When The Canaanites Leave The House Of God, 8-9-62



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-9-62

(This is a cassette tape with an opening from Mr. Greer)

Greetings fellow Christian Americans, from the Church of Jesus Christ Christian. We are seeking missionaries to the so called Lost Tribes of Israel. Remember Israel was to have a new name. Not Israel--not Jew.----A new land from which they were never to leave. They were to be followers of Christ---Christian. Christ said:--'My sheep will hear My voice and follow Me.' Christ also said:--'I have been sent only unto the Lost Sheep of Israel.' Thus the sheep that will follow Christ are the Israelites of the Old Testament. The Christian nations--the White nations of today and the Chief of which is America, under the great wings of the Eagle and the symbol of the Stone Kingdom---the Great Pyramid found on our national seal. The time is short in which to alert our nation, to the fact of the enemy within and of our Destiny under Christ when He returns. The tape library of the late Dr. Swift contains the truths America must hear and hear very soon. These tapes or cassettes are designed for any group that cares to meet and study God's word. Also many of his sermons are available in printed form. This tape ministry is carried on by Lorraine Swift. Your tithe and offerings are the only means of support. Today we present the late Dr. Swift on the subject---'When the Canaanites leave the house of God.'

The subject we are speaking on tonight falls into the category of high controversy. Because there are a great number of people who do not know the characters of the Bible. How could you go to a play and understand what was taking place if you did not know who the characters were? How can you understand today, the Bible and its content, if you do not know whom God's Kingdom is made up of if you do not know the origin of the races or the destiny of mankind?

Thus, it is that the great problems that effect our nation stem at least some, from ignorance. Because we are ignorant of who our enemies are. And thus we let many organizations of our enemies gain authority and power in our midst. I would charge tonight, that never in our history has there been so many of our enemy in positions of power where they can use their influences to our great danger. And this has never been more true than it is not. Now, you may think this is extended beyond its proper perspective and its proper value. But I can show you where just one series of errors, by just one diplomat or so called statesman has already caused the murder of 70 people.

You ask--how do you figure that out?' When this great Christian nation, in its operations in our time has turned from its position which traditionally we had held with the great White nations of the Western world, and when we have opposed the maintenance of law and order. I want to assure you tonight, that when we break up the leadership of Christian nations that have enforced the law in Africa. And when we take stands against them, we then turn loose lawlessness.

A program of world government in which America becomes only a single unit is in itself, a violation of Divine Law. The Scriptures very carefully have warned us not to belong to a World Government. It points out that we were never to join any union in which we would be out numbered and out manipulated. I do not think that there is much 'Question' today that out of the vision and inspiration of your race that has developed our society, has come the highest technological achievement of our time. There moved out over the ends of the earth, every opportunity which your nation and the other white nations were able to produce. They moved to roll back the darkness and end superstition and to spread knowledge and understanding. To supply the rest of the world with food if they were unable to produce it. And they tried to meet trouble where ever it arose.

I want you to know that in this regard, our inspiration and our vision has been a by-product of our Faith. It is not only a representation of the Spirit of our Faith and the great creative purpose for which God placed your race in the earth. From the days of Adam to your time, it was the purpose of God to build a Kingdom and to establish righteousness. To build a Kingdom under righteousness and Divine Law.

There are great numbers of peoples of the earth who have been here ages longer than your race. The White race is the youngest race upon this earth. Of that there is no doubt. The races of Asia have been here much longer than you have and even the coming of the Negroid was after the establishment of the ancient Asian race. Great races of people and civilizations were on the lands that have been covered over by the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, before they sank under the waves. The history of that, we find today in the traces of archeology. And artifacts prove unto us that there has been continuing life upon this planet for a great number of millenniums. But none of these facts change your destiny and your responsibility for these 7 millenniums that you have been here or for this period ahead which is still in your hands.

There is no desire to produce hatred or to produce strife. But I want you to know that whenever you relax firmness and law and your leadership and guidance over people who are not prepared to govern themselves, then catastrophe is the immediate result. There is no doubt that the enemies of our race have been consistently trying to break the power of our Christian leadership. I would point out to you that in the past two weeks we have seen evidence of that. It is probably more clearly been brought to light when we recognize that the world of the Soviet Union has been continually attacking all the nations of the Western world.

In the areas of Africa, there is not question about the fact that it requires the firm and intelligent leadership of 'Knowing' people. That a great number of these people would still be in a state of cannibalism and preying upon each other with a constant and continual force of destruction if it were not for the limiting laws of the British and of the Belgium in the Congo and the Portuguese in Angola. We recognize that there have been laws and civilizations where these laws and people have gone forth. Always we hear the cries against the Christian nations about Colonialism and about the terrible persecutions which have taken place. And we are told that we must abolish colonialism and we hear this cry being raised more and more in the United Nations today. We hear this cry being raised in the Soviet Union, this land where there is no other like it on the face of the earth where the system of complete tyranny and imperialism is the most oppressive. And the harassment of the people and their liberties curtailed more than any other place on the face of the earth.

The most important thing you are faced with tonight, is the preservation of your way of life and the survival of your Race and its Destiny. There can be no doubt that the scripture has given unto us not only the beginning of this story, but it also tells us the end of the story. Because YAHWEH still has the authority and the power to control the balance of Human Affairs.

How does He do that? With vision and initiative and with awakening charges, and with understanding deep in the hearts of men. Then their technological achievements move and expand and changes. And with that vision YAHWEH raises up leadership thru every avenue of human conduct. For the Kingdom of God is permanent and secure. Even tho we are just instruments in the hands of the shaping of policy and conditions for each of us. Then each of us--alert,--speak for those who sit and hesitate and wait for voices to speak for them.

Never in the history of the nations, do the masses move at their own accord. They follow leadership. Each and everyone of these instances sees this leadership carry them forward. Or the other path leads to the process of destruction for their society and thus eventually they disappear.

This attempt to divide and to destroy the British Commonwealth of Nations, --this propaganda which comes with socialism and communism and if always carried by an unassimilatable group of people who move from one nation to another and have no part or lot with any of them,--these have been working furiously in our own nation.

