Why Evil Must Fail, 3-29-65



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-29-65

Tonight as we turn to our subject of ‘Why Evil must fail,’ it is with the realization that we must turn our thinking upon the purposes of the Most High and upon the struggle for the earth. We discussed, in part, some of these things, this afternoon, and know we must base our subject on some of the things which you are beholding. For in relationship to the household of God, all things must be decided by this household of God. For their knowledge, their wisdom, and their greatness has been a byproduct of his spirit, his life and his energy as he makes this known unto his people. As he sends a wave of understand upon them, and as he directs them according to his purposes, there is no doubt that we are in a very evil time. I can see violations of divine law upon every hand. And I can recognize that this is a great nation of God's kingdom. And the nations of God's kingdom are here because he purposed them to be here. And he guided and inspired the motivation of a people as their race increased upon the face of the earth. But God has a plan. And that plan is to take the earth away from all of the powers of darkness, all of the false religions and all of the evil strategies of Lucifer. This is God's plan.

Now there are a lot of people who do not like God's plan because they have fallen for the plan of the enemy. They are a part of his strategy and they are a part of his program. And they may have been captured in their minds. They may not be ethically a part of the group, or they may be under the control of these powers of darkness. There is no doubt in my mind, tonight, that leaders in America from the White House down are in the hands of the powers of darkness, right at this very moment. Maybe they are not a part of it ethnically, but they are definitely a part of it when they give their services or they play the part of a puppet to accomplish their objectives. I point out then to you that we can heartily agree with the Psalmist who said (37:35)-- “I have seen the wicked in great power spreading himself like a green bay tree.”

Now I have, and you have, seen the wicked--in great power. And you have watched them spread themselves like a green bay tree. We have watched this, my friends, thru unprecedented infiltration into our society, who with their areas of manipulation, have gotten themselves in control of areas of finance. And they use this to accomplish the enslavement of our society and the reduction of our whole society to a socialist state. We have seen the wicked like a 'green bay tree' out in the houses of the nation that Lucifer has captured. I think of Khrushev. And every time he went by, I would think of the wicked like a green bay tree, swelling with pride, and with boasting he moved around. But you and I have watched something in our time. We have watched this 'green bay tree' get its leaves and its branches. And altho shorn and clipped, there is still wicked to take their place.

I point out to you that the scripture makes some things quite apparent. The law of God is in his heart. And this is what the LORD says about the righteous.-- “The LORD loveth judgment, and forsaketh not his believing offspring.”

Now listen to this.--God forsakes not HIS believing offspring. More than this, he goes farther to say that the seed of the wicked shall be cut off. YAHWEH shall not leave him in his hand. And the scripture says for you to wait on YAHWEH and to keep his way. For I have seen this wicked in great power. God is not only pleased to bring him down, but the evil doers shall be cut off. And those who wait upon YAHWEH SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH. The evil doers shall be cut off. For yet a little while, and the wicked shall not be. I shall dutifully consider his place, and it shall not be.’ I like those passages, because the scripture not only makes it clear that the evil doer and that evil and the wicked are not going to be around, they are not going to have authority. They are not going to have power. There will not be any Martin Luther Kings, Lomaxs’, Farmers’, and those who go along with this design of the Marxist beast society down the streets of our cities. We are not going to have someone get up and say, ‘I am going to transfer a law, and voting rights and everything else over to these people.’ You are not going to hear that any more. Someone said, ‘but that is just upholding the Constitution.’ The President of the United States was not upholding the constitution. He was intending to tear it up.

Hear this now. Because of the very strategies that were involved, and the very building that he was trying to order out, is against all of the positions of a righteous state, against the constitution. And these in complicated areas of authority preserved previously for the State. And he picks on certain states and discriminates against them. Only this past week a courageous statesman challenged Katzenbaum in whether he was involving Texas in this plan. While discriminating against certain southern states, did they pass up Texas? They were discriminating as to eligible voters who could vote by age. And they had to admit that somehow or other they had overlooked Texas. You know why they overlooked Texas? Because they would not have let this Congressman come home if he had gone for this discrimination plan.

Listen. Never have you found such a time when politically demagoguery is at work so tirelessly to violate the laws of God. Let’s make this thing clear tonight. What we are discussing may be separate from all kinds of social ideas of this Great Society, or even the New Frontier. It does not disagree with anything from the "New Deal" down to your time. The kingdom of God is a purpose which God has purposed in himself, and he never considered the sociologist of the Red Revolution. God says that there is one thing he is going to do, for this is HIS Universe, and HE can control it from one end to the other. He says, ‘all of the Universe is Mine, and there is no other God beside me, and I am not going to tolerate any.’ Therefore, I am not going to take any position other than His. For I am not going to tolerate any, either. The Most High makes this very clear lest you think that I just put this together. Let’s go over to the book of Colossians, and there we read concerning Christ. All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made. All things, whether they be in the heavens or in the earth, and whether they be visible or invisible. Thrones, principalities, and powers, all things were created by HIM and for HIM. HE is before all things and by him all things consists. Therefore, HE is the sovereign power.

