Why Censorship Will Not Work In God's Kingdom, 12-15-62



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 12-15-62

We are living in a unique age and certainly one of great transition in these United States. One whose changes and transitions shall not be permanent. We point out to you that fundamentally, from the day that we became a nation and our Constitutional foundations were established, that one of excepted positions framed up in Article 1 of the Bill of Rights was that Congress should make no law abridging freedom of speech, or freedom of the press, or concerning the establishment of religion. These are the guarantees of assurance which have strength and power as long as you the people of these United States implement these guarantee of rights which your founding fathers created for you, and which you give assent by determining that this is how the government is to operate.

I think it quite significant that you realize that the Constitution in itself as an honored document, possesses no strength whatsoever, unless you implement it with a will to enforce it. That you are the people, the great force of people who live in this country and as such must determine that the Constitution is in force if you wish to live under the kind of government that the Constitution gives the sense to. So with these factors, we can cite that the articles of government as they were developed by our founding fathers were one of the finest constitutional foundations that any society ever possessed. It is well recognized today that it guarantees more liberties, and has managed in its processes as being carried out in the past as far as it was implemented, to produce more liberties and freedoms for the people of this nation than man had ever previously enjoyed. More than this, the ability under this process of government for men with vision and initiative, to press forward and to establish and create the means for production beyond that of any society previous to their foundation. More than that, we have distributed more to our people than ever distributed by any other nation to its people throughout history. This---on the ability of a people to produce and upon the patterns of a great society built by inspiration and built by fear and trust of the MOST HIGH from their beginnings.

Now, there are some strange things in our society in the last thirty to forty years. And I think you are well aware of them. Attempts have been made to overthrow this great nation of ours, and its sovereign concepts. There has been a design to try to will us to surrender all the sovereignty of our nation and all of the liberties due us under the Constitution. But which we must preserve with our efforts and all of our diligence, from the hands of a power that would supersede the government of the United States of America into areas that would not guarantee you any freedom whatsoever, and which would even deny you the right to seek and maintain such liberties that are yours under the Constitution.

We point out to you that this is not a situation which might come to pass. It is a situation which has already taken place. We have noted throughout the country as we have sought thru the tape messages with the reaching of patriots everywhere, and Christians throughout all walks of life, to bring forth the fact that we have already reached the kind of situation which they sought to keep suppressed as far as information which reaches the people of the nation is concerned. They have already signed a document which transfers legally the ownership of our Air Force, our Army and Navy, over to the United Nations. We have become signatory to a covenant of surrender of the sovereignty of this nation into a world organization which finds the nations of God’s Kingdom, outnumbered, out maneuvered, out voted, and eventually out controlled by the powers of darkness and superstition.

‘Oh,’ you say, ‘surely this could have never taken place had we been awake.’ The fact remains that whether asleep of awake, you did become signatory to these documents. Of course, the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force didn’t know it. The majority of the Armed Forces didn’t know this had taken place until within the last few months when the patriotic activities of those who disseminated this knowledge brought it to their attention. But in the last few weeks, there has been a tremendous rise if indignation all over America upon the part of people in every walk of life, and upon the military leaders as every branch of service is now concerned about such a transfer. But what we would bring out to you is that these processes which are normal to government to retain as their sovereignty, or which is concerning the defense of government to retain their armament, are today being bandied off by degrees and decisions in the leadership of government, and under advice of those who are diametrically opposed to your way of life, to your Faith, and to everything related to your society.

Now, you say, ‘but we can’t talk about it. We have the right of assembly, the freedom of speech, and freedom of the press, so when they do these things we can talk about it.’ Yes, my friends,---we do have freedom of the press and freedom of worship and we can say--’Thus saith the Lord’ in relation to these things. And we will from this platform or a platform somewhere as long as we have voice. But let me assure you tonight, that there has been a great number of organizations and churches and a great number of patriots who they feel were not strong enough to have created repercussions if they are touched. And they have moved out against individual Clergy and individual patriots, and various magazines. ---Oh.--not for ‘proclaiming the truth’---but they moved upon them with all the tyranny of a dictatorship to try to oppress them because the truth they were proclaiming was disturbing to the areas in which they were carrying out their objectives.

I point out to you that this is not an idle matter. I have the names of churches and of Clergy in which they have sought by tyranny, to use a process of recrimination to come against them because they told the truth. The first move is in the areas of taxation, to try to take away their tax exemption status as a reprisal against these non-profit religious organizations and other institutions. We have found that they have exerted influence to use the effects of their power to come against those who are associated with these churches and people in the areas of business to see if they would be concerned about doing business with these patriots without fear of reprisals coming against themselves.

We have discovered that we are living in a period of time in which we have a dictator in the White House for as long as you and I put up with him. Of course these seem to some as unnecessary charges. But do you remember that it was a matter of but four or five months ago when we were proclaiming to the nation something they didn’t know about, when they tried to immediately fold up a lot of tents and a lot of evangelists who worked in tents--saying, these were not a religious activity. They wanted to resend their tax exemption status and said they were not conducting a religious activity. But what is a tent campaign, if not a religious activity? Why were they against them?---Well, undoubtedly they were saying something which was --’Thus saith the Lord.’ Therefore, this is something some people in your government today do not want. We discover that they moved against some of these organizations because they disagreed with the status of our nation as to its moving into the United Nations. Those ministers and churches who were against our moving into the United Nations were attacked if they felt they were not powerful enough in their impact upon the whole nation to make this move to costly an experiment for them.

