We Are Not Alone, 4-4-64



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-4-64

As we turn to our subject "We are not alone," we realize that there are many things which are not discussed in churches, especially today when so many Clergy have become the instruments of propaganda and brainwashing, who actually spend their time in instructing their congregations to follow the enemies of our faith and our culture, and our civilization.

Now when many of these false concepts have led to revolutions and the creation of false responsibilities in the minds of men, causing those who make up the great bulk of Christendom to turn their back upon their destiny, until their awakening takes place. Today the churches in our land, many of them are actually proclaiming a program of interracial marriage, integration which reaches the height eventually of dissolving our race, producing a great mongrel polygraph society which the WORD of God curses. For there is one thing which we must understand today as the children of the MOST HIGH, that the first and foremost ability we have is to preserve our species and our racial self respect with the greatest of all transgressions in this scripture being the mutation of this HOLY seed and the loss of spiritual capacities which accompany those series of mutations as it relates to transferring these concepts and ideas into a physical world. We today, find that by processes of error, our nation and our society is being enveloped by the patterns of revolution which seek to destroy and subordinate the great strength of God's kingdom. As a result of such a situation, soon to be dominated by the powers of darkness and soon to be swallowed up in a Socialist world controlled by the enemies of Christianity, delivering our western world into eventually a pattern of slavery, generating oblivions. However this is not the purpose and this is not the plan, and this is not the thing that God Almighty is going to permit. So as you look out over this situation you are not to be discouraged, but you are to comprehend the vastness and the depth of the program of God as outlined in the scriptures and unveiled by continual patterns of revelation and spiritual vision as responsible for the correction and eventual salvation of your society.

You as individuals, as we have discussed before, were placed in earth to build a kingdom, to occupy the earth and to fulfill a responsibility of building a household so as to build that kingdom. Thus the reason that you came. When in this course the ultimate defeat of world communism and the powers of darkness, is assured. And it is the will of God that your Christian Civilization, these nations which make up the kingdom of God in the earth, the White nations of the world, shall not only once more reaffirm under spiritual guidance and by the strength of their resistance, the Will of the MOST HIGH GOD. But shall occupy the earth, until the defeat of the powers of darkness and the liberation of the people of earth from slavery, superstition and evil. And shall rule with a rod of iron, of divine destiny, which shall never be taken from them and never destroyed; for this is the will of God. While studying the scriptures, you cannot miss the fact that it is filled with the ultimate achievement of the kingdom of the MOST HIGH. Of the crossing by the will of the MOST HIGH, and by HIS Majesty, and by HIS strength, that every knee shall bow and every tongue proclaim that Christ is the very embodiment of God. And they shall acknowledge that this kingdom is an Eternal Kingdom. There is no question of the fact that the scripture contains a continual hand of divine intervention into human affairs, because this is a part of the activities as God transferred HIS family from heaven to earth, and irrespective of the United Nations, or Mr. Stevenson, or Mr. Uthant, or even of the New Frontier.

So I point out to you, my friends, that this is not the end of the world. Nor do we have to believe the strange rantings of the President of the United States, who said, “We get together now or we will all be dead.” What strange fear and what strange patterns fill the minds of leadership until they would make this statement and follow thru with an attitude that we must surrender our independence, our sovereignty, our separatism, into an absorption with our enemies into a world order thru out the patterns of fear? We are not, my friends, something which is a by-product of evolution. In fact, nothing disturbs the evolutionists as much as something which has happened in our own recent times. Altho if they had been biblical students and been history students of the past, they might have discovered the doctrine which was intended to make all individuals think that they were just the result of a process of adaptation and the cross-patterns of breeding and all of the impacts which might have occurred out of the species of chromosome and bacteria, on down to the concepts introduced that man is just an animal that has evolved from various animals and various higher primates . . . and thus, you are here.

I point out to you that a lot of things are rather shocking in our time, because out of the leading evolutionists, we have today, in the world advocate that the only place in the Universe where evolution has taken place, the conditions were not such as to produce that which is in earth. Therefore they are seeking to cite that out of all of the Universe, the only inhabited spot in our solar system. And they feel quite definitely that this holds true for all of the universe, that only here in earth do you find such as is here. I can think of no higher concept of an individual who can understand the vastness of this Universe and can only see that the only spot where life exists is here in earth, and this was a by product of evolution.

So the moment someone introduces the fact that there is something beyond the earth that is alive and has intelligence, then the evolutionist has not found itself producing under these strange conditions of earth the only product of life and humanism, then instantly they discover that there is a rock in their theory. More than that, if you produce facts that species have come to earth and been seen upon its surface and had relationship with it, and they walk upright, and have the same structure and the same image as the Adamic race possesses in form, then we have eliminated this idea that this is the by-product of evolution. And some of the evolutionists recognize this also. There was Mr. Darwin, himself, who said, “That to suppose the eye with its process of focusing and adjustment ever came thru natural selection is absurd, I must admit.” So in this instance, he said on page 912, in his book “The Origin and Species,” ---he said, “the eye could not have evolved. . .it is too delicate and too intently designed an instrument to have evolved.” This of course demonstrates that if you had to superimpose the eye to creation, then you might as well let the Creator have the whole program. The instance of this becomes self-evident. The patterns are also involved. And another one of Darwin’s research is that in the course of time, if there had been by some strange process or feat, the possibilities of the emerging of species, or the adaptation of its result, that this would be in the results quite a phenomena. “But how would such a specie pro-generate itself? Because the multiple millions of the patterns of chance that this would have occurred twice,” he said, “is almost inconceivable.” So then evolution would have, as its by-product, both male and female, and both of them, opposite sex of course, and both of them adapted to the production of a race, that they would immediately possess the chromosomes and the genes of the chromosome to preserve and pass on to produce a specie. He said the multiple chances involved in this make this an almost mathematical impossibility.

