When God Was Tried In Earth, 3-29-64



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-29-64

As we talk to you about the day they tried God in earth, it opens up the facets of the trial of Jesus. It opens up the important areas of the animosity of certain of those who were against Christ, how they operate and think. Leopards do not change their spots. Children follow in the course of their fathers. It is very important then to know who the enemy is and who their father is.

When we talk about the magnitude of God’s ministry in the earth, there can be no question of the mighty impact of God embodied in the flesh. There can be no question of the impact upon the land of Palestine and upon Judah and Benjamin of this great and mighty visitation. We can well understand that from prophecies bestowed upon Israel as to the manner in which Christ would come, it had been anticipated and looked forward to until the signs were fulfilled with the birth of Christ. The ancient customs of the people had long been maintained and the expectation was that ultimately Messiah would come and complete and put into operation the mighty intervention of God for the full establishment of freedom, for the manifestation of an area of Grace they could not understand at that time.

In the course of all processes of history, God was embodied in earth and walked among men. We should take a look then at Palestine--this land to which Christ came. What was it like? Who were its people in the hour of HIS ministry? We have been told this is the land of the Jews and truly the Jews did live there, but this was not the land of the Jews. This was the land given unto Abraham, ages before. And it had been settled by Sethites ages before that. And in the instance of this, the Sethites, some of them, had migrated on down to the land of Egypt and built mighty altars unto God. Those who remained in the old land were often attacked by strange and evil powers out of the hills. It was then into this land that later, God led the Israelites under Moses and then Joshua. And HE made a covenant concerning this land. HE said HE would give this land to Abraham and his seed after him for all times. Thus this land of Palestine belongs to all the people in the world who are Christians (followers of Christ). But God’s people are not down there now. No---the Abomination of the Desolator is down there now in Palestine. And I will prove to you that they haven’t changed since the days when Christ was on earth.

When the land of Judea was resettled by Judah and Benjamin under Nehemiah, this was an effort to rebuild the Temple. They started on the construction, but a mixed multitude always interfered. They recognized there was great value in attaching themselves to these people of the MOST HIGH GOD. So they started to filter in---Amalikites, Hittites, Cainanites, all the ancient enemies of the House of God. They had one thing in common. They had a common origin and they had among themselves a priesthood of evil descendants. The Cainanites were of Lucifer (II John), the progeny of the wicked one. These were aligned with the ancient enemies of the Kingdom. Out of Asia came the Sadducees, the reincarnationists of the cult of Kali, or ancient Lilth, the wife of Lucifer. So we have the Sadducees as well, an Asiatic type of Jew. When we say Jew, remember the real constituted Jews are those who have descended from all the forces--the houses and groups of the fallen Angelic groups. Many people use the word Jew to refer to all the people of Palestine, and this just is not true. For in that old land, lived also some of the tribe of Judah, of Benjamin, and their quote of Levi. They had established their temple again and were following the patterns of the old laws. And the infiltration kept coming in, claiming they were converted to the faith. Claimed also that they wanted to be participants in the land of Palestine’s new rising government. Of course, they were only seeking to establish to identify themselves with the faith so as to gain control of the land.

In the days of Jesus, Rome had conquered the old place after the struggle of the Maccabees had taken place. We have then a division in the land between two kinds of theology. In the first place, all those of Israel stock of Judah and Benjamin continued with the ancient tradition believing in the covenant and the promise of the coming Messiah, believing in the power of God to eventually raise the dead. And that all the Adamic household, all Israel would be raised. These were called Pharisees. And they believed in the Resurrection. Their doctrine of theology goes back to the days when Job the oldest author inside of scripture, as he wrote long before Moses was born,---he was one of those with Enoch in Egypt about 5000 B.C. Thus Job said, ‘I know that in the alter days, YAHWEH will stand upon the earth. I know that altho I die and the worms consume this body, still in this body and with these eyes, I will behold my Redeemer.’ Job had faith in the Resurrection. This knowledge came out of the wisdom schools of Israel, and in the days when the Priesthood was set up and the Levi had the responsibility to then produce the clergy thru out all periods of time. They were trained in the wisdom schools and in the application of the ‘Fulcrum, the knowledge of natural law. So under this then the Levi were taught the process of the Resurrection. That their great hope---that they knew that a mighty day would come and be known as Resurrection Day.

Now, the Sadducees that dwelt in the land of Palestine, were Asiatics, were Cainanites and Amalekites. They followed the Satanic doctrines. They were reincarnationists. They did to descend from Israel stock, but they claimed they had accepted the laws of Moses. They accepted the God of Israel by this declaration they planned, to gain power. But these Sadducees were just a bunch of Kike politicians when you frame it up. The show of their countenance was against them. The way they functioned and operated was against them, and they would give lip service to a great number of your beliefs. But just like today, there are a great number who join the church. They profess some areas of Christianity in order to gain influence in the church and to make money and merchandise out of you. Well, they did it in that day also. Their great goal was to gain control of the Temple. To gain power. Thus it was they desired to gain power and control over the Sanhedrin.

Prior to the birth of Christ, the land of Palestine has waxed quite important to the Roman Empire. And because money changers had gold from conquest in ancient Babylonian days, and had escaped before the rule of Medo-Persia, they were located in the Isle of Pergamos. And if you go into the book of Revelation, you will find that Pergamos was where Satan’s seat was. And here World Jewry, the money changers, had their international finance headquarters. From here they manipulated Empires. For here was where the gold was. In this instance, they had bought Herod, King of the Jews, and made him king over the land of Palestine where the great struggle between the Israelites and the Jews was going on. Herod, you will remember, was king of the Jews at the time of the birth of Christ. Remember the struggle for the Sanhedrin. This was the ruling body under ancient Israel law. I have a copy of the Mishna which was coded. And it doesn’t remain thus the oral law, and we have copies of the old law of Israel. And even today, the recognition of this law must rest upon all who claim they are Israel even when they are not, because the Mishna is old. And added to this, many times, is the oral interpretations of the Rabbi which has no part nor lot in this. But the antiquity of the Mishna was before the time of Christ. It reached back into the days of the Kings and they must abide by this decision. Thus it was that the Sadducees wanted to gain control of the Sanhedrin. There were, in fact, two Sanhedrins and a lessor court. Out of the rules of the true Mishna, I can assure you that the greater Sanhedrin was the Ecclesiastical as well as the deciding court. It related to the defense of Israel and the affairs of men. It decided on the basis of ecclesiastical law and executed under the authority which reposed in it as the highest authority in Israel, in its areas of judgement.

