VOL X NO 4 - Highlights: Magna Carta And The Anglo American Jury Pt. 2 - and - Separation Of Church And State - and - The Income Tax - and - Mystery Babylon



Volume X, No. 4

Published Quarterly by the Ministry of Christ Church

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The “Church” is composed of the many membered body of Jesus Christ. These are Christ’s children and they are “the people” known as “Christians”. Is our Christian Constitutional Republic a government “of the people by the people and for the people”? If so, then are not the people the government? Government is then the business of the Church, since the Church and the People are synonymous.


We have all heard this phrase many times. What does it mean? It is claimed that he 1st Amendment to the Constitution provides for it. Let’s go into the background of the 1st Amendment. Let’s examine the conditions that existed in Europe which were the reason for the 1st Amendment. In doing so, we find that there was, in Europe, an unholy wedlock between the Church and the State. The Church would make charges against persons such as the one called “heresy”. The Church would conduct hearings called ‘inquisitions’ and then ‘trials’ before the Priestly hierarchy of the Church.

These trials were conducted under the rules of order as prescribed by the Priestly hierarchy and no other law need be considered by the Church Court. The “State”, represented by the King or Queen, was in collusion with the Church in the conduct of the ‘inquisitions’ and ‘trials’. This was the ‘unholy wedlock’ between Church & State. It permitted charges by the Priestly hierarchy to be considered a “crime against the State”. Upon trial, if the accused were to confess, it might be to his or her advantage in the granting of ‘plenary indulgences’ (lessening of punishment) that is, if the ‘confession’ were to the satisfaction of the Court. If the ‘confession’ were not to the Court’s satisfaction, more severe punishment would result. But, on the other hand, if the accused would pay ‘shekels’, he or she could be absolved of all punishment and be released from Gaol (jail). These were the conditions which brought about the 1st Amendment on this side of the Atlantic in the formation of our Republic. It was not a separation of Church & State here in this New Jerusalem. It was a separation of the ‘unholy wedlock’ between the Church and State which existed PRIOR to the founding of this Christian Constitutional Republic!

The 1st and the 2nd through 10th Amendments in the Bill of Rights, are the same as the 10 Commandments. They are a “SHALT NOT” to the State or Government! THOU SHALT NOT! THOU SHALT NOT! They are, in legal terms an INJUNCTION! The 1st Amendment is a DUAL Injunction. Neither the Church nor the Government may violate it. This was the reason for the revolt (protest) by the Catholic Priest Martin Luther. He opposed and protested this collusion between the Church and the State. His protest became known as the “Protestant (Protester’s) Ethic”, hence “Protestants”.

Isn’t it a surprise to ‘Protestant Preachers’ to learn that there were no ‘Protestants’ until made so by a ‘Catholic’. But here is where we have been amiss. The ‘Catholics’ were before the ‘Protestants’ - now who were before the Catholics? The ISRAELITES! Every disciple of Jesus was an Israelite except one who was a Yehudi (Jew). To this one Jesus said: “I have picked one of you who is a DEVIL.” This Jew walked with God for three years and sold Him out for 30 pieces of silver - and Jesus did not try to convert him. Jesus said that He did everything as an example for us - and He did not try to convert the child of the devil. Please read the Book of Acts. It makes clear that the disciples of Jesus were Israelites (NOT JEWS) and they were called ‘Christians’ first at Antioch! (Doesn’t this one shift your ‘theological gears”!) Isaiah wasn’t wrong, was he. He said that God’s children the Israelites would be known by a NEW name. The O.T. is about the Israelites and the N.T. is TO the Israelites. If you are not an Israelite throw the Bible away for there isn’t anything in it for you. For Jesus said: ”I come not but for the lost sheep of the House of Israel”.

We repeat - the ‘Israelites’ would be called by a NEW name. (Isaiah 62:2). So the Israelites of the O.T. are now called ‘Christians’ and the Jews are NOT called Christians! Now, getting back to the matter of the Church and the State. This Republic was founded as a ‘Christian’ Republic. The government is nothing but an expansion of the Christian Church! Since its founding, there has been no separation of Church and State. The only sense of any separation is the INJUNCTION imposed upon BOTH the government and the Church by the First Amendment. The Republic is, in fact, a ‘Christian’ government, of the people, by the people and for the people who are THE CHURCH as the many membered body of Jesus Christ - all Christians! Its laws are based upon the laws of God (the God of Israel) from the Holy Bible. It was founded by a compact (contract) known as the ‘Articles of Confederation, Perpetual’ which have their source in the Holy Bible. Since the Constitution was lifted from the Articles of Confederation, the source of the Constitution is the Bible. Without the Bible, there is no Constitution for the Republic. Without the Constitution there is no ‘federal’ government, no federal courts, no federal congress and no President of these United States. No citizen is bound to allegiance to any ‘government’ per se. His allegiance is to God, (the God of this Nation Jesus the Christ), to the Constitution and to the Republic. Quote: “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and TO THE REPUBLIC for which it stands; one nation UNDER GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Let us never forget that Jesus Christ is that God and every official document of our government testifies to His Holy Name and is dated in accordance with His birth. When George Washington was selected to lead the Republic, he said “You may give me no royal Title for this nation already has a King - it is Jesus The Christ.”


