The Wave Of The Future, 8-27-62



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-27-62

Tonight as we speak on the subject ‘The wave of the future,’ we are looking forward to some inevitable facts, that will soon be made manifest as patterns of history. We are also consciously aware that there are things which we must think and which we must recognize. And that is you cannot ever return to yesterday. Therefore with this inability to return to yesterday we must shape tomorrow better than yesterday. And not permit tomorrow to run into a pattern which may have brought on yesterdays destruction.

I find a certain design upon the part of many good people to think about the good things of yesterday. And as they think upon it, they tell us how wonderful it was before the subversion. How wonderful it was before the powers of darkness made their way in. And they wonder how we can return to those good days. But I am going to tell you that you have been in a conflict ever since your race has been upon the earth. This is a conflict upon the earth for you who have emerged from one man’s family into a great company of nations, tonight. This company of nations is made up out of your race. And thru the course of history and the patterns of destiny, have formulated their patterns of development into the great nations of the Western World. The forces they have faced and the struggles which they have passed thru has helped today to form the society and civilization which we call Western Culture. And it is important that we bear in mind, this realism that we are a part of a living force and a Stream of Light. That this living stream is a racial stream and a family stream. And the most important pattern of its retention is this spiritual force within it to carry out its destiny is a spiritually designated racial, self-respect.

I point out to you that we are facing a combat for the mind which while seeking to overthrow all the established institutions, which are obstacles to their world domination. There is also a sort of acquiescence in the mind of those who seek to conquer that inevitably must embrace that which challenges it, and which has been a byproduct of destruction during the entire period of history. And these are told are the things we face in the waves of the future, and to which there would be no resistance.

The other day, I listened to a political leader who is close to the President and this administration. He has an open door to the White House. And he was talking about this acceptance of leadership and their responsibility to the people and that they should mold the world for it should be molded, for people are no longer capable of molding it for themselves. And what we were being told in so many word, was that a few people around the President have a corner on knowledge and wisdom. And that we should accept the fact that with their better intelligence and information and possibly their superior intellectual ability to know what was best for and what was good for you. Therefore, they suggest that they should just assume that authority with the same dictatorial authority which we have watched in several administrations and powers and portfolios of government. You should allow this pressure upon your Congressmen and Senators so that they should capitulate time after time so that they should pass this authority into the hands of the President and the ‘brain trusters.’ And now this has evolved into ‘The New Frontier.’ And now they recommend that they should rule the world.

But I point out to you, that these forces came into America, for they were not here to begin with. They are forces in conflict with your race. And they had no part in that race other than as parasites as they lived upon it. And as the strategists who wage war upon your way of life, they have waged warfare upon it constantly. There is no doubt that as we face these situations, that there are certain factors that you and I possess in knowledge, which are not always evaluated by the Statesman if you would call him thus, without this vision by the political leaders and the authorities in power in their struggle for the earth.

We not only have a blueprint which determines tomorrow, but we have a person involved in this--being God, that we understand by HIS declaration that HIS plan constitutes what the end of these things shall be. But we are in better condition to evaluate our relationship to these conditions and our relationship to better expending our relationship to the outlining of our activities in the course HE has outlined shall take place.

Now, we recognize that the average politician, the average official, may have been inspired to a certain degree in his education and in his principals and in his ideals. And he was born with the same wave of the flag and the same beat of the drum which stirs deeply into the emotions of every true American. And when he presented himself for position in high office, he intended to subscribe in full responsibilities to these principals. But when he got into avenues of government, and into positions wherein he could express his principals, he discovered that there were other powers there in the seat of government that he had not known about, until he had arrived. He may have discovered it during his election campaign, and he may have been suspicious, and he may have been suspicious at the time of their selection, as to how much value he would be to those that tainted the elections. But when he arrived at the center of power of authority, he found that there were those in both parties who were not interested necessarily in the party of party line. They were only interested in one objective and that being to bring this whole nation under an economic political subordination. And to utilize all representatives that they could gain into their political corner, and for them to recognize that this was the only way for a political secure future and their relationship with an authority which was to last forever.

I know of a great many Congressmen and Senators who in disgust tell of the rottenness of Statesmanship and political life that they never dreamed was there. And each one has hoped that he can last until he removes all of this.

Now, I have talked to Congressmen and Senators who have did their best to combat the darkness and see that America remains in possession of here sovereignty. And then they resign in disgust and pull out and get off the mountain, so to speak. They say they cannot resist this irresistible wave of darkness that seems to be over the earth. I know of one philosopher who was considering this inevitable wave of forces which were involved, and he said that when these inevitable waves reached the point where you see that there is no resistance, the most that you can do is dive into them and float upon the beach and hope that out of it you will find some type of survival with which to reshape your life.

But I know of a more powerful wave of irresistible force that is involved in the destiny of earth. Great waves of energy and power that are going to make a more final determination as to the things of earth, and any physical force which is about to be manifested. I can also assure you that there is going to be the greatest reverse, and it is already starting in your race, and this is the greatest rebirth of the remembrance of your origin that apply as to who you are and the assumption of basic responsibility. I tell you that what people thought was the trend, you are going into the hour of a rebirth of racial self-respect with the determination to preserve the culture which you inherited and which is to descend upon you. But I want you to remember that you cannot pour this back into the old mold, and you can never rebuild yesterday as it was yesterday.

Now, it is good for men to talk about the days which they enjoyed. But do now for one moment believe that in the sessions of tomorrow, that they are going to make tomorrow fit yesterdays mold because tomorrow is a great continuing progression that thru each one of these challenging experiences they which we pass, brings a higher perception, a greater range of knowledge. Therefore, you can no more return to the yesterdays, to the mole of your forefathers, than you could give up the automobile and the airplane, and go back to the covered wagon.

Thus, recognizing these factors, we do not adapt ourselves to any condition, but as procreators with our fathers. We reshape the conditions in our environment to the adaptability of better tomorrow which fits into the framework of the destiny of tomorrow which God is going to have us build.