I read again in the book of Colossians as to such a matter and to such an authority, and such power, that in this authority of this one Eternal God is all of the principalities and powers, all subordinate to his hand.

I am going to turn over to a passage in Timothy, which I will read again. I want to make this clear because we are looking forward to the eventual appearing of our LORD YAHSHUA, or Jesus the Christ, or YAHWEH EMBODIED, who in His time shall show that HE is the only blessed potentate, King of Kings and LORD of Lords. And HE alone has the power of immortality and to give it. HE is the only God, principality, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is the only sovereign power, the only potentate.

I turn over to the book of Isaiah. And here in the book of Isaiah, HE proclaims:-- “Is there any God beside me? No, there is no God beside me and I know not any.” In the 43rd chapter of the book of Isaiah, HE makes this very clear when HE says, -- “I YAHWEH AM THY YAHSHUA. I the eternal Lord God, I am the holy one of Israel, I am thy savior, I am YAHWEH thy YAHSHUA. There is no one else.”

Now there is a command. And this command is that -- “Unto me every knee shall obey and shall acknowledge that I am God.” Let’s realize that you are in trouble as far as trying to get along with the world order which is stirring trouble up thru out all of the universe. And we are not here tonight, to make friends, for we are not a bit interested in making friends with Lucifer. We want you to know what the bible teaches. And the most important thing you can say for your household is that it was perfect in its generation. Has its posterity from the days of Adam on down kept its racial purity? This is one thing that the scriptures bring out concerning Christ and the racial purity of the household right on down to Adam. As we have cited to you in the last few days, this is the thing we find concerning Noah. He was perfect in this generation. And this was why he found Grace with God. Because this vehicle, this body of the White race is the vehicle by which the Celestial children of God have entered a physical world. And the most important thing is to keep this receptacle for occupation, for activity, and for the carrying out of the tremendous task they must do in earth. Clearly, uncontaminated, non mongrelized, and capable of receiving guidance and knowledge. So I point out that this is not a popular gospel with the devil . . . that the kingdom of God is going to take the earth. And they are going to possess the earth, and keep it forever and ever.

Someone said, ‘but, Dr. Swift, that sounds like racism.’ It surely is, right out of heaven to earth, endorsed by God, upheld by Christ, and prophesied to be deployed. I point out to you then that the scripture said ‘in a little while and the wicked shall not be. Yea thou shalt diligently consider his place, but he is not going to be there. The wicked plotteth against the children. He gnashes his teeth at the body. And the LORD is going to laugh at the wicked, for he sees that his day is coming.’

Did you see the piece today? The people do not like this. Why? Because they are talking about the day when the wicked have had it, and they do not like it. The scripture tells us concerning these things. The purpose of the Most High God is to defeat the powers of darkness. And for this cause, he has lifted up his household. For this cause he has given us a blueprint of prophecy. He told us about the hordes of Communism and he told us about the powers that would draw the demon powers of earth, that would hurl Africa and Asia against you. He told us about the whole field in the blueprint of prophecy, and of the problems that confront us in our time. He warned us about the observation of his laws that he bestowed upon us in HIS Grace. And He said that if we permitted infiltration into our nation, integration that is not of our own household, out of our own race, those who hated HIS name, that we would be in trouble. He said for us to segregate ourselves and not permit the inassimilable to come into our society. This is the word of God.

Someone said, ‘but this is not American.’ But, yes, it is American. And this is what our founding fathers believed. I am going to tell you today, what they are trying to teach today as being Americanism is not, my friends, Americanism, but is blaspheme against God and his laws. If people want to live in Sodom and Gomorrah, then go to the far corners of the earth where this is their normal practice. But let’s not fool America with this corruption that they seek to bring.

Hear this now. There is no greater curse resting upon society than the mongrelization and mixing of the blood of races. God says this is the one thing I cannot forgive, and I can forgive every thing else. But if you have this mutation here, then the evidence is destruction.

We point out that we have had quite an exhibit this week. We watched the United States give a million dollars to a group of illiterate Negroes and Communists, and mutated whites. We watched protection especially given. And we watched them march into Alabama. And the only man who stood tall this week was Governor Wallace. And that was to defeat a mob. The finest event of the day was seeing those United States Marshals saying that you are not going to push your way in here. Sure, the Communists had to come up with an assassination. After all, when you ride and play the devils game, there is no honor among thieves, and they will destroy you if they think they can get away with it.

Now we told you that there would come an attack somewhere along the line. And the strategy was to get this White woman riding with this Negro. But I don't consider that she was White. For any White woman riding around with a Negro in the dark is not respected in my books.

