Who Is Jesus?, 12-20-64


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 12-20-64

As we turn tonight to this great panorama of long ago which affected us so vitality, so long ago, as we went thru this panorama this afternoon with the events that led to the nativity fulfillment into the accompanying triumph we have gone back over these events to see what other significant events took place. There can be no doubt about the absoluteness of divine authority thru out the universe. There can be no question upon the mind of the observer that the Eternal has the things always in the hollow of HIS hands. We have cited to you that you were with the Father before the world was framed. And as the celestial children of the Most High God, we viewed the vastness of HIS Creation when in the great majestic purposes of HIS program, HE rolled out solar system after solar system at HIS command. And as we have cited by measure, that 124,000 years ago there was a star moving across space, we could say 124,000 years going out and 124,000 years coming back. Actually, in these measures, we know that the sidereal calculators can tell us that it came out of the south. It swept across from the south up high to the head of Aquila, then started back to the position we saw in the head of Virgo at the time of the sign of measure of prophecy. There is no doubt that it made its turn in the tail of Hydra, as the calculators consider its course. But the Father started this great comet, this sword of the LORD, started this great comet 142,000 going out and 142,000 coming back, thus, 284,000 years as far as the destiny that was to transpire.

In fact, as we talk about this great knowledge, the great prophet Enoch was called into the presence of the Father, and there was told as exactly what the measures would be in the time of the Messiah. He was told of how this great comet trail, the sword of the Eternal, as they referred to a comet, its blazing head and its sweeping tail was called the 'sword of the LORD.’ How it would move from the constellation to the head of Virgo. The promised Son, 'thou shalt called HIS name Emmanuel, meaning God with us.' This was the symbol of Virgo in the heavens, a part of the ancient Star Bible of our race. Enoch was taught all of the symbols of that Star Bible before he was sent back to earth to tell it to his sons, and to the race of which he was a part.

Later down in Egypt, they built the temple of Zendera. And there they set the signs of the heavens, all of the stars of first magnitude, and the measures they understood in the Constellation story, and the movement of the wanderers across the face of the heavens. They knew that the wanderers were a part of the creative work of God. And they also knew that in a sidereal burst of glory a whole sidereal system had come together. And as we have quoted, then God said to Job as the morning stars sang together, and all of the sons of God shouted for joy. --So we have a story and a panorama and a page one advertizement of our race. Its secrets and its wisdom goes back to the days of Enoch's revelation as he returned from his heavenly revelation, from this experience and this voyage he had had in space. And Enoch told about the throne of God and the purposes of God, and the things which he had heard, and the things brought back to his remembrance. He brought back in his testimony the things that God had declared in the days of Adam, when he had been placed upon earth. And in the fall of Adam which transpired, then we may remember the words that God had spoken unto him. For HE was going to crush the head of the Serpent and it would bruise his heel. And every date of prophecy was tied unto what God knew as the date line of purpose. So with the exactness HE had unveiled it to the savants, HE also had given unto Enoch and Job a great wisdom and guidance. And they and those with them, were to go down into Egypt and build not only the great city of On, but a great and mighty pyramid whose measures would have even the date and timing of the birth of Christ. We may come down thru generations of such wise men who sought after the knowledge and the wisdom which was so essential to our race. The savants as we have mentioned before, had set up their observatories in many parts of the earth. Thus, it was that we find ancient Stonehenge and Avebury. And back in Persia, Do-ring, and high up in the Himalaya mountains, great sighting stones to measure the sky. And the wise forbearers of our race had been given wisdom and knowledge from the Most High God. And thru out all ages they had dedicated themselves to watch the heavens for the appearance for ‘the measure of God.'

Now we understand well, that the Biblical records support this. And in the book of Matthew, we have the story as to how in the day that Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, in the days of Herod the king ‘Behold, there were wise men from the east who came to Jerusalem. These men had gone first to Egypt and compared their measures in the temple of ON, and then had moved on to the city of Jerusalem. And then to the spot where Herod the king presided as king of the Jews. But over the land of Palestine. The statement of these wise men was that --"We have seen HIS star in the east, and we have come to worship HIM.” No one could question the fact that they were moved by objectivity. And that measure would be, for it was given unto Enoch to know and to Adam when HE came to visit him. For HE had promised from the foundation of the world that HE would come for HIS visitation in earth, not ashamed to take upon Himself a body of flesh that HE might be like unto HIS kinsmen, born as a babe, born into your race like as have all of your race been born into this world thru this process of birth. Only, HIS birth would be the greater as the Angel announced unto Mary . . . of her it was said that 'Blessed was she of all living, for the child which she would have, was to be a holy seed and the very God dwelling bodily.’ 'Thou shalt call his name YAHSHUA (Jesus) and HE would save HIS people from their sins.’ So what was the measure? It was well defined. For out of the constellation of Aquila and down to the head of Virgo from the Eagle to the head of the Virgin will move this great sword of the LORD. This bright and shimmering comet would move across the heavens. And then ye would see the conjunction of Satan (Saturn) and the wonderer of God (Jupiter) coming together. Thus, the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter which would occur three times during the pregnancy of the Virgin Mary. It is understood that these wise men had watched this star as it moved out of the head of Aquila, and they watched and they started their measure as it approached the head of the Virgin. For years it had taken them to consummate their measures. But they were on the last lap of their journey when they now approached the city of Jerusalem.

