What The Prophets Desired To Hear, 4-ll-67


BY DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 4-ll-67

We turn this afternoon to the book of Matthew and in the 13th chapter, we find Jesus talking to his disciples. And HE says, “Verily, I say unto you that prophets and righteous men have desired to see the things that you are seeing and to hear the things which you hear for they have not heard them. Then Christ went on explaining to them the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. For thru out all the areas of the Old Testament and thru out all of the old patterns of the scripture, the prophets had portrayed everything that had transpired. They had not beheld it but they had portrayed it. They had not beheld the embodiment of God but they had prophesied that God would be embodied. We are to discover that every facet of the Old Testament, and in every area they were to talk about the things that were to come to pass. There was no area of the prophecies that was not foreseen by the prophets.

We have the claims that the prophets could not see the clear story, or the prophecy of God's Grace, but this is a fallacy and operates out of a lack of knowledge. But the prophets with their own eyes did not behold these things. Nor had they visibly beheld the embodiment of God. The majesty by which God had embodied himself in the earth. He had been begotten in the earth as the prophets had declared. As Isaiah had declared: A virgin shall conceive and bear a son and shall call his name Emmanuel.

But by a process the prophets did see and did know the purposes of God. In fact so much did they know that we can go into the hours when Eve had Abel and Cain, and they still had prophecy even in that hour, and Adam had known prophecy. In fact, the book --"Adam and Eve," had prophecies that pointed to the Messiah. For it was believed that God would come into the world and would take unto himself a body of flesh. And would redeem his people with a great redemption, and reestablishment them with the power and the glory. That Adam and Eve had lost, establishing his Israel, and establishing its rule in the earth. And as we go back into the old books, we discover that Abel understood that a blood atonement was necessary for the release of transgressions. Knew that he was under transgression and knew that his parents had transgressed. So he offered a blood offering, and God said that he had looked upon this offering and it was acceptable. And he looked upon the offering of Cain the son of the wicked one, and it was not acceptable and he despised it.

So again, we see that the Adamic race was given the prophecies of the blood offering. And even Adam had written and had received areas of prophecy. For he had clearly informed his son of the redemption and of Messiah. And we discover that in the days when Noah was to come off of the Ark that God had established with him the order of society. We discover that from Adam on down to his time that a perfect seed had been preserved, and in the book of Noah we discover that there was much more that God had told Noah than we have in our scriptures. For he had told Noah that he was bringing his line down thru the purest seed line of his house. He was telling him that government was to emerge forth from him. And he had told him that he could eat of the flesh of all of the creatures of earth except those that I shall exempt from me. Thou shalt eat of all of this flesh but thou shalt not eat the blood thereof. Thou shalt set in the administration of your line the genealogy of the earth. Thou shalt increase and populate the earth and my government shall I establish with thee.

So the Noah covenant was established, thus God would continue with the household he had established with Adam, to bring about this program of earth. So the prophets foresaw this and Enoch was also a prophet of God. Enoch was one of the greatest prophets of all times and as he wrote about this he demonstrated that God thru this Adamic race and thru his Israel that God was establishing a rising government that was to sweep the world. And that in his writings then Enoch talked about the battles between the sons of light and the sons of darkness. And Enoch realized that God would have to move upon his people with the proper power to save all Israel. This is one of the things that Jesus was talking about when he said, 'The prophets rejoice to see my days.’

With the house of Abraham we see again the area of prophecy. And God makes this statement:--'I shall establish my covenant between thee and Me. And thy seed after thee in their generations. It shall be an everlasting covenant. And I shall be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee.' Thus, God makes an everlasting covenant. The prophets foresaw this. And they realized that God was maintaining his prophecy with Israel. Under the patterns of the law they saw the ordinances for the preparations and the sacrifices. They saw that the shedding of blood for the sacrifice was a type. For they were told that this they must do until the Lamb of God would become the sacrifice for them.

In fact we can well understand this for in the writings of Moses we see that the sacrifices must be made until that day when He who came for that atonement. In fact we are to understand that Isaiah also knew about this. He knew that the offerings were not satisfactory unto God but he knew that the types and shadows were a perfect satisfactory substitute for the offering which was to come. Thus we are to understand Isaiah in the first chapter as he said, 'Wash yourself. Put away the evil of your doing from before mine eyes. Cease to do evil. Learn to do well, seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow. Come now saith the LORD, tho your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow. Tho they be like crimson, they shall be as wool.'