We have not the time to cover this '5th Column' of Red Revolutionist which comes largely form this group of unassimilatable refugees that hate our Faith, our nation and our God. There are today, a people which are a part of every nation, but actually a part of none. They have in recent years tried to establish a nationalism of their own, but only so they might manipulate from it the eventual control of the world.

Scripture has dwelt with this people from the beginning of time. And we have a record that starts with the book of Genesis and is interwoven thru the background of the Scriptures. And we find it from the lips of Jesus and in the patterns of Revelation. And from this people and by their manipulations, comes a continuous wave of catastrophe. The other day under this pattern of pressure, we watched another error of false statesmanship. We have told you for a long time that we never should have entered the United Nations. Had we not written the check to pay its bill and been taken in by the propaganda that it was going to bring world peace, we would have never supported any of our sovereignty to this organization.

But I want you to look at this situation from the standpoint of a white Christian nation. And while you are looking at this situation, remember that the White race is only 1/6th of the world population. I want you to know that you have been on top thru the last decade and may still be on top. But while you are on top and you try to bring about the development of the world, you will not be able to do this by surrendering your leadership for the fallacy of destruction. Understand, that there are those that thought that getting us all into an organization where you respect the vote of every man on the face of the earth,--eventually--both thru its representatives and thru measures that are included inside the agenda of the United Nations operations---that complete control could be applied. Since Nov. 1953, these things have been in effect. For instance it was set up so that a tie vote in the security council could be offset by the vote being carried to the General Assembly and then the total voices would be counted and the majority would rule. As of this time, our enemies have been too wise to apply this.

The other day I listened to a speaker who was talking of his concept of world democracy. What he called world democracy could be slavery for you and your civilization. He said the time had come when every person in this world should have one vote. And that would eventually determine the government for the earth. Now I ask you. If everyone had one vote, how long would you live in a free society and how long do you think the Constitution would protect you? Or how long would your Bill of Rights last? How long would you own your own home????

With communism embracing over ½ of the whole area of the earth, and they do not respect your property rights or your Constitution, then with them in control, how long would your Liberty last??? Liberty is not attained this way. Real Rights and Real Liberty are God given Rights. They are not given by government, but they are sustained and protected and secured by good Government. When the people give it authority then it is accomplished.

If you gave authority to the world government to do what they will soon attempt to do, then you will soon discover that the world is soon a disaster, with succession of socialistic administrations, until soon you would not have the ownership of your land or the ability to control it. You would be shoved out by those whom you cannot assimilate. This is a part of the national strategy.

When pressure economically was being pt on Belgium and Belgium was being forced by the U.N. activities, they were pressured to give independence to people in the Congo who were not prepared for self-administration. The best establishment of this evidence is the way they conducted themselves after that independence was obtained. They destroyed the factories and they destroyed their schools. And then they burned and they pillaged. And then they murdered and they rape, and then turned the attention of the world to the holocaust they had wrought. Even those who represented the army of the new administration coming in when Belgium turned them loose, demonstrated that their savagery surpassed their concept of civilization and they turned their whole land into a holocaust.

What has happened in the Congo, over the past 6 months, has been one continual attack upon every center of civilization. With the aim to exterminate the white man. And with the realization that the factories and the schools, the missionary work and the hospitals and all the civilization brought to them over the years,---has been wasted effort. During this time period, there had been people,--several generations--born and raised in that land. And we see for instance in Katanga Province, how there people decided to stay. And a great number of those whom had worked in the services, now were dismissed and they sought employment in the Provinces of this area. They sought to defend what few battlement remained of civilization. Well, when the U.N. sent troops in, they didn't pick troops out of nations which knew how to enforce the law and had the strength to enforce it. So the liberation of Africa would only come after a blood bath of the white man. What Africa needs more liberation from than anything else, is the Witch doctor, the superstitions and darkness that has possessed that people. The mass murders and which have occurred in Africa, have been the by-product of the Witch doctors and the communist revolutionaries surging thru the streets. And now pressure put on Belgium should have caused every understanding man to wish they had never left Belgium.

If Belgium was still in control of her colony in the Congo tonight, there would be no blood being poured out in the city of Leopoldville. And it would still be as beautiful as it was three years ago. And there would be tonight, 'peace in the Congo.' Communism is trying to smear and overthrow all white nations.

For the last few years, communism has been crawling into the maritime unions and waiting for a test case. They would use this case for an experiment to see if they could control the navies of the world or the Merchant Marines. When the San Maria--which was a Portuguese ship that was stolen--by so-called pirates, who were actually revolutionists--and this was an act of Piracy--they waited and asked for U.N. backing and for the recognition that they were a sort of semi-quasi state program of revolution. And therefore should be treated differently than pirates. That was what happened.

The man who headed the piracy was one who helped the Spanish communists try to overthrow the Portuguese government.

Now let's be realistic. Every white Christian nation today is under attack by the enemies of our civilization and culture. I may not agree with the kind of government they have in Spain, but that is Spain's business. And I might disagree with the type of administration within Portugal, but that also is Portugal's business.

But I will say one thing for the college professor who became premier of Portugal. He not only has maintained law and order and protected personal property, but also the rights of individuals in their personal ownership of their homes. The Premier even exiled the revolutionaries who tried to overthrow him. Was that the tyranny they said was practiced in Portugal? He didn't have them killed. He just exiled them.

So you know what was told to the world after this group was given asylum in Brazil after they arrived there? They said that they were only revolting against this terrible dictatorship of Fascist tyranny! And therefore, they were trying to get all the international intellectual do-gooders to go their way. They said they were dismayed at the terrible way the Portuguese treated their colonies. And Portugal, you know, has a colony in Africa which is next to the Congo, called Angola. Now inside of Angola, are farms scattered--3 to 4 miles apart where once was jungle. Now that area is pasture land and gardens. There are a great number of Negroes that work on these farms and they live in white washed cabins and eat food instead of one another. They have learned to grow their food and to make things and to live under the Portuguese administration. Yes, it is hard firm law. If you rape a white woman, you die. If you attack a white official, you probably die. And if you kill a white man or a Negro, you die.

