What Are The Requites Of Equality?, 1-23-66


By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-23-66

As we talk about the requites of equality, we are living in a period of time when we are being told that the most important thing that we can develop in these United States is total Equality. In fact, we find that many of our political leaders seem somewhat dedicated to bring about --- total equality. Now: What does total equality mean and what do they advocate when they say --- Total Equality? --- In fact, we seem to have reached the period in which the total process of our society seems designed to create economic equality throughout the world. A re-distribution of the wealth of the world by the political designs of those who tell us that we must do this or we will be overwhelmed by the people who are the have nots of the world, with the resulting conditions that if we do not do this we will be destroyed.

I listened to the argument being made and to me it seemed a rather false argument, -- that unless we met the needs of all the nations on the face of the earth that all would join to become to enemies of this great nation and the great nations of Western societies of the Western world. And by this design they are seeking to get us to support the re-distribution of our wealth through areas of world government, and world programs of distribution and activities which are aligned to carry out this program. So this is only a small part of what they mean by equalization. They are talking about economic equality, they are talking about Political equality. In this instance, we point out that in this country and under our constitution -- all qualified people are equal under the law and they are given protection by the law, but today this is not enough. They want special legislation to take from those who possess capacity of leadership and the abilities of creation to distribute the benefits of this to those who are not willing to give their contribution toward the responsibility of such an order.

We hear much today about the voting rights that must be guaranteed to people all over these United States, and that they do not have their proper voting rights. And they are seeking to level out all the state levels and make one national level and we are told that this is a great and important area of conduct. If we are to have equality, then the Government must see that all laws in all states are equal. But this my friends, is built upon the concept that peoples in all these states would be equal. When we talk about equality we still have certain areas of Geometry to consider and there are certain maxims and there are certain things to remember and one is that --- only the equals are equal.

When you start talking about equality, you can’t legislate equality and you can’t by the passing of laws make equals out of those who are not the equal of the great majority of those in these United States. We are interested in the struggle for equality, because we are watching a design to bring our society down to mediocracy while trying to bring everyone to the same level. You have to pull the top down to bring the bottom up.

There is no question about the fact that what we are saying might be considered by some to be controversial, because its a controversial matter, and there are some who will say that no church should discuss this matter. I’m going to say to you that if you study the scriptures, if you carry out the content of the scripture, you will discover that there is not greater fallacy on the face of the earth, then to consider all people equal.

You may say that all people must be equal before certain standards and certain laws and that may be right, they may be guaranteed the protection of the law in the security of the person, in various facets of things that might be considered with the structure of necessity, but I point out to you, that you cannot deny that all people have equal qualifications to make the decisions that effect the society. The southern states had various election laws. They had laws concerning the qualifications of the voters and many of these laws were very wisely made. Far wiser than the design to totally destroy them. If people cannot read or write, they are not in proper capacity, educated or understanding enough to make the decisions effecting a great nation. Now you will say --- this is a disadvantage which they possess, because they have not that the opportunity in the areas of their environment. However, over the last century, it would be hard to say that an individual could not learn to read or write in the United States. If a person can’t read or write in these Untied States unless he has come in within the last few years, then he has not availed himself of the opportunity to learn to read or write, and if he is not interested in that he should not be permitted to vote.

Now as far as races are concerned: There are those who will cite that all races are equal and there was never a greater fallacy than that. Equality does not exist between races because of the difference in their culture, their background and their inherited thinking processes, as well as their abilities and ------ thus the abilities mark the differences between these races because of the capacities. -----One of the reasons why we had immigration laws in the United States, although irresponsible leadership is breaking it down, was to keep people out of this country who we felt would be injurious to our culture. Our political forbearers were wise enough to recognize that if you wanted to keep the status quo of civilization and culture then you have to shut the door to an overwhelming immigration that would come into that nation and change that status. If they had believed in equality back in the days when they made the immigration laws then they would have made no restrictions, based on race and national origin. You may say that they just didn’t believe in the conduct of some of these people as being equal, but there was more involved than that.

I point out to you that there is nothing more fallacious or dangerous to these United States than to try to force -- upwards every level of our society, every social area of contact and every area of daily contact as by the process of education or the areas of play and association, whether it be playgrounds or it be communities --- to try to force or try to force the integration upon the white society of the Negro society, is of vast and dangerous harm. ---- Why?---- Because there is no equality between Blacks and whites in these United States. You may point out that such equality is guaranteed under the law, but you cannot legislate the equality between whites and blacks. If you seek to force upon the white community, the assimilation of that which is lower than the standards of their level, and their background, then you bring about the deterioration of that white society.

