When Earth Fights For The Kingdom, 2-24-64


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-24-64

Tonight as we are discussing how the earth fights for the kingdom, the events of the time should show us not only the lateness of the hour but show us that the pattern of the enemy has not changed nor his nature reformed. We hold no grief tonight for the removal of the first secretary of the Communist party, Mr. Khruschev. We do not feel that he was any milder or any better than any of the others who were a part of the great Soviet conspiracy. How often we have heard the threatening warning roll from the lips of Mr. Khruschev in the United Nations when he addressed them, or even in the City of Los Angeles, when a guest in this city. When he said 'I will bury you.' And we will not forget that we had one mayor in the city of Los Angeles who stood up and embarrassed the State Department. He made a very apt prophecy when he said to Mr. Khruschev, “You are not going to bury us. But if you try, we will bury you.” And the State Department got the shivers. And they said, “We don't think a mayor in the United States should say such an insulting thing to our guest.” But he was not our guest, my friends.

One must not forget that when America was pouring out millions and millions of dollars to combat the Communist menace and when we were supposedly to see that we had the arms to hold back the Communist aggression, that we received this head of the Communist regime here in the United States. And as his plane landed in the Washington, D.C. airport, there he was received by President Eisenhower. And there he rode in State down Pennsylvania Avenue to the applaud of many, and to the silence of others. And remember that every Christian American in the Washington area who was brave enough to protest, was out there protesting this visit with placards saying, --- “Anti-Christ go home,” or “Communist go home.” And these people were rudely pushed off the street. Officialdom had said that America did not have the right to oppose the anti-Christ or any of its members when they came. Someone said, “But Khruschev was not the anti-Christ.” --Oh, wasn't he? It tells me in my Bible that those who deny that Jesus is the Christ are Anti-Christ. This was not just talking about one. And John said that they are already here. If they were here in John's day, they sure are here in ours. And my, how they protected this devil when he came to America. Russian OGPU traveled thru the nation--and especially to the west coast where great numbers of Russian Christians and White Orthodox had fled. Many of them now with citizenship thought they were safe now from the OGPU. But wherever the Communist party operates no one is safe from the OGPU. And whenever the Communist party can get Soviet protection from such a great nation as America, then you aren't safe here either. Thus it was that the OGPU actually intimidated some of the Russian community. They had complete and absolute permission while here, to check out . . . and to actually threaten White Russians here in the United States . . . here in the state of California, especially.

One of the things they were worried about, there were thousands of people here in America, people out of the White race. Some out of the various branches of the race in Europe and some even from behind the Iron Curtain who had watched their Christian parents liquidated by the Red revolution with none other than Khruschev, himself, in charge of some of this kind of bloody purge. Some of them had witnessed the murder of their wives, their fathers, their mothers, each one of them with a vendetta, each one of them justified if they liquidated Khruschev as he walked down the street in Los Angeles. Each one would have been more of a hero than anyone would have understood if he had paid such a price to stop this devil. But he had the protection of our government, protection of the OGPU, and America was insulted by this braggart walking the streets of America. Thank God there were some Americans who did not bow, and they had an airplane fly overhead and put a cross over Pennsylvania Avenue. This was to show that there was a sign greater than the Communist Revolution even when this bragging dictator of hell rode in parade. But we cannot forget the annoyed face of President Eisenhower. How he wished that he could sweep that plane and cross from the sky, for it embarrassed him. How they pushed the patriots from the streets . . . for they wanted to make an impression upon this devil. And then he found that he was not so well received as he wanted to be by the Press. Then you remember that he walked the streets of America. And then at the United Nations, he took off his shoe and beat on the table. They should have thrown him out for disorder. Then in California ----do you want to know where judgments fall?---Then watch the place where he was met with great joy and where they patted him on the back. --In Santa Barbara and San Jose. These two places have already had some types of judgment. But they are just beginning. The IBM Company at San Jose, hung out a great sign across their building saying,---- “Hail, Khruschev, Prince of Peace.” I have a copy of that sign. And now you say ‘why did they do that?’ Because that company would barter their soul for business and money, and then Khruschev would have the IBM set up a big center in the Soviet Union. And in Santa Barbara, the students came and mobs of people. And when the police tried to hold back the crowds, Mr. Khruschev said, “Oh, let them come. I love them all.” And students from the colleges and ‘left-wingers’ thronged around this man who threatened to bury them. Well now, half of it is burned up. And when God gets thru shaking, then the other half will be below sea level. Someone said, “What would you do if you lived in Santa Barbara?”---I would move. I would move out of Fairfax too, if I lived in that district. Lots of people don’t like that, for they do not want to move . . . See? All right go ahead and get wet.

You see, we are in one of the great climactic periods of human history. And this man was rising to great power. He had just passed his 70th birthday. And the whole world saw his whole family leaning over a banister as they celebrated his 70th birthday. He is probably the most powerful man in the Soviet Union since the days of Stalin. So why did they remove him and what has it got to do with the present situation? I point out that there was nothing in the soul of Khruschev that was acceptable. This man was a Mongolian Jew. Each side complimented the other side, equally cunning. His pig like eyes, his cunning nature, and deceit marked him well, as a proper offspring of his father. In his promises of peace and of coexistence, to go along with the non-Communist world, and to abolish the threat of Nuclear war, he was leading them on--the peace Mongers.

Someone said, “But how could a Christian in this modern world be opposed to Peace?” My friends, I am opposed now to Peace with the devil as long as he acts like a devil and as long or until he ceases to be a devil and recognizes that Jesus is the Christ. Until Lucifer capitulates and strikes the flags of hell, then my friends, I pledge now and forever to fight every phase of the kingdom of evil. The great kingdom of God is made up of HIS household, of HIS race, and HIS sons, begotten of HIS spirit after the purposes of eternity, and begotten after the Adamic race the progeny of God in the earth. We have been placed here for one purpose alone . . . understand this tonight . . . whether the Senator from Honolulu likes it or not . . . which is all a part of the design of the New Frontier . . . and like it or not . . . and whether Africa or Asia likes it or not . . . we are the children of the Eternal God. We who comprise the great Christian nations of today are the household of the Eternal. And we are HIS kingdom. We have been placed here to bring the earth into submission and that kingdom into the acknowledgment of the Eternal Christ. --For no other purpose. The Universe belongs to our Father and all of the sidereal immensity is within the scope of HIS management. Archangels have ruled over it for us. And it is given to you to sit with HIM in the seat of authority. He has promised the expanse of HIS household like the sand of the seashore and the stars of the heavens. When we have one thousand six-hundred trillion suns, we will know how big the family is because that is the size of the solar system out there.