There is not doubt that challenging forces have emerged in the world during your life time. There is no doubt that we have watched these challenging forces throughout the panorama of the history of yesterday. That as we migrated as a race, remember that there was a time when we were only one man’s family. And at that time, we had problems and we were in danger. And it was not long before that family knew that they were surrounded by a hostile world which did not want to see them achieve the ultimate direction and attainment that was a part of their prophetic destiny. So recognizing this, we were not only challenged, but we were in danger. And we have heard the voices of yesterday say, ‘how are we going to survive this condition?’ But there has not been a crisis in the past when there has not been enough vision which God raised up to carry us thru.

We spoke to you the other night, from the book of Micah, that in this hour in which you live, in which the great nations of God’s Kingdom can be seen as great nations of power, and distinction, as the ‘have’ nations of the world. It was vision and spirit and faith in this person and in the foundation of which this spirit inspires. But these nations also have before them all the pagan powers which try to absorb the earth and reduce it to an area of slavery. That in this process they would gather the superstitious hordes of the earth, they would gather the races which are not a part of your household, and the ‘have not’ nations of the world for lace of initiative and vision, and because of the superstitious forces that dominated them---and according to Micah the prophet, they would hurl them against you. And God said this would be in the day when there was a daughter on the throne of Israel. There would be a woman on the throne of time and destiny. And you know about what this time is because you are in that condition now. And Micah the prophet says that in that day, God would raise up seven shepherds---that in the direction of the spiritual, that he would raise up seven Clergy, seven spokesmen, and eight military leaders and principal men. And this would be essential in wake of great threat of pagan powers trying to overthrow your way of life. Inevitably, we are told that before this hour happened, the conditions in need. There exists in the omniscience of the MOST HIGH, the proclamation of Revelation and in HIS ability to unveil to the Prophets and the men of your race, the intent of God and the conditions and telling you what is going to happen before they come to pass. This is one of the most valuable assets that an individual may possess today. Thus, we are well aware of the crisis before us. There are inevitable waves of Destiny, according to the amount of energy which will be poured in to meet it, which prophecy unveils. These are inevitable. And these, my friends, are not for you to fight against the inevitability, but for you to adapt to that inevitability and to triumph as you move into it.

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, it would not be good for nations would it?--for them to govern by the prophecies of the scripture and then to move in and occupy that area of the prophecies of which they are a part of.’ I think this would be the wisest policy we have ever had. At least it would come out over the foreign policy, and no one knows where we are trying to go now. I can assure you of this. That even these things are going to adjust with maybe removal of some, and the elevation of others. But you can be assured that you are going to follow this blue print.

Someone said, ‘How do I know that this is a good blueprint?’ Well, it is a better blueprint than the world has to offer. I look back over some of the conditions that have passed and I see the hands of evil powers, of dark and Satanic forces which fought against Christ and his ministry. And had been fighting against the people of HIS Kingdom even before the advent of this hour. I see Jesus turning to those who were HIS enemies and identifying them from the days of the age long struggle when Lucifer sought to absorb them in the beginning as the Adamic family. I see Jesus not only knowing the thoughts of their minds, but knowing the patterns of their incest. Not only denouncing HIS enemies but leaving a permanent record for you in the book of John. And thru out the record of the Gospels, as HIS Disciples followed HIM and reported what happened. So that you might recognize even tho God walked the earth in the midst of HIS people, there was no lessening of the animosity of evil concerning HIM.

Now, I hear some people say that there is no sense in opposing these Jews, or going along with their political chicanery as it relates to wrong doing--they are too big and too strong. And the Empire supports them because of the economical strangle they have upon its leaders. It is just too little too late. That there is no sense of Christianity trying to move out and resist such a force. The best we can do is just coast along with it and give it no resistance, keep our secrets in our hearts and die and go to heaven. But you did not do it that way. Strangely there was a dynamic force that bore testimony that continues to move out and to reach people. Oh, there were martyrs and there were also warriors who died in the fight. There has always been those who remember that Jesus told that if they did not have a sword, then sell their coat and buy one. As we mentioned this afternoon, there was the Apostle Paul who carried this point unto he stood as a Gladiator and fought beasts at Ephesus. He had to fight against champions of darkness for the liberties that he possessed and he bore the marks upon his back of their flogging of him and of their punishments. And he had resisted unto blood. But there was nonetheless, the determination to extend his life as much as he could for the good of the race. And he makes this clear after his heavenly experience, as he talks of his first challenge, for he said, ‘The Spirit of God forbade me to go to Asia.’ That was not where God’s people were. Thus, the Apostle Paul knew where they were and he went to them and he carried the message which had been given to him. And this becomes the Apostolic message of the New Testament. And he delivered it to the White race in Western Europe.

Someone said, ‘That was just a coincidence.’ Yes, but a coincidence is two things. The arriving at the right place at the right time and by Divine destiny. Coincidence is not, my friends, a matter of chance. It is a matter of sovereignty.

I point out to you tonight, that we have inherited a great culture and we have watched it go thru many transitions. We have elevated out of our race, and selected by destiny whole lines of leadership. We have watched the church and its struggle for survival. And we have watched nations expand with its vision. We have watched the nations of our race ruled over by Aristocracy and by Jews. We have watched the kinds of devotion which rules with chivalry unto administration s and to thrones. We have watched the abuses by individuals surrounded by areas of influence. And if we watch this very carefully, we can still see the subtle hands of the same forces which sought to destroy the Kingdom and the Administration of Christ, seeking to wipe HIM out. And they were definitely involved in areas of revolution. By their subtleties, they created these areas of weakness of men, and dominated areas of leadership to bring about a great unrest among these people and then they exploited that unrest by sending in a savior.

In the areas of the French Revolution, we can see that we would not have approved of many of the things which transpired. But behind it was the Illuminati who were plotting to upset standards and overthrow administrations, crush thrones, and then gain control over it.

