Why The Nations Of The World Cannot Disarm, 4-8-62



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-8-62

Tonight we are considering why this disarmament program will not take place and what circumstances present evidence that this cannot happen. We are well aware that the most important source of information for today is the revealed word of God. We are also aware that all the word of God is not altogether found in the one book which we possess. But the word of God is in this Book. We have in these compiled volumes, the word of the Prophets. And these men were men like you and I, but specially selected by God. And unveiled to their consciousness were these purposes. With each revelation and with each demonstration of personal manifestation, their knowledge increased. And they were told these things as to what to write in these records. They participated in the panorama of history which effected your race and their experiences. The things which the prophets recorded were the voices and revelations and experiences which God gave them, as well as the pictures which He passed before their consciousness. And they recorded these things.

I have often been asked by Clergy who have apparently been effected by the pseudo-theology that is taught in many places of today and these Clergy say:--'Dr. Swift, do you really believe that the prophecies of the scriptures are true? Don't you just believe this is something someone wrote and people accepted them?' They seem quite amazed when I tell them I believe the prophecies of the scriptures. They say:--'But how can you believe with your study of archaeology and anthropology and these other factors of modern science, in the supernatural pattern of the prophets?' I think it is quite obvious that as you study the what the prophets have written and see what has already been fulfilled and what is happening with an accuracy never before seen, as God accompanies it with divine measure, then you are forced to believe in the things the prophets have put forth in their writings. You are forced to recognize that the words of God still remain outstanding. If the thing which is prophesied comes to pass, then it was a true prophecy. That is then the best evidence I have. For virtually every prophecy given in the scripture has been fulfilled except those climactic ones that surround the area in the period of time in which we live. Every step of these prophecies have been and are being fulfilled at the present time.

With only an outlook at what is transpiring today in the world, and a understanding of the prophecies as they pertain to what is transpiring round about, then one would know that prophecy is true. Then you can also add to this --experience. For God still calls ministers today. And to them He unveils His purposes. He continues to call and to show those that He has called, the things He wants our people to know. I think one of our problems today is the dislocation of the Clergy from their calling as far as the knowledge of God and the communications with God are concerned. Probably the most important thing that a people can have and especially -- the Church, the spiritual center of His Kingdom--is headquarter communication. If they are not inspired with vision, if they do not have the key, if they cannot find or hear the voice of God, they will never be able to guide the people in proper relationship to the events taking place. The people walk thru blindly because they be not told. How can they know unless someone tells them? How can they be told without a preacher?

These are the problems the scriptures review for you. One of the great problems we have in our time is that they have in their hands, both in the Bible and the kindred volumes of literature, contemporary with the period of its writing, the story and the history of a Race of people. A race most important to YAHWEH-God because it is His own household transplanted from heaven to earth. A race which in the midst of ancient civilizations far longer existent, but running into adverse areas of Satanic influence, a race outstanding since their arrival. A race whose impact is found upon all the peoples of the world and whose migrations and history has its mark upon all the world.

In my library, I can put my hands upon the sacred writings, the historical writings, the archaeological record of every branch of people upon the face of the earth. One of the greatest and latest volumes in this field carefully sets aside a sum total of the finest artifacts, the most beautiful photography of every find. The greatest coverage by every important archaeologist, each in his own field, whether in India, Africa or Asia, is to be found in this book. And the values and the plates are the most outstanding pieces of book making of our time. Thus when one looks over this publication, you find 600,000 years of unbroken tracing of history of people, of nations, and cities all in our hands. I do not find one discrepancy in the panorama of this record and their mention of the point of contact when your race appeared upon the scene. You might say---'Dr. Swift, what has all this to do with us?' I tell you that you cannot understand the panorama of the content of this book, or what is happening in your world until you know who you are. To go into all the ramifications to support the facts which are necessary for your understanding might take many weeks to cover the tremendous amount of information with is available. But I want you to know that when I tell you that the White Race who make up the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Nordic, Basque, Scandinavian, Lombard peoples, who make up the heart of Western Europe, and the great Colonial developments of the Western world, plus the settled and colonized South Africa, Kenya Colony, and Rhodesia, and the areas of down under such as Australia, and throughout the earth. When I tell you that these people came out of the race that God established out of His own household, His own son, that their history migrated from Adam's time thru the highest selection of the most brilliant portion of that race because they did not mutate that race. The portion of your race that did not mutate, that did not mongrelize and was most interested in maintaining their racial purity were the most spiritually alert and guided. Thus were selected for the task God wanted done.