I think Governor Wallace knew what he was doing. Someone said, ‘but he should not get so excited, and he should not be seeking the death penalty for those involved.’ Don't you worry about Governor Wallace. He knows who was involved. And when they finally wind this up with their investigators, it will be a communist involved just like in the assassination of President Kennedy. This whole program was the strategy of the evil doers.

Oh, you say, but they gathered up four Klansman? Do you know why the gathered up four Klansman? Because all of America is afraid of any institution of the White race that will resist their evil. Do you know why they moved against Klansman? I will tell you why. Because when they made the 14th and 15th Amendment to the Constitution and their evil was never ratified and they thrust it upon various legislatures until they put Negroes in power and did everything they could to grind down the White man in the south . . . and when that reconstruction area had Negro Mayors and Negro police departments, they then sent Negroes to Congress until they made the U.S. Congress smell. So what was the consequence for being killed by Negro rioters and being pushed down by Negro officers at every level of appointment of the infamous power of federalism gone wild? The Klan then rose. And the Klan saved the South for God.

So the President of the United States and the 'left winger' behind him, . . . Humphrey said, ‘we have to destroy the Klan.’ Why? Because every Jew up in the capital is wanting it done. Because the Antichrist wants it done.

Someone said, ‘so are you for the Klan?’ Well, I am for any White man who will stand up and help save America.

Now you have heard all of the terrible things that the Klan has done, all of the atrocities. The Klan did this and the Klan did that. All right. Any time you stand up against evil and something evil gets hurt, then, my, how they weep and moan and wail. But they can kill and rob and destroy and think that they can do this forever, and then swell up like a Green Bay tree. I did not notice the President of the United States saying anything about the murders committed by the Negroes. The rape of Rochester in Philadelphia, the theft of the 60 stores in 60 city blocks . . . not a word. Not a word about police officers shot down in our state on the roads by Negroes. Nothing to do with the attacks and violence, and yet, they are crying out like it was a terrible disaster about this person shot by the Communists.

The Negroes killed the Sheriff in Mississippi, and were attacking the Police Department in Connecticut. But the President never said a word, did he? This shows a mind totally captured by propaganda. How long will the President last? That just depends on whether he comes to his senses and gets on God's side, or he stands with evil. And tho he thinks his branches are spreading out, my friends, it will be cut down without hands. There are those who say we dare not preach this way in these days. But, my friends, we are going to preach as this book says, and we can assure you that it is going to come out. There is no question about the fact that we have ample power to accomplish victory for God. The reason why evil will fail is because God is against it. I cannot think of any better reason for it to fail, for God is against it. God's plan says it is going to fail. And he throws enough power into the equation to see that it fails. And God has more resources than all of those forces against him put together.

There is no doubt that what is being planned for you is a summer of violence. But God is going to crush down the enemy. The earth is beginning to reverberate with the judgments, and the judgments roll on time, and the alignments bring their catastrophes. Earthquakes rock, and you are going to see this earth rock, right here in California. But don't worry. Just be in the right spot, and stand and watch. For some will be swallowed up, and they will get what is coming to them. I am going to tell you that the wicked will be driven into the ground like a pile driver. Some people say that there is of course, no delineation in politics. You can't say one side is right and one side is wrong, or that one side is wicked and one side is not. But I can say tonight that every single program that supports Communism and Socialism, World government, for God's kingdom, the mongrelization and fusing of people, and this trying to establish a common brotherhood with the powers of darkness that worship idolatry and pagans system is that this is evil. This is the wicked and it shall be destroyed.

Now we turn to the declaration of the power of God to establish this. God has given his law, and he has given it with authority and with power. When he comes to visit his own people, his own offspring, we read in the Psalmist concerning this:--'Therefore let YAHWEH arise and let his enemies be scattered, and also those that hate HIM, let them come before HIM.’ Oh, you say they don't hate him? No?--Go down to Jew town and see if they hate HIM or not. See if they hate him in Israeli. See if they don't hate him all over. Even your own government does not like the idea that he is coming back. Oh, you say they like him? No, they don't. Look in the L.A. Times this morning and see if they do. One of the questions asked is:--'Do you believe in Jesus Christ?’ If you do, there is a mark put against you. When Christ gets back and shuffles that situation, then there will not be any marks against you. There will not be anyone who would have the audacity to mark the paper.

Listen. Therefore, this is the declaration:---'Let the righteous rejoice, sing unto God, know him as he rideth out of the heaven by his name, YAH, and rejoice before him.’ Why when God appeared on Mt. Sinai, the mountain was moved by the appearance of the God of Israel. Listen. Do not misunderstand me tonight. If there are any people in here that do not know that the Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque are Israel, that does not know that the entire Adamic race, from the house of Seth are the Israel of the Book . . . if you did not know that, then let me inform you, that there is not a Jew on the face of the earth who is an Israelite. The Israel of God are his household and His race. There are black Jews and yellow Jews, and Jews from every part of the earth. And some of them call themselves white when talking to you. But let me show you something. Here they come in all colors, and they could not be Israel and come in all colors. Because the things which make Israel perfect, is being perfect in their generations. For 'Kind begat like kind.' And no Mongrels are permitted in the house of God. They are not permitted in the temple, or in the service, or in the government. Any time they come in all colors, they cannot be the seed of Abraham, because Abraham was a White man. And his genealogy traces back to Seth. And is proved by the genealogy of Christ. When Abraham selected a bride for his son Isaac, it was from his own people. And for Jacob, it was from his own people. And on down thru the line of God, the laws that were bestowed at Mount Sinai on down, found this only acceptable to the MOST HIGH GOD.