Many who sought to adapt themselves to this, became champions of the rights of people. But behind it, was this design to topple authority and to gain control. But we see also coming out of that pattern a new age that was being born, in the beginning of the application of the machine, more and more to the work of people, and it was being co-signed with the afore Industrial Revolution which was a byproduct of the technology of White men who were applying themselves everywhere so as to lighten their burden. And we heard that great hue and cry as words were being twisted and semantics were being born. For there was that unassimilatible force which was seeking to gain mastery over all of the Western World of which you were a part. Even you own colonies, they could not leave alone in those days when out of the Western World, people came to colonize this great nation.

A great land of raw material, with tremendous reservoirs of resources still not found. With a tremendous amount of water and land that could be tilled. With forests and wealth that left it virtually the treasure spot of the earth, left it thus as a spot of destiny thru the people of your race. Whereas you were predominately an Anglo-Saxon culture, still you were made up of the Scandinavians, the Lombards, Basque, and Germanic people of the Western world reaching out for a greater expression of freedom. Still knowing that they were caught in the midst of a struggle that was going on in Western Europe between a lot of very complex forces. But here in your own nation, as you expanded and grew, and the reservoir of exchange was not so easy for the enemy to manipulate. Those who were seeking the mastery of ALL of Europe, and those that wanted to rule the world, used their pressure upon the throne of Britain and upon their victories and those strange forces existed far to the south and into Egypt.

As you well know, your own revolution was caused by the patterns of taxation, which came from behind the scenes from the International Money Masters, who in those days also financed the events of Communism against you. They were always seeking to gain control over you and brought the pressure upon Britain which caused them to go to war and the Colonies to go to war, which culminated in the Declaration of Independence.

The way we became a nation on the 4th of July, 1776, was because we declared that this free nation was born and we had now established its sovereignty. And this was a document which was to last forever. But I want you to remember that this was a great White Western progress of culture, a Christian civilization, a White one. Inevitable, this nation grew with this reservoir of resources, even tho the parasites came. And even so the parasites applied themselves with chicanery and became your economist. They were not able to absorb it as fast as you produced it, but they were able to finally shut down your greatness and your expansion.

My, how people have expressed themselves concerning the bounty of a nation or of a land in which there was so much. As the people grew the expanding development was still great. Because they could not begin to exhaust even with their technology, the wealth of material---which was so great at the time. This is why we can look back in time to 175 years of history and talk about the ‘good old days.’ Talk about the fact that we have to get back to those days. I want you to know that the things you are fighting with and the force that challenges at this time, it is not the progress and the expansion. It is not the increase in population. It is the unassimilatible forces which have upset the balance in your society. And they are seeking to subordinate you with a revolution. This is not a revolution to set you free. This is not a revolution that follows the patterns of your society. This, my friends, is a process that subordinate you to a World Government with supreme mastery. But the danger of it si that it is not an aristocracy of your own people, your own kind. It is an insidious force with unassimilatible power which designs to destroy your kind and make this the last generation of your race upon the face of the earth. Their design is to mongrelize your achievement with the people of the world who lace both the spiritual vision and the racial capacity for such an assimilative adjustment and would make no contribution to your society but to drag you down, throw out your vision and reduce you to slaves by their strategy.

I read that they are writing a new semantic. I have glanced at popular magazines that used to come into the homes of American women that used to contain wisdom and a system of formality, and certain articles that would run along with certain recipes and home remedies. And they would talk about the care of children and a few things like that. But pick that magazine up today and it does not read like it did years ago. Today it is filled with the semantics of a revolution which is out to harm you. It is trying to sell out your society, telling us that we have operated wrong, that we have operated America wrong. They are telling us that there is something we have to do, that we have to open up our society and join the world, so that our grandchildren and our great grandchildren do not look as White and as rosy as they did yesterday. They are trying to tell us that in order to face the inevitable trend of the future, that since every individual on the face of the earth is wiseing up, we can no longer resist this trend. Then of course, the forces of revolution are going out all over the earth, these, your enemies, and they are telling the world that there is something wrong for they are not getting their share of the blessings of the earth. Your ‘have not’ nations of the earth, are being told that the reason for the difference in economics is because you are taking it away from them. Altho, they are so far removed from you. But these are the areas of the world that are being stirred.

Look back in history and you find that the White Western civilization has poured out its life and soul to the ends of the earth. It has given and it has invested, but it has never gathered from the ends of the earth its wealth and its strength and its power. There are certain inevitable things which you must recognize tonight. This is the fact that these forces are not interested in the Hindu and in the Africans. They are not interested in the welfare of the masses that they direct. They are only using them as pawns in their drive to take over the world. They are only interested in their misfortunes, based upon their inactivity and lack of initiative to raise them with emotion as your enemy and hurl them back at you. Today, as we well know, the powers of the world are arrayed on two sides. They are arrayed between Communism and the Western World. Someone said, ‘this is a clear issue now. This is Communism and the anti-Christ and the Western World.’ It is not a clear issue. This is the struggle between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. But strangely enough, you look at the leadership around them and you cannot define it that easily. For you find that as you are engaged in this struggle with Communism, you have some of the same forces of Communism around the leadership on your side. And you are not given a clear vision of the struggle. In fact, you are getting a confused pattern. And the nations around cannot tell exactly what your policy is.

The other day, a small group of isolated Patriots were over-supplied with the truth. You say, ‘How can you get too much truth?’ You can be over-supplied by not doing much thinking on your part until you rise up in fear. And because they were declaring the truth, and because there was not enough of the positive victory applied, and the individual said, ‘No doubt, we are defeated. We are outnumbered. It’s all over. You can do nothing about it.’ The tomorrow that you would build will never be built of all of the people who are a part of it did nothing about it. And God understands this and HE is not going to let you go along like that. HE is going to send waves of energy and forces of spiritual power that will quicken and awaken your society. And they will rise up with the voices that God sends and they will again accept the patterns which are again of the tomorrows’. And they will mover forward to what is an inevitable wave of the future. This is not the wave they tell you is the wave of the future.