There is one thing about it. In that mighty name of Jesus or YAHSHUA, the whole family in heaven and earth is named. We are HIS household. Our relatives are above and our relatives are with us. Those who are with us in the dimensions of yesterday are our Father’s children. Our names were written in Divine records before the foundation of the earth. The history of our race on the earth in the last 7400 years has been one of rising ascent since our first fall. Since the violation and catastrophe of the seduction of Eve and the violation of law by Adam, we have watched the impact of that event and the intervention of God; and then the posterity of Seth, when God accepted this as the cleansing of the womb. And now Adam said, “I have begotten a man in my own image and in my own likeness, who in turn was in the likeness of the Father.” And from that Sethite house has come every White man on the face of the earth. We who today are the household of the Most High God, we make up the citizens of the western world. We are identified as your foundations of faith are in the great declarations of God in the laying down of HIS edict and in the declaration of HIS law, HIS selection of us as a people, a Holy Seed. We are proud to identify ourselves with the ancient word of --ISRAEL. And we deny this identification to the Satanic process called the Jew. I tell you tonight, whether you like it or not, that the clarity of these issues could not be overlooked without the attempt to do so by the Clergy. For the Most High has not only dealt with the differences of the people of earth and HE has made it quite clear that in the magnitude of HIS grace, it is the purpose of the Most High God to put everything in order. And out of the patterns since the beginning of time unto that hour the experiences of the people of earth, and of all who dwell upon it, have been outlined in God’s plan as HE moves to completion. Men will not only learn of HIS Grace, but they will learn of the ugliness of the violation of Divine law. And out of the background of Divine experience and out of Divine destiny, the patterns of what we call sin and the violations of law will become very repugnant to men. And it will not transpire again.

I point out to you that you and I are caught midway in the patterns of history, between the great fall of our race and the great patterns of destiny which God decreed for Himself and for you. Halfway between that and the futures of tomorrow, in which we are going to see a great new world order which the world has never witnessed before. We have come to the turning point of history. We have come to the testing time of the kingdom. We have come to the great age of struggle in which God has declared that the kingdom shall rise to the great height that HE has ordained, and we will overthrow the powers of darkness.

Now strange as it may seem, Lucifer has ruled this earth for thousands and thousands of years. He was most indignant at the establishment of your race upon the face of the earth. And that is where racism came into its greatest battle and struggle. Before this time the races had been mongrolized and mutated and destroyed. They fell from their original created status. Asiatic and African brought in with Luciferian forces are mutated, mongrelized and degenerated. The seeking of the mutation of your race and this kingdom of God, was a Luciferian idea. And he has never given it up. He not only works to seduce, destroy, mongrelize, and mutate until there would be no spiritual seed, no people lest out of captivity no people left to carry out the program of the kingdom. No knee would bow before the Eternal Christ. He has never stopped in seeking to destroy that. He has waged a relentless war upon the ethics and the concept of your race. He wants to capture the minds of your youth. His children control the motion picture industry and they control areas of television and of newspapers. Their goal is to corrupt and integrate the minds of your youth. To corrupt the entire standard of morality given to you by the laws of God. To break up your society, to laugh in the face of God until there is no seed left. But they have overlooked something. This is the fact that God said that “whatever I have determined to do I shall do. Whatsoever I have purposed to do, I SHALL DO.” No one is going to hinder and no one is going to stay it. And when God does something, this is for ever. Thus, HE says: “I am God and I shall do all that I proposed to do.” I point out to you that God has never lacked for the elements of victory whenever HE wants to bring this to pass and we are to bring about the total defeat of enemy. HE has the whole Universe in HIS hands. The Psalmist tells us that HE made it all. HE balances the heavens. HE brings forth the wind and HE sends the storms. HE causes the rise and fall of mountains. And HE sends the great areas of upheavals upon the various areas of creation. HE makes and HE molds according to HIS own plan. HE is not short in HIS ability to move the earth with HIS will. Nor is HE short in HIS ability to preserve HIS own people. HE has made it quite clear and HE has advocated in the content of HIS word that HE can be like a wall of fire about HIS people. He can be a strong tower of defense in their time of trouble. HE talks about setting up the great hosts of heaven and sending the great Archangel Michael in for your defense. When HE put you down here in earth, HE told you to occupy it. HE not only gave HIS assurance of HIS ability to restore you, but HE became HIS own atoning force consummated in HIS own embodiment. And upon the cross --crucified--became the emancipator of your society, as your Father, as the author of your race, as your kinsmen. And HE identified Himself with you as the Almighty embodiment of God by whom all things were made. HE has ordained that HE will save HIS kinsmen to the uttermost . . . every last single one of them.

So I point out tonight that we are in an hour of great crisis. We have the great braggart Khruschev walking the earth, and we had him even walking thru our nation. We have listened all thru the years of his bragging as he reached for this power. The present administration has been trying in every way to get along with him, making every kind of capitulation and every acquiescence to the massive Communist conspiracy major disarmament of heavy weapons.

Now you may plead the cause of the President and you may say that President Johnson desires to save the country from destruction of nuclear bombs, and that he is doing the best he can, the best he knows how. Well if this is the best he can do, then he should never be sent back to Washington. You say, “Why is that?” --Because your race is not to be guided by the words that come out of the household of the anti-Christ. You were to be guided by the word of God, by the plan of your Father. You were to be guided by HIS purpose and HIS declaration. You were to be guided on the background of past experiences. By the knowledge of identity and by what activates the enemy and whether it professes truthfulness, and whether you can depend upon it. In the course of our history, in the birth of the Soviet Union unto this hour, Russia has never kept her word. She has always failed with every nation with which she had an agreement. It has betrayed and destroyed and has mass massacred. I challenge you as Christians tonight to never forget those millions of Christians put to death the first two years of the Communist revolution. When Lenin was rising to power and when Khruschev was a very young man, he joined with Stalin in the massacre of Christians. And he gave the orders which liquidated those in the areas in which he went to school. Someone said that we should be praying 'Father forgive them for they know not what they do.’ But don't be asinine. God never told you to pray a prayer like that. HE was praying that prayer on the Cross for those poor Roman soldiers who were forced to do something that they did not know anything about. HE was not talking about the Jews, for they knew what they were doing all of the time. They said, "Let HIS blood be upon us and upon our children.” HE was praying for those poor Roman soldiers who were forced to do what they did because the orders had come down, after the Jews took control of things.