So let’s accept the explanation of the author of this theory that this would be almost a mathematical impossibility. But suppose this same mathematical impossibility would occur so many times and to produce so many distinct and different species as have occurred would also be quite fantastic. So under the instance of this design, the earth being the only place this strange situation would develop, if human beings had by some chance developed male and female, also for the preservation of such a specie by the process of Mitosis that such an evolution took place in the earth, then this would be and well within their theory, the only place where the human specie would exist as we now know them. Thus they would have had to populate their universe if they had any other intellect in it in any kind of a container, whether insect or otherwise. But it would be very unlikely that the patterns of evolution would follow the same lines of adaptation to produce a human specie somewhere else. But the fact remains that thru out all of the universe are the beings which look like you and have the same facilities and operating strength as you, come and go thru all of the known universe. The moment that you establish that apart from earth, beings like unto you, in plains and dimensions, having the same pattern and form, you have destroyed one of the basic doctrines of your enemy which was intended to mislead your civilization, to destroy your faith and your mind direction, and your responsibility toward your creator. This is not a new direction of truth, for it is an old one. But in your time, it has been re-graphed and was one of the designs, and was a part of a world revolution whether you know it or not, to try to destroy faith, not only in these United States, but thru out the world.

Now we discover that along with all of the patterns which attempt to destroy faith and all of the doctrines of paganism which move out of the areas of the deluded, we find the doctrines of Communism and Socialism which descends from Satan's own family, his household. We of course, have the records of the scriptures which relate to a great many of the events which transpired before your race was ever embodied in the earth. And the scriptures tell you of these things and bring some of these things back to your remembrance. When you understand this, then you understand this. That the Universe whose distance is no longer fathomable by the previous measure. They thought that when they had ground their great lenses and started to probe the Universe that they would discover a little bit about its size. And then they were going to relate this to Einstein’s pattern of theory, and try to base it on light years and far distant patterns and particles. Thus it was that the areas of their measures which they had created by the lenses ground for this great eye which we call a scope, was soon to be replaced by the distances and capacities of measure and also by the ability to measure and choose speeds of the electronic telescope. And now even with the aid of the electronic telescopes and the instruments which we have, we have discovered in the last few weeks, that there are whole masses of nebula moving across the universe with the speed of light. But it was only a short time ago that if anything moves fast it is with the speed of light. But if it passed one iota, then it would explode. But now we know that objects are moving across vast spaces and distances and faster than the speed of light. And they involve great masses and nebula and sidereal systems themselves. And they say that they are out on the perimeter of our ability to observe objects. So they have come to an understanding and the knowledge that we have not discovered it all yet. And we do not know all of the answers from the narrator to the physicist. But we understand that there is one thing which we can establish. And this is the uniformity of the substance of the universe in this spectroscopic analyses of light comparisons and measures of the atoms and molecular masses that exist in the universe. Thus, we find the sameness of law and its atom composition. And we find that the same law, the same mentoid, the same light element intelligence that exists to balance and hold together every atom which establishes the ultimate law to the ends of the Universe, where spectrum produces no new colors . . . the instance also of the pattern of measure is very distinct and of interest. The Universe is filled with a lot of things which men were not aware of. For great periods of years we recall areas where men become so involved in their conditions and their environment, is such that nothing is recorded except that which they see or touch or handle in the midst of their own limited environment.

Then every once in a while something is projected into the human scene which involves recognition. So therefore, there are records from the ancient past of things which happened in cycles of the past. And of course to those of us who have the scriptures and are aware of its content, there is a whole vast panorama of history concerning things which happened out of the past that are interrelated to the whole responsibility of we, the household of God, as to why we are here and what we are to accomplish after we have arrived.

So in this instance, I point out to you that one of the things which the scripture teaches us is that this physical creation is not all and that we who dwell in the earth are not alone. Oh, you say, “but we are alone as far as the earth is concerned.” But don't you believe that. I want you to recognize that there are plains and dimensions that are not perceived by the natural senses, in most instances. And they are not beheld with the natural eye. Then there are times when there are beings and creatures in the dimensions of spirit which at times cross over into your dimension, and there are wave lengths of light reflection which permit you to see them. There are situations that cause us to recognize that there are spiritual plains and areas of photography have sometimes caught some of these things on film which demonstrate that it was not just a matter of a dimension in video frequency, but was visually recorded on film itself.

We point out to you that we are more concerned with the vastness of the program of God, and we know that there are occupiers of the physical universe as well as the spiritual domains. Any individual today who finds that he wants to be a atheist or an agnostic, finds himself with an unprecedented amount of facts and evidence that does not permit this to be a sensible conclusion very long.

When we talk about some of the phenomena of our time and we have watched the developing technology that has emerged out of the White race as we have as an example of the last 100 years, we have watched the progression of the application of knowledge and technique. We have watched ourselves move in the last two centuries from the wheel and the horse to the wagon, and then into jet propulsion. And we have watched us move the areas of steam, and then we have watched us move into the area of the automobile and the aircraft, almost simultaneously. And then we have watched the transition and change, which has moved us up to moving over 1000 miles per hour. And now 2000 miles per hour is in the normality of the speed which aircraft can move. Our rockets now move higher and at greater acceleration than this. And now we are moving out into space, and hurling men around the earth. And we have accomplished this successfully and we know that we have moved out into space. And at least, we can move at speeds which man never imagined that it would be possible for him to do, until we moved into this last decade.