We happen to know that they moved against one broadcaster and another individual’s congregation because this man had written inside his prophetic herald the fact that ‘this United Nations is the program of the Anti-Christ, using pagan and anti-Christian together with God’s Kingdom. And ultimately would be super-imposing their will upon Christians. He warned that this was Babylonianism and that America should come out of this situation.

Now, they moved against this particular church and they tried to take away its tax exemption status. Why? Because your government was acting in a course that was evil. It was being led by evil individuals. It was being led in a way in which you would not only lose your liberties and freedom, but in a direction of association---diametrically opposed to God’s Word. Now, therefore, if they were afraid of the voice of judgement, they did not want the church or any individual or organization or institution to point out to the people of America, and wake them out of their sleep, so they would see this dangerous course which they were traveling upon .

We have reached a period in which altho your Constitution guarantees that there be freedom of press and freedom of speech, and there are to be freedoms in the areas of religion, that we have still reached the areas and the times of this year, when the government in Washington will seek to use institutions of this government, including taxing administration, to move with reprisal upon those who proclaim the truth. Now more than this, they sought to take away the tax exemption status of these individuals and organizations thinking thus to silence them.

Now, we have no personal or individual complaint concerning your church and concerning the activities of your church. But we have the voice of one and one-half million people which we can set on fire, if they make a move in this direction. Because everything we are telling you is:--’Thus saith the LORD.’ And is related to prophecy and is tied down with scripture. And if they move against this church, they will have to move against the structure of this book, and the repercussions will be a whole handful of hot trouble

I am approached continually by people of whom I am ashamed of. These are temporizing Christians who do not know very much about their God. Apparently they don’t know very much about His power. So they approach with a temporizing approach and are afraid that if they proclaim the truth, that the enemies power is going to smash them and put them out of business. Let me tell you something. You better go out of business if you can’t tell the truth. You have no reason for existing as a functioning body of you cannot proclaim truth. ‘As the oracle of God---as it is His churches responsibility to assume this responsibility of the tempering and serving of the society unto which it is to administer.’ The fact remains, that a great many people are worried about the power of government. But we are the government and we should recognize this fact and resume this responsibility. I have every confidence that before this is all over, that every design and strategy of the enemy is going to come to naught. And we are going to see a great cleansing of our nation from one end to the other. And we are not going to see anyone try this ever again.

Now, there are many methods of attack which we might call attention to, tonight, as to the significance of what they are doing in our nation today. But we are interested especially in this area of the press and of speech and communications. Because the enemy understands that if he can cut off communications, that he can swallow up a nation. And they will lose their power before the people are aware of what is happening and can do something to regain it. I want you to know that there is a major strategy upon the part of the Anti-Christ today, and this is to fool you with the false standards of peace, while he gains control of your military mechanism to the point wherein you are unable to defend yourself. This is a No. 1 Communist strategy. And the writings of Lenin and Marx are quite clear on this strategy. Lenin and Marx’s writings say, ‘the military strength of a nation determine its ability and the length of its survival.’ This is a principal both of Lenin and Marx. And they understood this thoroughly. Therefore, in their process, it is necessary to eliminate the nations in their activities that are in opposition to the spreading of the revolution. It is necessary to decimate and remove from that nation or nations, its military power.

Now, my friends, I think you have noted that without having engaged with us in a major war in this hemisphere, they have however, engaged very carefully in taking out of your hands, your military power. Some might say, ‘but aren’t you for peace, Dr. Swift?’ Sure I am for peace as there is no more ideal condition to live under than peace. Just as long as that peace is not a surrender of your liberty, your standards, your principals, or the surrender of someone else independence in order that you might have it. We are in a day when a lot of people are compromising, and I think of this dirty little Asiatic they call the Secretary General of the United Nations. I know what he is like by the fact the his landlord is trying to get him out so as to give himself relief from the hog pen he has made of the house he lives in. And this Asiatic throws all of his food on the floor and mixed it with the excrement of the animals with which he lives, including monkeys. He throws all kinds of debris out of the windows on to the heads of the people below. And holds one drunken orgy after another. I know that he is not smart enough to have anything to do with your destiny and mine. None whatsoever. But this pagan Uthant, tells us that 1963 holds in store the greatest era of compromise in human history. He says, out of this compromise between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, will come for the world, a new era of peace. But I say, let us hope that there will be an explosion that will destroy all the concept of compromise that will subordinate righteousness to a co-existence with evil.

I assure you that god has a plan here that Uthant wouldn’t understand or know anything about. I assure you that he is no Secretary General of mine. I consider him with the same hostility I would consider any other Asiatic troop putting foot on American grounds. I even question the constitutionality and the procedure by which the U.N. sits in these United States. And I question the constitutionality of the transfer of any of the sovereign soil of the U.S. to anywhere on the face of the earth.

Within the structure of your responsibility and mission, I want to charge you with the fact that you are a citizen of a great Christian nation. That this nation was created by your forefathers and passed on from generation to generation to still a great Christian majority. You have a responsibility as the great nation of revelation, under the outstretched wings of the Eagle to represent the military leadership of the Christian world against the powers of darkness.

