Weighed In The Balances, 11-4-62



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 11-4-62

We turn today to one of the most vital of subjects, for we are living in one of the most vital times in our history and of our race. Even tho the powers of darkness are seeking to destroy that race and the nations of God’s Kingdom, this in no way eliminates the fact that God still has a Celestial and powerful force which has not bowed the knee to Baal and will not in this hour bow the knee. I think it most significant that we survey the most recent events that are round about and realize that we are in the midst of unusual happenings. A lot of people are wondering why some things did happen as they took place. As we have analyzed the events which have surrounded the Cuban disaster, and we cite to you that Premier Khrushchev has won a major victory in the Cuban Crisis.

Many of you might say that is a strange thing...for one week ago, America had Cuba on the run. American had demanded the end of their missile build-up and had thrown a blockade around Cuba and had announced a few weeks ago, that we would not have any more threats to our security coming from Cuba. We dealt frankly with the fact that this was a Russian build-up. And we demanded that the missiles be removed. And that this danger must be removed. That this threat would no longer be tolerated. Out of Latin America and the rest of the Western world, came immediate support, and we demanded that Khrushchev pull his missiles out of Cuba. This was America standing to repudiate the forces of darkness.

I can not help but remember that it was back in April in 1961, when the Cuban Revolution finally seated itself firmly inside of the Soviet Union and continued with their persecutions and executions. And here in these United States, the Cubans located here had planned to return. These Cubans, some 68,000 of them in these United States, knew what this meant. And they had the assurance of our government and our military that we would give them assistance in returning to Cuba. It was supposedly the policy of the government of the United States to stop this expansion of Communism in this Western Hemisphere. It was supposedly the position of the united States government that the expansion of Communism was this Russian ‘5th Column’ base in this Western Hemisphere now in Cuba. That this was a violation of the Monroe Doctrine. But there was something brewing in the activities of the Kennedy administration. For altho this man who had been elected to the Presidency had proclaimed himself a Christian, and a member of one of the largest existing churches in the U.S. or the world, when he selected for himself those he surrounded himself with in his Cabinet, and those who made up the largest part of his advisors, for the government activities around him and in the White House, the preponderous number of those selected were Jews. And this preponderous number of Jews were Socialist Jews, and many of them were Harvard students. And the preeminence of this is that most of them were on the ‘Left.’ When the political course was selected by the ‘New Deal,’ it was Mr. Kraft’s book on development which was virtually a Socialist book, on the development of the world and America used as the spearhead of such a strategy.

As we recognize these things, then it is rather strange that a Christian would make such appointments, and have the majority of the men around him even in his Cabinet...Jews. This is but another of those strange things. But when after you would hear those in power protesting that they were against World Government and Communism, they watched the development of this Communist strength in Cuba. And when the hour came to do something about this...with every legitimate reason...they made sure that this attempt failed. When this invasion started in April in 1961, using bombers, some which we would consider obsolete here in our nation, still these Cubans here, using these bombers, had almost wiped out any air force that Castro had. On the 17th of April, 1961, the U.S. government was going to give statistical support to the invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs. As Cubans left form their bases in Florida, they were to be supported by their own air force and troop carriers loaded with air craft standing by to give them logistical support to guarantee the success of that invasion which was to end the existence of Communism in Cuba. This policy was deemed most important for us and to the policy of this Western Hemisphere. This was the support for the Monroe Doctrine.

On that day, the 17th of April, this boat approached the Bay of Pigs, but there was no air support. But when these Cubans hit that beach they forged ahead up that beach, but there was no support behind them and then they found themselves caught under intensive tank fire. And they found that this landing spot which had been picked because there was no military installations there, was not surrounded by enemy fire. And still, no support came for these Cubans that had planned this event. And then we learned that the Kennedys had ordered our own planes not to fly and the other nations planes not given permission to use our air space to help. This was a complete betrayal by the Kennedy Administration of these Cubans who had promised to drive Communism out to Cuba which was to our benefit.

If we were to evaluate this action, and I think it is high time we used the values which God has set up for weighing individuals and governments.... I think if we were to weigh these individuals in the balances of righteousness and justice and required standards of God’s authority, we would discover that the Kennedy Administration was weighed in the balances just as was Belshazzar was in the day when Daniel gave his interpretation of that vision, and we could say not only was this situation and this administration weighed in the balances, and found wanting, but I think there was two great deficits as far as anti-Communism was concerned that day. First a great and dangerous precedent was placed on the Cubans that day which almost dimmed their hopes of taking back their nation and overthrowing Communism in their own country. They learned that you could not depend on the Kennedy government to carry out an assault on any Communist objective here in the Western world.

As the events of the last two weeks have matured, we now discover that prior to the 22nd of October, that there was no real menace as far as Cuba was concerned. In fact, go back to the 5th of October, and they were saying that there was no justified reason for an attack on Cuba, for then were not a menace. In fact, Vice President Johnson was quoted as saying that if Senators advocated a blockade of Cuba, they had more guts than brains. Then just a short time later, the President of the United States was advocating the very thing which previously they had said not to do.

Now we want to get this across to you clearly. We believe that this was a political decision. We believe that it was not to destroy Castro in Cuba, but to protect in a way, of assurance, that we would not interfere with Cuba, and then establish an ironclad reason why we cannot interfere. You say, what do we mean? Shortly after the failure of the Bay of Pigs, which happened on the 17th of April, because the administration had defected its air support, President Kennedy was now faced with businessmen who asked why there had come these decisions which brought about the failure of this Cuban invasion. And in the shadow boxing of that hour, Mr. Kennedy said, ‘If at any time Cuba poises a military threat to the United States, and in any way would endanger our existence with nuclear weapons or missiles, then we shall have to take action against Cuba.’

Now, anyone knows that this was about the minimum that you would expect. For the President had said if we actually face a military threat, then we shall do something about it. So all that was needed to bring this to a head was the security threat to America. The establishing of missiles or anything which related to the endangering of the Western Hemisphere, then Mr. Kennedy would have to act. It was now coming to the attention of the Senate of the United States, to the Security branches of our Government, to the Secret Service. And the facts were known to those studying this situation all over the world, that Cuba was becoming an armed camp. It was becoming a threat to the U.S.