Now I point out to you that in all of these instances that we were suddenly thrust into these situations after world War II. And we would discover that there were a lot of unusual developments taking place round about. And now we find that world Communism and their chicanery has enveloped us in their plot to take over the world and they pulled us into wars; and they were actually planning to subordinate and lead us into slavery. They were building a super-world-state that Christ prophesied that would come at the end of this age, for it is the program of the anti-Christ and the Beast system. And we discover that other things were transpiring equally as well. Every once in a while, I find someone who is cast down because of our government leaders, on the basis of their disarmament program and their design to reduce our manned air craft, and to depend upon some area of rocketry for our defense, then cut back the rocketry, or take the strange position of the President, and cut back on our atomic development. We can reduce our nuclear weapons and reduce all of these things, but we still have an enemy who just last week, said that if given 15 more years, he would conquer the whole world. And the only reason why he wants 15 more years, is so that he can do it more efficiently. But if I had an enemy and he wanted 15 years more of peace while he got ready, I would hit him tomorrow.

But I cite unto you that we are not alone. What I need to do is to bring to your attention that the hosts of the MOST HIGH GOD are surely on your side. But in the creation and in the balance of the universe, in the plains and dimensions that surround you, there is a continual constructive force that is working for the kingdom, under the command of Archangels and the hosts of the MOST HIGH, AT THE COMMAND OF THE MOST HIGH HIMSELF. I also want you to recognize that there has appeared in the visible part of our universe, made out of substances, and molecular masses visible to the eye, and sometimes discernable to the ear and provable, showing that we are not alone. We have grown in the development of aircraft. But you will remember that we have grown into a new area of awareness. For back in 1947, I think it was on the 4th of June, that a man flying his aircraft in the state of Washington, suddenly saw something happen. What this man observed was nine circular objects moving like a flock of geese skimming over the mountains and against the snow capped mountains of Washington State. And when he saw this transpire, then he was amazed. For they were moving at about 1000 miles per hour. And 1000 miles per hour, was too fast for aircraft in 1947. So he reported this and the report was made by Kenneth Arnold, a businessman in life. He talked about seeing them, because they were circular-object. Then he called them flying saucers. He said they looked like a continual pattern of plates . . . nine of them flew by. And this report was from a man who was a competent observer. He had been around aircraft and was a good pilot. His report was received not too skeptically, but with some wonder. Tho no sooner had this happened, than government officials tried to contact him and then they said that they must have been weather balloons. But he said he never saw weather balloons move against the wind at 1000 miles per hour following in such a formation. Well, that was in June of 1947. And it was not long after that when in January of 1948, in which again there would be unusual sightings. Where in Goodland Field, not far from Fort Knox in Kentucky, where we keep our gold reserves . . . and at that time, you will remember, that it was Captain Hicks who was the commander in this field. And he was standing in the observation tower watching with his binoculars, when suddenly he saw a great circular object, metallic-like in construction. And he said that it was moving at high speed. And because it was moving in the direction of the Fort Knox treasury, so by all means, we must protect the gold. So he immediately contacted the field. Soon we had a man in the sky. And this man was Captain Mantell. He was a pilot of one of our fastest aircraft at that time and he was commanded to go up and observe this thing. So he took his aircraft, a jet, (tho one of the early ones,) and he told as he approached the object, he told what he saw. He said, “This is a great circular object, and I don't know just how far above me that it is, but it looks the size of an airfield all by itself.” And as he approached closer, this object started to accelerate and move into the sky at a high speed. He could tell from his observation point that this object was moving at high speed. And a short time after this, came the report that the plane of Captain Mantell had been destroyed being caught in the strange back-draft twisting of this object. Captain Mantell’s craft was ripped apart as tho it were a piece of paper and hurled to the ground. This was the second siting of such a great circular vehicle, moving at tremendous speed. And then all secrecy was cast down around these observations to cover the situation.

But October of the same year, great objects like this were flying over our nuclear test stations where we were not only testing rockets, but doing research near Roswell, New Mexico, and also at White Sands. And Captain Block who was the Commander of this area of research, where they were doing research on new kinds of rocketry, and when they were about to send off one of those early rockets . . . then there came down on two sides of the rocket . . . they came almost to the ground before they pulled out . . . and they had lights on these crafts now, for we were trying to determine the speed of our own rockets. So with this light, they measured the approach and the speed of our rockets. But these ships or saucers came in and then went out at 7000 miles per hour. They made an immediate pull up out of their dive. This was amazing. For we did not know of any craft in which the human blood stream and all of these principals involved in transportation could stand a seven-g-dive and then pull up out of it as these saucers did. But they had perfect control. They slowed down and observed our missiles and then disappeared out of sight.

Now; this was not just an idle report for it had come from the White Sands observation point, with all of the observers, who had witnessed it and measured it. They had this recording. They had light observation, and these were trained observers. And then it was not too long after that when in Farmington, New Mexico, they were treated to something else. One morning they got up to see hundreds of great circular objects flying over head. They moved in formation, some large and some small. And their gyrations were strange to behold. Thus, high above the city moved these circular discs, or objects. As they banked, they saw that some of them had large thicknesses and were of tremendous size. Smaller ones went down to about 100 feet in diameter. Then all of a sudden, they veered off and headed in the direction of Colorado, still in formation.

Now it happens that I have seen pictures, photographs, of these crafts. And we watched these and rerun them and carefully examined them. And there was no doubt that we had aircraft moving in, aircraft from outer space. At that time, they tried to say that it might be a secret Russian invention, or that it was some secret invention that our government was working on. I am going to tell you, that if any government on the face of the earth had anything like that, it would be the United States or the Germans. You could bet on that. And the United States government did not have it and the Germans didn't have it, and neither did the Russian. For a few days after this, there was something observed far out over the Ural Mountains. And the Russians immediately started a secret investigation to find out what kind of weapons we had built. Thus, it is as these records came to the people from the counter-intelligence . . . yes, the spy system of the United States . . . Oh, don't be naive. For every once in a while we find ourselves tracking the spy system of the enemy for we have one too. And we declare the capture of some individual like from a U-2 plane shot down, so if we say we are not on a spy mission, then don't believe it. Every intelligent country is on a spy mission . . . to survive.

In the course of this, we have scored successfully with our Intelligence Service and with the functioning operation of how our enemy has operated and thinks and what he plans. And they also were amazed by what they saw.