This should teach a lesson to some present day mongrelizers that there is nothing in God's plan that gives approbation to mongrelizing and integration of races, because God always selected the purest for His purposes. The prophets always called for a Holy Seed. And HE separated Abram out of the land of Ur of the Chaldees lest he be absorbed by the Asiatic invasion that Nimrod a relative of Abram's family, was bringing into that city. Just remember that the Hamites and the man Nimrod who conquered Babel and Arak and established Ur of the Chaldees, were Adamites---White men. That Shem was the brother of Ham and that the Shemites marched with the Hamites into the place of Shinar and that Terah, the father of Abram, was a descendant of Shem and was the Prime minister of Ur of the Chaldees when God called Abram out of that city.

If you were to go back into the study of the Ur of the Chaldees and the great civilization that came along to overthrow the pagans before them, and be over thrown because they absorbed too many of the pagans, then you will discover that it was the White man, from the High Tarim Basin, from the High Plateau who marched down in a judging, avenging and constructing era to establish the great city of Oruselum which supplied Job and Enoch and the builders of the city of On--the Pyramid civilization. And because the Canaanite pagan people swept out of the area of Ur of the Chaldees to destroy the White people, then it was the desire of Nimrod the mighty warrior hunter, and those of Shem who marched with him, that they wipe out these hoards led by Babel and Arak and Tidal King of the nations, when they came into this land on the plane of Shinar.

They were only desiring to destroy these hoards who were the killers of their own race. We may disagree with things that happened, and we may say that like Solomon who at a later date got carried away, and thus Nimrod was carried away and almost destroyed, but the Babylonian philosophies and his mother as queen of heaven were later degenerations that took place in the kingdom of Nimrod, but still Nimrod was a white man, and this degeneration was not the case in the early days of that kingdom. Nor were the Shemites who marched with Nimrod to be absorbed for God told Abraham:--'I don't want you to be absorbed in this Asian race flooding in here. I don't want you to mix with them, thus you come out from among them and I will make of you a great nation and a company of nations. I will take the purest line of the seed line of my race and finish my destiny with this line. I can tell you that we can trace the history from that time thru the lineage of Jacob and his sons, thru their history in their relationship in the days of Egypt which is almost a pattern of known history to every Sunday School student. From the entrance of Joseph into Egypt until his marriage into the great household and line of the children of Seth, and the children of Enoch and Job to be found in the ancient city of ON. How the two strains of this white race were brought together when Joseph married Asenath, daughter of Potipher, the Priest of On. (Genesis 41:45)

Significantly we watch as they are led out of Egypt when Pharaoh's who knew not Joseph came to power. We watch the children under the leadership of Moses and their movement in the wilderness as under the leadership of God they are brought into conquest against the cities of Canaan, inhabited by the Pagan Hill country monsters who had wiped out every man, woman and child of your race who had existed in that ancient city after Enoch and Job moved on to their destiny in Egypt. The judgments of God may grind slowly, yet they grind like the wheels of a Great Almighty.

You will remember that in the history of Canaan land down to the days of the Assyrian captivity that all of this is but a matter of history which can be understood by every student of this history. We have mentioned before that Dan was a seafaring tribe which had adventure in their soul as well as colonization. How Dan went out of the Mideast land 1600 years before the Christ to make the coming of His entry, both in the areas of the west. And he also was identified in the people of Greece where many of the Danites stayed to join themselves with the Aryans from the High Tarim Basin who were also of your race---Aryans---Manu. How Dani made up a large part of early Greece, and then they started to move northward, and they marked the rivers that they passed as ---the Danube, the Denister, and then Dan's land still stands as marking the place of his wanderings, and trail blazing. The cities of Europe are still marked as spots of where the tribe of Dan stopped and where some stayed, and where they left his standard. This name was still part of the language and thinking when into this area came the Goutie --who were a part of the house of Judah which went into captivity with the ten tribes of Israel. Some of Judah turned back and some stayed and became warlike tribes in the hill country until the days of the migration when the Goutie went into the heart of Europe and were known as the Goths. We know today that we can trace the migrations of these nations and I can show you volumes of support by scientific authority, and by background and by chains of events, by symbols and by high marks and by mysterious wisdom which was the master wisdom of their society, the secret masonry of your race.

