Why The Church Must War On Communism, 5-16-65


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-16-65

In this particular time, we have strange and peculiar voices raising in our land. And they have a great impact upon communications. And they are seeking to make those who war on Communism, suspect. Strangely enough, whereas those in the past have been fighting communism and opposing this as a terrible evil and as a mental political disease sweeping the world. And now they are to be looked on as a anti-social, and intolerant and suspect people, because there is a change taking place in our land.

A fifth column of unassimilable refugees have been pouring into America for the last forty years. We have had a tremendous pickup in the invasion of our society during and after W.W.II. In fact during this time great numbers of them fled into our country who were trying to put over a Socialist Communist Revolution in the heart of Europe. And with the rise of the forces of Central Europe, and because of circumstances, they could no longer operate there, they left this area. Because of the fear of being thrown into concentration camps for their part in the communist revolution.

And strangely enough, they came with the cry of refugees. They came in a fifth column and invaded these United States bringing their propaganda and their communist program. More than this, we have in the patterns that followed . . . we have at the end of W.W.II, a supposed ally . . . the Soviet Union, who was actually the most deadly enemy the United States ever had.

In fact, we are now in a position to evaluate until we wish that every German was on his feet holding that thin line between Europe and Asia. We today, have had to make allies with those who were our former enemies by those who tricked and pushed Christian nation against Christian nation. And today, it is America, Germany and Britain that holds the line against communism. Strangely enough in what is taking place, but the patterns of origin and the things taking place in the original foundations and purposes, lies in the foundations of God and the ultimate destiny is in his hands.

So it is that we have had so many of these people coming into these United States, people who hate your Christian faith and they hate your way of life. They want to change it and organize it so that they can control it. They are an international people. And altho they move from nation to nation and they have no allegiance, for they serve their father the devil. And the lust of their father they will do. And from the lips of Jesus comes the identification of this conspiracy and of their identify.

I point out to you that without any question in my mind tonight, and with the backing of volumes and shelves of material of documents of importance, and things discovered by our own government, I tell you tonight, that Communism is Jewish.

Now if you are a Jew, you don't have to clap. I know that you have to report to Harry Sheffner. And I want you to go out happy. I want you to know that we know all about it. You see that the enemies of Christianity have developed a political strategy for the conquest of the world. A political strategy which has its basic pattern of opposition coming from its strongest dynamics that challenges them. And I want you to know that the strongest dynamics to challenge the politics of Satan, is the Church of Jesus the Christ. I want you to know that the victorious challenger of Lucifer in the earth is the Most High God who put it together. And this battle is not merely a battle and concept of struggle. This, my friends, is a battle of reality between people, between races, between nations. A battle of spiritual vision and of truth against error. I want you to know that when we talk about communism, we are talking about the political philosophy and the political motivation today, holding vast parts of Asia which has nominally its headquarters in Moscow, but secretly will find its headquarters wherever Luciferians meet. When we talk about Communism, we are embracing within it the whole economy of socialism.

Now we cite to you that these policies are a collectivist design to take away initiative and private enterprise, and put it under the areas of political control wherein the individual can become a slave unto that state. And this state dominated by International financiers who carry out the objective of the world Jewish design and conspiracy to rule the world and crush Christianity.

Now I know that there is nothing as unwelcome today to those who are trying to put America to sleep, than what I am talking about tonight. But when this tape has gone out over America, then it will go over again concerning the facts of this matter, and this will wake up America. The Church of Jesus Christ is the spiritual center of His kingdom. He established it to carry this vision to his people, and to carry out the mission of "Thus saith the LORD." And to bring their meditation and their concentration around him. And it becomes the center of their catalysts of worship around HIM of their worship together and around him and to bring their spiritual power from heaven to earth so that they might charge men and nations to do the will of God.

It is impossible for us to do the will of God and not put everything into our desire to defeat God's enemies. Today there has come into these United States, an unprecedented number of these enemies of our faith and many of them started to come in the days of Roosevelt. And many already here were basically in opposition to the things that were basically American. Many of his advisers were already a part of the secret brain-trust that was seeking to change America and duplicate here a socialist revolution to rule us thru out the years.

