Where Are My People, 7-11-66


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-11-66

This subject is significant because in the hours of confusion, in the crisis of the world, the call is for Israel, and Israel shall come forth. We know where every Tribe of Israel is, we know every nation that has emerged from them. We know they are fulfilling their Destiny, and so we answer by this message, this question, of where are My People Israel? Then we say in this hour also when the world darkness is crying out against God’s Kingdom...Where is God’s Kingdom.

When they talk of opposition then they are holding against the white race. They mark one pattern that all African, Asian, and Jewish influence is against and that is the white Christians. Irrespective of those in power, irrespective of the number of white’s doing their will, they are still against your nation and the whole Western world. Why?

If you are acquainted with the Scriptures then you will know that God Almighty has called out His people, His Household of Israel, and Israel is those who shall rule with Him, Princes ruling with God. He has ordained and declared that in the course of ages, that they shall establish His Kingdom. He came as Messiah atoning for their transgressions, He bought the whole world by His sacrifice, and promised that His people Israel would lead in the redemption of the world. But the world doesn’t want the redemption...the world wants the destruction of Israel. So if you want to find Israel, you will have to find the areas of the world where the animosity of the enemy is the highest.

God speaks out in Hosea and He says:..”In the latter days the number of the children of Israel shall be as the sands of the sea, they shall be so many they cannot be measured or numbered, and it shall come to pass that in that place where they say....ye are My people.... where they call you Gentiles, where they say My household is not My household, there it shall be revealed that ye are My people, the sons of the Living God. So the children of Judah and the children of Israel shall be gathered together. They will eventually appoint themselves one head.” But in this climatic hour, as the hoards of the World Government and the World Order rises now to turn against My people called Israel, God says:...’in that place where they say ye are not my people, it will be known that ye are My sons and daughters,’ because the start of the multiplication of the Kingdom has already been undertaken. In fact today the white race, consisting of the Anglo-Saxon, Scandanavian, Nordic, Basque, and Germanic people represent 1/6th of the worlds population. Now you may be a minority, but in technology and genius, and wisdom, you are a strong minority because God has poured out on His sons and His daughters of His Household, His Wisdom, making them the strongest power on the face of the earth today.

Oh, I know there are those who talk of the 800 million hoards of China and all those who can move out of Russia, and then they talk about those they can gather out of Africa, but I tell you that the technology, genius, and the wisdom that lies with the House of Israel today constitutes the apex of the leaders and designers of production. You are today only 1/6th., of the population but then you possess the Balance of Power. America is less than this because even though we have 200 million people, you can discount 45 million and never miss them, for they are not of the House of Israel.

Now; God had defined certain areas, even in our day, that can be well established concerning the House of Israel. Where are they? Back in the days when the Children of Israel had to establish their encampment to protect the Tabernacle of the Most High God, their Government was a Theocracy before it began an area of the Kingdom. The Tabernacle was always in the center. It was a Kingdom whose head was Yahweh and He was their King. In Numbers chapter 2., God marked the encampment of Israel, and the same pattern with some shifting is pretty much the same today as it was in those days of early Israel. Back in those early times then God said to Moses and Aaron that every man of the Household of Yahweh should pitch by his own Standard, and by the Ensign of his father’s House and round about the Tabernacle for it’s protection.

On the East side toward the rising of the Sun shall be the camp of Judah, and all those numbered with him, and also on the East shall be Issachar and Zebulon. On the South the camp of Reuben with Simeon and Gad. On the North camp is Dan with Asshur and Naphtali. On the West is the standard of Ephraim and with him Manasseh and Benjamin.” So this was the ‘mark set’ and the pattern. The Tabernacle was called the House of God before Jerusalem was established as the place of the great Temple which became the House of God. So Israel marched and camped with their standards and their House of God in their midst.

The Unicorn, which was later identified with Britain, rode and accompanied the early camp of Joseph. The various symbols were each under their fathers Standards, such as the Outstretched Wings of Manasseh.

Now we look at Europe today and we see this same significant pattern. A pattern of migration and a new land for the children of Israel, Westward, and under the areas of westward advancement. Westminster Abbey means “The House of God Westward.”

