Were All The People On Earth Drowned In The Flood?, 9-2-66


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 9-2-66

We will now touch on a subject of greater significance than anyone might have, at a moment's glance, thought it contained, - the subject of the flood. The question: did everybody on the earth excepting the family of Noah, eight souls at that time existing, living upon the earth, - did everyone else drown? Were Noah and his own family the only survivors in the earth? You might think that this subject isn't altogether too important and so you say, "All you have to do is go back into the Book of Genesis and read the testimony that the waters covered the whole earth, that it went above the mountains fifteen cubits and that is sufficient; that the flood was complete, that it covered all the earth and that everybody outside of the family of Noah died in the waters of the flood. " Now I am going to show you why it is important that you know the truth concerning this matter.

I recently listened to a clergyman talking to his people and he said that we were arriving now at a great utopian age in which all races and all peoples would mix together, there would no longer be the separation that divides them, either by race or by nation or by continent, and he hailed the development of the United Nations and all the trends of the times as a great and healthy sign that we were getting back to where we were in the household of men and nations before the flood. Well, one thing is quite obvious: Such ignorance concerning the truth as it actually exists in the records, both of Scriptures and of anthropology and archaeology, is creating a great catastrophe.

I maintain that one of the greatest catastrophes that could ever envelop the Kingdom of God, or your race, would be to absorb all people into one world government, absorb them all into one racial family and fold all their religions into one religion. - This would be the end of truth; this would be the end of the program of God's Kingdom. And I intend to assure you that this is not going to happen, because there is a powerful, dynamic force in God's spirit dwelling within the children of His Own household and family which He is going to re-stimulate; and instead of uniting all the peoples into one polyglot mass, He is going to cause His people to come out and be segregated and separate again, in order to carry forward the destiny which God has ordained.

It is this moving spiritual force that is going to again bring your nation out from under the bondage to which it has surrendered its sovereignty; it is this guidance of spirit that is going to set men free. And when the great movement towards faith, liberty, truth and the development of God's Kingdom rises to its peak in your age, it is going to be to a spiritually quickened and awakened race. The spiritual center of the church, sent to do this job, is going to help bring this thing about. The church has a great work to do, and as the oracle of God it is going to start proclaiming that truth, and people are going to come out of their sleep and they are going to stand upon their feet, as a great and mighty witness to their Father.

I would pause to show you there is something very important about the relationship of your race and the purposes of the Most High God. -Over here in the Book of Ephesians, I read in the third chapter, how the Apostle Paul bows his knee before the Eternal God, the Eternal Father Who was the Spirit, the fulness of it from Whom came forth the man Christ Jesus. He said therefore, "I bow my knees unto the Father, of Whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named."

I want you to think about this for a moment: "Of Whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named," for the Apostle Paul with his heavenly vision had the experience of having called to his attention, as he writes in his Apocalypse (and later declares these truths through his Epistles), that he has been in the presence of the Most High God. He had looked upon the many kinsmen which were his, and he had been sent back to earth to rewrite the Epistles, to carry this message unto the peoples that were God's household. Throughout all of his writings he makes a distinction between the people who are the family of God (those in the heavens and those on earth) and the other people round about.

It is true, as we have previously discussed in other messages, that the family of God, begotten by His spirit before the world was framed, has entered the world through the Adamic race. God begat the Adamic race as His Own life and His Own issue, and this was the second creation of beings walking upright in similitude of the same image, as you find if you study the Book of Genesis.

The first creation of man, as you discover, was made or created out of the substances round about. But the word in the Hebrew for the second creation of man is the word 'bara,' to beget or to produce issue out of Himself. So Adam and the Adamic race were God's household and His issue. And the word which follows from that time on for that race, or people, is "Adam.” We are Adamites, and thus we are God's children in the earth after the flesh, even as we are the children of God's spirit in celestial planes, where Paul tells us in Ephesians, we have been blessed with all spiritual blessings before the foundation of even this creation or this world order.

So when the Apostle Paul talks about the fact that if you want to find that family, you will find that they have been named with the seal of their Father, as the children of Yahweh-Yahshua, the Eternal in the heavens, or the children of His Messianic identity known upon the earth as Christians. And when I look for Christians, I find them in the great mass of the Adamic race, the peoples of the White race spread out all over the earth. Therefore, I note here that the Apostle Paul tells us he prays that God will grant to us, according to the riches of His glory, that great and mighty strengthening by His spirit of the inner man that dwells in these physical bodies in the earth; because these are His children and these are His sons; and this is the prayer which the Apostle Paul brings.

I would like you, for one moment, to remember what the Apostle Paul said concerning you in the Book of Galatians when he tells you that the covenants which God made to Abraham and to his seed were made by Him, Himself, and incarnately fulfilled in the ministry of Christ and among you who are the children of the Most High God. And thus, the Apostle Paul makes this statement: "I want you to know wherein the law was a schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith." - that "the law was a schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ."

I want everyone to remember that the Scripture says that the law was given only to Israel. Therefore only the peoples of Israel possess the law, or had such a law, to bring them as a schoolmaster to Christ.

The Apostle Paul states: "I want you to know that we are all children of Yahweh, and this is evidenced by faith in Christ Jesus." This is not a process of mental gymnastics that makes everybody a child of God, or makes them all your kinsmen in the earth merely because they accept that Jesus is the Christ. The only reason why they accept the fact that Jesus is the Christ, and really understand it, is because they are the children of the Eternal.

The Apostle Paul also said "there is neither Judah nor Greek." - Now I know, in your King James Version the word is "Jew." This is one of the mistranslation that is the result of Jews helping to translate the King James version. The actual text is, "There is neither Judah nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female."

It would be very foolish for me to say there is no difference between a Jew and a Greek; every Greek would get mad at me if I were to make that statement. They all know better. And you too know better, because if you don't, you had better be careful where you trade when you go out and do your business. Therefore the Apostle Paul said, in the original text, "there is no difference between a man of Judah and a Greek, and there is no difference between male and female. They are one in Christ.