But there is something else significant about this. And we find the story as they came to Herod the king. And as we have called your attention to this before, Herod the king did not know anything about this matter. He did not know anything about the Messiah, and he had nothing in common with their message. He was not an Israelite, so he did not know about the hope of Judah and Benjamin. He did not know that Christ, the very Almighty God, was to be born Messiah. So he had to turn to the scribes to find if these things be true. And the Scribes said that HE was to be born in Bethlehem of Judea, as written by the prophets. So Herod said,--you go to Bethlehem, and when you find HIM, then you come and tell me where HE is so that I may go down and worship HIM also.’

Of course, we well know that the wise men did not return to Herod to tell him. But there is a statement here that is rather significant. When they had departed from the king, the star once again went before them until it stood over the place where the young child was.

Now in some of the scriptures of the early church, especially the one pastorate by Mark, it says that they beheld the sign of HIS coming and they also beheld the moving of this great ‘Sword of the LORD.’ And when they had started upon their journey after leaving their calculations in Egypt, then a great light went before them. And the light did lead them and they went from Jerusalem and the King Herod. And the light went before them, until it shown over the spot where the child lay.

Now this is quite significant for us because as you well know as you stare out into the distance of the Universe, that the stars do not move, according to the perception of your eyes. Our earth turns upon its axis and gradually the panorama of the heavens rolls along and we behold it passing over because our earth is moving. But we find no motion of the stars visible to the eyes. And we are also aware of the fact that the only movement we are aware of is the changing positions from night to night, are those of the planets in our solar system. These were called the wanderers by the ancients because of their motions, and the very change in the sidereal picture. Thus, it was that the wise men could well understand the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. For this pattern indicated the symbol and pattern of Lucifer. Jupiter was the sign of the power of the Eternal and the little moons that moved around it were referred to as the symbol of the administering spirits of the Most High God.

So significantly when a light went before them, it was not a star and should not be translated as a star, for stars do not move. They do not come down and move around before men on the face of the earth. Actually a star now visible in the sky would actually be so much greater than our earth, so it would have been impossible for it to have moved before them. But what was in the original text said that a great light shown down upon them, and this great light went before them. And this light guided them to the place where the Christ child lay.

Now we well understand and accept this, for the trapping of events that surrounded this magnificent hour were outstanding and unusual. For do not think for one moment that God Himself was visiting earth in one of HIS contract agreements with HIS people, this mighty visitation, by this process of birth, without the heavens and all of the Universe being involved. And do not think, my friends, that God had left the throne above to be embodied in the body of a babe with the fullness of God dwelling bodily here, and that HE had not organized the vastness of HIS universe for this hour and this event. In fact, we have been told concerning this matter that in the book of Luke, another complete story is told concerning these events of this night. And it says that Mary who was due to give birth to this child, that Mary had gone with Joseph, and they had approached the city of David, because then all of the known civilized world was to be taxed by Caesar Augustus. So this taxing was to take place and they all had to make this journey to pay their taxes. So Joseph and Mary had gone out from the city of Nazareth and down to the city of David to pay the tax, according to family and lineage and background.

We are told that at this same time there were in this country --shepherds, and they were abiding in the fields watching over their flocks in the night. Of course, their experience would be one of those grand experiences which bears record of the majesty of that hour. For as these Shepherds were watching their flocks, and around the campfires, suddenly they saw something in the sky above them . . . a great approaching light like a huge searchlight, shinning down. And Glory shown all around them and they heard voices coming out of this great light. These was the voices of Angels and Administering spirits. And no electric system in the world had greater power, nor relayed to them in music and in sound than came down from above from these Angels. For one of the great Celestial fleets of the MOST HIGH GOD was standing by. Angels who had been from the four corners of the Universe had come to bear testimony and messages. And then an Angel spake unto these Shepherds and the scriptures describe this thus:--And an Angel stood before them and the glory of God shown around them and the shepherds were afraid. But the Angel said:-- “Behold! I bring you tidings of great joy and it is for all people. FOR UNTO YOU THIS NIGHT IS BORN IN THE CITY OF DAVID, A SAVIOR WHO IS CHRIST THE LORD.” YAHWEH-YAHSHUA has arrived. This declaration meant something to these shepherds because they were Israelites. We understand this. For they were White men, and men of anticipation because:--unto you is born this night in the city of David, one who is Christ the LORD. Christmas is for White men. Christmas is for you. This is why he says in the book of Isaiah: Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon HIS shoulders. HIS name shall be called wonderful, Counselor, the Everlasting Father, the Almighty God, and the Prince of Peace.