The Communist Manifesto of 1848 proposed a method to ‘communize’ a nation with a ‘graduated’ tax upon the income of each and every ‘natural’ person. This was also a Plank in the Platform of the Communist Party USA in 1912. Those who hold that the 16th Amendment imposes such a tax, when it fact it does NOT, are supporters of the Communist Manifesto rather than the US Constitution. For proof-positive, let’s look into the 16th Amendment. Prior to its being, in 1894, Congress passed an Income Tax Law. It was found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court because it was a DIRECT tax and the law did not provide for its apportionment amongst the States. So it violated Article I, Sec. 9, Clause 4 of the Constitution, which restricts DIRECT taxes to apportionment amongst the States. (See Pollock vs Farmers Loan & Trust Co. 137 US 429, Re-hearing 158, US 601). In 1909, U.S. Senator Bailey of Texas proposed the 16th Amendment. The purpose was to LIMIT all income taxes to the category of INDIRECT and thus make it unnecessary for the Courts to determine if the tax were “direct” or “indirect” as it had to do in the Pollock case. Two very important words were therefore included in the 16th Amendment. They are: “without apportionment”. This left no question about the 16th being limited to ONLY ‘indirect’ taxes. These are specified in the Constitution as ‘excises, imposts and duties’ and all must be UNIFORM throughout the United States. Congress then passed another Income Tax Act which was challenged. Argument was made before the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Brushaber vs Union Pac. RR, 240, US 1 and Stanton vs Baltic Mining Co. 240, US 107. Here are some of the Supreme Court’s words in its rulings: “The 16th Amendment is limited to indirect taxes and therefore constitutional.” - “The 16th Amendment conferred no new power of taxation upon the Congress.” - “Taxation on income is, in its nature, an EXCISE.” - “An excise is an impost for a license to pursue certain callings or to deal in special commodities or to exercise particular FRANCHISES.” The terms ‘excise tax’ and ‘privilege tax’ are synonymous. “The tax may be described as an ‘excise’ upon the particular PRIVILEGE of doing business in a corporate capacity with the advantages which arise from ‘corporate’ or quasi-corporate organizations; or when applied to Insurance Companies, for doing the business of such companies ..the requirement to pay such taxes involves the exercise of PRIVILEGE. . .Income is not directly taxed, but is merely used to measure or determine the amount of an EXCISE on business activities which the State has the power to either permit or prohibit.” - “the tax under consideration as we have construed the statute, may be described as an ‘excise’ upon the particular ‘privilege’ of doing business in a corporate capacity.” - “The word ‘income’ must be given the same meaning in ALL of the Income Tax Acts of Congress that was given to it in the Federal Corporation Excise Tax Act”. - “The source of the taxing power is not the 16th Amendment, it is Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution.” - “A State may not impose a charge for the enjoyment of a right granted by the Federal Constitution.” - “The legislature and the people may not choose to deny a fundamental constitutional right, as a means of collecting revenue.” - “It must be conceded that there are such ‘rights’ in every free government beyond the control of the State. A government which recognizes no such rights is after all but a despotism. . .of all the powers conferred upon government, that of taxation is most liable to abuse for the power to tax is the power to destroy.”

Now, we come to Section 6012 of the Internal Revenue code. (Title 26, USC). The words used in this Section mislead the ordinary person into believing that it implements or imposes a ‘direct tax’ upon every natural person (individual). This is NOT SO! Sec. 6012 is strictly LIMITED to an excise or indirect tax and ONLY to those ‘artificial’ persons (corporate individuals) who, because of their ‘privileged’ activities, are SUBJECT to an EXCISE! So it is Corporations who are the ‘individuals’ referred to in Section 6012, NOT ‘natural’ persons as individuals.

