Who Are The Jews?, 1-19-65


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-19-65

We have letters coming in from the tape audience all the time and from time to time people ask, ‘Who are the Jews?’ ‘Was Jesus a Jew?’ About once every year it seems, we must speak on this subject to bring these facts to the attention of the people across the nation as to just who are the Jews.

As people talk about the Jews, they do not realize that the Jews are a mongrel society and thus, sort of a mongrel race. Thus, when they talk about the pattern of God being a Jew, and thus, Jesus, Himself being a Jew, then of course, this is fantastic. The Jews themselves picture God as a Jew. And in Jewish literature you will find that they have YAHWEH pictured as a Jew sitting way back in the high heavens ruling the Universe. But of course, we know that those things are not true because Jesus said, ‘He who hath seen Me hath seen the Father.’ (John 14:9).

Now, the Eternal Father, the Eternal God, the Master of all creation, the ONE who was before the foundation of the whole world,--HE who thru out the yesterdays was the creator of all things which have transpired, and which have been put together in all the Universe, was surely not a Jew. More than this, in HIS opposition to these patterns of darkness, HE has identified the Jews as the offspring of Lucifer.

Now, there are some strange situations which came about in the background of races of people. For instance, in the creation of the world which took place millions of years ago, there were many races which of course God had created and placed upon the face of the earth. And in the Luciferian rebellion, which had taken place in the heavens, Lucifer and his minions, had actually gathered together vast space crafts and fought against Michael the Archangel who was in charge of the Hosts of the fleets of the MOST HIGH GOD. He, Lucifer, had gathered Negroes off of some of the continents which existed in some of the distant planets. And these people were known as the ‘Dark and Curly headed ones.’ They are referred to by Job and several of the other writers. And in the book of Enoch, as the dark and curly headed ones. These were the ax men and swords men on the ships of Lucifer. (Old Assyrian records in the British Museum refer to the coming of the ‘Dark and Curly’ headed ones on these ships of Lucifer.)

In those Luciferian battles against the Hosts of the MOST HIGH, then Michael in command of the fleets of the MOST HIGH, without question, swept the heavens (Rev. 12:7-10) and had driven Lucifer over into this small solar system of which you and I are living on as citizens and are a part of. But eventually Lucifer is defeated and his broken ships were smashed into the earth. And the scripture talks about how these great ships (flying rolls) came to earth and how wickedness came to earth. Came first to the Planet Saturn and then came to another Planet and totally disintegrated it. And pieces of it are still floating around in our solar system as asteroids and debris, and have been for generations of years. And there may still be some of this wreckage floating around yet of this one planet which was totally wrecked in these battles and wars which took place.

Now as far as this earth is concerned, we see that God had created this earth and HE put races upon it. The ancient Asiatics were created by HIM as well as the ancient people on the Isles of the sea, or where there is sea today, in both the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. There were at one time, large continents there, and God had created these people and all things, and all things in the Universe. And all these things were good. Then Lucifer came to try to wreck and destroy everything that God had created as good. So it was to do this that Lucifer started a program of integration and mongrelization. And he started to mongrelize the people of earth with the Negroids. This was lowering the race and establishing new lines and bring down the background of society at large. Some societies of the earth did not mingle with the Negroids and some of them did. Especially was this true of some of the Islands of the Pacific, as well as those of some of South America and of Africa. In the antiquities of the endless ages of the past, thousands upon thousands upon thousands of years ago, the rebellion of Lucifer brought in the catastrophe of mongrelization. So it was that God looked down upon all this and HE said, ‘I will still not make an end to all this. (Jeremiah 6: 23-27)---but I will re-adjust the earth. I will prepare a place for the Household I will place in the earth. I will transfer My sons and My daughters from heaven into earth.’

Now, before this, you and I existed in spiritual plains. And these were the spiritual plains of the MOST HIGH GOD, and are referred to as the heavenlies, according to the scriptures. And thus, we are spiritual entities. And we had bodies of light, synthesized and composed out of particles of illumination of light. God is light and the plains of spirit are light waves and plains of light. And God said, ‘I will plant my Household in the earth, but to do this, I am going to have to give them bodies and establish them as such.’ So god begat Adam in HIS own image. The scriptures then give us the story of the Adamic race, for the Bible is the history of the Adamic race.

