When Babylon Falls Into The Sea, 1-28-62



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-28-62

As we turn tonight in our discussion of our subject--'the fall of Great Babylon into the sea'--we realize that this is extracted from the book of Revelation. And that this book of Revelation is written in symbols and mysteries. But many do not know what the symbols and the mysteries mean. But it is of great importance for you to know that there is a clue to the whole pattern of divine revelation. And it is given unto you to know the mystery. For God has said:--'Unto you, it is given to know the mystery of the Kingdom of God. Unto them it is not given.' (Matthew 13:11)

If it is written in mystery and allegory, it is because the guidance of God's spirit will unveil these mysteries and make these allegories known unto you so that you will have the sure guidance and the authority of His Word.

It is quite obvious that if you have been following the messages we have been giving, or have been a student of the patterns of 'Identity' concerning the men and the races of earth, that you may well know that the world has been divided into two camps. That the world has been divided since your race has been upon it throughout all the 7400 years of its history. That these camps which divide the world, relate to the masters to which the various camps pledge their allegiance. The world even in this hour, is in a struggle between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of the 'world order' under the symbol of Mystery Babylon. That Mystery Babylon contains all the processes under which the enemies of God's Kingdom work. And from the earliest hour of Biblical identity, God has identified the symbol---'Babylon'--with the catastrophe and the evil, which are waging war against you. Babylon is the citadel of Lucifer and the Kingdom of God is the Citadel of the MOST HIGH GOD which is being raised up in a great and mighty administration thru the numbers of His children He is multiplying in the midst of the earth.

I think it is significant that as we talk about 'Mystery Babylon' that the biblical identification given to us in the book of Revelation are to cause us to know and to understand how she works and how far reaching are her institutions. A great many people as they think of Babylon, remember back to the days of Daniel. They remember back to the time when this great son of the house of Judah was a captive in the days of the captivity of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin in the lands of Babylon. They remember that the city of Babylon was 15 miles square for the great center of its Citadel. That it had walls 800 feet high and 600 feet wide and was probably the largest structure of masonry in the ancient world. They know that within was all the splendor and Glory which Emperors could gather from its hanging gardens to its symbols of great power. That its armies which rode out of Babylon were armed with the best of weapons. But because of the strange 5th column in this Babylonian system all nations would round about --be subordinate to her, and to the manipulation of her power and her trade. They knew that her early war-like Galleys commanded all the seaways of the then known and existent world. They knew that no one could buy or sell unless they operated under the manipulation of Babylon's coinage and Babylon's money policy. They knew if they understood the history of ancient Babylon that with conquering power, and economic manipulation that the Priests of its ancient religion dominated its money, and its power, and dominated its customs, and even dominated its Emperor. In fact back in the days of Nebuchadnezzar you may remember that he had a strange dream and this dream troubled him. There was a captive in his land who happened to be one of God's Household, one who had been inspired with vision as a great seer who had been raised up as a prophet of the MOST HIGH. The Emperor summoned Daniel and said:--"Can you interpret my dream?" Daniel said:--"Tell me your dream and I will interpret it for you." But Nebuchadnezzar, being a little wiser than some Babylonians, said:--"No--I have many who will do that, and I am not sure of any of them. You tell me what the dream is and then I will be sure that you have the proper interpretation." Well, this might be a hard challenge to some of them, but it was not a hard challenge to the Kingdom of God, nor to the man whom God had called. Therefore later, Daniel would come back to tell Nebuchadnezzar his dream and the interpretation of this mighty image that he saw. He was to tell him that this mighty head was Babylon with its power and the symbol of gold. And those Empires following Babylon would also be dominated by these mysterious forces which now controlled Babylon, and which today are still called 'Mystery Babylon.' They are referred to in the book of Revelation as Christ unveils these mysteries to John, as the great source of danger, and the great powers of darkness which wage war against the church. And John is told that this evil force is 'Mystery Babylon'.

So tonight, if we are to understand the problem which faces this great Christian nation, and every Christian nation of the white race, we must understand this 'Mystery Babylon'. And unless you do understand, my friends, then you battle in darkness. There is no question of the fact that the most powerful, single force in the world today among the World Order is Babylon. But among the peoples of earth there is a greater power than the power of the world order, and that power is the Kingdom of God. And the Greatest power in the world today is the spiritual center of God's Kingdom. It is the heart of the great living Christendom which is a very vital part of the nations of God's Kingdom. I will not acknowledge tonight, nor at anytime that Christendom is not more powerful than all its enemies, tho they out-number us 6 to 1 in the world. For He that is with us is greater than all that be with them. That one man with God could accomplish a victory which could bind all the powers of darkness. It is because of this that God can raise up men who seem to stand alone. And out of the magnificent work which God inspires them to do, comes the crystallizing of a nation, or the challenge to a people. Great men are being lifted up in your time. And these men are contributing mightily to the lifting of a veil, and to the carrying forward of the destiny of your nation. We can look back to the men in the heart of your nation who were investigating the source of conspiracy. They are carrying forward the design to save their nation from something they know which is wrong.

Men started out early in this battle, men such as Martin Dies, and Congressman Rankin, to be followed by investigations in security by the Senate, and by men such as Senator McCarthy, and others. I can remember the days when there were not many such men, who were crying out against the powers of darkness. I remember when the name of Geral K. Smith was hissed at by the enemy. But the truth he was speaking 15 years ago was preceding the knowledge which today is sweeping anti-communist gatherings all over our nation. We can remember at that time how they hissed at such men as Dean Manion, and how they did not like Braken Lee. And how they spoke out against anyone who denounced the conspiracy against our society. How patriots everywhere knew that the weights were being shifted, and that the day would come when the nation would wake up. We can remember the condemnation which was hurled in recent times against anyone who dared to speak out for truth. A governor of the state of Arkansas would be denounced for upholding the laws of his society. And a man like General Walker would be relieved of his command because he was anti-communist in Europe, where we needed anti-communist in charge of our troops. We remember when we would see the pressure being brought down across the nation from time to time as men spoke out. But I want you to know tonight, America is beginning to wake up. And the spiritual power which God has released upon you and upon the church, upon the true church in general and specifically upon leadership, is stirring people to discover, and to know where their troubles are coming from.

Now, if you do not think that the enemy does not know this, then let me tell you, that all the fire and fury of evil which is being turned loose tonight upon white men of the western world who have discovered where their troubles are coming from, tells me different. These powers are waging a continuous warfare against these men.

I would turn then to the 18 chapter of the book of Revelation, and here in this volume of Mystery is given unto John, a witnessing vision as to what Babylon is composed of. Because God makes it clear that Babylon is at work in the world today. At work behind the whole program of Anti-Christ, and is the 5th column in every Christian nation. Operates in every facet of life, and seeks to dominate and control all. I tell you tonight that 'Mystery Babylon' is a great institution, a world Kehillah of Satanic evil. You say who makes up this 'Mystery Babylon'? Well from the words of Jesus it is made up of Satan's own children and has become the headquarters of every foul and vicious bird.

