Whither Bounds, 8-8-64


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-8-64

There can be no question in the mind of the student or observer that the trend our nation is taking, that the policies being endorsed and ratified by the administrative power, the policies being pursued by advisors in many areas of portfolio of authority, some which have never been created by the people, that the trend is not the path our forefathers have taken in the past. It is not the course which made this nation great. In fact, we are at the crossroads tonight, in many areas of decision. We find ourselves not unlike the declaration of the prophet Joel, who talks about multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision. Unfortunately, we have the parity of prophecy and of time. In fact, we are told that the road the great masses travel upon is not the route to security and development, or the attainment of God’s Kingdom. The road into which we find Christ referring to in the book of Matthew, states unto us very clearly. That broad is the gate, wide is this route to destruction. And he tells us that not many enter into the right gate. It says, ‘Enter ye in at the right (straight) gate; for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be who go in thereat. But straight (right) is the gate, and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life and few there be that find it.’ (Matthew 7:13-14)

In the Psalms, he talks of the wicked and tells us that the great hosts, the masses are following the route of the wicked. And apparently by the Psalmists own understanding, he also knew that as far as the Kingdom of God was concerned, it was not of the majority in the earth, but rather the minority. And of course, therefore, that individual should follow the course outlined by YAHWEH (God) for HIS Kingdom. When Jesus talked about ‘broad is the way,’ and that great masses of people, the majority in the earth, take this broad gate, and enter into catastrophe, it is because the World Order is not necessarily the Right way to go. In fact, it is almost diametrically opposed to the program of God. ‘Straight is the gate, and narrow is the way.’ This is referred to as the route which God hath laid down by HIS Law and for His purposes.

Now, under the ultimate patten of this, God is not going to lose anything in the Universe. HE is not going to loses anything. HE has invested in it. But there are long patterns of experiences that relate to men and nations, between now and events even of the fullness of time, for the earth, and for its creation.

From the days of the Adamic race and up to this time, there have been courses of destiny which God has laid out. There have been patterns of HIS Law and declarations which are to the best interest of God’s Kingdom. When we observe these patterns of laws and synchronize our thinking with HIS mind and HIS will, we watch HIS blessings come upon HIS people. We watch HIS spirit stimulating and quickening HIS people to develop the understanding and pliable energies of the creating wisdom of every problem which faces them. In fact, there have been very few things that we have been faced with in any area when coping with things of earth that God has not given them the wisdom and the technology to accomplish those things as we are identified with HIM and with HIS purposes.

In all the blueprints of prophecy, there is no doubt of the fact that God outlined the course of HIS nations when HE declared there would be a great nation and a company of nations in the midst of the earth. We have already watched this develop. There are those who are Bible students who study the ethnic pattern who don’t understand tonight, where the nations of God’s Kingdom are. One of the greatest problems we face today is that too many of those who read the Bible never seek to identify the people who are in it, or who they are. So it is pretty hard to identify the people who are in it, or anything concerning the blueprint of the scriptures, or what prophecy declares, or who the people are who play the part and fulfill the stories of destiny and of time. That is one of the reasons we tell you today, that you can have all kinds of conventions and all kinds of conferences on how to battle Communism, and if you don’t know who is behind Communism, or you seek to cover this up because you find it is unpopular to name the factor, you are wasting your time. You are accomplishing nothing. Especially, do I find this true when there are those who wish to give the responsibility of the Kingdom of God over to the enemies of God’s Kingdom. And then wonder why they can’t successfully meet the problems of today because they have covered up for the very forces of evil. Especially is this seen when one of the speakers against Communism--Bob Jones, of Bob Jones University, said, ‘No one can be anti-Semitic and be a Christian.’

I ask you. How are you going to fight Communism if you are going to cover up Jewry? At the same time, I point out to you what constitutes anti-Semitism because they do not know who the Shemites are. They do not know that all of the Adamic Race which emerged down thru time, came down thru the channel thru Noah. And all of the people of the great White nations of today descended thru Shem, coming from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Thus, from Shem, comes all the great White nations existent in the Christian world today. And-- no --, you couldn’t be anti- Semitic without being against yourself. But in the position which they took, they were trying to cover up the massive conspiracy which has directed Communism all over the world. So--you will never defeat Communism. You can hold conventions and rallies all over the world, but you will never defeat Communism UNTIL you have EXPOSED and eliminated the source and power from which Communism comes.

We point out again, that they say the only way to defeat Communism is to have a great revival and convert all the Communist. But between now and the coming of Christ, you are never going to convert the Communist. You are never going to win over to you the people today that are going to be fighting against the Kingdom of God in Armageddon, and those on the inside who seek to betray the Kingdom of God.

We look back over the panorama of the history of mistakes as well as obedience, and we find that whenever men sought to disallow the instructions of God’s Word, they led the nations of our race into catastrophe. In the Old Testament, we find every once in a while, that there were those who sought to listen to the policies of the World Order and did. They decided they were going to modify the attitude of God’s Kingdom towards people and towards conditions. And when they did this, whether it was Rehoboam or whether later men like Ahab, but when they sought to modify the patterns of Divine Law and chose an association with races and people which are diametrically opposed by God, they brought catastrophe which eventually ended with the captivity, the enslavement, and the loss of power and status of the Kingdom.

God never modifies the impact of the way things are constructed. HE deals with you with Grace. HE chastises you for your transgressions. HE can intervene in your behalf. HE is still going to work out the Destiny which HE has ordained and HE is not going to let a few people obstruct it.