Now, in it alone could the High Priest, or a false prophet, or one charged as having born false witness, or a whole city, or a community which had turned to apostasy, could be tried. There was then the lesser Sanhedrin and it was a court made up of twenty-three men. And these twenty-three men had the authority to try a capital offense as long as it wasn’t a High Priest or a false prophet. But under this they could try an offense whether it related to the Mosaic Law, or a patten of ethical or moral justice, even to the point where one had cried or performed acts of blaspheme. Then there was a lesser court with three judges who took care of misdemeanors and local offenses, petty thefts, crimes of this nature.

Now, it must be remembered that the seventy-one men of the greater Sanhedrin which made a total of seventy-one plus the twenty-three of the lesser Sanhedrin and that was a grand total of ninety-four men. And they became the supreme force of decision inside to the land. There was always substitutes who could be selected to fulfill areas of the court. Now, where there were many rules which governed this court, still this is of great significance, for under Roman administration, because there was such antagonism and contest between the Sadducees and Pharisees, it was determined that there had to be a representation upon the courts that was somewhat equivalent of the persuasion of the people of the land, who were either Pharisees or Sadducees in their thinking. Thus it was that the Pharisees who were of the true House of Israel, the true Priests out of the House of Israel believed in the laws of God. They were actually lawyers who believed what the Bible taught, what God authorized. And they controlled and had the overwhelming seats in the Sanhedrin.

The Sadducees were not Israelites at all, altho the people were not aware of this at all, because of their influence and power. But they were of an evil background. And by their rejection of the Resurrection, they were Sadducees. But they still were not quite able to gain control of the Temple. So before the time of the birth of Christ, they had hit on a strategy which did work. This strategy was---they had a man who lived not far outside of the city of Jerusalem. He had great estates and agricultural fields of olive groves and vineyards. And many people came to work for him. And they thru belonged to this man’s household as hired workers. This man’s name was Shamah. He was a Sadducee. Today we would say he belonged to the B’nai B’rith. But they schemed and schemed as to how to get control of the Sanhedrin. So they said to this man, suppose you become a Pharisee and all those who work for you must become Pharisees and reject the thinking of the Sadducees. And astutely proclaim that you reject the thinking of the Sadducees, behold they will adjust the number of the Sanhedrin and more Pharisees will be put on the Sanhedrin whereas this will be raised according to areas. And it will thus be possible that we can put Pharisees on the Sanhedrin who are actually Sadducees. But they would not replace Sadducees from their seats who are already there. Thus by this process, what will transpire, will be that they will be in the courts in vital spots such as elections and more Sadducees capable of voting even if they did not at this time, sit upon the court, because they would be limited to the number already there. So the house of Shama did this. And, my--they were mighty converts to the Pharisee concept. And my--what extreme realists they became. Thus the number of voters were adjusted for the election of the High Priest among the Sadducees, and the Pharisees who helped to make up the Sanhedrin.

So in this instance the law governed by even Rome was hat they would have representatives accordingly who voted for the High Priests and also would vote for the Sanhedrins prophet. So what transpired was that they had accomplished the packing of the High Court until they had not to vote with the Pharisees at all. But false Pharisees voting with the Sadducees enough to capture the courts happened. Thus by a cheap Jewish trick, they captured control of the court in the land of Palestine before the birth of Christ. And the High Priest was a Cainanite by the name of Annas. And this Cainanite was the man in power until 14 A.D. He was then deposed by Rome because of certain acts he had committed in the areas of bribery and theft, and forced them to have another election. This man then elected was the son-in-law Caiaphas showing the power of the hierarchy of those days. Caiaphas was thus the High Priest at the time of the trial of Christ. But Annas was High Priest while Herod was kind at the birth of Christ. And Herod, king of the Yehudin (Jews) in consultation with Annas then tried to murder Messiah as soon as HE was born. Isn’t it a strange thing that a Jewish king and High Priest would try to put to death Messiah if the Jews were Israel? They knew nothing about this matter. And Herod knew nothing about when Messiah was to come. Knew nothing about the Prophecy of the scripture. When the wise men came, this king of the Jews had to send for the scribes to tell him what the scriptures said. Proving again, that he had no part nor lot in Israel.

But now we have again the mighty miracle, the birth of YAHWEH in earth, HIS birth, HIS knowledge, and HIS wisdom throughout the land of Palestine. Those anticipating HIS coming were meditating and wondering. And then for two weeks they were sure HE was coming to Jerusalem and they would crown HIM KING. These great events which surrounded HIS life made them sure they should crown HIM KING. These great events which surrounded HIS life made them sure of this. The conspiracy was then raised against HIM in the hour of HIS great and mighty passion.

As we consider the elements of this trial, I want you to know that from the day HE started performing HIS miracles, the testimony of HIS purpose, and HIS Kingdom., HE was on trial before a court of evil, designed to destroy HIM. In no less than seventeen places the scriptures bear record that the Jews planned how to put HIM to death. To take HIM by stealth or to pull some evil play or conspiracy to do away with HIM. They wanted to get the Pharisees to charge HIM of course, if they could. The false Pharisees who belonged to the house of Shamah, were to put it into our English language---this word would be ‘Shame’ today. This word ‘shame’ comes from Shamah---or pretending he was something he was not, in order to gain power over men. So he who thinks by a lie, to give testimony over Holy things, is Shamah or shame.