I noticed in the text books being used in our High Schools---they are trying to adapt our young people to a One World. I noticed that it does not even tell the truth about history. And has about 75% of all of the achievements of mankind being grafted out of Africa and Asia. Then you do not have much left to be thankful for except what does come out of Africa and Asia are things which you developed as you moved thru those areas. But I point out that in this same cause, they are trying to bury both the background and the pattern of race and the long standards of culture, the great spiritual foundations, and the heritage of truth. And with the Supreme Court, they are trying to knock God out of the thinking of the people and out of the pattern of the children’s mind, and trying to replace it with a new Socialist responsibility. And you can call it a socialist responsibility. And then they are saying that the only way to solve the world’s problems is by an unselfish surrender.

And this surrendering requires that we all pitch in and help build the houses for those who do not have them. And we have to go in and plow the fields and give away our bounty to all of the world. We are told that we must give away our substance. But don’t worry about that, for you have already started in on that for you have given away your own treasures of your own fields to back up your own money. You are being told that all of this is the result of the revolution that you cannot fight. Without dealing in personalities, one author out of a family associated with great backgrounds of thinking with responsibility in the Senate, without passive resistance to being drawn into an international struggle, speaking out and following the propaganda trend, then says, ‘Inevitably, it is the ‘have not’ people crying for their share, that has produced the rise of world Communism. And these Communist leaders have exploited this crying of the ‘have not’ people to have their share, successfully organized them and here they come. So inevitably we must realize that no matter how we fight, we will never again silence this.

One clergyman who should know better, came out in his magazine saying we might as well realize that we cannot roll back the trend. The Negroes demand political and economic equality. They have their support among the seeking people within nations, saying that no longer will nation s be divided by color. Nor are they going to be divided along leadership lines which are divided along racial levels. It is useless to fight against this, so we might as well go along with it. And then he added a verse which, my friends, is not based at all upon anything relative to this and he said, ‘for God is no respecter of persons.’ He took that right out of a Communist Party sheet which the Communist Party had leveled at his church and he absorbed it right out of the mouth of a person who did not believe in God. That is the cunning of the Revolution. Can you not imagine God selecting leadership and not choosing by their capacity? And not knowing the difference in people, when HE said, ‘I have chosen you above all the people upon the face of the earth.’ Yes, God Almighty said, ‘I HAVE CHOSEN YOU ABOVE ALL OF THE PEOPLE UPON THE FACE OF THE EARTH.’ Eternal life and a spiritual inheritance was bestowed upon you and it is permanent. When HE refers to HIS selection in the world, HE says, ‘I want you to know that I have selected you and that you are my sons and daughters.’ And the enemy has taken this passage out of context and twisted it. And has the preacher ready to tell his whole congregation that this is ‘the wave of tomorrow.’ But I tell you that this is not the wave of tomorrow.

I want you to recognize today that the powers of darkness have stirred up the lust and desire of people for change that lack the intelligence or the initiative to create. They have moved upon whole areas of the earth in order to stir them up in this hour, by promising them that they are going to have an equivalent share for which they are putting out no energy to achieve. It is interesting to note that there is no declaration either in the United Nations human rights convention or in any of these areas of international design in the program of world government that tell you what these other people are supposed to do to get an equivalent share of these things. It only tells you that you are supposed to divide up and give it to them. And it shows you the creators and tells you what you are supposed to do to keep them off of your back. We are being told that wars are too dangerous to fight so don’t think about keeping what you have by putting a wall around it and then protecting it with your own military. That is what they are telling you. They are telling you that you cannot fight or you will be blown off the earth. They are telling you that you cannot resist because if you do, it will all be disintegrated and burned up. I want you to know that this is an error as well. That you enemy is not in a position to wipe you off the face of the earth, irrespective of what he might say.

I am convinced now that if the world’s Empire of Communism had the ability to use nuclear power to destroy your race, and believed that they could destroy your race, and retain the rest of the world, that they would do that tonight-before morning. But they are frightened by the potentials of your striking power. And even tho they have traitors in high positions, and they feel that they have overwhelmed areas of your administrative levels, they are still very much worried about your people. They are not sure that the army would go along. They are not sure that there might not be such a wave of anger in such a nation as this, that before they achieved any results, they would be receiving retaliation much more deadly than they can perceive. We told you last Sunday that all over your nation, that men who served your military in any capacity, men who took the oath to defend this nation against all enemies, domestic and foreign, and who have looked with a dim view upon this appeasement and disarmament program, and accepting the teaching of Socialism and Communism as the inevitable wave of the future.

I disagree with Schlesinger and Salinger, and Ball, and Rusk, when these men tell us that some form of Socialism and high bureaucratic control of some form over all of the earth is inevitable and necessary. You see the place where they surrender is where they think. You might say then what does one do, you cannot fight that which is inevitable. But I tell you that it all depends on who you are and where you are. Here in these United States, 145 million of us are White and Christian. And those of the other side represent all of the minorities and enemies of your race, and Socialism and Communism. In all phases of this is folly. I tell you that here we can be victorious. I tell you that out of this victory shall expand over the White race, a victory which shall go down in history as one of the most precedent development.

You say, ‘You think we could roll back to the pre-war years? Who wants to go back to the pre-war days to a bureaucracy that is controlled by the same irrespective forces? We don’t want a world crushed with poverty. We do not want to go back to a world dominated by world overlords of international Jewry. We don’t want to go back to any of the areas of pre-war years. We came out of the depression by the great upheaval of war. I point out to you that sometimes the intensity of forces involved work on other parts of the world. And these great cataclysms are a part of the transition and change which brings about the development of inner forces for new areas. People have been brainwashed by error. We had been told in the yesterdays, before the great war, that no one understood money. We were told that somehow it was gone. We were told that there was none available to start factories to employ men. That there was no way to get our economy going. No way to bring back our purchasing power so that the American people would want to buy things which the American people could produce. But then we were told that this was not possible because there was not any money. We were being told that there was no solution to this.