Sometimes I wonder if the pride and vainness of a President does not permit things to happen, letting his advisors do the thinking for him, and he the mouthpiece expresses it. Roosevelt had an eloquence as a mouthpiece. And every time he spoke, he lured them into a feeling of closeness and called them ‘my friends.’ And when he was thru, he had fed to them the propaganda of his advisors.

Someone said, ‘don't you think that Roosevelt planned these things?’ No. I don't think he planned them. I think a lot of this liberalism and socialism came out of experts of the communist party. I do not think that the President of the United States was a communist. I think he was an ambitious American who was used as a tool to accomplish a program of devastation.

Someone said, ‘oh, then you are against the government?’ No, we are not against the government. But we are opposed to every communist, socialist rascal who is trying to destroy this country and take away our liberty and roll up our Constitution and say it is outdated, and then give us decrees in place of law.

The kingdom of God is ruled by law, the inflexibility of law, the standard which produces liberty and freedom. We tell you therefore, that from the very beginning of the Communist Revolution, as it first had its political philosophy as it had to for its first foundation, for its structure and teaching from Karl Marx, the son of a Rabbi. And back in its expansion of Jewish houses and the taking over of the Czar and of Russia and the capture of him and his family. This was done by jews from Brooklyn, New York, who went over there as traveling musicians. And instead of having inside of their bus their instruments, it was their ‘tommy guns’ with which they captured the Czar. This is a matter of history.

It just so happens that I went to Washington and met with the chief investigator who was working under instructions, and he had gone thru the National Archives and produced all of the secret service records of the United States government since the rise of the Communist revolution. Not only are they in safe deposit boxes and in files, but I have over 5000 micro films of Jewish conspiracy and the whole design of this from the files of the U.S. Government. I brought back to this city a copy of Captain Shillers report. And it has been duplicated many, many times. We went to Washington to go over and to cover some of this material and to see what could be used. The Christian Nationalist Crusade published thousands of copies and distributed them. We received a copy with the seal of the archives, and this is a true photostatic original copy from the government records. And we discover that those who murdered the Czar and took over the Revolution, were a bunch of Brooklyn Jews operating under International Jewish finance. The most evil dirty kind of Jews, so the record says. This the government record says from our own secret service head. This was before it was against the law, so one looked down on you for telling the truth. You see we had not at that time so many refugees pouring in here until you could not tell the truth.

Last night I listened to a person being castigated by a cheap little radio commentator program and he was asked a question: ‘Do you believe that Communism is Jewish?’ And he said, ‘It is Jewish.’ And then they started to castigate him on the television. And the B’nai B’rith came on and they said, ‘how can communism be Jewish when there is anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union?’

Let me tell you that there is nothing any more phoney than that there is anti-Semitism in Soviet Russia. And I might even hedge on this, because when it comes to the heads of some of the industry and finance and in areas of state craft in the Soviet Union, it is in the hands of Jews and has been in the hands of the Jews since the beginning of the revolution. For if there is anyone on the face of the earth that should hate the Jews it is the Russian people who have been enslaved by them.

When these Jews came into power in the Red Revolution under Lenin, they started to massacre and put to death Christians. Seven million were put to death at that time, in the first of that revolution’s viciousness. More Christians have been put to death in that communist surge than at all time and history. Communism recognizing from its beginning that it is the only challenging force in the world for power over the Christian church. They were not nearly as concerned about other religions. Communism didn't start burning down other temples or closing up other religions. They were just interested in closing up the Christian church. And the program of the Soviet Union of communism has been running things from the days of the Soviet Revolution unto this time. They did not close the synagogues. They only closed the Christian Churches. And they cried out against previous programs against Jews. But whatever programs were related to Jews before the Red Revolution were related to their conspiracy and their attack against Christianity.

Here in the United States, we have never abused the Jews. But they have abused the United States ever since the day that they came in. And I point out to you that in this struggle for the world, communism has become the name, and has been identified with this Red Revolution. It depends on how you have been trained and how much you know about the Red Revolution . . . just what communism means to you. To some people it is just a political philosophy that captured Russia. Just part of a revolution with no ethic pattern and not related to any opposition or any one part of the world. But they do not know much about Communism. They may know that communism is in China and it is in Russia. But they do not know that communism is deeply involved in these United States and is seeking to destroy it. And they do not know how Russia was able to spread the works of communism so far and so fast. Nor who were the servants of the Red Revolution. And a lot of people today do not know that Chiang Kai-shek would still be the master of China today, and communism would be held to the far off edge of the steppes, if it were not for this communist conspiracy and infiltration into these United States. That it had not only throttled our congress design to empower and arm Kai-shek with sufficient arms and ammunition to stop Communism, but fifth column traitors moved in to sabotage Chiang Kai-shek on the mainland and to drive him out on to the island of Formosa.