Thus, above these shepherds was a great and mighty craft, one of those from the heavens, and with Angelic choirs within it, with hosts of Angels being transported. But this was not the only vessel in the sky that night. For there had gone before the wisemen also another. And we declare unto you that the light that went before them that night was from the great fleets of Michael and from the mighty hosts of heaven which were standing by the land of Palestine that eventful night. And in these days as the wisemen moved on their mission, it was the presence of one of these great crafts that went before them, leading the way for your race, to this final point of destiny. And from Herod’s palace that night, it led the way to the spot where the Child lay. For over Palestine that night the hosts of heaven were many.

If you will go back into the Old Testament when the power of God was made manifest at Sinai. For Moses was directed to come to Mount Sinai, for there he would meet the Mighty God. There your race was to receive the mandate of the law and the pattern of revelation concerning all of the relationship of man to earth and to living. Laws of morality and laws of ethics; and laws necessary to the proper use of agriculture, the laws of the fallowing of the land, and laws of responsibility of property rights, and all the laws of decisions . . . All of the great decisions of law and the giving of that law to Israel would take place upon that mountain. And Moses, the chief of God's household, this leader which God had raised up, who had been out in the desert when God called him to come and to lead Israel, all of the majesty of the events that had proceeded it, all the revelations of it, now would be in this tremendous event. And if you will turn to the book of Deuteronomy, you will find out a little bit about what transpired. (Deut.: 33) It says that the LORD came and HE sailed over Mt. Sinai. But first HE rose up over Mount Seir and came from Mount Paran. And HE came with ten thousand of HIS saints. And from HIS right hand went forth the fiery law. And HE settled down on Mt. Sinai, and HE had with HIM these 10,000 of HIS Saints . . . meaning believing offspring. People do not understand just what it is saying. But the mighty hosts of heaven had arrived. A great flagship of the Most High had moved out of the great mountain peaks of this area and illuminated the whole area as their great spotlights shown down. After the great flagship rested on that mountain, then God emerged and 10,000 of HIS believing offspring were also on that mountain as Moses came up the mountain to receive the law.

You know . . . we have had experiences of these tremendous chariots of the heavens. And we have experiences told in the scriptures from back in the days of Enoch, who traveled on one to the far distant corners of the Universe. Then he came back as a special messenger from God to give us the sign and the measures by the events from which we would know that the birth of Christ was eminent. By which the wisemen studying the sky, knew that the time had arrived. Thus, the records show that in the days when we were taken out of the land of Egypt, that the presence of YAHWEH-God was there. And a great cloud surrounded HIM in which HE radiated HIS glory at night, and in the daytime this was an effulgent cloud. And they could not behold the ship, but the LORD was with them. The LORD had been between them and the Egyptians, and the presence of the LORD never left these people for forty solid years in the days of the exodus of our forbearers out of Egypt. Yes, it was in such chariots as these that we see that Elijah left this planet and Elisha experienced also, as he watched him go. For this prophet of God was carried away into the heavens and he was never to know death. For he traveled in one of these great crafts of the MOST HIGH. There are occasions in the scripture where we have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of these mighty forces of the Most High God, of the great fleets that come and go thru out HIS universe. And captured of administering spirits, and by the very household of HIS own living sons extending from one end of the universe to the other. There can then be no doubt that in this great day prophesied to our forefather, Adam, that the Messiah would come, would be born in earth for a physical ministry. And that HE, the very God of the Universe, would abide among men and consummate it with the atonement in which HE would put down the powers of death and the forces of darkness, and then triumph over their evil design with HIS Resurrection and lift HIS many sons unto Glory. There is no question, but that the whole Universe was operating on God's timetable. Even the powers of darkness find themselves subject to the laws of the universe and to the Master of the Universe, who has measured the courses and the instances of these great events. And so it was that these shepherds would be amazed at the visitation above them. And the wise men had the light of this heavenly messengers vehicle going before them. There can be no doubt of the significance of such an event, because everywhere, thru out the Old Testament, we find it recorded. And then it was Ezekiel who saw the divine fleets of the heavenly messengers coming out of the sky. Great and mighty living creatures rode in these ships of wheels within wheels as he described them. Ezekiel had witnessed the mighty glory of God as he stood and watched, and then he stood in the presence of ONE who looked like a man, but had the glory of God around him, which he knew to be none other than the Messiah Himself. And in this instance, he was in the presence also of God. And Ezekiel tells us about these things.