And in the meantime, they were doing the same thing in Europe. Inside of Germany, they had not only been oppressive, but the International money masters were holding these people down in a position of poverty and confiscation. They were responsible there for the degeneration of morals and society. They were spreading their doctrines of evil. And in the process they were also destroying you. And it was because of these conditions that there suddenly arose leadership. We may not approve of his political policies or accept the process of its spread. We may not give ascent to all of the uses of energy and idea that gave a great forward to those people. But I am going to tell you that the reason Nazi Germany rose to power was because it wanted to crush an evil that suddenly some of its leadership decided was unreal. And they did not have to accept it before it had destroyed their original self-respect, before it shut them down, before it finished they inevitably and crushed them into slavery. And they rose up and tried their best to do something about it. And they tried to drive it out of their nation. And out of this success in which the people threw off the parasite and the yoke, and tried to find new areas of strength and economic power, then the encirclement started. And this inevitable battle started for mastery. And these same evil powers started economic and political encirclement, and they invaded your country and then they even locked you into a depression to hold you in check. And W.W. II was born of this very struggle.

This design to hold the world and involve the nations, and the subtlety was to crush this growing economic strength which was living without Jewry, and had established the liberty and freedom of a Western people no longer forced to bow by this great conspiracy. Some will say that there was no difference between Communism and Nazism, for what was going on in Italy. But let me tell you this. The difference in Communism and Nazism and Fascism, was not only the difference in political policy, but the fact was that Communism was dominated by International Jewry which conspired to create a super world of Bureaucracy to destroy all nationalism, all racial self-respect, and to mongrelize and enslave the world for utter evil. And carry the same concepts that Hollywood presents, because of the strange minds which puts the picture out before the world.

Now, there is one Jew HERE, who does not like this. But he is taking it right between the eyes. For you earn everything you got by trying to battle Germany and for trying to destroy the morals of America, to take away our Faith and by taking away Prayer from our nation. And anything you get from here, you are also going to deserve. If there are some Germans who cannot clap because of their twisted capacities, then I see that there are two brackets. Either you have to agree with us because the facts that we are discussing are very, very plain. You know as well as I do that we went from a nation in depression with an unprecedented amount of money to a mobilized nation. With no longer the factors of depression operating and money in circulations. This was only because of the Jews pressing the switch because they wanted this nation to persuade another nation. And from poverty we went to sudden motivated activity. Then you discovered that the purchasing power to be added and subtracted---that the whole false structure of the economy was built on a very soft center.

Now, I am going to tell you why you cannot go back to the conditions of the war. And this is something which the International money changer may not understand. Because the war proved to the people of this nation that they did not have to have Depression. It proved to this nation that wealth was a thing which they created. And that money was not to be pegged thru a handful of gold and silver metal, or to some paper that some individual had their own name on. They discovered that they could in their own name, establish and print in their own name their own money. And the only thing that they are going to discover this time as a part of tomorrows way, that they are not going to pay some type of Jews with the money they print form their own presses for the amount of money which it takes to move their own goods which they make with their own hands.

If there is any mistake the enemy is making while he has been talking about himself and his progress, he has overlooked the fact that with all of his accomplishments and objectives he also cannot pour it back into yesterdays mold. And the more quickly we understand that we also cannot pour today into yesterdays mold---we will seize the future and we will rule it. God has lifted form us some of the curse which descended upon us for the violation of law. And has sought to restore the spiritual perception which he promised to restore. HE said that we would have to work six days of the week by the sweat of our brow in order to have substance until the time when HE restored upon us some of the things which we have lost. Here we stand 7400 years from those historic dates, and we discover that restored spiritual power has given us back this understanding that it is out of our technology that we have harnessed the rivers to give us this great power. We have built the greatest dams that the world has ever seen. We have learned how to extract out of the earth, sources of power and how to refine it to gain more strength. We have learned how to harness the metals and adapt them to our uses. We have learned how to apply both the laws of the Fulcrum and the patterns of the gear. We have learned to harness metals and with our technology, we have reduced all the basis problems of how to get it quickly enough so that we can sit down and rest, or can go out and apply ourselves to something else than to just earning our living. Thus God was then willing to lift the curse of ‘six days shall thou labor by the sweat of your brow’ unto the restoration which HE had restored from Calvary to now by spiritual restoration.

You say then why is it that we are the ‘have nations’ and that we have the ability to produce and to create--why is it then that these other people did not catch this pattern of these principals of technical engineering for the know how of the earth? Because they did not worship the Right God. And superstition and darkness and under the tyranny which rules them there is no inspiration to produce the great technological achievement that God has given you. And with it HE did not give you the responsibility to take them on your back. You say ‘why?’ Because if God wills at this moment that all China and all Africa to receive the technological abilities which seek the ‘know how’ to start themselves applying themselves to these problems, in a necessary way which meets their material needs, there would be a new creation and a recreative force and they would start to move as Negroes and Chinamen have never moved during the 7400 years of your history on the face of the earth. You say, ‘why?’ Because if you, my friends, were to turn them loose with these areas of technology, they would immediately use it to try to enslave your race.

Someone said, ‘my, it was a terrible thing that some of the Chinese were hungry.’ But maybe it is a good thing. For if they had enough to eat, they would be marching against you. And if half of them die, then there will be less of them to fight when Armageddon starts. You say, ‘But that is cruel.’ But it is not cruel, my friends, when these people are a part of the hordes and the massive forces of anti-Christ, and are still serving the pagan theology and live with an almost enigmatic expression, but the design is confiscation of what you have without creating it.

Africa on the march is not Africa in progress. It is Africa reverting to the most brutal areas of cannibalism and Satanic background. Their desire is not to work with you and to build a better continent. Their desire is to destroy what you have built. Their desire is to crush you and then revert back to the Satanical rule of their forefathers ruling over them with their Chieftains and their witch doctors. We have had ample evidence of this in areas where we have watched the United Nations following the desire of Communism to make a vacuum having used their influence which has reached out into your Western world. And it has put a pressure on you until your balance has been upset, for they drove out the White leadership and reverted to mass murder and mass degeneration. I can assure you of this. When you have a universe planned, when you have an orbit of operation of solar systems planned around the Person of the Planner, around the Power and the Force HE sent out, this is a GOD centered Universe, a GOD centered solar system, and a GOD centered world with GOD centered atoms. And anything which is not GOD centered, lies out of its orbit and moves in to areas of Satanic forces and degeneration. And you can accept it or reject it, or use it. But this doesn’t change the fact. And those who use it then lose their balance and life with the solar force. And they, themselves lose their course and go into a degeneration course.