And I tell you that when we had great men who understood this like Douglas McArthur, then men with bb brains started to castigate him, and seek to remove him from power. If you want to tackle a real army in these United States, I do not care if you are in the army or the navy. I don't care where you are. But if you speak out as an intelligent leader on understanding how to defeat a communist country and look out . . . they will be gunning for you from high positions of power. If you want the government looking over your shoulder, and you are a minister, or someone in your church who follows the program of truth, then there is enough anti-Christs illegitimately and conspiratorially in our Christian society, that they will start persecuting your church, or you. And seek to take away all of the privileges that belong to you as an American.

I know more yellow bellied preachers who should be out of the pulpits today because they do not have the courage to stand up and denounce the evil that is taking over the world. What people do not understand is that it is a lot later than they think. And because it is divine power that is descending upon the household of the Most High God is going to be used on behalf of the children of the kingdom. And those that challenge the darkness will be used in the judgement, for 'woe unto those who would lay their hands on the children of God, as he challenges his own people in this hour.'

Now listen. We have not the time to go thru out all the background of Communism, but we point out that wherever it goes, its first design is to liquidate the Christian church. In areas of design to bring conquest to a country, if there is an area outside of your own race, say . . . those who have become disciples of Christianity, by the instructions of your race, they immediately want to remove them from power. Thus, to successfully overthrow the Diem's in Vietnam, they had to get the Christians out of power. And they would even use a president of an old line church. And by the policies of his administration, end up with the assassination and murder of the Christian leadership of South Vietnam. And since that time, we have had nothing but trouble from the pagans and the Buddhists. Every once in a while, some pagan or Buddhist protests the opposition that we give against pagan philosophy, as well as against Antichrist, and he runs out and pours gasoline on himself and then sets fire to himself. And I can't think of a better use of gasoline.

I can tell you that in this hour we can look at the strategies that are involved and know that the death of the Diem's were traceable to certain people in these United States over in the Vietnam area. I point out to you that in this complete expanse of communism, was because we had deep within our government, men who helped the enemy. Men like Harry Dexter White in the Treasury Department who helped by seeing that plates were passed over to the communists so that they could print money for their use. This was our money or German marks backed by us. And they used this to spread and carry out their own propaganda. In fact, I have a report as to how far 250 million dollars that the communists had, which was lately redeemed, and which they got from Patterson, which the Secretary of War passed on to them after the plates had been prepared by Harry Dexter White, a communist assisting the Secretary of the Treasury. A communists at the beck and call of the Morganthals, and a communist who was doing his job. And the reason he was there was because Felix Frankfurter had put this man in power . . . his own personal protegee. Another Jew trying to keep himself above all criticism and holding a Supreme Court seat, was working for communists in these United States.

I want you to know that I do not have any respect for this dead Jew. No more than I would have when Goliath died.

Someone said, ‘this is not Christian.’ But I will show you how Christian this is. Because the first attorney the Communist party ever had of any greatness inside of the Black communist explosion in World War I, was this Felix Frankfurter. He was the legal organizer. And when the F.B.I., originally the Secret Service, dug out the names of the organizers, here was the name of Felix Frankfurter. And he was later the professor at Harvard University. And then lifted to the Supreme Court by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Someone said, ‘but we should have mercy.’ My friends, I want to equate mercy to the children of my Father and to their families, and their sons whom are targeted to die in endless wars because of the Antichrist. I will show mercy where God shows mercy, first. And judgment, where God calls for judgment. In this instance then, one of the heavy propaganda programs today is to attack anyone who knows the truth. We not only have files and documents . . . we could talk to you of that revolution in every place in which it has gone and what it has done. And I can put my fingers upon these facts from the documents and the book, which many people have forgotten about. And we know where it is, line and tape. I want you to know again that the unprecedented documents show that communism is Jewish.

