Why It Is Impossible For Evil To Triumph, 8-8-62



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-8-62

Without doubt, we are living in a very unique period of time. But a period of time which has brought another great wave of evil among the nations of God’s Kingdom. Evil is a rather unique word in itself. It comes largely in its old interpretation from a work called ray, or rah, in the use of Hebrew in the early languages. And the actual use is an emanation of wretchedness and of utter darkness to destroy emanation. So evil was considered an emanation or an effulgence of darkness and a process to be loathed as some elusive evil force had beset men’s souls and minds. And the word evil itself has something that is repulsive for all people, because of what it stands for and what it represents. When we talk about ‘evil stalks the land’, it is that evil has emerged from something. Since evil is just not just sin, or the violation of law, it is the very atmosphere, or emanation, or the substance radiated in the darkness. It has to come from something. There has to be a source that radiates it. There has to be that which emanates it, and we discover that there are such a people. That there is a force in the world today emanating the darkness, seeking the radiations of destruction. And this prevailing substance like the mists of the darkness descends around individuals and leaves them as tho they have been contaminated by such unusual substances almost unable to be analyzed. And so when we talk about evil, we discover that this is a part of prayer and we pray that we might be delivered from evil. This is something apart of man’s great need. This is not merely an application to his own performance. This is a strange force that moves and seeks to penetrate the areas of his very thinking process, his consciousness, and his whole being. Thus, permeating as a radiation, it comes out of the Nethermost processes of darkness.

Now, turn to the book of Deuteronomy again. Altho we have called attention to this passage before. And also the 37th Psalm is quite important, because Moses tells us about our race and our Adamic background. He tells us that we of this White race are the children of the MOST HIGH. That YAHWEH is the founder of our race. HE is our ROCK. And we are HIS children. And therefore, we note that we are not alone in the world. That there are two forces working for the world. One is the children of the Kingdom which the Father sent into the earth. The other is the children of darkness, who were here before we arrived. And they have established a perverse attitude in your nation. They have not only sought to corrupt you in the world, but long before any White man came into the world, they had forced their fears and their darkness upon men, until they had them worshiping images of darkness, building great symbols with idols and strange fears, establishing their hold of this unassimilatible force upon them until the whole world began worshiping the darkness and demons and devils.

You say, ‘but what is the difference between a demon and a devil?’ Well, there is a very precise factor in the scripture concerning this. We note that all of the unassimilatible offspring of Lucifer and his hordes seduced into earth an offspring known as devils. Thus, there does exist devils. But demons are the forces of these powers of devils when they have been no longer earth inhabited and have been cast out of the physical body, or when the righteous force has rendered them no longer capable of casting them out of beings. And they then come in the process of obsession to plague and dominate individuals. Thus, we are told that there are people who are walking the earth who are actually devils.

Now, when you talk about this then someone says, ‘but there is no theological discussion on this and it cannot be established.’ But it can be quite well established. There is no greater authority on this than God, Himself. And when God walked the earth in a human body and spoke thru a human mouth, and reached out from an understanding of the human soul, then I think you have the most accurate account that can be given individuals--from the lips of man when this was the body of God. But HE had a people round about HIM posing as a religious power, posing as representatives of all authority, and Jesus said, ‘You are a race of devils.’

Now, when you reach the source of evil, you will note that evil in the earth comes from no other area but devils. Evil comes from nothing else. Evil does not emanate from you. Evil, my friends, has to emanate from a source capable of its production. It has this as a matter of its nature and therefore, it puts out a darker effulgence or a darker emanation--known as evil, which effects the thinking of men. It effects the process of men and sometimes comes with an overwhelming force which they can translate into substance.

Now, we note that over here in the book of Deuteronomy, that the MOST HIGH GOD talks about this. And HE says, ‘These are evil powers and they not only sought to move upon men, they sacrifice to devils and to gods whom they knew not. And therefore more than this, they sought to make you unmindful of the God who begat you. Devils work constantly in eliminating the influence of the mind of God and the thoughts of God, and the instructions of God for the human race. This mighty put some men I know, in prominent positions and also in qualifications of the task of devils, even tho all of them do not come from this necessary origin. I think of a little prayer I saw published in the little paper from Eureka, California. It said, ‘the school children now say, ‘Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the State, my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Supreme Court mad no mistakes.’ It is quite obvious that we are witnessing influence which would blot out God, and permit all kinds of secularism to be in HIS place. In fact, I saw another play almost similar on word, in which the child said, ‘Oh, nothing which is up there, I know that you must not be, because everything that does not exist, they try to teach to me. But now they say that we cannot recognize you, so nothing you must be, but I pray that you will bless my school and bless this Court, since nothing can be said about you---I cannot call your name, but I hope you are up there just the same.’

Thus, these newspaper clippings are beginning to show that there is a realization that there is even in our nation, that there is a power which is trying to separate the concept of God, even out of the minds of our youth.

Well, the process of evil needs an emanation to do this. And in the book of Deuteronomy, the MOST HIGH GOD talks about a people, a force that is evil. And HE says that they are very unmindful of the mind of God, who created all things, and even of the very existence of which they came. And in this mutated stratus, they did not come directly from God, but in the days of the Luciferian rebellion, those forces who rebelled with Lucifer, intermingling with earth bodies, were then embodied in earth-bound bodies and the scriptures calls them devils. In fact, in the theology of the ancients, the demons were the embodied offspring, and the devils were the Angelic hosts from which these lines, and strains who did not keep their first estate, were sowed in earth.

