Why Antichrist Will Not Capture The Kingdom, 4-2-67


By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-2-67

We are talking on this subject as to why Anti-Christ will not be successful in the attempt to capture the Kingdom. Of course there are a number of people who are despondent when they see the apparent areas of gain being made by the forces of the Anti-Christ, and then there are also a number of people who are so blind that they do not know who Anti-Christ is. There are great numbers of people who may be discouraged when they see great areas of creeping socialism sweeping across their nation, but they have not as yet associated this with the program of Anti-Christ, or the policies of the Prince of Darkness.

Now; there is one thing we want to call to your attention, and it is in the Book of Colossians. Here we have been told that the Man Christ Jesus is the embodiment of Yahweh (God). We have been told that by Him, and for Him were all things created that were in the heavens, and that are in the earth...visible and invisible, whether thrones, dominions, principalities, or powers, all things were created by Him and for Him. More than this we were told that since H is before all things, that by Him were all things made to consist. Therefore we are assured that since the embodied man Christ Jesus was the embodiment of God and since the created Universe was created by Him, and every dominion and every power that exists on the face of the earth is His, and since He had declared that He is going to control and end all things with all this dominion acknowledging Him, and acknowledging that He is God, then we can be well assured that He is capable of bringing this about, if we have the capacity to understand that Christ was the fullness of Yahweh.

But I want to point out to you that....hating this manifestation of Yahweh...were the children of Anti-Christ that they conspired how they might put Him to death. They were constantly opposing Him during His earthly ministry. We discover that Jesus went about thru all the land of Palestine, and that as He went about thru every city and every village He was teaching and preaching:..."The Gospel of the Kingdom." This was the great secret of the power of Yahshua, for He was not only teaching the gospel of the kingdom, but all that was enveloped in the kingdom and its final victory, its final dominion over all the powers of darkness.'

Now; let me point out to you that as Jesus explained this are of the program of Anti-Christ He had clearly stated that those who were His Kingdom, and those who were of His Household were going to inherit the Kingdom. In fact when He talked about the areas of the kingdom He finally made it clear to them and to His disciples, and to those who listened, that one of these days there would come a tremendous force, an army out of the heavens to join the Kingdom of God in the earth. He tells about how He is going to gather about Himself the nations of the world, how He is going to separate the nations of the world....segregate the nations to be specific, and He was to give unto the hands of His children the Administration over the children of darkness. This would include all the kingdoms which had been in rebellion against Him. All of the Goat kingdoms of the world were going to pass under the administration of His Sheep people.

Now; He declared that He was going to bring this to pass and He would say:..."Receive the Kingdom prepared for you the Sheep people from before the foundation of the world." Now, we not only have these words by Yahshua but He also makes it very clear as to how He is going to bring this about. In fact in the eighth chapter of John we find that Jesus is talking to the multitudes and one of the things He said was:..."Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." So someone says:..."Dr. Swift? Why do we have to go back to this passage, and then into this following passage time and again?" Well, I will just tell you....we have just those four Gospels, and all of the recorded words of Jesus are in those four Books. Therefore we are forced to go back, to duplicate by quoting Jesus on the various areas of authority that He spake on, for we don't have any other areas of authority to turn to other than the patterns of inspiration, and some of the other volumes which record some of the things Jesus said. But when you have finished this you can take the words in Red if your Bible is outlined thus and say:...This is the sum total of what Jesus told us. So therefore if God in the earth told us a certain set of facts and truths we have to turn to it time after time, after time. But it never gets old and it never becomes too well understood.