I want to pause here for a moment, for a great many people of your race have a great anti-feeling against Masonry. They are patriots and they know that Jewry has had great influence inside of Masonry and they know the error of Jewry of today as it supports world revolution. It has even used the words and philosophy of the Brotherhood of your race to soften and to brainwash as it talks about liberty, equality, and democracy which does not belong to the pagans, but is only talking about the household of your race.

Now I recognize the penetration of the Jews into Masonry. And they have damaged Masonry and its secret wisdom. In fact today it is awfully hard to even go thru the chairs and learn the real truth of the Mystery wisdom that belongs to your race, and which made it wise and strong. Because of this infiltration, the contamination, the play lodges, the obstruction in every place, most people have given up on Masonry. I am going to make this statement to you, that inside of this Masonry thru the centuries of your wanderings, and your traditions, like as to the spiritual heart of the church itself, Masonry carried the knowledge, and wisdom forward that was taught in the Temple of Solomon. Also taught in the great City of On where your race shown forth in the era of Pyramid building. It shown in the knowledge and wisdom of what the Greeks learned to produce as the foundation of your great Western civilization. So when I point this out to you don't ever drop the idea that Masonry is forever gone, or destroyed, and that it did not produce the great service to your race. At one time Masonry produced this great service for your race, and it can still do that even tho the enemy has joined the organization, because the enemy has also joined the church as well. Not only has the enemy joined the church, but it has also joined the highest echelons around your president, and has moved into every department of your government, and into every branch that he moved, he has destroyed. I am going to tell you that one of these days there is not going to be a single Jew in Masonry anywhere in the U. S. or any other Christian nation, just as there is not going to be one of them even in the church, or in any cabinet position of any responsibility in any white Christian nation.---You can bet on that.

In most instances, they only join to destroy from within and to gain power over you. Their desire is not wisdom, nor truth, not the purpose of the love of God.---No ---Their design is to move in and destroy you. The quicker you close ranks for the Aryan background of your history, for the vision of the spirit which has come out of the re-foundation of your Aryan God, the better off you will be. Some say-----what do you mean by that?--I mean exactly this. That you are in the image of your father. That as God --embodied walked the earth, He walked in the body of a white man, the same as you. That He disputed the same people that I am talking about who hated Him and sought His destruction in His own day. YOU cannot follow Christ unless your opposition is firm against His enemies and your enemies as His opposition was. There is no room for weakness in the Christian character. There is no room for weakness in a Christian state. There is no room in that state for us to absorb a strange pattern of emotion which is utterly removed from spiritual values of truth. The true emotion of love for your Father and for your family will build a wall that is stronger than steel against an invasion and false emotion which tells you that you must throw out and express to every on the face of the earth whether you really feel that way or not. This opens that door and packs your society with the destroyer.

This is a natural emotion which you hold for your mother, your father, and for your brothers. There is a comradeship for your schoolmates and those who belong to your various branches of your College life. There is also a feeling of kinship and for your lodge, and there is that strong affiliation inside your church which can make those in that service of the worship of your Father closer than your very relatives. I want you to know that these are not dead emotion, but rather the vibratory patterns of life. But you are being trained and taught that you are responsible for a set of emotions today which are being created and taught in schools, colleges and churches that you must somehow emote toward every man and woman on the face of the earth be they black, yellow or brown, or what ever. That if you do not do this then there is something very wrong in you, and it must be hate. My friends, there is a big distinction between hate and intelligence.

I think that the average white men that I have met and the exceptional ones in the areas of the intellectual field in the development of each in his own field, that everyone that I know would do everything he could within the proper balance anywhere on the face of the earth, if there was an opportunity, and it would prove a benefit to that individual. I think that it would not make any difference as to the extent of his services to help that person in his troubles and needs, based merely on the accident of his birth or the area from whence hee came. Nor do I think you can stop there. For I think those same people, to save a life, or to help a person in danger would within unlimited reason try to alleviate pain, or torment to the creatures round about, whether they be domestic or otherwise. I think that same intelligent person differentiates between the status of the creatures he might help and even the races round about and the fact that the basic responsibility of his survival is to his family, to his culture, and to his race is well known.