Over one month ago, we looked at photographs of the missile bases in Cuba and at the photographs taken over Cuba of Russian missiles on launching pads pointing at Eastern and Souther cities, and at large areas of the United States. We saw a lot of other things which we called to your attention. We saw thousands of Russian troops in uniform marching and landing in Cuba. We saw other buildings taking place, planes on landing fields...fast new Russian bombers and jets carrying nuclear warheads which could go deep into America’s heartland. We saw the military build-up and we listened as Senators warned the President. Then we heard the President say that there was no evidence of anything like that down in Cuba...none at all. That people should not get excited. It was just technicians that were landing down there to advise Mr. Castro as how to develop the resources of Cuba, and how to defend Cuba.

Now I say that if this is the measure, and the President of these United States sees this, then again, he is weighed in the balances and found wanting. And he is not smart enough to be the President of these United States when all of the rest of the world knows what is ahead, and he apparently does not.

Now I want to call something to your attention since this Tuesday is an election. The President wants 100% support and a 100% Congress, if he can get it. We don’t think he can get it in this particular situation, but he is asking for total support of every particular project he has in mind. He wants people to elect Democrats who will be New Frontier supporters. He is not even satisfied with the two party system. He is moving right down the road to a dictator stall, in this wanting for more power.

Now, there is no way to get it more quickly than to call for immediately for all out support of the President in the time of great crisis. So Mr. Kennedy had to have a crisis in Cuba. This is the reason for that. And I think this gives him the time to do something that I think the Jew advisors around him wanted done. A few of them do not like the timing, but there is something significant here. When the President of these United States suddenly changes his stance, and he suddenly takes the position in this Cuban situation for suddenly calling for a blockade which his own Administration has said that no man with brains would do.

Now we are not against the blockade. We were for a 100% invasion. Someone said, ‘don’t you think we should have the Red Cross inspection?’ No, I think we need a 100% Marine inspection. Someone said, ‘Don’t you think that Castro should be left alone?’ No, I think that the U.S. Military should take Cuba over with a military protectorship. This present situation requires a lot more action than we have so far witnessed. Let me point this out to you. The politics in America is running hot in America. The New Frontier candidates would have had a hard time if there had not been some political action taken in their behalf. President Kennedy’s action closed ranks. You say, ‘what did it do?’ It went so far as to have on the Senate floor, a whip who is Mr. Keenkle who came out and said, ‘Now let’s not let any foreign policy affair get into this election. Let’s close ranks around the President and stand by the President in this crisis.’ If there is anything insane, that is it. If there is any opposition to the New Frontier, which the other side has, as far as politics, it is the way this administration is conducted.

Now, I point out to you this. And you say it did not work. But I will tell you how it did work. For poles taken this week, suggest that an overwhelming change is coming in a large part of the public and even those who were not going to vote this year for the New Frontier, have now closed rank around the President. So don’t say it did not work. It was cunning and it did work to that point. But there is another pattern which must be ingested in this.....Mr. Khrushchev’s victory. In the first place, Mr. Kennedy knew from the mounting evidence of photographs, that it was only going to be a short time before all of America would be saying you have to invade Cuba. How would you get out of this? A blockade perhaps, and then Mr. Khrushchev would have an answer.

Now, Mr. Khrushchev knew there were Russian bases in Cuba. He admitted to putting them there. He virtually admits that he runs Cuba. What does Mr. Khrushchev want? I tell you tonight, that Mr. Khrushchev wants something which is most important to him and the rest of the Red Revolution than to have Cuba as a permanent Communist base in the Western Hemisphere. To have it for an area of subversion and to be used in the downfall of the other Latin American countries. And as a base in the Caribbean from which they can launch their missiles against us, and as a base of operation as they work in this situation....this is Mr. Khrushchev’s design. The use of those missiles and adding them up are only a part of the pawns in the game. If by putting those missiles there ans aiming them at the United States then Mr. Khrushchev could end up with a deal with the President of the United States that we would never molest Communist Cuba, that we would never invade it. That we would never support the Monroe Doctrine, and that we would never stop the invasion of the Western Hemisphere by agents of a foreign power. For as long as the Communist dominated Cuba remains, then the Monroe Doctrine has been invalidated if we do not support its policy and drive them out. For a Khrushchev dominated Cuba is a Communist beachhead in the Western Hemisphere. And we are not guaranteeing this by the position of Mr. Kennedy. Someone said, ‘This is the statesmanship of Mr. Khrushchev.’ But I am going to tell you that this is the statesmanship of Hell. And this is the folly of those who do not have the ability to recognize it. At this very moment we have accomplished two objectives by Mr. Khrushchev and Mr. Kennedy.

Now, Mr. Kennedy, by not invading Cuba, or helping in the liberation of Cuba, without smashing Communism, has now rendered himself a position by agreeing with Mr. Khrushchev, or permanently permitting a Communist Cuba to exist. And prohibits any part of resistance of our Government to this agreement. We have done nothing about the Jet Bombers down there. We have done nothing about the underground installations that cannot be photographed from the air. We are doing nothing about the operational force of 18,000 Russian troops and the 6,000 Asiatic troops already located in Cuba. Nothing about a build-up of an army of 300,000. We have not said anything about missiles aimed at Haiti. We have not said anything about if an attack comes upon someone else in the Western Hemisphere, this is not even in the agreement. We have merely said that if these missiles are dismantled, we will not attack Cuba. And we also guarantee that we will not permit anyone else to attack Cuba. What would be more in line with playing the game with Mr. Khrushchev than this?