I point out to you tonight that when we remember the death of the Christians by the millions, when we remember that this was carried on and over 43 million were put to death, torn apart, boiled in oil, and placed in every form of torture unprecedented in history since the days of the 'inquisition,’ I point out that they continue to add all of these conditions of catastrophe until they have spread out into 'Iron Curtain' countries, those White nations behind the Iron Curtain. They have carried their butchery against your Faith and your Race everywhere. Someone said, “What should we do?” My friends, the prayers of the Saints should be reaching heaven, for the judgment of God upon the enemy. Do you know what the word saints is? It comes from the word Santest and it means believing offspring. This is not just someone who goes to church somewhere, they are the believing offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD. THEY ARE NOT ONLY THE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD, BUT THEY ARE THE BELIEVING HOUSEHOLD. And they are a very potent people.

We turn over here and we speak of the lightnings and the thundering and the earthquakes. And we have told you before that the prayers of the believing offspring rose and the Angel before the throne turned like a great censor of incense and announced that the great judgment of the prayers of the Saints has come upon the earth. Then you get your lightening and your earthquakes and your judgments. Someone said that we should not be praying for judgment against the enemy. But my friends, if it is worth fighting for, then it is worth praying for? Someone says, “What does prayer do?” It catalyzes the greatest force in the children of God which can be catalyzed upon the human consciousness. It adjusts men to the great purposes and power of God. So prayer has to start with God or it is not worth anything. It moves thru you on its passage to God and returns thru your consciousness. You say, “Should we pray for the judgment of God?” Yes, we should pray for God's judgment upon the communist revolution. And upon those who serve, and finance and carry it on here. We should call for the judgment of God upon every unit of anti-Christ society inside of the Christian nations. Someone said, “I don't know--I live pretty close to some.” Well, then move. If you have not had the sense to keep the door closed against the anti-Christ and the powers of darkness, if you have not had enough force to make your principals of society stand, then my friends, you better protect your society and live in units of your own kind. I tell you tonight that the kingdom of God authorizes the segregation of God's people from all of the people of the world order and all of the powers of darkness. And God had ordained that you are to come out from among them and be ye separate, or segregated. What fellowship has the temple of darkness with the temple of light? There is no doubt of the fact that your bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and their’s is the temple of devil’s. And this world order that is run by International Communists Jewry, or even if it does not have the Communist label, or they have a Kiwanis button on, they still support the whole conspiracy thru some branch of the socialist revolution. This is all the same crowd. And it is all Mystery Babylon. And you can turn over here in the book of Revelation and find out who are the occupants who lives in Mystery Babylon. Every devil, every evil and unclean spirit. You see, God has more courage than the preachers today. HE just said who lived there. “I tell you who lives in Babylon.” And it turns out that they are bankers, and International financiers, Jews, and conspirators, organizers of craft and destruction. Some people said we should not discuss this. But I tell you that we should discuss anything in this Book that we need to know. Someone said, “But we have to be pretty careful. Did you see what the President said?” Yes--but there are a lot of things he says that I do not know whether he figures these things out himself or the knuckleheads around him figure them out. Listen to this:-- “I predict that if I am elected, this extreme group which has affected this country will have the spotlight put on them I will give them all of the publicity that they want. We will give the publicity to the Birch Society and all others that preach Hate. We will have their roots pulled out in the open and the American people are going to see them. I will give it to them.”

All right, my friends. If you are a John Bircher or a Patriot, or belong to any conservative group and you don't work for the rejection of President Johnson, you are rather foolish. For he has promised to get you if he is reelected. Someone said, "Do you think he will be reelected and get us?” No. I think Michael is going to grab him by the hair. Some people are so worried about the devil getting them, that they never have time to find him. The thing that would surprise me would be if the devil won. That would surprise me. You know we must not underestimate the power of our enemy. We must be aware of him. And we have to be awful careful that we do not exalt him. There are some people running around exalting the devil until they have the children of God so scared that they won't do anything. It is essential that we liken the children of God to their empowered destiny until they have the vision and the courage to drive the devil out of America. But let’s send him somewhere else. Just get him out of here.

Now I turn back to the pattern of the days we have lived here. We have built up institutions to disarm America, to control world arms, to pass authority and power over to world government, when God told us to get out of this and not to be associated with these people and nations that do not recognize Jesus Christ. These nations with their pagan gods and their dark societies . . . we have been told to come out from among them and not to be joined unto them. And when the nations of the world all join a confederacy, then God says you GET OUT. May a judgment fall upon the house and upon every political leader who would embroil these United States and the other nations of God's kingdom into a conspiracy with pagan nations and pagan gods, and who do not recognize Jesus the Christ. Oh, you say, we cannot make the whole world believe like we do? Oh, yes, we are going to make the whole world believe like we do and don't you forget it. For every knee is going to bow and every tongue proclaim that Jesus is the Christ. The only thing which slows down our seeing that every knee shall how, is people standing back and saying -- ‘we can't do it.’ Who said that we can't do it? We don't have to keep these rascals. All we have to do is get in there and say, “Let’s go.” I was told the other day that the worst thing to happen to America would be for these 'right wing extremists' to come in, and then you would never have any peace with the Soviet Union. Well, I think that whole ball of yarn and that whole ball of wax all melted at once didn't it?

Peace with the Soviet Union?--Let's take a look at the trap. We have spent millions of dollars and got less for our money than at any time in our history. And got less defense. I think that America has might and power. I think that we have a lot of tactical ones. And I think we have a lot of them right now in Europe for her defense. But I also know that we have a silly electronic lock on them. You say, “What do you mean?” Turn to the U.S. News this week, and see who controls the nuclear weapons out there in that field. We have an electronic lock. By some magic formula, the President has to take down the box and give some kind of a coded message to Europe, and they have to turn on that little bitsy set and wait for the message. And then we can all be in on this and then we can use them. Ever hear of anything like that? Suppose that communications broke down. Suppose something went wrong and we would have weapons that we could not use. The enemy could be pouring in and we would have to wait for a man by the name of Johnson to say if we could use our weapons. And he just got thru promising that we would not use them. No wonder the armies of our allies are worried. They are wondering just what kind of a defense we do have. We have junked our heavy rifles and our speed guns, and thrown out the mortars. We have cut back on the great anti-aircraft. And we have reduced the number of weapons that we use for new weapons. And then we put a lock on them and they have to turn the key in Washington. I don't care if it is Barry Goldwater, or the Republican party, or angry men in the military. I think it is time that you and I realize that we are on the eve of Armageddon. And we are waiting for the return of Jesus Christ and we will be fighting the enemy when HE comes. So let’s make a good account of ourselves. Someone said, “Oh, Dr. Swift, you don't believe that?” Yes, I believe that. I believe that you are close to the greatest upheaval in all history. And I also think that the die has been cast and the Soviet Union has decided that they want to move a little differently.