God said in His declaration...”To the East toward the rising Sun the camp of Judah” and today these are the Germanic people. They were to fulfill a great responsibility, and God said “I will make a new covenant with the House of Judah and the House of Israel.” Prior to this the House of Judah was in Judea. There was only a scattering of Judah left in Judea when Christ came, some of them were even in Galilee with the Benjaminites of that area. But when Christ came He came to Judah first and then to the other Tribe’s. Those of Judah who had fulfilled their part in staying in Judea until the Christ came received the Gospel of Christ as did Benjaminites. Remember that God left Benjamin with Judah when the Tribe’s parted years before. Here in Palestine were some of Benjamin and Judah to play their part in this coming to earth of Yahweh Himself...as Yahshua the Christ. These of true Benjamin and true Judah recognized their Messiah, and they leaned upon His every word as He walked the streets of Jerusalem and through Galilee, thousands came to listen....tho His enemies reviled Him. During the hours of His Crucifixion the political powers who controlled Jerusalem, who were the political leaders of Jewery plotted the death of the Christ and the people of Judah and Benjamin watched afar off as they feared the Jew’s. Then after the Resurrection, Peter preached that the Christ was the Messiah and the people of Judah and Benjamin came to listen and to believe. The Scriptures say that in that day the people joined the church by the thousands as the Gospel was proclaimed to them and the New Spiritual power of the Kingdom moved out. The Apostles had great Evangelistic meetings and those meetings produced great reactions from the people of Judah and Benjamin. Now their problems were increasing for Jewery was beginning to persecute Christians, and some of the remaining soldiers of Barabbas, of the Blue Tunic Army, that had stood to defend Christ, now stood to defend Christians.

The people of Judah and Benjamin had appealed to the Roman Empire for the permission to migrate from Palestine. Rome had as Emperor the father of Titus, who would later war against the Jew’s of Palestine. But Rome had borrowed money from the Jew’s and the Jew’s were beginning to use this power to control Rome,....and they went too far. Rome declared war on the Jew’s of Judea and thus we see Titus the Son, come into Palestine to besiege Jerusalem, but Judah and Benjamin had been given permission by Rome to migrate and they left Judea and came into central Europe. This was the last of the children of Israel to leave that land which had seen the birth of their Messiah, His Crucifixion, and Resurrection.

Israel had come out of Assyria much earlier and settled in Western Europe, and the isles of Britain. Earlier Judah, as they came into Europe, were the Goth’s, and these later arrivals were the Vis Goth, and with them came the last of the Benjaminites.

So Judah was to the East, settling finally in Germany. Issachar, known as the ‘Defenders of God and His Kingdom’ settled in Finland. In the early days of the New Testament Church then Finland gladly accepted the Gospel. In World War II., “Little Finland” stood and said... ‘a scorched earth is all that shall fall to Russia.’ Then shame on America, for at that time we did not back little Finland which had paid all her war debts and had dealt fairly with all countries. Finland knew that she was Issachar, and they knew that they were (Genesis 38) ‘the patient ass between two staves.’ They were a civilization that was caught between the Asian society and that of the white race of Europe. In World War II., Count Mannerheim said, “Men of Issachar show the world that men of Israel can stand and die.”.....they had not forgotten their fathers, or the land from which they had come.

Today the people’s of Rumania and Hungary, the Slavic people, are from the Tribe of Zebulon. Now all the Tribes of Israel are somewhat different in their languages and in their customs, but they are all from Israel and they can intermingle without breaking any Divine Law. So Issachar, Judah, and Zebulon stand to the Eastern threshold of Russia and they protect the House of God in the Westward.

Next we look to the South and we find the Tribe’s of Reuben, Simeon and Gad. We know from Genesis as to the area where these people would move out into. Simeon was an adventurous Tribe and would move out with colonies in their exploration’s...and would also be cruel at times. We find Simeon in Spain, and in fact Spain carries the emblem of Simeon, and long have they referred to the “Lion of Israel.” The Spanish Lion was on their Armada as the Mark of Simeon, and thus Spain, as Simeon, holds its position in the Square.

The Tribe of Gad is the Italians, the Lombards, with the blue eyes and blond hair, together with other sowing’s within the other Houses of Israel, and they produced the people of Italy. So primarily the Tribe of Gad is represented by Italy today. Now; the Apostle Paul was an Apostle to the Tribe’s of Israel and he spent a whole Epistle writing to the Romans, and Paul told them that they were Israel, and he said that the gathering of these great Tribes, called ‘Gentile’, was the House of Israel being gathered. By the Text of Paul and by his declarations he proved that they were Israel, and proved that all these Romans were the Elect according to the foreknowledge of God, and were predestined according to His patterns.

The Tribe of Reuben once located side by side with Gad, were pushed north as the Asiatics poured through some areas of Greece, and today the Tribe of Reuben is located in Holland. So the people of Belgium has some of Reuben and some of Judah in them. Switzerland is made up of the Austrian and Germanic people so they are of the Tribe of Judah as well as some of the lowland people. Switzerland holds its head high and is a part of Israel. Reuben moved from the south to the middle of the country and you hear their song, “Reuben Reuben I’ve been thinking,” and then as they remember their background and God’s covenants and promises they sing, “Rachel Rachel I’ve been thinking”, and thus the Tribe of Reuben is Holland, and they have labored to hold back their land from the Sea, as they fulfilled their Destiny.