Some of these people have been on these courses ages before your race ever walked the earth. And you are their best light and their best hope and their best purpose in the earth. But it does not come by your accepting this concept of what one of the world calls this ‘wave of the future’ and it is not. I tell you that there is no ‘wave of the future’ wherein when one gets into it, you cannot stop it, one that they will not stop and one that they will not change. I tell you that there is such a spiritual wave of power which will so electrify your race, so restore back to it its consciousness of self-respect, and set the stern determination that the greatest heights of emotion your race has ever felt will come besides the lifting up of standards of culture and civilization of your race. You are going to see your youth by the thousands lifting up the standards, which will fly and determining that they are going to defend this race against all of the mongrel, race mixing tongues, using the African and Asiatics that the world ever heard of.

Now, I have not the time tonight, to point out all of the things which people say that are too late. But way back in the days of Daniel, when he was inspired to write in the Old Testament, he saw this same situation. And if you were to read the 7th chapter of Daniel, then you would read of all of these pagan powers rising up. You would see that they are against your race and against the program of God’s Kingdom. HE describes Empires and vicious individuals with severe countenances, dictators, Satanic power. He talks about how they will rise to rule with subtlety and cunning, and how they will be suddenly stopped.

Now, I am turning to the 7th chapter of Daniel. Do you know why? Because Daniel could see this prophecy and what was going to happen. And he could see what was coming upon the face of the earth, as these forces battled the Kingdom. Then all of a sudden, he sees this great pattern of energy wave, so he had to put in his story the things that he saw about you. So he tells the terrible story of these forces gathering their power and then he says, ‘I beheld and all of these thrones were all broken down.’ And he says that he saw the Ancient of Days, HE who was before all things, the MOST HIGH GOD. And then Daniel describes HIS throne, HIS Majesty, and HIS Glory. He says, ‘I saw all the fiery flames and the courses of HIS trail shooting to earth. And I saw HIS fiery wheels (this great saucer fleet).’ And Daniel says that he saw the streams coming out from HIM, by the thousands--ten thousands times ten thousands, times thousands. I do not know how many trillions that is, but it is enough for me. For it over-balances anything in the world against your God.

Someone said, ‘But you have to agree with Mr. Khrushchev, because he got up the other day and he said ‘we will just mark our time for one of these days the whole world is going to become Communist and Socialist and this will happen in the next ten years.’ And they listened to Mr. Kennedy and they said, ‘It is getting here faster than that. And then I listened to our enemies say, ‘We have to stop the Conservatives. They are a big danger for they are 31% of the country. And I say that something else is moving.

Listen. If there was not something moving than Mr. Brown would not have talked about the Birch Society yesterday. If there was not something he was worried about, then he would not be talking about all of these Right Wing Extremists. There is not anything that the Left Wing is more afraid of than the Right Wing Extremists. George Washington was one, you know. Did you ever stop to think of the difference between a criminal and a hero when you are fighting the powers of darkness and you plan a victory? Everyone of the great leaders would have been down graded and marked as criminals who rose up against the forces of Empires in your history book, if they had not won. But I want you to know that all of the heroes of your race who are reported as heroes are not heroes because they won. But I want you to know that they won because of who they were and what the course of the battle was. And you are also going to win this battle.

Now listen. ‘Therefore, I heard the great words which were uttered by the Eternal. I beheld the Beast Order with its power which was slain as a political force. I saw its political body given to the flames of its weapons and as concerning all of the rest of the World Order, I watched their power taken away. I watched their lives reckoned with, according to these patterns of Divine justice.’ Then Daniel says, ‘I say in this vision of the night, behold, this embodies incarnate God---this fulness of the embodiment as a son--the fullness of the embodiment of time--as the Eternal. And I saw that HE had before HIM the fullness of dominion and Glory in the Kingdom. And that all people and nations and languages had to serve HIM. And that HIS dominion was an Everlasting Dominion which will not pass away. And HIS was a Kingdom that will not be destroyed.’

Now, let’s go on. Daniel now catches the pattern of advise and the pattern of the darkness. And Daniel says, ‘I was grieved in my body, and I was troubled in my mind because I saw the Beast (the World Order), gathering the political power and force against my race and my people.’ Then Daniel says that about this time, he again caught this vision of the ‘Wave of the future.’ For Daniel says that he saw the Saints--these believing offspring--of the MOST HIGH GOD--this White race, is going to take the Kingdom and they will possess the Kingdom for ever and forever.

Now, drop down a little way. And Daniel is still speaking and he says, ‘I saw these forces, I saw this Beast, how he came to devour and break down. And I saw the horn (power) that had eyes and who spoke great things out of his mouth, and he spoke out against the people and then I (Daniel) saw that this power made war against the Saints and seemed to prevail against them behind the iron curtain and various parts of the earth. Then suddenly, Daniel sees the wave again. And Daniel said, ‘I saw the Ancient of Days and I saw judgement develop. And now I saw the Believing Offspring of the MOST HIGH will take the Kingdom and possess the Kingdom.’ Then Daniel goes to work again on this prophecy. Then Daniel goes all thru this thing and then he begins to talk about all of these terrible things and the powers of darkness and their forces on the face of the earth. And he is talking about the ‘fair dealers’ and the ‘new dealers.’ He is talking about the treacherous dealers---the Communist and Khrushchev. He is talking about all of these would-be Dictators on the conspiratorial side. But every once in a while, he turns right back to say, ‘But I see this inevitable victory.’ He sees the throne of the MOST HIGH GOD. He sees the White race taking over this situation with an indestructible power.

Do you see the difference, my friends, between Daniel’s prophecy and some of our patriots who are about to run up the white flag? There is a ‘wave’ but don’t let them tell you that this is a wave of a Socialist world as this wave is the inevitable ability of God’s Kingdom people balanced with this spiritual force so as to be able to throw out the darkness. When we move into this next generation of time, we are inevitably going to see the tremendous triumph that the Dominion of the Kingdom and the greatness of the Kingdom under the whole heavens and upon the whole earth is to be given to your race, the people of the MOST HIGH. And this Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom. And all dominions shall serve and obey HIM. And this again is the 27th verse of the 7th chapter of Daniel. Thus it is capped and sealed. Your whole civilization if based upon the foundation of the scriptures. In fact, to the scriptures and to the great expanse of literacy on the face of the earth.