Let me point this out to you --- very recently during the hearings and investigations of the conduct of Negroes in the United States in the last few years, we were told that we have to overlook the conduct of the Negroes, in such examples as in Chicago and in Watts riots, because it was hot weather. Then they proceeded to tell us that we had to overlook this because the hot weather irritated Negroes, and their conduct was due partly to the hot weather. Now remember, that this same weather was over all the city, but the white people didn’t explode and burn their homes down, just because it was hot. In Chicago, the whites behaved themselves, while the Negroes rioted and burned their homes down and insulted society. Well, then there must be a difference between the make-up of the white man and the Negroes, because in hot weather the white man can stay civilized and the Negro goes berserk. You say is there any relationship to this other than that they take advantage of these situations? I’m only pointing out to you that the experts told us it was the hot weather, so don’t talk about equality if the changes in temperature makes one violent and the other stays peaceful.

The other day we were being warned that we were facing a meat shortage in this country and they were saying that because of this we would be facing the danger of Cannibalism. I’m going to tell you that if we are facing cannibalism it is because we let cannibals come into this country, and because we are not enforcing the law over the would be cannibals and making them realize that the price is pretty high to pay. I know and so do you that if we have a meat shortage in this country, that the white people aren’t going to start eating one another, they will eat vegetables and other substitutes but they won’t eat each other. ---- Now, we may have famines as in the past, but I point out to you that the shortage of meat in these Untied States will never cause Cannibalism in these Untied States unless cannibals take advantage of this shortage. I’m going to tell you that if cannibalism starts in the United States it will come from the Negroes. The only other area of massive cannibalism came out of ancient Jerusalem, for there we understand that under the siege of the Romans that the Jews killed their children and ate them, and no other society that I know of would do that outside of the Negro society. Some of you will say we shouldn’t mention that, but I’m just giving you a little historical pattern you can find this by reading the book of Jesephus.

Now, under the circumstances where as they tell you that we must accept standards of equality, we point out to you, strictly on the statistics of the world order, they are trying to build, the United Nations cites that because the have nations possess so much and the have not nations have so little we must find an area of redistribution of the world’s wealth. We have economic conference and we have the minutes of the U.N. Conferences which are making plans for redistributing the production of the wealth of the white nations to the other nations of the world, by saying that these are the have nations and the others are the have not nations of the world. Now, if the white nations of the western world are the have nations then there is a superiority that exists in these nations that does not exist in the African nations, or even in Asia. It must be in the area of intellect or in initiative or in the capacity to produce. Or otherwise this whole charge would be fallacious when they say that you are the have nations of the world. The whole structure of the Christian church upholds the matter of understanding of who you are, of what your capacities are, what your problems in the world you live in --- are. The structure of the Christian faith does not attempt to tell you that all men are equal. It does not tell you that you should integrate your race with all peoples on the face of the earth. In fact, if there is any structure in the in the world today that teaches segregation and teaches selection and discrimination then its the Holy Scriptures.

Let me point out to you that in any discussion of Equality we must go the the writing of the Apostle Paul, to the second book of Corithians and the sixth chapter in the 14th verse.

Be not unequally yoked together. If all people are equal then you could never be unequally yoked together. But the spiritual instructions to the Christian church is --- Be ye not unequally yoked together. ---- First -- he demonstrates the difference: ---The Believer with the unbeliever. ---The believer being superior to the unbeliever, one having a kind of mental background that makes him a kind of agnostic or a pagan. 2. The difference between: ---- righteousness and unrighteousness ---- for a righteous person is superior to an evil person, and they are not to be unequally yoked together. 3. Then the scripture says that there is to be no communion between light and darkness, because communion between light and darkness cannot exist, and therefore he calls on people of intelligence, of intellect and spirit, not to join themselves to the areas of ignorance and superstition that lack understanding. 4. Now there is nothing equal between those who serve God and Those who serve the devil. So he said: For those of Christ to not be unequally yoked with those of Belial? --- Someone said: How far does this go? Well, it goes pretty far, for those who are identified with God or with Christ are those of his household, his posterity, and the people of Belial are marked by Jesus as being of the evil one. And Jesus cites that at the climax of the age, in the great struggle for the earth, that he is going to take out the tares, or the children of the evil one, lest they continue to destroy and hurt His Kingdom and the progress and development of it.

Let me point something out to you --- if you were to read the Talmuds that we possess, you would realize that the Jews make a marked difference between themselves and other people. The Jews cite that Jesus the Christ whom you serve is the devil and that the devil -- or Lucifer -- whom you denounce is their God. Now I can show you this in their bible in the hands of their creators -- one of their volumes approved by Moses L. Gibury, a leading Rabbi in Israel, and then I have one volume approved by the New York synagogue council, and they both mark a difference. They say that the one you worship as God is really the devil --- and they mark a separation and a difference here.

Now, we happen to know that the scriptures identify those who deny that Jesus is the Christ and who wage war upon the Kingdom, as the children of Lucifer. ---Let me point out to you the words of Jesus. He said in the 8th chapter of John: I am of God and then he said to the Jews standing there: Ye are of the devil. He never tried to make converts out of them because he knew their capacities and He said: ye cannot understand my speech because you can’t hear MY words. They form no mental images, you have no spiritual capacity because you are of your father, and I am of my father -- there is a difference here -- you being of your father and I of mine is the dividing difference. I am of God and you are of the devil. -----There is a big difference -- these are the words of Jesus. Then someone said: You must realize that they were opposing Jesus. ------We are realizing the fact that this was the embodiment of God, this is Omnission, this is the fullness of wisdom. Now you cannot integrate, mongerlize of associated yourselves without a great catastrophe enveloping your civilization and culture in violation of the pattern which God lays down.