Now, you say---but you shouldn't have a law like this. But when you deal with a people of a beast level, that is the only law they understand. Is that a bad law? Take it away and see how many die. Yes. Portugal had a firm rule there, but now the communist who have turned loose all the hell of the jungle in the Congo, want to turn it loose in Angola. And the pressure of the international hand behind communism has been stirring this thing up. The intellectuals who are in our State Department, --Mr. Stevenson--spoke this past week with Soviet Russia and Africa and other foreign nations that are under pressure from Asia. The results of which we voted against---the administration of Portugal inside Angola and we demanded that Portugal give to Angola, more self-determination--more liberty--more freedom to vote. All these things the 'left wing' forces advocating communism were calling tyranny inside Angola. I don't blame Lisbon newspapers which said the United States should mind its own business. They are right. I don't blame them for feeling that this great nation was not being led in the right direction by the present administration. Because it isn't.

So Mr. Stevenson voted with the Soviet Union and with the Africans and 24 hours later the cannibal hoards were pouring out of the Congo into Angola. And tonight, 70 women and children are murdered and the number of men, women and children who were mutilated and put in the hospitals, runs into the hundreds. And all because we gave the sign that America was throwing its weight with this form of darkness that is claiming equality, but does not have the mentality to provide it.

I want you to know, that when the LORD says the Law is a Rod of Iron--He means for you to enforce it that way. The LORD Himself, when He was in the land said the Law shall be as flexible as a rod of iron. And yet no one ever manifested more Grace than this incarnate revelation of Deity in your midst.

You know that there are some people who lack spiritual capacity to understand the high and great values of God's nature or how to recognize the values of law when it is placed over them. Do you know who are the people who butt the law? You can put the best laws available in all the world over them and they will still butt against that law. Why?? Because it is not in their nature to want to behave. And they don't want to be restrained. I don't want to live at any time in any nation that doesn't have any law. So Mr. Stevenson has on his hands tonight, the blood of 70 people. For if America had voted with Britain and with Germany and the Anti-Communist block of nations, then they would not have moved into Angola.

Now you will say--but we belong to the U.N. and shouldn't the U.N. push into the world and bring Peace? And besides isn't the U.N. moving into these providence trying to rescue the nuns and the missionaries and prevent all these atrocities?'---Yes, a U.N. army is moving that way. It has 7 bridges to cross and 100 miles to march and it will get there with too little and be too late. Besides it is not the business of the U.N. or any other cluster of nations to interfere with the sovereignty of a country.

There is no sovereignty inside the Congo now unless you recognize the forces of A__ Abuto because they have already upset the sovereignty of Belgium. And you asked--but why shouldn't the U.N. go around the world seeking peace?

I think when the U.N. has communist nations in it headed by the power of the Soviet Union, that you better get out. The only way the white nations can keep the peace, is for the great nations of the Christian Faith to stand together shoulder to shoulder and stand beside Chaing Kai Shek who is against communism and others who stand on that side, and all take the kind of action which will stop communism and not spread it.

So tonight, we look at this picture. Peace is being taken from the world. The revolution is here. So where did it come from?

We have an unassimilatable people in the world because they do not belong to any race.

Now you ask how could that be? I'll tell you how it was. First we find that the Adamic race was put into the earth to establish a Kingdom. The Spiritual interpretation of who this race is was found in the Scriptures. They are the children of God, begotten in the Spirit, in the Celestial plane and in the ages of yesterday. And they were embodies thru the seed of Adam so that they might become embodied people to build God's Kingdom and lead this earth back into the proper relationship with the right--One God. So I tell you that the race of Adam are the children of God. His offspring in the earth. And what were they instructed not to do? They were instructed not to mingle their seed with the 'Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.'

Now, we have cited to you that the 'Tree of Good and Evil' was not an apple tree standing off to one side. For God would never have been disturbed with someone eating an apple. And if you think that God would have permitted some of the things that have happened in your society because someone ate an apple, then you are pretty narrow minded.

That symbol--the Tree of Good and Evil--was the intermingling of your race with angelic beings that had not kept their first estate, but had rebelled in the heavens. And after being driven to earth--embodied--had mongrelized by mixing their offspring with the people of the earth. Thus producing an unassimilatable people. Today, you can find them in Africa, in Asia and America. You can find them over the world. White, black, tan or yellow. But they are still something marked and different. You ask--but where did the white ones come from?---I'll tell you.

Whenever you have a tree with both good and evil in it then you have to have intellect there. You don't have any knowledge without intellect. You have here in this symbol, a racial tree. You have here a symbol of a Luciferian empire and of a fallen Archangel from outer space. Now you will say--'oh, I can't believe that.'---Well, the 12th chapter of Revelation tells you about it. And the scriptures are full of it.

So Lucifer seduced Eve. There are mysteries in the book of Genesis. But in the ancient book of Zohar, the explanations of these mysteries are found. Then if you listen carefully to the teaching of the Christ, you will see what the explanations were. If you listen to John you will discover what it was.

Lucifer seduced Eve and begat Cain. The scripture has this to say. When Cain was born, Eve said to Adam:--'I have received a man from the 'lord.' (Later when Seth was born, then man began to call themselves after the Lord)

This first child of Eve's was Cain. And he was unassimilatable. A child of the evil one. Abel was from the seed of Adam. Being unassimilatable, Cain killed his brother Abel, because Abel's deeds were righteous. Then Cain went forth out of that place and into the land of Nod. And he married a wife and produced ________(Nephalians--meaning half earth people and half fallen angel) These are white Cainaanites. The Nephalians were tied into the ancient Hittites. I think it is interesting to know that ancient Sumerians which were an ancient Asiatic race of people were once one of the greatest of Empires. It traces their history thru many thousands and thousands of years. The British Museum has plates alone that if you accept the chronology of these plates, then it is 163 thousand years of history. Now someone says--it can't be because that goes back too far.' But my friends, they talk about the signs of the moon and the sun and the planets and their places in the heavens. And if you put a sidereal calculator on it with the time and the measure of these of that dynasty, you find that you have an unbroken history of events that they were able to measure at the time of these events in the heavens and they were accurate for thousands and thousands of years.