The fact remains that during the life of Christ these forces continually sought to oppose Jesus because this was the embodiment of God. He not only knew each and every one of them, but HE also knew who they were and from whence they came. This is one reason why all thru HIS ministry, that HE constantly pointed out to the people of Judah and Benjamin that ‘I come only to the Lost Sheep of Israel.’ He said these Jews are not MY sheep even tho they stand on Solomon’s porch.

Remember when HE said to the people, ‘Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.’---Certain Jews standing by---(always this Jewish OGPU from this Cainanite high priest stood around)---as for now, they said, ‘what do you mean, the truth shall make us free? We have never been in bondage at anytime.’

Jesus thus in HIS great wisdom, had trapped them. And it made it very easy for HIM then to say to them what you find in the book of John to show that these Jews were not Israel. ‘Oh, he said, you were never in bondage? Then you are not Abraham’s seed. Because Abraham’s seed were in bondage in Egypt, in Assyria, and in Babylon. You, if you have never been in bondage, then you are not Israel at all.’ Then they said, ‘We have one father even God.’ But Jesus said, ‘If you were of God, you would love Me. Ye are of your father the devil. The lusts of your father ye will do. He was a liar and a murderer from the beginning. You are thus Cainanites, you cannot understand MY words for there is not spiritual power in you.’

Christians throughout the nation today are being hoodwinked by their clergy---well educated clergy. Look at all the books they own. My friends, the most illiterate clergy are the ones who don’t know the word of God. They better learn the word of God first. Know what the Bible says.

Now, it is important that they study to show themselves approved of God. Know its languages and it texts. Know its transitions and its changes. Know who it is that tampers with the Bible. But still they couldn’t suppress the truth with all the tampering. Understand why the tremendous indictments Christ made has been declared, and yet not understood clearly by the church. It is, my friends, because they have listened week after week to the little stories about the birds and the bees, and never found out what the Kingdom was here to do. Who constituted the Kingdom and who its enemies are. This is a part of this message. There is more in the teaching of the Apostles as about what Christ said, about the enemies of HIS Kingdom than anything else. This should be a very cardinal point in the message.

So we find that the Sanhedrin courts were under the power of the rascals just as your courts are today. Only thing, there were more high positions for them in those days.

In the instance of the many miracles Christ performed, this upset their expectations. When HE healed the man by the sheep pool, and told the people not to hang around this sheep pool but go on down to the temple, this upset their tradition and they wanted to put HIM to death for that. Wherever Jesus said something or did something which countered their declaration, they were upset. One day they trapped Jesus so they thought in the basement in the treasury room. They asked HIM questions as to who HE was. They wanted to trap HIM with some area of identification with HIS Divine origin. HE told them where HE was going that they couldn’t come, when HE was talking about going back into heaven, HE told them this---that they couldn’t come. And there will be no Jews in heaven. Isn’t that a wonderful thing? Jesus said, ‘Were I go you can’t come.’ You don’t have to worry about being bugged by any relatives of these people. You can go down, but not up, is what HE told them. You say, ‘How do you know?’ Well, Jesus proved this to them as HE said, ‘I am from above and you are from beneath.’ HE knew where they came from. But in this instance they trapped Jesus down in the treasury room and were going to stone HIM to death. These B’nai B’rith agents had taken stones down there to kill HIM with. They didn’t plan to use them for paper weights. They planned on killing HIM there in the treasury room. And when they took up the stones for that purpose, they couldn’t find HIM. They looked all over---no Jesus. They had guards at the door, so how did HE get out? About that time, in came a man from the outside and he said, ‘what are you looking for? Jesus is outside preaching to the people.’ So how did HE get out of that room?

Another time, they gathered around HIM to stone HIM and HE passed right thru their midst. They couldn’t see HIM. Most of these people lived down in the area of Judea, not many lived in Galilee except those who had control of some of the schools of the scribes they had turned into synagogues. The land of Galilee was apart from the land of Judea in all but a strict sense because the people were mostly Benjaminites and true men of Judah. The word Jew is one of the biggest misnomers of all time. People think this word Jew represented all those people of Palestine. But it did not. It only represented the Cainanites, Amalikites, Edomites. But their control over all religion did dominate all the areas of Palestine. They called their religion Jewry and thus the people could be Benjaminites, Judahites, or Levites. But if they lived in Palestine, and they went to the house of the Scribes now called a Synagogue, they were called Jewry. However they were not identified thus by province. For when Jesus identified Judas of Iscariot as HE said in John 6:---’I have chosen you twelve and one of you is a devil.’---this is a specie. The offspring of Lucifer and his fallen Angels is a specie--a devil. They didn’t keep their first estate. They are identified as a specie.

Now, under this instance then, when Jesus had identified this OGPU of the Jews, HE then had to go down to Galilee. HE couldn’t walk among the Jews for they sought to kill HIM. This embodied YAHWEH was walking as Savior among men. This embodied YAHWEH as YAHSHUA as the Apostle Paul says, took a body of flesh like you had because HIS children were here embodied also in flesh. HE was not ashamed to call your race HIS kinsmen.

In this instance, HIS family lived in Galilee. But no man (John 7) dared speak openly of Jesus for fear of the Jews. There wasn’t enough of them living in Galilee to make it necessary to step up HIS program so as they would kill the body HE lived in ahead of time. Altho, HE had restraining power, the facts remain that as HE had assumed a body of flesh, HE had not given HIMSELF any special protection other than the ability to pass thru their midst or of HIS control of dimensions. We point out in this work demonstrated that in the land of Palestine, they continues to try to trap Christ. And when Jesus then went down to the feast, they were hunting for HIM everywhere in order to put HIM to death.’

Now, I want to bring to your attention the fact that the true Israelites wanted to crown HIM King. HIS influence was great and HIS declarations of how the enemy had gained power was very intense. So let’s take note---the High Priests were Jews. They were Sadducees. And the Jews admit today that the High Priests who condemned Jesus were Jews. They admit today that they ran the temples and the schools of the Scribes. We will take their word for it.