This is an outstanding victory for the Soviet Union. It is time the United States came to its senses and repudiated this kind of leadership. There are many things about national emergencies that tell us that these aspects are not good. We recognize that a crisis can be created, that it can be touch and go. We realize that as far as the Soviet Union is concerned, it has no reticence against blasting America. It does have some reticence about the possibility of being blasted itself. There is this fact, that these people of great wealth and power who do not want their ship of security rocked, but they would gladly destroy America if they could use the manpower of Asia and Africa, or use someone else blood, as the area from whence this comes that a sacrifice would have to be made.

There is not one question as to the purposes of the forces of darkness and we have a blueprint in this Book which we call the Bible. This is very clear. And some things have not come to pass. But some things have. And all relate to this great struggle with the hordes of the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. And it clearly indicates a program upon the part of these forces of evil to liquidate your society and to render you as virtual slaves to the program of the anti-Christ. This is in the scriptures. And there is no alternative to the ultimate solution which means victory by God’s Kingdom over these powers of darkness. And if you do not know the way that this strategy is going to go....suddenly the hordes out of Asia and the seed out of the Dragon’s mouth, are going to be hurled at your civilization, sparked by revolutions and designs to overthrow the world...led by World Communism and financed by World Jewry.

If there is anything that America needs to learn, it is this full struggle that we are in. When you talk about Communism it is World Communism, and it is Jewish Communism. And these should never be separated. These semantic are spreading across America. And we well recognize tonight, that this is the issue in our time. It is Jewish Communism....the children of Lucifer....guiding and directing the program of anti-Christ for the overthrowing of Christian nations, in their attempt to take over the world for Lucifer as a permanent strategy. There is no doubt that all of the strategies are geared together. And the Machiavellian plan is so great and so big, that people will not accept the big plan. If it is a little flat and a little gullible, they might believe it. If someone was trying to get control of taxes and there was an assessor and there was a shake-down in it, then people would believe that. But when you stat to talk about something bigger than the country and bigger than the state, something which involves nations, and many nations, involves intrigue and infiltration, involves the people who have designs on your race, a people who plan to destroy you and to take over the world. It is so big that they say that it cannot be true. The enemy tells you that you have been given a big story and you must be paranoid to believe it.

Let me tell you something. This Bible contains the big story of God’s Kingdom and it also contains this Luciferian big plot to destroy you. Let me tell you, my friends, that just because the Mosaic puts together a whole area of these events, do not for one moment think that the big story is not true. This big story is true. And the big story is persistently directed by all the participants of Lucifer’s kingdom who are carrying out the objectives of that kingdom. It is a wide field and people busy with just one phase of it, one small problem....do not see the whole problem. This is why we point out to you tonight, that the forces of anti-Christ to conquer the world are tied down from the very beginning in the story from Genesis.....tied down with the story of Lucifer and his control of the races of the world and his attempt to destroy the White race, the children of the Kingdom of God in the earth...to bring on their defeat and put them into slavery.

Thus it is that we point those things out to you tonight. That those powers which you have in your government, if they are in any way identified with the objectives of the enemy, or any that acquiesce or assist in the accomplishment of this, are definitely found wanting in positions of leadership in your nation. You know the story of Babylon.....from the first story of the hand writing on the wall....this was a tremendous city fifteen miles square. It had great and high walls over three hundred feet high, and six hundred feet wide. In fact, chariot races were held on the walls of ancient Babylon. Its constant change of guards were like divisions of a great army, marching around this so-called impregnable city. This was the capital of Mystery Babylon the Great. Its Emperors were of an international world of a cosmopolitan world in which the same sons who run their synagogues and hock shops thru out the world, dominated the Baal worship of the religious life of ancient Babylon, and coordinated a facility for the conquest of the world. They were the enemies of God and they hit out at God. In fact, in the days when Daniel was called to Belshazzar’s great feast, they had taken the great vessels from the Temple of God for the service of God. And in this tremendous feast for which he had made great preparations, all of the Nobles and their wives and their concubines in this entire land of Babylon were assembled for a mighty feast. And in this great revelry, they were denouncing everything connected with God and with HIS program for the earth. Then there came this strange mystery. So strange in time and history. For across the walls of that great banquet chamber, came a hand writing upon the wall with a pen these word:.... ‘Me’ne Me’ne Te’kel U-Phar-sin.’ This had been the mysterious judgement of God that struck such fear at that time to this Babylonian king that it says that his knees started to knock together.

My friends, the hand writing is starting to move across the wall of modern Babylon. For the children of God in this great nation can see the walls of Babylon being built around this nation of God’s Kingdom. They see that this mysterious city is still existent. They see it is inhabited with these mysterious conspirators still in operation. Whereas a large part of the world today is under the control of this mystery Babylon. Jesus identifies to the Apostle John.....thus the warning to the church...this fact that this insidious organization is moving now thru out the world to control and dominate it. The politics and economic policies which it manipulates are Babylon’s mysteries. This program of usury and extortion go hand and glove with its masters. Its pagan religions and its designs are incorporated in its mastery to reduce people to its superstitious ignorance. And I point out that also they ride the level of what they would like to claim is intellectual superiority, their pseudo-intellectual mentality would bind men in slavery. As they built those walls of ancient Babylon for their city, which was to be the headquarters for their conquests of the world, it was to bring all nations under one roof of control. The aspiration of Mystery Babylon today is to bring all nations under the banner of One World Order, under the sway of these economic and political masters of slavery, and Christianity and the worship of the true God would be wiped from the face of the earth as was the wishes and the design of ancient Babylon.

And even as those words were written on the wall....Me’ne Me’ne U-phar-sin...then only Daniel could interpret it for only god had given him the vision of interpretation and he told the king that he had been weighed in the balances and found wanting. And that this very night, his kingdom was to be taken from him and given to the Medes and the Persians. And this prophecy was literally fulfilled, for this impregnable city had a weak spot. And they lost the city as the army of Darius marched under the gate in the river bed and they took the city. The water had been defected. And I am going to tell you that there are also weak spots in Mystery Babylon today, that the leaders of Babylon may not recognize. There are some factors today that are most significant to you, for this whole program of Mystery Babylon is intense around the nations of the Western World. Their design for their subordination and their weakening has long been carried out. And now Mystery Babylon the Great is raising her head. Some people are waiting for that old city of Babylon to be rebuilt. But that old city of Babylon will never be rebuilt. The evil Luciferian organization is this final attempt to subordinate for all times the great nations of God’s Kingdom.