Now: therefore he said, Ye shall not be yoked, the light with the darkness, for what concord hath Christ with Belial? What part hat believers with infidels? What agreement hath the temple of God with the temple of idols? So thou shall not join your white Christian Civilization to and idolatrous civilization. In fact, I’m going to tell you that the greatest violation of divine law that your race has entered into and for which you are paying for, because you reap what you sow, is --- your entry into the United Nations, and your continued participation in it. You are now linked and paying for a political program which is now reaching out to from a world government, mastered by no Christian societies, and they will limit you with you vision and your standards and your liberty.

By this process then -- God says: ye shall not be unequally yoked -- your bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and these other are the temples of Idols. God also said: Thou shall not mix the races, for I don’t want you to corrupt the Holy seed, because behind you lies generations of those who have worshiped me, while all around you are people who have come out of Idolatry, paganized backgrounds or voodooism. I do not want you Unequally yoked together.

What concord then would we have with idols. Ye are the temple of the living god, and I dwell in you, and I walk in you, and I am your God and you are My people, wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate -- segregated--saith the Lord God Almighty.


On this same basis we can say to you: “I can be a father unto you and the generations of your sons and daughters, saith the Lord God Almighty--- only if you remain segregated and make this discrimination in your conduct and in your life. God will not play step father to Satans children nor will he be a father of a mongrel society. -------------

We do not have to go far back in history to prove this ---- through records of anthropology can we show the antiquity of Negroes living in Africa and in the isles of the sea for some 70 odd thousands of years--but at no place do we see any developing civilization with technological ability. We see it filled with primitive existence, we see it filled with witchcraft and voodooism, with cannibalism and the lowest order of society. At no place do we see them rising and developing the attributes of their neighbors, which they could see. Now we have used this example over and over, but this is one of the simplest things that a man can see. Though they carried burdens, they either carried them on their backs of found some way of dragging them. But all around the world, for thousands of years men were using carts to carry things and there were wheels on the carts, and they had war chariots that swept across the plains of Egypt and along the Nile. They thundered down upon the camps if Israel --- they were used by the ancient Assyrians of the steppes of Asia, but the Negro never made a wheel. So don’t talk to me about equality, because they had no ability to even adapt to what they could see within this process.

We point out to you that under the instructions of the most high concerning your race that you were to carry light to the ends of the earth. You were to establish righteousness and the Kingdom of God was to be extended from one end of the earth to the other, under the administration of his household. Not integrating it, but preserving your spiritual capacity of leadership, not mongrelizing your racial seed, but you are to carry assistance and knowledge and wisdom to the ends of the earth, whether they will have it or not. ----I’m not going to apologize for the plan of God which is for the liberation of people, the overthrow of darkness, and the rule over the earth from one end to the other, by his household, by his family and by his race.

Let me point this out to you ---that when you turn to the book of Deuteronomy, the words of the Most High God says this: “Thou art a Holy people unto Yahweh -- thy God-- above all the people upon the face of the earth. ---- Yahweh thy God hath chosen thee to be special people unto himself above all the people upon the face of the earth. God does not stand for equality, he stands for the highest leadership out of civilization that can be produced and this my friends, out of his own household, his own race, with the capacity of his own Spirit, to be guided and to understand.

When your race was first placed in the earth, and the history of that race starts with Adam -- we find that Adam beheld all the creation that had proceeded him, he saw all the animals, he saw all the many creatures. Then he was permitted to see all the Enosh --- or the people who dwelt upon the earth. He was show all the trees, that were upon the earth that were for food, and the racial trees with their knowledge of both good and evil. And after Adam had been shown all these things, then God showed unto Adam that there was no fit helpmate, that he could marry. And thus it was that God provided the one helpmate for Adam --- Eve --- that they might be one flesh. So God separated Eve from Adam, and by the Magnitude of his power, provided a fit helpmate for Adam, for he could not intermarry with any other race or any other species upon the face of the earth.

The 31st chapter of Ezekiel and many other passages of scripture tell us of the antiquity of Kingdoms. Tell us how the Assyrian hosts were all over the earth when Adam was placed here. Tell us of the antiquity of ancient Egypt and still there was no helpmate for Adam, and God not only discriminated in the guiding of Adam, but he told Adam to separate himself from all the peoples of earth. In fact, what we call the violation of divine law, the transgression of original sin, was the seduction of Eve. There was no acceptance of the posterity of Adam and Eve, after the Luciferian seduction, until the womb was cleansed, and the 7th generation produced Seth, and we are told that ---now: Adam said: I have now begotten a man in my own image and my own likeness. And all the generations down through the old testament and into the new, unto the birth of Yahshua, the Christ --- goes all the way down to Seth and to Adam. This is not a contaminated seed line. Thus withing this situation --- HE makes it very, very clear in the marriage laws given to Israel -- Thou shall not marry into the Canaanites, the Hittites, or any of the other races on the face of the earth.” --- Thou art Mine --- No idolater, no pagan society of other races -- God said: Thou shalt not.” ---why? ---Because God says: You are different than other races, as the difference of heaven is to the earth. You are children of My Spirit, you possess Holy Seed. You have higher intelligence, and mental and spiritual capacities, and I have selected --- segregated----and discriminated in your selection saith Yahweh of Hosts.