But we point out to you, that God has made it very clear as to the reason why your race was placed in earth. That you are HIS Offspring and HIS Household. You are the people who are to build HIS Kingdom---that this Kingdom is to rise and rule. And you, HIS children, HIS heirs, are going to be the government of the earth.

There is a constant revelation in the scripture that Lucifer and the hosts with this fallen Angel, consider themselves the god of this World Order. That it was in the areas of his ancient administration that this earth and its solar system was found. And in his revolution against God, he sought to turn all of this area of the Universe in to opposition to the righteousness of the laws of God. That he sought to mutate species, to mongrelize creations, to create out of bacteria the kind of forces that would be deadly, where from viruses would emerge, and out of protozoa the most evil of germs would emerge. He was to go in every direction and seek to mutate everything God has produced. But we do not find in Lucifer, a creator. We only find in him a continuing destroyer. We also find that regardless of how subtle he seems to make the doctrines of his processes so that they appear as tho they might be non destructive, they always end in destruction for those who violate Divine Law to listen to his suggestions.

I realize that sometimes the Laws of God and their instructions appear harsh. But they only appear harsh if you are thinking with some of the outlook of the World Order. They are not harsh when you look down as God does, upon the situations of earth. And when HE knows as HIS Omniscience knows, what has caused the catastrophe and the pain and the heartache, all of the violence and all of the things which have upset the balance in the Universe and in God’s society, is thus caused. God not only knows, but HE has already moved to curb this violence. HE has placed a circumference beyond which the powers of darkness shall not go. HE has even placed a leash on evil, thus, it is forced to go no further than to the extremities of such a leash. At the same time, HE is training and developing HIS sons and daughters that HE has embodied in the earth. HE is calling back to them by spiritual stimulation, the remembrance of HIS purposes and HIS charges. And HE intends to use HIS people in the midst of the earth to break the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. Make no mistake about it. God will do what HE has ordained to do with HIS people.

Now, I point out to you that these nations of God’s people today, have emerged out of prophecy. We have come out of captivity which is a by-product of violations of Divine Law by our forefathers which made this possible. We had kings who fraternized with the enemy who came in, and they showed the enemy their weapons, their arsenal, their riches. And thus, enticed the enemy to attack. And by their faith in this fraternization, had weakened the structure of our defenses. And our race has gone into captivities in the past because they violated Divine Law. I want to tell you something tonight. God does not want you---a great nation of HIS Kingdom---fraternizing with HIS enemies.

Let me make this clear tonight, one of the great areas of catastrophe tonight--and it is marked from the beginning. It was forbidden for you as a race and as a people, to join yourselves to pagan nations, with other gods, and people of other races. In fact, some of the troubles we find in the Old Testament are directly related to this, for pagan priests came in to set up an ecclesiastical hierarchy of power over the children of Israel, and had this manifested in the days of Ahab and Jezebel. These pagan priests did not belong to the House of God. Did not belong to the Israel of God. Nor was their worship of the Eternal YAHWEH. But this worship was of Baal and pagan power brought in until they said, ‘Oh, but you have to fraternize. You have to embrace this. Surely, God never taught this, for it is narrow. So you have to be broader in your thinking. You have to liberal. Join with Ahab and the nobility and accept these people, then you will see more of the beauty and panorama of this religion.’

In fact, you can go back to the Zohar which writes of the errors and mistakes which were made when men disobeyed the Law of God and embraced the pageantry of the religion of the world.

Again, we call back to your attention that you are not to conform to this world, but to be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.

There are those who think it is hard to identify their thinking with the thoughts of God. But I am going to tell you that the hard thing is not to identify your thoughts with the Day of the Lord, when YAHWEH-YAHSHUA is going to force the earth to HIS mold. There are many people running around trying to justify the devil. There are too many excuses for how he acts. And they are trying to make too many excuses for the conduct of his people. But I want you to know that your first responsibility is not to the pagans trying to fight against you. It is not to the World Order or to the fraternization of it, or to the appeasement of it. Your first responsibility is to your posterity, to your offspring, to the preservation of it, to the culture God established from Adam to your time, for the quickening of the consciousness of this people, and for the maintenance of HIS Spirit and HIS Law in your lives, and in the lives of your household.

The most important responsibility you have is to steer all those under your influence in the direction God’s purposes would carry your nation by the declaration of HIS Word. Let’s make this clear. Either the word of God is positive and sure, or it is not to be recognized at all. Either God’s ways are true, and what HE purposes are right, or the whole thing would be a policy of error. When I point this out to you, then the whole design is being stimulated by the World Order as an entrapment. There are great numbers of your leaders giving lip-service to this. And they try to express it as tho they have a great and wonderful vision of a great brotherhood with the World Order in which all the economy is handled by a super-elite corp by which, all these processes are taking place, or taking place by the direction of this upper echelon. And in this same direction, they talk about the fact that they are going to accomplish this Universal society. But this is what Lucifer has proclaimed. And GOD has said, ‘I am against.’

Now, if the economic and social benefits could be delivered by Lucifer, it would still be wrong for you to join yourselves for this price, to a people who hate your God, whose standards, conduct, and ethics are so broadened that they have no standard before God. That vice becomes acceptable, the processes of immorality ceases to be immoral, but is just unmoral. And the standards of worship becomes now diversified over all the thoughts of human philosophy which have been encased in deities from one end of the earth to the other. I want you to know that if you want to see real catastrophe visited upon people, of chastisement visited upon people, you just start giving or imputing any recognition or observance to any other god outside of YAHSHUA the Christ. For my Father said who HE loved, HE chastened. For the LORD thy God is a jealous God, and HE will not stand for you giving obeyance to Lucifer or any other of his substitutes.