And he tells of how out of these turning wheels there shown down a light like a tremendous fire, a light bright like the sun. No wonder then that we discover that in the instance of this that ‘THE LIGHT WENT BEFORE THEM,’ and thus guided these men who had descended out of the Adamic race and out of the early progenitors of your race. They had gone to various parts of the earth and set up great measures for measuring the sky, from Do-Ring in Persia to Stonehenge in Britain, from the steps of the Himalayas, to the very center of the measuring points in Egypt from the Pyramid to ON. Thus, it is that they had waited for the day. You know . . . that when Priesthoods of wisdom and students study the sky for 5000 years, waiting for events which they had been told to study, until some of them were set apart to observe these mysteries for your race, was on the alert. Thus it was looking, watching, waiting for this sign 'of the son of man' to appear in the heavens for the declaration of HIS birth,--KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.

The significance of this can be discerned for all of the importance of that hour. For all of the powers of darkness were now alerted to the fact that Christ was about to be born. And they designed with all of their evil to destroy HIM. Herod the king of the Jews and his Jewish soldiers not having a message from these wisemen, was even more angry when fourth wise man came to ask them the same question, just before his armies were about to march upon Bethlehem of Judea. Thus, the evil hatred of Lucifer's sons were demonstrated. For Herod's army marched to the city of Bethlehem and killed all of the babies up to two years of age, thinking to get the Christ child. This fulfillment of the prophecy of ‘Rachel crying for her children’ became a matter of history because of this.

But this fourth wiseman bearing the robe went on to the city of Bethlehem, and went straight to the Temple. There were no stars, no lights guiding him. He had been late on his route by people who needed his attention, and thus, he had come late to this land. But actually on purpose. Because of destiny. Here he had preserved John the Baptist, the son of the High Priest Zacharias, who was none other than John the Baptist who was to come. And who was the messenger to prepare the way of the Lord as prophesied in Malachi.

Thus, the soldiers went thru the streets of Bethlehem killing the young children hoping to get the Christ child. But HE was not there. Joseph, being warned in a dream and warned also by the wisemen, had taken Mary and the child, and had gone down into Egypt. And there that child would remain -- ‘The Eternal embodied God’ --until the death of Herod the king. Then HE would be brought back into Palestine, fulfilling the scriptures that-- ‘Out of Egypt have I called my son.’

The amazing thing that surrounds these course of events however, is the realization that all of the forces of heaven were standing by. This was not just a child of God. But ONE in full command of the Universe was here. And tho HIS soul was to grow up in the body of a man, still the spiritual soul and the celestial mind was already complete and there was an awareness in this soul consciousness of HIS divine destiny. This would be a consciousness quickened with the greatest display of power as having emerged out of the waters of baptism, HE commences HIS ministry. After the temptations of Lucifer who had recognized HIM as the very force he must conquer, and in this instance at the beginning of the Ministry of Christ, we see Lucifer trying to secure a co-existence with Jesus. He said, ‘fall down and worship me and I will give you the kingdoms of this world. Fall down and worship me and there will be no necessity of a cross and I will remain king of the earth and you can be the king of heaven, and I will recognize you as a visiting power.’

And all of the universe should have been troubles except that no man can break the spiritual power and nature of the MOST HIGH GOD . . . unmutable, Omnipotent, unchangeable for all times. HE turned and HE said, "Thou shalt not tempt the LORD thy God."

In the instances of time a great number of prophecies were to be made. And these prophecies are of great value to you and me because we have discovered that all thru the history of our race, we have been in a struggle against the powers of darkness. The forces of evil have sought to conquer the kingdom of God. And Lucifer’s own family has led in this attempt to destroy God's kingdom. A battle against your race and your faith has continued since the day of its conception. And when in the ministry of Christ, HE was to declare things which should come to pass. HE was to tell those who were HIS disciples how some of these things were to end. Altho HE prophesied HIS day of Crucifixion and Resurrection, HE also told them of a great day of coming glory. And the majesty that would occur when HE, as King of Kings in all of HIS Glory, with all of the hosts of heaven and with HIS family, with the Archangels and all of HIS great armies, would sweep out of space for the final putting down of all of the powers of darkness, and for the ushering in of one of the greatest days in all time and history.