He said that their sacrifices and ordinances did not please HIM. But they were ordinances that were bestowed upon them in a pattern and in a type. And this prophet then spoke out clearly about this victory over the kingdom of darkness. (Vs. 25). And they understood that they were battling the powers of darkness, these enemies of God's kingdom. And also this establishes the kingdom again, and gives them victory over the powers of darkness as you read on in the next chapter. And the prophets continued to speak out about this reestablishment of the kingdom. And they continued to speak out about the time when the embodiment of God would come and that HE would come out of the house of David. And he would be a greater son for the administration would continue to descend into his house. And the prophets all anticipated this. But they would not all see the manifestations of Messiah.

But if you will turn back into II Samuel, you will note that what they saw and what they anticipated was literally coming to pass. "So shalt thy say unto my servant David, sweareth YAHWEH. Thus saith the LORD, ‘I took you from the sheep coat, and from following the sheep to be a ruler over My people Israel. I was with thee as thou wenteth, and I cut off all of the enemies from thy sight, and I have made thee a great name, like unto the greatest men of earth. Moreover, I will appoint a place for my people to dwell. I shall plant them in a place of their own and they shall move no more. Neither shall the son of wickedness afflict them any more.’ And at this time, David was standing in Jerusalem. He stood by the kings pillar. But God was saying that there was another place beside Jerusalem, and that they should never move out of this place. And when thy days shall be fulfilled and thou shalt sleep with thy fathers, I shall set up a seed after thee and it shall proceed out of your innermost being and I will establish his kingdom. He shall build a house for my name and I shall establish his throne and it shall remain forever. I will be his father and he shall be my son. If he commit iniquities, I will chasten him with the rod of men and the stripes of men. But my mercy shall not depart from him. Therefore thy dwellings shall be established for ever.’ And David said, ‘What can I say for the LORD's sake HE hat made this great covenant.’ And it is to be noted that thou hath confirmed that the people of Israel are to be a people unto you forever. And David then says, --'YAHWEH hath become our God, and know now, YAHWEH, oh, God, thou who hath spoken this unto his children of HIS House forever. Let thy name be magnified forever, oh, YAHWEH of Hosts. Oh, YAHWEH of hosts, let thy servant and the house of David be established before thee even forever.’

The psalmist declares that as the sun, moon and stars are in the sky, never would they lack for one to sit upon the throne of David. In fact so much is this carried on that he says,---I will sing a new song, for I have made a covenant with David. I have sworn to my servant David, thy seed will be established forever, and I will build up thy throne thru all generations.

And we discover over in the 89th Psalm, again that HE says, My covenant will I not break, nor will I alter the thing which has gone out of my mouth. Once that I have sworn unto my holiness, I will not lie unto David, that his seed shall endure forever, and his throne exist before me forever. It shall be established forever. And the moon is a faithful witness unto the heavens. And the prophets rejoiced as they observed the throne of David and how it had been established. And in fact in Zachariah then Zaachariah declares that at the end of the age which we are now contending with and he says, Behold! Again YAHWEH will have to save the tents of Judah first. They are to be brought out of areas of problems and thus He will have to save the tents of Judah first. Why? ---For the Glory of the house of David. But in that day the LORD shall avenge his inhabitants. And the LORD shall make the house of David as tho he were God, and the Angel of the LORD shall be for them.

Then behold,---the day of the LORD cometh, and thy spoils shall be divided in the midst of it. And the nations that are gathered against Jerusalem to battle, and the cities shall be in battle, and YAHWEH shall go forth and fight against these nations as he did in the days of battle. And his feet shall, that day, come to the Mount of Olives and it shall cleave to the east and to the west . . . and so it says etc. And YAHWEH shall be king over the earth, and in that day there shall be One LORD and His name One. And the prophets declared that he would take the throne of his son David.

