When Mortal Puts On Immortality, 6-30-60



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-30-60

We turn this afternoon, to our subject “When Mortal puts on Immortality” with the realization that one of the greatest problems that besets me is the understanding of spiritual law and physical law. The understanding of this realization of the day and the hour. And how it changes everything which proceeded it. There are certain things which abide forever and one of those things is God’s plan and purpose. For what God has planned for any individual or day and hour shall come to pass. In the past this has always happened. And there is strange things which com to pass as God changes things and new things come to pass in the status of some area of His creation.

There are many mysteries which pertain to God’s Kingdom and He is now making them known unto His people. Thru the lips of the Apostle Paul and then with personal revelation, He is now telling you things that were mysteries since the foundation of the world. Now, I presume to say this afternoon, that we have a greater working knowledge of these mysteries than Paul had at the hour of his declaration. You say, ‘Why?’ Because the knowledge of God and the wisdom of God have not stopped with the Apostle Paul. There were a great number of things that he had comprehended that he had not apprehended, had not put on. We are standing on the edge of one of the greatest times in all human history, and the world today is trembling on the edge of the holocaust of W.W.III. And if you want the biblical name of W.W.III, it is the climactic struggle between Christ and anti-Christ. For W.W.III and Armageddon are synonymous. There is not any question about the gathering of the uncommitted nations that are gathering in Yugoslavia and proposing to tell the rest of the world how it should be run. And at this individual point, they stand in dismay at how individual affairs are about to be enveloped in destruction. And there are a great number of the people who are of your race and theoretically of your Faith that are worried and disturbed. The best explanation of this is that they have not brought their soul consciousness in proper tune to know what is going on. The best way to describe this is that we understand that we are constituted with a Celestial body and a physical body, and a soul consciousness capable of residing in both. We are a problem of Semantics. Many people do not discern between the soul and the spirit. But the inner consciousness of the soul both resident in the body and capable of residing in the spirit, enjoys its wisdom and its impulse out of both fields. You are a living soul, and that is the consciousness of your existence and the sum total of all your experiences, and the remembrance of everything that is you. In fact, the only thing which grew up in the earth outside of your body was your soul.

This is of course, understood by those who realize that you are spirit, soul and body. And we must lay this premise and foundation. For these tapes go out all over the nation, into churches and organizations. And even tho you are familiar with it, the premise must be laid. You are the children of the Eternal god who begat your spirit before the world was framed. You are the offspring of YAHWEH--the Father--after the Spirit and the descendent of Adam after the flesh. Your Celestial body is an entity. It is composed of light just as your spiritual body is composed. God is Spirit, and He is Light, and He is the Life of men.

We know that all science has agreed that the Universe has the synthesis of three substances---light, mental elements, and electricity. The electrical elements make the protons and the electrons, and the particles of electricity to make all the universe. And every scientist also knows that there is mental elements, particles inside the nucleus that holds the whole Universe together. You could not hold the Universe together without an intelligent retaining mind. The Father has provided this and the particles of this out of His own existence. They pass you at a speed faster than light. No wonder many do not catch an idea when they pass you at that speed.---some people apparently don’t.

This subject we are discussing this afternoon, is then most important, for you have a Celestial body, a Light body. It is composed of Light particles. It is real. And God also has a Light body. And His Spirit is composed of Light particles. God is thus Spirit and existent throughout all ages of time. And then I want to knock out the mysticism of this spiritual law by causing you to know that a physical world and a physical creation, is the exact image of a spiritual one. The only thing broken down in our physical law, is in the process of our thinking and that goes back to a Luciferian rebellion when we entered the earth. When we talk to you about the fact that a spiritual realm is like a physical one, again we relay this explanation. The Apostle Paul who was under the direct control of the Father, who had purposes for him, who stopped him on the road to Damascus, and started the experiences which changed him from being an agent for error to an Apostle of Truth. And changed his name from Saul to Paul, and changed his life and thinking with revelation. He had been destined for this even before the foundation of this cosmic order. And when escorting Paul into his greater experiences, he was taken into the heavens and he made this statement after he returned. And I think this is a most significant one, a most precious factor that your mind is capable of understanding,--that the Apostle Paul, after returning said:--’Whether in the spirit of the body, I could not tell--’. And from that time on and from that spot on from the moment that thought ever dawned on me, no apprehension of spirit or plain now understood could ever effect you again. For if the Apostle Paul could travel into the dimension of spirit and never know whether in the body or out of his body, then all conscious existence is reform and identity.