If you cannot teach your children to discriminate, you can’t protect your civilization and your culture. ---I’m going to point out to you how far discrimination goes, and who would be the greatest authority as to the nature of God, in the earth, but God himself. ----When Jesus walked the earth, his ministry carried forward objectives of his ideas. And in so doing, he gathered together his disciples and his apostles and he said: It is given unto you -- to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, and to them it is not given. This is not only discrimination, this is selection --- but Jesus made it clear, that the powers of the world order and those round about lacked the Spiritual capacity, and the power which they held as they sought to destroy that which was righteous, was to be taken form them, and given to those who had the Spiritual capacity.

In the Midst of the Ministry of Christ, came one of the hardest statements to come from the lips of Christ. ---When a Negress approached Christ after having stood by and witnessed the power and the Miracles being performed, and she made a request of Jesus and the Jesus made a statement and this statement is in all translation as a record: ---He said: “It is not meet to give the children’s bread to the dogs.” (Matt: 15:26) --- Then the Negress replied in verse 27: --Truth Lord, but we dogs would like the crumbs from Their Masters table. -------- Now I’m not going to stop with the analysis of this but God was talking about the difference between those of his household to whom he had come to empower -- to carry out his work ---- and those who were of the Enosh. All through the scriptures there are two words: Adamite and Enosh. And the Adamites were the true white seed people -- the white race and the white nations, and the Enosh were the created races. And no Christian scholarship, in any theological seminary can gain say that the Adamites and the Enosh are two different kinds of people. That the Enosh existed before the Adamites, but they lacked the Spirit because they were not the offspring of God, which he sent into the world. All theologians will have to admit that the Adamites are different--- that they are identified with the issue of God ruling in the world and the word is Israel. -----And when I talk about Israel, I am not talking about the Jews, for they have no part nor lot in this. They have a part in Israeli, which Jesus talks about when he says: They are the abomination of the desolator, the destroyers of civilization, the parasites of the earth, and they would go down into Palestine and try to take over that area in these latter days. -----I want to point out to you that the program for this earth does not anticipate a divine program of equality --- but it does plan a benefit to the ends of the earth.

Take a good look at this situation. The greatest benefit that ever came to the African continent was the civilization and culture brought there by the white man, as he came into Africa. In fact, it demonstrated to the African that they walked over the resources of their land, and knew it not. That their land would provide food for them and they would not have to turn to cannibalism or such wild life that they could catch. The food production of Kenya colony or of the land of Rhodesia, for instance: --- is the white man’s coordination of his technology, his wisdom, in the application of tilling the soil. The white farmers of Kenya colony produced more wheat in a small area than all Africa put together outside of its white leadership. The wheat that the Belgium’s were producing in the Congo was feeding the nation until the white man under the U.N. program was pushed out, with also the help of some of our leaders, and then when the Negroes took over the food production dropped off, so they were calling on the white nations and especially the U.S. to feed them, and we are feeding them. We know that as the balance of power is transferred as we push out the white leadership, then as we try to establish some ficticuous type of equality, we have to burden ourselves with their support because they are not your equal and they don’t know how to do it.

Millions of people dwell along some of the most fertile land in the world, along the Ganges river, they say that the antiquity of their culture makes them your equal, and Mr. Nehru, when he was here in L.A. said that their culture was older and superior to ours, but they sit around in squalor and dirt and have never had the intelligence to discover that cleanliness is also a virtue. They have worshiped cattle and dogs, and they have made part of their religion total evil. --- Wild Temple fantasies, produce Temple prostitutes by the thousands who spread the evil and viciousness of Hinduism. And the illigitamate children, and the irresponsibility of such a society has increased their population beyond their ability to provide for themselves, because they lack the intelligence and the initiative to make the application. Then they talk about your Christian culture and superiority and then they want a world process of equality, through redistribution of the wealth, and then they come over here and say: Give us wheat. ----- Well, after we sent millions and millions of bushels of wheat to India, they sold it to Russia and their people got very little of it. This we are told is a superior culture --- while their people sit around in Temple square and put cow manure on their heads, and then laugh at Christians who turn their eyes to one God, and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

There is no pagan religion on the face of the earth in which idolatry is a part that does not demonstrate that its society is limited in its capacity to serve the people, by production, by technological capacities or by areas of special wisdom concerning the earth and its content. In one of the areas of education there is an acknowledgment by the U.N. that for technology, areas of wisdom, for patterns of knowledge concerning physics and chemistry, and mineralogy and geology, and for the principals of it application of mining and the reduction of metals, that the white nations lead all the world in this knowledge and understanding.