And Jesus, talking to the people said, ‘Remember how David said how be it that my offspring---I shall call HIM LORD? How is it then that David refers to his offspring as LORD?---Because the embodiment of God was to come out of the house of David. And thus Jesus did say these things and the Prophets did foresee. And they did know that the day would come when the embodiment of God would emerge out of the house of David, and would walk the land of Palestine or wherever the Children of Israel would be. They well-understood this but they were also amazed at this. And they also understood that HE would make an atonement. And they did understand the prophecies of Jeremiah when he said:--I will make a new covenant with the House of Judah, and the House of Israel. I will take away their transgressions and I will put my spirit in their hearts. I am going to do all of these things. So they understood also that this would come to pass.

When Jesus said that the prophets would rejoice in the prophecies they had made and he said that the prophets also desired to see these things and hear these things that you now hear, and see. So it is in this message, that the kingdom of God be unveiled unto them. So that the mysteries of this kingdom of God, be unveiled unto to the Apostles so that they could understand the mysteries the prophets did not quite understand, and had not seen.

One of these things which they were to understand was the Mystery of iniquity and the seed of Lucifer. For tho they had battle against transgression, and evil forces, they were not to understand the operation of Luciferian seed until Jesus broke this mystery to them. And this mystery was one of the most important mysteries, which he referred to as the mystery of the kingdom of heaven.

Turn again to this area of this prophecy and as Jesus said, over in the book of Hebrews, where the Apostle Paul would record Christ's ministry. And Jesus said, Therefore of sacrifices and offerings thou wouldst not, but a body has been prepared for me. This is the embodiment of God speaking thru the lips of the Apostle Paul, as he wrote here in Hebrews. Wherefore he wrote, that coming into this world, sacrifice and offerings, I do not want. But a body hath been prepared for me thus, of burnt offerings and sacrifice, then God hath no pleasure. Therefore 'I have come in the volume of a book, and thru the lips of a prophet. I have moved thru out all areas of revelation, and I have spoken the word, and I have stated that sacrifices and burnt offerings I do not seek. For in them there is no pleasure. Therefore I have come to do thy will oh, God, and He taketh away the first, which was the covenant of the law, and restores now the second. Therefore this is not in any way a covenant in any way that has to do now with Abraham's covenant. For now God the Redeemer says, "All Israel shall be saved as it is written." He prophesied thru the lips of Isaiah, and as many prophets, the salvation of his people Israel. And his promise unto them, in the kingdom to come is total and complete. But it could not be made complete by a blood offering. Or by this process that the Israelites were following by offering up the sheep and the goats. And it says here in the book of Hebrews, that which we are sanctified in is the body of Jesus Christ, once and for all.

Thus the Apostle Paul writing in the book of Hebrews, lines out what, the blood atonement is all about. And all of these were types and shadows of the body of Christ. And he said, therefore we are set apart by the offering of the body of Jesus Christ, or YAHSHUA IN THE FLESH, ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Therefore, the Holy Spirit speaks unto us. And this is the covenant that I shall make with them, after those days, saith the LORD.

This is an exact duplication of what Jeremiah had said. "I shall put my laws in their minds and in their hearts, and I will write them on their hearts. And their transgressions and iniquities I will remember no more. And where these are then there is no more offering of sin. "THEREFORE THE TRANSGRESSIONS, THE OFFERINGS, THE SIN AGAINST Israel will be remembered no more, once this sacrifice has been accomplished. Therefore the body of the man Christ Jesus was a body of human flesh, and he took this upon himself. And at that time he was without spot or blemish. Thus, a perfect lamb.

The Apostle Paul thus says that HE took upon himself a body from his family, of his race. And here altho perfection, he offered up this body for transgression. Therefore the Lamb without spot or blemish made a sacrifice for transgression that was confident and you are not left in doubt. You may not find any other explanation for it. BUT IT WAS AN ACCEPTABLE ATONEMENT. And by the authority of the Word of God. And HE said, I make this atonement. And by this body, my physical body, as an offering, then your salvation is COMPLETE. I will not remember your transgressions against you anymore. I will not remember your iniquities anymore. I remove them as far from you as the east is from the west. Therefore first covenant was not complete, but the second one was.