Yes, come down to the ministry of God when embodied in earth, HE came identify with HIS people in which HE proclaimed HIS message. In doing this, HE traveled to the Isles of Britain and sent HIS message by Disciples and Apostles to every area of concentration of people who would produce the nations of the Western world from this race. HE came to the land of Judah and Benjamin, and identified Himself by name. HE had fulfilled an Atonement which was to remove all guilt and fear out of HIS people; to give them Eternal Life by making an Atonement for their transgressions---a Divine Act which only God could do. And with it, HE brought the total animosity of righteousness against evil. HE came to condemn all the works of the devil.

Now, if people want to talk about spiritual values, there is great spiritual values that you can understand tonight,--none greater than the majesty of YAHWEH BEING EMBODIED IN THE FLESH, leaving the Revelation of HIS Glory and aura, that HE might taste death for HIS race, dwelling among them, preaching the words of truth, representing Himself as the bearer of Life, and telling them that God had visited them as HE had promises for---- ‘Who has seen Me has seen the Father’--- unveiled the greatest of spiritual mysteries incarnate in human form; demonstrated the greatest of spiritual forces as related to earth; the ability to balance every atom of the being; to synthesize life and vitality where disintegration and death could take place; power that even jumped from HIS fingertips when intellect of the fullness of God was dwelling in human form, that could change a leper’s skin as decaying masses of human flesh became as smooth as a baby’s hand. HE could open the eyes of the blind and unstop the ears of the deaf. And even the records of the political governments which had been stirred to be HIS enemies, had to admit this. Today, probably, the testimony of HIS chief enemies, Lucifer’s own children, the Sanhedrin or Jewry in Palestine, still show in its records that this was a charge, that having committed these miracles in opposition to their ecclesiastical power, challenged---it was decided HE must be destroyed.

Isn’t it a strange thing that they who worshiped the devil and hated God then called the Devil--god, and Jesus the devil. Isn’t it strange that Jesus would then stand before them and say, ‘You have this just turned around--reversed. You are of your father the devil and I am of God, and you can’t understand me. You can’t understand my words when you hear them. You say that I am of the devil, but behold---HE who hath seen Me hath seen the Father.’ What a reversal. What a clear line of demarcation for you to understand. The line of cleavage is right here, the line of cleavage. Who constitutes God’s Household? Who are HIS children? Who is our Father? What is HIS purpose? Who are HIS enemies? What do they say? Where do they stand then and now?

Almost 2000 years of the history of the church has taken place since the days of the ministry of Christ. And in that 2000 years, we have not converted those who hated HIM. They work instead for the destruction of your Faith and your Race with the same energy that they worked within HIS day. But oh, how they have become even more cunning in these latter days. How their ‘ministers of light’ are moving out over the world who are the ministers of Lucifer or the devil. How they have sought with cunning, phrases and terms to make it appear that the World Order is more gracious and merciful than the love of God. But I can show you rather quickly that the Grace of God transcends anything which has been suggested or offered by any of the forces and entities which exist anywhere in the world. For the Grace of God will put all things right, and by HIS sovereignty and power, in the fullness of time. For HE has said that HE will reconcile all things unto Himself. So that means that ultimately in the majesty of HIS power and HIS Grace, HE is going to balance out everything and put everything in order in its proper place.

Of course, today you have a lot of people who don’t want to be put in the place that God relegated to them. There are a lot of people today who do not want God’s way---Lucifer included. You can’t blame the devil for not wanting God to win. Because that is when he loses his power. Actually, in the fullness of time, this is when he gains the adjustment which is power.

We want to point out to you tonight, that evil has its way. And the way of evil is to speak for the majority. Surely, today, more people are under the influence of the powers of darkness than are guided and motivated in their consciousness by HIS spirit. For that spirit road is straight. It is not crooked like a snake. But it is the serpent road of the World Order which is the wide road which leads to destruction. So someone said, ‘How do we know it leads to destruction?’ Well, just let me give you a panorama of World history. Long before your race came here, the catastrophes and the violations of Divine Law, the wars which had enveloped the earth had brought the judgement of God, because HE could withhold it no longer because of its evil. Continents sank beneath the oceans, mountains rose up in the midst of the plains and civilizations. Their cities were so evil, as this panorama rolled before the sight of God, that judgement was called for. Don’t tell me that it wasn’t a broad way that led to destruction.

Let’s take a look at what the World Order offers. Nothing, but constant destruction. It has brought wars, catastrophes, mass liquidations, throughout time and history. The Kingdom of God offers peace thru rightness, thru the proper adjustment with God. But make no mistake about it tonight. The Christian religion is not a pacifist religion even tho the King of Kings and LORD OF LORDS, is Prince of Peace. Understand this. Peace thru victory. Probably one of the greatest victories even wrought involved the willingness of God even in the elements of human sacrifice to lay down HIS own body, HIS own life for a substitutionary atonement for HIS people. And then to carry that battle in to the very Netherworld and to win that battle with the power of HIS Resurrection. To take all the victims of Luciferian power and free them of HIS Household and Race. Tonight, as we look over the background of our race, we have watched the spread of that message to all the peoples who constituted the Household of God, located all over the heartland of Europe and all up the west coast of Europe and into the fiords of Scandinavia into Sweden and Norway. We find it spread to all the outposts of civilization where they were to expand, until they were border to border. We are to discover that wherever these people migrated, wherever they moved with their civilizations, they have become Christian. They have responded to the prophecies which were made. And their spirits were quickened because HE called HIS Sheep by name and led them out.