Oh, we have a lot of false propaganda today coming out of those people who are not Israel, but are Israeli, as to how they want to direct our thinking and shape up our philosophy. And then they want to jump in and take away the Bible, saying, ‘we (Jews) are the people of the Old Testament.’ But if they were the people of the Old Testament, they should be the strongest voice for separation and non-mongrelization. If they were the people of the Old Testament, they should know that every pagan power should come down and every pagan religion should crumble. And every thing else should be driven out.

Now they cannot be Israel and belong to all of this evil and claim that they belong to this Bible, for they are not that people. When they support all of that evil and then turn around and come for us with all of those colored faces, we know who they are. They are of the synagogue of Satan. And it says in Revelation:-- “Woe unto them that say they are Jew and are not, for they are the revelation of Satan.” Turn to Revelation 3:9 again: -- “Woe unto them that say they are JUDAH and are not.” The number of Judgment is no. 9. And it was well placed here in the book of Revelation.

Let me point this out to you . . . when at the presence of the Eternal YAHWEH, the God of Israel. When HE came to Sinai to bestow the law upon HIS Household the word of YAHWEH was great and the company of those who published it . . . kings and armies flee before him.

‘Now in that hour when God approached Mount Sinai, the chariots of YAHWEH WERE NUMBERED AS OVER 20,000 that day. And there were thousands of Angels that day as the LORD God of Israel moved among them at Mount Sinai, now a holy place.’ I am reading that out of the 68th Psalm, and the 17th verse.

I am going back to the book of Deuteronomy and the hour when YAHWEH came over Mount Sinai. ‘He arose from Seir and shinned down on Paran, and HE came with ten thousand of His Saints.’ This was the multiple of it for ten thousands times ten thousands shows the multiple of the Saints. ‘And they came forth when the law was issued from His right hand, and He loved His people, all of HIS believing offsprings.’ Hear this now . . . ‘HE LOVED HIS PEOPLE, HIS SAINTS, ALL OF HIS BELIEVING OFFSPRING.

Now how do you know that evil will be overthrown? Well, I think it is pretty clear that as we point out to you the numbers in the thousands and thousands of this group that make up the hosts of the MOST HIGH, that all of these people are named in HIS name and they are HIS offspring. When you wake up to that fact . . . there is nothing more important tonight that you awake to the fact that you are that people, that you are the household of the Most High, that you are the offspring of God, and you are destined to rise and occupy the earth for God.

Now I turn to the book of Daniel, and it says:-- ‘And the Saints of the Most High shall take the kingdom and possess the kingdom forever and forever.’ And there is not a word here talking about the sky. It is talking about the EARTH. It is talking about men, and nations, and power.

I read over here in the book of Daniel, in the seventh chapter, verse 9:-- ‘And I saw the throne of the eternal of the ancient of days, and I saw the great stream of the hosts and the chariots that came forth from before HIM. And thousands upon thousands ministered before HIM. Thousands times ten thousands stood before HIM. And this was a sign of his authority and power.’ It says that ten thousands times ten thousand times ten thousands of fiery ships went out from His presence. Are you worried about whether HE is big enough or has enough power to do this job? Then let me call your attention to the fact that over in the book of Revelation, this passage that we have read before, as we talked about the throne of Christ. For this is one of the times that one of the disciples tells you about some of the things that he saw in the heavens. 'And behold, I saw many Angels round about the throne, and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, times thousands and thousands.’ Did you hear that? Times you get thru multiplying this, then you have one hundred million times thousands. And I do not know how many thousands, times thousands and thousands. God says ‘this is my army. We are going to utilize the hosts of heaven. We are going to overthrow the darkness and we are going to take the earth. And I am going to give you, my household, the Christian nations of the world, the authority to rule the world under me, from one end of the earth to the other.

You say, ‘but evil will not fail?’ What do you think they are going to do about it? Jesus Christ---YAHSHUA, the only wise potentate, the King of Kings and LORD of LORD's. Now, if you have any other god then you are in the wrong place tonight. And you better change gods in a hurry, or it will not do you any good. For this is coming upon the earth fast. And except ye acknowledge the one and only true God, you are in for trouble.

Now I am tired that they are saying that we have to have a great brotherhood, a mixture of all religions. That we have to get along with all people, get everything together, in one great tremendous administration of government, and have peace. One great family. We will try to integrate the housing, we will try to integrate marriages. And we are going to get them so adjusted that we will have them in common flats and homes. And we will mix them all together. They are trying to bring about Sodom and Gomorrah in the last days.