Now lots of the people who are in this are not communist. And the most stupid of all is the white man. We are being told today that we must embrace a new world concept of love, and not hate. I tell you that with God moving among his people, this is a very positive thing. And reminding you of what is in the background of your heritage. But I do not want you to substitute the love of God's enemies that the opposition calls on us to give.

Let’s go directly into the scriptures to see what the scripture says accurately about this situation. It has been important for us to understand what is in the purposes of God. He does not want you and me to love the enemies of God. So we turn to the 19th chapter of II Chronicles, and it says:--'Surely thou help the ungodly and hate the enemy which hates your God. Therefore, hath the wrath of God come upon you.’

Now get this tonight, because tomorrow the enemies with their communication will try to lead an attack upon this congregation. For they say we lead the hate attack. And I tell you, that we lead the attack as far as we can thru our churches and the people, the truth of our mission.

Now they want to talk about hate. And what is hate, if it is not the great spiritual stirring upon the part of God against evil when that is pitted against our God. Because too many churches have been friendly with the enemy, and have even let phoney clergy come over from the Soviet Union and fraternize and spread their doctrine thru the National Council of Churches, and thru institutions, and thru seminaries, and thru youth institutions, until they have used the church to become the pulpit of the Reds. I have documents of Red Clergy in these United States, and facts which they have tried to suppress. And they have even tried to dismantle the Un-American Activities committees to further their cause. And they had 'pinkos' like the late supposedly great church man, attaching the committees and government agencies because they dared to put their hands on Red preachers. So they had the government apologizing for having told the truth.

Now listen. ‘Therefore shouldst thou love the ungodly and hate them that loveth YAHWEH, because of this you are in trouble.’ In fact, we have permitted this false interpretation of our responsibility to upset whole areas of our society, until we as a people, passed slavery, loss of our liberty and freedom, until today they do not even want you to have freedom on speech. And we have passed this on to our children. Oh, you say, you can have freedom of speech? My friends, you do not have freedom of speech when they will not allow you to say what you must say in the grounds that you are anti-Semitic. And you are in insurrection if you disagree with positions held by some government authorities. This city is trying to bring legislation that if you tell people what is going to happen according to prophecy, they will call it soothsaying. If I tell you that this is going to happen, and God says it is going to happen, then they are already passing legislation making this against the law in the city of Los Angeles.

Let me tell you something. When God gets thru with this shaking, they will be looking for such preachers instead of trying to run them out.

Now listen. I want to turn over to the Psalmist, to the 139th Psalm. And here again, I read concerning this: "How precious art thy thoughts unto me, oh, God. How great is the sum of them? If I could count them, they are more in number than the sand. And when I am awake I am still with thee. They are still in thy mind.’ And that is the way you should live and think. "Surely thou shall slay the wicked, oh, YAHWEH. Depart from me thou evil men. And now they speak wickedly and thine enemies will attack thee in thy name. Do I have them, oh, YAHWEH, who hate thee? Am not I grieved with those who rise up against thee? I hate them with a perfect hatred. Thine enemies are my enemies. Now search me oh, God, and know my heart. Try me and know my thoughts.’

Someone says, ‘but we do not want any hate in the church.’ But I want the church to hate evil until this great hate will cleanse the church and cleanse America. And until all America will stand up as a mighty hosts and we take the ‘Red hammer and sickle down forever.

There is no doubt, and I could read passage after passage, containing this very statement, that there has never been a period in which prophecy is coming to the time of fulfillment and aligns the enemies of God's kingdom where they are and against you. The philosophies against Communism simmer all of the philosophies against the Antichrist, that relates to the warring against your race and your faith and your nation. They have to destroy your nation, your race, and your faith. So nation, race and church come together.

Now there are certain things, superstition not withstanding, that the Bible says, one of these unveiled by Jesus, when he told those that were in the world about the powers that are against the race. This insidious Satanic conspiracy that would rise up in ancient Egypt, in Assyria, in ancient Medo Persia, in Greece and in Rome.

Now this does not mean that all of Rome, all of its people was a part of it. But these are five heads of the beast system. And a part of the seventh from which cometh the eighth. And inside of the book of Revelation, Jesus said that five are fallen, one is, and one is yet to come, and out of him will come the eighth. So you have the five . . . Egypt, Syria, Medo-Persia, Greece, and five are fallen and one (Rome) is and the seventh . . . will come to threaten Christian Civilization. And out of Asia came the hordes of Genghis Khan.