If we were to go back to ancient Babylon on the plains of Shinar, and then remember that Mystery Babylon had become a strange force even in that day, its strange Mystery schools, and its powerful Priesthood of Baal had reached out for domination of the early world. It became a seat of power breaking down its neighbors by the sale of the powers of Immorality, by the importation of strange drugs and evil forces that they bestowed upon the people which were gathered out of all Asia, as their trading markets were opened. It was discovered that the conspiracy of Babylon started a 5th column that moved in among men, and then sought to buy and sell the souls of men, and to drain their nations by economic control. It gained economic control of the nations round about, and those that did not obey found themselves suddenly unable to buy goods, or food. And they could not find a job in any area. In the days of ancient Babylon you could not work unless you bowed the knee to Baal. And unless you paid the tribute to the Priests of Baal, you could not move to a neighboring nation to try to find employment there. Your property would be confiscated. Taxes would be leveled against you directly by the Emperor unless you paid tribute to this mysterious, invisible institution of Baal. Visible only by its Priesthood but operating thru out all these ancient nations. People then cried out because of its oppression. It was considered to be the most vicious symbol of evil in the world at that time.

You say --what do we know about these people who ran this evil, Mysterious Babylon? We know that they were a strange and unassimilatable people, with a strange mark upon their countenance which identified them as different from others. They had a strange wave length of Aura which pushed people away. Nobody liked these Priests of Baal, even Nebuchadnezzar himself. But he feared them as he ruled. He might be a figure head of power in his hour, but behind the scenes was this 'Mystery Babylon' and her power. So great was this power of 'Mystery Babylon' thru out the ages it was thus know as ---'Mystery Babylon' always.

Jesus, revealing this to John, tells us that this force is still referred to as 'Mystery Babylon the Great', the mother of harlots, and of all evil, of all immorality, and all political, economic and social conspiracy.

So we turn then to the 18th chapter of the Book of Revelation and here the Angel talks to John, and he talks of the day in earth when 'Mystery Babylon the Great' shall be falling. How great empires fell because of this power, first Babylon, then Medo-Persia, and Greece and Rome whose inner Cabal was dominated by this 'Mystery Babylon' until it broke 16 Empires, and still continued to try to rule the world. To go into the records of what it says, the Angel said:---'This Babylon the Great, is this evil city --it is the habitation of devils, and is the hold of every foul spirit, and the cage of every unclean bird. And all the nations of the earth have drunk of the wrath of her immorality. And the kings of the earth have committed violations of every moral code with her. And the Merchants of earth have waxed rich thru the abundance of her delicacies. ---And I heard a voice from heaven saying(to His people):--'Come out of Her, oh, My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities."

Now, this record of ancient 'Mystery Babylon' still existed in the Book of Revelation at the end of an age, and is still carrying a warfare against every Christian nation, and every branch of Christian civilization, and is still a mystery to some. But I tell you that all the powers of evil that wage war today against your civilization have been secretly administered to by this Babylon. And this secret power has financed and aided the rise of 'Mystery Babylon' to power. 'Mystery Babylon the Great' is not only symbolized today by the great powers and hoards of world communism, but it is symbolized by a great political and economic 5th column which has moved into your society. They are non-Christian. They are unassimilatable. They hate the church of Christ, just as they hated the Christ in the days of his ministry. Their realization today is that the only opposition to stop their taking over all the world and reducing it to a period of complete slavery, is the opposition of the church which is pointing out who this 'Mystery Babylon' really is. Therefore 'Mystery Babylon' moved into the church and has sought to make that center of truth one of deceit and of error. It has moved in its own strange ministers who standing in the pulpit denounce the things of God, and His kingdom, by actually suggesting that it is God's will that the church embrace the programs of Babylon. But --we of the church--are told that all the Ecclesiastical symbols of evil are stored up in this 'Mystery Babylon the Great'.

Now, I am aware tonight that a great many people have tried to put the symbol and the process of 'Babylon' on all areas of Theological opposition. I know that Evangelism sweeping the country in years gone by among Protestantism used to say that the Catholic church was Babylon.--They said:--Look out, that is Babylon, and she shall rule the world. Then it was that Monks as they went over the heart of Europe in earlier days used to say:--Look out--Martin Luther is the head of Babylon, Protestantism is this 'Mystery Babylon". But I want you to know tonight, whether you like what I am going to say or not, that neither Protestantism nor Catholicism is 'Mystery Babylon.' But I will say this.---'Mystery Babylon' has moved into both institutions to do its best to take them over. I want you to know that when The Christ gave John the vision of the 7 churches, that He unveiled the condition of the various churches and their theology. This included both Catholic and Protestant alike, for when he came to the church of Thyatira, he spoke about Priestly assumption, and he knew their charity. But he also knew about this 'pay for popery', and the things he disagreed with. And he said:---''I hold this against you but I remember thy works'.

Thus Protestantism and Catholicism are both in the church even tho there are parts of their institutions and parts of their hierarchies which had their origin in 'Mystery Babylon' which not only joined the church but penetrated them and used money and influence trying to condemn its doctrines completely. Do not think this is an approbation for doctrines with which we disagree, for it is not. We recognize the great freedoms and the great institutions of God, and that God has stimulated with vision which was to expand and to grow so as to set men free. But we are also aware tonight that this 'Mystery Babylon' has penetrated nations, and has moved a successful 5th column into these nations of God's Kingdom. Once it gets in, one of these nations, it sets up its own body politics, and it moves for the creation of its own tower of Baal. It sets up its own centers of religion. It is basically and militantly anti-Christian. While upon its outward front it appeals to Christians saying:---We want to be friends and brothers. After all we have one father, even God. We accept the Old Testament, you take the New. We don't believe in Jesus but we will accept that we all worship God.

Let me point this out to you in the Epistle of John---II John---where you are told: ---'If you have not The Christ ye have not God.' ----In other words if you do not accept Jesus, you do not have a Father (the fullness of spirit) or a son (the embodiment). So there is no room in Christendom for someone who says he just worships God. After all, anyone can say they worship God, but strangely enough in a late copy of the Talmud, they tell you that YAHSHUA (THE CHRIST) is a devil, and that Lucifer is God. Once you have beheld that with your own eyes, never again will you be persuaded that there is any brotherhood in this promise, or this program of Brotherhood. I point out today that one of the most evil institutions in America is this Congress of Brotherhood, and fellowship of Christians and Jews.

I turn now to the book of Revelation, and these inhabitants of Babylon are called devils, by Jesus. He says:--'Babylon is fallen and has become the habitation of devils.' Now, you say but that is just a name. No, it is a specie. You are a specie. You are Adamites. There are races around you today who are the Enosh as the Bible tells you, and then there are people who are devils. You say, Oh, that is just superstition, But --no-- it is not, do not think that Jesus was superstitious. After all, He knew all things. He knew mens names out of crowds of thousands, even those who climbed a tree just to look at HIM. He could come under the tree and say:--'Zacchaeus come down from there, I am going to be at your home tonight.' There was nothing in the minds of men that He did not understand. Here was Omniscient walking among men. Here was the power that ruled the wind and the waves. He was the force that called Lazarus out of the grave. This was God dwelling in the flesh, among men. He wasn't superstitious. He knew who they were before they came into this world. He had written their names down in the family records of life, in the patterns of the ancient yesterday, in the plains of spirit.