Now, I want to show you something. That while this situation exists, you represent one of the most powerful nations in the Kingdom of God. The other day as we were talking to one clergyman about the Kingdom of God, he said, ‘But Dr. Swift, the Kingdom of God isn’t real you know. It isn’t made up of people. It is not here on earth, it is in the heavens.’ I said, ‘Oh! It is?’ He replied, ‘Oh, yes. It is in the heavens and you can’t see it. No man can say--it is coming, and lo it is here, and lo it is there.’ I said, ‘You have not learned to discern between the spiritual dominion of God’s Kingdom and the physical dominion of God’s Kingdom, where it is not only to increase and to grow, but where is eventually is to rule the earth from one end to the other, and every nation and every individual is going to serve the MOST HIGH GOD under its administration.

A man handed me a patriotic bulletin the other day and it was talking about the fact that we do not have to worry about the Kingdom of God because it really isn’t down here on earth. People who believe in the Kingdom of God must realize that it is in the heavens. Alright,--then I have a scripture for you. I don’t care who you are. You will now have to explain to me what Jesus meant as He spoke in Matthew 11:12. ‘From the days of John the Baptist until now, the Kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent taketh it by force.’ You don’t by any stretch of the imagination think that the Satanic forces have overthrown God’s throne in the heavens do you? You don’t think they have gone out into the dimensions of spirit and taken over from God---do you? And if the Kingdom of heaven is suffering from violence and has been taken over by violence, then that Kingdom is on earth where the violence is. It is quite obvious what Jesus was talking about as He was referring to those pesky Jews down here in Palestine fighting everything which was good.

I have no more respect for them than Jesus had condemnation for them. I know that they represent the source of our troubles. I called this to the attention of the afternoon congregation, but many of you here tonight were not in the afternoon congregation, so I call it to your attention also. I am now holding up the Jewish official publication in L.A. and it is calling for all the Jewish organizations and all Jews to join together to stop the recognition of Christ in Christmas. They are trying to blot out all of our religious and Christian festivals from our schools, our civic life, and all national recognition of Christ of God. Here it is in their publication. I have eleven more copies of other various Jewish publications from various organizations that work on this matter. I would say, that now it is your responsibility and mine to accept the challenge. If less than one-twelfth of our population say that we cannot worship Christ in this nation, then it is time the other four-fifths of the nation say, ‘we are not only going to recognize Christ and worship him, but also we aren’t going to put up with you who are trying to destroy him.

Israeli had barred a Priest from going into Israeli. They said this man who is a Jew and professes to be a member of the Catholic faith, cannot go into Israeli in Palestine. You can be a Buddhist and be a Jew and go into Israeli, because that is what Ben Gurion is. You can be a pagan of any other religion and just to be a Jew is about as bad as you can get anyhow. But you can be all those things and get into Israeli, but if you are a Christian, you can’t come in. I think it high time that we said if you are not a Christian, you can’t come in here. You say, ‘oh, you can’t do that.’ But apparently today you can do anything you are big enough to do. So remember that. In the original colonies there were all kinds of these decisions. They in many places decided who could come in to settle. We still have laws---immigration laws to determine who comes in. And every Communist and every Kike in the country is trying to overthrow these laws. They tell us these laws are discriminatory. But sure they are. Because if you don’t have enough sense to discriminate on behalf of your Faith and your society, then you aren’t smart enough to survive anyhow. The battle of Semantics is long outdated. Discrimination must become again a sign of intelligence, a sign of good breeding, and a sign of spiritual determination. The Bible asks you to discriminate as to our companions, and I think that is a good guide to follow. As I look out on the streets of America today, I see the results of the integration on our youth. And I see these ‘rat packs’ and all these hippies. Then I think it is too bad we didn’t start to discriminate a long time ago, then today we wouldn’t have the problems in our schools, or the juvenile delinquency we have today. The more you integrate your society with evil, the more results of evil you are going to have.

Now, we have pointed out to you that Christ told you that the Kingdom in earth had suffered violence and the violent had taken it by storm. But I do know that He also told Pilate in that closed interview and revealed to us by the scribe Nicodemus, and carried down from that ancient court in the records still maintained in Roman records today,---’It is true that the Kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violence taketh it by storm. But the day is coming when My servants will fight and the Kingdom will not be ‘held by the Jews.’

Again on the steps of the Temple, when they wanted to crown Him King, He also told them:--’My Kingdom is not of this hour; if My Kingdom were of this hour, My servants would fight and the Jews would not retain the Kingdom.’

I want to point out to you that we were sent in to earth to occupy. Not, my friends, to try to find a way to get out of here. Did you ever hear of a mighty king sending in his army, his family, with orders to surrender or get out to where he sent them? The Almighty wanted to take the area of earth for its own good. That is why you were sent. People do not understand the Grace of God. It is so great and so big that there is not an area of ramification of need that He will not meet. Ultimately, He is going to--with the compassion of His Light and the greatness of the energies of His power--He is going to work a transition that will be essential for the development of every individual consciousness in all His Universe. And this in His own time. But that does not relieve you or your responsibility to occupy where He sent you in your time.

Your names were down in the family book of records before the foundation of the world. You didn’t come by chance of accident. Because God knew you were to be here at this time. And you are privileged to be among the people here in this great climax of a great victory period. Some people say, ‘Dr. Swift, the enemy is so powerful.’ What enemy? World Communism, conspiracy and revolution is so powerful because five-sixth’s of the pagans of the world are in superstition and darkness and follow them. But the one-sixth of the worlds population, the nations of God’s Kingdom, have more technology and more power than all the powers of darkness put together as well as unlimited re-enforcement on our side.