The first people on this earth were the Asiatics. Asia may not have been their mother land, buy areas beneath the oceans could have been. There is a wall going out into the ocean on the floor of the Pacific Ocean from Easter Island. And lately, our divers studying the topographic formations of the floor of the ocean, have discovered sunken cities and the remnants of ancient civilizations. And we discover the same thing out in the North Sea and out from there to the Azores. And we know that land once sunk beneath the waters was at one time, a part of a great continent in the Atlantic. If you want evidence to that, it is easily established. Because lava does not flow under water. And the scars of the flow out of the volcanoes are way out from the volcanoes as tho it flowed for many miles. So the land was above the waters when these volcanoes erupted.

We aren't going to dwell on the antiquity of these ancient cities, older than the Andes or those under the sands which blow across the Gobi Desert or the remnants of civilization where once were ancient forests before men cut them down. But there isn't any question of the antiquity that reaches into the past.

But the trouble that came to earth and turned it from worshiping the true Spiritual value to paganism, came from fallen Angels. As the book of Jude tells you, they didn't keep their first estate. They were unassimilatable offspring. And whether in Africa or Asia and after the arrival of the Adamites, this unassimilatable people came out in the Cainaanite line. They have no Spiritual capacity for God. As they relate to the white race, they have been identified always as the Cainaanite line.

You should know that Ezekiel in Chapter 34, tells you that the ancient Sumerian or Asiatic race lines were very strong. So their waters, or race lines, were great and their empires were all over the earth before the time of Adam. In the days of Eden, when Adam was placed in the earth,---Ezekiel 31---the empires of ancient Samaria were all over the earth. Now by no stretch of the imagination, did they come from Adam. Biological law is essentially unchanged and God said:--'Let like begat like.'

No man ever had three colors of children out one wife. Adam like Noah, is used as a turning point in a philosophy today, in a revolution today to try to destroy God's law. For Noah had three sons and they were white like their father and mother. Also the flood of Noah was not all over the world. It covered 'that land' of 'that country.' It is being interpreted today, as tho all the people on the face of the earth but those in the ark all perished on that day. That could not have been the case as China has the history of that flood. And it came out of the high mountains and down thru areas of China. But it didn't drown all the Chinamen. Down in Egypt, they have records in history of that flood. But the flood didn't hit in Egypt. Egyptians were still living in the land where in the days of Enoch and Job, they watched the building of the Great Pyramid and then later Pyramids. There were no water marks on the Great Pyramid. Egypt was a land which had become inhabited by the survivors of the lands that plunged beneath the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Tidal, King of the Nations, mentioned in the Bible, was King over the people who once lived where the water now washes over the land. So the Egyptians were still here after the flood but up in the Tarim Basin, there had been a catastrophe.

(Now, also between the Euphrates and the Tigris Rivers, there was a flood. But that one was rooftop high according to archeology)

Now I point this out because it is essential for us to coordinate our thinking tonight. You can trace the genealogy of the Adamites down to Abram and take the covenant that God made with Abraham and that was to make him or his seed, the great nation and the company of nations. And they you can come out of the history of Jacob thru the twelve tribes of Israel and follow their migrations and every individual of the nationalities of the Nordic, Germanic, Lombardic, Basque, Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon's for they came out of the loins of Abraham.

And then someone will say--'yes, but so did the Jews.' No, They didn't. There are white Jews, black Jews, and red Jews. So all those couldn't come from the seed of Abraham.

Someone asks:--'do you hate these people because of their race or color?' I have nothing against the people of Asia or Africa or any part of the world because of their color and they are not responsible because of the condition of their birth. But I want you to know that I have nothing in common with Jewry as it operates and functions in the world today. And I know how they think and why they tick, because the scriptures tell me so. All the white Jews today are Cainaanites and they descended from Cain.

One of the greatest attempts at subordinating the scriptures and reducing white men to an estate of awe and respect, has been the racket of 'the Chosen People.' And to use the seed of Lucifer for this trick has been well handled. I have some writings of Jewish authors who boast that they have manipulated and managed most of the religious systems of the world and they boast that they are going to take over Christianity by the same method. They are using the same methods against Christianity as they used against Israel in the day of Judea as they moved and took over the Temple and the Sanhedrin at Jerusalem a few generations before the coming of the Christ Child.

I identify these people as Cainaanites. And I think it is interesting to note that Jesus also does this in the book of Matthew. In the first place, the identity of this process is very easy because Jesus is talking to these who are His enemies. And He was talking to those who were dominating the religion of the city of Jerusalem. Jesus said:--'Woe unto you scribes and false Pharisees, hypocrites because you build the tombs of the prophets and garnish the sepulcher or the righteous and say--if we had lived in our father's day, we would not have been partakers of the blood of the prophets.' Now Jesus said to them:--'Ye just bore witness unto yourselves that ye are the children of them that killed the prophets.'

Whenever you say--'if we had lived in our fathers day, we would have done differently, you have just revealed who your father was. And the killer of the prophets were the Cainaanites who had infiltrated among the people of Israel and took over their Kingdom.

Listen to what Jesus says:--'Ye Serpents--Ye generations of vipers.' You know why He said that? He said that because the 'mark of Lucifer's' ancient kingdom was the symbol of the Serpent. Now it was not a serpent that seduced Eve, but the 'Serpent' was a symbol of the throne of Lucifer from outer space. The great symbol of _________(DerGoonus) and its constellation.

Now listen.---'Therefore ye generations of vipers--I sent prophets, wisemen, and scribes. And some ye killed and some ye crucified and some ye scourged in your synagogues. And some ye persecuted from city to city. Upon you shall come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of the righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias the son of Barachias whom ye slew between the horns of the altar.' Now listen.---Jesus said I hold your race guilty for the blood of all the righteous men killed, from Abel to this priest, Zacharias whom you killed between the horns of the altar.

Now my friend, since Christ held them guilty, then they had to be the descendants of Cain.

Let's turn to the book of John. Most people form their false opinions from the things they do not know. And because of this, as they talk about brotherhood, they try to establish brotherhood where you cannot form it.