We have repeated these passages and we have stated that we all should meditate upon them at all times in this season. For it not only deals with the fact that HE was very God, but as lightening comes out of the east and shines to the west, so again shall be the sign of the coming of 'the son of man.’ And you, on the threshold of the greatest chain of events, have watched the fulfillment of this area of the passage of Matthew, that we would see as lightening out of the east and shines to the west, so shall be the coming of the 'sign' of the coming of 'the son of man.' And so shall it be HIS Messianic destiny and HIS time of Glory. And in these times of these latter days, time and trouble and tribulation of HIS people, there would be great events like the darkening of the sun, the moon would turn red like blood. And this would be proceeded by an era of when stars would fall out of the heavens. And after that, we would see the sign of the 'son of man in the heavens.’ This sign would indicate that the time was drawing nigh.

Again we turn back to Enoch who had been told these things. For he had been told of its measure and what to look for. For just as when HIS measure had been given unto wisemen who knew when they saw that star, having studied these measures and watched the signs in the heavens, thus they knew that the time was nigh for the birth of the Messiah. And they arrived on time proving that they were right. Also we have been told that in the days of the King of Kings and the LORD of Lords, we would see again the great message. We would see again all of the wanders lined up in the sign of the ‘Waterman in the heavens’ as Aquarius, HE pours out HIS spirit. And across the line in the heaven would be all of the wanderers at one time. They would know that this was the establishment of the kingdom and the coming of the 'son of man.' But I point out to you that this was to follow the darkening of the sun. And at times the moon having the look of blood. And that the prophet Joel told us that the elements would dissolve with fervent heat. And this has occurred. The stars which fell unto the earth in the early 19th Century were recorded as the greatest meteorite shower of all times. And as this occurred, then many students remarked that we were at the end of the age and it was time for Jacob's trouble to begin. It was not long before the great climax in 1909, and there has been no peace on earth as we have moved from that day to this.

Back in the 60's, we were doing nuclear experiments. We exploded a bomb out in the Pacific greater than anything we had previously tried. It had disturbed the elements more than anything that had been taken place at any time before. In the Hawaiian islands, they felt this. For what had transpired was that we had filled the atmosphere up as high as you could see with radio active material, water, dust, and material that the earth had ever witnessed before or experienced quite like this before. In fact, when this thing transpired, because like the Aurora Borealis, strange streaks of color moved across the sky. These bands of color rippling over the Pacific were green and purple and yellow bands moving in them. As people saw these fantastic changing of colors, they were stricken with fear. And there were great noises . . . popping noises in the sky. It lasted all day as the sun became almost like a black orb in the sky and particles and materials filled the sky. And as evening came the moon had turned to blood. For a week after that time the moon was blood red over the Pacific.

The remarks about this were in Scientific journals and in newspapers. And so, within the 60's, we would discover with our explosions, twice, we had situations and explosions like this. But nothing like this that occurred out over Hawaii. It struck great fear over the people of that area as it fulfilled the measure of time, and the prophecies of Joel, as of the elements dissolving in fervent heat. And the great pillars of fire and the prophecies of pillars of smoke, concerning the end of the age. Yes. The sun is darkened and the moon has turned to blood, and the sign of the ‘son of man' appeared in the sky in February in 1962, exactly as Enoch had declared that it would.

Now we have other measures which tell us that judgment will fall upon the enemies of God's kingdom. And we have moved thru three and one-half years of judgment which would fall upon the enemies of God’s kingdom. This is important to me as we approach this Christmas time, and then every Christmas time as we get closer to these events. Then every Christmas we say, ‘will there be another time before all of these things be completed?’ Because we have beheld the sign of the son of man in the heavens. The measures that related to the birth of Christ took place exactly on time. Exactly on Pyramid time, exactly on sky time, and exactly on measure time. Exactly on conjunction time. For the Master of perfection had detailed the time and the event. This only left a veil before you and the return of Christ. HE tells you that you will not know the day or the hour, but you are not the children of darkness, you should know the time and the seasons. And as we approach unto the season of that revelation and we shall know. But as to the time, then HE has made us know that we are in this time of great climactic and unusual things. For this is the hour.

And now I think of the rest of these passages. It says that as HIS Angels sound the trumpet, HE is going to gather together HIS children His Elect, from the four winds, from the four corners of the heavens and from the four corners of the earth. Thus, it is that the signs were also marked which HE gave for the gathering of the hosts of God . . . the majestic armies of God as they return to earth, for triumphant victory. And a light went before the wisemen. And that light we know was one of the most changing forces of the MOST HIGH. Out of the great fleets of Michael and out of the great hosts of heaven, beheld by Ezekiel, we are to behold these events. If you could turn your eyes to understand what is about you in the universe tonight, and you could identify and see from its motions, you would see that signs are in the sky now for some great event.