The Apostle Paul was taught mysteries which went into the book of “The Apocalypse of Paul.” And we retain glimpses of it. Altho some is changed in form and some is erased. But the Epistles which we have here are of the mysteries which he has been shown. And the thing that I am now interested in is the fact that the Apostle Paul was in the plains of spirit, in the heavenlies, but did not know if he went there in the body or without his body. We are well aware that you existed in spirit first, and you now exist in a physical body after your birth into an Adamic world. This is a mystery of entrance into the earth for your race, for the people who descended from Adam. Not for non-Adamites who were created each in their own order, in the places where God created them. The Grace of God is the great manifestation of His nature and reaches out to all the earth--that is to the individual consciousness as to the part that God has planned for him. That plan does not mean that all are equal. It does not mean that they are all the same. And it does not mean that there is anything wrong with being different.

The compassion of God reaches out to Africa and to China as it has worked with you. But it does not, my friends, mean that all have the same destiny. For each has a different origin and a different destiny. When we speak upon the mysteries of God’s Kingdom and the great mysteries of when mortal puts on Immortality, you must also face the realization that God is running His Universe and holds it in His hand and His directive is constant. His ability to pour in the necessary ingredients into His environment, to bring in results is something reserved to Him. And He does not abdicate such as Congress does sometimes.

We are told sometimes that God abdicates in favor of the ‘free moral’ individual. They call this ‘free moral agency.’ But I want you to know that God does not have agencies. He has sons and daughters. And I want you to know, that God never abdicated in favor of ‘free moral agencies’ of such decisions. He has never stopped influencing your experiences of your decisions. I want you to know that the purposes of God is that He has planned to restore ALL THINGS to its proper relationship in the fullness of time. And when it has been accomplished, we evaluate the experiences which have been brought forth out of the pattern of time which are considered valuable and worthwhile.

Now, I turn in this pattern of mystery especially because I must speak to you of a race and an entity of a people, and a society. We talked about the mystery of Christ and His church last week. And previously, we have discussed the mystery and miracle of God likeness, that the physical body of the man Christ Jesus was the image of His spiritual body. That His physical body was the image of the invisible God. Resident within Him however, was this Omniscience. Because it demonstrates itself from its very earliest hours of His birth. For He in this body grew in this body. But His spiritual consciousness was the mind of the Eternal Creator, embodied now in the world. Thus now YAHSHUA, or Christ. The word Jesus is a derivation from the word Yah Zeus. But the original word was YAHSHUA. And the word in Isaiah and throughout the Old Testament, the ancient name is the Eternal YAHWEH. And YAHWEH THE ETERNAL GOD is personally YAHSHUA or Thy God the Savior. In the writings of Isaiah, He says:--’I YAHWEH AM THY YAHSHUA.’ And when we have the word YAHSHUA, or Christ, or in our English derivation, Jesus the Christ, His last name, however, is not Christ. It is an identity of His condition. For in the Greek, Christ means embodiment or incarnate form. And when YAHSHUA IS EMBODIED, HE IS THE MESSIAH. He is God embodied in the flesh. Whenever a spirit of the Eternal is embodied in the earth, there is a part of the household. This is Christ. And you are told that it is ‘the Christ in you’ that is your hope of Glory. And I tell you that God has many sons embodied in human form.

You came into the earth by birth and by the many seeds which God talks about in Holy Scriptures---a transference of a Celestial being into the earth. Thus you are the children of God after the spirit and the children of Adam after the flesh. For Adam was an offspring of the Most High God by His own declaration. In the Hebrew, this is very plain for it is Bara, the difference in begatting and creating. But this has been buried in translation. You are the offspring of the MOST HIGH.

And it becomes essential for this premise that I laid for you which is outlined in the 82nd Psalm. Because the 82nd Psalm conforms to the ancient documents such as the Zohar and they understood this as we have related it to you this afternoon, that ‘God stands in the congregations of the mighty and judges among the gods.’ You say, ‘how can that be for did not He say--’there is no God beside Me?’---But here in the 82nd Psalm, we read these words:--’Ye are Gods.’ (And the word is Elohim)--Ye are all the children of YAHWEH, the Most High---why do you die like men, why do you fall like the princes of men? You are Elohim, because you were begotten of spirit, before the world was framed. Why do you die like men and fall like men of earth, and the word here is Enosh---thus why do you die like these other people, and why do you fall because you follow them.