Matthew 26:-- ‘It came to pass when Jesus had finished these things with HIS disciples, then Jesus said, ‘The son of man shall be betrayed and crucified.’ And there assembled together the chief priests, the scribes and the elders in the palace of the high priest who was called Caiaphas. This Cainanite was son-in-law of Annas who had been thrown out of that job because of bribery. But now they consulted as to how they might take Jesus with subtlety and kill HIM. Here were Jews, High Priests and Ecclesiastical leaders plotting against the body of God who only performed miracles and did good in their land. This lets you know just a little about the nature of the Jews. They haven’t changed either. They planned by subtlety as to how to take HIM and kill HIM. They were murderers. They came from their father the devil. And Jesus said his son, Cain, was the first murderer of one of the Adamic race.

I want you to go from Matthew 26 to Mark 14:1. Now, the chief priests and the scribes sought how they might take HIM by craft and put HIM to death. They said, ‘We don’t dare do this on a feast day unless there be an uproar among all those people.’ This should show you that the people accepted Christ. The people were behind Christ while this minority of evil, even tho they had by chicanery gained power and held it, were ready to move against Jesus because HE was innocent.

I want you to know that the most powerful thing you can do today, is tell it, tell it, tell it.

So many churches---so many Christians, become standard bearers that the Jews become paralyzed and afraid to move.

Now, in the book of Luke, the High Priests plotted how they might put HIM to death. So we have a group of conspirators, a group of plotters, murderers, and assassins. And they were the ruling element of the Supreme Court there in Palestine. What a trial you would get under that condition. This is what happened to Jesus.

Turn to some interesting records---we have caught the very vibration of this miracle of God in the flesh, assuming a legal act in the garden---taking all the transgressions of the earth on HIMSELF. And I always reel a bit as I realized that as HE did this, HIS enemies were involved in planning how to put HIM to death. And as they did this, they defeated their own kingdom. But HE knew what they were doing. And HE let them proceed with this because with this, HE would establish two things. HE was going to defeat Satan’s kingdom and it would give you a lesson as to HIS people forever concerning, the nature of these people.

Now, I think it rather significant that as Jesus went to the Garden to pray that night, that they had already plotted as to how they were going to put HIM to death.

I have a copy of the old Mishnah. And it was a capital offense to hold a trial at night. Only could be held from sunup to sunset. And all prosecutions must be suspended at night. That a capital offense can only be tried by a ‘lesser Sanhedrin’ unless it is a High Priest or a whole city in blaspheme. In the codification of the Mishnah, it cites that the ‘greater Sanhedrin’ and the ‘lesser Sanhedrin’ cannot sit at night. Nor can the counsel of the Sanhedrin, for the indictments like a Grand Jury today, they cannot sit at night. They must suspend all operations at the setting of the sun. I think it is most important that you remember this point. For if the Sanhedrin cannot sit at night, if it is forbidden also for the Sanhedrin to sit upon the day which is the even of the Sabbath because the second day after the indictment, the defendant has a right to defend himself, under any indictment of capital offenses and crimes, and must make this presentation on the second day, therefore, this could not be done on the day before the Holy Day such as the Passover. It could not therefore take place if this was a Passover week, which it was. And on the even of the Sabbath which would have been a Friday night. Therefore, any violation of this law of ancient Israel was a violation of the Mishnah. All of the codification of the laws of Palestine were involved in this.

Now, we would point this out that Judas of Iscariot who betrayed Jesus was also an agent of that court. And an agent of that court cannot take money for having betrayed a man into their hands. Yet he delivered Jesus into their hands at night, when an agent must deliver him in the daytime. He must be seen from sunrise to sunset.

What I want to point out is that the Jews have no respect for laws. And when they hold on to authority under the guise of supporting a pattern of law, they violate every procedure when it relates to them. But they want to enforce every avenue of law even laws that do not exist when they deal with you. A double standard is a Jewish procedure.

You discover this right here in the State of California. If a Christian Church wants to lease a hall to hold a meeting to discuss the truth, the Jews don’t want it, so they can deny you the rent of the building. If a bunch of Negroes or Mohammed X movement or the NAACP is denied the use of the hall, then you are in violation of the Rumphert Act. They will sentence you and give damage to the Negroes. But this is just a Jew double standard. You think they don’t want to do this to you? You will find out one of these days.

Let me point out to you that at this time we then see the magnitude of the mis-trial of God. So in this instance, we find Jesus praying in the Garden when a Jewish Army with swords and spears, with an agent of the temple, a betrayer, moves into the Garden at night. This man---YAHSHUA, had been in their presence day and night. And according to the law, they could only seize HIM in the daytime, because HE was not leaving the country. But here they came at night. So they seized HIM illegally at night. And Judas of Iscariot was with them and pointed Jesus out to them. What a despicable person he was. Jesus turned to him and said, ‘Thou wouldst betray the body of God?’ What a slimy rascal. But Jesus knew about him all the time. For HE had said, ‘I have chosen you twelve but one of you is a devil.’ This was however the nature of Judas of Iscariot and of his household, thus could be expected.

So not, where did this army take Jesus? One of the first things they did with Jesus was to take HIM to the house of Annas, the former High Priest. I think this should show the power of this hierarchy for when they took Jesus to the house of Annas (John 18), what was the reason for this? This High Priest had been thrown out of office for bribery, but he still ran this Jew hierarchy. And he was thus head of the Jewish Mafia. And he had four of his sons as High Priests. And now there was his son-in-law, Caiaphas, as High Priest. So see the power this rascal had with his gold over Rome?

So they led Jesus off to Annas the High Priest. And now Caiaphas was the one among the Jews who counseled the people that they should kill man less his people lose control of this nation.

Now, you have the evidence that altho Annas was not the High Priest, still he controlled the hierarchy and with his son-in-law, Caiaphas, were the ones plotting to put Jesus to death. There was no question but that they would lose control of this country. Even tho they had witnessed the miracles performed by Christ, they had no capacity to understand the truth. We are told then that having taken HIM before Annas, not the High Priest, that they sought to set up a special council that night for interrogation. So they took HIM from the house of Annas to the house of the High Priest Caiaphas. There was a counsel chamber and Caiaphas asked Jesus as to HIS disciples and HIS doctrine that HE preached.