Now you find a great number of people today who try to recite that because of disobedience to the law, that the seed of Israel, this house of God no longer inherits the covenants of God. No longer inherits these promises. In fact there is today thru out the theology of today that the church was just a second thought with God. That he established his church because Israel had failed. And of course they think that the Jews are Israel and they are a total failure all of the time. So they think that God had a failure so he started up something else. But God never had a failure, and he does not anticipate a failure and he did not consider his race a failure. For as he returned into the heaven, he told you exactly what would happen. More than this God did not set aside Israel and establish the church because Israel is the race, and the church is the spiritual center of the kingdom, as they worship God.

Therefore turn to the book of Galatians, and we see here the establishment of this fact. Therefore, this covenant confirmed in Christ. The law which was 430 years before does not disannul. That then which is confirmed in Christ cannot disannul. And it shall not make the promise of none effect. For if the inheritance was by law then it was not a promise, And God made the covenant with Abraham by promise. And he referred to it as a great promise, a covenant And as far as the promises of God were concerned, then let’s go back into Genesis. And it says:--I shall establish my covenant with thee and to thy seed after thee thru the generations, and it shall be an everlasting covenant.

The prophets foresaw the areas of Grace. They foresaw the atonement of the Christ. They knew that God would become embodied in earth and that he would literally atone and bring all Israel for the transgressions of Israel unto himself. The prophets foresaw this. And they also foresaw that there would have to be a burial and a resurrection. And they prophesied that none of the bones of his body would be broken. The also prophesied that they would cast lots for his raiment and his vesture. They prophesied even the selling of Christ for money, and the potters field was even an area of prophecy.

So when the people think that the prophets did not understand what God was going to do, they did understand it, but they had not beheld it. They had not been able to behold the embodiment of God. So this is why Jesus said that the righteous men had not seen this and there were some things that they had not yet heard. This was not concerning the ultimate victory of His kingdom. For they knew that his kingdom would be victorious. They knew that Christ would come and assume the throne of David. They knew that the throne was in the earth, but the prophets did not live to see it fulfilled in their time. But I can establish for you that the throne is still in the earth, and that it is the British throne.

There are a lot of Americans that will reject this thinking that they do not wish for any other government to be over them, and that is all right. But I want you to know that the British throne still carries on it the Seat of David. And there is not one single day since the days that Zedekiah was taken to Babylon, that this is not true. For the seed line was taken to Ireland, Scotland and Wales, by Jeremiah. And this was the seed of Israel, as the granddaughter of Jeremiah. Thus, the seed of David is still on the throne of David. And it will be there until the day when Christ assumes this throne over his greater house.

And I want you to know that God made it very, very clear that a part of the mysteries that the prophets did not understand was this mystery of Iniquity. They did not know how the Satanic seed was spread in the earth. So Jesus talked to his disciples and he tells them of these things. In the book of Roman's, then 'All Israel is to be saved'. And there was to come out of Zion a deliverer, who would take away the ungodliness of Jacob. And God said this is my covenant with them ---'I will take away their sins.'

But concerning the seed of Lucifer then Christ explains unto them this mystery. And as he speaks here he talks about the mystery of the kingdom of Heaven. Unto them that is not given. This is in reference to the evil ones and to those that cannot understand. And then HE said, 'The field is the world. And the good seed are the children of the kingdom. The 'tares' are the children of the wicked one. This is a definite established progeny.

Now there is one thing that the bible does not teach. And this is important for men to understand. The bible does not teach that a child of Israel when he transgresses becomes a child of the devil. You cannot find any sequence of this in the scriptures. Israel has to repent her transgressions. It has to repent of the transgression she has committed. And she did this until that Atonement was attained which covered Israel's transgressions entirely. But as far as becoming a child of the devil, no Israelite ever becomes a child of the devil. She may be captured, she may be in bondage to sin, and an Israelite may be come lost in sin but never is he lost unto God, and never becomes a child of the devil. For God has declared that he will deliver and redeem every last one of his children.