The other day I listened to an explanation by one clergyman, who over the air was telling us, that there was only one devil and he could not have any posterity. That there were no more devils in the world. Well, if there are not any, then we see a lot of devils tracks moving thru the earth. And a lot of emanation which the scripture says can only come from devils. And if there are no other devils, then Jesus was mistaken. And if Jesus was mistaken, the world would have fallen apart. More than that, HE identified them for there were some of them in HIS midst and HE pointed this out. Therefore, God Almighty said, ‘I abhor these devils, for they provoke my sons and my daughters to err. More than this, HE refers to them as a strange and unassimilatible force, whose vine is the vine of Sodom and the fields of Gomorrah. Their grape are the grapes of gall, and their clusters are bitter. Their poison is the poison of the Dragon, and the venom of the asp.

Now, the strange thing concerning this policy of evil, we discover that it is referred to as a tree of evil. This is why in almost all of the pagan countries all over the world, this idol temple has around the friezes at the top, many of these symbols of evil. And one of those is always the ‘fig tree.’ Why is the fig even in the lands where the fig trees do not grow--woven into the friezes of those temples? Why? To identify these forces. There is a strange identity as to why Lucifer used the identity of the fig tree. Along with that of the serpent and those untimely figs cast into the earth in the book of Revelation are anarchy and revolution and all of the Bolshevik forces in our day which have risen to challenge righteousness. More than that, God talks in the book of Jeremiah about the things which are marked and HE talks about evil things. HE talks about figs that are so bad they cannot be eaten. In this instance, this is the influence of Satanic power. This is the residue that came into Jerusalem, even influencing and destroying the King and attempting to even mongrelize the household of the MOST HIGH. And the result of their condemnation of the disruption of their evil,--they are a timely thing, and good for nothing. And God said that HE would scatter those figs from one end of the earth to the other and they would no longer be considered a people and a nation. But their utter evil, HE would scatter. They would be a taunt and a byword, and a curse where ever they go. HE said that HE would drive them all over the earth. And I think you can find them because they have been driven pretty much all over the world because of the evil which they have put out. And this brings upon them the animosity of the people themselves.

I point to you certain words which God has to say concerning these things. In the book of Isaiah, God again, speaks out and HE says, ‘Woe unto them.’ Now why this ‘woe?’ This is because of people that say that good is evil and evil is good. And God denounces these policies for this is the strange processes these people go thru in life. In expanding the kingdom of their father, they see to settle in all nations. And they have a disrespect for everything which is good, for everything which is Divine Law, everything that is righteous. While they call good, everything that is wrong and they are very opposed to God’s program. And because it is a strange emanation that moves out around these individuals, they become influenced with it almost as tho they were drugged with its presence. For this cause, it will call for Light to disperse the darkness and the Light of God and the spirit of God is the only thing which can expel these forces of evil. God refers to this as an evil tree and a tree which brings forth the darkness.

I call your attention then to the book of Matthew. And one of the things which we see here is this declaration on the part of the MOST HIGH GOD. And HE said here that ‘every tree which My Father did not plant shall be plucked up by the roots.’ And in this declaration, it talks about evil. And HE says concerning these processes, ‘Therefore, for the light which is in the darkness, how great is this darkness.’ And God calls on HIS own Household to see that they let the light of life, and the light of truth synchronize their thinking. But in this way you will not illuminate the thinking soul consciousness, that a man must start a certain amount of discipline in defeating the powers of darkness. He must have his eternal ego and his soul consciousness, he must discipline his thinking. For thru the senses the process of evil seeks to reach the individual. They cannot move upon the spirit of the individual because the spirit is eternal light and free. Therefore the consciousness of man must start thinking and evaluating, on the basis of the light which is within him, and the knowledge that God has given. And he must not permit himself to be unbalanced by the process of evil. These processes of the sight and the senses are always used to scatter the concept of the rebellion against God thru trying to make evil appear more valuable or that which would be more enjoyable, or that this would be a better state of existence. To do this, they would say that evil was good, and a person who stood for righteousness was a puritan or was old fashioned or out of date. And if you stand for righteousness you must be anti-social. And you do not understand the news of today. So they try to classify evil is good and then make good evil. In fact, we note that in this factor that God Himself speaks out. And one of the statements that he makes concerning these forces is because of blaspheme they are unstable and not capable of doing any thing which is good.

I turn over here to the 3rd chapter of the book of John, and we read again, the statements relating to this policy. Jesus makes this statement, and it comes at a time when HE has been talking to Nicodemus and the opposing forces which have been against HIM have been seeking to put condemnation upon HIM for the Truth that HE declares, so Jesus makes this statement. HE said HE came into the world not to condemn the world, but HE came into the world so that the world might be saved from all of its policies of error and of darkness. HE sent HIS own Household, HIS own race, into the world to accomplish this purpose according to the declaration both in the Old Testament and in the New. And in the writings of Isaiah also.

Now, Jesus said this is the condemnation that comes from the darkness, that Light came into the world. This is one thing that the Jews challenged Christ about, and Jesus explains their animosity. And their animosity is that LIGHT has come into the world. Thus, Light has come into the world, and this is their condemnation, that men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil. Every one that doeth evil hateth the Light. Neither does he come unto the light that his deeds may be made manifest--if they are wrought of God. So Jesus points this out clearly that this force which is of evil condemns him because HE was the Light shining in darkness. And this light exposes the darkness. If you want the condemnation that Christ received, if you want the enemy to be as antagonistic against you as they are against HIM, all you have to do is turn the Light on what they are doing. All you have to do is expose the same forces that Christ exposed and they will give you the same treatment that they gave to HIM, if they can accomplish it. This is the reason today that there are so many Christians that do not understand. They have already been choked by the propaganda team of the darkness, and they do not then know the dangers which stalk their own land. They sit back and say that all of the energy out of such a great people must be going some place for good. And they little realize that the powers of darkness which seek to corrupt the thinking of man, will carry out their objectives as long as possible in the enslavement of the race. God refers to evil in this way.