And then will come the 8th. The seventh had a wound nigh unto death, and that beast system and political power, is given its strength and its life by the false prophet and the evil sons of Lucifer. The power given to Genghis Khan was world Jewry. And the eighth is world Communism who operated secretly in Europe from ancient Venice. And in their fifth columns that had already been set up from Sammerkahn to the Steppes of Asia. And a Chinese Jew became the advisor to Genghis Khan. And he answered directly to world Jewish headquarters in Venice where they had moved from Pergamus where Jesus said Satan's seat was. So now we are threatened less by the powers that want to conquer Christian civilization and to make war with the church.

Now let me point out that Jesus knew what he was talking about when he said that the power that empowered the seventh will raise the eighth. Jesus, who stood up in the book of Matthew, and said that these people were the seed of the Serpent, and that they had all of the blood of the righteous laid upon them from Abel to Zacharias, slain between the horns of the altar. The words which we discover in the book of Revelation. When God talks in the 18th chapter of Revelation about these great areas of evil and conspiracy, and says again, that they are those that deceive all of the nations, and they were guilty of all of the blood of the righteous slain upon the earth.

Thus, again, Jesus pins the attack upon his kingdom, the war against you, to the attack of Jewry. He attaches the revolution and the beast system to Jewry. And this is the power that gave the hordes of the seventh their strength. And this was Jewry. And then he said that when the eighth comes, it will be out of the seventh. Those that gave power to the seventh will now give power unto the eighth. And again, it is Jewry. So if we could not tie it to the first of what Jesus said, then we might not be able to tie it to the rest. But Jesus makes it very clear with the pattern of all of his teachings. No wonder that they hated HIM, because He had exposed them.

Now if you are having to write fast to get all of this taken down you can have a tape from our tape department. Let’s get this clear. As far as the design is, then world Communism would come, and the beast system thus, puts us in the latter days and in the patterns of prophecy, and the revelation of the spirit makes this known in the latter days. Let me then turn over to the book of Revelation. And here in the 13th, chapter, and I read these words about this political beast system (world system) which today is world communism. And I see that power is given unto this beast, (Verse 6-7). And he makes war with the saints. And the Saints are believing offspring of God. They are the people who make up the white Christian civilization. And the Beast makes war with Christianity, the church, and the believing offspring of the Most High God.

Let us turn back to the 12th chapter of Revelation, and we see that Michael had war in the heavens. And he threw the devil out of the heavens. And that Dragon, that old devil or Satan, who would deceive the whole world, after being cast into earth, then goes to make war with the Saints, the issue of God, his race and his household. And we read here in the book of Revelation, here in the 12th chapter, that old dragon is angry and he goes to make war with the seed of God and the race and the people who have the testimony of Jesus the Christ. Do you know who the people are that have the testimony of Jesus the Christ? They are the Christians, the Israel of God. They have the commandments of God and are identified here as Israel.

Now I want you to know that Communism is at war with the church. And when she came to power, she started right out liquidating Christians. And she has been making war on them from that day to this. And they are making war here in the United States with these same people.

Oh, you say, ‘but communism has not taken over.’ No, because we are going to cut their bloody throats. Someone said, ‘but you should not talk that way.’ Why not? My Father said, “I am going to bring in a mighty fleet, and we are going to reap in this harvest until the blood flows to the horses bit.” (Rev: 14:20). Who is this talking about? Of course, the enemy, who has hurt and fought against God's kingdom. And I am going to be there.

Oh, you say, ‘you cannot preach that here in the United States?’ You just heard it. After all, you are not talking about J. Edgar Hoover or the President of the United States.

I turn to the United States News and will know why I say that. For last Friday night, J. Edgar Hoover and President Johnson are increasingly concerned with the known Communist on the campuses of our colleges, around our country. And they would like to alert the country to this situation. The head of the F.B.I. and the President of the United States would like to alert the country to this situation, but they cannot do this because they will be called 'Red Baiters,' if they do. So you are hearing tonight, what the President of the United States and the head of the FBI are afraid to say.

Let me tell you tonight that if they want to call this church 'Red Baiters,' then the bible says that God will send out his hunters and his seekers, and we are going to draw them out. And then we are going to eliminate them. So if this is what it takes, then let’s all become 'Red Baiters.'