Now, in all the course in our time, the war continues in our midst, the struggle continues as the Luciferians move in to gain control of our economy, to subordinate our society, to seek to plunge us into ages of darkness and superstitions and ignorance, to condemn the doctrines if possible, of the scriptures, to worm their way into the body of ecclesiastics as well as political, to seek to destroy. But still, we look back over the history of the last 15 hundred years and watch the advance and development of nations; see the colonization of this great nation of God moved upon men to come this way. Of course, I am disgusted with the trend of modern history. Fortunately, I have hundreds of volumes of history and have some of the most meticulous works of history ever done. And the encyclopedias as they came out in their early editions, report on each and every one of the great issues and facts of history. But in the last twenty years, we started to put out encyclopedias which contain a lie and history books which are not history. We have been looking over the late texts being used in the last few years as text books, and they will use them on the East coast starting this year. And the text books being used as Federal Aide to Education are acceptable to the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. My friends, they have not only changed history, they have obscured history. They have burned the books, plucked them out of school libraries, cut the areas of research of history. In fact, there is existent in your libraries, history books, but you don’t know how long they will be there. In fact, in one of the most important libraries not far from Stanford University, they went in there and took out all the books on history and put them in a room saying these books are to be destroyed. Then they put in their place new documents on history which in no way related to the truth. How then, could a student researching these ever come up with the truth? They could never have anything but a propaganda substitutionary lie.

The history of America which is going to be taught Grammar School students this year, make the most basic contribution to our civilization and culture---rests upon the Negroes and the Jews and all the minority groups of our society. Strange as it may seem in the study of men and of nations, they are seeking to obscure even from the thinking of a child, the identity by race and color, the people who live in various parts of the earth. And they have confused this with multi-colored peoples and pictures from all parts of the world, seeking to say people move all together, they all have a common source. Any difference in the pigmentation of the skin is a matter of immediate environment. Thus, they are attempting by a lie, by a biological error, historically an error, to obscure the mind of an individual. In fact, in the areas of education, in this hour, in this great nation, which we find founded upon vision and courage, they are attempting as we say this is a Christian nation founded by a lot of adventurers, who were willing to do anything, and undertake everything, in order to make money in their greed. They are trying to say that the great men of vision who helped to found our nation, were many of them, rascals. What they are trying to put out and prove is that there was nothing spiritual, nothing vital, no heritage, just a bunch of pirates and adventurers that America grew out of.

Let me tell you something, my friends. The degenerate mind of those who would detract from our nation and our race are out to destroy all remembrance of the things which make us great. Not satisfied with that they have successfully utilized our High Court which degenerated from their calling of interpreting cases on the content of the Constitution, and not interpreting a revolution for the Constitution so they can change tomorrow by their decrees. They say, ‘No, you cannot pray in schools. No, you cannot read the Bible in schools. They are not made for that. Education is what schools are made for and the Bible is to be read only in Church or at home.’

Let me tell you something. The foundation of education for your Faith, for your race, and for your culture, is to know who you are and know your relationship to God, to HIS Laws, to HIS righteousness, to HIS standards. As we have said before, our great Universities--Yale, Harvard, Princeton---were founded on the fact that the building of character, the building of responsibility toward God and understanding God and HIS word, was the most important information for their students. And the headmasters wrote in their articles and in the areas of their writings for a century:-- ‘It is more important that we build character here than that we teach any of the Arts or the Sciences.’

I tell you that America became great and strong on this diet throughout all time and history. Sure, people have violated Divine Law. All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. And we can look out over society and see that we have had rascals and heroes. We have had individuals who became rebellious against the very structure of rightness. Many of them died as outlaws, or reformed under conditions imposed. The fact is, this has happened in our Race. But these rascals are not the criteria of America. I am going to tell you, my friends, that the majority of them would tell you that they give ascent to the law. There are mighty few people who would want to live in a country without a church and without a Bible. We do not cite that because people are of the Household of God, because they are a part of the race, that they perform perfectly, or that their lives become the very foundation stone of righteousness and virtue. But I am going to tell you this. The standard of your race and the standards of God has established here standards that are so high above all the other peoples of the earth, that it is like unto ‘a light set on a hill’ as Jesus said. All you have to do is move out in to the pagan countries, travel in the areas of darkness and superstitions. I can just tell you this. The moment you water down your Christianity in any area thru superstitions and idolatry, you can discover this. Just take trip down into Mexico or into the areas of Latin America where there is more obscurity in the areas of religion to some of the great spiritual values which God has already liberated your people from, and already, you see the difference in both states of living and their understanding and perception.

I tell you tonight that it is vitally important that you understand where we came from. We have watched the building of this nation until every one stands tall and proud believing that America is the greatest Nation God has ever developed on the face of the earth. I believe this with all my heart. I would say that it has achieved and moved forward in destiny to unveil this, the greatest opportunity ever unveiled on the face of the earth for mankind. But, let me tell you this, I believe that since the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt until now that we have watched a turning and a degeneration until tonight the uniqueness what was America, and the greatness which was America is on the road to slavery, tyranny, socialism, and collapse.

....Whither bound?.... We are moving away from the straight way to the broad way which we have been seduced to accept. We are on the way to slavery, to lost liberty, to depression, to evil, to depravity, and to a jungle in the streets of our cities. You say:...why is that? Because, we have violated Divine Law. We let strangers come in, associate themselves with us, gain authority and power over us, interpret Satanically the power over us and then although they were claiming Brotherhood with us saying that the things which our God has said are narrow or bigoted, evil and wrong, and the wrong God has spoken out against are good. So what is the end result’s? If this way of phoney Brotherhood of evil, and this amalgamation of religions, or this lost identity and sovereignty, if all this is good then America should have more liberty tonight, and America should have and be overflowing with, and out from under the confiscatory pattern of Taxation. We should see the evidence of great spiritual attainment and freedom and happiness among the people. But you don’t see a great freedom and happiness, you only find apathy and despair. You find people who don’t know where they are going, and a lot of them don’t know where they came from. Instead of our young people being given militant patriotism and love of country and devotion to those principal’s that our forefathers laid their lives down for, they are told today that nationalism and patriotism are anti-social, and it is only a One World concept of one integrated family that meets the responsibility of being a modern intellectual.