There are those who say that they removed Mr. Khruschev because of his health. No.-- They removed Mr. Khruschev because they want to step up a policy that he wanted to delay on for projectives of his own cunning. But lets face it. --Devils fall out. And I am glad they fall out. And don't argue that thieves don't fall out. For they do. That is why there are battles and strife even among the enemy. Why shouldn't there be? There should be more strife among devils than among Christians. And heaven knows---there is enough strife among Christians. Why did Khruschev find himself suddenly demoted? A great personality clash has existed between a Mongolian devil and a Chinese devil. General Mao wanted to rule the Communist world---Mr. Khruschev said, “I retain this.” And tho the Soviet Union as a safe precaution by the Communitariot had been organized into different deputies in different forms of government with their secretaries of Agriculture and their Secretaries of Defense with their areas of metallurgy areas of production and their industries and designs, with their great orders of symbols like they tried to put in America in the days of Roosevelt. And we have been running on numbers and words ever since. Mr. Khruschev came to power. He had replaced others. For other men before him had heard his criticism. He said those other men wanted too much glory and personal power. He said, “If I come to power, we are going to get the cooperation of all orders of power and we are going to carry the objectives of Communism to all the world until the Red Star flies over every country.” These are the premises of Mr. Khruschev when he stood before the Pursidiom to take over. After taking over, it was only a matter of days before he had two titles already. He was First Secretary of the Communist Party as well as Premier. He had abolished two offices and taken them, himself. And then he started a purge which liquidated great areas of his own compatriots. Of course, I never sobbed while he was murdering devils who had killed Christians. I was rather amused that the devil was killing devils in his greed. I was just amused. For remember when he cried out trying to make Jesus unacceptable to the masses? He cried out, “HE has a devil.” And there was nothing more evil to be said of Christ than that HE had a devil. And the devil stirred up his own devils the Jews, so they would say that Jesus had a devil so that the good people would not follow HIM. You know the most terrible thing to say about a Christian or a patriot today? Do you know what the most terrible thing to say about him would be? That would be to say he was a Jew and all of the right wing would be suspect and half of them would go home. So he said, “Well they don't like us, so we will say that Jesus also has a devil.” But Jesus just looked at them and HE said, “Now, if you are so righteous and I have a devil, then if the devil fights the devil WILL HIS KINGDOM BE DESTROYED?” Tonight I am very glad they are fighting one another, for we need all of the division we can create in the Soviet Union. Instead of helping them to get along we should help them fight one another.

However, in this instance, Mr. Khruschev planned a very careful strategy. He did not like Mao, and Mao did not like him. So they could say with heated expression the words of attack. But inside and under cover and behind this cover, there was no falling-out between the Soviet Union and Red China. Most Presidents have been wrong in working with Red China. For last week the Red Chinese broke a nuclear bomb. So now they have joined the Nuclear Club. But Red China has been manufacturing nuclear weapons for 2000 years. But Red China could not have broken thru if the Soviet Union had not helped her and captive scientists, Jewish brains with their stolen American secrets had not been there.

I want you to remember how Red China got the nuclear bomb. She got it from 'know how' given to her from Soviet scientists who had stolen it with Jew spies from the United States and Canada . . . and from Chinese spies who we were silly enough to let come to the U.S. to study in our Universities and our laboratories of physics right here in our state. The Soviet Union supplied radioactive isotopes in the finest masses of compact uranium. Some of the most necessary substances and the necessary instruments were supplied, as Russia created the nuclear materials for Red China. The book ‘Soviet Military Strategy' made it quite clear. After we had captured the book and translated it and printed it in English, and distributed it among our allies, then we were not smart enough to believe that they knew what they were doing, even tho they wrote a book. They said that they were going to create an area of discord between the Soviet Union and China. “We have created a mistrust between us and Red China and make it look like we have hostilities. We will have troops along our borders. And we will decry the savagery with which Red China calls for immediate conquest, or we make war. And thus we will be drawn close to the bosom of our enemy. And if war comes it would be between Red China and the Western Hemisphere, in the Pacific and on the continent of North America. When America becomes involved and starts to use her nuclear arsenal, do we have to ask for permission? We will not be involved until weakened by the war of nutrition? No, we will not strike until we are ready. But we shall destroy this enemy of ours, the enemy of the Red Revolution.” Remember how Lenin said that they would deceive us with false patterns of hate? And when we felt sure that Communism had become civilized then they would suddenly crush us with the mail stick?

Remember that this world belongs to my Father and HE gave it to my forefathers, and you and I, because we are HIS children, and promised that HE was going to join us in establishing the rule of HIS kingdom. HE said, “Go ahead and take it over, for I have given you the ends of the earth and the heathen for thy inheritance.” Thus therefore any acquiescence to the powers of darkness for the continual rule of this world by communism and anti-Christ Jewry is not, my friends, is not something for you to support. It is something for you to crush. I listened to the songs and singing and to the hypocritical clergy as they said:-- ‘LORD, LORD,’ and then served the anti-Christ with their sermon. They said we must seek to bring the world together. We must seek to bring it together with love and compassion and with understanding. This my friends, is all right if you are talking about the children of the kingdom. This is all right if you are talking about the household of God. But I am going to tell you something. You better not try to bring the world together with compassion by bringing the devil into your bosom because you understand psychologically that he is a devil. I know why he is a devil, because I know his father, because I know of the mutation. And that he cannot help it because he is a devil for his father was a devil. But I do not want to preserve his deviltry. I go back to the first statement that God made to my first earthly father. And HE said, “I place enmity between thy seed and the seed of the serpent.” And then HE said, “I will tell you what we will do. We are going to crush the head of that serpent.” That said ‘CRUSH,’ my friends. Not stroke. Look out for the Clergy who want to stroke instead of crush the head of the serpent.