Now, it is quite obvious that we can trace this race thru their wanderings, and the paths of their migrations. And always you have had to face the hostility of the pagan religions and false religious forces, and the hoards they dominate. They have warred against your race ever since the day you arrived. We have been down here 7400 years and have never had any peace. Or you might say we have had peace between wars, but while you are having peace, some other white nation was having war. We have always had an animosity directed against us seeking to destroy this race. At the same time, up from the barbarian states for lack of supernatural vision, and out of superstitions and out of the darkness, the Light of the spiritual wisdom and vision that God has sown into the heart and soul of His children who can receive it, starts that climb of civilization and culture, from the agricultural supplied society to the secrets of how to extend and supply it, until food would not be their problem. The technological achievements in every branch of applied knowledge and wisdom has come forth until today you are without question as your enemies say--the technological masters of the earth.

I was interested in those meetings in Romania as they referred to the people of the western nations as ---the 'Have Nations.' Then they sought to explain this by saying that the western nations possess more of the worlds goods because you are not willing to give it to other people, and even help distribute it. I don't know of anything quite as foolish as this, because we are not willing to give everything we have to all the pagans on the face of the earth. But you cannot say that some knuckleheads in America are not trying to do this. Of course I have noticed that usually what they want to give away belongs to someone else. But in this same instance they have to say they are ----'have not nations.' They are not going to be able to say they are 'have nations' because they do not have their portion of the earths surface, because they have 5 times more of the land surface than you do. We are 1/6 of the worlds population, but they have far more of the land surface of the earth. In fact if they lack any of the things you have produced or attained it is because they lacked the spiritual capacity to discover it. They lack the 'know how' and this is because they have not worshiped and adjusted their consciousness to the right God from which all knowledge comes.

Now you may say that Lucifer was pretty smart, that he was the 'sun of the morning' but when he rebelled against God, he knew about everything there was to know. But in that rebellion he short circuited himself and forgot a lot of his wisdom, only retaining the ability to destroy. And no more did he have the knowledge of the ability to create. That is one of the reasons today that we find this cunning in Satans children, as they move into your schools and become scientists and many other things, as they study with your people, but they never create anything by themselves. They have to look over your shoulder and discover secrets and then run with them. I don't care whether it is in the field of vaccines, or nuclear science, the ground work is done by an Anglo-Saxon--Scandinavian, or a German and the Jew ends up saying---'I did it.' If they really did it, they would not have to steal your secrets. They would develop them in the Soviet Union by themselves.

Now, I do not say that there is a lake of cunning, an ability to absorb. I am merely saying that the creative vision and original 'know how' starts and moves with the house of God. I am not ashamed of the success of my people. And I do not have a guilt complex because I live in a 'have nation.' Nor do it have a guilt complex because I am not ready to divide any substance God provides for me --equally among all the pagans of the world. Because we have been endowed by God to support those who will not worship him. We are faced with the fact that we have emerged as the great nations of the western world. And I will not bore you by tracing these nations as we have done this for you before. But I want you to know that in this century we have been engaged in two wars of great size. That while the whole perimeter of the world was drawn into these wars either by participation or economically, still the main design behind these wars was to throw Christian nation against Christian nation. The purpose of the designers behind these wars was to cause the two branches of the white race to fight one another. They were successful in this a they then picked up the spoils and coined the money and became the masters of the day of --money and war, as the scriptures of James tell us. These who became rich men in the days of war and trouble, exploit you for a purpose. These Inter-national bankers and merchants have built a super world government that Jesus called Babylon. Jesus identified them as the people in control of the Temple, and the market place in His life time. He identified them as Lucifers descendants, as the descendants of Cain's household.

You also remember that Jesus spoke, and Revelation's reveals, that the Mystery order of evil, the attempted world order, which will be dominated by their created political strength and their massed pagan armies which seek to wage war against God's Kingdom. And in the days when you have finally defeated this evil and cast it down, in those days then every Patriot in every white nation on the face of the earth is going to discover that these fellows are 'thy Merchants', who are the controllers and builders of this false economy and false political power---are your enemies, the enemies of Christ and His Kingdom. They are the same enemies who have been creating catastrophe all over this earth, warring against the Christ, warring against your civilization, and are today building their last master plot and bringing their creation against you for your destruction.