Today we are discovering that along with this that our children are being taught disrespect for their fathers and mothers of God. For the standards of righteousness and integrity, they are being taught that as they demonstrate before the world that they have shaken loose all areas of restraint, they are well met and recognized. If they don’t do this then they are just square.

I point out to you that this is the broad road of destruction. We are moving to the perdition of terrific wars, terrible catastrophes, and the surrender of our Liberty to slavery. But God is in this picture and His eyes are not only upon this nation of His posterity, but they are upon all the white nations of the Western world. He raised this nation up for a great purpose. He is not going to permit His people to be short-circuited by the darkness. He is not going to permit them to surrender. He has said that He is going to do something:....I am going to stir My people, raise up voices, raise up leaders. I am going to come among them and turn the hearts of the children back to their fathers. I am going to turn to the call of My word, to liberty and freedom. I am going to make them angry against what has transpired. I am going to make them seeth until there isn’t a Cainanite left in the House of God.

When I say to you tonight...Whiter Bound...it is with no design to intimidate. But I tell you that in the past few administrations we have watched the influence of the enemies of Christ, the embracer’s of a One World Government against God’s call for His Kingdom to rule. We find these men today in control in our Department of Justice. We find that even more appointments put both the Beast as well as the Children of Lucifer in High Office. We find that the upholding of the Constitution is not to be undertaken, but a reinterpretation of the Constitution which destroys its value is the course they are following. That you do not have a strong United States if you take away the power of the State to make it a Federal controlled position. This has been a distasteful week what with the violation of State Rights to establish the intellectual capacities of their voting electorate is not only being challenged, but the President of the United States as he now gloatingly states....we have now accomplished the passing of the voting rights bill, and he sat, and with five or six pens, signed that Bill so he could give souvenir’s of that day of infamy to the designers. Mr. Katzenback said:.... we are going to see that every Negro in America, whether he can read or write, is going to be registered to vote. This my friends is a violation of the contract of the Constitution by men who would sell out the vision of America for the temporary pork-barrel of the promise to the States of money for the enhancement of their own power, and what they thought was their own future. Let me tell you...what they don’t understand is that when it crumbles for the people who make up the structure of America, then it is going to crumble for them too. So America has been SOLD out.

Again I tell you that America’s founding fathers had standards for an electorate which was good. We should have made them stronger, not weaker. That no one should cast a ballot which influences the destiny of a nation who cannot read or write, or understand what it is he is voting for.

I point out to you that we are in the climax of an age. If you want to know where we are bound then listen to Mr. Johnson, for he says that we are building a great New Society, we are moving out on the widest frontier in our history. We are going to end this selfish patriotism which tries to determine what kind of people came into this country by immigration. And the House unite of the Judiciary this week with only four in opposition voted for opening the doors, and flooding America with people without any regard as to who they are and where they came from. To change the image of America to the Jungle of Africa, and to the Pagan foundations of Asia. To the anti-Christ, hating love to destroy.... this I tell you is where we are bound.

They are attempting to draft legislation making it against the law for any assembly of people to criticize any faith, any society, any people, in any way, and to cause them any mental anguish, to displease them and to make this a high crime. To put us under a One World Government and make it enforceable in all agencies of law enforcement. Let me tell you something...right here in Lost Angeles county they are telling those in the Sheriff’s Department that this whole thing is right and that the President’s decisions are right, and that complete and total equality in every way must be granted to the Negro. That they are going to put as many Negroes on the payroll of the Sheriff’s Department as there are white men. They told officers that this week. They are going to get the retirement of men from that office at a fast rate, and one of these days it will be a Black Sheriff’s Department. They are told that they must adopt the training and accept courses in sociology that tell you that all people are the same. But they are telling them a lie, and are destroying your Law enforcement organizations. Once your Law Enforcement men understood that it was their responsibility to protect this nation and its citizens, and the race which made it great. Today they are trying to destroy this, they will no longer protect you, but will protect the revolutionary in violence. They will arrest you for protecting yourself... Whiter Bound?....to the enslavement of the Kingdom of God if it were possible.

I am going to tell you that unless we were to change the course under God’s hand, unless we are to move in the right direction, that not only would they set up the Court, but they would set up the areas as to what is acceptable. They would change from the Law of God to the Law of the World Order, to the Jungle of the Beast. They are beginning to wink their eyes at depravity unless they are trying to smear someone with a false ‘frame’. They are today moving down the roads to the reaping of catastrophe.....Whither Bound?