Someone said, “But this is not Peace.” No, but there is only one Peace. Not as the world understands peace, but as God speaks of Peace unto you, as HE makes known unto you the purposes and you find yourself in the center of HIS Will. A Peace that can pass all understanding . . . WHEN EVERY KNEE IS BOWED, WHEN EVERY TONGUE PROCLAIMS, THAT THIS THE ETERNAL CHRIST, WHOM YOU KNOW AS JESUS, YAHSHUA, GOD.

Now let me point this out to you tonight. Thru this very process the Soviet Union has been training men thru out all of the days of the Revolution. We have talked to you in the past and now have supported evidence and more documentation in the last few weeks of the skilled training with which the Communist infantry has been given and the education that has been given concerning the eatable shrubs and even the eatable insects on American soil. You can walk thru the dusty forest of California and say you could not eat anything here unless you want to eat pine needles. But let me tell you something. All over in that forest are all kinds of eatable things. Along every stream, on its banks is food that would look like a lush salad to the average Chinaman who even eats the grass in his own lawn. And a handbook has been put out, distributed among the troops. And you know?--it is not what to eat in China because there is not much to eat in China, but it is what to eat in North America. I think it is about time when men who want to be President of the United States, that when they furnish a book as to what to eat in the forests and along the brooks, when they take our lands, that they mean business. In fact, I can tell you this. You could take the average Chinese soldier and put him in the woods in Canada down to California and he would eat better than you would. For you would not know what to eat when you got out in those woods. You are so well clothed and so well fed by the bounties of God because HE blesses everything you put your hand to, that you have so much food, you don't know what to do with it. You produce the kind of food that you want to eat and you live high on the grains and high on the dairy products, and on the beef market. And unfortunately, we are now giving all of this to the world so we won't have so much. But God has still blessed you and you are still the best fed people in the world. You don't have to go out in the hills and the forest and the fields and eat the morsels that can be found there. But listen, my friends, your enemy does.

Someone said, “We can understand why the enemy wants to march. He has never been well fed.” Well they are now finding areas of production now to feed the Red Army. In fact the best fed person in Red China today is the Red Army.

Now I point this out to you. Someone said, “My, I feel sorry for our enemy.” Well don't feel so sorry that you feed them. It is much better to fight them on an empty stomach than on a full one. You cannot march an army hungry as well as you can or as fast as you can one that is well fed. But our enemies have had the support of the planners of the Soviet Union.

While we are talking about the fact that we do not have to worry about nuclear parity, we developed the first nuclear explosion. And we set off the explosion above that city, the elements that turned that city to powder, dust and flames. We set off the mighty juggernaut of mighty power which moved out of the Western world when it was sufficiently angry. Someone said, “Can you justify that explosion?” Well, I am forced to admit that the enemy was willing to surrender before we dropped that bomb. But that did not meet the warlords plans who wanted to determine the end of the war. So we dropped the bomb and the world saw its power. But I want you to know that it was the Greenglasses, and all of the other conspirators who stole the secrets from us and Canada and passed them over to the Soviet Union. And it was the failure of the FBI, the U.S. Government, who knew about this transfer and then let it slip thru their fingers, until this deadly data fell into the hands of the enemy. Then the Soviet Union produced the Soviet Holocaust that marks the end of the age. For it was this great umbrella of flame, this pillar of smoke, that marks the end of the age, the last days. No wonder that we need the assurance of this Book. For we have been given the assurance that “if My people will ask for deliverance, then I will give them deliverance.” And, my friends, deliverance not by acquiescence, and not by retreat . . . but by victory. If we need strength, we have all of the hosts of heaven standing by. And don't you forget, my friends, they are standing by. The signs are in the sky and the power is at hand. So we point out to you that in this hour of the development of nuclear strength of Red China, that Mr. Khrushchev was going to bargain with it to the seating of Red China in the United Nations. Thus, we could control this new member of the Nuclear family.

But we have never controlled anyone in the United Nations as of yet. Did you know that? The silliest piece of so-called assurance and the deadliest peace has been the United Nations. It has bled the people of God with its dues and its taxes. And it is just the city of Babylon, the Mystery of the Beast. We have not had any Peace in the world. This institution is pagan Peace for those who wanted it, even in the nucleus and the new born desire for freedom. All this institution has done is to help drive the White man out of Africa, the White man out of Asia. And when he left, civilization crumbled. And in its place came chaos, revolution and evil. Out went the standards of Christ and Civilization and in came the witch doctor and communism to fill the vacuum. You can thank the United Nations for that. And you can thank also the leadership that was below the standards for the highest offices of this land. They helped to bring about those catastrophes like the rape of the Congo and the suppression of the Belgians or the sympathy for the people of Portugal. Of the abandonment of our other friend, like Holland, and other Christian nations. The best thing that ever happened to the earth was when the White man marched thru it with baptism and faith. And his armies with their vast technological knowledge held the masses of those native Witchdoctors and savages in check.

The devil said, “All we have to do is to develop a program, a four-point program. (this is a 'know how' program.) We will run all over the earth and we will teach these people to do all of these things which they do not know how to do. Then the whole world will accept civilization and our problems will be over.”

I want to ask you a question tonight. Why do you think that your race of 7400 years is a technical know-how? Why do you think that your race with only 1/6 of the population of the world, has produced more than all of the rest of the world put together? Why do you think this is? It is because the Spirit of God which rests in the seat of your conscious mind inspires ideas and vision. Because HE gives you creative ideas and force. Because HE gives you the driving dynamics and conditions and you go ahead and make it. It is the blessing of God upon you that gives you the 'know-how.’ And it is the blessing of God upon you that has given you your production and the high caste of your society.

Now you want the enemy of God to have the same thing? Well, my friends, HE is never going to pour this out upon HIS enemies and give them HIS leadership. So what do you have? --You do not have 'have' nations unless they are Christian nations, unless they steal it, or you give it to them. HE has warned you against giving HIS blessings to HIS enemies. You know you have heard the words:--- ‘our treacherous leaders have dealt treacherous with us.’ --'Our leanness, our leanness.' This, because we have given the enemies of God the blessings that the Father has given us. So we may come up short sometimes because of this. I tell you tonight that all that you give the world order is not appreciated by the world order and they will blackmail you for more. If you think that you have bought any of these devil and made Christians out of them, you will find that you have not bought them. If you think that you have won them to the support of the stars and stripes, this is in error. For you have not accomplished this. You have just burdened your own people.