I talk about the temporizing clergy and the Christians who sometimes make me ashamed of them as they talk and say, ‘Dr. Swift, we would like to join you in spreading truth among our people. We would like to spread the tapes, and do some of these things to help---but---we are afraid of what the enemy would do to us.’ Afraid??--We are afraid the enemy would take a definite reprisal upon us---we are afraid?//

Now, I want you to know that if there was anything important in the heritage of your race it was, that great spiritual determination that God charged your forefathers with, which made them live without fear and abandon, as they went after what was right, and as they opposed the powers of darkness.

God give us men like those who rallied at Concord and Valley Forge. No wonder the old cry was--’God give us men, tall men, sun-crowned men---men who live about the storm.’ No wonder it was that twelve million Klansman rallied to that call. I am going to tell you that before you have gone thru the next decade, you will find that they only had a corporal guard in the first Klan compared to the one God is organizing now. This is not the Kennedy clan we are talking about. Because they have just about reached their limit.

I want you to remember these words of Isaiah 51:12--YAHWEH said:--’I even I am HE that comforteth you; who art thou that thou shouldest be afraid of men?’---who are thou--my embodied race, my household which I have sent here to earth. Who art thou who should be afraid of men?-----Oh, you say, ‘but look what these men can do to you.’ Well, did you ever find out what you could do?---Just look at what you have already done, before you let these pagans defeat you after you won the war. This is the only time you are defeated at the peace table, or conference table with pagans where the enemy is in control. The only time you lose a victory is when you let the enemy take over the peace table or let paper entrap you.

Listen. “I even I am HE who comforteth thee; who are thou that you should be afraid of men?’ (enosh)--they will die, and the sons of these men are just like them.

Vs:13---’Forgetteth thou--YAHWEH--thy maker, who hath stretched out the heavens and laid the foundations of the earth; and hath loved thee continually every day?---Because of the fury of the oppressor as if he were ready to destroy---are you afraid?---Where is the fury of the oppressor compared to the love of YAHWEH and MY power.’

Now, you say, ‘but what about our power?’ God says you have all the power necessary to move forward, if you have the courage to move doing His Will. Almost everyone I ever heard of who was defeated, was on the retreat. Almost everyone of them who lost a battle, was on the defensive instead of on the attack. This goes back into your earliest history when in your earliest concepts of your destiny, you were so charged with vision that those of your race in positions of leadership would say in the midst of trouble, even when on a sinking ship--’We have just begun to fight.’

I am going to tell you this. The MOST HIGH said in verse 15:--’I am YAHWEH thy God. I divided the seas whose waves roared. YAHWEH of HOSTS is MY NAME.’

Vs:16---‘I have put my words in your mouth; I have covered thee with the shadow of My hand. I have planted the heavens and laid the foundations of the earth, and I say unto thee (Zion-Israel) ‘thou art My people.’

I don’t like to think for one moment that any power on earth can take away the liberty and the vision of God’s people. We have been mesmerized while we were asleep. We have a lot of fantastic contraptions that are being used to produce strange results. One of these things they seek to use in Witchcraft, which the Witch doctors used to use. Do you know what the Witch doctors used to do when they wanted someone to be converted to their way of thinking?--After a person was asleep, they used to send in a Witch doctor and he would get very close and then whisper in the sleeping ones ear. Over and over, he would whisper the same thing. Night after night, he would whisper the same thing. And the subconscious mind would record these wave lengths and audio frequencies that the awakened mind would not remember, until sufficient duplication of the idea had been transferred and the consciousness of the awakened man would start to think the thoughts he received when he slept. Not only that, but he would think he originated these thoughts within himself. He would become addicted to this strategy. This is a type of Hypno-influence which is the result of repetition when a person is defenseless, such as when he is sleeping. That is why you have a lock on your door so they can’t work on you while you sleep.

You say, ‘Oh, they don’t do that today.’ Well, do you know what they do today? They have records and tapes on several courses and they advise college students and others who are trying to remember things, by these records which are supposed to be reviews of these given subjects. So they put the records on the phonograph and plug in ear phones and listen while they are sleeping. In the morning, they are surprised to find how many of these things they--just know. But this had been repeated and repeated about five times or more while they slept. And they do this night after night. You say, ‘This doesn’t work.’ But I tell you that is does work. And this is why we warn you about this method. Because, one of these historic records was continually telling you about the wonders of the United Nations, the essentialness of committing to a program of ‘peace’. And that sovereignty and nationalism are old fashion. And that these old things must be cast aside for the great progress of the future. These things were interwoven all thru these records. And the individual never listened to the records while awake because he didn’t want to waste that much time. But all the time he was asleep, he was being propagandized. I tell you this. Don’t ever take a short cut process for learning anything. For everything you think about and everything you think you want to learn, make sure you can test it with your reason and with the guidance of Spirit, and with the full control of your intellect.

We have too many people who must have had some type of lobotomy. And I even question the retention of some of the powers of the President in some of the things he has done on the advise he has received.