It is important for us to understand that God has been transplanting His Kingdom from heaven to earth, and this required the transplanting of a physical residence into a physical world wherein they would envelope the physical world in spiritual law, a Kingdom administration in law, the descending Adamic race descending thru Seth, thru Shem, Abraham, and Jacob, and on down thru the twelve tribes. Why does it come down thru this narrow line?---Because the others lost this spiritual capacity by intermingling with other races which were a different species before God. The original transgression of scripture is this intermingling or mongrelizing. And this is the reason why it was necessary for seven generations to cleanse the womb before a child of Adam and Eve could be proclaimed as part of this Kingdom. The seventh son of Adam was Seth. And now Adam could say that--’I have now begotten a son in my own image.’ And that man brought them back to the capacity to absorb the Immortality. And Enoch, the seventh from Adam, had now absorbed the powers of immortality. For Enoch ‘was not’ and God took him and he never knew death.

A fact here is that the Kingdom of God is tangible and real. The congregations of God are real. In the Old Testament they were referred to in their assemblies as the Kehellia and in the New Testament, it is Ecclesia which is translated Church. There is no difference in the church of the Old Testament and in the New Testament. For each is an assembly which makes up that church. They were people of God’s household and of His Spirit.

I just want to lay this down for your thinking. From Adam to Christ, they were under a death sentence which they had accepted for a violation of law and all died from Adam to Moses (except perhaps Enoch). And the law that the Apostle Paul talks about did not start with the law which Moses received on Mount Sinai, because men died from Adam on down to the days of Moses. I want this to be clear in your mind. They had lost the ‘aura’ which belonged to a Celestial household. But they were capable of carrying the Shekinah on their physical being when they violated that principal law. And every one of Adam’s descendants knew this and carried that secret complex for having surrendered to that Luciferian suggestion which lost for them this power.

The one thing they knew, the Zohar knew it. And Enoch reported it. And we find it reported in the book of Romans when the Apostle Paul has his heavenly vision. But also this promise that when we came into the world to produce His Kingdom, that if we fell, He would redeem us. That He would be the Lamb, or the Redeemer determined before the foundation of the world.

I want you to know that men were then under the penalty of sin, and the wages of sin is death. This was passed from generation to generation in the chromotin of their genes and in the electric genes carrying down the memory of the penalty. And the least common denominator of death expectancy would show up in the glands and the nervous system of the body functioning just like it functioned in the mitosis determinant the color of eyes and the color of the hair, and all the factors also of the priesthood. There is a law which we inherited upon our body of sin and death. You have noticed for a long time that churches have been working trying to get spirits back into heaven. But you do not have to work to save the spirit for most spirits never violated Divine Law. For the spirit is perfect. The error was committed in the seat of the soul consciousness and in the physical body. And if you will turn over to the writings of the Apostle Paul, he says, to wit---the redemption of the body.

As far as Christ is concerned in His work on Calvary, HE died once and for all time for SIN. No one else can add to it. And no one can take away from it. For He said, ‘I did this for My people to set them free of the law of sin and death, and I do it once and for all. There was one sacrifice, one atonement, and one conformation. There is much that can be said for this, but the church started out with something new. The church started out without a guilt complex. The church started out saying He was going to set us free and put His life in us, give us back everything that we once had. We say again, this was restoration, regeneration, and renewing of the mind. If you have regeneration, then you had something that required a regeneration. And you had to know things in your past, or they could not be renewed in your thinking. But most significantly then, what was being wrought was a new way of thinking and a new vitality. This did not fit into some things the later church would care to teach. But all of this must fit into the declaration of what the Messiah told His disciples, and what the Apostle Paul was told when he was taken into the heavens and given the mystery of Divine purpose. No doubt in the mind of either Paul or the Apostle that the transference of the Celestial Kingdom from heaven to earth was the transference of the inhabitants. This was taught in the Old Testament as well as in the New, that they were the children of God out of the plains of spirit. In fact, Isaiah was able to convey this as he recorded:--’Ask me concerning my sons.’ And the resident of the spirit to be revealed in them was also a part of the 43rd chapter of Isaiah.