Someone said, “But Dr. Swift, we can produce so much we do not know what to do with it.” Well, then let’s learn to store it. Then if we have so much we can't store it anymore, let’s take a vacation.

Just because 7400 years ago your forbearers violated Divine law, and God put upon them a judgment as God said that they had to work by the sweat of their brow, they would have to pull weeds to get a garden. All of this catastrophe was to teach us a lesson. And now almost 7500 years later, redeemed, atoned for, reevaluated, and consciously aware of our Sonship endowed with HIS Holy Spirit, you do not have to work at the same level to save out soul. You think that you have to work six or seven days a week to produce enough food? Then you are very foolish. For your very earth, its energy and technological genius has harnessed the water its sources of power. What you have to do is learn to eliminate the Jewish mind from your society, and then disperse your goods thru out your society. And when you have learned this, you will live in an era of prosperity, not, my friends, in poverty. We will not then elect presidents on a poverty program, but on a prosperity program. I want to say this before we go on. Do not be fooled by this wonderful business prosperity. They are trying to sell us on the fact if we elect Mr. Johnson it will be a great prosperity era. Do you know that in your own state and in whole areas of Idaho that they are lucky if they can get $75.00 take home pay? After they have worked at the wages of contract and defense, and after we have pulled the rug out from under the farmer, the dairy farmer, and from under the mining industry, and have left areas of unemployment and people are being hired at lower and lower wages, and with less and less work, and this, my friends, because we have had administrations that have accepted the world's program of Communism and Socialism. This is the strategy. And if they did not know the difference, then they are not smart enough to lead us. If they did not know the difference, they should be repudiated and impeached.

Someone said, “We are on the edge of inflation.” Yes, we are on the edge of the greatest inflation in history and without the high wage standards that they tell you that accompany it. I point out to you that the great massive design of Red China is to invade America. They want to invade with the help of the Soviets. A corridor has been cut from the Bering Strait all the way across Mongolia. Oh, they say it was just there. But they set up a lot of barbed wire and canteens, and some emergency hospitalization and all of the things an army would need to march 1400 miles. And they had machine gun nests along the line. And what were they for if not to be sure the army didn't climb the fence? Well, I think that is smart even for the Russians. Just remember that China is awfully big and their people can come like ants. Deadly ants with the power of death. So the best way to get along with them while they march thru your land is to keep them inside of the wire. So Soviet Russia has set this up. And when she uses manpower against you, then she intends to use the manpower of China according to this blueprint.

I want to make this clear to you. All over Russia a bunch of satellites were chafing under Mr. Khruschev. This was holding them back from their division day. They have long aspired for this attack against the Western world. Albania, a small Communist country, but with deadly infiltration inside of Italy, has been waiting for the day when they can pour out and overrun the riches of the west, run over Rome and destroy it. They have been unhappy when Khrushchev said, “Wait--not yet. If we can get acquiescence, and if we can take the country, we will not destroy it.” But they did not want to wait. China has always called for attack and she wanted Russia to supply them with more missiles and to help in the sudden attack on Western Europe while they suddenly gobbled up the rest of Asia.

Now we have been told, and this discreetly so, that there is a lack of weapons that Russia and Red China could not fight a war now, that they are not ready and therefore all of this is bluff. Well, if a bluff, my friends, it was a common seeking in the commissaries of the world. Finally the design for increasing the food production of Russia with the American wheat that came from India and then sold to the Russians. They sowed this wheat in all of the great Tundras of the Steppes. The tearing up of miles of grasslands to sow it for the first time. This would be food for the Russian army to march for her conquest of the world. While you were not smart enough to know and your leadership did not tell you that a Russia well fed would have attacked the western world. Would have attacked them in hours past. But God looked down on the strategy of your enemy and HE smiled. And out of the high mountains came the twisting, whirling winds. It came down across the Russian Steppes and down across the Russian newly sowed wheat. And it cut the wheat seed out of the ground. And it cut this newly turned soil and created the greatest dust storms in history, and moved out across the Russias. It even moved high over the Ural mountains and marched across the Ukraine. And when the time came for the seedlings of wheat to come up, then nothing happened. God had blown it out of the ground. HE had moved against the bread basket of your enemy. So they tried it again. They said they had not tilled the soil deep enough. They had not turned enough fallow soil. They must increase the production and they must find ways to irrigate where possible. But no procedure was started to accomplish this across the vast steppes. Khruschev said, “This year we will have no problem. We will catch the snow and the rain that we have always had. So we will wait until we have enough moisture in the ground.” And they planted it again.

Last year with the promise of more food and more wheat, then God struck again. This time HE waited until the blades got up about an inch and 1/2 high, and HE just cut it off. They had destroyed some of their best grazing land, but had produced no wheat.

Now Mr. Khruschev had 100 reasons why this had transpired. He said, “There are certain men who have to be moved from the department of Agriculture and others have to be move also. And they did not accomplish their job and we can't have any failures.’ But he was not fooling the commentariat. For they said, “we do not have the time to grow the food we will need. So we will have to march and take it.” Mr. Khruschev did not know, but last week when entertaining the representative of the Department of State, of France, his astronauts were circling the world in a space ship. He was talking to them in an attitude of pride in their attainments as his astronauts circled, bragging that the Russian space ships could threaten the earth, and he got a phone call “Come on down at once to Moscow. You have to take your seat with the rest of the secretariat, for they have called the Comintern.” A little bit disturbed and somewhat nervously, he told his French guest, “I am leaving, for I have a little business to attend to and I have to meet this Cosmonaut.” The French guest did not think too much of this, for he knew of the Russian cosmonaut. But there in the Kremlin a sweating red faced Mr. Khruschev now faced the Commiserate. Yes, he had been ruthless for Soviet Communism. He had worked tirelessly for this dictator power to establish what he thought would perpetuate his dynasty. He had laughed at God and man, and he had boasted and he had lied. And had been chief among devils. And now he stood pleading his cause, “I don't blame you for calling me in. I have framed men who shall take my place if something happens. I should not be deposed now. Great areas of the providence depends on my statesmanship. I have a meeting with the Bonn government coming up. I have a summit meeting with America and Britain after the elections. There should be no disturbance of this.”

