VOL X NO 3 - Highlights: Magna Carta And The Anglo American Jury Pt 1




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(Part I)

On June 15, 1215, in a meadow at Runnymeade in England, the Knights of the Church cornered their would-be dictator King John. They placed their swords at his throat and said “Sign or shed thy blood.” With all the armies of England at his command, the King signed the most important civil document ever written - The Magna Carta. Without it, our own Declaration of Independence and Constitution could never have been written.

Of the many rights and privileges guaranteed by Magna Carta, the trial by Jury is the keystone of our freedom. Although the power to make laws and his appointment of justices to preside over the courts was left to the King, all of the other guarantees granted by Magna Carta would have been swept away in judicial fist without the jury trial. From the start, the juries had the power to nullify any of the King’s laws by a verdict of acquittal. In essence the juries could disregard the King’s laws as well as the directives of the courts, when in their opinion, enforcement would have worked an injustice on an accused. Their acquittal was beyond the power of the court to reverse or set aside and it was final, thus rendering the law in that particular case, null and void.

As the power to make law passed from King to council, to the assembly, to parliament and legislative bodies, there has been a consistent attack upon the power of the Jury to nullify their laws. Practically every facet of society has taken some part in the attack. These have been cleverly cloaked in “sound reasonings” and deceptive to the people. The frontal attack upon our Jury system began decades ago with the suggestion that, since the ordinary man could not be expected to understand the complex laws of modern society, he should not be allowed to judge the laws as a juror. For the “good of the accused”, juries should be abolished and the judges (now only a special class known as “members of the bar”) who are paid to know the law, should decide innocence or guilt. The awe we have been conditioned to feel for a courtroom destroys any incentive to question the propriety of a procedure. In this atmosphere the judges and the lawyers have established rules of procedure, rules of evidence, formats for all legal papers, time limitations and other dictum. These rules give the judges (generals) full command of the troops (lawyers) and for one to assume that they will make a rule contrary to their convenience or to reduce their power is asinine. Instead of abolishing the jury, they would have us keep all the outward appearance of its importance - but just take the guts out of it and deny the jury the power to judge the law. Instead, let the judge bind them by oath to accept “his” interpretation of the law, whether they agree with it or not. Let the judge determine what evidence can be presented for we can’t waste valuable court time arguing irrelevancies. Then let the jury judge the facts as presented in the evidence allowed. If, in the judges opinion there is a law on the books, and if, according the evidence, this law has been broken; Presto! Guilty! One can find as much justice in a kangaroo court or star chamber proceeding! Such spurious and specious reasonings should be met head-on in the courtrooms right now.

The fact is that jurors were never expected to know statute law. From the beginning, they were expected to be ordinary people with ordinary intelligence. Quite the opposite of being able to reaffirm the fin points of statute law. Their function is to prevent these fine points, which could be good and valid in a thousand other cases, from being used to work an injustice on an accused in a single case. Simply stated, the jury has the power, perogative and the duty to the accused to himself as a possible future accused and to society as a whole - to nullify any law, that in their opinion, would result in an injustice if enforced. These subtle attacks upon the jury system must be stopped since the jury’s power to nullify law is our last peaceful method of avoiding political enslavement.



The nationwide telecast of “The Holocaust” is a sneak attack upon Christianity! There is a great German-American voice for truth and justice that should be heard across the land! There is a great amount of research that should be done on the false claim of the Jews that six million Jews were gassed in Germany. In the San Diego Union (April 14, 1977), under the headline “New Holocaust Feared by Jews”. Dennis Prager, director of the Brandeis Institute, before an audience of 150 at the Jewish Community Center, exposed the Talmudic motive “…without Christianity, there would have been no holocaust. Christianity laid the foundation for the holocaust and it may well give us another holocaust”. This is nothing more than a sly package of poison to instigate a sneak attack upon the Christian Faith. How can one more slyly suggest that if six million Jews were exterminated by the Third Reich, that it was in fact by the Catholic and Lutheran Germans in Germany (all Christians of course) - and that it was a “holocaust” for which all Christians are ultimately to blame.

It seems obvious that the holocaust TV stunt is in fact a myth, an atrocity invention and a calculated swindle to extract reparations for the false state of Israel from all of the Christian people of Germany. Jesus Christ said that those who scandalize the youth and debauch them with lies, should have a millstone hung about their necks and be dropped into the ocean! Yet, forcing this false atrocity invention upon our school children is what proponents of the holocaust are trying to do. Even the Catholic Nuns have been drafted into the act with Jewish Guidebooks.