I point out to you that when we talk about Babylon, we are talking about socialistic and conspiratorial design of the most evil force in the world...anti-Christianity, headed by world Jewry, which seeks to subordinate the world. With Communism, you have the political conspiracy, the economical conspiracy against the world. The United Nations is Mystery Babylon the Great....this one world order re-rising today under all of the promises of goodwill and peace. But actually designed to destroy every great Christian nation like yours. I want you to know that there is one thing which they fear. I see hand writing on the wall which tells modern Babylon that their days are numbered. For after all of the pressure, and all of the brainwashing, and all of the attempts to subordinate, and silence the voices of truth, the sedition trials, and after the semantics of assault that would consider that Patriots would be considered second class citizens, or be tried in courts as they have attempted before....for right here in the United States, Patriots who have identified this Mystery Babylon and the Jewish conspiracy, have been tried for sedition right here in the United States. The only thing some of them escaped...was when the Judge died and they had a mistrial and had to throw it out.

I am going to tell you that today if someone tried to expose what the Jews were doing, you would not get a very enthusiastic America. More than that, I am going to tell you that in this hour, we have watched God stimulating a great ‘Right Wing’ awakening, as we have watched the rise of Patriotic organizations and the rise of the Birch society, and the awakening of nationalists voices all over the nation. As we go back to days of Christian nationalism, on up to our day, we have watched in these last twenty years a great spreading and challenging awakening. And today the awakening is not measuring on the walls of time another awakening...the balances have been found wanting.

Today a lot of knees are beginning to shake all over America. And the more truth that you can spread the more these knees will knock until they manage to somehow crawl in to a ship and leave. I want to tell you that the strategies that are involved in some of these situations are far more unique than you think. You know that there is always another emergency which gives unprecedented power to the President of these United States. Emergency measures which set aside the normal and reasonable activities.

I have received this morning, a photostat from one of the major newspapers in Florida. And I think this is of the most significance to you. I know that it is to us out here in Antelope Valley, and other places which sit on the perimeter of a great city like this. I have here a copy from the Palm Beach Times, and it says West Palm Beach, Dade County and Grover County, assistance requested. That West Palm Beach will be an evacuation center for Dade and Grover Counties in case of a Nuclear attack. And for that reason all homes in West Palm Beach will be used as the evacuation centers under the leadership of Col. Carswell, Municipal Director for these operations. The Cuban Crisis has caused a very sensitive situation and thus all of South Florida is told by Col. Carswell, that attack preparations and evacuation preparations must begin right away. So all private homes and buildings in the city will be registered for private purposes. Col. Carswell has requested that space should be allotted as for two persons in every room, including kitchens and bathroom in all private homes. The program is that they would list all the private homes in West Palm Beach and they would move all of these other people out of these counties and they would start housing these people in these private homes.....two people to a room, all to be decided upon by civilian defense and without any basis of race, color or creed.

Now you say but they cannot do this...for we have articles of war and articles of guarantee that a man’s home is his castle, and our government cannot bivouac soldiers in our homes, because we have the Constitutional guarantee that they cannot bivouac soldiers in our private homes in time of war.’

Now, here is the request.....that all home owners sign over their homes to Civil Defense. And these Civil Defense officials say that they would hope that the homeowners would donate their homes. But if not, then the officials are ordered to draft all of these facilities, or they will confiscate them. Now, Civil Defense is one thing. But I do not know whether this is a defense or an invasion.

Now, listen. At the time of the attack, all of the food and gasoline in your home at the time, would be frozen. An inventory would be taken and all of your personal possessions would be inventoried and then they would be re-dispersed at the whim of the Civil Defense. And if they confiscate it, they will give you a receipt for it. But you may not get any of it back. I would like to see what they would put in my house. This sort of looks like you could lose the war right here at home.

Now I do not know how far they have gone with this as yet. But the emergency is not over as yet. The missiles are supposed to be taken down....the few of them that you can see. Russian ships will come and go, and probably, let you see the missiles they are taking back. But not what they brought over. I question whether any missiles they have set up will ever leave Cuba. I question whether there is one area of security that has been secured at all. I think that you are simply watching the guarantee of world Communism and cannot trust it. When I point out something else to you about Civil Defense...do you know...I think our people need to get in and take over Civil Defense. I think it is time that Christian Americans got very interested in Civilian Defense, and crown into this area of Civil Defense and not let someone else take it over and confiscate your property, and bring unassimilatable situations into your home. This is our country, and we are the majority. We can determine these situations. This is however, just another one of those emergencies. I tell you tonight, there it no excuse for the taking over of food and gasoline. If there is anything we have in the United States which there is plenty of, it is food. If there is anything else we have more of than we know what to do with, it is gasoline. We even have been pumping it back into the wells because we cannot consume as much as we can produce.

I tell you that this is just evidence that there are some people who like to get more power than is good for them, and this is a great danger in these United States. America as a nation has fulfilled its development as a nation, and it has moved into the position as the outstanding flag bearer of God’s Kingdom. Has fulfilled other prophecies in these climactic hours. We have watched the ‘falling away,’ first from the values of our founding fathers by an apathy which came over the people. This lethargy has been created by areas of communication. The press, TV, and radio have finally lulled the people and put them to sleep. They put out a program of entertainment for you night after night to keep you pacified and your mind off the things which are vital to your security. And out of this mesmerized situation, they play for us programs of surrender of our independence and the acceptance of world government. They have set up the United Nations and all of Babylon’s mysterious processes. They try to make it look as if it is right. And if you do not agree with it, then you are anti-social. If you do not conform to how the world thinks, then you are not a good world citizen. I have some news for you. ‘Do not conform to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.’ If your mind is renewed by an act of God, it will remember again the Covenants with your fathers, the preservation of your cultures, and racial self-respect. And the greatest responsibility that you have is to pass down this culture into the endless tomorrows.