Now you and I know there is a difference between male and female; the whole race knows it. But the point here is, that since they are the Children of the Most High, their spiritual status is not distinguished one from the other because they are male or female. In years gone by, women were not permitted any participation in spiritual worship or in entrance to the service of God, because this was not known until the Apostle Paul made it clear, that every last one of the children of God who are of the holy seed, of the household of the Most High and who were of the purposes of the covenant, are in God's eyes, one and the same.

Therefore we read, "So if ye be Christ's then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” Now I want you to know that this statement is important regarding the subject we are about to study, because we are still dealing with the origins and factors relative to race.

It was to Abraham and his seed that all the promises were made. Thus the Book of Romans tells us that all the Covenants of God and all the promises of God were made to Abraham and to his seed. This covenant was made to the race or the people today known as Israel, but who also are known as Adamites, as Aryans, and later, after the time of Shem, as Shemites. But at no time were they ever know as Jews.

I want you also to understand that the Apostle Paul talks about a covenant which God made with Abraham. I would for one moment, call to your attention, in the seventeenth chapter of the Book of Genesis, that God said, 'I am Almighty God, now you walk before Me and be perfect; and you remember this, that I make My covenant between Me and thee, and will multiply thee exceedingly; also I am going to change thy name from Abram to Abraham, because a father of many nations have I made thee; and I will establish My covenant between Me and thee, in their generations, for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee." This was an unconditional covenant that was made by the Eternal, Who said, I swear that I am going to do this, and I swear this by Myself, and I want you to understand it, that I, God, am not only the Father of the race, but now I re-commit Myself in My sovereignty to you and to thy seed after thee in all their generations.

The Apostle Paul, with his spiritually stimulated vision, says that promise which was made to Abraham was the promise made by God to His seed, not to every seed that could be sowed by His race among many nations, but to the one seed, the holy seed, the pure seed; the seed of the incarnate embodiment of the children of God in a physical world, made possible by the process of transferring them from heaven to earth by birth.

Let me call this to your attention. I listened to a clergyman (you have heard this story repeated many times before), who was speaking over the air the other day, and he said, "God gave His instructions to Israel, but they disobeyed, so He had to turn to some other people. Now He is gathering up the people from all over the world, irrespective of who they are, to carry out the destiny of His family and of His Kingdom." This is fatuous and it is not true. This man stated that because Israel did not keep the covenants God gave them on Mount Sinai, they no longer were His household nor His people.

I want you to know, according to the records of Genesis, the great covenant that God made with Abraham, for your race, was made 430 years before the law was given to Moses on Mount Sinai. So the Apostle Paul makes this statement: He says, "I want you to know that the covenant, which was confirmed before of God in Christ, couldn't be disannulled by the law which was given 430 years later.”

The covenant of the law was for your instruction, for the processes of government, for the development of an economically strong society, a healthy society. You could disobey it, and you could get sick. You could disobey it and you could bring great dishonor on your society. You could be a healthy son, you could be a wise son. You could be a sick son or a disobedient son, but you are still a son. The covenant which God made has not been changed, and the people who were His household have not changed.

The inheritance was not of law, or it could not have been a promise. God gave it to Abraham as a promise. - And I want you to know, today, that you who are Christians and who are members of the White race and of the great Christian nations are the seed of Abraham; you are the covenant of the Most High God, and this is an important factor.

Thus it is that the trend in today's clergy is to spread the program of World Government and the abolition of the Kingdom of God, as nations and as a church, and as people. Such clergymen will always seek to destroy the fact that God still preserves His family and His household. They would also like to overlook the status of the Adamic race. They would like to tell us that everybody has come from Adam and that everybody has come from Noah. And though they would not have embraced the flood theologically a few years ago during the period of "great criticism," they will now embrace the flood in order to state that everybody started from these eight souls that were upon the ark of Noah.

I want you to go back with me for a minute into the Book of Genesis. I want you to know one thing about this Bible and the Pentateuch and the facts we have here. For, my friends, this whole Book of Genesis, this Bible, is not a book that has been written for all the peoples of the earth. This Book is your book. And as I read here in the fifth chapter of the Book of Genesis: "This is the book of the generations of Adam; from the day that God begat him, in the likeness of God begat He him." The Alexandrian text is clear. The word here is "bara," translated "made." But the fact remains that the Adamic creation was the seventh day creation, and not the sixth one. You too will discover that, if you go back and read the Book of Genesis.

Now note that this Book that we have here, the Book of Genesis, the writings of the Pentateuch, the whole structure of this Book, these are the books of the generations of Adam, the history of his race and the people of which you are a part.

Today, we often have the races of the world divided into three groups. We often hear talk about the Asiatic, Caucasian and Negroid. While this may be stated, it is not complete, nor entirely accurate. For the word "Caucasian" appeared when our race came out through the Caucasus into Europe. But we were a people and a race before that. In fact, if you go back into the earliest Biblical history, the Adamic race or the Adamites were the White race. One of the earliest words known for them was Aryan, or Manu. They were known as Aryans and they were known as Manu, and they knew they had a destiny. The Turanian peoples who were the Mongolian peoples, were a specific people. The Negroids were specific people. And there were peoples of the brown race such as the Egyptians, where also marked with a distinct destiny.

The four basic rivers of life were known to the ancients. In fact, even in Asia, which has been called the cradle of civilization, they actually named rivers according to their symbols: to their colors, to their gems, to their stars and to their symbols in value. And this is significant, because we are told about the four various rivers that went out of Eden, which is the land or the point of beginnings, and those rivers are racial streams as well as symbolizing positions on the map. We point out to you therefore, that God told Adam he had a certain responsibility, which was to increase in the earth.

We will not take time for all the testimonies of tradition; we will discuss that later. But if you were to go back into the earliest Vedic writings of the peoples of ancient India, you would note in these Vedic writings (these were the writings White men, a tall and noble race of Manu that administered over the affairs of India, whose Vedic writings talked about Indra) that Indra is Yahweh, the eternal, mighty God.