The Apostle Paul advised us in Titus 1:10-14 not to give heed to Jewish fables. This also pertains to the Jewish fable that the Romans crucified Jesus Christ. Roman law prohibited a crucifixion! It was not the Romans (Italians) who crucified Jesus! It was the Jews and their Jew soldiers! (See Matthew 27:22-25). This is the importance of the knowledge of the true - Israelites - that the Christians of today are the Israelite people of the Bible. The Jews are NOT the Israelites of the bible and never have been. Does this clash with your theological gears? It certainly does! But it is the truth! If anyone wishes to contend with this truth, we suggest they search the scriptures and they may then argue with the words of Jesus the Christ - not with us - for Jesus said who the Jews are. (See John 8:39-47 and John 10:23-26)



The Tax Revolt in the State of California is spreading nation-wide. It is past due and is only the spark which will ignite the explosion that is to come. It involves only a minor part of the tax problem. People are learning slowly that the Communist “Graduated” Income Tax will be next on their agenda. Congress will learn that it is within their power to stop the I.R.S. and if they do not do it, there will be only one alternative. Since the people cannot eliminate the Communist Income Tax by the ballot, as they did with their property tax problem, the only alternative will be to change the letter “a” to the letter “u” and the letter “o” to the letter “e”, for this is the very same problem faced by our ancestors when they fired the shot that was heard across the world at Concord Bridge.

The Communist Manifesto of 1848 proposed a method to “Communize” this nation by imposing a “graduated” tax upon the income of each and every person. This was also a plank in the platform of the Communist Party U.S.A. in 1912. Here again we are faced with the Jew “Big Lie” after the Apostle Paul warned us not to believe these Jewish Fables. The “Big Lie” is that the 16th Amendment imposes such a tax. It does NOT! A Christian Minister of this Church, Rev. Jim Johnston, has spent nearly a year in a “political prison” under jurisdiction of a political appointee, the Attorney General of the U.S. - simply because he exposed this “Big Lie” in “their” court. Others are also being so incarcerated all across the land. Congressmen are in error when they say there is nothing they can do about it. The Congress appropriates the public’s money to operate these political prisons! Do they mean to tell us that they cannot withdraw these appropriations? Are they not in control of the purse-strings of public funds? If not - then they should return to private life.

We have, in the past, published the law and even rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court which prove that the 16th Amendment did not, and could not, impose a direct tax upon the income of every person in this country. The I.R.S. is not only in violation of the 16th Amendment but of the entire Constitution and particularly where the Church is concerned - the First Amendment. We want to know where these federal judges, I.R.S. agents and Justice Department employees have acquired the “divinity pills” which they use to violate the 1st Amendment dual injunction against both servants of God and servants of men. By what authority do they practice Church Law? The 1st Amendment prohibits the Church from doing what they are doing and the Church has obeyed this injunction since the founding of this Christian Republic. Why shouldn’t those on the public payroll obey it? There is a nation-wide protest against it and placing good Christian Protesters in a “political” prison will not stop it - but will spark it to a point of conflict. There is an age-old saying that history repeats itself. Nuff said!



Throughout the Old Testament, the Israelite people are referred to as “God’s Sheep”. Jesus also identifies them as “His Sheep” in the New Testament. But Jesus said to the Jews in John 10:26 that they, the Jews, are NOT of His sheep. He further identified the mixed-race Jews of that time as descendants of Cain (Luke 11:51) when He said that they were the descendants or generation (race) of those who murdered Abel. These descendants of Cain are offspring of Satan since I John 3:12 says that Cain was of “that wicked one” (Satan). We should then re-read St. John 8:39-47 where Jesus tells the Jews that their father is Satan and that they are NOT of God!

When the Caucasian Christians realize that they and their ancestors are in truth, God’s people (the Israelites of the Bible) then this Christian Nation, the New Jerusalem of the Bible, will commence a cleansing that is long overdue. The scripture will be fulfilled where it says:

  1. I John 2:15-29

  2. I John 4:1-6

  3. Romans 9:26

  4. Hosea 1:10

  5. II Chronicles 7:14

  6. Hosea 2:23

Now - re-read your Bible completely!


I am the good shepherd and know my sheep and am known of mine. (St. John 10:14)

I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel. (Matthew 15:24)