But now let’s go back a little to an incident in the days of Nicodemus and to who Nicodemus was. He was true Pharisee, a true Israelite. He taught his theological students on the steps of the temple. It was this man, who with Jesus, say HIS miracles, saw HIM scourged the Jews off the steps of the Temple which they had turned into a place of merchandise. It was this Nicodemus who loathed all the evil done by this High Priest and his group. But he also had a seat on the Sanhedrin. And then after seeing and hearing Jesus, he had gone to see Jesus at night. He said, ‘Master, I perceive that thou hast come from God, but I want to know, are you the ONE?’ And Jesus told Nicodemus many things concerning Himself, for Nicodemus was a righteous man, a man of Israel. But there were some things he did not understand. But after talking to Jesus, then Nicodemus accepted the fact that this was the line of David, a Holy man, a prophet, this the Messiah. So he went back and every day on the steps of the Temple, he told his students of Israel, that this Jesus was a prophet, and HE might be Messiah. For HE was a great Rabbi--(which means Master or teacher come from God). Today the word Rabbi has fallen into disrepute because today, it is identified as belonging to these phonies who run the synagogues. But the word was Rabboni---or Master.

Thus it was that Nicodemus was a revered student of the scripture and a teacher of Israel’s law. He had a friend, a great true Pharisee. And he also sat on the Sanhedrin and his name was Gamaliel.

So it was that one of the students of Nicodemus by the name of John Barnabas was hurrying to his quarters, and as he passed thru the streets, he saw an army of men carrying swords and spears and lights. And they had a prisoner. Being curious as to who they had as a prisoner, this young man followed them. And to his dismay, he saw that they had Jesus chained and fettered. And they took HIM to the house of Annas. He then ran to the home of Nicodemus and said, ‘Oh, teacher, behold YAHSHUA the mighty Teacher Rabboni is being taken to the house of Annas tonight, bound and in chain. Of course, Nicodemus said, ‘But this is illegal, he can’t be arrested at night, you must be mistaken.’ The young man said, ‘No, I saw this, they have arrested HIM tonight.’

Nicodemus sent this young man to Gamaliel to inform him. Tell him to gather the true Pharisees and come quickly. And Nicodemus went himself quickly to the house of Annas. But by the time he arrived, they had already taken Jesus to the house of Caiaphas.

Now, we have the scripture which outlines this. We have the Mishnah outline of the full pattern of the law as well as the ‘Keeper’ which contains its pattern of law. These are the whole pattern of the law.

Nicodemus came into the area of the Counsel Chamber where the ‘lesser Sanhedrin’ was supposed to sit, and behold, it was packed with Sadducees. And there were a couple of empty seats in then counsel room but in the rows where they seated the alternates, they had those packed. There were fifty-three men in there and this was also illegal. And it couldn’t be the ‘greater’ Sanhedrin for it only had twenty-one. So this was a conglomerate counsel put together by Annas and Caiaphas. And they hadn’t even sent for the true Pharisees. But Nicodemus walked in and Caiaphas was seated behind the magistrates desk. And he said, ‘Rabbi Nicodemus enters to take his seat in the ‘great Sanhedrin.’ But Nicodemus spoke out, ‘I can’t take my seat in the ‘great’ Sanhedrin, for it cannot sit at night.’ So Caiaphas turned to the scribes and said, ‘How readest thou?’ The scribes said the Sanhedrin cannot meet at night. Caiaphas said, ‘Nicodemus must take his seat in the ‘great’ counsel.’ Nicodemus said, ‘The ‘great’ counsel cannot sit at night for we are not allowed to indite a man at night. It must be done between sunrise and sunset.’ Caiaphas said, ‘You shall take your seat or we will eject you out of here. We never asked you to come, and you must be seated.’ Nicodemus said, ‘I shall not be still against any violation of the law of Israel, the Mishnah or the Keeper or Shutter.’ So they said, ‘Rabbi Nicodemus takes his seat in the inquiry.’

If you will turn to the book of John, you discover the record of how Jesus was sent from the house of Annas to the court of Caiaphas. And there in the court of Judgement, where they had no right to be because they had come from the Passover. This was a violation. One of the first things they demanded of Jesus was to know what HE had taught. Jesus said, ‘I have never hidden what I have taught. I have spoken openly in the Temple and in the synagogues, so why have you brought me here?’ Caiaphas said, ‘You can’t talk that way to the High Priest.’ But under the Mishnah, Jesus had the legal right to answer any question that was asked of HIM, or could forebear to answer any question HE did not care to answer at that time. So under this instance, the question was asked concerning HIM---and I point out what was involved at this moment---what was said unto HIM.---Caiaphas said, ‘What was it that you advocated daily?’ Jesus said, ‘I preached daily of the Kingdom of God, and the laws of our people.’

Now, I turn to these people who by every turn had tried to put Jesus to death and I read these words:-- ‘They led Jesus away and assembled all the High Priests and scribes and sought to find false witnesses so as to put Jesus to death, and at first they couldn’t find any false witnesses.’ (Mark 14:58). Then we are told that they found some who for a price, would bear false witnesses. So they brought these witnesses in and one of them said, ‘HE said that HE would tear down this temple in three days and then build it again.’ Others said that HE blasphemed and had called for sedition. Nicodemus then said, ‘I demand that you bring in these witnesses one at a time for only by the mouth of two are these things established.’ So they brought in a second set of witnesses for each charge and all the men then disagreed how the charges happened and where they took place.

Then Gamaliel came in and they said, ‘The Rabbi Gamaliel takes his seat and he said, ‘This cannot be the Sanhedrin, it cannot sit at night.’ They went thru the same procedure with Gamaliel and he said, ‘I want to know what witnesses have been brought here and how can a man be indicted at night?’ They said, ‘You sit or you will be ejected.’

Thus Nicodemus and Gamaliel were the only true Pharisees at this counsel. None of the witnesses could agree with each other. And they said these are false witnesses, there is no testimony. Caiaphas the High Priest turned to the scribes and said, ‘How readest thee?’ The scribes said, ‘We would agree with Rabbi Gamaliel and Nicodemus.’