Let me tell you this. That one of the most important mysteries of God’s Kingdom was the final tearing down of the last enemy. For the last enemy to be thrown down, the scripture tells us,--is Death.

Now, since we are in physical bodies and this ancient error of our race has passed down in the chromotin of our remembrance---a complex of the acceptance of death and the fear of death---we have found this a continuing process. We talked to a group of scientists and we asked them what they thought---why a body only seven years old should die? If every cell in your body is replaced every seven years, then why should it be a dying heart? Why should these things be? And the answer was that there was certain patterns in the subconscious mind that effected glands and effected nerves. And reaching a certain point, it started on the expectancy of death to develop it. It is well know, and it starts in the subconscious mind, and the death expectancy is the sentence of the law of death. And it accepts the death penalty error from the beginning.

Thus we have today, this--men’s fear of things that are coming on the face of the earth. The tensions are there even tho they may not know how much they fear. But there are conditions that upset the whole body function until the conditions that break down are in the system. In fact, many times the collapse of portions of the body come from fears and tensions, until they cause the catastrophe they feared to come upon them. This is related more then men realize to how they think. This is one of the reasons why it is so important for men to understand that they stand absolutely free of any pattern of condemnation and any judgement which rests upon them as far as their guilt complex is concerned, and as far as God is concerned.

Many people go to a psychiatrist to get themselves straightened out when what they need is a minister who knows the Grace of God. For when they know that they are free, they will no longer let a guilt complex disturb their mind or effect their heart, or their digestion or anything else. They will walk upright by the Grace of God and their face will become bright. And they will roll off that burden which it has wrought. As we have said before, that God the Incarnate One could do no less than He did.

I want you to think for a moment of some of the things that the Apostle Paul tells us. I am most interested in world history and the world order and its program to overthrow God’s Kingdom. And I know that we are coming to a very intense period in our history. The only way we can determine the closeness of the spiritual development, must be measured by the physical development of that you compare with it. I happen to believe that we are living in an hour when the Spirit of God is going to activate His people more than ever before. I am aware that as the powers of darkness seek the mastery of the earth thru evil, that we were not put into the world to accept this but to put down evil that exists, and bring in the Kingdom of righteousness, and bring the entire world whether they will or not, under the righteousness of God and liberate them from tyranny and enforce law. That is why the scriptures talks about the fact that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall proclaim. And the law shall go out of the Kingdom of God even if it is enforced with a rod of iron. The fact remains that we are in a very important point in our history.

Let me tell you that these events are expected by these forces even those who are meeting in Yugoslavia today, who are of course not a major factor, for they are Asiatic and Negroid mainly, and some like the Red satellite, Tito. But the fact is that there is a coming doom that is in the world and they feel it. I want you to know that this does not dupe the Kingdom of God. We do not have the time to go into all the knowledge of the scripture according to this hour, but the scripture clearly tells us of your wisdom, your knowhow and your technological ability. It tells us that in this hour when this enemy moves against us, against the citizens of these great nations of the Western world, with their un-walled villages, that defeat is going to come to them. This does not eliminate the participation of this by the children of God. Does not eliminate the fact that we will have armies and we will have weapons. Every once in a while someone gets into a spiritual evaluation and wants to set aside the whole reality of everything in the physical world that is round about. There is nothing spiritual and materially wrong with carrying out the administration of the Kingdom in a physical world. But there is another factor I think that is very important for you to understand. We have moved into a period when materialism has very deeply effected great numbers of your race, and of your faith, of God’s household. We have lost a most vital, spiritual and supernatural Divine power moving upon the quickening consciousness of men and upon the soul consciousness of them as they reside in the earth which God is intending to send. And as we have lost the consciousness of this, lost to some extent among those who do not know, the mighty supernatural forces which are going to be released into the world, which will galvanize the Kingdom of God into the greatest power which has ever been witnessed in the earth.

Oh, you say, ‘this is imaginary.’ But no more imaginary, my friends, than the patterns of past history. One of the most important periods in human history was the uplifting power of Christ’s Resurrection. That happened and the dead walked the streets of Jerusalem, because they were no longer dead. And the Gospel of Matthew tells you concerning this, how the earth was opened up with a great earthquake and how the dead walked the streets. And the Apostle Paul tells you that He, the Messiah, had become the captor of His people; had become their salvation. And He brought His many sons up out of captivity and brought them into the dimension of spirit or Glory.