As I look at this situation, I look at this group of stern faced men, trained by Mr. Khruschev himself. --There sat another Mongolian Jew and a Khazar. We are told that these men were not unfriendly to Khruschev, but they were none the less firm. You say, “We do not know all that went on there.” But we know what passed. For immediately authority outside that Kremlin. They said, “We have been firm and the Comintern voted to remove every area of authority from Mr. Khruschev.” You know the lowest office that Mr. Khruschev had was the authority that belongs to a member of the world's Soviet organization. This organization has about 3000 members and in the upper bract about 1300 are in the upper level. And they even stripped him of his membership in this group. They not only removed him, but their demoted him down past the 1300 group.

Now you say, “Why did they remove him, when he had accomplished his objective, when he needed more time to see if it would work?” No, the program had always been when no more resistance could come, the Soviet Union would crush and absorb all of the little states or territories within their grasp. Khruschev said, “You think that I have been soft, but in these paws are the sharp talons of the cunning cat.” All right it was not enough. Stern faces looked down. And one by one they voted Mr. Khruschev out.

Then out of Washington comes concern. Out of the high areas of our State Department comes concern and even out of the White House comes concern. Pretty rough on the poor old man. They crushed him like a spider. My friends, then maybe even Communism will learn that there is no reward for those who serve the devil. If they grabbed the weapons of butchery tonight and slaughtered one another the world might thank God for deliverance. This is what happened one day when the Midianites attacked Israel. This is what happened, my friends, when high on the hill they broke the pitchers and raised high the standards of Israel. And they thought that the armies of heaven were falling upon them. So they turned on one another and killed one another. When the battle was almost over, then Israel marched down and cleaned up all that was left.

Do you know what our only mistake was in early days of our history? It was because we spared some of them, because we thought they were good looking. The only failure on the part of David was that in carrying out the war against the Cainanites and others was that some were spared. If he had wiped them all out, then there would not be a pawn shop in L.A. today. Think that over. You say, “We should not talk like that.” Then why don't you tell them what David failed to do and what we are stuck with.

The Soviet Union plans . . . and I hold in my hands the evidence of the suppression of facts as to how the Soviet Union was treating our representatives in Southwest Asia. We have had 40 of them locked up and mistreated. Last weeks reports from the State Department show this and that they suppressed this report because they did not want Americans

to take on an anti-Soviet viewpoint. Away with a mess like this and let’s get men who will take a stand for America. I think it is time we told this State Department that we are not sending one American into any place where we cannot back him up with the U.S. Army, Navy and Air force. There was a proud day once on earth where an English man could walk anywhere in the world. And they knew that if they put one finger on that man then soon the British Empire would back it up. Thus an Englishman could walk thru hostile country and know that behind him was the Throne of the LORD and its strength. And an American citizen . . . after we taught the pirates of Tripoli what it meant . . . was safe on the high seas, and American seamen knew that they would not fall to the pirates and become captives. And the world watched this growing young nation and became aware that if anyone dared to put a hand on an American citizen that this young nation would strike with deadly might, all out of proportion to its size.

And now one of the most powerful nations of the world and we have to apologize for cowardice in leadership. God give us tall men, sun browned men. And those that know that call know that this is the cry that America needs.

Let me tell you this. In these hours just before us the scripture tells us, and the strategy of the enemy is made clear. Red China has the nuclear bomb. Russia has been supplying her needs and has been supplying her with her aircraft. And the design of these two leaders is to say, ‘yes, we want peace.’ They do not want us to get on guard. But these two men want a world united strong Communist force. And they say that Red China and Russia must always stand together. Thus Albania stands with Red China and will again stand with Russia when she joins with China. Mr. Tito also wants a Communist victory. And he wants it to be so big and so powerful, so that he feels relatively safe. He has upset the power in Africa and Castro has within the last forty-eight hours, started a new revolution within South America.

Now what does the scripture say? --In the 38th and 39th chapters of Ezekiel, the scripture tells us that these hoards are going to come against the mountains of Israel. They come by air and on the ground. And they come by the ocean and across that great corridor of the north. What would they be coming for? To take this great land of un-walled villages. The only place in the world where MY people dwell safely without walled villages, without defenses and great barricades. With the friendly land of Ephraim to the north and a part of Simeon to the south, we stand without walls and fortifications. There has been partial mongrolization to the south and it has weakened that strength. Enemies have moved in to spear head ‘fifth column’ invasions into our country, and they move in secret agents. There is no way of knowing how many secret agents came in from Mexico. But I will tell you this. A whole lot more came in by way of Mrs. Roosevelt, with all of the deception we have had from that day to this to let people get by immigration quotas. Today in the idea of exchanging knowledge and education, we have let more of the people in. So you say, “What are we going to do?”

All right the election of these two men to power in Asia means a secret Asia. It was the secret arm of Korea that proved to our State Department that Russia had the missiles in Cuba to begin with, and then brought the information out that she had not moved them either. This is material that has been suppressed, but it has been reaching men in key positions. And we were told that the Khruschev plan called for an attack in late 1965. The Red Chinese wanted it earlier. But the design was to take America off guard, to get us to acquiesces to nuclear disarmament, and then have us face the millions of ant-like Chinese. I want to point out something. We do not want disarmament to make nuclear weapons. I am going to tell you that 30 years from now, there will be 30 nations in the nuclear club. But there will not be any 20 years from now like this. If the time was not important for the Elects sake, there would not be anybody left on earth. But the time shall be shortened. So the agreement between Chow and Mao was that the Negroes under Richard Williams, the advocate that caused the riots at Rochester and at Philadelphia, who met with Kenyatta and Mumbo while he was alive, and he made an agreement with the Chinese for shock troops to overthrow the Whites in the United States. And they wanted to move early this fall. And the Chinese wanted to move late in the fall. But they were promised that if any force was used against the Negroes that Red China would join. How could Red China promise this unless she knew that there would not be any roadblocks on the Premier?

I tell you that we are standing in a prophetic hour. I think it fantastic that so many heads still rattle because they have so much empty brain inside their skull. It says here that ‘we do not in this instance, know how to analyze the dismissal of Mr. Khrushev.’ I am reading now from the papers that quote the White House. It says that ‘first Premier of the Soviet Union has lost his two top jobs. Now, it must be recognized that we are in a period of change over and uncertainty. And such a time we need experience at the head of our government who understands this. There is no man in America better at this job than Lyndon Bains Johnson. The dismissals in Moscow are the strongest argument for the election of Mr. Johnson as President.’ I do not know which Soviet officer had this written whether the first Secretary or the Premier. But if they in Moscow dictate that we have nobody in America for this job, then I am most suspect.