Now, therefore the MOST HIGH said:--’Who are you to fear?’ But you say, ‘oh, we don’t really have actual censorship yet today.’ But--yes, we do have censorship. Not only is this being demonstrated in many areas, but a lot of congressional committees are finding this out. Senator McCarthy found this out when he was trying to investigate the areas of defection inside the military and the instructions being given to the War Department. Even the instructions give to the Under Secretary in Mr. Eisenhower’s administration went a long way in this direction. Then also the things under Mr. Truman where the Senate committees were refused information which was their right to receive. Then Mr. McClelland discovered the same thing. And he was told that we have established a censorship and will not permit the State Department to testify about their treason. Oh!--they didn’t call it treason, but that is what it is. They don’t let the State Department officials testify because the people might catch on to what is going on. I can show you whole areas where this censorship is going on or has taken place. This censorship has gone so far that I will read you two factual reports. When the Cuban quarantine was announce back in October 22, 1962, the Kennedy Administration put a complete and absolute blackout on everything that was going on. Then they put out only what they wanted the press to publish for you. How do I know? First Mr. Kennedy admitted that the public was only to get what his aides put out in Washington. And more than this, they admitted handling and handing out dishonest and misleading information. On October 29, 1962, Arthur Schlessinger, who was Associate Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, admitted that Mr. Kennedy’s administration was giving the public false information. This is his admission. And he said government controlled news was part of their weapon to be sure the American public sees what the government wants them to see. What a bunch of babies we have turned into, when we let the government decide what we should hear and see, or to give us lies from the superior knowledge they self-claim to possess. Do you know that most of these pseudo-intellectuals possess a morality which almost approaches being a moron.? Thus a part of the weaponry that the president has in application of military force and related to forces in the solution of our political problems, or to the application of international political pressure is ---censorship. In this kind of world we live in the generation of news by actions taken by government becomes a weapon in a strange situation. The results in my opinion justify the methods we use, thus says the government officials. In otherwords, the giving of false information to steer and manipulate your thinking by lies is justified according to their way if thinking in order to become a weapon, in their way of life.

The Washington Post on October 31, 1962 said that for the first time, no newspaper correspondent was permitted on the scene. Even tho correspondents were permitted in W.W.I and W.W.II and in Korea, where they were on location in the midst of the activities and made announcements to the nation. But in the Cuban Missile Crisis the facilities originally always used were entirely denied and the ones supplied were entirely phoney. It was known that the Washington Press, Mr. Sylvester and his cohorts were carrying out orders as to what was to be printed. And we are entirely sure, that they were told what to print.

This was a significant thing because this was the first time that the American Press had direct censorship at the ---direction of the President of the United States. The administration demonstrated that where as on October 22, 1962, Mr. Kennedy denounced Mr. Khrushev as a man who lived a lie. He denounced his fraudulent deception concerning the armament of Cuba. He denounced him as being an untrustworthy individual. And then five days later, he was using the press to paint Mr. Khrushev as a great statesman working out a great program of Peace and was exchanging personal letters with him. Letters quoted by Mr. Khrushev and from Mexican newspapers, we get the full text of those letters. Because Mr. Khrushev quoted and delivered to the press a copy of Mr. Kennedy’s letter. But we were told that a message was received form Mr. Khrushev. So deadly was its message of content and so important, that they would not deliver it to the American people. But would keep it--’Top Secret.’ They wouldn’t tell us what was in it. But they were publishing it in Mexico and in Russia at the time it was being kept from the American people.

What you were not to know was that Mr. Kennedy was dealing with Mr. Khrushev as tho they were both playing on the same team. One of the things most significant is that there is more agreement in this matter than you realize, even concerning the perimeter of rockets far outside the area of Cuba in which the President has steadily continued to accept the conditions as unacceptable. But in this letter to Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Khrushev thanks Mr. Kennedy for assuring him that all the things which he had requested to assure Peace, like the withdrawal of dangerous rockets threatening the Soviet Union, had been agreed to.

So we do not have an accurate report of all which was said or done because you live under censorship. Now, this significant situation has been applied to a new area. And as yet the President has not bowed to this final area of pressure. The powers of darkness and the forces of evil are now seeking to suppress everything which relates to our national Christian way of life. They are trying to take the Christmas tree which is to be illuminated in a few days, from off the White House lawn. They said, ‘this should not take place because it is not separation of church and state.’ Did you ever hear anything as fantastic as that? The Christmas tree on the White House lawn cannot be lit up because it denotes that it is a part of the celebration of the Birth of the Christ and they are not going to permit this any longer in the United States!! --- Who are these people??? Who is not going to permit this??? Well!! They are the all powerful Jewish representatives of the World Jewish committee. But my Bible says they are just men and can die like any other enemy, anytime. So--don’t you be afraid of them and of their sons, because they can die like other men.

Now, some will say, ‘but we are not interested in violence.’ No, my friends, but our forefathers were interested in Liberty. Even when it took violence to sustain it. I want you to know that this is a big world. And ships move everywhere all the time. So if people don’t like Christian America, they don’t have to stay here. We wouldn’t want to persecute anyone by making them stay here where people are singing ‘Silent Night, Holy Night’, or Hark the Herald Angels Sing.’ We wouldn’t want to pressure anyone to make them live here in this environment of thanks giving, happiness and joy. I point out again, YAHWEH calls out:--’Who art thou, that you should be afraid?’ I think of the words of Jesus which were also not acceptable to the Jews. There are always people in the way and generally they are the same people. Jesus said:--’Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.’ But the Jews spoke up, we are told,---------and we see that Jesus was talking to the people of Judah and Benjamin who were in the congregation that were listening to Him, but the Jews spoke right up and they said, ‘What do you mean, we have never been in bondage---what do you mean, the truth shall make you free?’ But the Israelites had been in bondage under Sannacharib in Assyria. And some of Judah and Benjamin with them. And the House of Judah that remained had been in bondage in Babylon. So those who spoke up were of neither, the house of Israel or the house of Judah. No. They were the Canaanites and the Amalekites and the Hittities. But they were not the children of God. Don’t let anyone today tell you that the Jews are the ‘chosen people.’ Jesus said:--’I know who you are, and I know who your father was. You are of your father the devil.’ ‘Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.’