Every once in a while someone else will say:...This eighth chapter of John, this is where Jesus said "Ye are of your father the devil. That is right and you better not forget who He said this to. Because this again becomes an area which you must return to. Jesus said:..."Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." He was talking to His household, to the people who were of His kingdom, and in the days when He told them this the Jews were in power. They were in control of the Temple, they were twisting the words of God, they were Sadducees and Jesus also said to them:...Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Why did He say this? Because the people were under the bondage of this Priesthood as well as under the bondage of Rome, but the day was going to come when they would know the truth and the truth would make them free. But concerning the people who were the usurpers, then Christ proved conclusively that the Temple was usurped by the sons of Lucifer. He actually declared that the power of the Anti-Christ came because the children of Anti-Christ were the children of Lucifer. There was no greater Anti-Christ than Lucifer himself, and his children who make up the administration of His Kingdom were against Christ, and He denounced them. Therefore He made it quite clear when He speaks to them as He said:..."Ye are of your father the devil." You say:...I have heard that before. Well, you are going to hear it a lot more, for this is essential that we see that God Himself identified these people as devils, for this is what they are.

Now; when He makes that statement..."Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning." Here He was identifying them with the Cainanite line. "He abode not in the truth because the truth was not in him." In the whole program of the Anti-Christ today there is not any word of truth in it for it is built upon a lie. Thus Jesus said:..."Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." He was talking especially to the Household of the Most High God, but the message is...that the truth shall make you free. But as far as the program of darkness is concerned it is built on a lie. And then He made the statement concerning this:...."Therefore he abides not in the truth and there is no truth in him. When he speaks he speaks a lie, and he speaks of his own, for he was a liar from the beginning and the father of it." "But when I tell ye the truth ye believe me not." Because the devils program is based on a lie.

This is one of the strange things we have to face, this is something that many people inside the church are totally unaware of, and that is who Satan's children are. They do not realize that their entire lives are based on a lie. When they say they are the 'chosen people' then our race just sort of accepts that. When they say that those Jews in Israeli are Israelites....the chosen people....they try to accept that as well. They then eliminate from the Jews all the rascality that the whole program of Anti-Christ is based on.

You will discover that if you preach the Gospel of the Kingdom that Jesus preached then areas of the church will repudiate you simply because you are preaching..."The Gospel of the Kingdom." They say:..Oh, but you are wrong, you are saying the Kingdom is to be set up in earth, but ours is in heaven. But Jesus taught that the Kingdom is set in earth and turned over to His Sheep people. This is one of the facets they do not understand, and why is this? Well, we are told that 'Blindness, in part, has happened unto Israel.' Now they are not so blind as to who God is, they will acknowledge Yahweh (God) altho a lot of them have tacked on a fallacious pattern of trinity, but they still know that Jesus is the embodiment of Yahweh (God). But they have become blind unto who they are. They are blind as to who the children of Israel are. They are blind concerning the fact that they are the offspring of God. Do you realize today that better than 55% of the Christians today in all Christianity have no concept that they have ever existed in spiritual domains with their Father, Yahweh? They have no concept that they have emerged out of the Adamic Race, that they were begotten of God. In fact they think that everyone came from Adam, they think that the Negro came from Adam, that the Chinaman came from Adam, that there is no difference in Adamites, and they think that they just happened to be here. And thereafter they are accountable to God because of the areas of the Gospel. They believe in a very strange way, the things the enemy wants them to believe.

Now:...strangely enough this is why God said:..."Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." For one of these days that very truth shall set you free. Where are you going to get this truth? Only from the Gospel which Jesus preached are you going to get the truth of....the Gospel of the Kingdom. I am going to tell you that one of the most important things which you and I who know the Gospel of the Kingdom can do is....spread this Gospel as fast and as far as we can spread it. Never caring whether the enemy likes it or not, because he didn't like it when Jesus preached it, and he isn't going to like it when you preach it.

Let me point this out to you. That as Jesus talked about this we note that one of the areas of the enemy, and in his declaration, they wanted to destroy the Christ. At the same time they would like to destroy His disciples, and we all note that they called the Christ....Beelzebub. It says here in scripture that the disciples were not above their master, or the servant above his Lord. For they have called the MASTER of the house Beelzebub, how much more shall they call those of His Household?

Now; remember this, the Anti-Christ, this enemy of the Kingdom called Yahshua (Jesus) the Devil. And you can turn to the Bible in the hands of its creators today, and you find that organized Jewry says Jesus is the devil. These same people say that your devil is God. When the devil that you and I know is the father of all Anti-Christ children they say that the devil (Lucifer) is god. They say we serve god, we come out of god, alright lets face this.... the Truth will make you free when you understand this:...that the Jews who today say that Jesus is a devil...they are actually the children of the devil, and they came out of the devil, this one who they say is their god. You therefore don't have to say that they are the children of Lucifer, they say it.