I was reading the report of the U.N. and it says that not only is it the responsibility of the white nations to take this knowledge and growth to the ends of the earth, but to spread their advantages through distribution to other peoples who have not learned how to produce. If all of the technological sciences are they by product of the white man and his culture, then by what stretch of the imagination do you sue to tell us --- that all people are Equal. I talked to a sociologist, and he said that the reason the white man is technologically ahead of the world is because we have had a better environment that they have had. He said that if they had the same environment that we had, they would accomplish the thing we have. So I said: What constitutes that environment? And he said: Well, they were not presented with the facets of achievement we had, such as the opportunities of education. They have not been protected as we have been by a government pledged to defend us. They were so busy trying to fend off their enemies that they never had the time to advance. I listened to this sociologist for a while and then I said: What advantages of environment were here for us when we came. The environment that the white man found in the world of civilization and culture was made by him, for he built his environment. If people had been here thousands of years before us and never created an environment for themselves that would be their fault would it not? ----No one created an environment for us expect our Father, who gave us the Spiritual capacity to think as he thinks and the vision, the inspiration, the initiative and the curiosity to learn and to know and to acquire knowledge. The white man has this and no other man on the face of the earth has this as his equal. The Asiatic’s have far more aptitude than does the Negro, who is at the bottom of the scale, today, of the people on the face of the earth. Then as I talked to the sociologist, he suggested that if the Negro was transplanted over to our environment tat he would learn pretty fast and they would then advance. So I said: This just proves something that if you put Negroes with whites, then the Negro advances, but no the white man, so what does that teach you? Since this was not coming out a text book, he didn’t want to discuss it any further. I said --- This proves that you cannot prove by the background of history as a testimony that the races are the same.

Today we are in the 20th century and our race is sliding through space, and do you know what they did down in Africa when they wanted to launch a space man? The U.S. News and Newsweek tell us that they took some old inner tubes and cut tem up and made a long slingshot, and here I’ll have to admit that they learned how to make a slingshot, And the put some Negroes in a barrel and they pulled way back on their slingshot and the barrel went out a ways and crashed to earth and it shook up the Negroes in the barrel, so they said that they were going to work on a longer slingshot before the put a man in orbit. This is Negro technology of their society, and the only advantage I can see is that it didn’t cost so much.

I turn now to the declaration of the most High God: Jesus said, when I all return with great power and Glory, I am going to bring my hosts of Holy angels and my elect whom I have gathered from the four corners of heaven, and I am going to come down to your race and we aren’t going to build a Untied nations, rather we are going to divide the nations. I’M going to separate them like a shepherd separates the sheep form the goats. Ow god believes in the supremacy of his race and his household and he said: I am going to say unto the sheep nations, the Christian nations, the white nations, receive the Kingdom prepared for you, from before the foundations of the world, and rule over the goat nations, with my law and my wisdom. The scriptures tell us that in the days of the Kingdom as the civilization of the household of God extends over the earth from one end to the other, that there will not be any shortage of food. There will be no famine, and the people are going to learn righteousness, and peace from the least to the greatest.

Equality:----We are being told that we must permit the illiterate and those who lack the capacity to shoulder their share of responsibility in our society to have equal determination over its destiny with those who are the creators and makers of that society. Propaganda is being shoveled out at every turn, as we watch the looting and the burning which is communist inspired and Jew attorney protected, and NAACP guided. Then they said by this propagandist line that this emotional effect is because of their unfair treatment, but we watch the violence and the riots such as Watts, and we see that they burned down their own town and you say: Surely this isn’t the work of the intelligent Negroes, who are higher up the ladder. Well, is this fellow Lomax one of those higher up the ladder? You see him conducting his forum on T.V., and I tell you that this man is a red devil, make no mistake about that. I am going to read a piece out of the San Diego news because the editor of the paper and others are rather appalled. ---News came out that the Palmar Junior College was going to have Lewis Lomax come speak to them. A few weeks before this Congressman Utt had spoken to them and the propaganda had been so intense from the left wing that when Congressman Utt spoke only about 20% of the students were there to hear him. Then when they brought this Pinko Negro down there to speak there was 100% of the students there to hear him. And as they introduced him they said: Louis Lomax is a credit to this nation, its a credit to Palamor that he would consent to come talk to us. ---- Alright: I want you to take a look at what a superior Negro said to those students: ---He said: This is the first town I’ve been in where there are more people in college than in the town (this was the San Marcus college) but I don’t see any Negroes here: therefore what this college and this town needs is a course in Niggerology. Then he proceeded to tell us that the Negro is the only real American, for he said: your parents migrated here, but the American Negro was born here, he is the product of slaves and white men, and the American Negro was born in these United States.