Now if anyone should have been establishing brotherhood the way they try to do it today, then Jesus should have been the one to show the way if that was the proper way. But here in the book of John, Jesus says:--'I am of My Father and ye are of your father.' (in the 8th chapter) Jesus was talking to these Jews who had just been condemning Him. And here Jesus said that Lucifer was their father and Cain was their father. In the book of John as he writes his Epistles, when he is writing to the churches, he says that Cain was the son of the evil one---the prodigy of Lucifer.

Now you ask--'what has that to do with us?' Well, the Jews today are Cainaanites. They have moved thru all countries of the earth and they seek to gain control and to manipulate and to destroy their religion, their economies, and their governments. Someone will now say--'you can't talk like that about a people in these United States.'---Well, I can do this for we still have some free speech left in this country. We can speak the truth whether some like it or not. Now they would like to take away your free speech and they are trying to change this. But yet today we can still speak the truth. They would like to control your religion in these United States. It cannot be done. The day they try to control religion in these United States, the suppressors will soon leave for that is one thing America will not stand for.

One of the curious circumstances we have found in the world today, is the attempt to manipulate, by these people who wander all over and say that they don't belong to any land or any race. They will be in France, then the next day in Spain. And then in the United States the next day. But they are not a part of anything.

People come from France and Germany or other nations and they come into our land and they take their oath of allegiance to the United States, and they settle down and become citizens. But these other people as they come in, they may take oaths, but they never become just citizens of your land. And they will run from your land just like they have run from other lands after they have exploited your country to the hilt.

In the days of Nebuchadnezzar, there was an evil priesthood of ancient Baal in power in that land. And those who owned and operated this priesthood were also the owners and manipulators of the monetary power of ancient Babylon. And they sought to extend this power over all other nations.

This is one of the reasons why the Scriptures use Mystery Babylon as one of the most evil tyrannies of all. It is the economical tyranny that is clamped down by the hands of these 'International sons of Lucifer.' (the Illuminati--the Builderbergers--the C.F.R. and all their branches). These manipulators bring about wars, depressions, and artificial scarcities in order to enhance their gold and their power. And they manipulate these things for their own enrichment and they seek to rule the world by this power.

Someone said:--'But Dr. Swift, that is too big a plan. No one will believe that.' Do you know that the bigger the plan the easier it is to get away with it?

Let me point out. Now we haven't time to trace the whole movement of this plan from the days of the gold buyers to the house of Rothchild, but they joined the church of Rome to try to destroy it and to change its doctrine. They poured money into its coffers. And they had themselves raised into positions of bishoprics and then into higher offices. And they sought to move in Babylonian doctrines and philosophy. They joined the Protestant churches and sought to destroy them from within. I have today, the book 'Marranos', written by Cecil Roth and published by a Jewish society. And you can get this book down in your library. And in this book, they admit that their design is to crush and destroy Christianity from within.

Now remember that speaking to these who had been condemning Him, Jesus said:-'Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.'---Then they said how could we be made free, for we have never been in bondage at anytime?

I add this because if these Jews had never been in bondage, then they were not part of any of the 10 tribes captured by Sannacherib at one time or of Judah and Benjamin who were captured by Nebuchadnezzar. So they admitted here that they were not the generations of Abraham. Then Jesus said:--'I am from My Father. --- I am from above and you are from beneath. I am of God and you are from the devil.

These are the words of Jesus. He wasn't just trying to call someone names. He is talking about specific devils. Did you know there is a specie in the earth that Jesus called devils? Now you will say that is just a superstition. Well, I don't consider that a superstition because some of them are still here. Some people worship devils. But we neither worship devils nor are we afraid of them. So you see, Jesus knew who He was talking to, for He said this:--'Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning. For Cain killed Abel and he abode not in the truth. For the truth is not in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own for he is a liar and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, then ye believe not.'

Then we find them saying--well, who are you?--And then Jesus answers them saying:--'Before Abraham, I was.' The Jews then took up stones to kill Him.

Now someone asks:--'don't you believe there are some good Jews?' That is all a matter of whose side you are on. I have never found one I could trust. If Jesus Christ walked the earth with 12 disciples and only one was a Jew, and he betrayed HIM for a hand full of silver, then I will never trust one lest he betray me. In the face of all the miracles that he watched and all the works he saw done, how could one walk with the Christ and then sell HIM for a handful of silver, is beyond my comprehension. But there are those who could do that and it would not bother them. You can have a firm friend from every race on the earth, but with a Jew you never know whether he is your friend or not.

So in this hour in which we are living, the manipulation of the International Finance and Economy thru the spreading out of the Rothchilds and then thru Kuhn, Loeb & Co., and then out thru Colonel House of the Federal Reserve System, these strange practices have ben followed all over the earth and these behind the scene have manipulated this. Mystery Babylon the Great learns to gain control over everything. And you thru to Revelation, chapter 18, and you learn that they manipulate all the hoards of gold and silver and jewelry and clothing and drugs and any other thing they can gain control of and every phase of crafts of man. God says---I'll tell you who this is. Mystery Babylon--the great whore.

They use the philosophy of world Communism to help weaken nations and bring them down. And the scriptures tell us that the nations gave power to that beast also. We are told that when we see the fall of this organized economic system of Babylon, that when it comes down then the 'Oi-Oi-Oi's' will reach the heavens. And then you will discover that Babylon was the Merchants. And then you will know what I'm talking about when I say---Organized Jewry --the Canaanites of the scripture, have been manipulating the economies of men. They have been creating wars and problems and violence in their reach for power to control the world.

Now I am going to take you back to the words of Jesus once again because when you discover that Babylon is all over, because they have run out of America and every other Christian nation on the face of the earth, and their power is broken and their Anti-Christ scheme is gone and Communism is no more, and their red flag is down, never to rise again---When you come to that time, you are going to discover that their merchants and these who made this system of Babylon operate, are guilty of all the blood of all the Prophets and all the Saints slain upon the earth. Now just a moment. Did you get this statement?--Then you tie this right back to what Jesus said:---'I hold you guilty of all the blood from the righteous Abel to Zacharias whom you slew between the horns of the altar.'--So I point out to you that organized Jewry today, is the modern Cainaanites.