Now the book of Revelation says that the seed of the Dragon goes to make war with the Christian church, Jesus Christ, and the Commandments of God. Therefore the devil, his hosts, his physical embodiment in the earth, and all of his children who are of this generation of the serpent and the viper, by this declaration, then Jesus then said that they are the Jews. And He said that they would guide the forces of the Red Revolution, and they turn the hordes of Africa and of Asia. And they bring the hordes of Ethiopia and of Magog against you. And now you can turn to the 38th chapter of Ezekiel, and find that this is forbidden. But maybe not quite yet in Los Angeles. Anyhow, it says there that the hordes of the Soviet Union and the hordes out of Africa are going to be a part of this beast system that will fight the kingdom.

Now I believe God. And I think that we should get along with this. I think that if the enemy is going to attack us, and we know that they are, then if they start this next week with this immigration conference to start to plot as to how to end our way of life, I think, my friends, that the way to stop this is to drop the biggest pile of atom bombs in the world on the enemy of the kingdom. I think it was Gromeko that said that anyone who would advocate the use of the Atom Bomb was crazy. But anyone who would not use it on the Communist world is crazier.

Someone said, ‘but we do not want any nuclear war.’ But God said that we are going to turn the cities into powder and dust. And that the elements will melt with fervent heat. And the cities of the enemy will be powder and dust under those black stars.

Now I turn to the declaration that they are going to make war on our nation. And twice in the book of Revelation, the 13th chapter. And I discover that this eighth power of world Communism is the last great power to come against Christianity and the kingdom. And it is going to be defeated and go into perdition.

I see here in the book of Revelation, that it controls economy and production, and it manipulates in all areas of world collectivism, except in the very heart of God's kingdom. And it says that you better get out of her or you will be in the same boat as they are. “Come out of her, My people.”

I want you to know that one way to defeat communism and collectivism, and the world strategy, is to get out of the United Nations and let our flag fly high. And then only back the kind of candidates that want to preserve our freedom and our constitution.

The bible tells us that this last struggle for the world is with the hordes of world Communism. And it tells you who provided for it and where they come from. And they are against God and they are against Christ. They are pagan and agnostic and they are evil.

What Mr. Hoover and the President are worried about is that they are behind all of the trouble that is on the Berkeley campus. And their minds are full of almost childish filthiness of their stupidity. The people who do not want to fight for academic freedom are acting like a lot of depraved animals. And they are talking like the scum. And now they have found their own level. So throw them out of your institutions and don't let them even effect the status of the University.

Now I am going to quote Senator Murphy. We have not had too much opportunity to see how Senator Murphy thinks. But this is real good. You know in this socialist design to descend over all of the world the representatives of the United States, and then to make them unable to declare what they believe in. One of the most asinine things we have ever done is to create the 'Peace corp.' Don't ever start a Peace Corp. until you have the Peace. Talk to the enemy first, then send people who know what they are doing as they go out, and then you put them to work. Just show them how. But don't you do the work.

We take our young people out of our colleges and send them out to do the work of the world, and then advocate intermarriage with these animals. Of course there is no loss on those married today, I guess.

Now we have Sergeant Shriver who is the director of the Peace Corp. And the reason he got the job is that he is the President’s relative and he probably never got anywhere until he got into that family.

Now this is what Senator Murphy said: 'I am appalled at what government officials said, that they were encourage that when visiting the Colleges, they were encouraging all of the student agitators with their dirty four letter word program, to join the Peace Corp. Thus, the government now wants to gather up the scum to represent it.

Now Sergeant Shriver the director of the Peace Corp., on his visit to the Berkeley campus, told these Peace movement leaders to come and join the 'Peace Corps.' In one breath, he called some of the things unbelievable, and in the next breath, he said that you are just what is needed to represent the United States. This would be a fitting monument to the Kennedy Administration, but not to the United States.

We have been given the biggest pieces of emotional bills in the past week. England may owe a great debt to us. And she does. And we in turn may owe one for our heritage. But they did not have to give an acre of land to Kennedy just because he went to their 'pinko' school. But they did this with an emotional flare. And I saw conservatives with tears in their eyes.