This is a propaganda fallacy with which they are trying to arrive at an integrated society of a higher order. Now, I want you to listen to this man --- as he said: There are many who are opposed to the relations between white and blacks, but let me tell you something--- your daughters are already mixing with we Negroes, and its too late ---baby. We have grown already. Your puritanical forefathers started this for they were a lazy bunch, the Christian puritans, and they figured they would get the Negro to work in the sun. They needed some one of another color to work for them so they loaded up the good ship ---Jesus--- with slaves and brought them to America. The people who brought the slave were a Birch type of Christian and all the time they were trying to tell these Negroes about Jesus, but they had plenty of gods of their own. When I hear Birchers talking about communism and civil rights I want to burn down something, said Mr. Lomax. ---Communism is the best thing that has ever happened to America. Your religion is based on a god born of a virgin. Ha. Ha. Ha.--- And all the students joined in his laughter. Then he went on: When they told me that God was Jesus, I said: Oh, No. And when they tried to bring a feeling of guilt because I didn’t accept that god I said: Burn--baby--burn. For it is these Jesus loving, flag waving hippocrits who make us hate the whites. When you get a job you don’t look for Negroes, you look for your own, so we hate your white society. --- The number of students that sat there listening were 80% more than those who had listened to Congressman Utt, but they gave this Negro a standing ovation.---- then he said: We have a new program going forward, we send Negro prostitutes out into the street between 5 and 6:30, and who picks them up? Big limousines from Beverly Hills and Hollywood. ------ Well, don’t blame this on the white man --- Jews don’t count.

The greatest thing that happened to the United States in Communism said Lomax: and you must compete for the minds of the uncommitted, you have to fight over me, but you can’t win me. No wonder that L.B.J. tells the ignoramuses in the John Birch society to straighten up. ---Still quoting Lomax: I slipped illegally into South Africa and I attended tribal ceremonies 80 miles from Johannesburg and I listened to Red communist leaders with an Oxford accent propounding Marxism to African tribesmen in the bush. Its going to be all over Africa pretty soon and with a great deal of pride he said: This is their greatest day.

Now what did he do? A Negro supposed to be at the top of the heap, supposedly educated --- going into South Africa to spread Communism. Did he go in to develop technology for their society? --- No, he goes to spread communism and more trouble than they already have. He admits that he listened to red leaders and is proud that he helped advance communism. Then he said that the Negro was totally justified in the Watts riots with its violence and looting, and rape. ----- So don’t talk to me about these educated Negroes not thinking like the rest --- this propaganda front they put on before you in 100% for the violence and the trouble and the destruction of society.

Every once in a while we hear someone say: Oh we have a few great ones like Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver. Well, let me tell you about that: ---- I happen to know that the scientists and researchers and chemists send down to the laboratory to interview Carver learned may things. They had heard a lot about the achievements made by this brilliant Negro. And then when the researcher came to the laboratory he found it was dirty and filthy, and he couldn’t see how you could arrive at any conclusions in this place. He saw vats of stabilized products and they were all different in color, and different in viscosity and different in thickness, and no two formulas were the same because nothing was written down, it was just sort of trial and error operations.

He found that all the achievements in developing products had been done by white students and white scientists send down there to assist in this laboratory until they couldn’t stand it anymore and they had left. The man reporting said that ---- when he arrived a lousy Negro approached him with arms out at the elbows and who was not interested in keeping his clothes clean, and the place smelled like a hog farm. This Negro said: who do you want to see and when he said He wanted to see Mr. Carver, the Negro said: O.K. sit down. The man said: I watched this old Negro walk away and then Mr. Carver came and he said, What do you want? --- And this reporter said: I discovered that Mr. Carver knew something about the work of the laboratory but I discovered that the accomplishments rode on white intelligence and white minds, and then the fact came out -- that this man is only part Negro, he is a breed. ---- Now, this man who reported is a brilliant educator in the United States and he told me of his experience.

I point out to you that there is no standard of equality outside of the divine standard for ti. If you want the highest level of equality in a Christian nation then you have to be a person of Faith. You have to be of the household of the most High God, you have to stand for righteousness, and you have to have a desire for liberty that will not support creeping socialism, and look for a handout from the government, for your survival. You have to be a person with initiative and creative ability and willing to work.---

The gimmies and the creators are not equal. --- And it si obvious that there is even a lack of equality with a race, and this is determined by production, and end results, and character and achievement. There is an assurance by the Most High God that those of his household are predestined to conform to his own image. And there is an assurance that because of the capacities that and inner built and bred into the household and the race, that the Spirit of God will Catalyze them, and bring them to the highest status of capacities of leadership, before God is finished with them. And if anything---what has happened as you are thrust into your environment in the world -- has caused areas of deterioration even in your society.

While there are those who have progressed in the areas of technology and in the areas of natural knowledge, America needs a great Spiritual Stimuli. It needs to return to the laws of God. I think one of the greatest mistakes that was ever made is in trying to dictate to every state what they must do, in violation of the constitution, because these areas of authority were not granted to the federal government. ---When you try to equalize --- you have to destroy.