I am going to tell you that this collectivist, socialist type of housing is going to roll down. It is to be swallowed up in the crevices of the earth. As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the 'son of man.’ The tremendous socializing and fraternizing, and feasting, and then into drunkenness and revelries of fraternization and into mutation, until even monsters and giants were in the land in those days from fallen Angels, from other races . . . and Nephilin. The whole process of this degeneration came from that process of government. And God says that HE would destroy it, but would save Noah. For he was perfect in his generations. And his sons were perfect in their generations as well. So they were saved in the Ark.

Someone said, ‘but did the whole world drown at that time?’ No, just all of that country, that upper Tarim basin. And the word is Arat, and there they all drowned. Someone said, ‘but wasn't that a terrible thing?’ No. I am glad that they all drowned. For we have enough evil on the face of the earth today without having any of those lines left. Oh, you say, but that will never happen again for God has promised? Yes, HE promised and HE will keep His promise. And He is not going to use water this time. But nuclear explosions and elements dissolving in fervent heat and the powers of darkness seeking to destroy you with that threat, shall be destroyed by the armies of the Most High and with the nations of his kingdom, as they rise up. The world is undoubtedly heading for Armageddon, and there is no other solution to this. So you just as well plan on winning it. But I am going to tell you that one of the surprises that the enemy has in store, is that God has already decided on the outcome and will pour in enough force to make this victory come with great speed. In fact, in one day he can suddenly enter into the conflict and bring about total defeat, a total crushing blow, upon the enemies of his kingdom. To all of those in slavery and in opposition to his armies, they will find their sword broken and their armaments destroyed. And they will be defeated, and they shall BOW THE KNEE.

Yes, evil may be blowing like the green bay tree today, but I can hardly wait until the day when he is no more. And I can tell you with the authority of the Most High God, that the evil doers shall be cut off. And those that wait upon the LORD shall inherit the earth. 'Yet in a little while and the wicked shall not be. Thou shalt consider his place, but it shall not be.' Do you think they are not plotting against you tonight? The big surprise to people is that evil could get in so many places and gain such power, as they scatter themselves thru out so many areas of law enforcement and other institutions, until they can harass the Patriot and harass the Christian, and harass the Constitution and the people that want to save America. Well, this is because they are doing something. The devil never bothers anyone who is not doing anything.

Do you ever think of the many churches around the country where they smugly listen to nothing on Sunday? Never did anything in his life until the Communist had him to go down to Selma, Alabama, and walk with the Negroes. Nobody ever bothered them or washed them, or put them under surveillance. Why? Because no one ever did anything. Oh, you think the church should get evolved? The church should get involved in anything that effects this great Christian nation, because this is its responsibility? 'Thus saith the LORD----proclaim this which is true.’ So I tell you that in this hour and in this strategy, the President then said, ‘we are going to declare war on the KKK because they did it.’ How did he know that they did it? Somebody informed the FBI? Do you trust the FBI? I think there are a lot of good officers in it, and there are also a lot of scoundrels in it. I do not trust anybody who does not move with integrity and tries to plant things on people, and so forth. In fact, any outfit that would come along and try to bribe a man who had a farm up in Minnesota, and they would get him out of the way if he would just give them the kind of story that they wanted. Someone said, ‘you don't dare talk that way.’ Yes, we dare.

Let me tell you this. When Sheldon and others sent a wire to the President today, and they said ‘we are the leaders of this 'right wing' movement, and we want an interview with you, for we have something to discuss.’ . . . It was only a few days ago when Martin Luther King and his communist leaders, and they said all this was peaceful, and they sat in the office of the President of the United States and he talked with them. Not a one of them was entitled to be there. So, my friends, if they have a right to be there, than so does every White man. This man under pressure of leadership would like to be there. If the President dares to say that he does not have to talk to the KKK for they are a gang of bigots and terrorists, then how about the Negroes that terrorized Rochester and Philadelphia, and are now terrorizing the whole nation. If he is the President only of the Negroes, than we can do without him. For we are three-fourths greater in number than all of the minorities in the United States. The White race being three-fourths of the population. So let’s determine what is to be done in America.

Now, always, what the enemy does not know is how much the kingdom knows. If they understood how much the kingdom knows, they would not be so happy. If they knew that even when they send in spies, the spies are known. And they would be surprised to know that there is a day coming when those who have served the darkness and betrayed the right will soon not be here---just gone.

Yes, I will tell you this tonight. We have across America and across the world, an attempt to replace the laws of God and accept the laws of Lucifer which can only work one way. And that is against the kingdom. Of course, there are all kinds of pressure operations against patriots. We have figs working with the police department. And they are even part of the secret officers staff, and they are working against some of the people who have the best interests for our society. We have one of them in here tonight. And we know who and where he betrayed us. And we will never forget this. I tell you that we have reached the hour when the powers of darkness move against the kingdom. But I will tell you this. That something evil shall not prevail. You do not have to blush. That just gives you away. You know, there is not anything like a guilty conscious. Is there? Either they get just as white as a sheet, or just as red as can be.