Next the House of God. On the West is the House of Ephraim, and thus it is that Manasseh is also of Joseph and is to be to the west of Ephraim, so as Ephraim is located in the Isles of Britain, then the Ocean had to be crossed by Manasseh, and thus came into being the United States of America. Benjamin also on the west is scattered from Normandy to Iceland and it is in Iceland where the flying wolf standard flies the strongest. We see through Ephraim that they are following their destiny course, and of course the blessings God has heaped upon the heads of Ephraim and Manasseh are the outstanding blessings of the Bible. The precious things of the hills, and the mountains, the precious mineral wealth and agriculture resources... show these blessings, and in all these things we see how God had blessed the House of Joseph with a double portion:....”And the world will say...God make us like Ephraim and Manasseh, even in the end of the age.”

So far as we are concerned the Household of Manasseh is this great Nation of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle, and that is the Mark of God in the handling of this House of Israel...for here in this Nation is coming...the land that will bring forth the great and tremendous gift of protection and leadership, to the House of God in the latter days.

Now in the North it tells us...we will find the standards of Dan. Now Dan was ever a wanderer, a traveler of the seas, sometimes moving out to prove and test the areas ahead of all Israel. He moved up the Danube and other Rivers marking his way for others to follow as he moved out always west and north from Palestine, and also in ships through the Mediterranean Sea and out into the Ocean and up to Ireland. Then he came into ‘Dan’s land’...Denmark and staked it out as his own Mark. As he came into that area also came the Tribe of Asshur which is Sweden today, and also the Tribe of Naphtali in Norway. There has been inter-marriages in these three tribes but they have still kept their banners and their Identity in their songs and their culture. When the message came from the Apostles and disciples that the Messiah had come, they all welcomed it and became Christians, and the declaration of God that...”I will pour out My spirit on the House of Israel,” was thoroughly consummated with these people.

So we find the Symbol’s and the Mark’s of Israel transferred to a new land. In Great Britain we find many of these symbols and emblems. Britain has produced a remarkable fusion of the peoples of the House of Israel.

For instance in Ezekiel chapter 19., “Take up the lamentations of all the Princes of Israel, and say, what is thy mother?”

In the strength of the continental involvement and as they established their colonies and through them Nations, the Throne of God which had been in the Green Tree of Judah and Benjamin had virtually dried up, for Jeremiah had been commissioned to take the daughter of the Green Tree (known as Judah and Benjamin) and transplant her over into Ireland where she married the King of Ireland who through Tribal migrations traced their lineage back to Jeroboam and to Zarah. In fact the scripture says..”I will cause the Green Tree to dry up and plant my plantings in the dry tree.” Jeremiah said....”I was called by Yahweh to plant and to locate for Him the Kingdom of God.” So, therefore, Jeremiah took the daughter of King Zedekiah and cared for her as all the sons of King Zedekiah were killed, and then this daughter was transplanted over into Ireland. We heard God say...”I will plant and I will plant, and I will plant then it shall move no more...it shall overturn, overturn, overturn.” So we have the Kingdom control moved from Ireland to Scotland and then to Wales and England. So this means the King-lines of the House of Judah were moving out over God’s people. So with these moves God transplanted the King-lines of the House of David from the land of Judah into the land of the House of Joseph in Britain. We see that out of the Destiny of the daughter of Zedekiah of Jerusalem came many sons and daughters who were to be powerful leaders in Israel. One of these was...(Odin) of Scandinavia, as he united those of Sweden and Norway to stand against the hoards from Ancient Russia, long before the Germanic Princes formed their Knighthood to fight for Israel. And Odin took control of Ancient Russia and thus White Russia came into being.

But the Scripture say...”Who was thy mother?....A Lioness!” So we have the Symbol of the Lion for Britain and it is significant. The Unicorn is the original Symbol of Ephraim, but the Lion of David had been transplanted to the Isle of Britain. As this Symbol was planted there then we have fulfilled the scripture...”Who is thy mother...a Lioness?” “She lays down among her whelps...young lions, and nourished her young lions, she brought up her whelps and one of them became a young Lion that catches prey.” Now; the nations heard of this land which was under the control of the Mother Lioness, for at one time they had taken its progenitor out of a pit and sold him into the hands of the people of Egypt. Then it is said that “When she saw that her hope was lost she took the whelps and made one into a young lion and he went up and down among the lions, and he learned to catch prey, and this was to include many men. He learned of their desolate Palaces and he laid waste to their cities, so the nations were set against him on every side...and then turned to join him.”

She is talking of Joseph. He was taken from his mother and cast into a pit, he was sold to the Egyptians, but from Joseph...the House of Ephraim became the young Lion out of the House of David as it became the ruling spot for the Nucleus of the Kingdom. So....”Who is thy mother...a Lioness?”