So; let me point this out to you, when the Jews say this, then Jesus says:...fear not for there is nothing which is covered which is not going to be revealed, and nothing hid which shall not be made known. One of the most important things is therefore that as they speak out against you they say....this man is terrible, he is a hate monger, he is anti-Semitic. Sure we hate the powers of evil and the forces of darkness, but if you are to be called a hate monger and anti-Semitic it is because....they...who are the father of a lie have twisted all the areas concerned with the words 'Shemite'...Semite. Because every white man on the face of the earth is a Semite and you couldn't be anti-Semitic unless you were against the white race. But as to the children of Lucifer who were never Semites anyhow, you can be opposed to their activities, and their doctrines. But they have deceived the church into believing they are the 'chosen people' and this is the problem today. In fact some of the greatest sets of promises in all the scripture, some of the farthermost reaches of the promises of the scriptures, and the areas of Divine Blessings upon His children, they have usurped, until the majority of Christians today are not claiming their promises. They sing the song:..."Standing on the promises of God", they talk about how they stand upon these promises, and you come up to them and say:...If you are standing on the promises then show us the promises. And do you know that most of the promises they have belong to Israel, because every promise in this Book belongs to Israel. Therefore they say:..I am standing on this promise that..."I will bless them that bless thee", and you turn to the scripture and every promise they are standing on belongs to Israel. And...yes, the church has been usurped by this policy of the Jew, and been led to believe that the Jews are the 'chosen people', and to him belongs the kingdom. The only thing for you then is to somehow get a special ride into the heavens, because they have believed that Jesus is the Christ. Then the scriptures tell you that you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. If you have the capacity to believe that Jesus is the Christ (embodiment) then it is because you are Abraham's seed, and for no other purpose.

Now; again we note that their policy is a lie. The kingdom of Anti-Christ is built on a lie, and it is spread by the children of the Anti-Christ. Now; you have the word of God from the embodiment of God, by whom He made all things, and is eventually going to bring all things back under His control....that the children of Lucifer are liars and they have descended thru this begatting of Cain, thus they are Cainanites. This the scripture clearly establishes for you. But today you tell the average Christian that the Jews are Cainanites and have no part nor lot in this matter, and that they descended from Lucifer and they will look at you in amazement and say how they can't believe the Jews are not the chosen people.

Well, God says that one of these days they are going to know the truth, and this is one of the strangest things of all. Today when we want to know what the program of Anti-Christ is then we can well establish just what it is, for it is the program to take over the world. The children of the Anti-Christ are helping to spread this program. So today you will find that we have one great Anti-Christ system in the world. There are many strategies of it, but there is just one world system. The Communist system is that program and don't make any mistake about it for there is no difference between communism and socialism. One of them is just explaining the mechanics by which the other works.

Now; we have creeping socialism which is one of the problems we face today. As they extend their areas of subversion and expand the areas of nations into the economics of socialism, we are right now facing that in the U.S. as the economy of the United States is fast slipping into not only creeping socialism but running socialism.

Now; someone would say.....well of course we aren't doing it like the communist's are for we aren't killing anyone. My friends, just wait and see what happens as the children of Lucifer get the control that they think this will give them, and then they will kill. For they will eliminate those that are Christians, and those that stand out as fundamentalists, if they are successful in what they are planning,...but...THEY ARE NOT GOING TO BE SUCCESSFUL. In the first place if you discuss the spread of communism you will find a great number of people who are studying this system. They realize that today communism is an evil thing. In fact the John Birch Society got thousands of people to studying communism, and they realize that communism is an evil situation. But if you were to bring out that the Jews started communism, that they financed and spread it, then there are many John Birchers who would run off with their hands in the air and say that is anti-Semitism and we can't have that. But my friends, you cannot understand communism unless you understand that the children of Satan started it.