When your atomic weapons were stolen, did you know that outside of Elizabeth Bentley, that almost all of those secrets were turned over by Jews? I think you will remember that Kuhn, Loeb & Co. and Jacob Schiff and others financed the Soviet Revolution.

I brought back from Washington D.C. the other day a photostatic copy which was taken from a document sealed by the Chief of Archives in the Archives of the United States and this proves that the Jews ran the revolution when it started and they were still running it when it was over. And that most of the Russian leaders were Jews. And your Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army reported that Communism was Jewish. At the present time, we don't find any leadership that will say this. But the fact still remains.

There is a way to drive the Cainaanites out of the house of God. Take a divine standard of economy, reestablish a U.S. Bank which is interest free, and take the money out of the hands of the Jews and they will leave.

(Alright, change the words on our money--from Federal Reserve notes to United States notes.)

We fought W.W. II for the Jews. Do you know why the Jews wanted to destroy Germany and why they wanted to create conditions to bring on that war? It doesn't matter what they said at the war crimes trials. They created an encirclement of Germany and they tried to force the war and they accomplished that. And the reason??

Germany was going to have their own German Bank--interest free and set their country free from the money changers. The moment Germany started on that course, the Jews went out of Germany into every country and tried to start trouble for the Germans. The 6 million Jews supposed to have been killed are walking the streets in America and other countries of the world.

Suppose that we take their publications for their report. They say 25,000 died. Alright, we take that and give them 25,000 more for good measure. Where did the figure 6 million come from? They are trying to get us to cry our eyes out over the 6 million. But their own propaganda publications say 25,000.

You know why they are doing this don't you? Germany is coming back as they use their technology and receive help from you and their economy is becoming one of the strongest in Europe. So they know that with America and Germany anti-Communist and their economies solvent, they can stop Red Communism from coming into Western Europe. So they want to knock Germany down again and America also. Let England and America go down and Communism will rule the world in 9 months.

Now we don't hold any grief for Hitler's Germany. We like our own type of Government. But we don't like Socialism and we don't like Frontiersman. But we don't dislike any people who say they are going to take over the handling of their own money. And they want honest money.

So we emerged out of a war which the results of that and then they gave you world Communism. And their professors, which we took in as refugees, and supposedly fleeing from Russia, were most of them agents sent over here.

And as if that isn't bad enough, you have had a numbskull president who now lets them exchange professors. And so now they send you these professors by that route. And also President Kennedy just lifted the ban that you had been smart enough to put on the mail and now not only does the propaganda mail come into this country and flood into the schools, but now you deliver it free. So now there is 5 times as much propaganda mail coming in because the President didn't have the sense to keep the door shut.

You say--this isn't any of the Church's business.---Well, this is God's business. And this is prophecy coming to a head. I think this young Harvard intellectual is surrounded by traitors and intellectuals and numbskulls. And he better get some better advice before he wakes up to find out that he had exploited himself, his church and his nation.

Did you listen to the broadcasts this week? The trial of Eichmann. It was just this frank. Now they couldn't go forward with this matter unless we have an observer over there. So we sent Simon Levi, a Jew, over there to cover this trial.

Now what is the Eichmann matter?--I have no grief for Mr. Eichmann and I'm not sure of his origin. But if this is Mr. Eichmann and he was an official in the German army, so be it. I'm not especially interested in whether he is or not guilty of any charges made against him. Remember that his nation was at war and I think they realized it was because of these people who are now trying to try these officials. People can weep and mourn over these supposed victims, but never think of their own sons blood which was spilled for this propaganda.

When Israeli came in existence after the war, it came into existence with one of the worse waves of atrocities of all times. They pushed the Arabs out of their homes. They murdered and violated Christians and their churches. They threw bodies down in the wells and they acted like wild animals. Like evil beasts on a blood lust. When we sent Count Bernidot down to check on this, the Jews murdered him because they were afraid of what he would tell. But they were too late to stop his report. That is history.

There isn't anything that I have told you or that I am going to tell you, that I cannot reach into my library and pull down the evidence. I have a startling lot of evidence at my fingertips.

Listen. Israeli didn't come into existence until they frightened little Mr. Truman and told him that they were God's chosen people. And he would be cursed if he didn't recognize Israel. They told him, he would be reelected if he recognized Israel and he would die if he didn't . Now any president who believes a bed time story like that is foolish. Of course I don't think he was very bright anyway. He couldn't recognize a communist if he saw one. But he was quick to call people his little pet name. Do you remember that? One time when the Jews were giving him too much pressure, he called them that also. But they got to him.

I want to make this clear. Israeli came into being after the war was over. Israeli doesn't have anything to do with anything before they became a nation. All recognized International law requires, that from the entity of any organization or institution or nation as such, they be a nation before they can take legal action. But Israeli cannot take legal action as a nation for anything before they came into being. But, Israeli with their spies in Argentina, captured Mr. Eichmann and kidnaped him and took him out of Argentina and back to Palestine. They subjected him to 10,000 candle power lights and to the rubber hose and to long statements of his crimes. And they tried to force out of him a confession such as Russia is able to force out of victims by torture. They also probably gave him a 'lobotomy' also, for I assure you, they are capable of anything.

Any country that kidnaps a man and takes him to another country and subjects him to any harassment, is guilty of a crime of violence. And they are capable of anything to put over their propaganda point. Now when they stole this man out of Argentina, then Argentina protested and said this is a violation of our sovereignty. Bring him back. But the good nations of the world were looking the other way. You didn't hear anything out of the United States or out of Britain and not even out of Soviet Russia. Here we are talking about a man's rights. But nobody said--bring this man back for are violating international law. Nobody!!

There is only one way to legally get a man out of Argentina. And that is by signing an extradition treaty. If not done that way is illegal. The only way to get a man from one country to another, is by extradition. But you have to have jurisdiction.

Now Israeli was not a country when all this happened. So they stole him by crime and violence.