Now, almost 2000 years from that date, we can still see the mighty impact of that demonstration. Because one of the most powerful testimonies of those who beheld Christ, --the Apostles and disciples----gave us the record of what happened that day. Even the enemy in their fear testified as to that day. I want to tell you that if there is one important thing which if you take it out of the Christian faith--this belief in the Resurrection, then you don’t have anything left.

Now, I am going to tell you that the greatest miracle that the world is going to witness in your time, the greatest miracle that the climax of this age, which the events around you are pointing to, are going to be greater than the miracle of Christ’s Resurrection. Because you are an empowered race, synthesized in power and spirit, in even areas in which the physicist can understand with such a charge of Belief and you are going to be activated and resurrected.---Particle will be brought to particle. You know, we used to hear the agnostics say, after this body is cremated this body is finished. You can never bring this body particles together--this is impossible. This was before we broke down the elements of the atom and found that every particle of every atom was one electron, one proton, and one hydrogen 238 governed by the mentoid around the nucleus. And the mind which is the heart of the individual, holds this all together until it can be with the power of the Eternal synthesized with ease. Some one says, ‘I don’t have any use for this old body.’ But don’t you worry about this old body. When it is synthesized by the light and mind of the Eternal God, I am going to tell you that it will not be old. It will be the best thing that you ever had. Don’t tell me that you are not interested in that,---that you are not interested in living. For the moment that you get sick, you run for the preacher or the doctor and it better be one or the other. I am going to tell you that fifty percent of the people die from errors in their thinking.

I want you to know that from the very beginning of this process Almighty God has set a date for two things. First--for the end of this age when there is going to step out among the children of God, in the ministry and in the pulpit, a short work of righteousness, when His sons are going to start manifesting their Sonship and the powers of Light are going to start moving thru them and from them, and death is going to be conquered individually because Light is going to be moving thru them. And before this age is climaxed, we have also the physical dimension in which we have the battle of between anti-Christ and the powers of the Kingdom. The whole society of which you are a part, among these events is going to put on Immortality. Someone said, ‘How can that be?’ It is just as easy as putting together the electrons and the protons to begin with. It is just as easy as the whole program of God, which holds the Universe together. I want you to know that this is Christian Doctrine.

I turn now to the book of Corinthians and I want you to know that the Apostle Paul without any other picture makes this statement:--’As it is written: The first man, Adam, was a living soul, and the last Adam was a Light giving Spirit.’ He is talking about Christ, God Incarnate, in human form by birth. And thus acknowledges that the first Adam was the offspring of the MOST HIGH. That this second Adam was the MOST HIGH EMBODIED THRU THE RACE OF HIS OWN PEOPLE. Therefore by the first man (Adam) came death. And the Apostle Paul tells us this in the book of Romans---’by the first Adam came death, and by the second Adam came Life.’ The first man was a conscious soul, and the last man was a Life giving spirit.

Now, I would point this out to your attention. The Apostle Paul who had a heavenly instruction said:--’Behold I tell you a mystery. We shall not all die.’ The reason it is translated as a mystery, is because they like it better than belief or truth. For no intelligent Christian believes in death. And the reason for this is that the spirit never dies. The spirit is not what is involved in this. For the spirit never dies. The spirit is already perfect. It was perfect the day it was begotten. And it is after all, of incorruptible seed. The Apostle Paul said that he was born of incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever. Thus since spiritual seed, thus remains perfect. Natural seed had made an error by way of the soul consciousness. And everything that you have absorbed in the electrons around those little tendrils of remembrance can be adjusted and the error can be removed.

Today, there is not a scientist who knows about the human mind who does not know that according to his size, that the electrons are stored around the tendrils of the nerves, which is memory. And memory is electronic. And when dealing with the spirit under inspiration, there is also another type of energy which is the process of the soul when it is thinking. Therefore, we are told:--’Behold I show you now a mystery--we are not going to die’---because a lot of people who are alive today are going to be alive throughout the next decade, and the next thousand years, and the thousands of years to follow. Because I want you to know that the powers of anti-Christ, of World Communism and all that goes with it, will see the triumphant reinforcements with this Christ---with His children, who will never face death.