When Peter and John started to proclaim the truth in the land of Palestine, we are told that crowds gathered around them and they picked up 3000 converts in one day. So the Jews said of Jesus, as the crowds gathered around Him:--’If we let Him continue, He will draw all the children of God who are here and all those scattered abroad, so we have to kill HIM.’ That is their own words and I can show it to you in the New Testament. Then when HE arose from the dead and they paid people to try to say that HE did not, then they even told you that, ‘We tried to bribe people with our gold but still He raised from the dead.’ Now came the time of the Apostles and these same people said, ‘We must stop these Apostles and disciples from telling this story and telling about what we have done, and who we are, and about what YAHWEH-God has done. If we don’t stop them, we are finished.’ So they went out and picked up Peter and John and they said to them, ‘Now we like everybody, brotherhood is our strong point. Oh, yes, we crucified Jesus, but we just couldn’t stand His condemnation. He was a hate monger who stirred up the people so that’s why we crucified Him. Now we like you disciples and you mean well, but---don’t preach in the name of Jesus and don’t tell this story anymore.’

Having brought the disciples before them, they said, ’You have already filled Jerusalem with this doctrine and if you don’t stop, you will bring the blood of Christ on us. These people will get stirred up and lynch us.’ Now, I don’t know what they are complaining about because they said before Pilate, ‘Let HIS blood be upon us and upon our children.’

One day they charge Him as a criminal, and every foul charge they could think of they laid against His name. They used their power and their gold to have Him crucified as a criminal. They called for His blood, and assumed its responsibility. Then when He Resurrected, they cried. They were afraid of Peter and John and their message at that time. But I want you to remember this. Your enemy is afraid of you here in America. Your enemy is afraid of the hymns and carols your children would sing in school. They are afraid of the pageants and the pictures of Christ and the Wise Men gathering around the manger. They are afraid of this great challenge that goes out that the ETERNAL YAHWEH was born a Babe in a Manger among men and called them His kinsmen. If they were not afraid, they would just ignore HIM.

I point out to you that Peter and John looked right in the face of these Jews who were welding this political power and they said, ‘Now we ought to obey God not men. And since we ought to obey God not men, then we tell you that the God of our fathers raised up the body of Jesus which you crucified and hung on a tree. We ought to obey this God, and we surely fear Him more than you.’

So the answer is now the Eternal has exalted this body into the Scepter hand of authority. This savior ------and we are His witnesses in these things.’ Suddenly Peter and John grew real tall and they looked into the faces of these Jews and they said, ‘Now, who do you say we should obey? We will obey YAHWEH-GOD. We will keep right on telling the people what you did. We are going to keep right on telling people that He rose from the dead.’ You can read an account of this if you wish because the account is found in the 29th verse of the 5th chapter of the book of Acts. The disciples were so powerful in their denunciation of this censorship that it says:--’These Jewish priests were cut to the heart and they sought to slay them.’ ‘Oh,’ you say, ‘that would have been easy because they had Peter and John as prisoners.’ No, because these Jews were afraid. And they said, ‘Look, if we slay these Apostles, then all these people around here who know about this, will rise up and stone us.’ Do you know what was happening then in Judea? The ‘right wing’ was out growing the power of the Jews. Remember, my friends, they thought they didn’t have anyone to deal with but Jesus. And then at this time the disciples. But suddenly here were all these thousands of people accepting the truth and they were outnumbered. Even there in Palestine, their officialdom was outnumbered.

‘Whom should we obey----God or man?’

Now, let me tell you this. The government of these United States (and may God preserve it)--but this government had no right, no authority to make a directive which is against your Faith. This government had no authority to enforce an edict which is against your Faith. This government has no authority to suppress or limit the freedom of your speech, or to limit the carrying of the truth of the press, because they are afraid of the peoples reaction. They have no authority to bring any punishment upon the church for proclaiming the truth. Nor, if the people will react and awaken, will they attempt it. Even Mr. Kennedy said there would be a Christmas tree in the White House as long as he was there. Now, there are some areas in which men do not surrender because it becomes so obvious that something is wrong. We should have awakened at the very move to take prayer out of our schools, since it has been a decree by the Supreme Court since February of 1892, that this is a Christian nation on the basis of uncontested evidence. We have not provided for any machinery for these present men on the Supreme Court to change this. I would hate to trust the affirmation of the present court, but there is not way they can change that decree.

The President of the United States was speaking to some college students at the White House. And he said:--’The Constitution of these United States is a wonderfully and remarkable document. It is awonderfully and strange written document but outmoded and written for another time, for an age of isolationism. An age when we had to get thirteen colonies in agreement. When they weren’t willing to relinquish any of their soveriegnty. They wanted to limit the power of the Federal Government---those antiquated colonists of those days. So the Constitution was a wonderful document for those days. But it is outmoded for today.