Now don't all look around and hunt for the agent, because I am not going to tell you who he is. I am just going to keep watching him. There has not been any group in America that has supported law enforcement officers more than the children of the kingdom. There are no more people who support the constitution and make up the white Christian society than those who are of the kingdom. But they are not going to accept harassment just because it runs around with a badge. My phones have been ringing. And by round about routes, they have been getting to us. Some do not call my phone from one state to another, because you cannot be sure that they are not listening in down here with their OGPU. We have been told that they even have the phones under surveillance. The moment that something heats up anywhere, they know that we are not vulnerable, but we will say, "Thus saith the LORD" and they think this will give them the proper place to move under the proper circumstances. Did you know that they have started to put pressure on White Christians all of the way from Albuquerque all the way into the South, saying they were hunting for Klan? And they demanded this answer and that answer. And they were pushing doorbells, and they started writing yesterday. This won't do them any good. For I do not know any Klansman in California, and they will never get any help from my door. But I am going to tell you this. That all of this pressure is because you are in the days of the Antichrist. And he is trying to spread himself like a 'Green bay tree.’

Someone said, ‘we are so discouraged because of all of the evil that is visible.’ Never mind the evil that is visible. Just remember that the day of the evil doer will soon be over. And the great and mighty hosts of the MOST HIGH GOD ARE GOING TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS. Yes, they held up a sign. And if you were watching and you had your eyes glued to the T.V. set when that group of Negroes were on the steps of the Capital, and you had Belafonte singing along side of Mary, who was singing with this beatnik group . . . and she does not have much self-respect or she would not be singing with this Negro’s arm around her . . . And they were depending on this Negro mass to pep up their spirits. Then they held up a sign. How many saw that sign that they held up? Two or three? Do you know what the sign said?-----'WAKE UP WHITE MAN YOUR DESTRUCTION IS NOT FAR REMOVED.’

You are to be virtually destroyed. If any White man beheld that sign and did not wake up, he is awfully far gone. I did not hear any complain about this threat over the T.V. And I am going to tell you that you are justified in every way and in every position you take for your survival when they threaten you over nationwide Television.

Now we listen to the ‘King.’ (Martin Luther King) And he says, ‘we are not going to stop here, for now we will get the unions on our side, and we are going to get the best jobs.’ My friends, equality and jobs is impossible to deliver unless you have the ability to fulfill them. The Negroes of this society do not have the capacity to move in and take the pick of the jobs in this society. If the Negroes were able, they would have made a great society out of Africa a long time ago. If you took all of the White men out of Africa, they would not have any electricity down there in a short time. All kind of things do not run now in the Congo. All kind of things have already gone haywire. Take out the White man and progress goes retrograde all over the world. Oh you say, but somebody had a right to control some part of the earth? No. Only my Father had the right of complete control of anywhere and any place HE chooses.

You say, is that right? Let me show you how right that is. God never did anything but what was right. Because HE is right. For HE is the criteria. And therefore since HE is God, HE rules the universe and HE intends to rule the earth. But evil would stop Him. So there is no truth in any of their plans. What would you think would happen if the Negroes were in control of this city tonight? There would be looting and raping going on right now. No one would enforce the law as long as it was not against the Negro. Oh, you say, there are some Negro police officers . . . they could enforce the law? Yes. And if they tried it, the Negroes would kill them. Negro Malcolm X, when they tried to restrain him, shot the police officer. You cannot uphold the law with them, for this is White man's law. Oh, what discrimination. We attack the White man, we attack the Klan. But we do not say one word about the Mohammed X and the violence of this Communist led Red Revolution.

And while we talk about the violence of the Vietcong and the terrorists of America, the President sighs and says, ‘I would like to get together with them. I think maybe we could qualify the Vietcong for foreign aide.’ You know, I have the feeling that God would stimulate from one end of America to the other, a Tax strike if the President would attempt this if they do not stop and back up and start standing up for the White man and the White Christian Church. Then let me tell you something. We would be constitutionally right in authority as Citizens to refuse to contribute tax money to countries where we have no representation. The confiscation of our money for the Yugoslavians, the Vietcong and the far corners of the earth has got to stop. The thing is, that 120 million Americans are just not going to send in any money with our returns. We are not going to send it in until we can be sure that it will be used in America for Americans, and for our civilization and culture. And if you do not assure us of that, you will get the return, but not the money. Oh, you say, but they would confiscate it? Well, did you ever try to confiscate something from 3/4 of the country? Did you ever see that many people start to picket up and down? Where are you going to get an army big enough to take over 3/4 of the country? Someone said, ‘you would not suggest that, would you, Dr. Swift?’ No. I am just kind of thinking after the fact if they do not straighten up. When this suggestion is made and put in practice, it would have to sweep America with instantaneous instruction at one given moment. You know, you would be in more trouble than you could get into with a handful of Negroes. When, my friends, we bow and cow-tow to the forces that create not a divine morality but one that God opposes, then, my friends, if you start appeasing the devil, you are in trouble. There have been threats and there have been warnings, that if anyone opposes the procedure and anyone opposes the design, and if anyone opposes the legislation, there will be retaliation.