We watch the attack upon our religion in these Untied States --- Do you know what the United States government official religion is? --- It is Christianity. --- In my library, I can extract the legal affidavit for this. The Supreme Court has ruled that this is a Christian nation. And now in this Christian nation we have been told that we cannot pray in school, they can not read from the Holy Scripture in schools because it disturbs the non-Christian. Our nation is not supposed to have any identity with any particular Faith, religion, or God. ---there is no truth in this, it is fallacious. I may not always agree with Senator Dirkson, but I hope the old War horse can come out fighting for his proclamation of the other day. Senator Dirkson spoke up and said: I will with my remaining strength fight these 9 men on that court, that seeks to say that the American Children cannot speak or read their bible anywhere, or anytime.

There are a lot of politicians making a mistake -- we have Reagan in California running against Brown. He is making a mistake which will lose for him a vast area of conservative white Christian support, for he is following a line which makes him think will gain votes, and he will discover he made an error. He is ready to oppose the right to work law. He is supporting a total plan of integration. He believes in integrated housing. We the people in California have proved with proposition 14 that a big percentage of the people are still white, and they still want the right to decide who they will rent their property to, and still possess the right to sell it to who ever they please. --- You can have a moron in the White House, but that still doesn’t change the way people feel. ----- I’m not going to talk about candidates before the election, but I will tell you one thing, I ill never vote for a man of our society, who will violate the laws of God to the destruction of our society to capture votes.

With all my opposition to the political policies and the synthesis of ideas of Gov. Brown, I would never vote for a man to unseat him who would walk the same route. I point out to you that it is time for white people to wake up and look for champions of Faith and of Race. You are Aryans, your forbearers came from the great race stock of Europe. They migrated there through the patters of history, and thought the Caucasians and they descended from the Adamic race --- all the way through, they were the sons of Yah --- they were the tall white one, --- Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Lombardic, Basque, Germanic, Nordic, One household --- many families but one race. Very frankly, 1/6th of the worlds population and admitted by your enemies to be the have nations, thus they now would mix your civilization and distribute it, then you would cease to be a society, and cease to be a have. Rather you would be have nots, and the world would go into dark ages.

Now, there is something that you should consider. When it comes to the areas of the ability to provide, to create, to research the mysteries of your environment, and to harness it with your intelligence, you are unsurpassed. You --- The white nations of the world have arrived. --- and the last 30 years have watched you deteriorate as the world ideas have been sown into you under the propaganda of self. That you are selfish, and are depriving the world of your advantages. I’m going to tell you --- when people have arrived and then let some one take it away from them they deserve chastisement. --- The Bible teaches separation, segregation, race purity, and it says: Thou shall not mingle the Holy seed. --- My Friends, --- Yahweh Thy God is not a pacifist, or an integrationist. He calls for you to be strong. He calls for you to back your civilization with might. And when you set the world free form ignorance and darkness, you do not permit the ignorant to become your master. The enemies of God’s Kingdom come out of the Anti-Christ, who start the false religions and wars against yours. --- They have to limit or curb your Spiritual connection to put over their ideas. No bible student can search this book and not discover that God wants the white race to stay on top.

If you were to integrate the whole world and mongrelize it into one integrated world, the people who had to do the producing would still be the white man. And since he had demonstrated that he is already the have society then he better not integrate, he better keep his status. They are even talking of limiting birth and because of the population explosion they are putting a limit on birth and in fact they are citing, that if they could get the laws passed that for the advantage of society they would limit the births and you would have to get a license to bear children. One Government report was made last week and I have a copy of it.:

Governmental agencies were considering how world order, commanded birth control licenses could be carried out.

But the people they want to limit is the white race. Now this is where evil generally destroys itself. If the white race was to die out -- the light would go out. And if the white race permits itself to go out -- the light has already gone out.

The hoards of red china together with others of Asia are expanding and preparing for battle. Then because of the technology of the white man they want to reduce our armament so that we will have to fight them on the ground with spears or small arms. Anyone who supports this, is either insane or a traitor, whether he be President of Secretary of State. There can be no question that it is going to be a battle for survival, for Chairman Mao said: that they are going to crush the white man. That one of the first objective is subordination, defeat and crushing the United States, and the occupation of the Western hemisphere -- the carrying forth of loot and spoils and women for their slaves. And then when they have eradicated us they will occupy our land. They have threatened that this very year we are living in, that they are going to use nuclear weapons and use paratroopers, and land invasion and they say that first they will absorb all the boys we send to Asia and destroy them there, and then they will launch a surprise attack against their homeland.

However make no mistake about this --- the Russians are in on this also.

If the white race was to destroy all their great engines of destruction they would have to fight with small arms -- all the masses of the world stirred up by the spirit of Anti-Christ revolutionaries in this day.