Now, one would say, ‘Is their any solution? Is there any absolute assurance that there will be an overthrow of evil forces?’ Yes. But I think you could take a quick look around your land tonight, and see how evil has prevailed in many ways. However, we are not for a moment suggesting that evil is going to triumph. Evil is not going to triumph, but evil has moved into your society and produced certain triumphs. Because of this strange sleepiness that has come over your people with this process. As we look out over our nation today, we can see the influence of these evil people, we can see what evil people do. They send out whole waves of evil. They send out vibrations of the darkness, and there the task they set about is to destroy everything which is good in your nation. One of the first things you were about in your nation was the fulfilling of Divine Destiny under the ‘outstretched wings of that Eagle.’ AND THIS NATION MADE A DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. This was a good thing to do for one of the first things that you declared to do was to become independent of those forces which had prevailed upon other nations and sought to enslave men economically, influentially, and eventually socially and religiously. Thus you signed a Declaration of Independence and that is good. And from that day on, we might say that all of the motive and all of the activities of men are not necessarily good. We are not saying that just because he was a White man, that everything that a political leader did in the great days of the forming of your country that just because he was a White man, is good. But we are going to tell you that inside of every White man was an indomitable spiritual seed which was a great force for rightness, and was a great approval for rightness even when his own conduct did not measure up to it. We will say that there was a spiritual force which was expanding, growing and developing. And we discover that from one end of the nation to the other, people feared God. From one end of the nation to the other, they recognized that society had to be based on spiritual truth.

But I want to tell you of the difference, a virtual understanding is with almost all of us today that the greatness of our nation, and all of our nations come out of the fulfillment of Divine instructions, and out of the balancing of Divine Law and out of the goodness of a society which recognized this. An din this instance, I noticed in the newspaper, and then I turned down, and yes, the name was of another Jew. And he is writing another editorial. Do you know what he said? He said, ‘I think it is time that people found out that the founding fathers were not as righteous as they thought. They did not come here to build churches and they did not come here to get religious freedom. They just came here because they thought that they would get a lot of gold out of the country. And all of their desires were materialistic and there wasn’t any courage in the matter, it was just the reaching and going after something that they personally wanted.

Well, this just shows you how a Jew evaluates America and how a Christian looks back upon our founding fathers, their vision, their purposes, and their concept. So what they were trying to do was to run down the background of our nation and make it sordid as possible that his evil mind was capable of making it. Because he despised anything that was good. And anything that was righteous he wanted to put aside. I also noticed in one of these magazines that the pressure now descends upon one o these spokesmen. There are psychiatrists all over the world who would like to see certain amendments made and certain decisions of the Congress, and they want the Congress, by an act of Congress, to liberalize across the country, no requirement in marriage, or in cohabitation. No contract. No restriction on the number of wives, or concubines that a person could have. That this must be the first fundamental freedom that we must strive to obtain, if we are ever going to set people free, bring about self-determination for everybody. This would put no restrictions whatsoever, for the great psychological problem of our time is the moment that you put restrictions on people and it moves into the great psychological areas of sex, then you put so much repression upon them that their first basic instinct, that it brings upon these people a depression so that you will never accomplish the great evolutionary development of our time. Thus, this modern magazine with its Jewish authors and its Jew psychiatrists are now seeking to bring a sufficient wave to liberate the nation from the corruption of their evil.

Now, I point this out to you, that God has standards and God has laws. And we do not for a moment, contend that the children of God have maintained or kept all of these laws. We do not say that there has been a perfect morality, nor would we seek to describe morality. But this is one thing which we would say. The utter abandonment of all of the principles for the establishment of the home and the sanctity of the processes by which God has ordained, this sequence of events, is just one way in which the powers of darkness are seeking to destroy you. They want the barriers broken down on all interracial marriage laws that still exist in 19 of our States. There has been already 5 States which have modified this because we joined the United Nations. So you see every influence that comes out of the makeup of these people, work to break down, first the race and its development, because they understand the huge source of the resistance to evil. So the first policy that we see them now openly advocating, is the policy of giving absolute approbation to utter looseness and license and the destruction of all the foundations of our society.

Now, the strange thing is that they have been discussing these things in a great number of schools, in High Schools, and Colleges. And I have noted in the receiving of notations on it, as I receive these from all over in which they have been making this a point of discussion. And they have cited that they are very much encouraged by the frankness of modern youth, and that the high schools and colleges are willing to abandon these old fashioned notions which modern psychiatry has brought to their attention. For these are not necessarily the most productive and healthy standards of life. In otherwords, what they are saying is that they have been able to so far remove spiritual principles from areas of education in America, and then substituted these materialistic philosophies of men who are in no position to teach our young people, for they should be deported from our nation or hung from the highest tree. Instead, they have produced today, a generation without the sensitivity to determine what is right or what is wrong.

I tell you that no nation will long survive with its standards of righteousness passing away in the morality in which it instructs society. I want you to remember that no matter how strong that nation was, how powerful that nation might have become the moment that the depravity and violence and viciousness descends upon the body at the social level, soon that nation, no matter how strong it was in their military power, became corrupted and weakened. Soon its leadership has degenerated from the leadership that surrounds it. This was true in the days of ancient Rome and other places as it demonstrated as the depravity moved in. And even an Empire whose status and strength were well known, the symbol of power in the not so long ago days. But we watched the work of Jewry inside of Rome. We watched how they moved in with the power of their gold, and how they gained an influence over that society. How their main objective was to wipe out the Christian Church and Christianity. How they bribed and hired experts and how they produced the most complete and sordid operations of lust and violence, and how they brought into Rome everything corrupt, vicious and evil, and presented it as a present to the rulers as a way of life.