Thus at this hearing these so called upholders of the law tried to bring witnesses and frame Jesus just like they try to frame Christians today in the courts of our nation because of their Jewish evil hearts.

Listen. Turn to the demands they just made. They turned to these witnesses and they laughed at the testimony that HE would destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days. ‘What is it’ they ask, ‘this witness bears against thee?’ But Jesus answered them not. Then the High Priest said, ‘I demand of thee by the Living God that you answer. Thou tell us whether or not thou be YAHSHUA the embodiment of the Living God?’ The word always used for the embodiment of God was---son, thus issue. The Old Testament prophets always referring to HIM as the son of man with the mark above it of the Tetragrammation---Tetragon---God in the flesh.

Jesus answer, ‘Thou hath said, nevertheless I say unto thee---hereafter ye shall see the ‘son of man’ sitting on the hand of power coming in the clouds of Glory.’ This was the proclamation that HE was Messiah. (Mark 14:62) This was the evidence---’Thou hath said, I am the son of God---meaning the embodiment of the Everliving.

This then excited the High Priest and he said, ‘We don’t need anymore evidence. HE hath spoken blaspheme. Behold what way ye?’ And the mob cried, ‘HE is guilty.’ As Jesus had answered, they struck HIM across the mouth saying, ‘Do you answer the High Priest thus?’ And Jesus asked them, ‘Who doeth thou smiteth me. You ask a question and I answered it.’ But they called for HIS death and Nicodemus arose and said, ‘What is this? You can’t hold counsel at night. You can’t arrest a man at night, there is nothing legal about this. You can’t sentence HIM to death.’ But the gathering of Sadducees kept crying, ‘Put HIM to death---put HIM to death.’

Every once in a while, I hear some patriot say, ‘But they can’t do that. It is against the law.’ But these rascals just go ahead and do it anyhow, don’t they? Only time they want to use the law is when they want to trap you. So they said, ‘What think ye?’ And they answered, ‘HE is guilty, put HIM to death.’ Then they all came up and spit in the face of Jesus. Imagine that. Here was the embodiment of God down here walking among men and they spit in HIS face. Here this evil crew would not even have had any bodies except HE maintained the matter that held them together. And here HE again demonstrated HIS patience, as HE let this scurvy crew come up and spit in HIS face. My friends, I have men in my staff that would take that. But this is for you to understand, the patience of God was permitting them to defeat their own purpose. So with this evil, they spit on HIM. They smote HIM with the palms of their hands. And they said, ‘Prophesy for us, Messiah. And tell us who smote you from behind?’

We are told that morning had finally come. And the elders said, ‘HE must be put to death, but we better not do it. If we take HIM out to stone HIM, we might have a revolt among the people and they will turn on us. Besides this, the underground army of Barabbas might strike us and we will be liquidated. So let’s let or make Rome do this.’ So they took Jesus to Pontius Pilate the Roman Governor. Probably no trial in history takes on more significance than this because as they took HIM to Pilate, they went earth. And they awakened Pilate and this didn’t make him happy. For the Word says that these chief priests and their illegal counsel had decided to put HIM to death and come to Pilate. And the record is also here in the 18th chapter of John and the 15th chapter of Mark. Remember that Caiaphas had said it is expedient that we kill this man, for if we don’t, we will lose control of this land and these people. If we don’t kill HIM, HIS message will reach the children of God scattered abroad and they will all accept HIM and overthrow us and we will lose our power. (John 11:48-52). Then verse 54:--’Therefore Jesus didn’t walk anymore among the Jews of Judea. He went to the cities of Ephraim,’-------where but over to the British Isles on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea. This verse is recorded here----out of sequence perhaps, but still recorded so you will know where HE went. For when HE came back to Palestine, HE paid a coin at the seat of customs.

Now, Pontius Pilate, from his records, knew that Joseph of Arimathea was an uncle of YAHSHUA in the flesh. And he knew that YAHSHUA had been to the Islands which was then a province in the Roman Empire at this time. He also knew that Jesus had performed great miracles. Thus when they brought Jesus to Pilate, then Pilate’s wife had been talking to Jesus and he had been warned also about this man. Thus Pilate said to the Jews, ‘What charges do you make?’ The Jews answered, ‘We charge HIM with sedition, with blaspheme, and we demand that HE be put to death.’

Pilate said, ‘Am I a judge in your courts? If HE is guilty of blaspheme why didn’t you put HIM to death?’ The records show that they didn’t want to answer Pilate. But they said knowing that HE was guilty of sedition they didn’t want to rob Rome of its prisoner. Pilate said, ‘You have never worried about robbing anyone before.’ And Pilate knew what he was talking about, but he said, ‘Where HE committed sedition?’

Now, all of this is not in the Gospels, but it is in the Roman records. For HE had charged that men should only give a part of their taxes to Caesar--so they said, ‘How saith thee to this?’ And Jesus, remember, had answered, ‘Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s and the things of God to God.’ Pilate said, ‘Is there error in this declaration?’ And the Jews replied, ‘We have no authority but Caesar.’

I want to point out something to you. They were just as big a bunch of atheists as they are today. They admitted they recognized no authority but Caesar. And they wanted to trap Christ on sedition charges because HE had said, ‘Render unto Caesar the things of Caesar and unto God the things of God.’ This didn’t bother them. But they thought it would make Pontius Pilate mad. But Pilate said, ‘It is not the way of Rome to intervene with the worship of a people and the declaration of their God. Why then do you hate this man who did good so often in thy midst?’ The Jews replied, ‘He is no friend of ours. HE has blasphemed us and HE serves not Caesar. Thus we demand that HE be put to death. Crucify HIM.’ Pilate said, ‘Are there any witnesses which would stand in HIS defense?’---------------We will not go into the area of this part of the trial, but over one hundred people appeared and said, ‘Yes, we will testify that HE did nothing but good in our midst.’ They said, ‘HE healed my child. HE opened my eyes. HE healed my leprosy. HE unstopped dear ears.’ And on and on. He is a great man, a prophet, and we believe HE comes from God. We testify before you O Pilate, that HE did all these things for us.’ But the Jews who made up the great mass of the mob, were crying---crucify HIM. They had hired strangers, a band of riffraff. And that was the bulk of those making up this mob. They were hired to shout the loudest---KILL HIM---KILL HIM. Just like the NAACP or the Mohammed X movement when the Jews stir them up. They gathered a group of scurvy ‘reds’ and beatniks when they picked a bunch of Christians.