There is going to be tax reprisals. And you are to be stretched over the coals. Let me tell you something. Just start moving out against the 'right wing' and the whole nation will know and then the thing will explode. I can tell you who is in trouble. It is the racketeers who gather up millions and then do not spend it on the cause. I don't think any 'right winger' has to worry. For anything that they produced went into the cause, and it still reaches it. The evidence is clear. We do not need any phonies coming over here from Australia and going away with millions in their pockets. We want to see the people who collect it here to spend it here, to wake up the people. And if you ever give one dime to any Jew coming around waving a flag, you are silly.

I turn then . . . for the law of God is in the heart of the righteous, and none of his steps is going to slide. The wicked watches the righteous and seeketh the slaves whether by ambush or by trickery, or by bringing an enemy against you to destroy.’ The reason why I tell you again that evil cannot win is because God said, “I AM GOING TO DESTROY IT FOR YOU. I AM GOING TO JOIN YOU AND I AM GOING TO EMPOWER YOU AND WE ARE GOING TO DRIVE IT OUT OF YOUR LAND. AND WE ARE GOING TO CRUSH IT IN THE EARTH. AND THEN WE ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER THE RULE OF THE EARTH. AND THEN ALL OF MY BELIEVING OFFSPRING, MY RACE WITH MY HOLY SEED WITHIN THEM, ARE GOING TO OCCUPY THE EARTH FOREVER AND EVER.

We do not have the time today, to go into all of the passages that number the strength of God. But when I can show you trillions of millions, that is enough. When I can show you that God can catalyze his fleet by the millions, he has finished space craft in greater number than all of the vessels and vehicles of earth put together.

And now I am going to tell you this. That Angels are more powerful than men. Altho they are not greater in the sight of God than you are, because you are HIS offspring, children. But since Angels are greater in power, HE has all of the power HE wants to use. And when HE brings His family from the four corners of the heavens, and then brings all of His holy Angels . . . Oh, you say, but the devil upset 1/3 of it, out of one portion, but he still has 2/3 even from that portion of the universe? So the devil lost with that one third.

There are a lot of demons in the earth, a lot of evil power in the earth today. They walk the earth in obsessed bodies and they move into high political offices. Lucifer and his power moves around in high areas of the kingdom as well, and seeks to obscure and to blind men. But I point out to you that God has had the authority and the power all of the time. And HE has restrained them by fear. HE has held them back. And that is why it says in the book of Thessalonians, that 'The mystery of iniquity doeth work and he who now letteth will let until he be taken out of the way.’

This afternoon, just look at this great city. There are millions of people here in this city. There are millions of the children of God. And some of them are asleep in various positions. And then there is an equal number of the enemy here. This is why when you come to an election that you have trouble. This is why you have three minorities with 700 thousand alone inside of the city limits. Think that over. There are 700,000 Jews, 700,000 Negroes, and 700,000 Mexicans. And that is 2, 100,000 people. Isn't it? But I do not think the Mexicans will vote with the Negroes. Because they have more White strains behind them and more history. But they are here. And there is a gang here in the city that is trying to get all of them to vote for them. Did you ever stop to think how many of the Beast system and how many of the children of darkness live in this city? If God did not restrain them and keep them in fear of righteousness, and they all went on the rampage tonight to do the things of Lucifer, this would be a jungle in one moment. It is almost a jungle now. But what would it be like if the percentage of the world order who hate the kingdom of God be turned loose? So you see the Father has held them back. Even with all of their evil. And altho the hour of their conquest is going to come, a lot of them are going to chose sides in a hurry.

Someone said, ‘do we have enough on our side?’ We have enough. Someone said, ‘I think I shall head for the high mountains of Colorado.’ Don't you do that. For they will be parachuting troops down into Colorado one of these days. That is the headquarters for the 13th District of the Communist Party. And they plan on fanning out from there toward the coast.

Now we are not against Colorado. There are a lot of good people in Colorado, a lot of wilderness, and lots of people live there. But don't you try to live where you do not know the streets and know the area, and where you do not know how to survive. Don't go to some wilderness when you do not know anything about it, and where the enemy knows as much about it as you do, or more.

Someone said that the cities will be a jungle. My friends, the Antichrist wants to turn the world into a jungle and devour you with the beast. The kingdom of God says he is not going to do it.