Now, I call this to your attention. Here in the book of John, Jesus has 12 disciples and He knew what that 'Mystery Babylon' was plotting against Him. He knew that 'Mystery Babylon' was trying to overthrow Him even in that day. So as Jesus walks along, the powers of trickery were continuous. And one day as Jesus walked along with His disciples, He said to them, in the 6th chapter of John in the 70th verse:--'Have not I chosen you 12 and one of you is a devil?' You say--what did He mean by that? Jesus had among His disciples, one man who was different. He was of a different specie. He would act like his father. And he had to think like his generation and the lie they carried. He was against God, against the Christ. For he was serving a power that was trying to take over the world. And Jesus said He knew who it was. There is no particular malice in this statement, for Jesus was just pointing out the species. I think that it is time we woke up to the fact that there are a great number of these species here in our country walking our streets and running the shops and they are devils. Let's just be as calm about it as that, for that is who they are. And Jesus spoke here of Judas of Iscariot. More than that, it says that Judas was one of the 12 and he was the one who would betray Jesus. And after these things, then we are told that Jesus had to walk in Galilee because the Jews sought to kill Him after He had identified Judas of Iscariot.

Now, I think this should be a 'revelation' to some people. For as Jesus identified Judas, then all the Jews turned on Him. Do you know why?--Because it stands to reason that they were also devils. And they didn't want their ADL to be discovered. Jesus had simply pointed out this ADL spy, so then they wanted to kill Jesus just to silence His identification. Of course they had just about as much chance of killing Jesus as they had of stopping the world. Even when they took Him out to Calvary, and had brought their point of pressure to crucifixion, and had thought they were doing all this, --still Jesus looked down on them and thought in His mind that they had no power to do this except HE LET THEM. He had said to Pilate:--'No man has power to do this. I lay my life down, I take it up again. They think they are doing this, but I could call a whole legion of Angels if I didn't want them to do it. They couldn't do anything if I didn't let them do it.' But their desire was there. Their acceptance of the guilt was there. And their call was for His blood to be upon them and upon their children. And they thought they did it. But Jesus had at that time identified them and they sought to destroy because they wanted this identification --- covered up. "I have chosen you 12 and one of you is a devil." We are approaching this thing with a very calm and frank attitude that unless you as Christians understand and know these facts, you are going to be exploited and your nation is going to have a 5th column burrow in and seek to destroy it. And until you become intelligently aware of what your Christian responsibility is to your church, to your nation, to the purposes of God, and to the establishment of His Kingdom, they will continue to exploit you until you go thru the rough hours of slavery.

Now, I turn again to the 8th chapter of John. These passages have been used in other services. But you must keep this constantly before men. 'Therefore Jesus turned to these Jews and said to those who were constantly attacking him:--'Now you seek to kill me, a man who has told you the truth, one who is out of God. You don't do the deeds of Abraham, you do the deeds of your father'. And they said:--'We have one father, even God.' But Jesus replied:--'If God were your father, ye would love me, for I came forth out of Agra Neumas--(the fullness of the spirit.)' Then Jesus was to say:--'He who has seen me hath seen the Father.'---Here He is telling these Jews that He knows who they are, --that their father is the devil. And thus if your father is a devil, then you are devils and you will remain devils. Because you cannot convert them and make something else out of them. They will still be devils. Then Jesus said:--'Your father was a liar from the beginning, and when he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own. For he is a liar and the father of it. When I tell you the truth, you believe it not.' Therefore when Jesus made this statement, they continued to demand that He tell them who He was. And Jesus stood on Solomon's porch and said that they would not understand, because they were not His sheep. Jesus said:--'Before Abraham was--I AM.' And the Jews took up stones to cast them at Him, thinking that they could destroy HIM.

Now, you way, why would you introduce this passage? Because I think you must understand this before you can see the work of Mystery Babylon. It is my contention tonight, that all Jewry--not just part of Jewry--but all Jewry comes out of a single origin. And that origin starts with a fallen angel who did not keep his first estate. That is the reason that there are unassimilatable people in every race, because they were sowed into every race. But the more dangerous to you are those sowed into YOUR race thru Cain. Because by that process it is easier to deceive you as you expect more of them, because they look more like you as far as the shade of your skin. Now let me tell you that in the recognition of them, Jesus had identified them for what they were. And then in the instance of His judgement concerning them, Jesus said:--'Ye are guilty of all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from Abel unto Zacharias, son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the Temple and the Altar.' (Matthew 24:35)

Now, when Jesus said that the Jews were guilty of all the blood, He was saying that the Jews were Cainites and were descended from Cain. Then I think it is most interesting then to note that Jesus said they were the generation (race) of those who moved under the symbol of the viper and the serpent. And they are. For I can take you to a synagogue not six blocks from here and show you the serpent woven all around in the windows and the six pointed star all around. I will show you the fig leaf which is the mark of the household which is not of Israel but of the cursed of the earth. For Israel is the Olive Tree. And each Israel nation is of the Olive Tree. But Jewry belongs to the fig tree. I think it is significant that we point this out because now we go back to this insidious institution which seeks to take over the nations of God's Kingdom and establish a world government.

'Mystery Babylon' is not only one who seeks to take over the economic control of the earth by her scheming and her design, but she seeks to gain control first of the production of the earth by forming an institution under the guidance of its leadership or backed by them, behind the scenes which will control every craft of every production line of the earth. So we are told here in Revelation that Babylon controls all the businesses and crafts of earth. And we read that Babylon's merchants control the gold, silver and precious stones. And they rule the jewelry industry. They rule the clothing industry. And they control and sell the material from which clothing is made. They are controllers of linen, silks and wool, and scarlet. And they have moved in and throughout the world to control most of the drug industry. They have moved into the areas to control the spice industry and also into the transportation area. And they would like to make slaves of the souls of men. This is still not all. For you are told that by their attempt to seal their way of life, they will attempt to capture the means of communications and they try thus to sell you their evil ideas. I think you only have to look around this city to see who owns the largest part of the motion picture industry to see who owns the communications system of T.V. and radio. And then you look at the moral standard of a large portion of its products and you will know that you are looking at the soul of the producers.

Just remember this for they are putting out the thing they want to sell, the thing they want to entertain you with, and they are putting a heavy pressure of accentuation upon the pattern of immorality and broken homes and standards which are beneath the morals and ethics of your society.

Now, we are not prudish to the point of condemning motion pictures as a pattern of entertainment or amusement. But I do tell you, my friends, that when a product which is fed to your mind is made of corruption and evil, then that is a poor diet and we condemn those for the motive they have used for putting them into operation. I want you to know tonight, that 'Mystery Babylon' thru its control of communications has sought to down grade every part of the earth where they have any problem in the control of that part of earth. And if any part of your society breaks up, they immediately start to castigate that society to talk about any opposition to the gifts of 'Mystery Babylon' as tho it were a great evil and a terrible persecution.

I point out these words of Jesus as to the working of this 'Mystery Babylon' Institution. It tells us that all the people regardless of what they do are being organized. It says they even organized the harpers, musicians, the pipers and the trumpeters. All that played instruments were under Babylon and could not do anything without the permission of Babylon. They were in the musicians union. And now someone always says:--'Are you against that?' No, I am not against the musicians. I am against the bondage. And I think they will be glad to be free before this is all over. We are told here that one of these days their voice is not going to be heard anymore in Babylon. But every craft, the worker of every craft, the builders of automobiles, and the workers in the clothing shops, in every factory building that makes things for people to use in their homes, the craftsmen of every trade,--is under the power and manipulation of 'Mystery Babylon'. I am not against labor. I am against the people who exploit labor and are seeking to destroy America by exploiting labor.