In fact, it did not take long for Rome to go down. Rome was not conquered by armies, my friends, even tho we see the powers of certain phases of it such as the victories of Constantine, and even later as the Northern Roman tendrils were clipped off. But remember, that what brought Rome down was the very ease or the rottenness that was sowed in by the carriers of evil. Someone said, ‘But we could never have endorsed Rome.’ No. But Rome was not a symbol of evil until evil came in and the carriers of evil made it what it became. I can tell you that in those days the Roman Empire crumbled and fell, and the institution which they were seeking to persecute survived because the Church was built upon a standard of rightness and Light. And it survived the attack of the forces of darkness.

There is no question today, that in our society, there is a move to lower our standards, or morals and our ideals. I have brought this to your attention several times. I even brought to your attention this editorial of one newspaper giving statistics saying that today one of the largest area of your welfare funds going to your society, is dispersed all over your nation to a group that are living as parasites on your nation in the height of prostitution. I point out to you that today we have in our nation a group of people,---who--half of them--do not know their mothers and fathers. This is a very low moral factor that exists among Negroes everywhere. And in Washington D.C., they tell us, that over 60% of all of the children born in Washington D.C. do not know who their fathers are. That the greater part of the cost of maintaining the District of Columbia is actually in the paying of these so-called Negro mothers, a large sum for the support of their children. This is one of the most profitable businesses today in Washington D.C. Many of them making many thousands of dollars, while getting $1,500.00 per month because of illegitimate children and because of the support of them. This is true in Washington D.C.

Now, you say, but how can this be accepted? Well, because the same powers that sought to sell you evil, sought to sell you the subsidizing of evil, have turned loose in your society, one of the strategies of evil in the Capital of your nation. No wonder that it was Congressman Becker who came to bring it forth again, because it just marks what evil can accomplish in a society when it is not limited, or when nothing is done to stamp it out. Congressman Becker talks about how his secretary went just a few blocks away from his Congressional office to pray in church on the 21st of July, so the time is close,---and the story is fresh. While there, she was assaulted by a Negro who stabbed her seven times and stole her purse. And all of this happened among an amazed bunch of people. But he was not captured and he got away. And he has not bee apprehended to this time. Congressman Becker said that when a great nation like this one allows their Capital city to be turned into a concrete jungle, it is about time that we said ‘right--about face’ and did some real thinking about these strange courts that are afraid to act because of the strange litany of our times and remove some of the officers, for we need a different line of conduct.

We point out to you that all of the processes of general disintegration come out of the evil influences that are moving in our midst. For instance, the surrendering of national independence and the giving up of our national sovereignty and the abolishment of any area of immigration. None of these things would be carried out normally by your race because these are none of the things which you would think about. Americans have always been zealous of independence. And all Christian nations have always been zealous of their ability to carry out the civilizing and creative programs thru out the world. And at no time, is it the natural pattern of the race of which you are a part, to surrender, or to retreat or to move back from the ends of the earth, or to pull back and say we are unable to accomplish civilization. For we cannot accomplish some of these objectives. But today, our of the world organization of the United Nations, out of the pressure of these areas which evil has produced----suppose I tell you that the United Nations is utterly evil. Why? Because it is the brain-child of evil people. Because its design was not good under this situation. But disaster, enslavement, would soon override your great strength as a nation. Thus, this was not a good thing that you helped to create it was an evil thing. For you surrendered what that Flag represented. You entered an institution that limited the freedoms of your people which your founding fathers, had said should be free and never abridged. This is evil. And I point this out to you from the Jewish newspaper of last week. I am reading out of the B’nai B’rith Messenger. And this is what it says:--- ‘Two more Jews were named to this International body. Dr. Moricada Ezekiel, widely known for his understanding of economy, has now joined the International Development staff of the agency for International Development. And another expert, Arnold Rebitin, since 1957, the director of African Economy, a political development project, at the center of International studies in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has now been appointed as head of the experts for new development of advisory and development of International service to the Bank of Reconstruction, and will be responsible for all of the reconstruction loans to all areas of the earth. Dr. Ezekiel is going to head the United Nations division of the staff and it is associated with the World Food Program of distribution financed by the world economy and thru the monetary fund and the reconstruction bank.

Now, joined therefore, in this United Nations agency will be the direct controllers over Greece and Italian affairs, is also Dr. Ribitin of the west who is going to be in charge of this area.

Now, I thought that this 100 and this International Refuge organization with its food program was similar. But we discover this. The supreme power of the United Nations goes to two Jews. And this is power over food. This is power over the movement of people and over areas of the earth. And none of these organizations move under the status of your Senate. And we don’t approve of this 100, and we do not approve of the LIO and we do now say that an International land organization should be permitted by the U.N. to re-disburse people all over the world, to move them anywhere they want to go, to no longer recognize the immigration laws and the boundary lines of our nation. But this is exactly what the scripture says was a part of the evil design of Lucifer and the Beast System (World Order). And therefore, we see two of the race which Jesus said descended from Lucifer, now given the authority to head these areas.

Now, where did they come from? They in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and other educational facilities and previous to this appointment, they were the most influential men in shaping the opinion of whole departments and agencies who came up at your expense to tamper with things which God has said are not to be tampered with.