Remember, that the white nations in their colonial aspects have been holding the line against barbarianism in more ways than one, and carrying civilization to the ends of the earth. After W.W.II then Communism was sweeping into Asia, and at the time the French filled the vacuum in French Indo-China...they called for help at their great fortified position. Then, General...or rather Admiral Radford who was in charge of Naval Power said that we will send over our B-29's full of bombs and bomb out the perimeter. Then the British met to see what they could do and the International Financier’s started to move in the areas of trade, and the opportunities of trade in all areas of the Communist world, and brought forth the idea of the danger of angering Red China. The Jewish influence in our Foreign Service and in our State Department through their International Banking came in and with that influence in our government....we didn’t keep our commitment to the French. Only one Atom Bomb on the masses of the Red Chinese would have save the French and help back the areas of Asia from Communism. We teetered with the question back and forth, then bent under the weight of the International Financiers and the Communist influence and the appeasers, and we held back aide and let the French fall and let them die by the thousands in trying to keep Communism out of Asia. We sowed error by Whither we are Bound, by letting these enemies in the areas of power rule our decisions. Then we have to step into the vacumm and now we sacrifice our boys because we ‘let down’ a branch of the white race who were holding back the Anti-Christ, and permitted ourselves to be moved by the forces of evil in the wrong direction....Whither Bound?

You don’t go into a war that you cannot win, and with a no-win attitude you don’t go into such a war when you have a Sunday-punch that could stop things right now. In briefing the military they said that the reason we can’t win is because in 5 years the enemy will have the nuclear weapon’s to bombard us with. So we must sacrifice our boys on the ground, while we give our enemy time to obtain the Sunday-punch by which to knock us out with?

God Almighty said:... this is the kind of leadership you have allowed to take over, and you better change them. You better stop listening to the advice of the Darkness. Your President’s better be better guided or else put in men that are. If you waste your boys on a useless war for 5 years until the Red Chinese can knock you out with nuclear weapons then you are very foolish. You should blow that whole reactor and those weapons up tomorrow. You should smash their roads and all the areas, and if necessary the cities of Asia that rule their hour with the Anti-Christ. Instead of sending your sons over to fight a war they think they cannot win...you can only win fighting for God’s objectives not those of the New Frontier. The objectives of God’s Kingdom are not to contain the enemy, but to bring in the rule of righteousness from one end of the earth to the other. The objectives of the Kingdom are not to exist with Communism but to utterly destroy, to liquidate Communism from the face of the earth.

All these silly conferences slapping at the wrist’s of academic socialism never get far as to what to do about it. I have been attending conferences since W.W.II and things have been getting worse and worse. One of the reasons why is because we have held back those who know the score in the great nationalist movements, and letting those who do not recognize Socialism and Communism when it is functioning in your country...make the decisions...blind leading the blind brings in disaster. We are not criticizing the design to defeat Communism, we are challenging the no-win and defeat, not victory and triumph for the Kingdom of God. We are opposed to the loss of the lives of any of our sons when your machines will do the work.

God said:...I have made you My battle axe and weapons of war. I have given you a sharp threshing instrument...what for?...to put on the shelf while you barter the enemy as to whether we are going to use it? We invite the specialist’s of the enemy over, and we say....look at our flocks, look at our food, look at our land. Look at our wealth and see what our people have. They go back home and say:...the only way we can be happy is to take this over and give it to the rest of the world, divide it up and put these people under bondage. You say...oh, they really wouldn’t do that if we treat them right.....Whiter Bound?

I tell you tonight that unless we return to the worship of God the Love of God, unless we determine that no men are going to tell us where we can teach the Bible and where we can pray, unless we say we are going to teach righteousness in our land, you will have troubles with our juveniles in our land from then on. You say:...teach them in church, teach them in the home...but they are in school so much more than they are at home under your influence or even in church for an hour a week, so you better use your influence to make sure that these values are with them all day and every day. We are hearing from all over our nation, from Europe and South Africa, and Australia, and they have problems like your problems....because the World Order has moved in and set up it’s program to try to crush the Kingdom, and to try to rearrange our thinking under this great Omnibus of World Government they call the United Nations. We have to even get the permission of the head of the United Nations to use the bomb. We now ask to put this whole mess in the hands of the United Nations so that you end up where you started from like you did in Korea. You lose your boys, you have an unstable peace, but you do not win.

God has laid out a great blue-print for His people who obey His Law, and sometimes these ways seem harsh, but if this great nation of God’s Kingdom returns, it will not be by the road which it comes down. It must return to the facts of God...the Law’s of God. We cannot go back and set up that which has fallen apart. I sometimes call this whole course ‘the road to no return.’ No nation in history that has reached great height’s and then degenerated because the policies that it great were violated and abridged by areas of government, has never been able to go back and put it together again...this never has happened. You will never get this procedure again to go back and segregate our schools in the south, or in the rest of the nation. You will never get this kind of procedure with this kind of court to validate the contract, to give men the right of privacy, the contact among themselves to build the kind of community of ‘Like Kind’ to raise their children in. You will never go back through this hierarchy and this procedure to restore the concept that America must make as to what God proposes, but you must recognize that ‘Whiter Bound’ now is the road to catastrophe and destruction. That we must turn on this road and achieve God’s purposes. Someone said:...what does that mean? It means, my friends, that we will have to add to the Constitution or reconstruct it. We are going to have to remove the forces of evil from the powers of control. We are going to have to build America around the blue-print of God that shall determine that all areas of instruction, all areas of economy, and all areas of administration shall be in the hands of those devoutly serving God, our Faith, and our race.

You say:...is it too late for we have already brought the enemy in. No, my friends, we have been outnumbered in the entire world since we first arrived. Generally it has never been the majority of the world that has taken over God’s Kingdom, it has been a very active group of Luciferian forces who have done this. I tell you tonight whether it is pleasant to your ears or not that God is going to stir people, He is going to bring results, He is going to come in, and I pray every day... ‘come quickly LORD Jesus.’ He is going to catch out every Tare, He will start to remove all those who would hurt and destroy if He has to send in a Legion of Death Angel’s to accomplish it. Let me tell you something, there is not enough Law Enforcement forces in the whole United States if they go totally over to Babylon that can protect one single one of these sons of Lucifer from the hand of God when He says:....It is enough!