Now, let us point out their program. The scripture tells us that their control is the manipulation of all the gold, silver and money and of jewelry industry, clothing industry---all industry. And this was so they could get such a strangle-hold upon the people of earth, that unless they did business with 'them', the people couldn't buy or sell. Now, God said that this 'Mystery Babylon' was responsible for the blood shed on the earth, for the wars and all their consequences. For they created and manipulated and brought about the conditions from which wars came. For they seek to build the power to take the world. After all, I don't think you need to have an interpretation of who created the 'Red Revolution.' You know what is disturbing 'Mystery Babylon' today and what every 'left-winger' is disturbed about? Everybody who studies to become a student as to who started communism, soon finds out who financed and helped the men who overthrew and captured the Czar, and who financed Lenin's revolution. Who moved in those days as Lenin and others were overthrowing the government of Russia? And who wanted the captivity of Russia so they would have 'shock troops' for their '5th column and their invasion? Go back and find out who from this country put up the money and you find it was Kuhn Loeb and Co. and men like Vels of Vels Naphta Soap and other companies who took the money out of their fortunes to hire the Jews---600 of them from New York who went over there with their violin cases which contained their guns inside of them. They went in as tourists and they captured the Czar and took him prisoner. And I have the documents and the facts and the shelves full of information of the story of the revolution, with the names of all those behind the situation. Including those refugees from America that went over to help in the overthrow. But they were not Americans regardless of where they lived. I have books by their own kind in which they tell that Americans could not tell them from their own kind. So you see, in their own heart and soul, they didn't consider themselves as Americans. They were strangers within a society who had one dream, one world government--to be accomplished by overthrowing yours. If you want to read a book by Michael Gold called 'Jews Without Money', it will be an eye opener to you because you will find out who and what is behind the attempt to overthrow your society, to socialize it, dominate it, and influence it in every field of its life and its thinking.

Now, we are told here that this power would seek to spread its powers until all the world would have to do business with it and under permission of Babylon, and by its mark. That is would stretch its government over all the world if this were possible. But always there is a resistant center. A people or a nation that is fighting this. If it were not so, there would never be a climactic struggle of Armageddon in which the final struggle for the earth is fought between the men of Christendom and the powers of darkness. We are told in Revelation 12 in the final verse, that Christendom is warned that the final events will end with the powers of darkness seeking to overthrow it. And the power of God to balance these events will come in on the side of Christendom. And Christendom shall overthrow the evil.

Now, let me point out something to you. 'Mystery Babylon' is one of the mysteries which men do not know about. But someday her light goes out and men will not hear the voice of 'Mystery Babylon' and then you will know that the merchants of earth who were thought of as the great men of earth, have by their sorcery, deceived all the nations. And they are the people who were guilty of all the blood of the righteous which has been slain upon the earth.

I just want you to remember these words. 'Mystery Babylon' is the World Order of Communism and Socialism,--the World Order of Economic conspiracy to dominate every branch of life. To rule the world like a super bureaucracy of evil, whose every thought is evil. Whose morality is evil. And whose design is the destruction of the values of your race. That these people were great men, merchants of power, whose sorcery deceived all the nations. And they are responsible for the blood of all the Prophets, of the Saints, and of the Righteous slain upon the earth. Now, I want you to go back to the words of Jesus and remembering what I just told you here in Revelation concerning 'Mystery Babylon', and then hear Jesus as He turns to the Jews. Jesus was to say to them, that 'they were the children of the viper, and that they were guilty of all the blood of the righteous slain upon the earth, from Abel to Zacharias who was killed between the horns of the Altar.'

Now, doesn't that identify from the words of Jesus, as He talked to these people and He called them devils and the book of Revelation which tells you that 'Mystery Babylon' is run by devils? And Jesus identifies the devils for you. I don't think we have to go far to find these merchants do you? There are merchants all over. For if you will just open up the 'Herald Examiner' tomorrow, then tell me who are their biggest advertisers? Who are these merchants? And then if you had some honest editors, and there are some, and they will talk across their desk to me,--and they will tell me that they can't put in their newspapers what they will admit to me. These editors tell me that these big advertizers come in if there is anything they don't like in the paper and they say:--'you take out anything which points to the names and the race, or we will pull the ads out of your paper.'

The 'Portland Oregonian' was the only paper which had the courage to point it out when one of these enemies of The Christ put something over that was not right, and the Editor of that paper put the name in the paper as to who did it. So--the owner of a great department store in Portland, Oregon came in to the paper and he said:--'we are going to take our ads out of your paper because you actually named the person. And you told who he was and what he was.' The Editor said:--'that is right.' So the man said:--'we are going to take all our ads out of your paper.' The Editor said:--'you just do that, because you do not advertise in my newspaper to help my paper. You advertise because it helps your business.' So the Chief Rabbi got on the phone, and they pulled the ads the very next day. But there was a little line in each of those empty spaces which said:--'This merchant withdrew his ad which is usually in this space, because he tried to tell this editor that I could not identify one of his race or of his religion for the crimes which were committed.'

Then next day they called and said:--'you better not do that or we will never put our ads back in your paper.' The Editor said:--'that is fine.' And as the paper came out, that little space said:--'Myron Franks said that the Jews will never put their ads back if we identify any Jews for the crimes that they commit.'

Now, they exploded and said:--'we want to put our ads back in your paper.' But the Editor said:--'this is the way the paper will be for the rest of the week.' Well, at the end of the week, they came down to put their ads back in the paper, but the price of ads had gone up about 50%. The Editor said:--'you are going to pay for the ad space the newspaper just lost.'

Do you know what they did? They went back to New York and the climbed up into that Woolworth Building, and they got that black Cabal together and came back with more money than anyone could resist and they bought the 'Portland Orgonian.' My friends,--this 'Mystery Babylon' at work----'Mystery Babylon.'

Let me assure you of this. Jesus made it quite clear who 'Mystery Babylon' is and there is no reason for this pulpit to cover up the work of 'Mystery Babylon.' I am aware today that this is a battle between Christianity and anti-Christ, a battle to the finish. I don't mind admitting from this pulpit, that it is a hope I have and every Christian minister whom I am affiliated with, and most of the Christian ministers I know who dearly love the church of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, and love the nation of America, and we hope that the day will come---and soon---when America will be inhabited by Christians only. And there will not be a Jew in America.

Oh, you say---you cannot accomplish it. DON'T BET ON IT. There are more of us than there are of them. And we have more votes and more power. And one of these days we are going to use it.

You say:--Dr. Swift, we shouldn't wage war on anyone. We should just save America.' Well,--if they don't want us to wage war against what they are doing, then they better leave us alone.

Here is another article out of the 'Hollywood News' of last week. It tells you what they are doing there. In one column by William S. White, he is attacking all those on the right and all those on the left. He is opposed to the 'left wing' and what they are doing. But no more than he is against the 'right wing' who are the most dangerous. So he says. And he is very happy that in the investigation which is going on in Washington concerning the silencing of the military that we have such a very solid, conservative Senator president, who is Senator Stennis of Mississippi. Because he will not let the 'right wing' get by any more than he will the 'left.'