Now:...they will admit that the Kuhn Loeb and Co., and Jacob Schiff, and the Warburg's and so forth put up the money that was necessary for the Bolshevik revolution, but they will not admit the fact that Jewry today controls almost all of the political, economic life, and growth inside of the Soviet Union....even tho these things are true.

We discover here that God has clearly outlined that the power of Lucifer and the children of darkness are going to be totally responsible for the anti-Christ system. But what happens when these people such as many who study in Seminaries, and so forth, when they know the policies of communism and they also know that socialism is the gospel of communism, and they know that creeping socialism is one of the menaces used in the United States? They will say:...we can't understand it, we have here a great society and a mighty group of people, they have been born in a nation which has had its independence come in a wide burst of freedom, and they were never going to accept the authority of another power, they were never going to place themselves in a United Nations program. The sovereignty of America was never going to be abridged. The declaration of Independence declared that never would there be a time when we would pass under the sovereignty of the hands of anybody. They say we just can't understand how we joined the United Nations. But it is a communist program and if they are far advanced in the study of the anti-Christ then they would understand this. But still they say:...we just cannot understand how rich Americans and poor Americans can be swept into anything like this. We can't understand how these people who have been so born with a silver spoon in their mouths can turn and expend so much of their forces and throw themselves into a communist design? They can't understand it because they don't understand where this program came from. Then we note how many of them have been taken in by the propaganda lie of Lucifer, and how the enemy has spread the doctrine that he is persecuting the 'chosen people' who really are the children of Lucifer, and of course the devil is not persecuting his own....not at all.

These people get you to open up the doors of your nation and take in a whole mass of embodied devils as refugees into your society. We have taken in more fifth column refugees thru this refugee program than we have ever taken in of people trying to escape from communism.

Now the professors and the exchange students and all this process has been bringing communism into our schools. They have also been moving into areas of administration, and even into government. People do not understand that communism is Jewish and they do not understand that Jewry had dominated the economy, thru the big banks they control. When they came into the United States they financed thru their world cartel the power of these people to rise. I want you to realize that in every committee, and in every process of government...we have these Jews, and they are manipulating and handling the attitudes of administrations.

It is true of course that some of the organizations which have been studying the fact that communism once in a while will come out with a Jewish name, and some of them will be quite honest, for they have been so blind, and they will say:...there is a whole lot of Jews here, but this is just a coincident, because they do not have the actual control of the Anti-Christ. Let me tell you this:...the United Nations is a byproduct of world communism, and creeping socialism, and is the World Government which stands now with its arms out to grab the Christian nations of this world, and it is 100% a Jewish organization. It was a Jewish organization from its conception.

The fact remains that our people will still say:....but this is anti-Semitic. But let me tell you what happens when the Gospel of the Kingdom is played to the person who has become aware of communism and its menace. Nine out of ten of them will start to see the facts that behind all of this is a certain people. And as people who have studied communism and socialism and who see its creeping revolution, then discover that Jewry is behind it...he then becomes a forceful fighter, and he wants every one else to know about it. Then comes this process by which they would like to sell the nation, and they say that this truth is hate, and they cry anti-Semitic.

Let me tell you something....this is good for John Birchers to know also. When ever they come out and write an article which is to be a 'neutralizer', they publish this fallacious article which miss quotes against it, and they then tell the John Birch society that their people could not play our tapes, because those tapes are banned or outlawed. But do you know that 1/3 of the John Birch society then started to send for our tapes...to hear what it was all about? We never got the tapes back either, for once they discovered what it was all about the people tried to work it out so they could get this knowledge to others of their organization. After their meetings there are vast numbers of them that go over to someone's house and listen to tapes. The only reason why we mention this is that we believe what Jesus said:...that one great secret is that....this secret is going to conquer the program of Anti-Christ, and that secret is that you are going to know the truth and the truth is to set you free. I am going to tell you that one of the most effective things which you can learn is who are the children of Anti-Christ, who are the children of Satan? And how has this thing progressed so secretly? These people still asking these questions are not aware that the majority of active, developing communists in this country, and those selling and carrying on the financing behind the program...ARE JEWS. They are carrying it into the schools, and into every institution. They are setting out the program of demoralization, they are behind the whole pattern of youth corruption..and who are they? Organized Jewry. In fact the LSD, one of the worst blights of our time, which is helping to make kook's out of the young people on the streets is coming out of Israeli. It also happens to be a mercantile value to them because they are selling it for a great price.