Now in our nation, we had an organization called ‘Shock.’ And it was setup to investigate these objects that were flying in our atmosphere, moving in and out, and to get a full report on everything they could about them. And we spent several million dollars in just a few years. And then, we made a permanent agency just to investigate them. And now we referred to them as unidentified flying objects. Then we sought to suppress any evidence concerning this from the people on the grounds that what would be disturbing to the people would not be good for them to know, and only people in Washington would be capable of standing the shock of what might be found out.

Now one of these days, we the people, are going to stand the shock of the utter removal of these elite and never miss them. Well, from that time on, sightings became numerous. Not only was this a significant thing, but those who were engaged in astronomical observation, and because this was an area of their hobby, we are discovering that ever once in awhile, something would pass before their lenses especially if they were viewing distant objects, or maybe in wide panorama shots across the heavens, or if they were doing any astronomical photography, they would come upon some of these strange occurrences. We, ourselves, were spending quite a bit of time in observation of the craters of the moon. But we don't want to talk about that tonight. But there are a lot of things we could tell you about the moon that most people do not even know. But I can assure you that people have been on it and off of it a great number of times. But they have not been on it for mirth, as far as we know. But in the instance of this, the scientific evidence of this is quite unusual, and there are certain craters right now, that have had cities built within them, and they had landing fields and airstrips, and all kinds of development. There exists now in one crater of the moon what looks like a tremendous hanger that looks like it is illuminated and it can be seen also in the dark of the moon. And it looks almost the size of a city block and it is in one of those deep canyons in one of those craters on the moon. Of course, I am not alone in telling you this, for observations have been made in this matter. But we have spent quite a bit of time in scanning the surface and becoming familiar with the face of the moon. Of course, when you blow it up big enough and you can spend an hour going across it, then it becomes worthwhile.

Thus, in the instance of this, we have ourselves, witnessed on numerous occasions, and because of the witnesses on these numerous occasions on things happening on the face of the moon, we have watched crossing the face of the moon, web-shaped fleets of flying objects. And these web-shaped fleets were great crafts. They were definitely mechanical and they were built exactly alike. Their fleets were triangular. And these fleets were ships moving in perfect formation. In fact, in one observation, we had a great number of our congregation there. And in the course of an hour, we called many of them to observe these objects crossing the face of the moon. Here was one of the first sightings that we were to make of fleets moving across the vastness of space, positioned against the face of the moon. And the fact that it took several minutes for them to cross the face of the moon, told us they were out from the surface of the moon. But a great vast distance from the earth, and much closer to the moon. Wherein, my friends, if they had been closer to the earth, they would have passed the moon with such speed, that you would have had no time to study them at all.

So under this situation, and with this group of witnesses, this was no ones eyes playing tricks. Nor would it be possible for them to suppress the fact that these things were photo-graphical and that the lenses of the camera caught easily what was being seen. We had other experiences beside this, for we were using wide lenses and great scopes and were observing the pattern of the sky. And now we were watching objects, not meteorites, but objects that turned and moved and navigated. And so turning from a wide-angle lenses of a quasar, we moved into a more narrow field and the higher powers. And we saw great ships, circular ships, wheels within wheels, exactly like those described by Ezekiel inside of the scripture.

More than this, we have at least ten people at this very moment who in the High Sierras in the last few years, who have looked thru the lenses of these scopes to see these flying circular ships, these great crafts, these mighty wheels within wheels. I know observers. And some of them are staff of observatories who can confirm tonight, that they are constantly and continually seeing these objects. And many of the sightings have been on the observaters films when they have turned in space to photography to see what they could produce on film of these objects. Also, I want to tell you that the government requires that all such photographs be immediately turned over. For they are scanning their observations, and seldom do they ever come back.

Now we know that we are investigating and doing research in Asia, upon every area and every type of aircraft. And in one of the projects, not so long ago, was one in which Captain Charles Lindberg was interested in and was in command of the project before he, in disgust, left these United States and went to Switzerland. This was the development of a special type of aircraft that would have made America not only supreme in the skies, but so comparable to this which we were watching from the outside. Someone said, “Why did Lindberg leave?” There is one little three-letter word that explains this. For he would not work with Jews. In fact, one of the things promised him when he took over one of the most secret projects in the United States, and this was that he could pick his personnel and not have to pick just anybody. But in the situation which developed in the last few years, as we watched the surrounding cabinet of the President of the United States and areas of influence in Washington, unassimilatable people in great numbers have been moving in, and their influence has been intense. And it was not very long until these secret projects were being infiltrate by these people, and this man just resigned and left. And I can assure you, that one reason why your secrets are betrayed and your development are known to your enemies, even the same time that you are putting them into a developing function, for as long as you have Satan's children inside of your laboratories, as long as you have Jews in any branch which relates to security in these United States, you have no security and your knowledge is common knowledge to your enemy.

Someone says, “This is prejudice.” But this is not prejudice. For prejudice is when you have no facts and this is a fact. We have a long record of all of the spies who gave away all of our atomic secrets. We have the record of the spies who were trading military secrets. And when you get thru with this and you analyze this, you find that 95% of them are Jews. So who is responsible for the Greenglasses and the Goldbergs? Who is responsible for the Silverbergs and the Oppenheimers and all of the rest? When you get thru with this, you will find that these people have a strange philosophy of supporting the conquest of the world which they desire, for the destruction of Christianity. In fact, I think they should all be deported for dual allegiance, and America should raise up the Cross so high that none would want to stay here, except they were willing to acknowledge.