So the antibiotic being used is--'opposition to all 'crack pottery'. And only such a man as Senator Stennis could do this. And he will set down the 'ultra liberal' and the howling 'ultra conservatives.'

Now, I turn to the article just below it by Inez Robb.----'Anti-Semitism is cancerous.'

Now, you do not see anything in the 'Hollywood News' about the attacks on Christianity. Do you? You do not see any great big article in that paper saying that they are trying to take the name of Jesus Christ out of school and how terrible that is. Do you? And that they are trying to remove the Chaplin from Congress who uses the name of Jesus the Christ. And every time this man stands up to pray, they rush over and say---'now we don't want you to mention the name of Jesus because the Rabbi is here and he won't like it.'---That has happened. I can tell you how many of America's great Clergy have been called on to pray at some great function from Washington to California, and have been told:--'Now, don't mention Jesus because we don't want to offend the Jews.' I don't care how many Jews are offended. For this is a nation under God. And it is a nation of Christians. So I listened to the 'Hollywood News' for a moment. And it said:--'One of the most terrible sicknesses of the world which has already ravaged half the world, and now seems to be coming forth more and more is 'anti-Semitism.' Therefore the savagery of the past 20th century which has disfigured it for all times, has been Anti-Semitism. Reverend Dr. William Ronenbloom, who is the Rabbi of Temple Israel of New York City has a plan for fighting the plague of anti-Semitism. He suggests that we and all our Christian communities recognize that we have traditionally persecuted the Jew.----Now stop a minute and look at this. What kind of a thing is this that the 'Hollywood News' is pushing? 'Mystery Babylon' is pushing this. And they publish it trying to give you a guilt complex. He suggests that we in all our Christian communities since we have traditionally persecuted the Jew, study the causes and find a remedy for 'anti-Semitism.' For this Rabbi says that anti-Semitism is a cancer. And he asks that the non-Jewish who have perpetrated it find an answer for it.

I even have a cure for it all. Ship all the Jews out of America. Someone said that is anti-Semitism. But do you know who the Shemites are? You are--- the Aryans, the white race, the sons of Shem, or the Semites as they are called today. There is not a Jew in the world today who is a Semite.

Reading again from the paper:--'The world wide study as to the causes and cures of anti-Semitism should be made by the United Nations and UNESCO. And its foundation should declare how they are going to effect this situation for the concern and the peace and happiness of all people. And they should be enlisted to study this situation and they should bring in great numbers of important non-Jews to help with this.

I think that is a good idea. For if they want to study the cause of anti-Semitism, maybe we can supply most of the material.

Quoting again:--'How critical this problem is now is highlighted by the headlines appearing all over the world. It is time to stop all the hate literature in Argentina and all over the world.'-----Then the Rabbi goes on to say that nauseating hate literature publications are coming from the 'right wing.' And the 'right wing' is aiming that hate literature at the Jews. He adds:--'the hateful mongrel press from Union, New Jersey---(which just happens to be Connelly McGinnley's--'Common Sense')--and continues---that this is one of the most vicious, most vile of all literature and tons of it are printed in the United States.'

Now, let me tell you this. Connelly McGinnley has one of the most honest, most effective, hard hitting, sheets which exists in this nation outside of the 'Cross and the Flag'. Someone said:--'what do you think are three of the most vital pieces of literature which I could secure?'--I would tell you to get --Common Sense, The Cross and the Flag, and Dan Smoots Report.

Now, we are told that the Script Howard Newspapers have revealed which proves to me, who is controlling their story. But these articles have been coming forth so they say, increasingly since 1955. And now, Ralph McGill says that the time has come when these most vile and rotten, immoral publications must be stopped. But I want to tell you something. There is not anything rotten or immoral inside 'Common Sense'. Except what he has been exposing as to what the Jews are saying and doing. Because if Jesus is right and of course He is--then the most rotten and immoral people on the face of the earth are Babylon's devils. If you want to know what rotten and immoral is, then just look at Hollywood and see what they are selling the world. They have no standards. In fact, they are trying to throw off every moral standard from our state so that they can get away with every excess and extreme. We are told then that for the past eighteen months, we have had all this hate literature coming forth from the extreme right and that all Patriots literature of today is calling itself--'Christian Anti-Communism.'

Well, that is the best thing I have heard in a long time. Until you give Christianity and its dynamics the leadership of this crusade against evil, you are never going to have enough power to carry it to victory.

Now, I turn again to hear the Rabbi say of this committee to be set up to investigate this Anti-Semitism, that is must be stacked with members of the Christian faith. Because in large part we must bear the blame for this continuing folly of evil, remembering that if Jesus were a Jew, then His followers must bear all the burden of Anti-Semitism.

Now, JESUS WAS NOT A JEW. But the Jews were anti-Semites when they tried to crucify HIM. For Christ was an Aryan. HE was GOD of Gods now re-identified with His own race. And the Apostle Paul tells us that since the children of God were now embodied in the flesh, He took upon Himself a body just like we had.

I think therefore, that we must understand that the Jews now manipulate most labor unions. I talked with a man in Washington who was looking over these union situations. And behind the scene of these 'left wing' labor leaders, were powerful organized units of Jewry. The Jewish Socialist Labor Party is one of the most extreme, radical, communist and violent subversive organization in America. They have 5th columned almost every branch of organized labor. You say--'Walter Reuther is a great leader among labor. Surely he wouldn't go for these things'. But I remember that he was trained in Moscow. That he wrote to his friends saying:--'I can hardly wait until I get back to help build a Soviet America.' I realized that this demagogy only flops around as he watches public opinion. But he would like to be President of a Socialist Labor America.

I tell you tonight, that 'Mystery Babylon' has gained control of the crafts in the Christian nations of the world. I do not doubt concerning the manipulation of its gold and silver. I know that the first attempt to defraud America when it was a colony was by Hiram Solomon and Maurice Samuels. I know that when Benjamin Franklin found out what it was, and exposed it, that they almost passed a bill baring Jews form the United States. And they missed---when they didn't do it.

Now, I know that the Jews repudiate that. But I have been in Philadelphia, Penn. and there I have read the 'Pickwick Papers' which were a part of the written papers of Benjamin Franklin and the statements that he made. They were there until about eight years ago, concerning the Jews and why he thought they should be disbarred from American citizenship. Do you know what happened? The Jews went down into that Museum and they tore that page out of the original 'Pickwick' records. Just tore it out! But not before it had been photographed many, many times. So we have a little bit of insight into this circumstance.

'Mystery Babylon' has played a hard game and has decided to do exactly what prophecy said it would attempt. It has gathered together all the hoards of Asia in the days of Genghis Khan, and then opened up all the gates of the great cities of the Eastern world. They opened up the gates of Samerkan and Baghdad, and let the '5th column' bring the hoards thru the Caucasus Mountains and up from the south, for an attempt to destroy Christian civilization. And when Genghis Khan's hoards swept into Western Europe, in the days of Martin Luther, the World Kehilla had directed and financed it. And they ran around with golden yellow arm bands on their arms which gave them immunity. And when these hoards out of Asia attacked Christendom, they never touched anyone with a yellow arm band in place. One day this became so very clear that all Lutherans would never let a Jew join the church because they were in league with the hoards of Anti-Christ. Even Rome then came forth to announce that these people were identified with every one of the invasions by the immunity which they had and by their participation and spoils after it was all over.