Now by no stretch of the imagination can a child of the devil become a part of God's household in this generation or in these dispensations. Then by no stretch of the imagination can an Evangelist go out and preach to the devils children and make Christians out of them. By no stretch of the imagination can he go out and transform children of the devil into children of God. This does not take place. Therefore, the parable of the 'Sower of the seed' makes this clear. The good seed are the children the Father planted in the field, which is the world. And the 'tares' are the progeny of the wicked one. The enemy that sowed them is the devil, and the harvest is the end of the age. And the reapers are the ministering spirits.

Now therefore the 'tares' are gathered and they shall be burned and this is the end of this age. And 'the son of man' shall send his Angels and they shall gather out of his kingdom all of the things that offend and them that do iniquity, and shall cast them into the Lake of Fire. And then shall the righteous shine forth like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who that hath ears to hear, let him hear. And the procedure is that the 'tares' will be cast into the Shekinah Glory and God will try them by fire, and in the process of time out of them will be burned out all areas of error. But at this time shall come a GREAT RESTITUTION OF ALL THINGS.

Thus, in time, he will separate these 'tares' from himself, and from you. But he does not make them his household, his children. And he does not bring them in by the process of preaching the gospel.

He does say that there are nations on the face of the earth, and that these nations have been caught in the deception of Lucifer. These are the captives. And God says,--"Ask me of things concerning my sons demand of me, for they shall set the captives free.”

So how do they set the captives free? They proclaim unto them the living Gospel. And thru the seed of Abraham all of the earth shall be blessed. This gospel can release these people as they understand the work of God. They can be released from the powers of darkness. It does not make them the children of the God of the heavens. But it does make them the children of the creator God in the earth, and separates the power of lucifer from them forever.

Today we see this peculiar twist as the churches throw everyone into the same barrel. And if they can save them then they make them children of God, and if they cannot save them, then they are the children of the devil and that is the way they leave the matter stand. But the Gospel of the kingdom which the prophets were talking about knew that “All Israel shall be saved." They knew that the great and mighty triumph of God would come, and they rejoiced to see the day, when God would walk the earth, and use his power to heal the sick and to raise the dead. And HE would speak the words that had been beheld in the heavens, and now here in earth, and the prophets would have been glad to have seen and heard the things that were now being said and seen in earth, which the disciples were beholding. And to hear the things which HE had declared.

Suppose we turn in this hour of meditation to the concept of the Most High God. Over in the book of Hebrews, he says, --"Behold I come in the pages of a book.” Then turn to the Gospel of John, in the first chapter, and we read:---"In the beginning was the word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God."

The eternal spirit was proclaiming the things which should come to pass. They proclaimed it thru the lips of the prophets, and it was bound into a book. It was the living vitality of the truth of God. 'Everything can pass away but My Word shall not pass away. My Word shall not return unto me void. My Word shall be brought to pass.

He said:----Behold I have come in the pages of a book. And in this book it also says that without HIM was not anything made, that was made. In HIM was the light which is the light of men (Adamites). The light can shine in darkness and the darkness comprehends it not. Thus we see that this is the true light that lighteth every Adamite that comes into the world. He was in the world but the world knew Him not, for it had no area of comprehension concerning HIM. Therefore to them that received Him, he established the power that they were the sons of the living God, and we are to note that in this area the BOOK becomes the Living Word of God.

You find that no matter how many times that you read the scriptures. No matter how many times you read the intake of it, YOU discover that it is always a new book. It is a new book because a vital book, because every word out of the mouth of God, from areas of inspiration recorded in the scriptures will come to pass.

Oh, we do not tell you that every word in the bible is the word of God. For the devil speaks in the bible and the promises that he puts forth are mistakes, and they are not true. But every word that comes out of the mouth of God is true. Every word that is good that good men have written about God can sometimes be the concept of their own minds. But every word that comes out of the mouth of God is true. And HE says behold I have come in the volumes of a book. And He identifies himself with His word, with the vision and inspiration and the pattern of the prophets.

So as we acknowledge this again we see that they in anticipation the disciples saw it in reality, for the body of God was walking among men. And we have the words in Colossians that 'The fullness of God dwelt bodily in the man Christ Jesus. For all things were made by him, and without him was not anything made. Thus all things were made for Him and by him and they beheld the majesty Of God dwelling in a physical body.’