Pilate took Jesus into his own chambers and he said, ‘I have heard much concerning thee. Now I want to have you tell me, what shall I do with thee?’ Jesus said, ‘Do that which is written.’

‘Why is it that they hate thee so?’ asked Pilate. Jesus replied, ‘Because I have proclaimed the truth.’ Pilate asked, ‘What is truth?’ Jesus gave him a very mystic and secret answer as to what truth was. Pilate held out his hand saying, ‘You are my brethren (of the Masonic Order).’------Remember, that Pilate was a Basque of Spain, educated in Britain at London. He had then married the daughter of Caesar and became governor of Jerusalem for Judea was then a Roman Province. He was a Master Mason of the school of spiritual wisdom of ancient Israel. This mystery, what is truth, had been answered by Jesus. And when this man, Pilate, was in Britain, there was a school of Masonry in the Isles. It was the Wisdom Pillars to which he had been initiated because of his high birth. Now he perceived that Jesus belonged to an Order which had been dedicated to the preservation of truth higher than he was.

We are told by the records of the early church, and also be Rome, that he had said, ‘I perceive that thou art a MASTER and hold high chairs in the Universe. What shall I do with thee?’ Then Jesus replied, ‘Thou shalt do as it is written.’ Pilate replied, ‘I am not a student of the things written in the scripture as to what to do with these people who cry for your death, so what is it that I should do with thee?’ Jesus replied, ‘It is stated that I shall be crucified.’

Pilate said, ‘I have had you observed and I have had reports. You have done no evil. You see, I know that you have traveled, that you possess wisdom. I see that you are better for these people than any of their priests. So I refuse to condemn thee. I am not going to crucify thee.’

Now, part of this narrative is in the scripture, part of it from Roman records, parts from the Essene Company, as to the trial of Jesus. But Pontius Pilate then went out before the mob and he looked into their faces, and they cried, ‘what is your decision?’ Pilate replied, ‘I find no fault in this man.’ They said, ‘We want HIM killed.’ The Judge said, ‘Not guilty. But the mob of Jews said kill HIM anyhow. So Pilate walked back in where Jesus waited and he said, ‘These are a strange and turbulent people out there.’ And at this moment a messenger arrived and he said that Herod was now in Jerusalem and seated in his court at the house of his family on the hill, why don’t you send Jesus to Herod.’ This was a man connected to Herod who had sought to kill Christ at HIS birth. We are told that this Herod had heard much of this man called Jesus and he was curious. And thus they brought Jesus before Herod and he asked HIM many questions which Jesus did not answer, until HE was asked if HE was Messiah. Jesus then answered, ‘As thou hast heard, and so saith thou.’ Herod then had Jesus scourged, then put some robes on HIM and sent HIM back to Pilate who said again, ‘What am I to do with thee?’ Again Jesus answered, ‘You will do as it was written.’ Pilate said, ‘But I don’t want to do this, however you leave me no where to turn, unless you deny all their charges and plead with me for clemency, I am forced by Roman law to scourge you and then bring you before the people and seek to release you again.’

Jesus did not answer in HIS defense, so Pilate again had to take other steps and he is now angry at the Jews, sick at the spot he is in. So Pilate covered Christ with a purple robe and brought HIM before the people and said, ‘Behold your KING.’ Well, that set the Jewish rabble screaming. And they said, ‘HE is not our king, we have no king but Caesar.’ Pilate said, ‘But HE comes out of the line of Kings of Judea. What would you have me do, release to you YAHSHUA your King or Barabbas who raided your caravans and Roman caravans? He was a thorn in your flesh all the time. Who would you have me release to you?’

Now notice. Those Jews who so loved their money and their trade still said, ‘Release unto us, Barabbas. Turn him loose.’ And they yelled for Christ to be crucified. Pontius Pilate then made his declaration and we find it recorded in John 18:---Pilate said, ‘I find no fault with HIM.’

You see--Jesus had been before the false courts and now before the civil Roman courts to bring about HIS death. And now had to depend upon the decision of a Judge for all process of Jurisprudence. And the Judge said, ‘Not guilty.’ And yet, they cried, ‘Kill HIM, kill HIM, or we are going to make trouble for you in Rome.’ Again Pilate turns to Jesus and said, ‘what shall I do?’ And Jesus told him to turn HIM over to this mob. Then we see another act of Roman law brought into play, the covenants of clear water. A bowl of clear water was brought out and set before Pilate. Then Pontius Pilate dipped his hands into this bowl of clear water and said, ‘By this covenant of clear water, I bear testimony before you that I wash my hands of the blood of this just and righteous man. I am powerless for HE makes no defense and had ordained that I deliver HIM unto you. So I deliver HIM unto you, but I do this without guilt.’

Pilate could do no less for Jesus had declared, ‘I lay my life down and I will take it up again, for you have no power over Me lest I give it to you.’ Pilate was not angry, he was just strangely stirred by these events. So he turned to the crowd and said, ‘Here HE is. See to it.’ Then the Jews said, ‘Oh, no, we can’t crucify HIM, that is Rome’s job. Our laws won’t allow us to crucify HIM. Rome must do it. This is a Holy Day.’

Now, I don’t think anything Jew ever touch is holy, so how could they have a Holy Day? I wonder why they even ‘kosher’ their food. For kosher food in proper design is good food, but normally these rascals have nothing normal or good about them. Pilate turned to the Centurion and tiredly said, ‘Execute the judgement.’