Let us point out to you. We do not have to guess at the opinion of the church, or some theologian. We do not have to argue post-millennium or pre-millennism---isn’t he or is he. All we have to do is listen to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and they tell you what Jesus said. All you have to do is listen to what Jesus said about it. HE said, ‘I am going away and if I go away, I will come again.’ And to the Jews, HE said, ‘when I come again, you will see ME coming in power.’

Now, try to overthrow everything that HE represents. HE said, ‘when I come again, I will divide the nations. And I am going to give to the Sheep nations, the administration of the earth.’ HE said, ‘I will come in with speed like lightening coming at noon time. And the Apostle Paul told how this will happen. And he tells this in everyone of his writings and he confirms this victory in the great hour when God, Himself, joins HIS race to reestablish for themselves racial respect. And HE will cleanse the blood of HIS people wherever it has been contaminated.

Someone said, ‘but God is not interested in people.’ It does not make any difference whether you are a ‘hottentot’ or a Hindu.’ Don’t let anyone tell you that. For you do not have an abstract god in the process of evolution. You have a great creative God with a personality who is interested in the welfare of the earth. A God who has begotten a household in the earth and is going to see that they conform to righteousness for that is the only course that is good.

We point out something to you. The book of Revelation contains certain things concerning your race and concerning your struggles. And it tells you here that out of the Dragon’s mouth and out of the seed of the Serpent, out of these Luciferian forces and offspring which you will find in the synagogues all over the world that a struggle comes against you the people of God who have the testimony of Jesus Christ, and the commandments of God. That out of the Dragon’s mouth comes this flood which tries to swallow you up here in the earth. And as you read this, then you discover that revelation also follows this with triumph and with victory. And it demonstrates that unto your race is given the two wings of the Great Eagle, and one of these days you will get a President also.

Now, I am not going to attempt in the next ten minutes to tell you all of the things in the book of Revelation, unveiled to John about the great catalytic forces, and all of these troubles that move here on the earth always trying to destroy your race, but always your race survives. I am just going to step across and let the ‘wave of the future’ bring this in a New Order in the heavens and in the earth. A new power in the earth. And the great spiritual city of Administration is going to be made up of your race, the Sheep nations of Matthew and of Christ’s declaration. ‘And I beheld the body of God was also down here with men.’ And I will tell you about the NEW ORDER not an old one poured into a New mold. This one is poured into a New mold, not poverty, but plenty. Not depressions, but prosperity. Not ignorance, but understanding--knowing as HE knew.

I am going to tell you something. If you are a mortician, it may be necessary now,--but you better learn another trade. Because there is not going to be any more death. Oh, you say, that will mean there are too many people. You will overpopulate the earth.---- There is a lot of extra space out there and the waves will come and go because this is not going to be withheld from you. Besides, the enemy is looking at all of that open space up there in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. And they want to populate it with one million Hindu. My friends, there is a lot of room for expansion, so don’t worry about it, for the next few years. Just determine that you are going to populate America and not India.

Now, I (John) saw all of these things, and I saw what had passed away--then I say that it was declared--- ‘I make all things new.’ So progressive history is ahead. ‘New Frontierism’ is not progress, it is the reversion to age old theories of bureaucracy and fallacies. Do you know what it offers your race? It offers you slavery to work for the world order free and then be destroyed and enslaved by it, and absorbed in future generations. The Kingdom of God offers leadership, --direct the World Order, and cause them to bow the knee. I will tell you what the future is. ‘And I heard the voice of the 7th Angel sound and say, ‘the kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdoms of our LORD and HIS Christ. And HE shall reign for ever and forever.’ That is why HE says that this is the Last Trumpet. Because this is the last one. Communism is having its day and is rising to assault God’s Kingdom. It is having its attempt to mesmerize the people, and give then a pattern of defeat.

Learn its techniques. Learn its process. But do not be overcome by its evil. Do not try to catch its error for this is no solution. And if they were as successful as they claim to be, they would have made all of Asia such a heaven on earth that on one would want to get out of it. The only reason they want to gather the masses by false promises and gain control of the earth with a super-bureaucracy until everything is gone, so this is the hour.

Now, inevitably the waves wash upon the shore, and they wash also in the patterns of divine energy, for God has thrust something into this environment. I want you to realize that this is the most important thing which you can understand. As the spirit begotten in you is of the Father, the Christ in you is the hope of power, knowledge, wisdom, and revelation. Nothing else. Not another Christ---YOU. I want you to know that God was not taking any chances when HE sent you into the earth. This was not an evolution. It was for a recreation and this is your job. I do not want you to be squeamish about the enemy.

I am going to tell you this. ‘The Wave of the Future’ is not the declaring, but there are some who understand it. All of the troubles you are experiencing come from these unassimilatible people who do not even belong upon the earth. They are a mutation, the unassimilatable offspring of Lucifer. And the best thing to do is to release this distorted distraught spirit who in the frustration of their evil carry out the objective catastrophe. And the best thing to do is to get them back into the plain where they belong. And let someone handle this situation that knows how.

Now, there is one person here tonight, who is going to carry this message back to the agency thru which he works just as fast as he can. And he will say that we advocated the liquidation of the enemy. No, I just told you that the best thing which could happen to them is to get them back where they belong. For they do not belong here. What they have planned for you and conservatives like you is for YOUR liquidation.

Jesus said, ‘When I come into this picture I am going to take the sickle and I am going to reap. I am going to take these ‘grapes of wrath’ ---and judgement which is long overdue---will come and I am going to crush them down to defeat. The blood may flow to the horses bit, but it will have a purifying factor.