Again if there is anything which we are looking forward to it is the return of the Christ. Because again we shall behold God embodied in the flesh. We shall see the hosts of heaven embodied in the flesh, and we shall see all flesh transformed, until it places the position of immortality into the pattern of all higher existence. And we can see the Light of heaven shinning upon the household of the Most High God. And we shall watch for this miracle which shall transpire even in your lifetime. Any moment the heavens can be filled with the glory of God.

The devil is working every kind of catastrophe. He is doing everything that he can to destroy the kingdom. He has been the host of your wars. He has moved into positions by chicanery into areas of your government. And he speaks thru the lips of some of your leaders. And his mission is to destroy the kingdom. But God has spoken out concerning the position of the kingdom and the areas of his defense of it. And HE says that he will fight for Jerusalem, and here he is talking about cities of Peace the household of the Most High. And He the Most High declares that he is going to defend his people no matter where they are, and HE is going to lead them in this victory.

Therefore as we lift up our eyes, to whence comes our deliverance, our strength, we are positively assured that Christ will establish himself in power and in Glory, and in our day. And here in the last days we have been in a controversy here in California because of the use of LSD, and how they did not want to class it as a deadly dope. Oh, they had other compounds such as heroin, and others, but there is something more deadly in this LSD. In fact there are facts showing how it destroys the brain even weeks after being taken by people who went out on these peculiar rides.

Now the facts are that 92% of this LSD is raised in Israeli. J. Edgar Hoover came out to say that 82% of the students in California have been experimenting with this deadly dope. More than this 25 or 26% are hooked on it, and from 5 to 8% of the students who have used it have their brains totally scrambled.

Now the teachers in schools and especially the Jewish teachers are pushing this as an experience, as one the children can experiment with to find their values. But the scripture tells you to remain with a sound mind. Thus you should never take anything that takes away your ability to reach decisions and proper thinking. And out of this demon-sponsored dope, there are fantastic experiences that the students take as they move out on these so-called rides or trips, is fantastic.

I want to point out to you that some students claim they have gone out ten or more times and they are not hooked---But they are. We have had parents come to us this very week saying Our daughter has been on four trips. We did realize this until we realized that she could no longer hold a conversation longer than a few minutes until she was wandering off. We find the students cannot do their homework until they go out into the land of delusions and then come back to it. We had a grandfather tell us that he came to Los Angeles to see his son, and his grandchild was there acting strangely. And they said that he had been on LSD. And that every so often he goes off on a wild ride. And here he said, I must kill the pig and he attached his grandfather. They took the knife from the boy and then took him to a mental hospital. And there they were told that in the last few weeks they have been so crowded with students on LSD that they had no room for this boy . . . they must take him home. For they had no room for him.

Now 50% of the professors who came out of the universities to speak to the Hippies were on LSD. And they were talking about this. So we see that it has captured men, it has captured young people. It is destroying the brains of your youths.

One eminent physician said that we are going to end up with a race of vegetables on our hands. Irrespective of the fact that there are different formulas of this dope, the fact of the matter is that 85% of it is made in Israeli. And in just the last six month it has moved out into our schools. In one high school they estimate that 55% of the students are now using LSD. That is what their principal said. Teachers were putting it out and they considered their principal an old foggie since he was against its use.

Thus this whole area is one of intense design to warp minds, to so twist them. And even in the Seminaries they were approving of it for they said if used wisely it would give the students a great spiritual experience. And any minister or bishop who is pushing that is in a strange area of mentality, for they are saying that if you use this dope then you find spiritual revelations. The only thing that you find is a scrambled brain that cannot be saved. Remember that it is with a sound mind that you can receive the spiritual truths. Never will it be by losing control of your brain, your consciousness, or your ability to discern right from wrong. You do not find it in these strange wanderings of these minds which are destroyed in the process.

As we speak of this then we urge you to do something about this for the state, and the Colleges are not going to do anything to stop it. What would be a more easy way for he enemy to destroy your nation than to destroy the brains of your youth?

Now if your nation will not rise up then watch the children of God rise up and strike directly at the distributor of LSD. This is a part of the warfare against the kingdom of God, and it is moving into drastic action. And we have this product sweeping our society at this time. Thus as we understand this situation then we should call upon our representatives to eradicate this particular menace from our society.

End of message.