I not only believe with all my heart, but I see the expanding vision of the Light and Glory of God on the countenance of HIS people. Of a people freed from oppression, freed from a condition in their environment which makes even America become the abhorrent discussed spot of the earth. All over, they are talking about the wave of crime in our country. That no decent woman may walk the streets of the cities such as Oakland for instance, unless she is accompanied by strong armed protectors or travels in a locked car.

Now, you can justify these moves of a President and of our government all you want to. But when it has turned America into a land where our womanhood cannot openly walk the streets, then I am going to tell you this whole thing is wrong. And the evil of it now becomes evident. I would rather see vigilantes sweep America. I would rather see the forces of darkness hanging from every telephone pole than to see America cursed by this evil, and standing by apathetically resigning themselves to this situation.

You hear people say, ‘I don’t want to think about it. I just want to go home and be resigned to this situation and think about the LORD and going to heaven.’ Well, go ahead. But that is not what the Father sent you down here to do. HE didn’t send you down here to have you just resign and go home. A lot of you would be ashamed of yourselves. And perhaps, HE would say, ‘look, I am going to put you right back down there. I will resurrect you and you will finish the job you were supposed to do.’

The other day, I talked to a clergyman who said, ‘I’ll admit that I am a pacifists. I don’t want to resist anything. I just want to tell people nice things.’ He said, ‘I can find good in everything even in the enemy.’ I said that is silly. You are so busy trying to find good in people who hate Jesus Christ, that you are watching evil devour your society and doing nothing about it. You haven’t met God---that is your problem. He said, ‘Oh, yes, I love God.’ I said, ‘Well, what God did you meet? The God who put the Universe together, the God who says, ‘I am a God of War.’---or I will do everything for my people as I did in the days of ole. I will enter into human affairs---or who said, ‘I will send out my spirit of persuasion and say ‘Come now ye multitudes into the valley of -----come all the heathens round about because I am going to smash you in the mountains and valleys of my people.’ Don’t tell me that this isn’t God calling. That is in the book of Joel. That is the latter rain. That is a spiritual challenge.

Oh, you say, ‘But I like the kind and gentle, peaceful Jesus.’ I do too. I also like HIM when HE made a ‘cat-o-nine’ tails and ran the Money Changers off the steps of the Temple. Our hearts can swell with all the highest emotions of spiritual values of human emotions then into our hearts comes the vastness of God’s love toward us. And there moves inside of you a great desire for response which finds it almost impossible to measure up in a reaching toward God, as greatly as you are stirred by the majesty of HIS nature, and by the love which HE holds toward us. Or can be touched by the very feelings of HIS emotion as HE wept over the death of one of HIS companions, altho HE was ‘Very God.’ Though HE had locked up in HIS person that power for HIS voice to say, ‘Lazarus come forth’---and then to bring him forth. And yet, God was not without being touched with all the feelings of your infirmities. If there is anything which can move your heat, that can cause you to feel that majesty of Divine love, it is the revelation of HIS nature and HIS love and HIS Grace. Even to look out on the areas of darkness that hated HIM and say, ‘Oh, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, I would have gathered you like a hen does her chicks---but you would not.’ But this did not change that righteousness and Divine nature, and the responsibility upon the part of God---that area of judgement which HE wielded in HIS hand. Nor did it take on a maudlin sentimentalism of saying to Satan’s children---’Ye are mine. And that I want a brotherhood with the devil and God.

Do you know that one of the greatest curses to the Christian religion is to get a brotherhood with the devil and all the pagan religions, to get them all together? Do you realize that this World religious movement is not of God? It is of Lucifer. God has a World Religious movement for HIS Kingdom which calls for HIS people to stand on HIS truth and HIS purpose. HE says, ‘You come out from among them and be separate.’ And as far as Mystery Babylon religion---Mystery Babylon’s Economic and Political programs are concerned, then HIS instructions, ‘Come out of her o My people, unless ye be partakers of her judgements and her sins.’

I would be as a minister, most derelict tonight, if I did not preach the message for this hour and for this day. If I would seek to ignore this facet which is being ignored too much already. If I did not seek to challenge and to stir in the uniqueness with which God today is spreading HIS truth, people must see that we must synchronize with the Law of God. We must move under HIS inspiration with all the energy of our being to put this thing into motion, to force this thing into the crucible, to sweat it into the forge of the life and determination of the people of God.

Someone said, ‘But there will be pain.’ Yes. But you must determine whether it will be the Christians who are those who liberate, or whether it will be the enemy, that we have been told to defeat. After all, some of these beings didn’t keep their first estate when they came swarming in here out of space. And putting them back where they belong shouldn’t give you a great emotional disturbance.

I tell you tonight, that we face one of the most evil periods in history in which we are as strong and secure as our Faith in God and HIS covenants, and HIS promises as we move toward ‘the Right’ that ‘I shall be as a wall of fire around you,’---this is our security. I tell you that in this revelation of God as HE revealed Himself---HE---Jesus the Christ---revealed Himself to John in the Majesty of Revelation as ‘KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.’ There on the LORD’S Day, John heard the trumpet sound--- ‘I am the Alpha and Omega---I am the LORD GOD Almighty.’ And when John lifted his eyes, he saw YAHSHUA (Jesus) only. But in the majesty of this, he heard YAHSHUA say, ‘Come on John, I am kinsman. I walked with you, and you have nothing to fear.’ Then in the experiences which he had, HE took HIS Disciple John, back in to the dimensions of spirit, opened the door to heaven and then said, ‘Come in hither.’ John then walked thru the time measure of events, unveiled to the consciousness of John. You and I on a time track, are only arriving unto what John has already witnessed and experienced.