My records concerning Martin Luther in those days, show that he wrote a whole set of documents, most of which have been re-compiled in our days, concerning this conspiracy, identifying it then, with this creeping evil--called 'Mystery Babylon' which was going to bring upon the earth its final struggle for survival.

I point out to you that we stand today in 1962, when great spiritual force is going to move out over your nation. And it will quicken your people and you are going to oppose the enemies of your nation and your religion. You are going to think absolutely, and realistically concerning this situation. You are told it will control the manipulation of your gold and silver. It has gained control of your gold and is trying to gain control of your silver. And it is trying to make you think that there is no way for you to handle your own monetary system. That you must surrender it to their world government, world banks, and world economy. Right now your government is trying to surrender your independence and your sovereignty. Even in the affairs of your businesses. Surrender them into the hands of an International World Economic Market. To get you to join a Common Market. You are told that if you do not do this, then all your businesses will collapse and all the money is going to be withdrawn out from under your industry and will be invested in Europe. Who is going to draw all this money out? I heard our President ask that we place our trust in a different type of currency. And that we surrender the control of all silver coinage into the hands of the government. And it will demonetize silver and issue all your money now, not even on golden certificates,--just Federal Reserve paper notes. So you have lost your gold. And now your silver. But did you ever stop to think that Babylon is going to fall? And fall quickly?---If Mr. Kennedy gets his way, and America watches its silver go the way of its gold, and people then think that it is all over, that it is hopeless, then all of a sudden it is going to boomerang. And America is going to find out that they don't need gold and silver to have money. And if Federal Reserve notes can be printed, and they can be loaned to us with usury, then we can have a United States Bank and we can print our money and give it to ourselves with interest.

From one end of America to another, there is an awakening. There is a realization that we are financing the spread of Socialism. That our funds and our goods are being confiscated by 'Mystery Babylon'. You say--oh, I thought Jewry was in charge of that?

I am going to tell you something. Just as Von Yenson was assassinated, because of what he knew, trying to get the information to the United States government, which he is a member of the Secretariat, inside the office of Secretary of the Attorney General, and knew every echelon of the United Nations, is controlled and operated by the '5th column', top operators of the Soviet Revolution. And I have the documents to prove that he was right.

Now, suppose that I tell you that almost every one of these institutions are dominated by Asiatic Jews, or the '5th column' sown into your country, so that when 'Mystery Babylon' wants to wage war on you and seize your top secrets, generally these are the people it uses. Do not forget that every atom bomb spy, but Elizabeth Bentley, was a Jew. The Faulks, Greenglasses, the Rosenbergs, and now Goldbergs.---All of them are of the same group. And remember how every synagogue in America came out to fight for the Rosenbergs. And all the silly clergymen came to say:--let us have mercy on them.' But they were selling out America by the very secrets and knowledge they were transferring to Russia. And that secret knowledge could wipe out one million lives with one bomb dropped on a city of your land.

In fact, I don't think there is a missile gap. And I think YAHWEH is fighting for your land. In fact, I know of twice, when great earthquakes on the Mongolian Mountains have destroyed missile factories and nuclear warhead factories until each time Russia has lost about a two year supply of missiles she was going to use on you. In fact, I know that just a few days ago that God brought another earthquake upon the Mongolian Mountains. So he keeps that leveled off. Don't let someone come along and intimidate you by telling you about a gap which comes from appeasing leaders.

So we stand at a point where we know who betrays us in our own land. I know that there was only one man who went to that 'Trade Fair' in Moscow, where America had her booth about a year and a half ago. Only one man who had a key to everything in Moscow. He could get into every military plant in Moscow. Do know who he was?--He was an American--Jewish Admiral. And it was no accident that this man had the key to the city of Moscow.

We look out over this situation and we are told that 'Mystery Babylon' controls your economy. Whether you know it or not you have just so far averted a planned two day design for an all out 'Peace Strike' in America, by all the organizations of transportation unions in the country. But the news of this strike leaked out 5 days early. And literally, from the 'right wingers' all over the country, poured in to congressmen by the thousands, and to the Labor leaders --protests from all over the nation. And they decided to set that plan aside for a bit. Because the 'right wing' said there better not be a stoppage of the transportation of food or the 'right wing' will come out into the streets and start the flow of food again.

Let me tell you this. The American Legion told all their people, that we are not going to stand for this. Because it is a 'commie' strike against America's well-being.

God said that He would pour out His spirit upon His sons and His daughters. And you are moving into the sign of Aquarius, the sign of that transfiguration in the sky. And next week, as the sign is in the sky, it is also in the sign of the outpouring. It is the sign which in the great evaluation given to Enoch, shows that God was going to awaken His race. And the power of the alignment is with the sign of Jupiter. And with the Hammer of God--which is Venus--lined up with your own National sign--which happens to be the planet Mercury--shows where this alignment binds its power, and wherein we can look for our stress. Because Uranus is well marked as the opposition, and that opposition to Uranus then comes forth out of Leo. And the mark of opposition in Aquarius is marked in the signs of configurations by Uranus. We find the rising sun of Moscow--Saturn--and is in Scorpio. Thus this conjunction is one of War. The alignment of Saturn (Satan) and Mars (Was & Israel) bespeaks the evil that is in the measure. So we point out to you that there is a sign of awakening, of spiritual outpouring. And this is the very emblem in the sky which hasn't happened for all these thousands of years. But the scripture says that you were to be awakened as a RACE. That you are going to stand forth as the sons of Light. That you are going to be overthrowing the sons of darkness.

Then someone says:--'but how do we know that these things are so?'---Because Enoch wrote these things, 4000 years before 'The Christ'.

Think this one over. Here we stand almost 6000 years from that event and we were told, where this would occur and what the signs were going to be. And we were told that there was to be a great stirring in our land against the powers of darkness. But Enoch was told that this power of darkness would built up a great world order of evil. And would gather all the dusty races of the earth to bring them against the White Race.

I turn once more to 'Mystery Babylon', and find that God said that the hour would come when a great cry would come up from earth. And God says:--"Come out of her, O my people. Lest you be takers of her flesh."--John told you that if you let them come into the United States or any great Christian nation,--if you let any people come into your country who deny that Jesus is the Christ, and then say:--'But we have to bless these people anyway, so come on in.'---Then YOU WILL SOON BE THE LOOSER OF THE BLESSINGS THAT GOD HAS BESTOWED ON YOU. Because these crooks will rob you and take from you the things you have wrought under God's blessings. Then God also said to you, that if you give them your blessings which you receive from God, that you are not pleasing Him. No. You are going to be partakers of their evil deeds.