So what is the major design? Well, one of the major designs is that by the leadership of people and their gradual flowing over the earth that the world will fall in to only one responsibility and that we will all fall into that one category and all be the same, all focus on the same objectives, and all eventually emerge on the same ECONOMIC level. Thus, there will be no problems, no class, no structure for dispute and Peace will be the result. That is what we are told is to be the result. Everybody will be--some--fed, maybe not, well fed. But everybody is going to get some food, that is the point. And the sum of this is that everyone in America may not have as big a yard as he had, because it may be filled with Chinamen or Africans. But everyone will have a little yard. It may not be there, but they can stay in it.

The design is the end of property values, the administration of the world in the hands of these super-bureaucrats. And in this instance, we note this. That one of the requirements inside of these agencies which have been working both inside of Africa and inside Asia, that no individual that comes to America is to be permitted to identify himself with his Faith, or to discuss the recognition of his God. For if there is any testimony to his religious belief, in any of these areas, then he cannot serve on any of the United Nations positions.

Now, that sounds like our Supreme Court saying you cannot pray. Doesn’t it? Sounds like the Peace Corp. Where we can send our young people all over the world, but they are to partake in the customs and rituals of these people, but not to bear one word of testimony concerning why they believe that their country is great, because of their belief in Jesus the Christ. They are not to say why they think the White Christian nations are great, because of their worship of the right God, or because of their background or race. But actually, if this Peace Corp. Was armed with the Truth that you know tonight, if this Peace Corp. knew that they were the sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD, and were destined to come to earth and build a Kingdom, and to bring righteousness to the ends of the earth and to rule and reign, to guide and lead and develop. My friends, if they were allowed to do this identity, this would be the biggest bombshell to ever hit the ends of the earth. Again, we say, as did Peter and John, ‘Is it better that we serve man or God?’

Someone said, ‘How are we going to overcome this?’ Well, as I note here from one end of the declaration to the other, that evil emanates from the Tree of Evil, this is a racial tree. They are the sowers of evil. It is not only the repudiation of law, but of every principle and force that comes from God. Someone said, ‘It is rather a discouraging thing.’ Well, I will start you off with just a little discouraging thing. Lucifer’s rebellion took place, but he only drew one-third of the beings, and he only went out with one-third of them from this part of the Universe. Thus, he never got the majority and he does not have it to this day. But of course, when you think of the billions and trillions involved in this struggle, then this was a large number of forces. But remember, that when he was defeated by Michael the Archangel, and the shattered ships of Lucifer were earthbound, with the hordes and forces that were with him, then remember, that evil as it has been classified, has been bottled up in this solar system. That no place in the Universe is any evil except in this solar system. You say, ‘Well, woe is us that live here.’ But let me tell you something. God had great respect for HIS sons and daughters to be able to carry out HIS purposes. HE not only had Faith, but HE had absolute Faith on this knowledge upon which HE knew was going to happen.

God knew that HIS sons and HIS daughters, only 1/6 of the worlds population, in the hour of the challenge, were going to be sufficiently strong to triumph over evil and bring great conquest over the powers of darkness. Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, what is the best thing to do about evil? Do you think that we ought to have prayer meetings to wipe it out?’ No, I think you ought to form Militia meetings all over to stamp it out. Every day we pray this prayer, ‘Deliver us from evil.’ But God did not send you down here to hide. HE sent you down here to conquer evil. Some times there are certain things which people are refusing to recognize. But my Father has pointed out that ‘every plant that my Father did not plant, every tree which my Father did not plant, is going to be ‘plucked up by its roots.’

Now, I point out this. I read this passage this afternoon, out of the 13th chapter of the book of Isaiah. I want you to see because it is very vital to this development, that there is a mighty plan which God has for the earth. And is says, ‘In this day when the forces of darkness and the multitude of these nations, like a great people, make a tremendous noise, and the kingdoms of these nations gather together, and they will come against the nations of God’s Kingdom and YAHWEH of Hosts sees all of these things.’ HE knows that all of this talk of peace is just as phoney as ever. HE knows when they say Peace, Peace, that there is not any. HE knows that the prophesies concerning this have been given unto you. And HE knows right now, that the high command in Russia is going to go as far as they can go without conflict. It wants to enhance its own strength but grab as much territory as it can by submission. But is planning a sudden knockout blow against you and leave you a destroyed people, and then take over the entire earth and put the residue of your people into slavery.

Now, you say how do you know? I just turn to the 37th and 38th chapters of Ezekiel and God not only outlined the fact that these hordes are going to attempt this, but HE identified the place where they will come out of and this is Moscow. It tells us that they gather Asia and they gather Africa to move against you. This is their strategy. Alright, what did HE say that you were supposed to do? Sit down and wait for it? No. One of the things HE said that the righteous was to do is to stand and rebuke the darkness. But HE also said that if you are very smart you are going to be gathering the weapons which you will use to destroy the enemy.

Now, someone said, ‘But I do not have much confidence in the Kennedy Administration, to build the proper armament to destroy the enemy.’ No, I do not have any confidence in the Kennedy Administration. But I do have confidence in God and I have a lot of confidence in a lot of White men, who are in the areas that can be used when stimulated. But I will tell you what I have a lot of confidence in. I turn over to the 12th chapter of Isaiah, and it says, ‘Suddenly the LORD of Hosts is going to gather HIS great Host for battle.’ You say, ‘But what does that mean?’ Just exactly what it says. That the LORD of Hosts, YAHWEH, the Eternal, is going to muster HIS Hosts for battle. You say, ‘But where will HE gather them?’ Well, out of America, Britain, Belgium, Norway, Holland. In fact, out of all the White Christian nations. Those are God’s Household in the earth. They are HIS Battle Axe and weapons of war. This is what HE says. But let’s fact it. You are outnumbered. More than that, you do not have any experience with these devils or you would never have let any Jew come into these United States.