Yes, the colonists wanted limited federal power and Mr. Kennedy wants unlimited federal power. He wants the surrender of soverignty into the hands of a World Government. And I don’t think he realizes that they aren’t going to give him a big job in that government even if they get their way. That bunch of Asiatics would never take a chance on three Kennedys. And no telling how many more. The fact remains that they have the plan laid out as to how they can repeat themselves for the next twenty years, if they can get along with the program. I point out to you that at the same time, they are surrendering America into the design of the program of Anti-Christ.

You say, ‘will this censorship be a success?’ No, because I have about twenty-five clippings out of major newspapers from Washington to L.A. And they were censored until they tell all about it. Why? Because we are a free people and they are appealing to a people who say you can’t do anything to these people because they tell us things we have a right to know. ‘Oh,’ you say, ‘they can take reprisals against these newspapers.’ Well, let them try it. And all of these papers will call for impeachment. That’s right. So they don’t dare move.

Now, in the same instance, the whole program of pagan world government is against the nations of God’s Kingdom. Everything that seeks to surpress your liberty or Faith is against God’s Kingdom. You say, ‘but doesn’t God call for separation of Church and State?’ No. ‘Oh,’ you say, ‘surely you don’t mean that, Dr. Swift?’ Yes, I mean that Church and State are to be a coordinated unanimous working program in God’s Kingdom. Not some denomination, but the great living Church which makes up the great majority of the society of your nation. You say, ‘but that is not constitutional.’ There is nothing in the Constitution about separation of Church and State. It is a paart of your way of life to recognize Christ, to recognize that the Law of God and the Commandments He has given are the foundation of your society. Not htat any denomination should become a State Church, or that one denomination should see you taxed to support it by government authority. Taxation is not levied for religious affairs on you. But the nation is essentially religious. Your nation is to be essentially Christian because the majority of your people have willed it this way and because God ordained it from the beginning.

Now, there if a lot of indignation in America because the Jews are complaining that it is a very un-Christian attitude taken by Christians, this being so excited because the Jews are trying to take Christ out of Christmas and prayer out of the schools. I have a Jewish newspaper which says:--’How un-Christian for Christians to react because we propose to take recogntion of Christ out of Christmas and prayer out of schools.’

Well, what a silly bunch of people the Jews are to resent our wanting to stay Christian. I think the average Christian would think very kindly about the great program of deportation.

I had the experience not so long ago to talk to a man who opposed, very bitterly and openly, the great proclamaiton of ‘The Gospel of the Kingdom.’ He very bitterly and openly opposed the identification of these Jews by name and the exposing of them for what they are. He said, ‘this is not the Christian thing to do, and it is not American. After all, they are all Americans---etc.’ The other day, I got into a private and personal conversation with this man and he confided to me that he dispised and detested Jews. He said that he couldn’t stand them around. And that he didn’t want them in his congregation. And he didn’t believe them even if they were professed converts. He said, ‘The unpresidented pressure they are putting on our society is just terrible, Dr. Swift.’ Then I said, ‘I have been trying to tell you this for ten years.’ He said, ‘It isn’t that I don’t know this, but we can’t publically take this position. A great majority of the public is on the other side and they can’t be wrong. Our educators can’t be wrong. Our leaders of government can’t be wrong. I should feel a great guilt complex for how I feel, but I felt I must confess to you just how I do feel.’ I said, ‘That whole think if just a great brainwashing concept. The reason you feel like this is because God put that feeling inside His people. God wants you to recognize your enemy, to see how he works, and to know how he operates and how he does things. Jesus didn’t spare any words in identifying your enemies and how they think, and how they work, and live and what they are.’ It was rather interesting to me that this man who is opposed to all this, still wanted to explain to me how he personally feels.

God give us men who are not ashamed to tell us how they feel. If the spirit of God bears witness to you of the truth, than you better proclaim it because you can die more quickly from supressing the truth than you can from proclaiming it. As we have cited to you before, practically everybody who apoligized, hid, and surrendered, or made a deal, has been removed from public life in America. Nad only those who opposed and carry the war straight to the enemy continue to survive in a quickening awakening world. I want to say this to the partiotic groups across America. We have said this before and we say it again. You cannot fight Communism, you cannot fight the Anti-Christ and you can’t keep America free, unless you expose the enemy behing this scheme. You can’t talk in generalizaitons, you have to pin it down. You have to point out the enemy because you have a lot of sleepy Christians in America who oppose Communism and yet don’t know who is behind it. There are lots of people who don’t know that Communism is a world Jewish conspiracy.

Recently Dr. Gordon Winrod, the son of Dr. Gerald Winrod, one of the great American patriots who sought to warn America several years ago, from his pulput, his son Dr. Gordon Winrod came out to say, ‘I don’t want my people splitting up my support by supporting a lot of people who profess to fight Communism, but will not oppose Jewry.’ He said, ‘There is too much patriotic money and too much of God’s money being spent on causes which will get nowhere until they will name the Jew as our enemy. They will get nowhere fighting communism effectively unless they point out that the reason you are getting nowhere, is because of the Jews.’ This courageous Luthran preacher is absolutely right. And he warned his people about putting money into any cause which a Jew leads. Who ever heard a Jew who led any program in support of the Kingdom? Yes, and they took three and one-half million dollars from you last year and took it back to Israeli. I think they would run a concession on the gates of heaven if they could make that much money.