So we point out a pattern of historical development. This is not something which stopped ten years ago, or eight years ago. Remember the traffic in the sky is increasing and the crossing of the universe of objects of gigantic size. And they are being maneuvered just as handily as the modern aircraft would be in earth’s atmosphere. They turn and wheel and move at great velocities of speed. Whole fleets of them move, as well as singularly, they move. So again we cite to you, that in the Universe round about and in the world round about, we are not alone. And we should never have thought for a moment that we were anyhow. Because if we had turned over to the 12th chapter of the book of Revelation, we have the historical account which Jesus unveiled to John. And in this instance, there was a great space battle in which Michael the Archangel, was the victor over Lucifer who was rebellious against the throne of God.

And in this rebellion against the throne of God, we are told here in the 12th chapter of Revelation, that Lucifer influenced 1/3 of the hosts and the dwellers in this area of the Milky Way to join him in this invasion and war against the MOST HIGH GOD. And Michael the Archangel with all of the forces of his command of the Host of Heaven, and with unlimited power, defeated and overthrew the powers of Lucifer. And in defeating him, cast him into earth. He would have moved in for a final destruction of all of his power, but God said, “Stay--let him stay there, and here is where we will finally defeat him at the hands of my children.” There is thus a great responsibility placed on you that you are to destroy and defeat the power of an Archangel who controlled 1/3 of these Angels in rebellion from an area of the heavens.

So you see, Marxism had something to do with this from the beginning. Oh, you say, “Surely, Carl Marx did not have anything to do with them?” No, but Lucifer was his father and he taught him what he knew. I am going to tell you today that the people who have tried to spread Communism over the earth from one side to the other, are also children of Lucifer. And Jesus, Himself, turned to them on Solomon's porch and said, “Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do.” And that is exactly what they have been doing, even unto his lie which they have no capacity to respond, but to these patterns of error. I point out to you today that the forces which direct this pagan philosophy, that held most of the world in subordination until your race was placed here, AND OUT OF it's rising ascent from the days of Adam on down thru the household of Seth, thru Shem and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and the race descended from them, out of this came the great White western world and the culture of today that you are a part of. But you go out of the perimeter of this race and this destiny, and you find a world in captivity and races in subordination, and a lost battle in the sky, now all concentrated in the earth.

Now in this instance, I want to point out to you therefore that we have around us, a constant circling of the earth that you occupy by circling objects. And one of these facts that they are the fleets of God is told to us--- “that HE sits on the circle of the earth.” More than that, we are told that thousands times ten thousands of these ships of fire move out before the presence of the MOST HIGH GOD and that they move thru out HIS entire Universe. We are told this by the prophet Daniel. The pursuit of the ancient books of Enoch, who is one of the oldest of the ancient patriarchs, tells us of the coming from every one of the great sidereal systems, that surrounds the sun in space. And Enoch knew way back there that Suns were the centers of solar systems, of bodies and planets. And remember that Enoch was one of those who took a trip out into space and then came back and wrote about it. So in this instance, the book of Enoch, not only contains this knowledge, but the names of the Archangels and the names of the lesser Angels who fell, and the names of their crafts and their kind. And the books of Enoch also tell, along with other ancient books about the coming of the Negroes, who were brought out of a spot in the Milky Way as a part of the rebellious warriors on the crafts of Lucifer. And when they were first introduced here in earth, they were not a part of earth's creation, but in the violation of Divine law, mongrelization, integration and mutation which the satanic powers sought to induce. But here is how the Negroes were brought to earth. And then they became more brutish, because they had degenerated from their original status.

I tell you, that one of these days, there will be no Negroes on the earth. They will be back where they came form. They will be back in a better situation than they are now. You say, “How do you know that?” Because the Bible produces the evidence that all beings will be restored to where they were before the fall of Lucifer. And they were not created in the earth and they did not descend from Adam. They are not a part of anything. They came in the days of Lucifer. They are not a part of anything that God put here any more than the Jews who also, God did not put here. They are the result of the unassimilable Angelic hosts and they are not a part of the creation of earth. This is why some of them are of every specie and every kind---speaking of the Jews. But the fact remains that Jesus said, “I am from my Father (Spirit), and you are from beneath. I am of God and ye are of the devil.” And then HE identified the fact that they could not help thinking like they do. Someone said, “Then do you blame him for thinking like a Jew?” No, I don't blame him for thinking like a Jew. I blame all White men for letting him destroy our society.

Of course, I see we are invaded tonight, so this is all right. Just carry this back to the ADL. We do not have to please anyone here tonight. All we have to do is proclaim the biblical records of truth. They may not like it, but so what? I am going to point out to you tonight that if we spent as much time prowling synagogues as the Jew does Churches, we might find out a lot more things that we did not like. One of the things that you discover is that you are the patsy and they intend to take you over.

Well, then, let’s take a look at things. When I tell you that not only have we had such craft flying around and you doubt it, then I tell you to go back and read the book of Ezekiel, and how Ezekiel was permitted when out there on the plains, to behold these crafts circling as objects and they came in formation. They came in an made a noise like the roaring of a mighty waterfall. And when they landed, then people got out of those crafts. And when the people got back into them, then they went away. But out of one of these great flag ships they had taken out a throne. It was the throne of the Most High God.

Someone said, “Is that unusual that God would use a craft like that?” No, it is not unusual. For HE has been doing it all thru the scriptures. But when HE flew over Mount Sinai and brought the Law to Moses, the book of Deuteronomy said that HE came with ten thousand of HIS hosts. It says these were HIS believing offspring, ten thousand of the hosts of the Most High. And their crafts not only came over, but shown a great light; a search light down on the various hills, and then finally settled down over Sinai. It tells you that in the book of Deuteronomy. In fact, my friends, we discover in the periods of the Exodus, that an advance cloud, a great vehicle, came in with the embodiment of the MOST HIGH GOD. And so radiant was HIS power that each cloud was like a shimmering cloud by night and a radiant and effulgent cloud by day. And we are told that YAHWEH was in this cloud. But they could not see, because of this radiant cloud, just what was in that cloud, that great flag ship.

But let me tell you something. Do you know that cloud that hovered over Israel in that time for 40 solid years, that the presence of the MOST HIGH, AND THE CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH were moving between outer space and here in earth? And they were hovering over to protect the children of Israel.