Therefore, the mother was like a vine..in her blood..planted by the waters, she was fruitful and full of branches by reason of the many waters. So as she increased she spread out her branches into many colonies. She was like a plant, which planted by the waters grew strong and powerful as a Nation of God’s Kingdom...with the emblem of the Lioness.

Today as we look out over the Continent of Europe, and tho we do not find it in as good a position as it was 100 or 150 years ago, still the Kingdom marks the rulers of the Land. We still discover that we have Royalty and Royal blood, and we realize that every Royal Household of Europe was out of Britain, and this was also true when we controlled White Russia.

Now; Kaiser Willheim understood prophecy better than was recognized. He was set on gathering up the areas of Palestine and ruling that area, and he planned on building a Palace on the Mount of Olives. One of the things the Kaiser said before he was deposed was...”I cannot see how I can lose for I shall pitch my Tent on the Mount of Olives, and I shall remain there until Jesus comes.” He wasn’t such a rascal as they would have you to think for he had absolute Faith that he was a Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and that he was ruling over the Tribe of Judah, and this was a significant thing. In fact when the young leaders of the military of Germany were trained they were taught that they were...Judah of the Scripture...the masters of their military, and they were taught that they were of Judah and they were not to let anyone claim they were the ‘chosen people’ unless they were of Israel.

Much as wasted away in the areas of time concerning Identity, but there had always been an animosity in Germany against the Jew’s, for the Jew’s of Germany were claiming a right and a privilege as usurpers that they did not have, while spurning the Almighty Yahweh, who was the bestower of that right.

Turn to the Prophet Ezekiel and we read...This mother Lioness who sent out her branches to the many waters (tribes), she was strong and the strong Rod of her Scepter bears rule over the nations. This is the hour of God’s Mark of Identity.

The people of Africa today, who have made their mark, are South Africa, Rhodesia, Kenya Colony and Tanzenikia...this was the product of the white man as he colonized, as he felt the drive to go, and here he developed the land of the desert into great agriculture areas. He started the mining of their minerals, he built hospitals, and schools and started training the natives. The white man tamed the areas of Witchcraft and savagery which fought against him, and he finally produced an area of civilization and culture. And this is true also of the work of Belgium in the Congo.

Today we are in a very strange hour. The Powers of Darkness and the forces of evil have produced the United Nations, and this U.N. is the usurper. It is a violation of Divine Law. It stands today for a (unifier) of all nations of the world under a single banner, and it makes them surrender their areas of sovereignty while they are ruled by an Elite Continent. In this area of the U.N. we have been told to ‘come out from among them, O My people.’ Do not join this assembly. Do not trust this unclean thing. We have been told not to trust its ordained economy and its planned pattern of Mystery Babylon. All the nations of Israel are today a signer of this pact and the administration of it is a Buddhist, and he is telling us what to do. This is a violation of Divine Law. We should sever all connections with this organization. The U.N. is busy running the Belgium out of the Congo and trying the same things in South Africa and even the President is a mental moron as he upholds these plans, as he does not understand the Scriptures. He refers to the rulers of the New Frontiers and the Great Society and he says he will never be happy until the majorities of all people in the world control their governments, in the world. But here in the United States he doesn’t want the majority to rule, he wants the minority to rule, so what he wants for Africa he does not want for this great nation of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle...this nation under God.

The pattern of this is utterly foolish for God has ordained...that His Kingdom shall triumph and rule the nations, from one end of the world to the other. The Pagan Temple’s and their evil Priesthood’s which are aligned today with the programs of World Communism, must be destroyed. If the people of China are ever going to have enough to eat, and turn to the house of God, we will have to remove the Witch doctors over them. We have to break the power of Communist minded Buddhist’s who control them and we must break the power of the Soviet Union which stretches out its hand to build a new Hierarchy for the Communist front.

Today we are the people of the Book, and the World Order is against us for they do not believe in our God. As they seek to influence you and turn you from your Destiny with their talk of Peace and war...there is only one thing you must remember...that is...that you are the Nation of the West, you are the men and women of the West, You are His Household, and you are the Nation, He said, that He placed above all the people of the world because you are a Holy seed and because ‘You are Mine.’

So by this declaration then we point out again that we are camped again around the House of God, of the West...as they did around the House of God in the East, and in the hours just ahead the world is going to hear from Israel. It is going to hear from God’s Kingdom and before we know it we are going to discover that the powers that lead our nation are going to be the powers that with vision and application of the calling of God shall deliver the Household of God, in the Nations of the Kingdom.

And so He says...’You ask me, things pertaining to My sons. The nations shall say, there is no one but thee....but He says...He is in His Household and with His People.’

So we look for Israel. They are in the midst of the earth, 1/6th., of the world’s population, but they dynamic 1/6th., about which the world moves and plans, and worries, and threatens. But Israel shall be known as God’s Kingdom.

(End of this message)