We think back over these events of the travesty of the trial of God. An evil household of the devil had plotted to murder HIM, violating all the course of law, all the laws of the Sanhedrin, and everything related to it. In fact, when they had condemned Jesus to death, Nicodemus and Gamaliel had walked out of the Sanhedrin and declared they would not set there ever again. They sent messengers out to gather the Pharisees. But Christ had been crucified before they could be gathered. Outside of Gamaliel, the other Pharisees also refused to sit in the Sanhedrin after that. Did you know that from that time on, the Sadducees had total control of the Sanhedrin? Do you know that the Cahilla of the ‘Learned men of Zion’ today are a bunch of Sadducees?

I point this out to you, that in their evil design, they chuckled with glee when they saw the nails driven into HIS hands. They saw then the dying body of God as the Cross dropped into that socket of the rock. They had no capacity to realize that this was the body of God. But they were afraid of HIS power. How they gloated over what they thought was HIS death. HE had hung HIS head and said, ‘It is finished.’ But they didn’t understand as HE declared Divine mercy upon the Roman soldiers who couldn’t help themselves, didn’t perhaps understand what they did altho testimony later would say---’truly this was YAHSHUA.

We think about the great earthquake that rocked this hill that day. The author of the heaven and earth this day was experiencing death in a human body. But HIS Spirit was not touched, as the molecular body of God with its affinity with earth which HE held together was passing into death the whole earth thus rocked and tossed. Matthew tells us that within a few hours that the dead were coming up out of the cracks of the earth and walking the streets of Jerusalem. And that so frightened the Jews, that they ran and hid down deep in the temple. I would have liked to have seen that. But they bore testimony to the mighty triumph of Christ, the great contest of the Netherworld, the power of HIS Resurrection, the bringing forth of HIS many sons unto Glory, while the Jews trembled with fear. And Judas of Iscariot went out and hung himself so he could get back to his own place in the Netherworld. He didn’t want to be on earth with this resurrected Christ. He was afraid. So just like the demons that went into the swine and were drowned, so they could go back to their place, thus did Judas of Iscariot. The Greek word ‘Tarttoe’ means their abode for the offspring of demons and devils. Judas, thus identified himself as Christ had done---as the embodiment of evil, a son of Lucifer.

I want you to know that out of that trial, tho they had condemned Christ, the Judge had said HE was not guilty. Tho they had condemned HIM in an illegal court, and two men stood by HIM and declared it illegal, still upon the head of Jewry, today rests the blood of Christ. For they said, ‘His blood be upon us and upon our children.’

Ben Hecht said, ‘If we had it to do over again, we would do a more efficient job.’ Ben Hecht, a kike of Hollywood, a script writer, a part of the leadership of Christians and Jews, said, ‘Leave it to the mob to bungle it. If I had charge of the crucifixion of Christ, I would have fed HIM to the lions and let the Christians resurrected a Messiah out of hamburger.’ This is the mind of a Jew, my friends. When we deport them out of this country, and eventually the hosts of heaven take them from the earth for chastisement and retraining, the world will know liberty again. The sons of Satan will be gone.

You know the greatest thing to face this modern Cahilla of Satan will be as Jesus said, ‘When you see the sign of the ‘son of man’ coming in the clouds of heaven, when they see the hosts of the MOST HIGH coming in the clouds of glory.

One day out of Hollywood, Eddie Cantor was asked what he thought about all these flying saucers. He said, ‘Well a great many people think these are signs in the sky---heavenly armies, that they may have something to do with the second coming of Jesus Christ. Some of the Christians think this and if it be true, then when HE comes we have had it.’

My friends, if you shut your eyes to God’s enemies, they will destroy your nation. What they are most worried about today is that if they let people have free speech, let these churches run with the truth, let this body of Christ in the world today carry out their ministry, then they will lose control of this nation.

I am going to tell you something about this. God Almighty is activating this mighty body, HE had in the world today, made up of many members. And HE is going to activate these children of HIS until one of these days there won’t be a Cainanite left in the House of God.

This is a great nation of God’s Kingdom and we wait for the great spiritual guidance of Divine purpose. For a cause of true legality which will deport these people. And we will see the spirit of God move on the house of God, the center of America today, and tomorrow the world.

Oh, they hate the challenge of God’s tomorrow. They hate the concepts of God’s ultimate victory.

I want you to know that the trial which condemned Jesus, condemned them as false accusers. That trial proved they had no honor, no integrity. They use subtlety. And by cunning and craft, by murder, they would have destroyed the body of God. But this body of God lives on. The mighty power of HIS Resurrection was to present it spirit, soul and body---a unit---One complete. HE said then to Thomas, ‘Come and touch it for it is flesh and bones.’ And they walked with HIM, ate meat with HIM, say HIM move into a cloud of Glory and saw HIM leave in a great super-dreadnaught of the sky. They heard two of the crew as they stepped out of that cloud say that same Christ shall return in like manner.

We remember then HIS words as HE took the chalice and refused the crown that day, ‘If My Kingdom were of this era, MY servants would fight and the Kingdom would not be given to the Jews.’ HE repeated this again to Pontius Pilate. I have been looking at four places in the ancient records where that statement is recorded.

But we are now at the end of an age. And the children of the Kingdom are going to inherit the Kingdom prepared for them from before the foundation of the world. And it is not going to be held by the Jews.

I will tell you something about that old land of Palestine. It will be one of the greatest National Parks in all the world. It belongs to you and to every other White Christian nation. And when God gets thru with His judgements and great shaking of the earth, and has buried many of the usurpers, the land will be restored with HIS power and HIS Glory, HIS majesty, HIS KINGDOM in EARTH. At that time, people from all over will travel to that spot where Christ walked the earth, where these events took place. And in a great nation of HIS Kingdom like this nation, the Glory of God shall go out forever.

So in this instance, we will have discovered that the court in which they tried Jesus was a status of subtlety, such as Lucifer’s kingdom. And HIS court will be one from which comes Eternal Justice, Righteousness, and Truth. (End of sermon)