We want you to realize that in the United States today that anytime you move out against a dope peddler you come up against a big Jew or organized crime. This they try to hide but the fact remains that Jewry is behind the movement of dope into these United States. They are behind the gambling racket in the United States. They are behind every pattern of organized crime in the U.S. and when you discover who this is and how they operate then you hear the words of the scripture:...One of these days there will not be a Jew who will remain in these United States because the people will have spoken.

Now; the strategy is that Jesus said:..."Ye shall know the truth." He also pointed out that they are liars. They are the children of Cain, the sons of Lucifer. Then the Jews come out in their Bible (the Talmud) and say: yes, because he (Lucifer) is god, and your Christ is the devil.

Now; there are very few Christians today who would not admit what an error this would be, there are very few Christians that had this brought to their attention...if they saw these passages in the Jewish Bible's, and in the Book that they use, then they would say.....but Christ is of course God, and we know that Lucifer is the devil. Then their eyes would be opened. One of the most important thing you can do is to get the facts which is so important and so significant to our people, so they will understand as to who is behind the program of Anti-Christ, who is behind world communism, who has designed this program, who is sending creeping socialism into our country...who is this? It is our goal to get these facts before our people because Christ has made the statement that these people a re the children of Anti-Christ. They were to be well identified because they would deny that Yahshua (Christ) came in the flesh.

Let me point this out to you, there are no people so venomous against the Christ, or against the fact that Christ was embodied....came in the flesh...as much as the Jews and the Jewish communities that are in these United States. In fact they work to destroy the church, they work to destroy its testimony. They work to take out all areas of communion out of the churches and even the deity of the Christ. In fact in some areas they have finally made it.... consider:..the Pope is more than half Jew, and with their ecumenical conference and their declaration that Jewry is not responsible for the crucifixion of the Christ, they have progressed a long way left. Then this same peculiar church which has held out so much for the dogma of the scripture held out for the Virgin Birth, held out for the blood atonement because they incorporated this....they held out for the resurrection of Christ, and NOW will join with the World Council of Churches which do not believe in their apostasy that it is essential to even believe that Yahshua (Christ) was Yahweh (God).

We realize of course today that we have various operations by which the payrolls of the government are enhanced, until the people of the U.S. find that better than 30 to 40% of all the people in this country are on a government payroll. Oh you say....surely there aren't that many? Yes there are that many. And more than that you cannot balance your debt by 25% of the cost of your government year after year. For instance take Social Security ...oh, you say don't talk about that Dr. Swift, for everybody is now on it. Yes, because of the design of creeping socialism, which is to get everyone on Social Security. If it functioned as it should have even tho we realize that in the hands of a creeping socialist government in the hand of a Jewish conspiracy that it would not be run right.... but if ran right then Social Security would have been invested in American industry, and paying its dividends back from that American Industry. But is this done? No. None of the money paid in on Social Security was invested in our Industry. It was spent on any project that the government designed to spend it on, until they had exhausted its funds, and they were taxing and taxing the people to get funds to pay each new commitment. And each time they raise Social Security they either have to raise the tax to get the money or put you further in debt. This is what they have been doing at about 25% of the total national income every year.

You say....this is a productive program and at least it is paying back dividends to the old people. It is telling them their Medicare will be taken care of even tho most of the Hospitals in the U.S. are falling behind and they will have to go up in the areas of taxation, or permit the expansion of a tremendous debt allowance to occur before they can meet these debts. Let me tell you this then....it is and has been always a lie. The money paid in on Social Security was never invested in anything but government bonds which is simply investment in debt and not in profits. Thus we are to see that by this area alone and probably the greatest area of getting people to accept a certain amount of socialism came when they expanded this program. As they moved into certain departments they said they were going to enhance certain industries, and thus certain departments were created in areas of government. Then government started to subsidize and then started to take over, and then moved in with the co-ops and began to crowd the small businessman out of business. All industry will be trying to stay alive as government tries to take over. In the areas of mining we see the same thing. We are seeing this kind of condition in every facet of American life. But at the same time people are going to be still asleep, and they say...we don't have any communism here, we don't have any program like the Soviet Union, and they are falling for it every day as the whole plan of the conspiracy leads on.