And so, we watch as we see the appearance of the Adamic race placed upon the face of the Earth. God took Eve out of Adam so that they might be of one flesh. Thus, we note that in this instance, then Lucifer wanted to destroy this Kingdom of God in its beginning. So he seduced Eve. And with the seduction of Eve, then Cain was born. And Cain is the progeny of the Evil one. (I John 3:12) Thus, the book of John speaks of Cain as the progeny of the Evil one. And Jesus, Himself, speaks to the Jews and refers to them as being of their father the Devil, and says that the lusts of their father they would do. HE also said they came from a murderer. And in this instance, HE was speaking of Cain. And here HE was addressing Himself, more or less, to the descendants of the Cainanites. Cain was a son of Lucifer, born of Eve. And Abel was a son of Adam born of Eve. So therefore, we see that in the catastrophe, Cain killed his brother Abel. And then was driven out of the land which was east of Eden into the land of the Akkads. Here, among the Akkadian people, a pre-Adamic race of people, then Cain intermingled and mongrelized himself with this people, and finally, became their leader. He may well have become Sargon the magnificent of Scriptures, for there was much to relate him to the Emperor Sargon. But the interesting thing is that since Cain is the son of Lucifer, he is also a Luciferian. And one of the situations we see all thru the scripture, is that God refused to permit Israel to inter-marry with Canaanites--with any of the races which Cain had intermarried with. The races with which Lucifer intermarried was of course the pre-Adamic race. And the degeneration of that society may well have taken place apart from Cain’s influence. But they became known as Canaanites. And he became a leader of these forces. Strangely enough, the offspring of Lucifer is also called Canaanite. The word Jew only occurs a very few times in the Old Testament. It comes from the word Yehudi and from the word accursed (to seclude).

Now, all the way thru the King James Version of the scripture in the New Testament, we see the use of the word Jew a lot. But many times the word ‘Jew’ is a misnomer. For it doesn’t come from the word Yehudi. And actually, they translate the word Judean as Jew, or Israel as Jew. The Jews of course, are usurpers. And always, they have sought to take over the religion and control the economy of the societies they sought to entail and engross themselves with. They are however, Luciferians and they serve Lucifer their father---the devil. Actually, this has been the policy of Jewry from the very beginning. Baalism is the embodiment of Luciferism ruling embodied in the earth. And the Baal priests were Yehudin. Of course, these were the ones who moved from old Babylon to the Isle of Pergamos and were known as Jews in the areas of our scriptural record. We want to point out to you that the people who were the descendants of Abraham, who was a descendant of Heber, were Hebrews. Not Jews. Every True White man on the face of the earth is a descendant of Heber. And every True White man is NOT a Jew. And most Jews are NOT White men. All the offspring of Lucifer, whether today they be in Africa or Asia or wherever, are Yehudin--accursed Jews. This is why there happens to be black Jews, Asiatic Jews, white Jews, and so forth. In fact, in Israeli today where the Jews are moving in and claiming the land, there are many, many of them who are Asiatics. And they come in with their pagan religions and strange backgrounds and strange philosophies.

It is also true that one of the most prolific forces of organized Jewry have been these people who have adopted areas of the religion of the Hebrews, or the White Adamic race. But they didn’t adopt it with a purity. They changed it. They sought to use their Rabbinical leadership to transform the areas of scripture and to translate the it as to how they WANTED it to read. The areas of the administration which used to belong to Israel, the areas of the Laws, that were once ‘Israel’s,’--they sought to corrupt.

In the days just prior to and in the time of Christ as well, the Sanhedrin, at its peak, had 71 people in its ranks after they eventually took it over by methods of chicanery, they increased the number of that body so that they might gain control of the people. They sought to control people by their domination over their scriptures and to rule out all the Truths of the scripture by putting their Rabbinical concepts of the scripture in place of the inspirations of the Prophets. They were never Pharisees, altho they termed themselves as such. They were Sadducees even tho they claimed to be Pharisees in order to gain political control of the Sanhedrin. So under these circumstances, the Jews of the New Testament today were the YEHUDIN in most instances where it was actually talking about the people we refer to as Jews. There are many, many Jews today that are not even in the New Testament pattern. But today, the Jews of Asia are virtually controlling the areas of Buddhism, thru out most of China. They have dominated that religion and economy.

The Yezidi (Yes’i de) who are demon devil worshipers of the High Steppes, are largely Jewish. And they took over in that region as well as the attempt at one time to take over the Red Daily Lamasery. Organized Jewry has taken over Buddhism and today runs Buddhist colleges in Africa and in South America. In all these situations, we find that the Jews are not a single race, even tho many people think they are.