You know . . . this just shows how powerful this communication area is as they go to singing the songs and waving the flag, and talking about their deep devotion and great love for someone who lives over here. All right, there was a lot of good in Kennedy. But he did not show much of it. And now we have this fantastic thing. And make every error that he wants us to subscribe to that came from his communist professors, and it is to be an abiding part of our life just because the Communist got him. The greatest damage the communist did was when they shot President Kennedy, and then we had to put all of this communist idealogy into practice to praise him.

But never forget. This terrible thing done to us was done by a Communist. It seems antisocial to say you are anti-communists when we are sending boys, marines and aircraft and so forth over to the Vietcong. I would like to know how that all of those aircraft were blown up? Of course, they do not cost more than a million or two apiece, and congress spends more than that in a minute or two. But now under Mr. Shriver, these thugs on College campuses who are basically against all we stand for, and they are to be recruited to be sent round the world to represent America. These people have no business in embarrassing these universities. And the solution is not going to be found by Mr. Shriver’s invitation.’ --George Murphy, California Senator, unquote.

Look out, Mr. Murphy, you will be Senator Murphy, non-gratis. You must never criticize the great society. I do not notice whether you are paying attention, but when did you ever see a university call the United States government to account? And did you ever see so panicked an administration when they were in such an area of authority that they had to run to these Universities and their students who were rebelling, and almost every attacking series of professors was a Jew? And one of the nastiest was a Morganthal. Mr. Bundy did not make it. But Mr. Schlessenger did. And he was trying to defend the President of the United States and his attack on communism, and he was laughed at and jeered at. And they sought to tie him up until they had him stuttering.

Now I want to ask you. What kind of a revolt has taken place in this country, when our administration has to answer to a Red Revolution and bloodshed on our college campuses? I am going to tell you that every professor who tried to call the U.S. government on the carpet should be discharged from his area of teaching. And I want to know what is the matter with the government when they let a bunch of eggheads stir up a bunch of students who are not smart enough to know what it is all about. Never in all history have we had something like this. And there is just one thing. All of these professors said they are 100% behind Mr. Johnson. And he said, ‘we are going to stop these communist cold.’ You better look out. You are President, but you may not be long. I think the greatest threat to a President of the United states, is this Communist party in these United States. And I want you to know that the greatest political threat to your national life may lie here, also. Because if the communist party goes after this President to strike again, I do not know if he would continue to oppose the Reds.

I want you to know that it is not un-Christian to fight the enemy of your God. The scripture says that we will beat them down unto the fields of meristic, the enemies of my God, when they come forth in battle.

Oh, you say, ‘the psalmist did not know what he was talking about.’ But he knew that in the days in which you live, the powers of darkness would move to crush your civilization. And the last sign of the enemy is to use the vehicle of communication of public opinion to try to lay a guilt complex on you and to make the rest of the country think that you are out of balance. That there is something wrong with you. But a people who would permit a great nation like this to be destroyed and placed into slavery, in a retreat from liberty, should be ashamed of themselves, tonight.

Now as a Christian, what should you do? As a Church what should be the churches message when Armageddon is at the door? Would not the church be derelict if it did not point out the beast system to you and identify whole masses that are going to come against your nation? Do you think that any military strategy could protect the nation if it did not utilize all of the information it had in advance, and where it has been coming from?

You know there is something about this ministry that has believed in the prophetic word of God and is a student of the things which have happened, and the trend of it thru these years of our life time. Then what have we discovered? We have discovered that nothing in this book that was outlined has not been coming to pass. And we have been able thru out the years of our ministry to be able to say, this will happen and that will happen, according to the scriptures. This is the course and it has happened. And it is going to keep right on happening and is going to end with the victory of God. And if we did not tell you that out of the Russias, out of Asia, and out of Africa comes the hordes, and to look out for their representatives inside of you . . . look out. For all of the enemies of Christ who are against your race and your culture. If we did not tell you this, then we would be refusing to tell you what the word of God says.

Now what manner of a person ought you to be in these latter days, when elements are dissolving in fervent heat? This last week Red China broke another one and said we are getting ready to use it. Russia does not think that they are about to be defeated. For if they did, they would draw back and play it cool. For they still have a great design by which they think that the Red world will move suddenly and will win.

I think, my friends, that it is vitally important for you to know where your enemy is, and to know what God says, and where his covenants and promises are to take place. For your survival, I think it is very important for you to protect yourself in any emergency that might transpire inside of your own nation.