The words ‘every individual’ in Sec. 6012 cannot possibly mean every ‘natural’ person because that would be in excess of the ‘limitations’ of the 16th Amendment to an ‘excise’! Under no circumstances can either the 16th Amendment or Section 6012 implement a ‘direct’ tax upon a ‘natural’ person’s income. The words ‘every individual’ can mean only every ‘artificial’ (corporate) individual who is SUBJECT to an ‘indirect’ or EXCISE tax. Such artificial persons must FIRST be SUBJECT to ‘indirect’ taxation because of their business activity being in itself, an occasion for an ‘indirect’ tax. Thus, it is the particular business activity which makes the ‘artificial’ person (corporate individual) LIABLE to indirect taxation. It is NOT the mere innocent and lawful receipt of $750.00 or ANY OTHER AMOUNT OF MONEY, as a result of the ‘natural’ person exercising a constitutionally GUARANTEED right to lawfully work, acquire and possess property (or money) which every ‘natural’ person in this country has.

Justice Department Indictments on Willful Failure to File Income Tax Returns brought against ‘natural’ persons not subject to an ‘excise’ or ‘privilege’ tax, are fraudulent and unlawful. Trials of such persons by federal courts is also unlawful. No natural free person has ever received a franchise or license from any government for which he is required to ‘make a return’ to the government in any manner or form. (Not even a 1040 Form). He has received no ‘privileges’ from any government whereby he is SUBJECT to an ‘excise’ or ‘privilege’ tax of any kind under the 16th Amendment or any other Statute enacted by any legislative body. His rights are God-given and also GUARANTEED by the Constitution of this Christian Republic. Those who would deny these rights and implement the Communist Manifesto with a communist ‘graduated income tax’ - rather than uphold the Constitution, should read the Book of Luke, Chapter 19, Verse 27. Jesus The Christ is still in command! When His instructions are carried out, Satan’s communist programs will stop and this will again be the land of the free and home of the brave!


Now is the time for every public official to be made aware of the truth as it relates to the problems in the Middle East. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled - but not as the false prophets (preachers) of the Christian Church proclaim. “Because they have seduced My people, saying Peace and there was no peace. .” Ezek 13:10 “Draw me not away with the wicked and with workers of iniquity, which speak peace to their neighbors, but mischief is in their hearts.” Psalms 28:3 “Thus saith Jesus concerning the prophets (preachers) that make My people err, that bite with their teeth and cry Peace; and he that puts not into their mouths, they even prepare war against him . . .” Micah 3:5-7 “We looked for Peace but no good came; and for a time of health, and behold TROUBLE!” Jeremiah 8:15 “They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of My people slightly, saying Peace, Peace, when there is no Peace.” Jeremiah 6:14 “Suppose ye that I am come to give Peace on earth? I tell you NAY, but rather division.” Luke 12:51 “Think not that I am come to send Peace on earth: I came NOT to send Peace, but a sword.” Matthew 10:34

The Jews falsely lay claim to the Holy Land. Their Bible claims are false because they are NOT the Israelites of the Bible! The Arabs are the descendants of Abraham thru Ishmael and are relatives of the true Israelites now known as Christians (NOT the Jews)! Jesus Christ is NOT a Jew! Read John 8:39-47 where Jesus identifies the Jews. The Book of Revelations reveals that mystery city Babylon to be the OLD Jerusalem, that city where Christ was crucified (Rev. 11:8) and that it (the Old Jerusalem) is now a habitation of devils.(Rev. 18:2). Who did Jesus identify as ‘children of the devil’? Re-read John 8:38-47! The Book of Revelation has now been opened to you! The Jews and their world order are “Mystery Babylon” - no longer a “mystery”. Tell your Congressman to read it NOW and prepare this nation for the fulfillment of Rev. 18:20-21.



In Part I of our last issue it was emphasized that without Magna Carta our Declaration of Independence and Constitution could never have been written . . .that the trial by Jury is the keystone of our freedom. As the power to make laws passed from King to Council, to the Assembly and to Legislative bodies, there has been a consistent attack upon the power of the Jury to nullify their laws. Instead of abolishing the Jury, they keep its outward appearance but take the guts out and deny the Jury its power to judge the law. If, in the Judge’s opinion there is a law on the books, and if according to the evidence, the law has been broken - presto - Guilty! One can find as much ‘justice’ in a kangaroo court or a star-chamber proceeding. The functionof the Jury is to ‘rule upon the law’! Their function is to prevent fine points which could be valid in a thousand other cases, from being used to work an injustice upon an accused in a single case. Simply stated, the Jury has the power and the duty to nullify any law that, in their opinion would result in an injustice, if enforced. This is our ‘peaceful’ method of avoiding political enslavement! No just law will harm a just man. Laws should be made to correct injustice. When one begins to feel pained by a law, his first responsibility is to carefully examine his position for justification. If his righteousness is certain, then he has not only a moral right but a duty to challenge the law with disobedience, and test it in a court (of ‘law’, not ‘equity’) before a Jury which has the power to nullify the law, if they agree. How did we get into the mess of law that is strangling us today? We have simply been so pre-occupied with the prosperity that our original freedoms brought about, that we have permitted scoundrels to rob us for their own benefit. We have not been eternally vigilant and have permitted jackals to steal our birthright. If they continue to steal the power of the Jury to nullify their unjust laws (Acts of Legislatures), nothing short of violent revolution will ever win them back.