Someone said, ‘Oh, Dr. Swift, you shouldn’t use that word. People will not understand it.’ Well, they will not understand if I don’t. Now, listen. He says therefore, that when YAHWEH of Hosts musters the hosts of HIS battle, that they are going to come from a far country. How far? This says from the very end of the heavens. That is a pretty far country isn’t it? The LORD of Hosts is going to muster HIS army and they are going to come from a far country, from far out in the heavens. Thus, from space itself. That is where you came from isn’t it? As we have said before, that you and your forefathers are strangers and pilgrims in the earth, for they came from a far country. And Isaiah tells you that it is out in the very reaches of space. But in this hour, then YAHWEH shall come and the weapons of HIS indignation---these will be some of the most unusual weapons that men have ever seen. They will be massive disintegrators which will destroy whole areas of the enemy, termed like brilliant fire which shall leave the building consumed like unto powder and dust. Thus, forces of great bands of light which move and the darkness cannot stand it. And the scriptures say, ‘Therefore, all you destroyers cry out now, for destruction shall come upon you, because of all this great evil which you sent out against the earth and MY people.’

Now, how do I know that evil is not going to triumph? In the first place, they cannot triumph over God. When you understand this, that there is no way to triumph over God, that the only time that evil has any hold or holds back righteousness, is when the children of righteousness have fear. One old boy who was surrounded by a bunch of devils had a certain amount of philosophy. And he said, ‘there is nothing to fear but fear itself.’ Well, that is not exactly true, for fear is your great enemy because it keeps you from moving to your greatest task. And if you are full of fear, then you are just covering up the issue. The thing which you must fear is the evil which moves across the land. Someone said, ‘well if you move against evil, it may destroy you.’ No, my friends, if you hide from it then it may destroy you. I tell you that too many people who say they will do nothing for our good is going to prevail, will destroy you. For they have permitted evil to take over your government and areas of your economy. And today, you are in the trouble in which you find yourself because you did not resist evil when you were told that if you did not resist evil it would flee from you.

Someone said, ‘Then what do you think that we ought to do?’ I think that every Christian nation ought to do the same things that the British just did for all of the dark races of the earth. They barred them from coming into their nation. We have a lot of people who are brainwashed and tied up in their thinking and they do not realize that the processes of evil have moved against them. Every once in a while, some of these people come out with something good and then the Jews pull the strings and it works the wrong way. The other day, when Senator Dodd and Senator Thurman and a number of men like these two men came out and condemned the double standard of the Kennedy Administration and the family who talks about self-determination for a bunch of jungle savages who eat one another every day, and the only thing holding them back is the strength of Holland. And the only money they have had is the help which Holland has been able to build among some of them. But the Kennedys want that turned over for degeneration and absorption and for the literal use of the Communist. And if the Kennedys don’t understand this, then one is not smart enough to be President. They do not understand that there are a lot of people who have an emanation which is abhorrent to those round about them. But when you talk about the Red Revolution, then remember the enemy created this. They financed it. And now we are asked to sever relations with Russia. And I would sever relations with all Communist led countries today on the face of the earth. But not because of the Jews. We must recognize that Communism is Jewish. And even tho there are those like Dr. Swartz, who is an Australian Jew, altho he does not want to say that, because he makes three and one-half million dollars a year to come over here to teach Socialism, and that he does not like the ‘Right Wing’. But the fact is that Communism is Jewish and the ‘Right Wing’ and its people are some times combative and point out this fact.

We today, are faced with the fact that evil will not triumph for God Almighty has already made it clear that HE will stir up HIS own people and they are going to move the people inside of HIS Kingdom until they deport and eliminate, and they are going to make a definite diplomatic and maybe eventually a military move against all of these military forces who have brought evil into their nation. I look at the general depravity that is sweeping across the publications of our times and the depravity I see in the Supreme Court when they support the viciousness of obscene literature, and the very day they knocked out the right to pray in schools, they said that it was perfectly alright to put obnoxious and obscene literature thru the mails. Whereas you can go into any Post Office and see that this is a Federal offense and against the law. Well, at least, it was before the Supreme Court said that you could get as rotten as you wanted to be. But you cannot be righteous, religious and pray.

I am going to tell you this. There comes a time when the people are going to have to make a decision as to whether they are going to be carried down the river of destruction---and this destruction is not just measured out to them in their life time, but passes down upon their descendants and their whole racial stock until having lost their racial self-respect and their national greatness, they become the utter slaves of a dope sodden, liquor sodden people. There is not doubt that the enemy has been very subtle. They used protocols and yet they have talked from the beginning as to how they were going to reduce virtually all of Christendom to virtual slaves. How they had enough sons who they were training to be Doctors. And enough sons to be pharmacists, out of their households so that they could move into any society and eliminate by their cunning and their skills those they considered their enemies. And seek by the use of their drugs and their use of their so-called medication to reduce a people into slaves of narcotics and eventually take the alcohol abused minds of these ‘goyim dogs’ and make them our slaves forever.