Now if you do not like that, then you will have to tear out a part of the scripture. You will have to tear out the part from Exodus to Deuteronomy. Throw it out. But I am going to point out to you that in this same instance, the scriptures tell us about when the throne was removed out of one of these great flag ships, that an opening came in one of these flying saucers, and between the circular wheels within wheels, that on that throne was on like the Son of Man. The Majesty and the glory of this one was visible. And if you want to know who was on that throne, then that one was YAHSHUA, this one that you call the Christ, who before the days that the Virgin Mary conceived, because HE was the same yesterday and forever, God blessed forever. And Ezekiel saw this man, and he listened to HIM. And there was no doubt in Ezekiel’s mind as to who this was. And Ezekiel was a prophet and he witnessed this. I am going to tell you that the more you see and the more you hear, the less you will fear. For HE cast out all fear. And perfect love casts out all fear. And confident in God eliminates all fear.

I am going to tell you something. When that confidence increases and that fear decreases, then no power can stop this son of God to finish his task. One of the great challenging works of God in America is this challenging work that will awaken them. And this great awakened host is going to recapture America in every necessary means. And in this hour of revolution when the enemy turns to violence, they will turn and defeat and crush every power of evil in these United States.

Someone says, “How far away is that?” And I would say, “not as far as you think.” If they do not hold down this violence, their sit-in's, their attacks against the White race, and this participating in their own doom, they will set this off faster than they realize. Within the panorama of this book is the unfolding records of the MOST HIGH GOD. The book of Revelation tells of the Host of THE MOST HIGH who will come moving in with their crafts of the MOST HIGH of heaven. And we have the assurance that at any time, Christ can call them in. Even when in the Garden, Peter swung at the servant of the High Priest, then Jesus told him to put up his sword. For if HE wished, HE could call in a host of Angels. HE could bring in such a host, that they would not be able to harm HIM. There is no doubt of that. In fact, my friends, not only can HE bring in such a legion, but in the dimensions surrounding HIM, were actually in Celestial fields, entity and beings who could have reentered the physical wavelength. Thus, at no time was Jesus alone. Altho HE was YAHWEH dwelling bodily. Remember that on the Mount of Transfiguration that suddenly, stepping out of the dimension of spirit, out of a plain not visible to the natural eye, and out of an area which they did not perceive that was there, stepped Moses and Elijah for such conversations with Christ. So real, that the disciples wanted to stay there forever.

I point out to you, that in the days of Elijah, when we were waging war against the enemy of God's kingdom, and would probably been charged under the vernacular of the now man who they call anti-Semantic, altho he is a Semite, himself, I would point out to you, that Elijah, in his opposition to the enemy, liquidated all of these priests of Baal and all of those Satanic Rabbi of the days of Jezebel. That after this, God said, “This is a man after my own heart.” So Israel's God had no problem mentally of the elimination of the enemy who was seeking to bring catastrophe and evil upon HIS people. And strangely, today the enemies of God's kingdom try to pose as Israel while they attack you if you discuss the elimination of the enemy. But at the same time, when they try to pose as Israel, they cannot say anything about this, for it was the God of Israel who demanded a Prophet of Israel to behead every one of these rascals.

Then one day as Elijah went out, the people said, “Where are you going?” and someone said, “Elijah is going to depart.” A spacecraft will be sent and he is going out into the heavens for a while. Elisha said, “I am going to stay with him, and I want his power. I want everything he can teach me and I want to see this happen.” So all of the theological students said, “Oh, we want to see this happen.” So all of these theological students from this seminary went along. They were not too much interested in what Elijah had to say. They just wanted to see the show. Then when it took all day, and they had not reached the point, they said, “Look, this is silly. We are not going any further. So where are you going?” Well, Elijah said, “We are going down to the River Jordan and we will cross the river, and that is where it will happen.” So they said, “We don’t believe it.” So they turned back. All of the Methodist, the Baptist and other theologians turned back. But Elisha went right on down there with Elijah, and suddenly there was a great whirling sound. And out of space came a great glistening Chariot of the Kingdom. And he said, “Oh, my master, the hosts and the chariots of Israel.” And the great craft moved in and settled down, and there was a power and command in Elijah. And he moved the waters of the river, and he went across, and Elisha went with him. And Elijah climbed on board of this great craft that came down, and Elisha reached and clutched at his mantle, and it was left in his hands. Then the great craft went away. So Elisha just said that a great chariot right out of the sky came down and picked up Elijah and then it went away. Of course, at this time, we see how the great forces of power had aided Elijah all thru out his ministry.

Again, we mention this, and now bring it back to your consciousness, for Elisha now continued as a Prophet for Israel. In these instances, the forces of the Assyrians and those as we know as the Mongols, came down and engaged in various struggles with Israel, against the king of Israel. Remember that the one guiding area of inspiration and the one great area of spirit directed against the area of the enemy was Elijah. The king of Assyria found out that his very thoughts were known and everything that he tried to do was found out ahead of time. And he said, “There are spies in my camp.” And a seer said, “Oh, no, master, there is a prophet in Israel. And his God knows everything that you do. Even in your bed room.”

“How does he do this?”

“Well, he has watchers watching you, without a doubt.”