The original Vedic writings didn't use the word Indra, but the word Indra was later used in place of Yahweh. The Vedic writings say today, after being passed down through thousands of years, that God has placed the Aryan to rule over the dusky races. So you can go to India and find testimony that the children of Yahweh, or Indra, are Aryan White men whom God has placed to rule over dusky races. And then you continue to read in the following passage: "that they might establish the righteousness of Indra above the earth as high as the stars." And that is your destiny!

Their ancient writings tell you much about their background as well as their future, as do the Chinese writings. The most important factors relating to the flood, and relating to races, are based around these questions: Did Noah and his wife and his three sons, Ham, Shem and Japheth, and their wives, constitute all the survivors of the flood? And where did that flood take place?

You will hear many say that the flood went over all the earth, that it covered every part of the earth and drowned everybody on it. And therefore all the people on the face of the earth today came forth from Ham, Shem and Japheth. Some 350 years after the flood, God commanded Abraham to leave Ur of the Chaldees. Soon thereafter, in his travels, Abraham came upon the mighty battle described in the fourteenth chapter of the Book of Genesis, where he found nine kings and 3,000,000 warriors locked in deadly conflict in the Vale of Siddim. It would be difficult, except for the most credulous, to believe that all the people then living on the face of the earth, the ancient Egyptian empire, the ancient Assyrian empire, the Chinese empire and the peoples of India, say nothing of the 3,000,000 warriors Abraham encountered in the Vale of Siddim, were all descendants of Noah. The idea that all the people then on the earth could have been propagated by one man's family, in the short span of 350 years, is utterly fantastic!

I wish to point out something to you regarding the children of Adam. The Book we have here in Genesis tells about the children of Adam. It overlooks and discounts Cain and his offspring, because Cain was the son of the "evil one," as we are told by John in his Epistles, as well as by Christ Himself when He refers to Lucifer and his offspring.

Christ refers to all the descendants of Cain as the children of Lucifer, and Lucifer as being their father. Jesus identified many of the Jews in Jerusalem in His time as actually being Canaanites, and said they came from their father the Devil, who originated the fall of your race, which God restored by not accepting any offspring that came out of the violations of divine law until Seth was born.

When reading here in the Book of Genesis wherein Adam starts his generations, we find it in the fifth chapter, after the birth of Seth. Seth was the seventh gestation of Eve, from Adam; and with his birth, Adam said, "Now I have begotten a man in my image and in my likeness.” Thus, with Seth, God accepted the purity of the race for the preservation of the holy seed and the starting of the Book of the generations of Adam. This is all found in the fourth and fifth chapters of Genesis.

Read the record in Genesis, from the fifth Chapter on to the beginning of the flood story, which you have here in the seventh chapter. This fifth chapter of Genesis reads like a phone directory. You say, "What is it?” Why it gives you the names of all the major families of the descendants of Adam. You say, "Who were these people?” They were Aryans. They were men of your race and of your faith. They were the patriarchs from the high steppes. They were the people whose names and whose fame will endure forever. And eventually you will note, if you study the background of their tradition, that the majority of Adamites lived in the upper Pamir Plateau.

If you want to know where Eden was, it was located in the high Himalayas, in the great plateau country which has been known everywhere as the birthplace of civilization. It is also a fact that we know exactly where the Adamic race migrated when it was driven eastward out of Eden. We can also identify the upper Tarim Basin as the area where the great catastrophe of the flood came, and we know that it was to the north of India. We know where it was - to the west for one set of people, to the east for other peoples - from their writings about the flood.

In the records of ancient China they have the story of Noah. Noah was called Nee Hi in some dialects, Fu Hi in other dialects of the peoples of China. And their ancient records tell about how he preserved a certain group of animals which were to be used later for sacrificial purposes; and how he and his family, because they performed this task which pleased the mighty gods, preserved. But the terrible catastrophe of the flood came down the Hwang Ho River and drowned the peoples who lived along this river, when a cataract opened in the in the mountains and the waters from the flood-lands raged through a part of ancient China. You may say, "How do you know that?" Well, we know approximately when the flood took place. We know that the Chinese Noah was born in 2944 B. C., which is identical to the date of Biblical Noah. We also know that the flood came in the six hundredth year of Noah's life, according to the Bible, and we know that this was during the dynasty of a certain well-known Chinese king. In fact, some, when referring to this king, called him Yaou - and there was another dynasty a little further westward inside China which existed at that time. But in the writings of this king Yaou, it is told how the flood waters came down the Hwang Ho River, with the date of the event, when a cataract was made by a great earthquake which broke open the mountain rim of the upper Tarim Basin, that happened at the exact period which would have placed the age of Noah, 601 years from his birth, by their chronology.

You say, 'What has this to do with the story?’ Does it not occur to you that it is a rather funny thing that the peoples of China, whose dynasties go back almost 14,000 years in their records, would talk about the history of what happened during the reign of a certain king of China, with this emperor of China telling the story of a catastrophe during his reign, and all about a man who was living in a certain portion of the world where a flood came? And he goes on to say that the waters of that flood came right through their land. But after the waters went by, Chinamen were still living there, even though thousands of them had died from the overflowing waters. When they tell this story, you know and I know there are still Chinamen over there. If the waters had covered all the earth, there would not have been any Chinese left to tell about it. There would not have been anyone to say, that this occurred during the dynasty of this particular king. You would have just said that this was the end of Chinese dynasties. But there was no end to Chinese dynasties, because water didn't drawn all the Chinese.

Egyptians came into the land of Egypt many thousands of years before Adam. In fact, we have told you about the writings of Horus and the prophecies of the coming of your race as the children of Osiris, the Ka of Ra, and how the Egyptians knew about the fact that your race would be embodied in the flesh and would be the children of God. These things make up the background of early theology inside of Egypt. We know that the Egyptians were a dusky people, and they also bore testimony to the fact that they anticipated the coming of the sons of the Eternal, and that they hoped this would overthrow all darkness and evil.