I am going to tell you something. Communism is going to be swept from this earth. The United Nations is going to be utterly destroyed and not one plow or conspiracy of the International Jew is going to be carried out. I do not mean that we have fought the last war. But I mean you are on the edge of the greatest war that the Jew ever manipulated. This time there will be a change made. For this time the White man is not going to be fighting White men to enrich the Jew or to build his Babylonian supremacy. This time is not going to be as twice before--stirred by manipulation, economic design, assassination, and conspiracy. It is not going to be the house of Judah fighting the house of Joseph for the Jews to profit.

We have a lot of people today who do not know who the people of this book are. Today the great Assyrian Empire which we fought before, are the Turanians. The Assyrians come out of the Steppes. And the branches of Assyria today, who are having trouble with the little state of Israeli, that Assyria is a part of the house of Ishmael. They were not called Assyrians in those days. Because they were known as Ishmaelites. The Assyrians we fought in those long ago days were made up of the peoples who came out of the Steppes. They had already fought their way down to the areas of Mesopotamia and all the way into Palestine. They sent their Sumerian armies all the way into Europe and were driven back. They leveled out in the Steppes. They are the areas of the Mongolians and Gog and Magog. The areas of Asia and Gog and Magog are names in the book of Ezekiel for the Russias and the Prince of Russia.

This does not always apply. For at one time the Czar of Russia was an Anglo-Saxon Judahite. For the Czar and the King of England and Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany were cousins. The Czar was ruling over Gog, but he was not Gog. He was David ruling over Gog and Magog. I want you to know that the people that make up the Germanic states are the House of Judah and Israel his companions. That the states which make up the Western front which involves the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian nations along the coasts of the earth and reach down into White Spain, White Italy and into White portions of France which are the real White portions of the West, and where farther out reaches into Iceland and the United States was the House of Joseph. Or shall we say that the whole phase of the Israel nations no longer are divided, except into two groups for the climactic events of these latter days.

In the 37th chapter of Ezekiel, I read these words:--'Therefore prophesy, Ezekiel, and say---I am going to bring Israel up out of their graves and they will stand as mighty powers in the earth. This is the thing I want you to know that I am going to put My spirit on you and Ye shall live. Thus thou son of man, take thee one stick and write upon it for Judah and for the children of Israel his companions. Then take another stick and write upon it for Joseph, the stick of Ephraim and for all the house of Israel his companions. Then join them one to another and I will weld them together as one great and might striking power against the enemies of My Kingdom and My people.' Remember that the house of Judah and the house of Israel were prophesied by Jeremiah as to being Christian people. They were to have a new covenant put in their hearts and be identified as My people--putting My spirit upon them--putting My name upon them. And both of these great branches were to stand out as Christians. In fact, the spirit of God started to move out as the Apostle Paul went to Britain and into Europe. And as he said:--'The spirit expressly forbade me to go to Asia.' The Apostle Paul wrote to your race, to the descendants of Heber and said in the book of Hebrews:--'This is what Jeremiah was talking about when he said---'God would pour out His spirit and He would pour that spirit out on the house of Judah and the house of Israel.' This was the covenant made as Jeremiah told you and it was the spreading of Christianity among the house of Judah and the house of Israel in Europe. If that was the covenant that God made with the house of Judah and the house of Joseph, then these two great blocks of nations that are Christian, were speedily identified with this prophecy in Europe.

We have a lot of silly people who want to keep on fighting the Germans just because we fought twice with Germany in the past under Jewish manipulations. Germany is waking up and I hope you are waking up to realize that you shouldn't fight a war with any Christian nation or any of your society just to please an enemy who has been nothing but an exploiter of your race.

I might pause and say that under the Grace of God, almost everything that you can say which has been a benefit to your western culture was preserved for you at one time by the Goutii--the Herrinbach. You will understand this in time. Remember this, that the Princes of Germany laid down a defense and held the line against the world powers of pagan forces led by International Jewry deception in the days when the forces of Genghis Khan came into Europe. Did you know that World Jewry from the Isle of Pergamos and from Vienna brought in, betrayed and guided the hoards of Asia to attack Christian civilization, to divide the spoil and to establish their power over Western Europe. God raised up the Goutii. He raised up the house of Judah and Israel his companions and they helped stop these forces. For a 'warlike' power, was to be Judah. They knew their destiny. And from the earliest days the Goutii remembered things from their earliest history. Things which thru their mystery schools of Masonry, they had been taught. They knew that they came from a household which God had planted in the earth. They knew that the white race of which they were a part, was the --Herrinbach--the master race of God's own sons. That didn't start in the days of Adolph Hitler. That didn't start in the days of Bismarck or Kaiser Wilhelm. The word was a part of the cry of Martin Luther when he called for the --Herrinbach of God to turn back the hoards of the earth which were trying to crush civilization from off the earth.