Now would you believe anybody who committed a crime of violence in order to prove a point and to stage an historical event? Now the Jews wanted to boil Mr. Eichmann in oil. They wanted to torture him and tear him apart. Read all their papers and see how beastly they wanted to be with this man. It showed the heart of Jewry everywhere.

(Still, today there is a woman who became an American citizen and they say that she was the bitch of Buchenwald Prison, and supposed to have taken the skin of people and made lampshades. Remember that story? And they have taken her in the last few years to Germany, and tried her on that score. But couldn't get a conviction until the third trial, when they sent a Jewish lawyer over from here and he finally got a conviction. Her husband says she is not guilty. And he is still fighting over there in the courts. But our government let this happen. Why?? To keep alive this propaganda of the 6 million to go along with the story and picture that Billy Graham's group have made and is now going thru the country, sympathy for the Jews while their higher-ups cut our throats.)

Now let's look at this matter of Eichmann. They violated the International law thus showing that Israeli had no respect for other nations. And no respect for any procedure of International law. Then they charged this man with the killing of 6 million Jews.

(They also tried him over International television. Remember that?)

He couldn't have killed 6 million Jews if he was still at that job. At the highest point of their history, there were only one million Jews in or traveling in Germany. And at the start of World War II, there were only 653,000. So how could you kill 6 million??? Now we make no condonation on the killing of any people. Whether by mass murder or by race. We do not condone any kind of cruelty of any kind. But I want you to know that a great number of these people in the mass graves in Germany were people killed in the bombing raids. This happens when you are in a war. And we bombed prisons and hospitals and everything else as those bombs fell. And they had to bury those people in mass graves. There were too many to bury one by one. These people were civilians. They were prisoners. They were form all ranks of Germany.

If you locked up all the spies that have come into your country to tear it down over the years, then your prisons would look like those of Germany in those days and don't ever forget that. And a great number of those in your prisons would be Jewish. And in that instance if one of our prisons were hit by a Russian bomb, and it wasn't a nuclear bomb that burned everything to a crisp, and then you went out and buried those killed in a mass grave, then in 10 years, they would be telling you that you were anti-Semitic. Then they would try you for war crimes.

Now crime is normal for Jewry, whose great crimes against humanity have never been tried before any court except the international court of Divine Justice.

The day is going to come when the Great Judge of all judges is going to remove from all Christian society, this influence.

I want you to note that a month ago, there was another incident. I have clippings from all over in my files. Headlines! Israeli was happy that they had just killed another member of the German Government that used to be. Altho, they had no jurisdiction, but they had just killed another.

A Jewish doctor in Argentina had a man approach him whom the doctor thought he recognized as the man Mr. Bourman, a German official of years before. The doctor called the local Jewish OGPU and asked --what shall I do? They said:--'kill him. Give him the needle and we will come to bury him.' So the Jewish doctor forgot his oath and murdered the man and the local Jews came and buried him.

Israeli was so happy with this and the L.A. Times and others, just had one little column reporting this death. They didn't say this is good or bad. Well, the Jews had murdered another man and there was rejoicing. And this was done in Argentina.

I have the sequel to this story. A few months later, in the local papers, they were lamenting because identification of the man killed proved that he was not Bourman. So now they want all Jews over the world to be on the alert for the man.

Murder reaches across international boundary lines. Canaanites still do their work. The enemies of your civilization still are at work. And now you are again in the economic throes of a design on the part of unassimilatable forces to plunge you into another one of those depression areas where they can take over the portfolios of your country and control your society in the name of --'Emergency.'

Thru this emergency they can continue to strengthen their hand and to rule. Now I can't help but remember that this administration said that if the Republicans were elected, we would get another depression. Well, the Democrats got elected and we got the depression. Now I think that the depression isn't as big as they are trying to tell us. But some of the men in the highest jobs will give us as big a one as they can. I look at job after job. Whether it be in health or education or agriculture and I see that at the head of each department are Jews. Even in the treasury. Now I remember Morganthau. And then there was Frankfrutter and his influence helped to spread liberals into the deepest niches of your government. And the once attorney for the radical communists was no other than the one who is now our present Supreme Court Justice---Frankfrutter.

God save us from Jewry. Some ask---is there any end?

They have controlled the U.N. from its beginning. They have used that influence to protect world communism from the beginning. General Douglas McArthur would have had a victory long ago over communism and Chaing Kai Shek would be on the mainland of China and all of Korea, would be tonight, just one nation if it were not for their influence in the U.N.

They have been formalizing in every avenue of their influence the design to mongrelize your race thru the intermingling of all blood streams. That is one of the reasons why this 'Peace Corps' is not going to work. It is just another one of those plans to siphon out of your nation some of your finest young people and separate them from the most highly important values of their lives. That my friends, is their faith in their God. And the recognition of Christ and the great spiritual philosophy that has made this nation great.

By that I mean that under the years training for this job by the government, these young people learn to live and talk on the level with the people whom they are going to live and work with. They are never to talk or think of their Faith. But they are to respect and awe every pagan god of the area to which they are going. They are to be sent into the homes of these people to live in their homes, to work in their fields, wear their clothes and be virtually their slaves to show them your 'good will.' Now you say--but isn't that a good thing?

No. Because when they are there, they are not to say a word about the true religion and not to say a word about the superstitions and darkness these people live in. Now this is nothing new about the people of God's Kingdom going to the ends of the earth and planting gardens and teaching carpentry and working sacrificially, for the missionaries have been doing it for years. And while they were doing it, they told them of our God and how we love our God and that they wanted them to hear His story. But thru the 'Peace Corps', we are sending young people out of the cities and from some of the high class homes, and they are going down into those areas to teach people something they didn't know themselves a few months ago. For they never planted a garden or built a home in their young lives. And they are leaving their God behind as they go out on a great adventure. So if you want to help people in the world, you recruit men of experience, men of faith and men of determination. And then send them out and they have the bulwark of their country and the knowledge of their Faith, and the knowledge of their backgrounds behind them.

From India, came the word--don't send people to us to preach your Faith. We don't want these young folks to talk of their philosophies. We want our people to respect our ancient philosophies and we don't want to hear any criticism of our theology or of our way of life. So stay home.