When your race came into Egypt in the days of Enoch and Job, your forefathers built the city of On and later built the Temple of Zendera inside of Egypt. Your people, when they went down into the land of Egypt, found that the Egyptians had been living there for centuries. In fact, it was while your people were in the land of Egypt that your forefathers built the city of On and the temples which you know as the pyramids, the sphinx and the Temple of Zendera.

If you go to the Temple of Zendera, you will find that Enoch, who was given the Star Bible, had a lot to do with its building, for all the signs of the zodiac were in the Temple of Zendera. And if you look at the whole ceiling, you will see that it was laid out, just as it should be, with all the 612 stars from first to seventh magnitude. You will also note, whether you see Cassiopeia or whether you see the sign of Virgo, that every inlay which was placed in that mosaic around these clusters of stars was that of a White woman, and every one of them had the fine features of the White race.

You will note that the temples of Karnak, which go back to almost 3300 B. C., contain and display figures of people in mosaic and beautifully inlaid. There are Negroids, there are Caucasian people, and there are the Turanian or Mongolian people. All four major race lines are represented by figures within and on the outside walls of temples of Karnak; figures that were made in a period running back to many hundreds of years before the historical flood. I have in my possession many photographs of these friezes and figures that are inside the temples.

It is important, when measuring the time, that you know this, because of its relationship to the time of the flood - when the flood actually hit. Whereas Davidson and others try to compute their dating of the flood, and Dr. Rutherford has his measures, most of them are only a few years apart. Their dating generally runs around November 2345 B. C. to October 2344. This is the approximate time the water covered the earth, according to the greatest number of chronologists.

I am not entering into the argument of chronology. A few years one way or the other do not bother me at all. But it is important for you to know that the pharaoh on the throne of Egypt at this time was Senusret III. There is one thing you should know about this man Senusret III. He was the twelfth dynasty of the pharaohs of Egypt. There had been eleven dynasties before him, of this particular family line. There were three more dynasties of this family line, after him. How could that be? If the flood drowned out all the Egyptians, how could you continue the dynasties? Where did they come from? They were there before the flood. They were there when the pyramids were built. And they were there when our race went down to Egypt.

When Abraham went down into the land of Egypt to buy grain, there were Egyptians down there. When Abraham, 350 years after the flood, went into Egypt, there was a great civilization, a great and mighty empire. When he went down there, he found these people still living there. So all I am appealing to is reason - on the basis of what the Scripture tells us - that the flood did not drown the peoples of Egypt. The people of Egypt have a story about how the flood took place somewhere else. And so do I also find this story among various peoples.

The other day someone decided that I should look at a little pamphlet that had been written by one of these preacher-scientists from the Bible Institute. I was handed this little pamphlet and I looked at it and read it. And it said. "We have every evidence that the flood covered the whole earth, because we have the testimony of every people and every race upon the face of the earth that it happened." I thought that was just about all the record you would need, to know that it didn't drown everybody, or you wouldn't have a record like that, because there would be only one man and his family to tell you about it. Thinking is a lost art today. It is a good thing to cultivate!

I want you for a moment to go to the records of the Book of Genesis in which God tells Noah what He is going to do, and why. If you had preceded this with a study of what was transpiring in the fourth chapter of Genesis and if you had an actual knowledge of the words used in the original Hebrew text, you would discover that there were a people known as "Nephilim," translated here "sons of God," but which should have been translated "fallen angels that didn't keep their first estate"- Nephilim.

These people were seeking control of the earth. Ever since the days of Lucifer who had led their rebellion, they had intermingled with Asiatics and intermingled with others to produce an inassimilable priesthood with whom you are still contending, all over the world. During this period of time, one of the amazing situations was that by an intermingling and violation of divine law, there were monstrosities or giants in the land.

From the "Secrets of Enoch," we understand why they were giants. For he was told by the angels that the spirits of these "fallen angels" were approximately twenty-six feet in height; and when they didn't keep their first estate, they intermingled with people. They might do this, all right, but in the periods of the growth of the cells, they continued to grow as long as that basic register back in the energy field continued the multiplication of those cells, till they reached a norm between their celestial height and their physical one. Therefore there were giants in the earth in those days, after the intermingling of these "Nephilim" with the human race.

Now this is Scriptural record. And it is because of this intermingling that every thought of these evil offspring was evil continually. They were "cana -baals." They were the priests of Baal whose worship was of Lucifer, and therefore they ate human flesh. This is how and where you get the word "cana-bal," today, or "cannibal," which comes from cana-bal.

Now the word "cana" isn't something to be proud of, because that is the word for Baal priest and it started out over there. Every once in a while someone says, ‘I won't believe that unless somebody canonized it.’ Well, canonization might be all right, but I know a lot of canonized individuals who act like their namesakes.

The fact here is quite clear. Because of this evil that had come upon man, because these powers of evil among the Asiatics moved into the upper Tarim Basin, they started to seize the women of your race, haul them off as captives, woo them with promises of power - and their intermingling with your race was the violation of law that God said He proposed to stop, before they wiped His seed from the earth in that important area. You will discover that even in a period before these events, Enoch knew of this, because he was told what was going to happen. And Enoch records that these evil beings would always try to seize and absorb your race by mongrelization.

They may have shrunk down a little in size over a few thousand years, but they are still at the same job. They want to mongrelize your race and remove it as the covenant people from the face of the earth.

God told Noah that, because of this evil, He was going to remove all the people from that area. But He promised Noah that he and his family would be saved out of the destruction that was to come. Someone said, "Why didn't Noah migrate?" Because Noah was living in this area and this was the land that he knew; its perimeters were the high mountains of the Himalayas, reaching down to the lower mountain ranges and foothills. This was the area where God said: You stay, because I want to cut off this mongrel breed and I want to destroy this evil that has been established here.

Now don't get all filled with false crocodile tears worrying about God stepping in on these mongrels, because spirits are not lost to the Father. He knows what to do with them. Stop worrying about God's business. One of these days you will wish you had some other means than a flood to eliminate the mongrels in your society. So when the Most High God commanded him, Noah did exactly what he was told.