I am going to tell you tonight, that when we say ‘Weighed in the balance and found wanting,’ there are a lot of movements and a lot of individuals in these United States that are weighed in the balances and found wanting. What we need to do today, is to get the true church to weigh everything. Someone said, ‘But we should not be weighing everything.’ But God said judge all things. You mean judge all things? Yes, you should judge all things, which effect your environment. And no one has a great right than the sons of God to do the judging. For this purpose you were placed in the earth. Someone said, ‘Judge not lest ye be judged.’ You are not to judge any individual who is a part of the Household of God, or a part of your faith, as it relates to the spiritual relationship with God, and his obligation which relates to God. That is not your responsibility. But when it deals with these forces as they relate to God’s Kingdom, as it relates to the preservation of your culture, the instruction of your children in the areas of education, the carrying forward of the responsibility of your faith, then it is your responsibility and you are not only to judge, but to clean house, in this instance, in God’s Kingdom. We point out to you tonight, that there are more areas in which this responsibility becomes more obvious. America will never become greater than the leadership she selects to lead it, except for the miracles of God and the assault of the enemy. Whether you know it or not, one of the great salvations for your race is this attack by the enemy. Because this attack by the enemy shifts men to the Right and immediately awakens them to the danger. And this causes the enemy to flee, because of their own guilt. It brings in the mighty hosts of heavens and ends in a sense of victory.

As we have told you before, this is the one area in which you avoid all conflict with the enemy. For there are those who would acquiesce with ease, or make a phoney measure, the victory of the hour. There are many things at stake in this issue, the enemy may be planning to back up and make his greatest surprise move against you. Because America is moving more and more into a relaxed position right now. More than this, the President has been assured that there will be no hostility over West Berlin until after next Tuesday. What a nice gentlemen’s agreement this must be.

By the way, while we are on this subject, of ‘gentlemen’s agreements’, I think it is significant that we should make men remember their honor and respond to such agreements that they have signed. We have running for governor of California, one of these men in this measure of strategy. One who know is Governor Pat Brown, who has been here too long already. From one end of the state to the other, they call him Pap Brown, instead of Pat Brown. He may please Mr. Kennedy, but only because the ‘boys’ have told him that he must support Mr. Brown. I want you to know that as far as the cost of government and as far as the ‘boys’ who run with him, we have some of the strangest rascals in the world in our State Administration. I think one of the most deadly men in these United States is Allen Cranston. I want you to remember that Allen Cranston was the head of the United World Federalists. I want you to know that he did espionage work of a strange type, and while in Italy, he was involved in some counter-espionage work that actually caused and was related to the elimination of some of the top anti-Communist leaders of the Italian forces. And afterwards, they were seeking an indictment for murder against Allen Cranston. But he had already returned to the U.S. And the statute of limitations had run out. I remember when we faced Allen Cranston and his henchmen on the floor of the State Legislature in opposition to the United World Federalist plan which had already taken over one town and your State Legislature...until we actually voted in the State of California on this conspiratorial plan.....that Cranston and his gang had put over.....and that was to call on the United States Congress to set aside a day for the planning of a program for the surrendering of the Independence of our nation into a World Government and the establishing of this World Government forever.

Thus, we had our legislature so asleep by all of this honey and favors, so propagandized by the United Nations and the Post-war propaganda, that so asleep, that they did not know what they were doing, or legislature asked the Congress of the United States to dissolve these United States. You would not have sent anyone to Sacramento or to Washington to dissolve the United States....but they did it. This is why we fought on the floor of the State Legislature and in the committee rooms as to how to reverse this. And I want to say this. That the forces which were allied with us....such as Christian Nationalism and the Anti-Communist League and others, were able to get the State Legislature to resend their previous vote and withdraw their request for the dissolving of these United States. That is why I tell you that you should never select a World Federalist...surely not one with a background such as this man has, to any position of responsibility....let along the control of your State.

Now, you say what about this man Pat Brown for Governor? Well, my friends, he is an expensive governor in an administration of may mistakes. Now, there are a lot of charges that are hurled that are not responsible charges. One cannot stay that Mr. Brown is a Communist, altho he has aided the Communist in many ways. One has to admit that the Attorney General in the State of California is a Jew. He is one of the ADL leaders and I don’t see why any Christian in the entire State of California would want a Jew for Attorney General. Now I received one of those papers that Mr. Brown was mailing out to the clergymen, and I don’t think this was a vital paper...altho some clergy do.

Now Mr. Nixon is running against Mr. Brown and someone said, ‘Should we all rally behind Mr. Nixon?’ No. You cannot trust Mr. Nixon anymore. You say, ‘why do you say that?’ Well, I will tell you why. When Mr. Nixon was Vice President, Mr. Nixon went they some more troubled changes. Remember that Maurie Shaptner was not only the Jew ‘10' percenter who was embarrassing the Eisenhower Administration, and they sent him home to California, and Mr. Nixon had to decide whether to get out of the administration or to send home his Jewish friends who were 10% of the crowd in Washington. But who is behind Mr. Nixon’s activities as he runs for Governor, and who is one of the masterminds upon his staff?....Maurie Schaptner.

Now, you say, ‘Is there any danger in Mr. Nixon? Wouldn’t he be better than Mr. Brown?’ Well, that is a mute question. But there is one thing about this mute question connected with Mr. Nixon. For he has already promised to destroy both the ‘Right Wing’ and the ‘Left.’ Does that sound good?

Now we know that Mr. Brown is opposed to the Right Wing. But Mr. Brown has not taken very much action against the ‘Right Wing’ for all of the Republicans would oppose it. But if you had a Republican Governor waging war on the ‘Right Wing,’ where would you get any protection or support? Let me point this out to you. The ADL of the B’nai B’rith hung a ‘six’ pointed star around Mr. Nixon’s neck. And the ADL said that this was their man of the year. That Pat and Dick Nixon were their couple of the year. So they hung that medallion around his neck.