Well, that is what they have been working on. Now, you say, what is this? Well, it is evil. America does not go out in the world even under these twisted minds that lead us. We do not go out in the world with the intent to destroy it. We do not go out to destroy people. We do not go out to destroy their morality. We don’t go out to destroy their efforts. We go out to destroy evil and replace it with righteousness and truth. And the great colonial days of our race, if you want to know when came the greatest days of our race, it was when we were going out into the earth and establishing colonies and lifting up the standards. Then establishing the truth and lifting up the testimony of the Right God. We were developing the ends of the earth and carving civilization out of the wilderness. This is the story of Africa, the Kenya colony. This is the story of the Congo under the Belgiums. And this is the story of South Africa and of Rhodesia, and every area where the White man has gone. Today the powers of darkness would throw the White man out so that they could exploit the resources that the White man’s technology has developed. And then they could turn the whole world over to their massive conquest of your race. But do you know that if your race was pagan, they would not be nearly as interested in conquest as they are in your rule today. For as long as the standard of Christ is raised by your civilization, their animosity against Christ, just because they are the forces of anti-Christ and recognizing HIM as the embodiment of God, spread a power of evil which never ceases in their hand or mind until they have destroyed everything which is productive and good inside of your race. This is why God said that they must be utterly destroyed.

Now, you have a God who operates on ‘time’. You have a God filled with Grace, a God who said, ‘I said unto the world, the condemnation lies in the fact that I am the Light, and this Light explodes their darkness, and because of the conspiracy, therefore, they hate ME because I am Light. But HE said, I came to redeem the world, not to destroy it. And HE is going to triumph over it. There is one thing which Christ does not have any place inside of HIS Kingdom. You say what is that? Well, that is a mongrel--an unassimilatible mongrel. The mixing of the races and the intermingling of races were a violation of law. So as the fallen Angelic beings ‘did not keep their first estate,’ and intermingled with beings of earth, they produced a new specie. A specie that had no spiritual capacity and whose absolute endeavors of living radiated the reflected influences of darkness which their attributes of evil are referred to as their emanation of the blackness of their darkness, which comes out of them and has no light---which is what Christ said.

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, you cannot preach this, for the church will not go along with it.’ Well, this is not important for God goes along with it and the churches will have to go along, because these words are true. They may try to cover up the fact that there are those forces without spiritual capacity. But God declares that this is true. For the light cannot cohabit with the darkness. And any violation of Divine Law in this procedure leaves that which is dark. This is the consciousness of that house speaking.

We point out to you that at this very moment, America is in the hands of a design to not only be flooded with evil, but with the design to destroy every one of the White race. A Rabbi speaking in Europe, told that group of Rabbis that the last generation of White babies is now being born in the earth. That their design is the complete integration of our society and the eventual loss of racial distinction. He said there is no doubt about it, for we have successfully influenced enough of the sociologists, many of them educated from our own numbers, that they have moved this proposition into colleges and schools. We have made it so nationally accepted, we have made it so foundationally accepted, by the United Nations, and we are not witnessing their last generation of White babies to be born on the face of the earth.

Have you even stopped to ask yourself why Rabbis say this? Has it ever occurred to you that they know they are not White, but are Satan’s descendants? Well, they admit this when they say their true god is the Christian devil, and their devil is the Christians God. Thus this pretty well identifies why they hate everything that you stand for. So their design is your destruction. How long should it take for the spirit of God to stir up the sons and daughters of God to determine that they are going to survive and that they will not permit this type of influence to any longer, instruct their teachers. I think it is time that we had a ban in this State, or any other State on any instructor of this type in any school in our nation.

You know, the devil is always trying to swap something. He is always trying to swap some of his culture for yours. He knows that it will not influence his people at all, and not very many of them will hear it anyway. For he sometimes talks in to empty microphones. But he moves in to any area where there are instructors. And he expects you to require your citizens to respect him and his people. I talked to a young man who had returned from an Eastern University, and he said that he had nineteen exchange professors who had come from behind the Iron Curtain. That three of them spoke excellent English and the rest spoke thru interpreters. And he said that these professors were putting out a 100 % propaganda wave of Socialism and economic control. And in the areas of metallurgy and International world problems, he said that the students were virtually commanded to take notes and give ascent, for we had to pass examinations and give the answers according to the material these men put out. This young man said, ‘Dr. Swift, I did not believe a word of this, for it was Un-American and unsound. There was nothing compatible to our concepts and our capitalistic system. It was 100% Socialism. Yet in order to get the proper credit, and in order to show that I had listened to this drivel, I had to give ascent to this material. If not, they would have just wiped me out. I could not have returned to school because I would not have been holding up the school standards. So I had to write papers on the darkness.’

Thus, you remember what I said about evil. The best thing is to stamp it out. You know that you cannot stop the fog out here. It just sort of moves in like the darkness and sweeps across the land, and there is no way you can stop it. You might set up fans and disperse it from one area to another, but the fog just keeps on rolling in until that mass of atmosphere is dispersed. We have had something like this rolling in like the fog as we have watched the rolling in of this evil to try to so envelope the minds of men that they can make some headway with this philosophy of danger. But there is one thing which you can do. Because you can stop this type of fog. Because if you stop it from reaching the Aryan minds, either by its personal presence, or the sending in of this evil by means of communications, you could effectively seal it off from your nation.

I tell you that one of the most important things for America to learn is that we must dedicate ourselves once more to stronger and better immigration laws and deportation regulations. Yes, I have great confidence in the ability of God for HE said, ‘I will do all of My pleasure.’ HE said that RIGHT is going to triumph. HE said, ‘I am going to cleanse MY nation.’ HE will do exactly that. And I know that in this instance, irrespective of their numbers, that evil is going to face the vast hosts of God brought from that ‘far country’ out of the Heavens above. And I also tell you this. That God calls on you to stand up and be counted. I believe that the hour is very soon coming, here in your United States of America, when you are going to fight the evil in your streets. (Remember the Negro uprising in 1965?) I believe that their design for you is going to spearhead a type of revolution which they are not going to calculate properly. I believe that they are going to make the capture of the Metropolitan area their first objective. In fact, they also admitted here in the Los Angeles area that they believe the central area around the city is going to turn black. That there will be Whites fleeing form the cities and there will be a White fringe around the central cities of the earth. And they may commute in and out of the city if they wish to work in the industrial heart of the city, but all of the hearts of the cities of America are going to go into a dark and integrated type of society.