The Bible comes out very clearly with the promises the MOST HIGH made with the Household of Abraham, and God separated them, segregated them, from the other people on the face of the earth. If any race was to be pure, then this House out of Abraham, or the Hebrew people, would be pure. If there was any race which is un-contaminated, then it should be the descendants which came down from Adam and Seth thru Abraham. For God said of those-- ‘I have separated thee from the other peoples of the earth. I refuse to permit you to intermarry with these other societies. And this is brought out and carried forward thru the entire structure of the scripture. Yet today, the Jews are mongrelized with every people on the face of the earth. That is why there are yellow Jews, black Jews, and white Jews, and all of these smaller strange detachments of Jews. Then there is the Khazar Jews. So we have different kinds of Jews. Some are Mongolian, Assyrian, and even Khazars. Today the Jews divide themselves into two classes--the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim. The finest scholarship which Jewry has recognized that the Jews are of these two divisions. So what are they talking about? The Sephardics are the thin hatchet faced sharp nosed Jew. The Ashkenazic is the round headed Mongolian Jew. So even they admit that there is a Mongolian strain and a Sepharic, or thin faced Hittite Jew.

Thus, if there are two racial strains of these people, they surely aren’t descended from Abraham whom God separated and segregated and maintained as one society. It is also true that those who sought to adopt and change and transform the Hebrew religion, which God gave to the White race, and which is revealed thru the prophets, these became the most prolific Jews. And without question, since they were attached to the White race, the most brilliant of all Jews.

The White race is head and shoulders above every race on the face of the Earth, for it has the Spirit of God, the knowledge of God, and the wisdom of God. And so the contamination of this White race by the Hittites and Canaanites was to produce a very cutting type of Jew. And then the Khazars who became converted to the Hebrew philosophy, by Jewry, which was formally Mongolian Jewry, these became very active in Eastern Europe, and then spread into Western Europe, and are to be numbered with the Mongolian Ashkenazi of our time.

So with these forces all among modern Jewry, it is quite obvious that there are many, many types and kinds of Jews. The average Bible reader doesn’t know this. He doesn’t understand the Jewish question. And the Jews are taking advantage of this by telling them that ‘they’ are the ‘chosen people.’ Then they see, that with this, they can get away with all types of evil since this question of who they are is not handled fairly. More than this, when they crucified Christ, they hated HIM with all their heart because HE was an enemy of their father the devil. More than this, they refer to Jesus as a devil and Lucifer as god. In their Talmud of today, which is their bible in the hands of its creators, they have volumes produced by organized Jewry today in which they declare that they are serving Lucifer and he is declared to be deity. And yet, we recognize that Lucifer is Satan and the devil. And his background in the scripture in the book of Revelation, tells us that Satan is the devil and Lucifer--all one and the same being. (Rev. 12) So you have these people (Jews) who are serving the darkness but then very foolishly, we also have Christians calling them the ‘chosen people.’

But to site then that God would be a Jew, would be virtually blaspheme in itself. There is much evidence however to prove that Jesus isn’t a Jew. The 6th chapter of the book of John, proves it very well. Jesus identifies the twelve Disciples, and HE said, ‘I have chosen ye twelve and one of you is a devil.’ Lucifer of course, was the father of Jewry and the father of Judas of Iscariot, indirectly. After Jesus had said that one of HIS Disciples was a devil, then HE had to walk in Galilee because HE could not walk in Judea (Jewry) because the Jews sought to kill HIM. (John 7:10) Here you are thus led to the knowledge that these in power in Judea were not Israelites.

The mother of Jesus, and Joseph her husband, lived in Galilee. And they were Galileans. They were talking about the Jews herein the 7th chapter of the book of John. Even the Jews themselves, recognized and denounced Jesus and said that HE was not a Jew. Caiaphas turned as Nicodemus was defending Jesus, and he said, ‘Search and see if there is any prophet that comes from Galilee.’ In other words, Caiaphas said this man is no Jew. HE is a Galilean. Are you a Galilean also? As Caiaphas denounced Jesus, this proved the distinction between himself and Jesus. Caiaphas didn’t come down out of the heavens. HE--the Christ came out of the heavens, and HE returned back into the heavens. But to the Jews, HE said, ‘Where I go, you can’t come.’ ‘I am from above, and you are from below.’ (Netherworld) This again, shows the different background for the Jews, for they came out of the Netherworld and from Lucifer. And they are the offspring of Satanism. Thus, it is, that this is a factor of identification.