In the majesty of such a pattern of revelation, John saw the hosts of earth and the Beast system with its hosts of earth, who would form a United Nations. He saw the powers that would try to buy men with the promises of Medicare, Social Security,--look to take care of you from the cradle to the grave---setting up the system so that it is not maintained by income of support, but would squander and spend, and then spend and spend while promising security out of something already bankrupt. This is just some of the subtly of Satan’s lies. They buy you with our own money. They squander and live on it. And people sell out for this to Mystery Babylon.

No, my friends, the hosts of darkness don’t want this upset. They don’t want the truth of God displayed. You cannot make ‘Peace’ with Communism. They want war with you---a long and extended war.

Someone said, ‘But I want peace.’ Alright then, resign yourself to the fact that you will have to put forth all resistance against evil, that you will give all the devotion that you can to the Kingdom, and God will give you peace which passeth all understanding. This will give you security in the midst of turmoil.

We had a unique experience with those associated with our ministry and those who we were in contact with in the last war. They went out from our congregations, went out from our association with them. And every boy who went to war came home. Think that over now. Every boy came home. We did not have one parent report to us ‘we lost our son.’ Not one. I am going to tell you that there is no greater protection for the children of the Kingdom than to know who they are, what they are here for, and what the Father has promised, and under this situation possess their soul.

I tell you that the scripture which John gives us in Revelation, tells us what the Father showed him. He saw Jesus the Christ as KING of Kings, and LORD of Lords. He saw great space ships---these meteoroids they say, which are flying around at 9000 miles per hour. He saw these hosts coming in and he saw Jesus in the Flag Ship of the MOST HIGH. He saw HIM as the conquering God returning to HIS own planet. And John also said that he saw the Beast system of earth, the United Nations with the U Thant’s gang. He saw the Soviet Union. He saw the whole Beast system. And he heard them say, ‘bring in those rockets,----turn their bombardment on these fleets, on Jesus the Christ,---we can’t have HIM here. HE is anti-Social.’ Well, HE is only coming back to put HIS sons and daughters, this White race, in the saddle. HE is only coming back to build HIS Kingdom and see the Christians rule and destroy and wipe out the power of darkness. You are told this in the book of Revelation. They are going to war on HIM and the believing offspring (Saints), the Holy People.

You can pray if you want to push this away, but I say come on in LORD Jesus, and get this over with. Someone said, ‘Don’t you want to avoid the fight?’ No. I want to join in it, for I see the futility of battling the wars and the darkness in which we have leadership to carry us down the road to the trap. But I see also the tremendous glory and the tremendous victory of fulfilling the objectives of God and carrying the struggle against the enemy.

In that hour when we are under assault, and the powers of righteousness moves forward and the sky is filled with fleets of Christ, I wouldn’t want to miss any part of it.

Whither Bound?---Not to one World Government. Not the road to endless war for a endless peace. They even wrote a book ‘Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace,’---you never win.

I am looking for a war when we are triumphant with God who said HE was glad to say, ‘Ye are my sons and daughters,’ who says, ‘Look, this is My son. This is My daughter----hear ye them. Oh, you say HE was considered a hate-monger. HE was anti-social. You want to throw HIM out? But this---HIS program, is for the aristocracy of the earth, and these are the children of God---’Hear ye them.’ I have discovered that as people are freed from the dribble which saturates your minds, to discover the purposes of God, they not only become avid students, but they become technicians in the thinking processes of God’s Law. Then as the fullness of God starts to move thru your thinking, you realize what God has ordained. HE wants to preserve your society and your culture by enveloping it in Light and Glory. Preserve it by cleansing again, the blood of HIS people by driving out all the areas of things alien to them, until the glory of God will be the Glory of a people and a race that separates themselves unto God. I cannot tell you that there will not be trouble in the streets because that is where you are bound. I cannot tell you that this long hot summer----that before it is passed into next year---that we will not be caught in the processes of a world twisting under the torture of violated law. But I can tell you that there is greatness, there is victory, there is achievement, there is hope. There are whole transitions ahead because God has ordained it. I can tell you this. Learn the Bible. Heed this book. Know its relationship of the law of race, to the law of Grace, and to the patterns of God. And if someone challenges you as to what you believe, answer them as to what the scripture says and they will be glad to let go in a hurry. I have discovered that the great and mighty defense for the children of God before any group, is what this Book says. And they will have to rip the rest of the Constitution up totally to abridge your Right to say it.

Let me tell you. The Congressmen, the Senators, the President or their hosts who repudiate the Word of God in the hands of God---in their own defense, will destroy themselves in their evil and in the anger of the people when they try it. Because this is a straight way, but an indestructible way. You don’t walk along. God walks with you every step of the way. HE said, ‘I will never leave or forsake you even to the end of the age.’ A God who is my kinsman, Father,--a God who is a mighty warrior at my side, a God who walks with you and promises you protection and power, a God who can transform you into Davids and Samsons, who will be empowered with vitality and life----this is my GOD. A God who will feed you with manna, who transformed the elements of communion to the most powerful sacrifice the world has even seen, a God who said ‘I have the implements and the people; I have the power and the minions of its transmission---HE IS MY GOD. HE said the latter rain will be greater than the former. We don’t wish the world harm, we wish it Peace thru Righteousness. We are dedicated to destroy that which would war against God. And our obligation is to our posterity. For this is a family affair. Let it remain so.

(End of sermon)