Now the word in the Hebrew for the earth, in the instance of the description of the flood, is a word called "erets," e-r-e-t-s. Erets means "that country" or "that part of the earth." The waters of the flood were to come upon this area where Noah and his family and the offspring of the household of the Adamites round about lived. We note here that the Scripture tells us that when the flood finally descended, it was to bring judgment upon these satanic forces and eliminate this terrible evil; but the children of the Most High God living there were to be saved from this destruction.

The Scripture says Noah was 600 years old when the flood waters came upon the earth, and Noah with his sons and his wife and his sons' wives went into the ark, because of the waters of the flood, along with the clean beasts and beasts that were not clean, and fowls, and every creeping thing that was in that country. It says here, "of the earth." - "And it came to pass, after seven days, that the waters of the flood were upon the earth. In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, in that day were the fountains of the deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened."

I want to pause here. For just prior to this time the ark had been opened for the gathering of all the fauna of that land. Now the Chinese tell me that Noah saved seven basic species that were in that land. But I know there are 3,000,000 species on the face of the earth today. I know that, even allowing for some changes the intermixture of breeds might have produced, you can be well sure that over 2,500,000 species anyhow were on the earth at that time. Even an evolutionist like Darwin cites that there are 3,000,000 species upon the face of the earth which are distinct and apart, each having its own factors for identification.

When you realize the Scripture says that God commanded this man Noah to take into the ark seven male and seven female of every clean creature on the face of the earth that could be used for food, and he was to take two of each of every other creature, if it was not, as the Hebrew word "erets" means, "that land," then let me tell you, my friends, that this man Noah would have needed a navy larger than the British Navy, the American Navy, with all our merchant fleet and all our tankers combined, to put on board the multiple millions of creatures that he would have had to take through the flood. He would have had to take all the fauna of Africa and of Asia and of the whole earth. And he was required to take fourteen of each and every kind that were clean and a pair of every other type.

More than that, do you know how long the eight members of Noah's family would have had to take care of all these millions of animals? For one year! You say, "How do you know?" I turn to the seventh chapter of Genesis and I read concerning this: The flood starts in the six hundredth year of Noah's life and Noah went into the ark, and the flood waters start in the second month of the six hundredth year of Noah's life. It tells me in the Book of Genesis, in the eighth chapter, that it was in the second month and the seventh and twentieth day of the six hundred and first year of Noah's life, before the waters abated and they could get off the ark. They were on the ark for twelve months.

That meant, for twelve months they had to feed all the animals in the ark, and they had to have something to feed them with. Now you figure out how big a supply fleet you would have needed to carry all the food for them. I can tell you this. If they ever tried to feed that many animals - that would be more than all the zoos in the world put together - they would never have gotten the job done. Just think! With three sons, even if their wives worked at it, Noah had to feed all these animals. Talk about pitching hay! I wouldn't want to take care of the elephants even with all the water that was coming down on the outside. Fourteen elephants! Think that over now. Fourteen elephants to take care of!

I want you to know that the word "erets" means "all that country." We know how large this boat was that Noah built. It took him a long time to build it. He built it out of good hard wood. It is still existing over there in the mountains in Siberia. On the mountain where it came to rest, the skeleton of the ark remains, with most of it still intact. It has been looked upon by aviators, where it still sits in almost perpetual ice and snow. Men have seen the ark! And the ark has been there all this time, still a witness in the latter days that the story is true.

Now listen. "All that country” means all that Noah had to take on were the people of his household, because nobody else wanted to get in anyhow, that is, until after it started to rain. Then take in a few of the local animals, a few yaks and a few of the other animals that dwelt around. All he had to do was take what was local. And if you know that high country at 10,000 feet, there were not too many animals to take on, and he didn't have such a big problem. This story is true and it did happen that way.

But you say the water went fifteen cubits above the top of the high mountains. Yes, that would have made it six miles deep over the land of Egypt. But I want you to know that, if the water had been six miles deep over the land of Egypt, it would have been impossible for those waters to have abated inside of a few months time. For it rained, and we have a record here of how long it rained and how long the waters descended from the heavens, and the fountains of the deep which were discovered. The waters descending upon the earth continued to fall 150 days before they abated; and at the end of eleven months, the ground was dry.

Now if you had water six miles deep over Egypt and Los Angeles, where do you think it would abate to? Let us be realistic. Where would it abate to? But Noah lived in a great, high mountain plateau and, when the judgment came, there were great earthquakes and great inundations from the sky and the water came down. A great subterranean ocean which was under the great Tarim plateau, was suddenly surging beneath cracking ground.

If you were to go to the Tarim Basin today, you would see great ridges of stone stretching across it, where great masses of it broke and crumbled when the fountains of the deep were discovered. You can see the faults and you can see the standing stone of what was once the great crust. The Caspian Sea, today, is just the edge of what was once a great sea that covered much of the steppes of Asia, for whole areas of Asia were under an Asiatic sea some 10,000 years ago - which is no longer there.

Much of this area has subterranean oceans and cavern systems filled with water. It was known that the Tarim Basin was a great land mass, and water was beneath it. In the judgment that fell, the fountains of the deep were discovered and they were broken up, and the waters of the heavens came down and it rained for that period of time.

But then you say, "How did the waters ever abate?" Now, the Tarim Basin in central Asia is a great bowl, one of the deepest sink-bowls in the world; but before the flood, it was a high plateau and surrounded by some of the highest mountains on the face of the earth. Then when a tremendous earthquake or series of earthquakes cracked open the mountain ranges surrounding this area, great cataracts of water ran down the Hwang Ho River, and down through Mesopotamia. I can take you to Ur of Chaldees and the archeological records will tell how the water came down, reaching and passing through Ur. It came sixty-eight feet deep in the Ur of Chaldees when it went by, but it didn't, my friends, drown everybody, because part of the city was on a hill and on some of the ridges round about. But those who were down below the water level of ancient Ur, were covered with mud (our archaeologists can go down and dig out the records). And it was the right time and it is what happened in that city. But they didn't all drown, because they were able to tell about it.