The Apostle Paul was an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin, but of the sect (religion) of the Jews. He went to a local synagogue and became deceived by the local Jews and they hired him to kill Christians. They sought the death of Christ in HIS time. And after that, they sought to kill Christians. But Paul who was originally called Saul, was stopped on the road to Damascus and there he saw the vision of Christ. And Christ talked to Paul, and the Jews with him didn’t hear Christ speak. They just thought it thundered. But Christ took this man called Saul and made a powerful Apostle Paul out of him. For this man Paul, in his background, could be made in to a messenger for Christ. So he was then taken later into the heavenlies as was Enoch, and taught there the things he should know of the mysteries of the heavens. The Apostle Paul then returned and wrote most of the Epistles we have in the New Testament. And the Apostle Paul said, ‘I was as one born out of due season.’ And he felt this way because he was deceived by organized Jewry. When the Apostle Paul writes to the Thessalonians, he said, ‘the Jews are against God and they are contrary to all men.’ So once again, this is another instance of the pointing out of the background of organized Jewry which people do not seem to understand.

The strange thing is that these forces of darkness have spread with great speed because they have utilized the Luciferian hoax that Jesus is a Jew, and we (the Jews) are the ‘chosen people.’ Most all of the program of anti-Christ is financed and spread by organized Jewry. Communism is spread from nation to nation as the Jews move in as educators, and propagandists and political philosophers. Then the moment they get in, they topple the country with their programs of Communism.

I want to point out to you that Jewry is not at war with all religions. Jewry is only at war with Christianity. You go back into the Old Testament and you find that Jewry was the problem child of Israel. When they moved to the Isle of Pergamus, that became their international headquarters. In the book of Revelation 2:13, Jesus pointed out as to where Satan’s seat is and there was no one who knew more about this than did Jesus. This is where Herod came from. And Herod, with the vast wealth which was made available to the Roman Empire, was able to buy the kingship of Palestine. So Herod was known as king of the Jews. He had Jewish armies which Rome permitted under the Providence pattern of government, but at the same time when Pontius Pilate was sent over to Palestine as Governor, he had the problem of Herod to contend with as a local king. Whereas, Pilate represented the Empire of Rome. But the Jews were ever getting in trouble with Rome. But Rome recognized that the Galileans were different. Recognized that the people of Judah and Benjamin--were not the same as the Jews.

Even the Samarians who were in part Israelites, recognized that the Jews who controlled Judea were different, and they had separated themselves from Judea because of the conditions that had developed at that time.

If you turn to the book of Acts, you will note that not only was there no honesty among the Jews, but their entire processes were one of perversion and evil. The Sanhedrin with its 71 members, was a very fine court. And then the Jews gained control of it and changed it. Yet, today as you study this, you find that it could not meet at night. That they could not even arrest a man at night. And this was a Jewish conspiracy. When they took Jesus before Annas at night, that was against the law. When they took HIM before Caiaphas, this was against the law. When they charged HIM and accused HIM that night, and then condemned HIM that night without HIM having any say or any witnesses, without having a full day for consideration, without each man of the Sanhedrin having expressed his opinion, all of these things were a violation of the law. And when the Jews gathered the Sanhedrin that night, they didn’t even call the True Pharisees of the House of Israel. They operated with all the patterns of crookedness of Jurisprudence of organized Jewry. They cried for the blood of Jesus and cried that it be upon them and upon their children.

How could Christian people call these a ‘chosen people?’ How could they even think that these Jews are the House of Israel of the Kingdom of God when they called for the blood of the Christ to be upon them and upon their children?

After the Resurrection of the Christ, and faced with the power of HIS Resurrection and faced with HIS majesty, they hid in the Temple. Then after they overcame their fear, they fought the Church of Christ. The Church was moving out and organizing and the Jews then sought to kill these followers of the Christ. They threw Peter, James and John in prison. And every one of these men who sought to evangelize the people they sought to stop them by throwing them in prison. They sought to liquidate the Disciples and the Apostles every chance they had. All thru the book of Acts, they stoned every one of ‘the followers’ of Christ. They did this with everyone they could get their hands on. They stoned the Apostle Paul many times. And he just barely escaped with his life many times. They stoned Christians thru out the entire period in Palestine while they were in control.

In the book of Acts, you read a running commentary as to how the Apostle Paul fought against organized Jewry. So again, we see that this is the pattern thru out the Old and New Testament. When Jesus talked in the Parable of the Tares, HE identifies them, and says HE is going to take the tares out of the world. HE talks about their incapacity as HE says, ‘Unto you (Israel) it is given to understand the mystery of the Kingdom of God, unto them it is not given.’ This again, marks the difference between the Children of God, these Children of the Kingdom, and organized Jewry. Because they are Luciferians and mongrels. And they do not even fall into the category of an Asiatic. Whereas as Asiatic may be a victim of and under the control of pagan religions which have taken over his society. Still, they may not be Luciferians. But almost every pagan religion on the face of the earth carries the symbol of the ‘fig tree.’ Almost every pagan religion has a Jewish background behind it.