You say, ‘when is that going to happen?’ I believe it is in your destiny. I believe that you have arrived by historical evidence as well as spiritual evidence, in a world which does not recognize the Kingdom of God, when the political and social world seems in power. This is a time when the church should realize that they are the only stabilizing force among the nations of the Kingdom of God and this is our business. There is one thing the world does not know anything about and this is that they do not understand anything about the spiritual law. Because these things are mysteries, and they belong to you and they are the thinking of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Therefore, the Apostle Paul tells us that we are not all going to die, or sleep. But where are we going to be changed? In the element of our being. And the Apostle Paul tells us in the book of Romans, that we are going to have a quickening, a stepping up of the electrons, a restoration of an Aura which will balance every atom of your being, which will restore you to perfect health. And the Apostle Paul then also in the book of Ephesians said, that HE was going to present unto Himself, talking about you and the church, which constitutes His household--He is going to present you without one spot, wrinkle or blemish. He is going to restore your youth. This is HIS purpose.

Now, how do you know? Because God has declared it. The Apostle Paul has declared it. In fact, almost all of Christian theology is based on the teaching of the Apostle Paul more than you realize. In a moment---in a twinkling of an eye. Someone said, ‘why did he say that?’ Well, I don’t think he knew anything else to say. Do you know that the speed of light moves at such a tremendous pace and electricity moves at that high rate of speed at the density of the earths atmosphere, so I do not know how you could get anything else as quick. But just as quick as the speed of light at the earths surface, is the speed which God can change every last one of His race.

Now, there is coming a day,--and we are told when it shall be,--when the last trump shall sound and the dead shall be raised incorruptible and we shall all be changed in the twinkling of an eye. For this mortal shall put on immortality. People do not think of that until they get to the graveyard, or to a funeral. If you want to think about it, then you will get life in your consciousness, if you want to start rolling back that age old concept and start thinking about the age to come and the purpose of God, and put some electrons around you that are filled with light. Let’s not accept that law of sin and death when we have been told by the Apostle Paul that the spirit of life in Christ Jesus, the Law of the Spirit of Life has set you free from the law of sin and death. You say, ‘that is okay. I am free from this law of sin and death but I still have to die.’ Alright then, you are still hanging on to the law of sin and death. Sure, people are dying all around you. Sure, but one of these days, they are going to stop dying--just like that. Don’t worry about what we will do with all the people. There will be a lot of room on the earth when the mysteries of the Kingdom are all over. And it is not going to be you that is missing.

Do you know how big this Universe is? No. You do not know and neither do I. But we know that we can multiply by 126 trillion, because that is how many suns are out there. And you can’t think beyond 126 trillion. I remember the words of God when He said that you would be as the sands of the seashore and the stars of the heavens. Let the numbers come out the same. There are plenty of places for people.

You may destroy the atom or think you do, but they will come out in another form. And you cannot destroy the patterns of electronic remembrance. And you will never stop the resurrection because there is not anything which dies which needs resurrection. Did you know that? God’s Universe is perfect and He says---I am going to do this. The spirit does not die.

Listen. There is an hour and there is a trump and it is going to blow. And at that moment, something is going to happen. For mortal is going to put on immortality, and this is going to be swallowed up in victory.

Now, let’s just go over for a moment into the book of Revelation which deals with this hour. I am told here in the 6th chapter of Revelation, of certain events. That there is no longer a time for waiting. And in that day, the seventh Angel shall sound a trumpet and the Mystery of God will be finished which was declared unto His prophets. And we are told that in that hour when the Trumpet sounds, there shall be a resurrection and blessed and holy is he who has part in that first resurrection. And it tells me in the 6th verse of the 20th chapter of Revelation, that these people shall be preached unto God and they are going to reign with HIM for a thousand years in the earth. That is just one step in the history which is just ahead.

Then turn back again to the 5th chapter of the book of Revelation, and it says here that HE has made us unto Himself---Kings and Priests. And we are going to reign on the earth. Not only does that mean you who are alive and remain, but these who are raised in the first resurrection are going to reign with you as Kings and Priests on the earth. Some people think this is going to be somewhere else. But this is on the earth. God didn’t have to go out into space for this. There is nothing wrong with heaven. The dimensions of spirit and plains of Heaven are all in good shape. But it was into earth that you were sent to bring it back into the realm of God’s Kingdom. God sent this stream of life from heaven to earth. We have been coming down out of the heavens, thru the generations of your households all those who drew the attention of God’s Holy Spirit. You are spirit of His Spirit and Light of His Life.