Now, let me assure you of this. What is happening across America as the Right Wing wakes up and the enemy talks about doing away with them, putting them in mental hospitals, sterilizing them and even giving them ‘mercy killings,’ as one commentator had the nerve to put it in the ‘Times.’ But America is going to rise up with the determination that the only way they can be free from the parasites that have destroyed and the forces which have demoralized your society, is to remove the enemy from among you.

Someone said, ‘suppose that we deported all the people that legally do not belong here?’ You say that would be good, but you better encircle yourselves, because they will be back trying to kill you for having killed all of them in gas ovens. And before you get thru, you are going to have to destroy the enemy that would destroy the earth.

Now, I do not mean all the Africans or all the Asiatics. They are but tools and pawns that the powers of darkness use. There is no greater picture of Majesty, magnitude and Glory than in that hour which is just ahead---an hour of Revelation of life and of power that has never been equaled in the earth. And I am going to tell you that just as surely as who are farthermost Westward, take the last challenge now moving, before the last days your youth are going to raise the standards of a Race and a Faith. Before you have gone very far, they are not going to care who says that you are anti-caring, or you are anti-social,---that this is not acceptable now on the level that they want you to think. So no longer do you stand for your Faith, but you absorb them all. The day is going to come when you are going to proclaim Christianity whether the Buddhist like it or the Hindu like it. Whether the Negroes or the Jews like it and they all go home.

Your greatest enemy tonight, are those who say that the ‘wave of the future’ will not come. It is too late. But it is not too late. They have just been pretty sound asleep. I am not talking now without hop, without Faith, without foundation, what HE has prophesied to you hundreds of years before Christ---and then Christ--the fully embodied God, told you with HIS lips. And then out of the revelations of tomorrow wherein HE took John and then out of the revelations of tomorrow HE showed him the formation, HE showed him the history. Tomorrow’s wave is a Christian controlled and ruled world, wherein the pagans will finally be learning about God and about the fate of the earth. That is tomorrow. And you say there is always wars? No, there is going to come a time when all of these nations at war today, will not be at war anymore. And instead of the United Nations trying to police the world, it will be the Kingdom of God in earth which is going to enforce the law. They are not going to put Mongols in the Kingdom of God and have them rule the world. They will be White men carrying Light.

Thus, we point this out to you tonight. Teach it, look for it, animate it, participate in it, challenge your youth, raise your standards, cleanse your land. For there is enough of us to do anything we have the vision to do. Don’t say we cannot resist the ‘wave.’ For you are co-creators. Thus, make the ‘wave.’ Start and you will receive the spiritual strength to accomplish this victory.

Too many are afraid of the death threat. In San Francisco, this week, the powers of darkness showed us just how determined they are to merge and destroy your standards and your society. People live all over that city and there are areas where most everyone is White. And it has been that way for generations. There are areas when the White men settled and built their communities where they aimed to preserve their culture and the education of their children. There are areas where during the war and political manipulations and weak leadership, where great masses of Negro population was moved in. Most of them in Oakland and a few isolated areas around San Francisco. There is one school in San Francisco where today 60 % of that school is Negro, and 40% are White.

You say, ‘Well, what can they do about it?’ The only thing they can do is to move out and into White communities. But that is also not enough. Stirred by the same kind of masters and the same Jew interference, and the same weak leaders, the NAACP demanded that the Board of Education in San Francisco provide buses and they scattered this one school of the 60% Negroes into every school in San Francisco.

Now, I point this out. Finally, the school board gave in and then the buses carried Negroes to every part of the city. And nurses inside of the school now report that over half of the Negroes carried venereal disease. You know that they are virtually immoral lepers because they have no spiritual perception, no spiritual capacity, and their soulishness evolves around the areas of the animal. And given the depravity of the Jew and how he seeks to incite the race, for he is seeking to set up a false concept of living and he takes this black block and plans to ruin your entire race. And brings in by the patterns of vibrations and suggestions and places it before your race and portrays it as the acceptance for a way of life. I tell you that it is time that White men stood upon their feet and declared war upon this Jewish depravity and Negro race mixing if they have to spill blood from one end of the nation to the other to keep it clean.

In Merin County and just across the Bay, they have had a partial infiltration because of the Negroes working in the Defense Industries during the war. Now they have torn the Defense Industry buildings down and made beautiful apartment houses out of them and then put these people back in. I talked to some people from that area not so long ago, and they said ‘Oh, they are behaving themselves, nothing to be worried about.’ But those who behave themselves are those who pride themselves on being good students.

Then all of sudden it happened. The Negroes then formed a black wall around some White girls and no one could get through. And then they raped the White girls. And when White boys tried to defend the girls, they were picked up and arrested for disturbing the peace.

The other day a group of White students were in a certain cafe and the Negroes came in and attacked them. The White men fought back but they were badly outnumbered and they were beaten with chains and clubs. They went outside and the Whites counter-attacked, and the police came. And this place which was always a White shop is now off limits for the White kids. And now the proprietors cannot let any but the black students come in and he must only accept black customers. The police don’t like it, but that, my friends, is infiltration at the level of administration inside of this county.

The reason why I point this out, is that now there is an explosive situation, there now, for there are angry people. And I find the Whites coming to the light. And you see how this plan of the enemy can start a great flame of determination, saying that we are going to preserve our way of life and our God-given destiny.

There is one thing. Just as the Acts of the Apostles were the things that they did, you will hear one of these days, about the Acts of the Kingdom as the children of Spirit rise up with determination to accomplish the destiny of their nation. You came into the Kingdom with action, not words. And you are going to see the resurrection of the Kingdom once more with action, not words----until you are going to do as the British leaders did which was to deport that which was without the color and the background of their nation.

This is the inevitable wave. God will transfer it. HE will catalytic it. Oh, you say, ‘but people will not stand for this. They think this is anti-social.’ Let me tell you something. We have not talked to anyone in the last year, we have not run into any people in any part of the nation, or in the letters we receive back from these tapes,---for everywhere, they are reacting just as you are reacting here and all that is needed is communication to put this thing together. And this Book says that it will go together---all over the earth. This is tomorrow’s wave. The Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD shall take the Kingdom. And they shall preserve it and they shall administrate it forever.

(End of sermon)