Yes, the missionaries can say--'we will help train these young people, but they are going out on the road where they can't carry with them their love of God and their love of mankind because they are on love with God.

I don't think you should send them into the Congo without sending an army to protect them. You can't send them into a Communist country because that also would mean death. I just wanted to sow this into your mind, then you will see why I told you that the Canaanites design is here. Mr. Stevenson, the other day, said this will be very successful because these young women going out into the world will extend American statesmanship and make many friends. Besides, this is so politic. Then he snickered and those around him snickered because his slimy mind wants to mingle your young men and women with the Congo.

The first foundation of the recognition of the Specie and its destiny is racial self-respect. It isn't even the matter of evaluating high of low backgrounds or origins. The matter is that God has ordained this:---THAT KIND BEGAT LIKE KIND. His law has ordained this. So you don't send your daughters to marry their sons or visa-versa. For that is mingling of the HOLY SEED.

I am going to add the same thing I have said before. I want you to see how the Canaanites operate. For it is behind the pattern of this. Mr. Toymsby, the Historian, whose book "Panorama of History" is important. And in this book he told about the background of histories and from there to contemporary events. He told of the terrible activities within Israeli and of the brutality of the things done there and of how Israeli came into being.

The Jews came to him and they said:--'You have to change the book, for your printers will get no more paper for more copies. You won't be able to print any more. And you can't distribute those copies already printed. Either you change your book or we will smear you and we will call you Anti-Semitic. And we will destroy you.' So they convinced Mr. Toymsby and he rewrote his book--'The Outlines of History' as the new title. And he said the Arabs were wrong and the Jews were right. And that the Jews were the greatest thing that ever happened to the Mid-East.

I have both books. But let me tell you something about history. You see history isn't like a novel. It is not like a play. You don't rewrite it, you just report it like it is. It may either be kind or not kind to you. But it is still history. So whenever a Historian changes his reporting, he is a liar. Those are firm and harsh words, but true. So Jewry rewrites history. Then Mr. Toymsby sat on the same panel with Mr. Stevenson and said:--'America shall sacrifice her youth as they go out all over the earth to labor and to show their love of all mankind. Let us hope they will intermarry with the people of all the nations to mix their blood and bring about a great fusion of the blood of all the people of the world bringing about the greatest union that could possibly take place among the peoples of the world.'

Mongrelizing slime--out of the mouth of a Historian whose book should be banned from every great civilization.

I don’t hear Britain telling us they are going to send out their young people do you? I listened to one of these Cainaanites (I like that spelling better). A reporter who was on one of the major net works. He said:--’It is fortunate that this Eichmann matter has just come up for we will now be able to educate a generation of young people who have never known anything about these crimes. We will now sever this friendliness with Germany and cause these young people to hate everything Germany represents.’ So in otherwords, this Eichmann trial was being used to get a hate Germany campaign going again in America. Do you know why?

Because the words of God say:--The House of Judah and his Israel companions, and the House of Joseph and his Israel companions, shall become as one stick in My hands.’ And so that they will stand together against the hoards of Russian and African armies that come against them and they will stop them cold. Now the stick of Judah is Germany and her nations and the stick of Joseph Israel is the Anglo-Saxon people--America and England and her people.

We can trace these Cainaanites back also to the Hivites, the Amalikites and the Kazzars. Now they even tell you how they are divided up. They tell you that they are divided into the Ashkenez and the Sephardim. And they tell you that the Sephardim are the Hittites noses and the Ashkenez are the round headed ones.

(Now, I’ll add this. Those are the people they use to do their dirty work, but the head of these Cainaanites are so near white and look like the Anglo-Saxons that you can’t tell them apart. Those white ones are the brains of the outfit and they know who they are and what they are trying to accomplish.)

I recognize that God has given us a way to remove these parasites and deadly virus from every patriotic of life. And that is for every patriotic American to think and work and pray and talk about the restoration of a divine economy, an American economy which is interest free, and in American hands and not in the hands of these International money lenders.

I’m going to tell you a little secret. You pull a bill out of your billfold. It’s only numbers. It is not wealth. It is not a commodity. It’s only numbers. But people are selling themselves into slavery for a handful of paper numbers. As soon as you realize that these are just numbers and that these rascals are just beating you at the numbers game for a profit, then you won’t put up with them. There are people today that love to count these little piles of numbers so much that they are helping rob America blind of her purchasing power.

I saw in the L.A. Times all the lists of these organizations that want to fight Communism. But they strike out at you if you tell them who is behind Communism. One of these organizations that is fighting Communism has put out a book and it says that anyone opposed to Jewry is to be excused from their organization and to be despised as Anti-Semitic. And the greatest authority on Anti-Communism, according to the L.A. Times, is the B’nai B’rith.

You know the American Legion head from here is rushing to meet Golda Meir from Israel. The American Legion who is trying to fight Communism, then has a conference with the head of the Israeli State Department.

Don’t let anyone tell you that they are engaging in a battle to fight Communism if they want to let the brains of the organization keep on moving.

I believe that every legal process should be used to clean up America. And I believe that when Babylon falls that God will clean the land.

The Prophet Zechariah was inspired by the same God who identified him when he walked the earth. In Zechariah, chapter 14 verse 21, God says there will be no more Cainaanites in the house of the Lord of Hosts. The entire house. So none in any white Christian nation on the face of the earth. You ask--where are they going to go? Well, God knows.

We haven’t any more time tonight. For we have talked of this for one hour and twenty minutes. But the Cainaanites will leave America when you cut off the taking of your money. And when they leave, God has a special route for them where they can work on one another for a millennium or two.

Yes. We have surplus food and we have technology to help the world with it. And we would gladly do this. But not to destroy the Kingdom of God, but to build it. Not to enslave the world, but to set it free. When our army marches intelligently, we march to defend nations and not to enslave them.

I tell you that the Kingdom of God is a blessing. Not a curse. God has raised up the outstretched wings of the eagle. The Great American Eagle as the symbol of deliverance in this hour. Now all we need to be delivered from foolish advisors IS TO KNOW.