Someone will say, "What about the Negro?" There weren't any Negroes involved in the flood. They were down in Africa and they were also in India. But those in India were largely a lesser society and under the administration of other people living in India at that time. We have this record, which is significant.

Someone also says, "Dr. Swift, you are still surmising from the records we have here." No, we are just talking to you about some facts which we can prove very, very conclusively with more passages of Scripture. We think, when people understand these things, they will understand their divine responsibility which is to preserve their race and to carry out the directions of God.

In the thirty-first chapter of the Book of Ezekiel, God sends Ezekiel to talk to the Pharaoh of Egypt, and He says, "Son of man, speak unto Pharaoh, king of Egypt, and to his multitude; whom art thou like in thy greatness? Behold, the Assyrian was a cedar in Lebanon with fair branches, and with a shadowing shroud, and of an high stature; and his top was among the thick boughs. The waters made him great . . .

God is thus explaining that the Assyrian was a great and mighty empire; he was a great and tall tree with shadowing blanches, for he stretched out over all the earth, and the waters made him great. The "waters" are a racial stream. This is a Turanian stream out of the steppes of Asia. The Turanian stream of this Assyrian empire was so great, her river was so high, and it had so many branches that the empire of Assyria became great because of the numbers of its racial streams. It had many branches and small empires because its streams shot out, as the Scripture says.

God further says, beginning with verse five, "Therefore his height was exalted above all the trees of the field, and his boughs were multiplied, and his branches became long, because of the multitude of waters, when he shot forth. All the fowls of heaven made their nests in his boughs, and under his branches did all the beasts of the field bring forth their young, and under his shadow dwelt all great nations. Thus was he fair in his greatness, in the length of his branches: for his root was by great waters. The cedars in the garden of God could not hide him . . . nor any tree in the garden of God was like unto him in his beauty. I have made him fair by the multitude of his branches: so that all the trees of Eden, that were in the garden Of God, envied him."

God is here saying that above all the rivers of life and streams which were theirs, over all the fowls of the heavens resting in their branches, all the peoples of earth underneath her power, the Assyrian was the mightiest of all the trees in the garden of Eden. Back in Eden, back in Asia, back in the time of beginnings in the days of Eden, the Assyrian was the most powerful tree that existed.

In verse eighteen God says, "To whom art thou thus like in glory and in greatness among the trees of Eden? Yet shalt thou be brought down with the trees of Eden unto the nether parts of the earth: thou shalt lie in the midst of the uncircumcised with them that be slain by the sword. This is Pharaoh, and all his multitude,’ saith the Lord God."

In other words, God tells Pharaoh, You were there, and you were a mighty tree too, but not as great as that of Assyria, and I have already just broken Assyria. And I can break you down too, because thou wast in Eden and in the garden of God too. Thy dynasties are of old.

You read that thirty-first chapter. You look at the rivers of the racial streams. You look at the empires, the great trees which God points out, that have come from it, and you will discover something - that in this chapter, God tells the prophet to tell Pharaoh that in the days of Eden the Egyptian dynasties were existent, and the Assyrian dynasties were over all the earth the most powerful dynasties at that time.

We have over 600,000 years of the tracing of the peoples that make up the Assyrian dynasties. We have no trouble with 240,000 years of great history upon the part of the Sumerian and Akkadian peoples. So we have the facts here before us, that God has in His own words proven that the Assyrian empire and the Egyptians were in Eden.

Now let us return to the flood. The Egyptians could not have descended then from Noah and his three sons, if the Egyptians were a great empire in Eden, could they? And the Assyrians could not have descended from any of the sons of Noah, if they were also a great empire in the days of Eden, could they? And the Assyrians are still with us, right over in Moscow, today. Would to heaven that they had drowned, but they didn't. In fact, a lot of these people calling themselves Jews, today, are Assyrians. When I say Assyrians, I am not talking about Arabs. The Assyrian of the Bible was an Asiatic.

Now note this. God said, Behold, this was the size of Assyria in Eden. And Eden was when your race came here to fulfill its destiny, as the Adamic race - which is the history of this Book. There is no question about the fact that God points this out very, very clearly when He talks about Eden and these events.

In the history of the Scriptures, I can take you to Isaiah; I can take you to Jeremiah; I can take you to Ezekiel and show you that the Assyrian empire, long after the flood, long after the days of Abraham, was still upon the face of the earth. And, let me call your attention to something, (you don't have to research it, but I would like to have you do so) and that is, if you start where we told you to start, to read the descendants of Adam till you get to Noah, you will have every major family coming from the Sethites, at which time they were all Aryans.

Thus, when you come down to the time of Noah, you have the flood, and with it the names of all of the descendants that came from Ham, Shem and Japheth for a period of time up to the days of Abraham. You have their story right here in Genesis; it just follows in continuity after the flood. One of the significant things about this is that in these dynasties you have the story of the kings, even of Nimrod who ruled over Ur of the Chaldees. Nimrod was a descendant of Ham, and Nimrod had selected Abraham's father, Terah, for his prime minister. It is said that Ham's children were Negroes, Japheth's children were Asiatics and Shem's children were White. That, my friends, is just a silly bedtime story, because I am going to just clue you into a little piece of biology. And that is, when Noah and his wife had three sons before the flood, the children were the same race as their parents. The Bible tells me "kind begets like-kind, seed having life in itself." Don't ever take a chance on raising a family if that doesn't hold true.

You know as well as I do that Ham, Shem and Japheth, three sons of Noah and his wife, were just like their father and mother, the purest strain of the White race. But, you say, they married a bad set of women. Those three women were White women or they would not have gotten on the ark! You say they married, afterwards, outside their race. Their descendants did. - You say Ham was cursed and because of this he was made a Negro. No. He violated a moral code and his offspring was a child of incest, which meant he could never share with his brothers the inheritance; the curse that was put on Ham was one of authority and of administrative destiny. Ham did not, then, nor any time thereafter, turn black, and none of his children ever turned black . . . Besides, skeletal remains of Negroes have been found in the caves of Kilimanjaro that are 73,000 years old. By radiocarbon testing, an exactness of science that God developed for our race as a means of measure, we can prove they are the remains of Negroes, with Negro skulls. 73,000 years old! They surely didn't come from Noah and his sons in a period of earth's history within the last 5,000 years or so.