If the average person wants to get lost, don't go out into the country to get lost. Get lost here in this city. That is right. It would be pretty hard to find you in this city. But out in the country, you are easier to find. Because there are not so many people, unless you know that country. I point this out because the enemy would like to destroy, would like to devour, would like to wage war. We are telling Christian patriots all over the country. ‘Do not be taken in by any sudden message that says ‘rush over to a neutral valley, for we have the arms and the ammunition, we are going to shut the door and win from here.’ If you stick your neck into that kind of a trap, they will round you up all at once.

I called from one end of the land to the other after we got this letter. I think every patriot in the United States, who has ever transcribed for a magazine or a paper, or has been given a piece of paper in the mail that tells him where to go. Tells him that there is ammunition, there are arms, and there is food, telling him that we are going to fight it out from here against the Antichrist, from this one little spot. Anyone who would go there, when God never told you to go there . . . and I am going to tell you not to go there . . . for this is the silliest little trap in all history. You say, but I did not get one of those letters? Then just be thankful. You are one of the few. Because some people got four or five. It took a lot of money to send them out everywhere. You say, maybe there were some good people behind this? Yes. But there are some who are not. They want to get the leadership to come there. Someone said, ‘oh, well, nobody would fall for this.’ No? I have had editors of newspapers. I have had patriots get in touch with us. Because a lot of these letters were mailed from Glendale, and they say,-- ‘what about this letter? What about this great hiding place? Should we come? Should we support it? I said, ‘this is a trap!’ This spot would not hold all of the people that they want to put there.

Now you want to know where you are going to fight evil?--It is where you live. And a thousand shall fall at thy right hand but no harm shall come nigh thee. Someone said, ‘suppose that these armies march in great numbers?’ Then God will swallow them up. Just like that. Someone said, ‘how about the hosts of Asia?’ We are going to fight them in the mountains and fight them in the trees, and fight them wherever they raise up. We are going to fight the armies of the Antichrist that come down from the north. We are going to stop them everywhere. And we are going to defeat them. And it will take seven months to bury their dead after this. And the earth will open up and swallow up whole armies of the Dragon's seed.

Someone said, ‘what would you advise an enemy of Jesus Christ to do?’ Change sides or get lost. Well, what about those who cannot change sides? They hate him. Well, this is just one of these situations, you better get out of here. And I don't know where you are going to go that we will not find you. Jesus said, “Gather these mine enemies who said that I should not reign over them.” ---You read the book of Luke and find out the rest.

Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done. ---Someone says, ‘oh, but we want mercy.’ ---Mercy for the enemies of the Christ? They want to kill you, to destroy you, and enslave the world, and you want mercy for them? They want to produce Communism and war and tyranny, and you want mercy for such evil? You would be betraying your family, betraying the kingdom, the rule of righteousness and with justice. For evil shall be cast down. Where is the evil doer? He was in Washington last week. He was in Sacramento last week. And now he is gone. I can't find him. For his day has come. And you are going to live to see that day.

Someone said, ‘look out, Dr. Swift, they are going to move fast.’ Well, so is God. And what they do not know is that there is no secret thing which God is not revealing to those HE is raising up in His church, and among His ministers, and among His people for this day.

So we tell you tonight, --'Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done', and you have prayed for this every time you said the "Lord's Prayer.” ---In earth as it is in heaven. All of the instruction in this Book is as to how you are to help implement that in the earth. So let Heaven take care of itself. We challenge you tonight to stand up for this Constitution and for this flag with all of the flags with the Cross of Christ and with the realization that any suggestion that we surrender our sovereignty or join ourselves to the pagans, which is a curse of God . . . a Christian has no alternative but to oppose it.

Yes, we have just watched the week just past, and they are telling us that there will be trouble, and more and more of the same thing. And they tell us that they are going to give us violence because one of their confederates died. And then I look out over all of the Christians that died. Since I was in San Francisco last month, eleven people were killed by Negroes. The people in San Francisco told us about this, and to say nothing about the rest of the situation. Someone said, ‘do you hate Negroes?’ Not at all. But we hate the Communist leadership and the evil leadership and the strategies that are seeking to make America a jungle. And we would put under control any force that would threaten the security of this race under God in the outline of the vision of our founding fathers. Someone said, ‘but we must make progress.’ Well, we made great progress under the laws of God. We have only gone retrograde since we abandoned it. And the church is not a weak institution, for it will be demonstrated as a most powerful institution God has in America before it gets thru.

The Wall Street Journal came out the other day and they said that part of the election was a fraud. Ever since this thing turned so fast to the left, it says that people are deserting the party and joining all of the ‘right wing’ organizations. And they are taking their stand for everything that is 'right wing' all over the country. With great speed, people are moving to the ‘right.’ The Wall Street Journal, last Friday.

Come in LORD Jesus, Potentate. We do not want to do it alone. Bring all of the armies with you. Let’s have a great show of force for 'Thine is the kingdom, and the power and the Glory, forever.'

End of message.