Now, I am not going to attack your political party if you happen to be a Democrat. But I am going to tell you that we are going to have to have Christian advisors around our President and move those Jewish advisors out, as 77 out of 116 around the President tonight, are Jews. Or we will suffer the consequences. This great march for control started when F.D.R. was President elect. And a bunch of 'Brain Trusters' met in Indiana. And that group of 'Brain trusters' came out of the 'World Kehilla'. And they were planning to rule America. They thought that in four years, they would rule America and you would be under a Socialistic Dictatorship. You say---'how do you know?' An Indiana doctor who thought he was a Liberal but who really was honest and sincere, found out the kind of people he had just ate dinner with. And he ran to Washington to say that he had come to save the nation. I can tell you that story. But it is such a big story and it has so many ramifications that no one will believe it. But Dr. Wertz went to Washington and he said:--'there are such men as Donald Richburger and Felix Frankfurter, and Henry Morganthal, and these men were telling how then planned to rule America. And there were men there who were not Jews, such as mutton head Henry Wallace and a few other eggheads like him, that the Jews were influencing. And these Jews were running the whole show. And they were taking orders from another Jew who was one of the Supreme Court---Judge Brandeis.'

These men were talking about taking over America. And I have in my files the testimony by Dr. Wertz before a congressional committee, as well as many headlines telling of Dr. Wertz's testimony warning America of the 'Brain Trusters' program to put America under a Dictatorship. That the 'Brain trusters' had designated who would hold the new cabinet posts in the in-coming administration.

It wasn't very long after that when Roosevelt was inaugurated. And you remember the great popularity they tried to build for him by making him the hero of an assassination attempt. Do you remember when a man by the name of Sangerra, tried to shoot F.D.R.? I am going to tell you something. He wasn't trying to shoot F.D.R. He was operating under the orders of 'Mystery Babylon'. And he was trying not to kill F.D.R. But the man he did succeed in killing, --Mayor Surmack of Chicago. You ask--'Why'? Because one of the great enemies of the Roosevelt machine, and the 'gangster' machine, and the Jake Harvey crowd in Chicago, was this Mayor who wouldn't let them run the rackets. And would not let them change that city to a more violent city of vice, but was trying to clean it up. And because he had opposed the election of F.D.R., the murdering corporation rackets, which had put Mr. Roosevelt, their man, in front, had designed to eliminate this powerful man in that city. At the same time, it was to acquire great publicity for F.D.R. So they arranged that when Mr. Surmack took this ship cruise, that Pres. F.D.R. would also be right there. And that when the hour came, the man who would fire the shot would cry:--'Death to all tyrants.' And he would shoot at Surmack. And if he was caught, he was to say that he was shooting at F.D.R., because he was trying to save America after the testimony of Dr. Wertz. It was not found out until this deep Jewish conspiracy which was behind 'Murder Incorporated' was discovered. And this existed way back before even the assassination of Huey P. Long. And finally, the plot for his assassination was carried out. But they had this plot for his assassination long before they carried it out. That record of that plot, was taped by Huey Long's investigators. And they found out that these men wanted Huey Long stopped, because he was stopping 'Mystery Babylon's' swindle of the people of Louisiana. For these people were trying to gain control of the oil industry. And to confiscate the most valuable property of the people of Louisiana. And Huey P. Long had made a law that these Jews couldn’t break. So they said:--'we have to kill him.' Finally, a Jew by the name of Weese killed him, thru the 'Black Ball' that the ADL set up.

Listen. Jewish organizations plotted his death. And this was recorded in the bugged meetings and they admitted that they had eliminated Surmack and made a hero of F.D.R.

This Sangerra---that is a little mystery story. Do you know why Sangerra took a chance on that? It was because they promised that he would get away. That he would never be electrocuted or hung. That they would spring him and save from the mob. At the last, they didn't keep their promise because a dead man can't tell tales. But Sangerra did tell the story. And he got it out to the press. But because of the power of the Cabal, they were afraid to print the story. But I know the facts. And I know the story. But some say today that doesn't make any difference. For now it is a dead issue. But that shows you an example of the power of the Kehilla as it was moving in a program of 'Murder Incorporated', when 'Mystery Babylon' tried to take over here in America.

'Mystery Babylon' is responsible for the death of great men. Senator Taft is dead because of 'Mystery Babylon'. And Secretary Forrestal is dead also. Because he was thrown out of that window. He did not jump as you were led to believe. This is the work of this 'Mysterious Babylon'. And Congressman George Long is dead also because of the work of assassins. He was one of the most brilliant and courageous men in the congress who understood the rascals program. And he knew how and he wanted to help set free--the monetary system of these United States. He wanted to set it free from the control of Jewry. Did you know that there were 138 Congressmen with this one Congressman and they were working with him. And we were working with them advising them and speaking to groups. And the plans were ready to establish a United States Bank that would loan United States money backed by production--direct to the people and it didn't need one single ounce of gold or silver.

I want to tell you something. Right now, the people who are investing in the solid industries of America, and know that is worth more than money, can beat Babylon. When money fails, this will show up. That may seem strange, but when money fails, they can't take the property. And they can't take the industry. And they can't take the things they don't control with them. But money can suddenly become very worthless. For it is inflating itself to worthlessness all the time. Strangely enough, it tells you that the mills and the factories are going to stop. And the cry of labor will reach out. And suddenly there is going to be a great seething. And again, we are told that in that day, the voices which God has stirred up are going to direct the people. They are going to know where all this comes from. And they are going to turn on 'Mystery Babylon'. And those who run 'Mystery Babylon' are going to be looking for every ship and every railroad, and every airplane, to get out of this country. Someone said:--'We will never survive that crash.'--We will never have another crash. Did you know that before you have gone thru this cycle of events which this transfiguration marks (1962-1982) that there will never be another economic crisis in American ever again?

This is not being figured out by the President, but God has already a blueprint to set you free. When Babylon is thrown into the sea, this does not mean that ancient site of a crumbling city, which is not nothing more than a little town of nomads. It doesn't mean that site is going to be swallowed up with water or that is will be heaves into the ocean. It means this great 'World political, economic and social conspiracy' against you headed by 'World Jewry', made up of communism and agnostics,--gathering the pagans and hoards of earth to come against you---is going to FAIL. It means their chief conspiracy--which is their World Government, which they are trying to embroil you in, until you can't buy or sell, is going to be broken. It means the strategy which says:--'You have to disperse your goods all over the world, or that they will go to the camp of your enemy---will also fail.

When America wakes up, and this is starting now,--it is suddenly going to tell those who have been exploiting their use of power, that the time has come to --STOP. 'Great Babylon' is about to fall into the sea. The cry is here in the scriptures. And I know that you have an English Bible, a King James Version, and it says, that when you see this cry--when suddenly Babylon folds up, and its money system doesn't control the world anymore, then suddenly we have an emergency. We have--next--a United States Bank, backed production for our currency, and our minds are now open. Our factories are running. And we aren't waiting to buy goods produced in such places as Africa. But we will be producing it right here. Suddenly we are set free as Babylon's machinery crashes and its political exposure is taking place. And all the people have been told that these Jewish Merchants and the B'ani B'rith and all their organizations are in control of 'Mystery Babylon'. And all the anti-Communist schools have finally had to tell the whole story until all the people know that communism is a Jewish conspiracy. Then I want to tell you something. Babylon here in the scripture in Revelation, has a great cry. And the English here says:--'Alas, alas.' But you do down in Los Angeles and ask a Jew how to say alas, and he will say Oi Oi Oi---Oi.

Now, I am just telling you what Jesus told John. That a cry would be heard of Oi Oi Oi and it shall reach into the heavens, for Babylon has fallen into the sea. But you--you are a part of the great seeding of humanity. For you are a part of the stream of light. And this fall of this great economic conspiracy is about to take place.