Now if anything is dangerous for you, it is hypocrisy.....the kind that stands apparently for ‘Right Wing’ leadership and then moves over into the other camp. And I want you to know that Mr. Nixon will move in any direction for political expediency.

Now I hold something in my hands. And of course, you have to thank Mr. Brown for digging it up. This is the deed and the agreement that Mr. Nixon signed when he bought his home from the Miller Developing Company, according to the laws of the State of Delaware. Thus, this is his Washington American University hypo that he bought. Oh, you say, ‘is there anything wrong with Mr. Nixon buying a home?’ No. But this is the covenant..... ‘no part of the land hereby conveyed shall ever be used or occupied, sold, dismissed, or conveyed, held in trust for, or shall ever be given to Negroes, or any other person of Negro extraction, or any of the semantics including the Armenians, the Jews or the Hebrews, the Persians, or the Assyrians, except that this paragraph shall not be held against the partial occupancy of domestic servants. The second part of this assignment assigns the heirs to this same obligation.

Now, I am not interested in the Supreme Court on the restrictions of covenants because when the Supreme Court invalidated the restriction of covenants they invalidated the law of contracts. And that decision is al unconstitutional as other decisions that they have made. For there is not authority for the court to limit the conditions of a contract, as long as those conditions and the nature of the contract do not involve the violation of law and the impounding of a felony. When no felony is found the restrictive covenants cannot be upheld in the court of law, because the law is no longer operating with the law which has been in existence since the English Common Law, when we were colonies. And since then, and now the right of individuals to convey any property and put no exceptions upon it but what is agreeable to both parties has been the law. Why was this knocked out to satisfy the Jews as to the Negroes?

Now, Mr. Nixon signed this deed with these inclusions on this deed and the court is not an important thing for the only important thing is for the man to be a man of honor. In fact, we do not need the court to enforce the law at all. For all that we need it an honorable relationship among men. For any agreement is as good as the honor of the men who have signed the paper.

Now what I point out to you is that Mr. Nixon, while buying a home in a restricted area, signed this covenant that he will never let this home be occupied by Negroes and Jews.....this man has been fraternize with Jews and Negroes on the radio and he comes out for integration and the violating of every principle of the private contract that he signed....so clarify and sell out.

Now I am not against Mr. Nixon signing this kind of a contract. But I do not like this kind of hypocrisy. Besides he tells the jew this is not what I am for, when he is for it. Makes me wonder if he is not on the side of the Negro and the Jew all the way. Oh, you say is there something wrong with being against the Great White Christian majority in these United States? Nobody has been abused like the great Christian majority in this country who are under a constant and continual fire. This is why we tell you that in a vital issue like that there are certain factors that you should know.

In my library, are many volumes dealing with the significance of your time. In one particular section, is every volume that has been written which relates to the political events and history of your time. Some of these events we have had the experience of being very closely associated with, here and in Washington. In one section are those things associated with the Eisenhower years and the administration. And in these volumes are the relationships of various men and certain things which happened. And the man who sabotaged the ‘Bricker Amendment,’ the one who did the most to sabotage this amendment was Dick Nixon. You say, how did you know? I turn to these Eisenhower years and he did the leg work. He worked on the strategy and he contacted the Senators. Do you know what that amendment would have done? It would have made it impossible for any conspiratorial vote in the United Nations....for anyone to interfere with the civil laws, and the civil rights of anyone in these United States. That amendment.....had it gone thru,,,would have emancipated America from this conspiratorial process of the United Nations, and their ability to enforce them over you. And Mr. Nixon, for power, would sell out his nation and his people and would be the man to destroy one of the most vital piece of legislation in your history. Dick Nixon was responsible for the defeat of the Bricker Amendment.

Now I will pass down a couple of volumes, and here was one of them which they thought would be of great assistance in gathering liberal votes when Mr. Nixon ran for Vice President. The book said that had they been published sooner...they might have had greater influence than they did.

When Senator McCarthy was being opposed on the Senate floor, and finally they brought to a head this call for censorship against Senator McCarthy, did you know it was Dick Nixon who moved in and did the leg work for the eventually summed up in what from the Senate floor would be a condemnation of Senator McCarthy. I think this is important for I have the facts..... The Eisenhower years contain the story. And the work of Dick Nixon to eliminate the influence of Senator McCarthy for the Eisenhower team. His work brought about the votes which he wanted and which had brought about the elimination of the influence of Senator Joseph McCarthy. But I think that Senator McCarthy was one of the finest and greatest Americans of our generation. We are not interested in marks, we are only interested in facts which spell out the events that related to these United States of America, this great nation of God’s Kingdom. I do not think any man should be governor of California who would sabotage these two vital areas of resistance to world conspiracy which existed in the areas of the United States Senate.....Senator Bricker and his Amendment and Senator McCarthy and his war against Communism.

Someone said where are you going to go, no one can be elected except these two men. Yes....as long as California sleeps. But do you have a conscious? Do you vote that conscious or make a side deal and say, ‘I have to find the lesser of the two evil? Someone said, ‘well then, what do you do?’ Well, just go down to that ballot box and just write in ‘Col. Gale’ or someone else. It does not matter that he will not win. It matters that you voted for a man you had respect for. You don’t have to cast your vote for every man they print on those ballots. Someone said, ‘But Brown will get back in.’ Well then you will not be any worse off than you are tonight. I know that we can rally the Republican Party and half of the Democrats if Mr. Brown is wrong. But how long will it take you to wake up the same people if Mr. Nixon gets in and follows the same gang?

Someone said, ‘is this the churches responsibility?’ It is the churches responsibility when something effects the Kingdom of God and the lives of their parishioners. I think the areas of education are the most important areas which the church should get in to if you want to carry on your posterity and the culture and the destiny and the tradition of your race. In the areas of education, there is only one man who stands in a position of recognition by those who are on the ‘Right.’ There is only one man who will stand for most of your principles and ideals and that is Raffidy. In this instance, all you have to do is see who is against him to see how ‘Right’ he is. You cannot do that with Nixon or Brown, because you have rascals supporting them both. And a lot of good people who do not know the difference.