You know the pagans know what is going on, more than you think. The scriptures contain facts that God bottled up in the caves of the earth some of those who had gotten out of adjustment and they were bottled up unto judgment, and watchers were placed over them. Some of them could be helped and some of them can't. We will not go into this subject tonight, for it dates back to old California, as our part in the ancient past. There is a long pattern of events and of history. But I tell you that as it relates to this instance, is concerned Elijah, was being informed all of the time as to what was happening. Then you will remember as we have mentioned in several messages, the armies were coming against Israel and the Israelites were told that they are coming to capture our king and the prophet, for they wanted this prophet and they planned to behead him. They thought that they were being beat on the field of battle because of this prophet in Israel. So they planned to capture the prophet and behead him. And then there would be no more mystery, no source of information. So their design was that if they could just behead this prophet of Israel, then there would be no one who would be able to tell the ring of Israel what they planned to do next, because of this knowledge of spiritual forces. So in this instance, they sent the word out, “We will spare the city, if you will give us the prophet.” So that morning as the servant was worried, then the prophet just said, “If you could just see what I see---YAHWEH open his eyes and let him see.” And the servant then saw standing around in the dimension of spirit was the great and mighty heavenly hosts, mighty armies surrounding the prophet and his servant in this instance.

Someone said, “Well, they were not in this dimension.” Well, we do not know how close they are to this dimension they are in, or that they were, or what makes this invisible and then visible, but they were there. And more than that, when the attack began, they were able by their knowledge, to so confuse the minds of the enemy, and the very electronic patterns that moved from their brains . . . so confused their activities, that they fell upon one another and began killing one another in that battle. That is a scientific weapon that is even being worked on right now in your time. Did you know that? Did you know that there the enemy forces were confusing the seat of their consciousness? And there is one thing that I can assure you of, that from the dimension of the spirit, and out of the areas where affinity has the complete confidence of perception as to what is going on, I can assure you, the mechanics of the working of the brain is most interesting. And I can also tell you this. That such energies can be sent upon this instrument to confuse in the areas of its time.

There is no doubt that victory transpired then because THEY WERE NOT ALONE. I point out to you that we have ample evidence of this. And the Apostle Paul tells you that, “We are surrounded by a great crowd of witnesses.” If you could behold all of the consciousness of intelligent beings inside of this room, you would get the surprise of your life. In fact, I am quite sure that some of the proselytes that have been taken over by the enemy, if they could see who is watching them all of the time and find out that WE ARE NOT ALONE, then we would get some better government. I think that the statement that the President made about Bobby Venture, as he said, “He is the last man I see of a night and the first one in the morning. (Bobby V.--the ‘Homo’ )--He is my strong right hand.” That should defeat Mr. Johnson from now on when the whole story is out.

As we turn to the pattern of observation, I will tell you this. This is something that our enemy will never understand. This is something which they have no affinity to. Whereas the powers of darkness wage war against it and they have visual observation, and by the wavelength of the patterns of thought, they seek to follow you with areas of temptation. They are unable to penetrate the consciousness, or they are unable by mechanical contrivances, which they use, to concentrate the type of observation that penetrates your thoughts, so that they can understand your plan and your design. But suppose I tell you that there is no strategy which the enemy is working against you, that God is not bringing to light, and by spiritual witness and initiative revelation as well as the process of constant observation, in bringing things to light by this process, that whatsoever the enemy plans, it is known by the children of the kingdom. I want you to know that with all of the massinigation and all of the strategies they think they are getting away with, from the penetration of churches, and schools and organizations and institutions, they are not getting away with it. I am telling you, that God is pouring out a spirit of discernment on we who are of HIS household, and HIS children, in the 'right wing' groups, in the Patriotic groups, in the Christian groups. And they are already beginning to discern with greater clarity the spy who moves into their groups. I am going to point out something to you that the enemy does not understand. There comes from him an evil vibration. And they pick this up just like an antenna coming in on a space ship. And it does not take you long to find them, for you know right where they are sitting.

And I will tell you one thing about it. Now don't all start looking around. I do not want someone to have a stroke in here. But I am going to tell you this. If I was one of the enemy, I would get out of America as fast as I could. For one of these days there is going to be no leniency for anyone who is working to crush Christian society.

Someone said, “Dr. Swift, look out. There are reporters coming in here from major newspapers.” Well, I hope they do. And they will get the whole story which is clear. And I hope that when they get the story clear, that they make it known to our enemies, that we have absolute faith that we are moving into an age into which the correlation of spiritual vision and modern technology and the utilization of modern instruments which God has given HIS household the capacity to build, and all of the spiritual vision HE has promised them to use for the quick coming together, until heaven and earth touch, and all destruction moves against the enemy. There is no doubt of this.

Someone said, “My, but that is a terrible thing.” No, put them back in a dimension where HE can work them over better. Do you know what the enemy would do to you if they had a chance? They would stand you up against the wall and shoot you down. Do you know what Red China would do if she were to swarm over North America? This would be too dark a chapter to discuss at this point. You say, “But they are going to come.” But they are also going to die on the mountains, and fall on the ice, and drown in the ocean before they get here. In fact, my friends, if you were a student of biblical prophecy, you would well understand that these forces intend to come. But you have this assurance from the Father, “Look, you are not alone. I will be with you until the end of the age. I will bring in the hosts. I will command and I will supply any necessary situation to bring about your victory.” Now how can you lose a battle like that?

Someone said, “But they have already captured areas of government and are already using their influence. They use investigative agencies and they harass. They seek to say this is sedition if you stand up against them.” Let me tell you something. Every intelligent Christian I know, not only loves these United States and its Constitution, but they will also defend it with their lives. But let me assure you, there is a vast difference between loving America and loving this Constitution and loving this God-given destiny than to give allegiance and service unto rascals who are now in our society whom we totally adhere and repudiate. These powers of darkness let them take the Pledge of Allegiance out of our schools because they do not like it. But let me tell you that is one obligation that we have, and that is to pledge allegiance to our flag of these United States and to the Republic for which it stands, and the recognition of God who is above all and has ordained its survival. There is no doubt that there is no source of inspiration that can quite stir the earth and the living son as well as God, as the witness of the enemy who thinks he has the numerical superiority and he is not counting on our support.