You will note that the scripture in the book of Revelation, says that HE who rides this great white horse of authority and power, is none other than Jesus the Christ, who has upon HIS head the crown of authority and power. And HE is clothed with a vesture. And we see an identification of HIM, because it is marked with the atoning blood and it is declared as the very word of God . . . incarnate form of the Eternal. And out of HIS mouth goes the command and the sharp sword of authority. And we are told that HE comes to smite the nations that will not yield to HIS Kingdom. And HE is going to rule them with authority. And it says HE has on HIS vesture a name written, and it is King of Kings and LORD of Lord's.

And I beheld the Angel who cried out, said John, and he said, ‘come now, for this great day, and for this great hour, and for this mighty feast.’ And we see the Beast (the world order) and the Antichrist, and the powers of pagan darkness who not only fight the kingdom, but they now turn toward the host of Glory, and the approaching armies of heaven to say, ‘we will make war with HIM.’ The Beast is making war with you here in earth. Armageddon is at your door. We do not know when they will declare that this is Armageddon, but we have been in facets of Armageddon for some time. We have also the beat forces upsetting the earth, and we have an invasion of an unassimilatible people who do not belong in any nations of God’s kingdom. And because we did not obey all of the commands of God, we are in trouble. And because this is the time of Jacob's trouble and we shall be saved out of it, then we turn again to our hope. For we are looking for deliverance. And we find in the book of Joel and other places, that deliverance is talked about for the children of the kingdom. In the days when our forbearers were in the land of Palestine as Judah and Benjamin, while those who were related in their backgrounds like the Anglo-Saxons and the Nordics, were largely existing inside of Europe and among the Isles. At the time of these events, Rome was ruling over Palestine. But the hideous thing was that Satan’s own children with Herod as their king, had taken over that ancient temple, and they were destroying and ruling with ruthlessness in their design to keep the kingdom suppressed.

I tell you that the same people again rule with ruthlessness today. All of the patterns of righteousness and justice are being treated as of no effect. For instance in this great land of ours, the enemy has been trying to mongrelize our race and absorb the race as a part of their program for taking over the kingdom. This is the program of Lucifer, the Antichrist. And it is in opposition of the kingdom, to our culture, our faith in God, and to the repetition of HIS holy word. It is against HIS holy law.

I tell you that forces of darkness do not respect the law and they use their influence around those who are our leaders. And they have two rules. One for them, for crime and violence, and one for you. And they seek to suppress you if you even take a stand for the laws of God and stand for your self-respect.

I think nothing demonstrates this better today than the satanic powers moving thru the Federal Government. For here in the newspaper is this record of the war against your race. Seven Federal judges were demanding indictments against a group of Negroes who had defied the law, and had perjured themselves. And because these indictments had been handed down, the Attorney General had refused to process those indictments. He would not let any indictment be levied against any Negro.

I point this out. Seven Federal Judges demanded these indictments be given for violation of the law and the Attorney General following the course of Jew design. We have to have two standards of judgment. And on top of that, after saying that we would not rescue anymore now. But on top of that, they had told Tshoimbe that they should take these cannibal rebels into their government and make peace with them. Shame on our government, making peace with such as that. LORD Jesus come quickly and bring the sword of judgment. Who ever heard in history, of any great nation of God's kingdom now even telling our alleys and others, ‘now, you join with the witch doctors, join with the Cannibals, take some of them into your government.’ I think it is about time we took the cannibals out of ours.

We stand now at this season challenged by the birth of Christ. And challenged by others who present the system of the Beast system. And one of the laws is that the laws of God should never reign over us or have any authority in our nation. And we listen to the voices that rise as they now say that they are going to punish us, we, the nation of God's kingdom, in our own land, unless we utterly surrender to their demands. And now we hear more demands coming out of the areas where we should have government protecting all of the people.