When Jesus talked about the hypocrites who sought to wage war against the program of the Church and against the program of the Kingdom, HE denounced them for what they were. And HE said they were killers of the prophets all down thru the ages. Organized Jewry had sought to kill and maim all the prophets of God. And so, Jesus accused them of this. And the Jews spoke up and they said, ‘If we had lived in our fathers time, we wouldn’t have killed all the Prophets.’ (Matthew 23:31). And then Jesus said, ‘You have just admitted that you are the children of the prophet killers.’

This again, is the same as when they said, ‘We were never in bondage at any time.’ Surely, they could not be of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin or even Levi, as they had been in bondage as well as all Israel, both in Egypt and Babylonian bondage.

Jesus then talks about Mystery Babylon the Great and this is the symbol God used for the economic program of anti-Christ and for all the patterns of its utter evil. HE talks about it sweeping out over all the nations of the world, over the nations and the Kingdoms. And that its attempt to do this brings on the battles of Armageddon, until HIS final Victory. HE also talks about the things which are transpiring at the climax of our age. HE talks about the conditions in the economy and how the economy of the world would be taken over.---about how men would not be able to buy or sell. HE talks about an increase of control, how unionism expands until it meets its own end in its own game. In the book of Revelation, Jesus talks to John about the mysteries of this situation at the end of the age. HE reveals that these people--the controllers who ran Mystery Babylon the Great, were the great men, the merchants of the earth. And Jesus again identifies them as HE did back in the book of Luke, saying that they were against God and contrary to all men. HE proves again, that these are still the murderers of the Saints of the MOST HIGH, and upon them is the blood of all the children upon the face of the earth. Thus, God again fixes in this last book of Revelation, in explaining Mystery Babylon--that the powers that run Babylon are the same powers that HE was condemning in the book of Matthew, and the same powers which HE identified as organized Jewry.

Thus, for one to cite that Jesus is a Jew---is so very far extreme. The pattern is that the words Jew and Judean do not mean the same thing. The mistake has been made that whereas they translated where it refers to Judah, they often put the word Jew, for as the translation was made--the Jews guided and assisted in that translation. And thus, the mistake is improper.

Therefore the people of our race are mistaken as to the truth of the scripture because they do not understand the difference between the people of God’s Israel and these people today known as Jews, who are Luciferian in all their background. This shows up in all the situations which they design, for they trifled with the word of God just as they planned for the murder of the embodiment of God. But remember this. Jesus said to them, ‘You could not do this unless I lay My life down, AND THEN TAKE IT UP AGAIN.’ And then they--with great fear--ran and hid when HE resurrected. But then came out with courage to battle the Church of God thinking they might destroy HIS CHURCH, which is the spiritual center of HIS Kingdom people.

Now, they are facing the return of Christ and that brings them a great problem. Whether it be Eddie Cantor, or whoever it was among Jewry, as they spoke concerning the Second Coming of Christ, and what the Christians teach about it.---They, the Jews, say ‘when HE comes, we’ve had it.’ This is the discussion we find so often among the Jewish writers of Hollywood. Ben Hecht, who was one of those writers, and he had much to say--as he hated Christianity,---he spoke out in his book ‘A Jew in Love with His Race’---and he said, ‘Leave it to the Jews to have bungled the job. We should never have crucified Christ. We should have fed HIS body to the lions and they would never have been able to have resurrected a Saviour out of hamburger.’ This is the man that was supposed to be at the head of the Christians and Jews as they gathered in Big Bear and at Lake Arrowhead. This is the man who was supposed to be helping with the organization for the integration program between Negroes and Jews in their functions and operations for what they call a better life. But they really don’t design any recognition of Jesus and they don’t design anything good for Christianity. Only destruction. Thus, they carry out the program of anti-Christ and Communism of today as their world design.

The people who say, ‘But was not Jesus a Jew?’---are surely at odds with the scriptures. They take that passage of mis-translation about the words on the cross, and say, ‘but see? HE was the king of the Jews.’ But that was must a translation of what was supposed upon the Cross. Yes, HE was King over Judea. HE is the Lion of the tribe of Judea--not Jew. Pilate was very displeased by the conduct of the Jews at the trial of the Christ. And he suggested, ‘King of the Jews.’ But they didn’t want that.

We point out to you that all thru the Old Testament, all thru the background of the scriptures, there is one thing that we can depend on. This is that the revelation of God and the mystery of God is about to be totally revealed in the Household that HE called.

HE said, ‘I have separated you from the people upon the face of the earth.’

The people today, who are ‘Israel,’ are Christians. They are the people redeemed by their YAHWEH, identified with their God and will be revealed and never again will they be confused by this pattern of organized Jewry.

(End of sermon)