So we point this out to you because we think this is of significance. We point this out because we do not think this is a matter of opinion, but a matter of evaluation and the situations connected and the weight of the keys involved. Another important area in your country is the man who handles the taxes. For taxes are a very vital issue. You have had increases all over. You are getting more and more taxes on personal property. And their is one man who opposes this, and there is a man who has a better alignment. And Watson is a far better deal than Gibson in this matter.

We are not going to go thru all of the issues and all of the measures on the ballot, generally speaking, most Americans already tax burdened are voting ‘no’ on everything which costs them money. Some say that we need bigger prison facilities and we need this and we need that. But I think we have to wake up and eradicate the sources which produce these catastrophes. I point out to you that in one of the areas of danger, that the biggest trap that we face, and you better weigh this carefully....is anything which puts power in one man’s hand that can be used against anything that is good.

Now we are 100% opposed to Communism in all of its forms. We accept the explanation that Communism is a conspiratorial force which has vowed to overthrow the U.S. Government by force. And in the writings on Proposition 24, we accept all of the writings of all of the evils which involves Communism, and we are not against the design to legislate the ability of the Communist Party to operate. We do not recognize that it has rights in these United States because it is a conspiratorial force of a foreign power. But sometimes the enemy goes along with these Bills and there is a reason for it. Listen in to this program of Proposition 24 which looks like it is a program...a cure-all...to wipe Communism out, first by taking away its tax exemption. But let me tell you this. The Communist Party does not operate in California with tax exemption privileges as such. The Communist Party program is not carried out by the tax exemption program in which they raise their money, and people take it off their income tax. Almost everyone knows that almost all of their money is gathered into vast kitties from various projects, and people do not go around shouting that they gave to the Communist Party. The fact remains that very little money given to the Communist Party would be effected by this legislation. Number two, anything you could say on a ballot about the Communist Party, doesn’t effect them, for they know all of these things are true anyhow. But when you say a subversive organization, then what is a subversive organization? It is any organization that would advocate the overthrow of government by force or violence. Or any organization which would advocate the overthrow or by force or violence any branch of government. Or any organization which was determined to be subversive by the Attorney General, or by any officer of the court, or by any official of government.

Let me ask you a question. Do you think you should put in the hands of the Attorney General the power to declare any organization which he does not like as subversive. You go back and read the end of ‘Proposition 24'........The Attorney General shall observe this carefully. It is possible for the Attorney General then to knock out....say the John Birch Society, because it exposes the rascality of Jewry. Their world organization is against the United Nations and we will never accept their edict. It is possible for your Attorney General without taking you before a court or before any procedure of law to brand your organization or any other patriotic organization and take away your tax exempt status. No legislation should ever be passed even if it looks like it will hurt the Communist Party.

Now I pose this for your consideration. The Communist Party in their papers, tells you to vote against ‘Proposition 24.’ Of course, they would. They know that the non-Communist, if they see that the Communist support something, they will vote the other way. They know that they never win an election by votes. They have to win by chicanery. The Communist Party and those associated with it would like to see the Attorney General brand the Patriotic movement as subversive. You think they would not do it...my friends, when a man like Dick Nixon turns on such men as Senator Eastland and Senator Russell, and asks the Republican Party to purge them....what would he do if he was in power? If you would brand two of the finest men in the U.S. Government as unacceptable in the status of your society by one of the champions, your standard bearers, then, my friends, that man will certainly turn on individuals with less influence when he is controlled by the enemy.

There are some people who are so influenced by the propaganda which has been so carefully designed by the enemy. The other day came a piece in the mail and it is talking about Congressman Eastland, and it calls on everyone in his area tp tale a good look at his record. It says this is a man with a goose egg record. And you don’t want a man with a ‘goose egg’ record. It says he has voted against every progressive piece of legislation which has occurred in Washington. This man has voted no..no..no. Then anything he voted for was not signed into law by the President. So he has a goose egg record. But do you know, my friends, that is a 100% record when you go to Washington and come out with a ‘goose egg’ record under a ‘goose Frontier?’ That meant that Congressman Eastland voted right every time. Me?..I like a ‘goose egg’ record when the devil was calling for the votes.

I hope this nation wakes up quickly to know that the greatest danger that you face is to surrender resistance to the forces that demand power. I do not say that in the mind of the President and al of the patterns of this evil conspiracy are clear, but I say that the advisors around the President know exactly what they have done and they have even outlined it in a book. This is my thinking tonight, in this program to destroy God’s Kingdom in the earth, to mongrelize it and absorb it with Asiatics and pagans all over the world.......that any individual who calls for you to enter a world order where you are outnumbered by pagans, that person is betraying these United States and that is one thing I have against Mr. Kennedy. For these were his words on the 4th of July.

I tell you that any man who does the economic work of Mystery Babylon, and who wants to gain economic control of all of the transactions between nations, and therefore to have the power to advise the President and to ask for the power to hold this power in hand.......and when in the hour of this persuasion, with the Congress of the United States in abject submission, just surrender this authority into his hands so he takes over dictatorial authority into his own hands....so that he can break any factory, or any individual man....that this king of power in the hands of a President is not American. The great expansion of this since 1962, will qualify this as another step in this massive conspiracy. In fact, I cannot hardly look over the record of this administration and find where it protected you, or carried out the objective of God’s Kingdom. The only thing I can see that it will do is awaken America to a great change. Then right in the midst of all of this, then try to rally them all behind him with a crisis which was cooled off right away. Let us hope that America in the next few days will wake up and reevaluate the difference in the height of America last Sunday and this one.