No wonder then that many people are disturbed and many shaken. They say, ‘why are we bound and when is the end of these things to be?’ But as a student of the Bible, we know that we are in the time of 'Jacob's trouble.' That we, also, like those of our ancestors and those of our kinsmen, in Palestine, who heard the voices of those Angels in the hour of their despair. And we are told that the voice then said, 'Unto you this night in the city of David, is born a Savior who is Christ the LORD.’ And the Shepherds left their flocks in the care of the Angels and they went down to kneel at the manger, to behold this Glory of God. And as even the wisemen had brought their gold, frankincense and myrrh, each one of these special gifts for the ministry of Christ. From India had come Incense, and Myrrh from Egypt, and the gold brought out of the great treasure of our race, which had been preserved for this hour. And of course, the Robe which was brought by the fourth wiseman who had arrived late. Remember that the frankincense was for HIS anointing and the myrrh for HIS burial. The gold was for HIS ministry as HE walked the earth with HIS disciples. And this gold was that which was carried by Judas of Iscariot. For the fast dwindling sack was in his hand. The Robe was used for the sparing of the life of the babe John the Baptist. Significant in all of these was the measure of these gifts. But the events they had beheld spoke of the majesty of this hour.

But I cannot help but think that in all of the course of this demonstration of the powers of the embodiment of God, that the powers of darkness were not triumphant. And that even in that day, they could not produce a triumph. HE had prophesied the majesty of HIS return with the mighty hosts of heaven in the day when the mighty hosts of the powers of darkness would be cast down. And from that day until this, we have witnessed on every turn of events, the literal progressive fulfillment of prophecy. And yet, the people say 'what is there left to happen?' Only the final scenes of Armageddon springing up around the world. Each day from one part of the world to another, we hear of assaults against a nation of God's kingdom. Against our citizens or against our society. And in our land, we have watched them attack the name of Christ, and they do not want HIS name associated with anything in our government. They do not want our children to pray in schools. They do not want the Bible read. They do not want celebrations of Christ’s birthday. And thus, this year after all of the experiences that have been had by Christians, greater pressure was put on to keep nativity scenes off of our civic centers and away from our city halls. No stars, no crosses, was the demand of the enemies of Christ. And who does it come from? The same Jews, the same despicable society that tried to murder Christ at HIS birth, and in the process killed the babes of Bethlehem.

Just let this be a lesson to anyone who today thinks that the Jews are Israelites, or have anything to do with the tribe of Judah. If the Jews were of the tribe of Judah, they would not have killed 3,000 of the babes in Bethlehem that night. They were only killing them to try to stop the Christ child, and cared nothing about these babies of Israel of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin.

I tell you that we stand now on the time of the events on the other end of the threshold, and never have there been measures quite like this. He gave you measures like this in the events as we described them to you in 1962. And you may remember, we told you of the eclipse that took place last Friday as we gave you the measure of those events. We told you also that it would be a time of strange judgments and catastrophes. That it would be one of those periods of great pressure and of great horror. Do you realize that it has been a time of low atmospheric pressure and high oxidation and intense tension upon the nervous systems of mankind? It has affected the low pressure areas to bring in the coldest waves that have descended across our nation in a great many years. And now has been joined by more configurations to increase the pattern of alignments. The fact remains that the cold has been so great that even the eye balls of cattle on our northern plains have been frozen and they will never see again. Many of them will have to be destroyed. Never has this happened that can be remembered when cattle actually die because they were freezing on their feet.

Never have we witnessed the wave of fires for those burning across the nation since Friday, the measure of this, has been unprecedented. And they tried to explain this as saying that there was a very high oxygen content during this period of time. That things ignited more readily. But this is not the only explanation. But the fires were there. More people have died in fires than in an period so short. And fires have brought great catastrophe from one end of the country to the other. And then along with it came the accidents. And there have been more people killed in accidents than have been killed in any previous siting upon a few days as have been started to move under this cycle. And they say that reactions must be slower than before. Amidst storm and trouble, the toll mounts in all directions, and they are measures in the sky. And men's hearts are failing them for fear from looking at things that come upon the face of the earth.

We do not challenge tonight, that we fear. For we have a faith. One built on assurance. And so, wisemen by the many look once more at the sky, and we hear the testimony of the things which are transpiring. A tremendous Novus of tremendous light and glory is blazing now in the horizon in the sky. And we also know that coming down out of Leo is a non-reflecting mass, a huge body, a great force which cannot be seen except it affects the light of stars as observed by a telescope and photographed in its tracks. And I predict that it will soon burst into one of the brightest novas of all. And coming out of Leo in all of its majesty and glory, it shall be one of the final announcements of the day of the son of man. From the far corners of the earth and from the far corners of the universe are tiny specks of light shown on sensitized film and they are converging on the earth. They have been writing this up in magazines and they do not know how to interpret it. And in astronomical journals they are trying to evaluate what these particles are.

And HE said after you have beheld those things in the tribulations of those days, after the sun has become darkened and the moon has turned to blood, and after you have seen the sign of the son of man in the heavens, which was February l962, then shall ye see the hosts of the most HIGH when HE gathers together with HIS elect from the four corners of the universe.