Now, when they put this into the news magazines, when they put this out as the plans of the future of the cities of America, when they say that Los Angeles and San Francisco are going to be black cities---and Oakland is fast becoming a black city---when they tell you about these situations, they are telling you what they have planned for you. They believe that if they can hold all of these cities, they can hold the nerve center of this society, and that eventually they can control all individuals and gradually forcing integration upon the White race.

Do you know what I think? I think that there will be battling in the streets before this is all over. Oh, you say, ‘Surely you don’t advocate racial strife?’ I tell you that instead of permitting the destruction of your way of life, that in the revolution wherein they have already stirred these Negroes into the fact that they are going to steal and pillage and rape---remember, that this is the prize that the Communist revolution promises them. And I am going to tell you that as that hour comes, there will be a great defense made by White Christian Americans. And there are more White Christians than there are of these revolutionaries. And the White men is going to win. Just remember that there are countless numbers of God’s Kingdom standing by throughout the Milky Way and elsewhere. Also remember that when God says HE is going to wipe evil from the earth, that HE means just that. But HE also means it when HE says you better make your plowshares back into swords, that you better get ready for the struggle.

Now, actually, we don’t want to fight with swords from plowshares. We have a lot more effective instruments today. This is symbolism. What I am telling My people is that there is going to be a battle. Now, wake up. For this is going to be a battle and I want you to have the weapons to protect yourself with. You say then you think there will be a battle for America? Yes, just as sure as the sun rises.

Now, they think they are going to bring in the hordes. And George Washington’s vision said they came in from the South, they came down from the North. They would swarm in from Mexico and they would try to take over here in the United States. George Washington said that there was fighting in the streets of the city. And there were great areas where people gathered and struck back again and again. Then the supplementary attack of the enemy and the bringing in of the Red and the black, and the attempt was made to wipe out this great nation. But when God got thru with George Washington, then he said he saw the triumph and the victory and the Light of God shinning upon our cities and he heard these word, ‘Son of the Republic, look and live.’ And he said that the storm was gone and the blacks went back to Africa--those that were left. And the Reds were gone. And in the prophecies of Ezekiel, then we were burying the dead on the vastness of the landscape. But not our dead. For I will tell you this tonight, that ye who live with evil, that ruins the morality of your youth, that puts a taint upon your society, and corrupts the very processes of government itself, and the viciousness of it produces a wave of crime and violence until the individual finds himself on the fine border of the proper service and cheating just trying to exist, when the government violates the principles of our society to carry over their continuous grab, to scatter that which belongs to you in violation of God’s law---when the leadership is surrounded by devils who have cheated always and everywhere, until we discover that the greatest area of evil has smitten our society until great positions of leadership are involved in fraud, until they have to hush it up at the Washington level, so there will be someone left that will have respect----Listen. It is far better that you battle against the evil, than to have this same situation remain in your nation. I tell you that the day must come again when the Americans can hold their heads up and respect that the Flag stands for. We respect the Flag. We respect the Constitution. But we have little respect for the powers that say they respect the Constitution and then are carrying out their destructive work in our nation.

Someone said you should respect the Supreme Court. Well, there is only one judge on their that I have any respect for. I think the time has come when the tyranny of that Court must be overthrown by the Congress of the United States.

I think we are living in the great hour when God has given us the picture of the challenge, that we must resist evil. So recognize this. For this is something which must always be retained in your mind. Evil is not just a condition that descends upon people and comes out of just anyone. Evil is an influence. It is an emanation that comes from Satan’s own children. And it is a disaster for your own country. And you can never eliminate evil from your society, and this must be a final understanding---of a problem which God refers to when HE says HE will cleanse the country, drive the Cainanites out and lift up HIS Standards again. Someone says, ‘You cannot advocate something like this.’ Of course you can. We can do this whether they like it or not. The Communist come in here and advocate destruction. The Rabbis talk about wiping out all Faith in God. If they can do that, surely we can take a stand for permanent righteousness, for this must come to pass.

Thus, we urge you to make this clear. Evil emanates from the children of evil and Light emanates from the children of God. Civilization, freedom, creativeness, kindness, is the natural attributes of your race. It is only eclipsed when you permit evil to get unusual and unprecedented praise. But God told you that this hour would come and HE assured you that you would be delivered. Thus, don’t you think it is time you called upon your God to be delivered.

As you go out of here tonight, let’s bind the darkness. Let’s think in the terms that if you resist evil, it will flee from you. Let’s try a little resistance. Let’s not be hiding from it or evading the issue. Let’s make it clear. You know the issues of evil, the unprecedented program of mongrelization, the unprecedented system of excess taxation, the gradually exchanging scales in our economy, how the control of darkness is over our economy, and this comes form the Beast system, and the anti-Christ, the United Nations. All of these things are a part of this evil so stand up and speak out against it. Then HE says to resist evil, but also get ready to fight against it. For this is a part of your destiny.

Some say, ‘but, Dr. Swift, I don’t know how to go about it.’ But you speak out and watch God show you the way to go about it.

(End of sermon)