Let me tell you this. It is not the Eternal Destiny of man’s soul that is at stake. When we talk about being weighed in the balances and found wanting, we mean that God in HIS decision, had decided that al that hour that Belshazzar fell far short of retaining so much pose in the world and had numbered the days until the fall of his kingdom. I want you to know that God has measured the conspiracy of this hour. And HE has not only numbered the days of some men’s lives, but HE has also numbered the power of this conspiracy that is working against you, and the time is running out. The hour will come soon when the great spiritual awakening of your nation is going to call for the greatest patriot and spiritual cry in the history of your society. The sons of God are going to stand on their feet and be counted. And the greatest exodus in all human history will be taken out of these United States.

There may be a few who will not like what I am going to say now, but more Jews will be leaving the United States then ever left any country on the face of the earth. There are more Jews living in these United States now than ever lived in Palestine, and there are more here than ever lived in Germany. Because almost all of those who lived in Germany came over here, and we had too many to start with. One of the great miracles of W.W. II, was how so many of the ‘gassed Jews’ walked the streets of America in such a few years. I do not believe any part of this propaganda lies. I tell you tonight, that America is not going down, because God has willed that this will be one of the great Apex stones of HIS Kingdom. America is not going down because you are a covenant nation, a nation of Destiny. America is not going into the discards because its people have been asleep. Because God says HE is going to wake them up. America is not going to be defeated by the Soviet Union because your nation with the outstretched wings of the American Eagle, is going to be fighting Armageddon when Jesus comes. But I am going to tell you this. The dynasty of Kennedy weighed upon the acts of its decisions has been found wanting and God is going to remove it. This is just as sure and certain as the walls were brought down in the days of Belshazzar. And when Babylon falls the greatest liberty of all times will fall on America. As Babylon falls there will never be again in these United States a depression or a time of insecurity. There will never be a question of armed strength. There will never be a question of the armed status of your society. You are in the last days of Babylon and Babylon’s fall is going to take place before your eyes. My friends, the children of God are going to wake up this time and Babylon this time, is going to be cast into the sea and swallowed up like a stone. And there will be great rejoicing among the people as she falls.

As far as propaganda goes, when they signed this covenant, they did not know who the Semites were. The real Semitic race on the fact of the earth is the Adamic race. There is no Jew on the face of the earth today who is a Semite.

A letter has come in from some of our workers. They have been in Europe and all over, and the amazing thing they find so easy to demonstrate is that there are Red Jews, Black Jews, Yellow Jews, and Jews of every color. And down in Palestine, it looks like a crazy quilt there among the Jews. Oh, they are Jews if you look at the noses, and their ears. Listen to them talk, and you know that they are Jews. They are for everything which is wrong and against everything which is right. They hate Christ and Christianity. But when we talk about the children of the MOST HIGH GOD, the Household of Shem, the true Semites, we are talking about the men and women of God’s Kingdom, the people of HIS covenant.

We are discussing this again today, you cannot talk about the New Testament, or the New Covenant without discussing just whom it was made with. These were not made with all of the people of the world, with every race and every nation. The New Testament was made with the same people that God made the Old Testament with. And in Hebrews 8:8, HE says, ‘I make a New Covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah.’ And yes...the whole world is blessed by the children of God with their science, and knowledge......this understanding and this rolling back of superstitions, its standards of divine righteousness and Divine Law. But to accomplish this, you have to take control of your own Household. You have to clean out the error that exists within it and remove the Cainanites from the House of God. You are going to have to cleanse the Temple of our National House as Christ cleansed the Temple in HIS hour of ministry. I point this out to you tonight. That you are the children of the New Covenant of the House of Israel, and the House of Judah. Of the two great branches of Western civilization...Germanic, and Anglo-Saxon. The House of Israel residing in the Anglo-Saxon camp include the people of Scandinavia, thru the lowland countries, and England and these United States. And the House of Judah included the Germanic houses in Austria, and all of the countries that belong to the Judaic House. These are the two great standards of power inside of Western Christian civilization. And God says that in the last days HE is going to make them ‘One Stick in HIS Hand.’

Now I said this afternoon, that there are hours of intensive repression. Hours when the crush of events would frustrate the souls of men if they did not possess this spiritual capacity to believe God, to see the end of this thing, to know that in the midst of the preparation to control you, comes this tremendous power for this great victory which is just ahead. I want you to know that by believing God, by identifying even these areas of catastrophe, and the adversities thru which you would pass, HE has outlined this final victory. And altho Lucifer does not understand it, and still plans on making war against the Christ, I can assure you that the kingdoms of this world are going to become the Kingdoms of our LORD and HIS CHRIST. And HE has promised with all the resources of earth and all of the majesty of his power, and all of the greatness of HIS purpose, that HE is going to take the kingdoms of this world and put them under the administration of HIS children. The world is going to know peace. It is going to know blessings and it is going to know security. You are the people who give light and vitality to this destiny. You and your offspring who make up the seed, are the children of the Father. And it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.

There are many things which we must remember. So we do not tell you how to vote as you go to the polls. We can only tell you how we would vote. As we go to the national government, we also have our preferences. The Bill No. 22 is another bad Bill. It would build another bureaucracy. And No. 24, we do not want to go thru. We want you to remember tonight, that this election does not give you the opportunities which are going to come in elections just ahead. But when you remain on the ‘Right’, you never have to feel responsible afterwards for the errors made by men who do not measure up to the standards. We think that every Christian should vote and we think that you should vote ‘Right.’

Now, we want to urge each one of you to do your best to reach people with truth, and to recognize that these things are important. Coordinate your thinking with the Semantics. Never separate Communism from Jewish Communism. Because everyone who understands this problem understands this. These semantics must spread. I have listened to two great military officers who have used the great Supreme Military Court and their vocabulary includes this.... ‘Jewish Communism.’ These tapes have been carrying this vocabulary all over the nation. They have been carrying the semantics, the truth which is coming out. They are moving everywhere. The influence of them in your investment in this area of missionary activity, is sweeping out over your nation into an area far greater than you would think. And God’s blessing is a thousand fold. And it is multiplying and is spreading. As many tapes as we make is made many times over by others who duplicate them the same week.

Do not forget that the Gospel of the Kingdom is the Gospel of God’s purposes in the earth, and the true message of HIS Church.

(End of sermon)