But when you know that they are standing by and you know that you are not alone, and when you know that the covenants are right, and the hosts of God are present . . . and then when you also know that there are powers standing by which can materialize at any point . . . Oh, you say, “They will not be solid enough to make any difference.” But the man Christ Jesus was a real solid individual. HE was born in the flesh, altho HE was the Eternal God of the heavens. And also, the son of a woman of earth, and was also flesh and bones. HE ate fish and HE ate of the Passover lamb. HE performed miracles and used HIS Divine power. But HE also gave HIS commands out of lips of flesh also. But let me tell you, that at the same time, the Jews with the same animosity that they have against you today, but with greater freedom to carry it out, wanted to kill HIM or destroy HIM. Do you know what the scripture says? HE became invisible and walked right out of their midst. This is more of the best testimony of HIS power. And the best of it is that HIS own enemies said it. And the records of the ancient Sanhedrin tell of how they tried to trap HIM in the treasury room. And they said that HE had to go right out thru the masonry, for they were watching and HE did not go out the door. They were disturbed, for they had brought down these stones so as to stone HIM and HE just walked thru the wall. And now they could not use the stones.

This in the New Testament . . . Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. So what do we have but a supreme and superior knowledge of the principal of the very solidity of HIS being tends to move thru fields that are areas of substance by the acceleration of the very atoms of HIS being. A mandate out of the seat of HIS consciousness, and by the very power that HE possessed. This is a power you inherit also. For one of these days there shall be a quickening in your mortal body, and this body shall put on immortality as an indistinguishable development takes place and the energizing of an illuminating light will start to emerge upon you. There will be no disease germs and no sickness, or the breaking down of the human tissue which will follow you thereafter.

We point out that the coming and going of Christ out of the dimensions round about and the introduction of those spiritual forces round about, were not only demonstrated before HIS Crucifixion and Resurrection, but also afterwards as HE walked with the men on the road to Emmaus and then sat with them in the tavern, broke bread with them. Then after they realized who HE was, then disappeared from their midst. Let me point this out to you. That administering Angels and guardian spirits are not only at your side, but do you know that of the great and mighty hosts of the Household and your kinsmen and your relatives who have passed into the plain of spirit, move with the prerogative and the will of God into any directive area of the universe that HE wants them to go? They bask in the Celestial plains and walk in HIS presence. But I am going to tell you that a great area of them have been reassigned, and their assignment is for guiding, watching, and protecting you with a special affinity to their own kin to give them initiative and guidance. You do not need a medium for this. You just need the perception to understand, and you pray for their abiding perception which they serve. I could show you the scriptures if we had the time. And I can show you the evidence in this Book, that you are “Not Alone.”

Oh, you say, “The enemy is not alone.” And that is probably true. For we know that all of the forces of darkness and all of the powers of evil move today with the enemies of God's kingdom. But they have absolutely no power over you since the resurrection. Someone said, “But aren't you worried about these dark spirits?” No, I am not worried about these dark spirits that are invisible. I am gravely concerned about these that walk around.

I am going to tell you this tonight, that in the last few weeks there has been an unprecedented pickup of objects in the sky, objects in the air. And starting with the high tempo that follows the low pressure areas, the quake in Alaska on the 25th of March, there were observations of flying objects picking up. And they have not only been seen here, but also over Europe, over the Carpathian Mountains and down thru the areas of Yugoslavia. Strange . . . isn't it . . . hat they happen to be flying the energy lines of the fault lines of the earth? Of course, we understand the use of the electromagnetic use of force and the vastness of the fact that the scripture tells us that HE harnesses the lightening and the energies, and they move with the wind upon the beings that have been seen of God's creation.

And Enoch told of how these chariots moved thru the sky. And he said that they moved on the wings of Light. All right. There are patterns of energy, of force and controls. And one of these days we are going to discover that our vast fields of solid fuel rockets and our advanced areas of aeronautics are not enough . . . that astrophysics and calculated patterns are moving into space, are still primitive. And we will have it brought back to our remembrance just how it is done.

No, America is not going down. The United States of America is going to remain. And this great nation of America is to be the Great Capital of God before this is all over. Christian civilization is going to triumph and those that have sought the destruction of God's kingdom are going to be ruled with more justice than they deserve. One of the armies to be destroyed is the ‘fifth column’ of Luciferian sons. They shall be lifted away to other areas where they are better adapted to the training that they need.

So I say to tape listeners everywhere, as well as to you in here, you are not alone. Just think of this in relationship to your own conduct. Just think of this as also you are not only not alone, but you are under observation. And while you can be thankful for God's Grace, you can perform like sons and daughters of God. But you have to give no thought as to how many are standing by. Do you know that if every man and woman of your race were to live and to act with the full realization that there were others standing by, the performance in all of your society would erupt into Shining Light.

So when we pray, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven,” it is with the realization that we are a part of a great plan of the Eternal Father who has transferred us from heaven to earth, and now anticipates with all of the foreknowledge of HIS power that HE shall fulfill the destiny that HE has decreed. If you want to know why the great waves of science and knowledge moves out of your race, it is because these waves of vision and inspiration move upon your household. They stimulate your scientists and your inventors, and your creative ideas. They unfold the wisdom of the universe, as they knock and it shall be given unto them. The great ‘wisdom schools’ of your race which paralleled the great spiritual areas of theology, have had within it the very secrets of inspiration, and they have brought you to the heights that you have obtained in the physical world today. And you have just started to climb.

We do not have the time to finish this subject tonight. But when we tell you that it can be supported by Biblical evidence, but we also tell you that it can be supported by complete and unbroken lines of investigations which can be proven. Thus, we tell you that unbroken lines of the Hosts of Heaven are moving around the earth and are surrounding you and flying above. And their spiritual emissaries are walking round about. And the Household and the Watchers are carrying out the destiny. How can you defeat anything like that? There is nothing that God has left out of the combination which is to give you victory. The only place the brain block has to be broken is in the area of perception and the release of this fear that does not belong upon a son or daughter of the KING. Perfect love and perfect understanding between you and God will cast out all fear.


End of message.