I want you to realize that you are in the days when God is starting to open mens eyes. As these tapes move out, as the Gospel of the Kingdom goes out, as more people preach it, as more people carry it and more Christians discover who Satan's children are and the part they have had in this whole conspiracy and see them financing it today, and seeing them getting behind it in every way, then that Christian is absolutely thru with the Jew...thru with him forever, and can't wait to expel him from his country. Now; we can turn and say again.."Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

Our reason we are not afraid of the Gospel of the Kingdom is because it is defendable by the word of God. That is the reason that they cannot put their hands out to touch this church, or what this church teaches. This Gospel of the Kingdom is backed by such a tremendous profuse area of the scripture that it would throw everyone into consternation when they heard the issues they are trying to use to persecute and put out of business this message.

Now; we can expect that they are going to persecute us, we can expect that they are going to hate us, but I can't think of a better thing on the face of the earth than to stand as a character witness.

We turn in the areas of scripture, and in the Book of Ezekiel and we see h ow it talks about the areas of the world which communism has captured. How from Moscow and Togarmah they have spread down into Persia, into Africa. They are moving into Libya, and all are gathering the hoards, the savages, and are turning to the people of idolatry...gathering their hoards to try to crush the Kingdom of God. On of these days Russia is going to make a surprise attack. She will hit against some of your cities. One of these days the red Chinese will launch missiles which the people have been believing a lie. Under this situation then you can suddenly be under attack and Yahweh is going to have to come in to save you. You will be battling with every weapon at your disposal at this time.

But we are now told to have no fear of communism, the President and the Vice-President of the United States are saying;...we aren't communist anymore. They are actually quoting the very words the Anti-Christ wants them to quote, because the whole process of socialism and communism they are embracing. These guys do not recognize the source from which Tyranny comes.

Of course we see "Mystery Babylon the Great" which is woven into the program of Anti-Christ, and we see the Assyrian's which are the Mongolian hoards, and the peoples of the High Steppes who make up the thousands of warriors of the communist program. We can see those people as the Assyrians because they are still the descendants of the Assyrian Empire.

We now turn back to the words of the Most High and He speaks out and says:..."Israel may have been like scattered sheep, and at one time the King of Assyria devoured him, then Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon devoured him but this saith the Lord:..."Behold I will punish the King of Babylon and I will punish the King's of Assyria. More than this I will bring Israel again into positions of power. In those days saith Yahweh the iniquity of Israel shall be sought for and shall not be found, and the sins of Judah shall not be found. And I will pardon them who I reserved. And I will send them against the land of Merathaim, and against Pekod." (Jeremiah 50:21) "I will send them against the Asiatics, and the Negroid who have been stirred up by this mysterious Babylon, or the program of Anti-Christ.

This is what God has to say, this hammer and sickle which is over the entire earth, and will try to cut it asunder, is going to be totally desolate and destroyed. "For I have laid a snare for thee, and I have also taken thee ...O Babylon." "Yahweh hath opened up his armory and has brought forth the weapons of his indignation." "This is the work of Yahweh the God of Hosts." He will bestow upon His people as they come to life the weapons which will make possible the total defeat of the enemy. He is going to bring in heavenly hosts, and destroy the enemy from the face of the earth.

Now; people say, but I don't think we should preach this. Well....I do, I think we should preach right now the destruction of world communism, and the program of the enemy. We should oppose the sons of Lucifer and we should make plain who is financing communism all the way.