Now, let me point this out, for some people have overlooked this part. That the seventh Angel sounded and the word is that the kingdoms of this world, are to become the Kingdoms of our LORD and HIS CHRIST. HE shall reign for ever and for ever.

Now, turn for one moment again to the book of Thessalonians, written again by the Apostle Paul. I think this is again of great significance for each one of these declare to us certain events. And in spite of any understanding you may have about you and what God is doing for you----understand therefore, that we say unto---and this is the word of the LORD,---we who remain,---and the Apostle Paul was writing to people who are alive and remain---at what time?---At the day of the coming of the LORD, the mighty YAHWEH, the Eternal God, who comes in as King of King’s and LORD of Lord’s, with Celestial Legions behind HIM. And He comes at that time with every one of the spirits of HIS household. He brings with Him and He gathers with atomic energy every last one of the particles which are necessary for the putting together the embodiment of His Celestial children, and spirit, soul and body will be made manifest. And death will be conquered in one moment.

Now, someone says, ‘but what has this to do with our time?’ Well, as you face the battle, which involves Asia, Africa, and the Russians, when the members of God’s Kingdom are surrounded by the anti-Christ forces, the hour when this battle is the heaviest, is the one which sees the greatest surge of spiritual power.

I can show you times when there was spiritual power. For instance the time when the Germans faced the British armies and HE stopped this battle at ‘Mons’ with a great army out of the spirit. And you cannot tell the people who saw it that it was not there. And all the horses of the German Cavalry went blind. You can laugh it away, but the people that saw it would not be agreeing with you. And besides it happened just as the book of Zachariah said as Judah and Israel fought at that battle field. There have ben times all thru our history, even to the time when God covered things with the clouds in the Korean War so as to protect our men as they retreated, from the enemy air power. Even tho the powers of darkness sought to defeat our men under this great General McArthur, God intervened. You see all spirit and earth creation are related to a mighty plan and God has put everything into it,---every necessary element, every capacity, every thought, all that was necessary can be poured into earth to bring about the condition that God has ordained. Thus you have nothing to fear. Just believe God and understand.

Now, let’s us go back for one moment into the writings of the Apostle Paul. He said therefore we shall all be saved in that moment. And that moment would be precisely the moment when the LORD, Himself---YAHWEH or YAHSHUA, Himself, shall descend from Heaven with a shout. With the voice of an Archangel. So you see the book of Revelation and the book of Thessalonians is not dislocated. They are put together right. When he tells you that you are going to be changed in the ‘twinkling of an eye’, --in the book of Corinthians, when it tells you over here in the book of Thessalonians when this last trump is going to take place, all the miracle which is involved, is going to happen at the very moment when Christ steps back with the forces of heaven into your affairs.

Now, I want to point out something else to you. The Apostle Paul says this over here in the book of Corinthians---I want you to understand this, there is a natural body and there is a spiritual body. You have a natural body and a spiritual body with this afternoon. The spiritual body is made of light. The natural body is made of the elements of the electronic Universe. Your consciousness is capable of residing in both. You draw out of the senses all the knowledge of the physical world. But the real evaluation of what the brain has received is done by the soul. And out of the Celestial, you have a perfect body and you have a perfect mind in it. This is a perfect mind. It operates perfectly. This is the mind of Christ. The Apostle Paul tells you this that you have this tremendous experience in the physical body. Here you are in a physical body and you have this Celestial body and the consciousness can take over and abide in both. I want you to know that you can draw thought out of one or the other, or both. One of your problems of today is that the World Order which is in opposition to you who are of God’s Kingdom, are pouring into the world, concepts and ideas which are not, my friends, yours. The spirit of God in you is supplying you with concepts that belong to the Kingdom of Heaven. And everything which is great and constructive is done out of this pattern of inspiration. It has been done by your race. And this is why you could build this great nation, by inspiration. For your founding fathers caught this pattern of life, vitality and liberty. That is why the World Order is trying to fold all of this up and integrate you with the masses of the earth and destroy all you have accomplished. That is the reason the powers of darkness want to distribute your wealth all over the world. And if you are intelligent you will stop that process. For you will not pour out your wealth on the enemies of God’s Kingdom.

You want to know why you are in trouble? It is when the mind of the World Order rules. In that capacity you get destruction. You get all the capacities of trouble that belongs to the World Order. When you are being guided by the proper vision, you are feeding that soul with things that it likes.