Now, don’t frown. Don’t get red in the face. Don’t darken up and get angry because I told you the truth. The Republicans have to watch that they don’t get trapped by a half Jew (B.G.) who is equally as dangerous with his children in Israeli, and with his support of a whole lot of the area of the enemies operations. I’m going to tell you this again. The Kingdom of God has been calling up men in this generation. He has been calling people in your generation to defend His Kingdom, to lift up the standards of righteousness. Just think what we could do in the world today toward lifting problems form the backs of people. Just think how we could turn our tremendous creative genius into the areas of productivity, if we didn’t have to assume almost one-half of all our income into just the weapons of military strength to protect us from a Jewish conspiracy.

Then, my friends, most of your charity is wasted on the other end of the conspiracy. I point out to you today that almost all the negro disturbance in the world can be laid at the door of these forces. That all of Asias troubles at this moment can be laid at the door of these forces. That every pagan religion in the world functions with their assistance. They have only one enemy in the world tonight and that is Christianity and the Christian nations.

Now, who are you afraid of? Men? Someone says, ‘yes, but they won’t be there very long.’ You know, it would be good to drive----for those Jews to drive all of the preachers that know them----out of business. If they closed those churches and said, ‘You can’t preach anymore.’ Then the Jews better look out. You say, ‘Why?’ Well, those ministers might just be called to lead the liberation. For a man who knows the truth today, will never cease to be dangerous. For he will tell it anyhow. One of these patriots said to me the other day, ‘Dr. Swift, if they took away the tax exemption, they would find that there is no profit anyhow. So what would they gain?’ There is a lot of truth in that. But their lprogram is to seek to hamstring all the operations of the Kingdom. But if they tried to tax churches on the basis of profit, as they have tried to move against many, let me tell you what would happen. There isn’t any profit because they have already spent beyond what comes in---on Faith that it will come in. You wouldn’t get anywhere there, because there is not profit, only increase. But what they think they can do is tax and silence and suppress thru fear---the churches responsibility. I am going to tell you that god is going to challenge the true church into its responsibility in these days just ahead.

Whom do you fear? God says:--’Whom do you fear? Not just men who can die? Where is your courage?’ God says:--’I am going to sound the trumpet. I am going to blow the alarm. I am going to raise My mighty army.’ If you want to see the last scene of this battle then this is what you are going to see. You will see the enemy of God’s Kingdom going over the hill before the army of THE MOST HIGH GOD.

Do you realize that if right now, all over America, if every ex-Klan member would stand and say, ‘We call on every American of every branch of the Christian faith to form into one mighty Christian Klan to protect Christian Americanism, to stand up, then a great people militia to defend every Christian against their enemy would arise. And before that challenge was over there would be such a man power that so outnumbered your enemy, that they would be calling on the Attorney General to save them. They are also worried about something else. For years the Jews have tried to get Catholics and Protestants to fight each other, so as to become uneffective. Now both sides have discovered who is doing this. Today the full strength of Christianity is being called upon to stand against the powers of Anti-Christ and the forces of evil. The Christian Defense League is a separate Christian activity to defend Christians against all these forces of evil. The purpose is to build up a great monetary strength for defense attorneys to actively preserve your Christian society. It is about to launch one of the greatest programs to bind Christians which has ever been directed toward the citizens of your nation. It is about to support the distribution of Christian consumers guides, form one end of your nation to the other. When one of the Bishops of Rome was contacted in this area, he said, ‘While we cannot officially support this particular organization as such, we have however directed you to go out and solicit all our people because they will be with you.’ You now say, ‘What does this mean?’ It means, my friends, that as the enemy moves to take Christ out of Christmas, and prayer out of schools, then Christian America will be awakened and they will stand, shoulder to shoulder an unbroken rank. And you will not cut them down or stop them. Why? Because God says:--’I am going to empower the unbroken ranks of My army and they will be irrestible.

If the U.N. took your nation over, you would be in subserviant polical slavery. And then you would be justified under God to raise up as God’s Kingdom and throw off the yoke of the heathen. Not just justified, but required. God’s requirement of you is to over throw the yoke of the enemy. Now so far the final transfer has never been made official. But I can assure you of this. I know why they want to disarm every patriotic citizen of America and take away the right of each citizen to bear arms. I know why they want to take that right away from you. Because the day they bring mongolian troops into the streets of America to raid on us, is the day that mongolian troops die in those streets.

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, you can’t support insurrection.’ Well, that is not insurrection. That is not. I owe allegiance only to the government of these United States and to the Kingdom of God. I own no allegiance to any pagan foreign power or any United Nations force. Remember this is Christian. Don’t let them censor the voice of truth out of your mind. Don’t let them stop you from witnessing as to Christ and His Kingdom. This is our Father’s world and we are going to possess it. Yes, we are living in a time when the first official censorship attempt has been made on your press. But thank God, there are enough indignant Americans in the areas of the communications field who have cried---far enough. I tell you that you better cry out as they try to take Christ out of Christmas and prayer out of your schools when Christmas is a national holiday. We know who advocated this becausd the ‘Times’ told us. And the man is the Vice-Principal of San Fernando Valley High School. I think you should write or call him and let him know what you think of his advocating such a thing even tho he did it at the insistance of those who made the directive--The Synagogue Council of America, the National Jewish Relations Council, and the National Jewish Advisory Council. They advocate to oppose all religious observances, to censor all worship, and all uses of the name of Christ out of every civic phase of your life. ---------------190 million people in these United States.-----145 million Christians.-------Who did you say you were afraid of???

God said:--’I AM YAHWEH. You are My people. So don’t be afraid of anyone for I am sustaining you.’-----------So have at them.

(End of message)