In fact the Jew's have gathered together the gold and the silver as they utilize the false standards by which they extend the patterns of credit. And no amount of real security backs their debt as they control the world banks, and International banks. I want you to realize that this is a part of the strategy of Jewry, and a part of the strategy of the people who financed world communism. So therefore God makes this statement in the Book of Daniel, He says: ...concerning this "The Kingdom and the dominion of the greatness of the Kingdom under the whole heaven...this greatness of His Kingdom is going to be given to His believing offspring, the believing offspring of the Most High, and this Kingdom will be an Everlasting Kingdom. All the dominions are going to serve and obey Him."

Here is the end of this matter, there is no argument for Daniel is a prophet. Daniel says that the white race are the offspring of God. Daniel says that the kingdom and dominions over the entire earth is going to be given into the hands of the white race, and its leadership. And not this leadership we have today, my friends. These sorry people are going to be glad to be door openers. I want you to realize that their testimony is one of deceit, because they are caught in the Cockatrice's web, and this is why they are in this sad situation. As more and more people hear this Gospel, then, of this Kingdom they will spread it and spread it.

I am going to site to you that this Gospel of the Kingdom is going to spread over all of Israel, but it will not get all over Israel before the Christ will come. I want you to know that when people KNOW the truth then they become free. They are free from the people who lie...lie all the time. They lie about the program of government, they lie about creeping socialism. They tell you it is not the same as that in the Soviet Union, that it wouldn't bring about the same conditions. That it wouldn't put their people in power....but my friends, this is but another lie.

More than this, one of these days America is going to come out from among them, and come forth free. An angry and vital people are going to remember that this country was begotten by a great revolution against tyranny ...which actually was Jewish tyranny even over the kings of England. When America discovers this they will be a people free indeed.

I am going to tell you that never again will even one Jew have anything to say about the history of the United States. Most of them will be very, very glad to be able to make it back to Palestine...before God destroy's Palestine. The Kingdom and the dominion of the greatness of the Kingdom under the whole of the heavens, shall be given to the people...the Saint's of the Most High. And "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." You will discover that a vast area of your political propaganda which comes out under control of the sons of Lucifer is totally....a lie.

When people begin to understand this they begin to understand communism. They can understand how it expanded, and how they operated it, but they can't understand how Americans can be taken in by it. But this was because of this...."Blindness in part which has happened unto Israel." Until this vital day of Illumination. God says: ...every secret thing shall be made known. Everything they thought was hid will be exposed, and this will mean the deliverance of the United States.

I tell you that nothing but the truth awakening the people of this nation can bring about a fast deliverance, and a quick decision that they shall not be deceived again. Oh, yes they can remember how quick the money came when the Jew's wanted to destroy Germany. There was no money, people were in a deep depression because the Jew's had the money all the time, and then when they think they are going to thrust us into another depression we will make sure that the people remember that it is the Jew's who have the money. They put it out when they want to take you out of a depression so as to destroy a nation. (Germany) And they draw it in when they want to make a profit out of you. These are the things America is forced to see....these are the things the Right Wing is forced to see. Jewry has the money, and Jewry is the one who now sets up industry in other countries to be used to defeat you. Jewry is the designer of world communism, it shuttles and moves upon the face of the earth. The enemies of Christ does all these things while it says:...Oh, you silly people do you still believe in Christ? Do you still believe He is the son of God? Wait until we give a few doses of our drugs to your young people, and see what the next generation will be.

I want you to realize that this generation...not the coming one, but this generation will not pass away before all these things be fulfilled. Because the New Generation coming up has their minds so mixed up and twisted thru High Schools and Colleges, that their minds are so distorted as dope has been poured in that all of the patterns of their fiendish vibrations from the pits of hell, has brought this generation to the point that they will not be able to save our nation. But the people who lived in the days when Jerusalem was first taken by Britain and the U.S., and others, and they saw that Jerusalem was returned again unto Israel. Those people who were born at that time (1914-17) will not pass away until we get it back. We are going to take back our nation, we are going to take back the Christian Nations of the world. We are going to put out of every Christian Nation every Jew that exists on the face of the earth. And they Kingdom of God is going to see it's greatest day.....just ahead.

(End of this message)