The Attorney General of California, if he wants to uphold the state of California, does not have to be afraid of the Christians and the church members. He better be afraid of the enemies of the church, and those who say openly that they want to destroy it. But the Attorney General, instead, said, ‘we have to look out for the fanatical philosophies and the teaching of these 'right wingers.' The most deadly thing is what they say. For we do not want this ideology to spread.’

Thought control. This is the most deadly of the enemies design. They are trying to force their way into so many brains as of now, to break their resistance. They want to put stuff in the water so as to seduce the mind. They are starting that up here again in Los Angeles to seduce the rest of the minds.

In Florida, they got this program thru and they started to fluoridate the water. And it was found out that it was the Jews who wanted this done. And then it was found out that they were buying all of the spring water for themselves to drink. The people exploded and they went down to their courthouses and they threw the whole program out. The idea was to poison the water. And then, I will drink unfloridated water, and I will destroy your mind, and thus destroy you.

I had a person say to me, and he was a doctor, anyway, he had been to school and he had a degree. I don't know what he was thinking about but he had taken bio-chemistry. He said, ‘Dr. Swift, do you realize that for the past 15 years that Fluorine has been going into the water in some cities and it has not poisoned the people yet?’ I said, ‘how sad can you be?’ Have you ever witnessed in any period of time the deterioration of mental ability in any people such as this in all time and history? Have you ever known a period when people became rather listless in defending their own liberties in the face of known facts? This is the Fluorine that is their grave. And this has also moved out of their pulpits.

Someone said, ‘we no longer trust the government.’ But we trust the government as long as it is the Constitution. We trust all authority as long as that authority is delegated by the Constitution. But we trust no man who will not abide by its limitations on their power. In spreading this evil against God and against his church, they say, ‘these that are animated by its truth and its teaching, these people want to be dictators. They want to rule us. They want to crush people and set them down.’ No, my friends. We want to set them free. We want less federalism and more liberty.

We are not interested in Democracy. We are interested in Theocracy. There is no higher government than a Republic under God, than a theocracy with His people represented in its parliament.

I point out to you, that we are in an hour and a struggle for our lives. We know that the evil hand of government strikes and that we are in a constant civil war to silence all points of opposition. We think we have come to the point where every white man should be stirred and come to the realization of how late it is. And then, my friends, when the white man who is still a majority in this nation are finally awake and that they will act, then God will pour spirit upon them for this action. And you will see a great deliverance. They will not be able to turn it off. They think they can, but they cannot turn it off.

One of these days the enemy is going to drop a bomb. He will make one more surprise attack, and this is to intimidate the kingdom. And I am going to tell you what he is going to do. You know that it is said that no weapon formed against you can prosper. Well, when that bomb falls, you are going to prosper because America will come alive all at once. And there will no longer be room for a communist in these United States.

Oh, you say, ‘but this is not loving your enemy, the Communist.’ No, this is the LORD's enemy. And I do not love the LORD's enemy. Someone said, ‘but you are to turn the other cheek.’ No, my friends, not to these Godless people. The only people you can turn the cheek to is a fellow Christian who is despitefully using you. You cannot turn the cheek to someone who is waiting to destroy you or you will get your head cut off.

Someone said, ‘what the world needs is the love of God.’ Yes, and the compassion upon the women and the children of this land, and to the nations of God's kingdom and to the ends of the earth. Compassion to crush the evil and to liberate the earth.

Now I am going to tell you something about Love. There is no greater love than of men who would lay down their lives to set the world free. There is no greater love than men who will bare all of the animosity of the enemy, if by so doing a nation can become free. Jesus said, "Ask ye of me concerning my sons. Command ye me." They are going to set the captives free.

You know, my friends, the trumpet call is going to sound for the people of God's kingdom and the armies of God will stand upon their feet. The church is not only under continued attack by Communism, but the scriptures have told us that they make war against the Saints. And they make war against the Church. They make war with all who have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

Now don't run. Just lift up the standard of God and conquer. And let me point out to you who is to conquer. Turn now to I John:--"for this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments.” His commandments are not grievous. For whosoever is born of God can overcome the world. And this the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. So who is it that can overcome the world, but he that is the son of God. Only Christianity can overcome Communism and save the earth.

Now they say how extreme this is. But we say it is extreme enough to win. Never has it been so important for us to understand this.

End of message.