Of course there are many who say that everybody who descended from Cush was a Negro. Do you know where Cush got his name? Cush was named after the river Cush, and it is not the African one; it is the one that was up in India; it was an area, it was named Cush, and he got his name from it. He did not father that area nor, my friends, did he beget Negroes. He had nothing to do with it, though some of his race may have been absorbed by Negroes afterwards.

When Nimrod was Emperor of Ur, he was a bronzed-skinned White man, tanned only by the sun; because we have, today, pictures on friezes of Nimrod of Ur. They show him with his golden bracelets and his war chariots and his great hunting dogs as he went out after lions and cheetahs and all the other animals that were available; and you will note that he and the royalty that surrounded him were White men. Their servants were Nubians. But Nimrod was a White man, who even then had a bunch of these strange people around him, and even Terah, like our Mr. Rusk, was influenced by them.

Just remember, however, that these strange forces gathering around Nimrod were offering to deify him into the cycle of evil philosophies coming out of Asia, and if he would make all the people of Ur, mingle together and form one empire, he would become the greatest of kings. They were going to form a United Nations and they were selling this White man, descended from Ham, on being the head of the whole thing; and Oh, my! They had a great picture built up in that day, on how to do it. This is why we tell you that you couldn't start the Negroes out with Ham, because his offspring were not Negroes by the time we reach Nimrod. Nimrod became a rebel against God and, by so doing, brought catastrophe upon his empire.

If you think God doesn't want racial purity, if you think God doesn't segregate, if you think that the stories some of these preachers are telling us is true, that all the peoples of earth should be brought together, to make one city, one world, one government, one theology, then why do you think God called Abraham to come out of that city? His father was already prime minister, and this was the finest, purest strain, with the strongest faith of all. He should have kept him there, shouldn't He? And if the idea of God is to just plant faith among all the pagans, then Abraham should have stayed there.

No. God wanted this purest strain and purest line of His race to remain pure, for remember, this young boy at ten years of age, who was called Abram, was educated in the household of the family of Noah. We have this record in the Book of Jasher. So it was that Abram was told by the Most High to get out of this land of Ur of the Chaldees, because, "I am going to be a Father unto thee and thy seed after thee; and let Me tell you all the things, Abram, that are in store for you. You are going to be the father of a multitude of nations, your name is going to be great." Now, they are trying to pour all these promises into the Israeli. No, my friends. These are the pages of history which are of most significance to you.

I want you to remember this. In the travels of Abram (and Abram wasn't a poor man), he went out with his wife Sarai, later called Sarah, and there traveled with him a nephew and just a few of his family and the servants of his household; and he went out with his sheep and he went out with his cattle; he went out with his ownership and he started to travel out of the land where his father was already prime minister. Why? Because he believed God.

And in the course of his travels, (I want you to remember this chapter because of its significance) it tells us that it came to pass in those days that Amraphel the king of Shinar (and that is the great plain of Shinar) and Arioch the king of Ellasar and Chedorlaomer king of Elam and Tidal, king of the nations these four kings and their empires had made war with Bera, king of Sodom, Birsha, king of Gomorrah, Shinab, king of Admah and Shemeber, king of Seboiim and the king of Bela which is in Zoar.

You say, ‘What does this have to do with it?’ I am going to tell you something. None of these men descended from the sons of Noah, for we have in a previous chapter a listing of all the descendants of every empire and every people, at that time, that had descended from Noah; and here we have a set of kings, and not one of them had come from Noah. And strangely enough, none of them came from Adam either.

You say, "Where did they come from?" They came, my friends, from pre-Adamic races and fallen angels. Did you ever hear of Amraphel? If you haven't, you had better read not only the Book of Enoch, but you had better read the mysteries which the early church used to put out; the writings of Clement and Polycarp concerning the order of the angels. For Amraphel was a fallen angel who sowed his dynasties in the earth and ruled with evil kingdoms by the side of Lucifer.

Now what about this Tidal, king of nations? You go back in the writings of Horus and you go back into the writings of the antediluvians and the ancients that go back before the catastrophes that preceded the birth of your race, and you will discover that they called the lands that became washed with the water, in the sinking of continents, the tidal lands. And you still use the word "tide," today, for the surging of the waters up and down on the surface of the land touched by the waters.

Tidal, king of the nations, was king or ruler over a whole area of survivors from the lands that were plunged beneath the waters of the Atlantic. The ancients knew Tidal as king of the nations, and his dynasty as a part of the dynasties of Sumeria, which means that he was a part of the Asiatic peoples who talk about how their lands were plunged beneath the waters and how they had to migrate to find new territories. In the writings of ancient Sumeria, they have also coined a word for motherland, later used as the word "Mu," for the continent that went beneath the Pacific, and from which the word Samurai or high survivors in Japan get their name.

We point out to you, now, that when Abraham came across this plain of Chedorlaomer (which is what it was called because this was where the battle took place), that a great struggle took place, and this king who was called Chedorlaomer had named the whole area after himself, and the battle was his battle. But all nine of these ancient kings were fighting for the gold of Ophir.

Now we find fallen angels who have established dynasties over men. We have the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah, cities which were the most rotten and filthy on the face of the earth, even worse than "Fairfax" (district of Los Angeles). Some people don't like that. Let me tell you something. Do you know what made it evil? It was the people dwelling there who produced an immorality and corruption that spread all over the land.

If you study the Book of Genesis, you will learn about Sodom and Gomorrah. You will learn that when the angels of God came to visit Lot, the nephew of Abram who made his seat there, the fallen angels who inhabited those cities were so evil they even tried to do violence to the angels of God who had come to see Lot. Lot had made his home in Sodom because he thought he would do a good business with these people, just as a lot of people, today, have made their peace with Babylon because they think it is good business. Read the Book of Jude in the New Testament and you will discover that these angels who had not kept their first estate were still intermingling with the people and producing an inassimilable and evil offspring.