The reason this has come to a peak in your time is because they have attempted to bring about the defeat of your nation and your race at this hour. So they battle you internally, and they battle to bring a Negro revolution upon your society. At no place on the face of the earth has the Negro had the advantages he has acquired in these United States, never mind that old slave bit. The first people to enslave Negroes were Negroes. The first slave ship to come to England and America were Jewish. The first slave traders were under Himan Solomon of New Amsterdam. They have a statue of him down here in the park and of all places to put it -- they put his statue in McArthur Park. Himan Solomon, the Jew, that double crossed the colony. The Jew that tried to beat out Benjamin Franklin’s securing of economic arrangements with the colonies. A man who could never have entered New Amsterdam while Peter Sturdavant was governor. I point out to you that the Negro had less security in the jungles of Africa than he had as a slave in the United States. Over here, he didn’t have to worry about being eaten up. Under this condition that we hear so much about, they have made more advancement and been subject to more wisdom and knowledge than any place in the world. Where else than here where we subsidize their leaders, can they buy Cadillacs? Where they have the most that is where they go into violence and riots.

Now we are told that we must pay them whether they work or not. If they were our equals they would be doing the work and it wouldn’t be a question of whether they were capable or not. They are seeking to be given the economic level in these United States that they cannot obtain. They want an area of special care, of special provisions and special legislation and then--- what do their leaders tell us?

Martin Luther King tells us that this will someday be Negro America, because they will hold every high office in the land. ---- Well, do you want a Secretary of State in California? One is running for the office and in his speeches he says, when we come to power we will not employ the white man, only Negroes. And then he said: You whites find the smartest white you can and then prove to me that he is mart and maybe I;’ll hire him. Don’t worry, he isn’t going far, at least not for long.

God said: if you want equality in My Kingdom, If you want the status of My Administrating sons, If you want My blessings -- then this is evidenced by your capacity to recognize me. It is evidenced by the fact that you are My Household, You are My children, My people. He said: I advise you not to let these other people live among you, but if you do, they will bring you trouble.

In the book of Deuteronomy, god told you not to permit Negro or Asiatic settlement in these western nations. Now after the evidence of the problems we have faced, I would be very much in favor of resettling every Negro over in Africa.

You mark this prophecy tonight. In your life time, --- within a decade --- you are going to see the greatest sweeping change in the United States on the whole attitude of Negro problems. They are going to wake up, they are going to look behind the scenes, they are going to protect their society, and god is going to stimulate the greatest wave of white racial self respect on the face of the earth -- right here in the United States. And when we are smart enough to lock up the communist here at home before we fingy them on the outside, and deport these militant enemies of Christ, that are seeking to destroy the whole status of our society, then discover that with law, that you can live with security and peace and even the Negro revolution wouldn’t gave any momentum without someone a little smarter than they are --- putting on the drive.

You are going to see the white nations of the world holding the line, all over the earth. You are going to see a total repudiation because God said: I am going to stir My people, and cause them to know. You are going to see the greatest wave of pressure to get us out of the U.N. You are going to see the day when the policies of the Present administration are repudiated. You are going to see the day when Congress rescinds some of its bad legislation. You are going to see the Constitution strengthened until it can never be mutated again. --- I want to point out to you that the people who do not think the constitution is strong enough and want special privileges, have admitted that they do not believe in Equality. For Negroes in integrated schools now demand white teachers don’t believe in Equality, and Negroes who do not want to attend Negro schools with Negro teachers do not believe in Equality. Strangely enough, no one is more Anti-Negro than a Negro who doesn’t want to be taught by a Negro. You know --- Negro teachers and Negro educators don’t want integration, for they are losing their jobs, as soon as schools integrate then the Negroes want white teachers. Three weeks ago, the city of New York undertook a great project to retrain 550 teachers from the south so that they would come up to the qualification of the New York Grade school.

All of these things are marked evidence of something quite obvious, and that is that they are not your equal. Equality must be able to stand on its own feet. Equality must be able to shoulder its areas of responsibility. It must have its own initiative, its own curiosity, its own intellectual capacity, its own spiritual background and its own ability to demonstrate its relation to God, to carry on its own society. Well, Mr. Lomax said: We have our own gods, we don’t want your Jesus. --- Well, we don’t want Mr. Lomax. I tell you who we do want, and we want them to stand trial and we want them to be placed in their own mental concentration camp and that -- is the instructors and teachers who would bring someone like this before student bodies, and then subject them to such a propaganda barrage that they would applaud something they don’t understand. ---- The day will come when we will recognize the danger of the virus of these false and peculiar ideas which are being leveled against our society by the internationalists, and recognize that virus as bing as dangerous as any disease warping over our society.

So we stand in 1966, in a great battle for divine standards. We will triumph because it is becoming more and more evident what it costs to disobey the laws of God. --- Bloodshed, violence, and trouble; increasing patterns of the heaviest attack nations. The loss of our Liberty, the lowering of the standards of our communities, the lowering of the atmosphere in which we raise our children. The irresponsible patterns of moral habits endangering the very heath of our children as they contact with these people, and then the greate danger of the mutating of our race lines.

No, Mr. Lomax. You are not going to integrate us, you aren’t going to swallow us up. The only thing that will associate with your race in these processes are scums -- that have no part or lot with our society.


(The Negro revolution of the 60's ------ didn’t accomplish their goals. ------ Maybe we won’t have to do that again??????????)