Now what does Mr. Johnson know about what happened in Moscow than Mr. Johnson, and what do they know in Moscow about the death of Mr. Kennedy that no one else knows? And what do they know that they have agreed to be still about? What is the master strategy?

Listen. These are read by Dragon seeds. I read some of the record of the Jewish community which did not want the constant fear of anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union to turn Jews against Russia, which was their great idealistic and socialistic ally. Therefore they repudiate that there has been any persecution of Jews in the Soviet Union. And then detail the fact that from the highest areas of the commissaries, from the area of the control of the podium to all areas of the chamber of deputies, down to control of agriculture, defense, industry, and the area of eventual security for the Soviet Union is all in the hands of Jewish Soviet Workers. Well, we knew this all of the time. But they were telling their own people--- ‘don't pour it on too thick, we do not want you to turn anti-Soviet, for this is our baby.’

All right, I point out to you then that the design is quite clear. A sudden attack as far as China is concerned, a long war of nutrition to try to get the disarmament pledge, and no nuclear weapons, get rid of all of the nuclear weapons, and then they will get ready for an invasion across the Bering Sea. Then Red China will get ready for her attack on America and Russia will wait until we have weakened ourselves and then she will strike.

Now I am going to tell you something. The Soviet Union was loading nuclear weapons far out in the steppes in the McCaulley Valley. And they were loading weapons to be used against you. And then God flexed HIS muscles and a mountain slid side-wise and put a great dam over this valley. And the water came down and all of those factories went under the water and the mud. This was not too far from the famed city of Sammerkand back in the days when the Jews of Europe delivered that city to the Khan of Asia, Genghis Khan’s hoards. The Jews of the city of Venice did this. They had all of the Asiatics busy loading these weapons and then God just flexed HIS muscles and all of that disappeared and was no more. That happened last fall. God just flexed HIS muscles and a great mountain moved.

But how could they move all of that dirt in time? And most all of the Soviet Nuclear weapon factories were gone when God fought for HIS people. Yes, they saved the city of Sammerkand, but most of the Soviet Nuclear works were gone.

Now I turn to these words: -- “That old Dragon went forth to make war with your race. And the Dragon cast water like a flood out of his mouth to destroy your race. And God said, ‘yes, I will fight for your race.’ And the Dragon went forth to make war with all of the seed of the woman left upon the earth.” And if it had not been for the help of God, then the Roosevelts, the Trumans, and the Eisenhowers and Kennedys would have surrendered long ago. Surrendered those who carry the testimony of Jesus Christ. But God said that Babylon is going to fall. And some of the cities along the coasts that are controlled by Babylon will fall and they will disappear like a great millstone thrown into the sea. This is the reason why Zechariah says that down in Palestine and in Tel-Aviv that the desolation of the desolator is down there and that land is to be turned over. And some will end up in the bottom of the Red Sea.

So turn then to Isaiah, and the prophet says that the enemy moves like the great sound of rushing waters, then we will see these great ships of heaven moving. Whirling things will skip across the hills and these will be the circling saucers of Michael. HE says, “I will drive the enemy like the tumbleweed before the wind.” The scriptures say that at eve’n time’ the tremendous hoards would strike. But in the morning, they are no more. I tell you tonight that we face one of the greatest developments in history. The mood of the Kremlin is now to speed up the conquest of the world. But God, my friends, knows all about it even if your leadership doesn't. The only thing you need to do is plan for victory, talk victory, and talk overthrow of the darkness. The enemy strategy is race war and assault. But the plan of God is for victory and purification of HIS nation until there will not be a Cainanite left in the house of God.

I turn again to one of Israelis leading communist in the past century, and he said, “We must realize that one of our most powerful weapons is racial tension. And by propounding it into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been abused and oppressed by the Whites, then we will mold them to the program of the communist party. In America we will aim for victory while inflaming the minority against the Whites. We will endeavor to instill in the Whites a complex of guilt and charge them with exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negro to rise in prominence in every walk of life thru the professions of sports and entertainment. We will create for them a prestige. And the Negro shall be able to intermarry with the Whites. And this will begin a process to deliver America to our cause.” That is quote and unquote . . . and right out of the Congressional record.

Now I take out of the B'nai B’rith:--- “We have led the Negro Revolution. We have stimulated as American Jews for the same objective as the Communist party, because the twin specters of Zionism and Communism are one.”

All right should we tremble? No. We should take faith and move with hope and recognize today that every design to destroy us and crush us becomes obvious. All of the hosts of darkness want to integrate our society and crush our existence. They say ‘vote no’ on Proposition 14 and every intelligent Christian knows in his heart that he has to vote ‘yes.’ Silly churchmen like the new head of the Presbyterian church is a Negro.

The only thing that I like about this is that it does put Blake in second place to a Negro and that is about his level. But every Presbyterian in America should be ashamed of himself. When you have to go to the soulish jungle to get a head for a great Christian church, every Scotsman should repudiate this wing of it. And every Presbyterian should join a Christian church next week.

The day that Negroes stand in the pulpit of Jesus Christ Christian, we will be in some far-off planet working on something new. And they will be an entirely new race from what they are today. But until that happens and as long as we are here, the Church of Jesus Christ shall stay White and Christian.

Someone said, “Don't you think there should be some place the Negroes should go?” Yes, I think they should go to a Negro church, or over to Jagers, or some place like that.

I point out to you tonight that never has there been such a pressure to crush every possibility of you protecting yourself with your own state rights. Do you know, that the Governor took one of the aides that you pay for and released him with your money so that he could go out and propagandize for this campaign? Do you know what the U.S. News said? They say that, ‘the ‘yes votes’ are way ahead of the no votes, irrespective of the propaganda. So all of the churches who will not take a stand for God, and will not fulfill God’s oracle are telling the people what to do. And it is wrong.

All right then when people get inside of that booth and there is no preacher looking over their shoulder, then they automatically vote ‘YES.’ For they still want their children to be White, and they want their community to be clean. I want to tell you this tonight, that when the earth fights for the Kingdom of God, it is going to swallow up a large part of the scourge of the earth. And God can do it. For HE can flex HIS muscles and ripple the earth at any time. And the world is going to know . . . and every knee is going to bow and every tongue shall proclaim that Jesus Christ is LORD for the glory of the Father, whose manifestation HE IS.


End of message.