Do you realize that we have been in the last 20 years, in observation of things pertaining to man? Great ships of space have moved around the earth. Unidentified objects have caught the eye of an astute observer. Governments have expended millions of dollars and millions of rubles to try to find out who it is and what it is moving by. And there have been beings seen walking upon the earth who then left in these chariots in the sky. There are those who have observed them moving in our solar system and across the face of the moon as great wedges of flying craft have moved into our solar system. And some are disturbed because they do not understand.

But let me tell you that the hosts of Michael are standing by. And Michael that great prince shall stand up as he did in the days of yore, when he fought for your race in celestial plains, and celestial skies before Lucifer's fall into earth.

I tell you tonight that we are watching the heavens again, that we Christians whom Christmas becomes a virtual holiday, for we the children of the kingdom. Because it became a fulfillment of a covenant keeping God, who keeps HIS appointment to all generations, and can spend a quarter of a million years to set up a date to tell you about it 5000 years before it happens, and then let you watch it come to pass.

So I tell you tonight that we stand on the edge of a new age and a new order. And the light that went before them was a chariot of the MOST HIGH. And the chariots of the Most High are moving round the earth and soon great forces of them will become visible. And light that has shielded them from us by the science of their wisdom will be permitted to shine forth from them. And they shall be brighter than the sun in that day of its Glory.

Yes, this year 1964, as it moves out, is a year of prophecy and of destiny. And the events that are taking place, and will take place in these remaining days will continue to be remembered. And as we move into the new year, it does not slow down. For next year will be one of the most intense years in human history. So we point out to you and across the nation, that the kingdom of God is in the midst of a holiday which finds itself built around the joy in the birth of Christ. This is your holiday. Be happy, be merry and do not let anyone rob you of it. Possess it in your faith, for the enemies of your faith do not want you to enjoy it, and they do not want the name of Jesus identified with it. So across our nation some of the great billboards across this nation have blossomed out this year with signs. Ministerial pastors and merchants, and groups of individuals are very unhappy at this attempt to take Christ out of Christmas, and they have put big billboards up, and they say, put Christ back into Christmas. In fact, there are groups of Catholic men who have paid for some, and individuals for others. But all over the nation are these signs:--Put Christ back in Christmas. So the enemy overplayed its hand and America moves in reaction. And congressmen and senators explode because they took the nativity pictures off of our postage stamps. They put back a little piece of holly and tinsel and it does not even look like stamps, or Christmas seals. So here we stand in the latter days of 1964, and we are measuring a course of events. We are in the time of Jacob's trouble and we call for deliverance, and the morning cometh. And we say-- ‘rejoice, that you are the children of the Father, and HE has determined that HE is going to make known before the world, that you are HIS household.’ Remembering the joy in the heart of the Shepherds, remembering the accuracy of the event and its measure in the sky in the minds of the wisemen . . . and know that there is no lack of anything in the movement of the mind of God. For HE knows the date and the hour. And HE is alerting you to the greatest of all days when the hosts of heaven shall come in.

Think what a date that will be when the fleets of mighty space come in. When God stands forth in light and glory that transcends the light of the sun. In that great hour, we shall hear the great trumpet call of God reaching out around the world and all men shall hear it. The cry will come to surrender their weapons and break their swords, for only the children of the kingdom will retain the rod of iron. And every knee shall bow and every tongue shall proclaim that Christ is LORD.

So we say that a light went before them, and so we say that the hosts of heaven stand by to guard you. And the light of that experience is to bear testimony to you that heaven was standing by. There is no part of the life of Christ when heaven was not standing by, the hosts were at HIS command. HE had told Peter that round about HIM was a host of Angels and HE could command them to come in.

So I tell you that round about you tonight are the host of heaven. And round about you are angelic powers. In the plains round you are a great company of witnesses. And soon out of the skies above shall return your Everlasting Father with all of the hosts of heaven to say that “you are my kinsmen and I want the world to know that I have loved you.” So let no one dampen the joy of the holiday, for it is the highest holiday in Christendom, as it relates to joy and happiness over the birth of Christ. The sky shall be filled with HIS glory once again. So watch for it and know that out there is a measure of a great new day. There are a great many things tonight that are happening, but as an assurance lets keep our mind set on that event that happened over 1900 years ago. And we look forward to that which shall happen again, in maybe, months or weeks. But for sure, it is going to happen. For there can be a clarion call at any time. For this is the greatest day in the history of our race. ‘For unto you a child is born, unto you a son was given.’ And this we must remember. So let us pray for the binding of the darkness and look for the day when there shall not be a Cainanite in the house of God.

End of message.