God has supplied His Kingdom with great substances. You have all the food you can eat in this nation. You don’t have to worry about that. We feed the body, but what do we feed the soul? Well, the soul is fed everything form the expectancy of catastrophe, the expectancy of death. And we see this on the T.V. And we see it in our daily lives.

Now, we are not against amusement and people enjoying life. But I want you to know that the enemies of God’s Kingdom are selling you death and corruption, and delinquent children. They are selling it to you all the time.

Now, the people of this generation should see that their minds and the minds of their children are fed with spiritual things, better things than that listed by the World Order. This is one reason why you should not leave off assembling yourselves together. Because you are subject to all this six days of the week. And basically it is important that we put the thoughts of God’s mind in the seat of our soul. Because the soul has to grow. It has been growing ever since you were born. And it has now the remembrance of everything it has seen of earth. And it better have a better outlook if you want a proper conduct. In this situation, you had better tune in to the voice of God.

Do you know that He said:--’I shall stand at the door and knock and all who will open, I will come in unto you.’ And then you say--how can that be? But this is the mind of God coming into the resident seat of your soul consciousness. You would not call me on the telephone and then hang up before I could answer, would you? But people all the time are grabbing the phone and calling God and then hanging up. They never wait for it in the lightening in the storm, or in the mighty demonstration of some great power. He had to wait--on the ‘still small voice.’ This means that it reactivates your consciousness. It will speak to you with guidance. It will give you an uneasiness about the thing you are about to enter into. And it will lead to benediction and serenity of an untroubled spirit. And then it will unveil a picture of vision and consciousness in your thinking. For if you haven’t experienced or don’t experience things of value, you better get in touch with your spiritual consciousness. That is your responsibility. And the more that you reach in, the more God reaches out for you. And the greater your power and your wisdom will become.

I tell you that there is a moment and hour, and men need to get adjusted to the thoughts of God and the mind of God, and the Spirit of God. When you understand the scripture, and prophecy, then you pick up the newspaper and as you read, you are waiting to see the things that God has said. But there is a serenity of spirit in the midst of this holocaust. I want you to know that you are going to have to counter the propaganda of the World Order with ‘Thus saith the LORD.’ That is your responsibility and that is the promise to you. And I want you to know that instead of measuring the process of death---and I say that the events cannot develop too fast--for us to see MORTALS PUT ON IMMORTALITY.

I am going to say that you do not have to die anyhow. The price is paid for. The last enemy was vanquished with Christ’s Resurrection. And death is going to be banished from your whole race. You are not under condemnation. The law of sin and death is paid for. And the guilt complex is off. For you do not have to die for it.

You say, ‘but when is this going to occur?’ It is starting now in this climactic age. And it will dawn with more power than you realize. Miracles will come back to the true church in this climactic hour. But do not think that takes away your responsibility of fighting your enemy here in earth. For if there is any person I cannot show respect for, it is a person who will not battle anti-Christ for his nation. I want you to know that there is another miracle coming in the midst of that battle and this is the entrance of the troops of the MOST HIGH GOD, before this is over. Thus this heavenly army will march with your troops. This is coming. This is why things we say will happen in a moment--in a twinkling of an eye. I wish it would happen this afternoon. A lot of people would hide. A lot of people don’t want it. But as for me, they can blow that trumpet any moment. I am ready. I am going to claim these words:--’Not by righteousness which I perform, but HE has given unto me HIS righteousness. He has called His sons and daughters---saying I have cleansed them completely. I have removed their transgressions from them. And HE has promised to do this for them from the East to the West. And now you say, ‘Our FATHER which art in Heaven.-----But now thou has arrived.----Hallowed by Thy Name.

This then, is the hour of immortality. If you have about given up, you just plan on staying. Just a little longer. I don’t want to miss what is going to happen in the next generation or even in the next ten years. And I don’t intend to. Let me tell you this. If you pass thru the events of this hour, then you are going to live in the great new age of 1000 years. You are going to enter into a new age when new things will be done. New forces of spirit and light will be a part of the creation. And you are going to see that hour when every knee will bow and every tongue proclaim that this Embodied Christ---is Majestic Father, the Creator of all things. And HE will turn to HIS children and say that you also are Gods. And the light is on you. And this will occur from one end of the earth to the other. Why? Because when god has children, they will be just like HIM. That is your destiny----to conform to the Image of the Son.

(End of message)