The king of Sodom and the king of Gomorrah belonged to dynasties of fallen angels in the earth. They and their offspring and their generations did not come from Adam; they did not come from Noah; and there were three million of them ready to battle when Abram crossed that plain. They did not come, my friends, out of the dynasties of Noah, through Ham, Shem and Japheth. So you will have to admit that the flood did not drown everybody.

When you go back and check this fourteenth chapter of the Book of Genesis and try to trace the genealogy of these kings, you are faced with the fact that God put a lot of evidence in here for people to understand - if they will.

Someone repeats, "But it still says, 'over the earth."' The word, my friends, is "erets" and it means "that country." Remember, in the story of how Cain killed his brother Abel, and how, when he was going to be driven out of the land, he cries out in fear because the majesty of Yahweh and His glory was hovering over the family. Cain was afraid, for he knew he was going to be driven forth, and he says, "My punishment is greater than I can bear (for) Behold, Thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth." The Word is "erets" - from one country to another. You don't think he was driven from one planet to another? He was driven from the face, "erets," of that country.

Now who do you think he was afraid of, if there wasn't anybody else? He was not afraid of his father and his mother. He said, ‘Every being's hand, every Enosh, every man's hand will be turned against me.’ Who was every man? "Every man" referred to the many populations, great civilizations, mighty forces of earth-shaking conquerors from Assyria and from Egypt then existing upon the earth - and the mark of Cain was upon him!

We know Cain went over into the land of the Akkad and that he took a wife from among the Akkadian people, who were Turanian in descent. There he founded a dynasty which the records of history were later to call the dynasties of Sargon, an Assyrian conqueror; for Cain was Sargon the Magnificent, mighty ruler over Assyria. And so we have the story, again, of something of great significance.

I am asked, "But is all of this important?" It is very important. It is important that you know the difference between the family of God on the earth today, and those that are not the family of God, so that you might know your destiny. Thus, you will preserve your racial self-respect. And with prayer, with faith, with testimony, you shall re-quicken and revitalize your nation - and your elected representatives will either do your will or be replaced. This truth will sweep America! It is already moving across the face of the nation, and as the "right-wing" wakes up, it is getting racial self-respect back with it.

We have the records of the history of your race, its anthropology, its archaeology and its Bible history. I can show you panoramas of civilization, archaeological records, traditions and history which in the average historical course of civilization would be put in a single textbook. Yet it takes hundreds of textbooks to unravel and fill in this history, and the translations and the chronology of events are staggering. It is much easier to say, "Well, civilization and the records of writing only started about five thousand years before Christ, or so." Then you don't have so much to think about. Isn't it strange that we have spent so many billions of dollars, through time, to search out records of great antiquity? and now we want to cover them all up, to help foster a "world order" that the Kingdom of God is against?

The truth which we teach is not unkind. I will explain why this is so, and I will have more to say about the matter in a future message, when I will also show you a mystery. But now I will turn to the Book of Romans and read to you, starting with the sixteenth verse of chapter eight, which says, "The Spirit itself (God) beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children (or offspring) of God. And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with the incarnate Christ. " - Who is the embodiment of God. And therefore, knowing this, we believe, just as the Apostle Paul said, "that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God."

So let me explain what is happening. This body you live in is your creature body, begotten out of the physical substances of a physical world by the Most High. The other races, which are all created races, also dwell in bodies of flesh and blood, out of the elements of the earth. They are also creatures of the creation. But inside of you, you have a treasure in these earthen vessels: you are a child of the Spirit. Our creature bodies under the violations of divine law are subject to the disturbances of the law of life, affected by the policies of Lucifer. We have no time to go into this now, but out of it came viruses and diseases and mutations and death. And the world round about has creature bodies, suffering pain, sorrow and death, and so also your creature bodies get sick and they know pain as well. But we know that we have the promise of a day when this will end and the enveloping glory that belongs to your race will give you immortality, will envelop and balance every essence of your being and every atom of your body.

It is not, my friends, a vain hope. It is an anchor hope. More than that, the peoples of earth, all people that think, have an expectation and a hope of a better day. These people may not know what they are waiting for, but the Apostle Paul says, "Every creature waiteth, with earnest expectation, for the manifestation of the sons of God.” - which is your race in its glory. And our creature bodies, too, are made subject to the senses and to feeling and to vanity, he said; but we are waiting, the whole creature body, because the creature itself is waiting to be delivered from corruption and death, into the glorious liberty that belongs to us as the children of God.

Now I want you to hear these next words: "For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now." Why does he say "together?" Because there is a difference between our species and theirs. There is a difference between our race and theirs, and even though we are the children of heaven, we are dwelling in physical bodies under a judgment that God Himself set aside in His own ministry.

But listen! We are waiting for a day, a great day, and we are entering into it now. Listen to this word by Paul: "Not only they but ourselves also who were the firstfruits of the Spirit and first begotten of the Father . . . " Where? In the planes of the spirit, before the world was framed, we were His children. Not only they with their creature beings, but we also, who are the firstfruits of His spirit, are waiting for that day. Now let me read this to the conclusion of this passage: "Therefore we are waiting for the positioning of time, to wit, the redemption of bodies. (The word adoption, used in the King James version, means positioning of time. ") We are not trying to get our spirits saved; they have eternal life. We are trying to get our souls adjusted with truth, and we are waiting for the day when we shall put on immortality and have what we call the redemption of the body.

What your race is waiting for, today, is a redemption of the body and the re-empowering of God's spirit which when it renews your mind, will put you again upon the course of divine destiny; when this Kingdom shall come to its full, and the nations of this world, shall worship the Father in the heavens, Who is your Father, and all the nations of this world shall become the Kingdom of our Lord and His Christ. For this we have been sent into the world. Neither floods nor catastrophes have stopped us. They never will, for they were only used by divine hands to preserve us. And of this race and of this household, we know, there is going to be no end.