial! The Jury, if there is one, is completely “tampered” by the Court and are nothing but dumb sheep. Shades of 1776! Do we need another shot like that which was fired at Concord Bridge? Do the I.R.S. and the Justice Department support the Communist Manifesto and the Communist Party Platform of 1912? Or do they uphold the Constitution? Rev. Johnston’s case proves that they support the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO! Every official of government involved in his case should be summarily dismissed from office, including Judge Kelleher! Did those we left in graves overseas in past wars fight and die for this? God forbid! Every person reading this should write to us for the documentation on this case and send it to their Congressman with a DEMAND that he take immediate and positive action - or he will be left at home next election! Rev. Johnston will remain in prison rather than submit to a Communist form of government as exemplified by the I.R.S. and the Justice Department in his case. When these things happen, other organizations put out a call for what they call a “Defense Fund”. We will not call it that BUT, all contributions sent for Rev. Johnston will be held in a special account and be delivered to him personally when he returns to active duty as a Minister of the Church. Your contributions will not be wasted on Attorney fees or for “defensive” actions. It will be used for “offensive” purposes and Rev. Johnston can get mighty “offensive”. Those who wish to contribute to this fund should send their contribution to the Ministry of Christ Church, marked for Rev. James R. Johnston. His research on the law in his case and the Supreme Court rulings he presented to the Court will not be in vain. He PROVED that the I.R.S. is a fraud and that they lie when they say that each and every natural person is REQUIRED BY LAW to file an annual RETURN to the government (I.R.S.) for something that GOD has given them freely and which is GUARANTEED by the Constitution of the U.S. as well as their STATE Constitutions. And one final point. When anyone asks you what will happen to the government if people did not pay that communist “graduated” income tax, the answer is with another question: “How did this nation become the greatest and most wealthy nation in the world for 137 years PRIOR to and WITHOUT that communist “graduated” income tax? And has gone down the drain to economic disaster and nearly a communist state ever since it has been in existence!

Stop being fooled! The federal income tax is used to redeem federal reserve Notes and in conjunction with the Federal Reserve Act (Title 12, U.S. Code) to pay the INTEREST on what they call the “National DEBT”! It does NOT support the public treasury one whit! You have no more DOLLARS in your land. Only evidences of DEBT to a Jew-controlled so-called “federal” banking system which isn’t “federal” nor controlled by your Congress as the constitution mandates. If CONGRESS permits this to continue, the States may find it necessary to remove the present Congress and replace it with a COMMITTEE OF THE STATES as provided for in the Articles of Confederation which was adopted to be in effect PERPETUAL (forever).


The Jury system stems from MAGNA CHARTA and IS a part of the Constitution of the United States. It is brought into the Constitution by Article VI, Section 1. Magna Charta, along with the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Rights of 1765, the Declaration of Rights of 1774, the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation, were all ENGAGEMENTS ENTERED INTO, by and between the separate, SOVEREIGN States for their GOVERNMENTS, BEFORE the adoption of the constitution. Now, read Article VI, Section 1 of the Constitution. It says, “All debts contracted AND ENGAGEMENTS ENTERED INTO before the adoption of this Constitution, SHALL BE AS VALID AGAINST THE UNITED STATES UNDER THIS CONSTITUTION, as under the Confederation.” The Law for the Jury is in Magna Charta AND IS NOW IN THE CONSTITUTION! Why has it been altered? Why do these Judges (Lawyers) now tell juries that only THEY can say what the LAW means or what the law is? The jury is to determine BOTH the law and the facts of a case according to Jury Law! If the law is unjust, the JURY may make the determination and place itself between the government and the person being tried. This is its purpose - but this purpose has been defeated by the entrenched “bench-bar” usurpers who call themselves Judges and “Members of the Bar”. They are SUBVERTERS of the Constitution and of God’s Law. Read what Jesus Christ says to them in Luke, Chapter 11, Verses 43 to 54.

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution could not have been written without Magna Charta. One of the rights and privileges the document guaranteed is the trial by Jury and that is the keystone of our freedom. With the King making the laws (statutes) and his appointed Judges presiding over the Courts, all of the other guarantees would have been done away with by the Courts if it were not for the right of a Jury trial. The Jury exercised the power to nullify any of the King’s laws by a verdict of acquittal. The Jury could disregard the laws as well as the directives of the Courts, when in their opinion, enforcement would be an injustice to the accused. Their acquittal was beyond the power of the Court to reverse or set aside and it was final, rendering the law in that particular case null and void. Is that what your Courts, Judges and lawyers have done away with today? You bet! There isn’t one trial in YOUR Courts today that isn’t in violation of the Law for the Jury. Trials today are nothing more than the “star chamber” proceedings which were employed in Europe and England prior to the founding of our Christian Republic. The anti-Christ Adversary system has been resurrected in our land today by a Jewized Judiciary!


Rev. Gale and Mrs. Gale, along with Tammy, a large Golden Labrador will travel to visit Identity groups in Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin. The route will take in the states in the above order from April 1st to the end of May. Those who wish to have a meeting in your area, please write immediately for scheduled locations and arrival dates. This must be done prior to the 1st of April and the earlier the better. In many instances, people may travel to an adjacent state when the meeting is scheduled within their distance capabilities. Rev. Gale travels with a 30’ travel trailer which is fully self-contained. Trailer parks or large parking areas are all that is required. His tow truck is quite long and cannot be maneuvered into small spaces. There are those who have listened to the tape sermons of Rev. Gale for many years but have never met personally. He looks forward to these personal visits with these people. Your cooperation will be appreciated in this endeavor since travel is expensive as well as time-consuming.

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The book “FAITH OF OUR FATHERS” by Rev. W. P. Gale is now available by a donation of $5.00 per copy. Mail your order to MINISTRY OF CHRIST CHURCH, 5481 Clouds Rest, Mariposa, CA 95338. This book is a very valuable “primer” for the IDENTITY message, explaining the Bible from Adam and Eve to the present day. It would have been better called WHITE ROOTS.

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The booklet “RACIAL & NATIONAL IDENTITY” by Rev. Gale, is now available on Cassette tape at a minimum donation of $3.00 per cassette. For this, mail your order to the same address above for the book “Faith of Our Fathers”.

I am the good shepherd and know my sheep, and am known of mine

St. John 10:14

I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel

Matthew 15:24