In the early days - when officials respected the Constitution and their oath to it, most cases arising were between citizen vs citizen and could be submitted to a single judge with little danger of serious miscarriage of justice. But today, most cases involve Government vs Citizen. When one is charged under unconstitutional laws, the investigation is done by government-paid agents. They decide what evidence is to be submitted to a government-paid and appointed Grand Jury for an indictment - and then comes prosecution by government-paid lawyers, with trial before a government-paid judge - and a bottomless fund of tax dollars to spend on the prosecution. Without the power and will of a jury to nullify law in such cases, injustice is not only possible, it is assured! When a judge can bind a jury by oath to accept HIS interpretation without reservation, and can determine the evidence they can hear, there is no legal protection for an accused! Anyone wishing to further research this subject should read the following references. After reading them, it will be obvious that those who seek to negate the power of the jury, are traitors to our American system of jurisprudence and justice.


DeCapo Press, 227 W. 17th St., New York, NY 10011

Two Volumes

Georgia vs Brailsford (3 Dallas, 1 1794, US Sup Ct)

United States vs Dougherty (873 F 2d, 1972)

United States vs Moylan (417 F 2d, 1969)

Sparf vs United States (USSC 156 64, 1894)

In conclusion, there is no question about the Jury - having the right, power and duty to assert themselves in their courtroom roles. They do have! The big question is, WILL THEY DO SO? If not, then it spells the end of this great Christian Republic with justice and liberty for all.


We have learned during the past few years that Cassette taped sermons of the Church are more effective than the “written” publications if they are used properly by the recipients. We have only two methods of distribution, each for a separate purpose. (1) the twice-monthly automatic mailings to organized tape groups who conduct regular weekly meetings as Congregations of the Church and (2) An Order Form listing the sermons available to individuals and which are ordered with a minimum contribution of $3.00 per cassette accompanying the order. Contribution is based upon only the material costs of the tapes and postage. If we had labor costs, the minimum would be more than doubled - and if the Ministers were paid, just think of the cost of one sermon alone! After all, these sermons took time and labor on the part of the Ministers - and this comes free on the tapes. Other authors SELL theirs!

Many people are using the term “Identity” and refer to themselves and others as “Identity” Ministers. It may interest you to know that there are only two whom we, at the present time, recognize as “true” Identity. One is Rev. Bertrand Comparet. The other is Rev. Dan Gayman, P.O. Box 483, Nevada, MO 64772. There is cooperation, coordination and harmony between us. We are of ‘like mind’. If there be others, we do not know them. - The tape group congregations of this Church are organized with a primary objective of forming hard-core Identity groups nation-wide. As groups separate the sheep from the goats, they should develop local communications nets with CB and HAM radios. This should be both mobile and with base stations at homes. Group leaders should attend as many Seminars at the Nat’l. HQ as possible for education, and meeting other group leaders, eye to eye. Tape group congregations need not be restricted or limited in local areas. If any area will accommodate several groups, the initial group should make every effort to activate new groups in their areas. This should be coordinated with Nat’l HQ by requesting Application Forms for new groups. Communications and coordination between local groups should be emphasized. Joint meetings can be scheduled with social events for fellowship. Have you done this? If not, why not NOW?

The matter of “cooperation” is a delicate subject. It applies to all of us. A better term might be “loyalty”. Tape groups should cooperate with each other and with the Nat’l HQ. The military term is “discipline”. This is the willingness to cooperate, not simply to command or give orders. A good leader merely expresses his wish or desire and a disciplined soldier cooperates without an open disagreement or discontent. Are we disciplined soldiers of Christ? The anti-Christ are “disciplined”! If we find those who say “If I can’t be the Captain, I’ll not play”, the door should be opened for them to go elsewhere.

Our tape group congregation leaders accept a very difficult task. It requires extra effort, determination and a will to win. It is a heavy work-load for them and for us at Nat’l HQ. We are all unpaid volunteers so cooperation is vital to success. Now, let us all get down to “brass tacks”. We will either spread this Identity truth in every local community - or we are going down the drain as a Nation and a Republic. This is the first step toward a victory for Jesus Christ and our country. The time has come! Each and every one of us must see to it that every Public servant of this Christian nation nears this IDENTITY truth. This is a campaign for Christ! May the blessings of Almighty God, Jesus the Christ be with all of you in these endeavors. We have the tapes and high speed reproduction equipment. If you will use them wisely, along with the Order Forms, we can soon accomplish the objectives. Also attend the Seminars!