Do you know that all week long, Washington, D.C. has been bombarded by angry Americans who are tired of this--farce of 'American States'--fiasco. They can't make up their minds as to whether to throw Cuba out, or whether to move against her. And some of the most intelligent leadership of our allies in South America are telling us that we should go down and blast Castro out of there and set Cuba free. And put the American flag over Cuba as a protectorate if necessary. And all South America will have respect for you. Last week the countries who should know the most, were trying to blackmail us into giving them more and wouldn't quite go along at this time. This is called an 'Alliance for Progress'? Well let's have an 'alliance of allies' of no alliance at all.

I reaffirm again, this position. Anytime America can have 20 billion dollars of its money supplied for the development of South America, it should have the right to know how that money is to be spent. You say:--you are not to interfere in the internal affairs of any nation.' But when any nation can't run itself and we have to pay for it, then we better have something to say about how it is run. But 'Mystery Babylon' doesn't want that. No. One of our leaders mentioned in the last 48 hours that a survey which came out of investigations in Mexico, say that Mexico is liable to go like Cuba at any time. That they have a '5th column' army on the inside and they have the organizations built up to accomplish it. Now, this is not what the Mexican people want. This is just what the revolutionaries want. There are just enough rascals down there and enough of a 5th column to keep the people from saying---no. What America needs to do to gain her self respect, is to once again stand and march against her enemies. Whether they be in Mexico or any other place and march expecting and with the intent to win.

There is a very practical outline of prophecy which is given in the scripture as to how we are going to be readied and called on to defeat the powers of world communism. I think we are going to need leadership who do not try to beat around the bush and play the propaganda line of the World Government of 'Mystery Babylon'---the anti-Christ. I think we better start talking the language that white men understand. For the people of Germany--both East and West, would like to be united and to join with us. And the people of France, England, Holland, Scandinavia, and Belgium would also like to stand shoulder to shoulder with other white nations determined on one thing. ---To overthrow all the powers which threaten the earth and not to stop marching until we do.

You say:--that doesn't sound like 'peace'. That sounds like war.' To me it sounds like 'Victory'. You know that Jesus came with a very peaceful message. But He didn't come to make 'Peace' with evil. He said:--'I came to bring a sword---a sword against evil.'

The Bible tells us that Christ is coming back. But some say:--'Oh, Dr. Swift, that is only a superstition.' Why should you call it superstition? He came once. And He said He was going away, but that He would come again. After all He is God of the Universe. So why can't He come back? He said He would throw whole legions of the heavens into this battle for your support. But you are going to have to start fighting this battle and then---'I will come' and deliver you.' And I believe that.

I am not interested in 'Peace' in which I have to surrender. I am not interested in 'Peace' that I have to buy at the price of honor, or at the price of surrendering the commission which God has given us. We must bring the kingdoms of this world to kneel before our God. With the realization that only as civilization and power of Christianity sets them free--are they free indeed.

I am going to close with a verse of great significance. I want you to see again the 'Great purpose of God. This verse is in the book of Daniel, in the 7th chapter. And is talks about these world powers and of the great governments which start with Babylon that are dominated by this mysterious Cabal, that is waging war against freedom and against your race. And it says in the 18th verse, that following these great __ Empires which arise in the earth under this mysterious symbol of 'Great Babylon' that the SAINTS--the believing offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD, are going to take the Kingdom and possess the Kingdom forever and forever, and forever.' I like that. The Believing Offspring are going to take the Kingdom and possess it forever and forever.

Someone said:--'Is that fair to the Jews?'---Well, they asked for Palestine, didn't they? And they got it.

Did you know that after W.W. II was over, they had down in the South Pacific, a great 'Post War' exposition of all the things they were going to manufacture. And I went down there with several of my friends. One of who is still in this congregation, and one not too far removed, --an attorney. And as we went into that Pan Pacific building, with all its post war programing, we saw all the manufacturers with all the new gadgets and all the new radio's and T.V. which were about to be expanded.---all kinds of gadgets. But do you know what was in the very front door?--A great big 'Master booth with tons of literature and a Jew by the name of Judge Isaac Patton behind the desk. And I went over there and he said:--'Put force on your congressman, to recognize Israeli, for Palestine must be given to the Jews.' This was right after the war. And here was that great big stand. So I said to this Jew:--'Do you want some of this literature circulated?' He said:--'Yes.'--So we pulled up a station wagon, and filled it up three times. And we got tons of it. And then we came back for more and Judge Isaac said:--'why are you so interested in this?' And I said:--'You want Palestine for the Jews, don't you? This is what you want isn't it?' And then I said:--'I am all for it. For I just thought if you got it then you would all go there.' He said:--'You are anti-Semitic.' I said:--'Judge, you said you want Palestine, and when I suggested that if you got it you would go there, and you call me anti-Semitic, why do you do that?' He said:--'Because we are a race. And we deserve a homeland.' I said:--'Alright, then you have a homeland, then go there. For you can't have dual allegiance and live there and here both, and vote in both places.' He said:--'But we are different than the Germans and the English. We are a religion.' I said:--'Well, if you are a religion, then you don't need a land like Palestine. All you need is a little piece of ground like the Vatican has. The Catholics know that the Vatican is there, but they live all over the world, and mind their own business. But they live as Christians everywhere. But for their religion, they have a little piece of ground over there in Italy.'

Oh, he said:--We are a race that has to have a homeland as well as a religion.' I said:--' I think you better make up your mind as to whether you are a race or a religion, which you are. But if you are both, and you want a homeland, then you are going to go there. I would be glad to see that you get out of here.' He said:--'I want the literature back.' I said:--'No, we are going to give it out.'

A few weeks later, there was a great Zionist convention down in front of city hall. All of them were marching round and round. 'We want pressure put on the congress and on the President',--they said. 'We want Israeli recognized.' But this is the abortive revolution which killed Christians in Palestine. And threw their bodies down the wells, and desecrated in the most vile manner its convents, churches and schools. Which murdered Arabs by the hundreds and drove them from their homes. And committed more atrocities than there is any evidence of in modern times. These were the people who cried against Germany. But they wanted us to recognized Israeli.

Basically, I don't think they should have Israeli. For Palestine belongs to everyone of the 12 tribes of the children of Israel. And the deed for it is in Britain today. Because Jeremiah took it over there. That means that one twelfth of Palestine belongs to Britain and the United States. And the same amount belongs to Norway, Sweden, to Holland, to Germany, and so forth. For Palestine belongs to all the white race, to be held as a memorial forever. And one of these days it is going to be leveled out. And we are going to take it back for a beautiful memorial to the things which happened there in our history. How do I know?---Well, God said He was going to do that for Himself. You say:--'Oh, the Jews are going back to Palestine.' Well, they can go there, but most of them going over there never came from there. The ones creating trouble there in the time of Jesus, never left there after Titus the Roman got thru.

So as you point out this fact, then people say:--'What is going to happen down there?' We don't have time to answer that question right now. But I will tell you this. 'Mystery Babylon' down there, is going to be swallowed up in the sea.

Do you know that Telaviv is supposed to split in half and the earth turn over? And it is to fall into the Red Sea?---Yes. My friends---'Mystery Babylon the Great' --is going into the sea.

(end of message.)