Let me tell you this. The house of Judah and their companions and the house of Joseph and their companions make up all the great nations of which your flag and the Union Jack and the other great nations of the Western world depend upon for guidance and strength. There isn't any doubt but that the Germanic and the Anglo-Saxon Europe are the two mighty and strong pillars that were powerful as it relates to the resistance against the hoards of the East. I point out these facts that you have arrived at the hour of great strength. You have arrived at the hours of national strength, and in the hours when you think victory is almost in your grasp. Then in that hour some strange phenomena seems to steal from you--the peace. I tell you that the greatest mistake in all time and history as it relates to your race and the preservation of your society, is the fact that you have allowed a destructive '5th column' to move into your society like a cancer eating our your very soul. This '5th column' moves by the design to supplant the achievements of your society with a pagan, agnostic, Bolshevist world. And that design is to spread that paganism, that Bolshevist system --and this is the work of the Jew throughout the world and has been in all time and thru the centuries. He--the Jew--Bolsheviki in one way or another, the same attempted, soulless society that reduces all people to a hopeless mass, guided by its superior power from the cradle to the grave. And as one man said:--'We will be the leaders.'

Today you say 'Peace' in our times. Their greatest achievement is the re-gathering, the rebuilding--out of the Steppes, the Assyrians. The other day I heard some silly preacher on the air say:--'The Germans are the Assyrians.' The scripture didn't say:--'I will make a covenant with the Assyrians to make Christians out of them.' It said:--'I will make a covenant with the house of Joseph and the house of Judah.'

One of the strongest pillars today for your defense against the East, is the rebirth and industrial strength of modern Germany, tied to the incitive and creative ability of the United States. For you have become the house of Joseph's most powerful son. The fact is that the world cannot believe nor can the Jew ever comprehend that after all, that he had turned loose among the nations of God's Kingdom, that any country beat down, smashed and pulverized, like they thought Germany was, that they would ever rise again. And yet 15 years later, it is the strongest economic portion of Europe of today. Yes. We have helped them do it because it is a part of your society. Thus you are a part of it. God ordained that you would do this. And I am going to tell you that you are never going to tear Germany down again. You are not going to go to war against Germany ever again.

We have watched the expanding armies of our enemies as they have gathered since W.W. II, twice as much territory of the earths surface now belongs to his group as before. He has gathered 25% more of the world population to his numbers since W.W. II. If you think you have had 'Peace' since you went into the United Nations, you are deceived. For you could not have peace, since there has been no union. There could be no union except to trap and tie the hands of your leadership. How could you unite people who move under inspiration, whose concept of life and living are inspired by their 'Faith' in the Most High God, with those who want to expand power to set men free--and a people who want to conquer the world, to render them slaves of the state. To a people who deny their individual rights and make them collectively a part only of the survival of a state?--How can you possibly join in a union those two groups?

As we said this afternoon, in China, where they worshiped their ancestors to a revered age, when Communism came in they killed 1,800,000 of the old people who were over 80 years of age because the state was soulless and held no value on the human soul. You cannot be joined in any kind of a union, as a White Christian nation--to those of Africa or Asia, and any part of the pagan earth. Your enemy has promised to bury you every time he has gotten the soap box. Your enemy has not changed. He cannot even come to the 'Peace table' unless he rattles the mallet over your head. If you had leadership who understood this book as well as they do the propaganda of the enemy, which they have swallowed, there wouldn't be any peace table.

I talked to a clergyman whose denomination is about as dead as a denomination can be in this day and still be a church. The only thing that he could cite was that he was a preacher. He said to me:--'Dr. Swift, would you actually advocate a preventive war?' I said:--'You can't end this thing and set men free without a victory.' He said:--'Oh, I would rather stand, rather than take one human life, I would rather stand and die in my tracks and call on my Lord.' I said:--'You and I have a different Lord.' He said:--'What do you mean?' I said:--'My Lord is going to come back with the biggest army you ever saw and finish this fight.' He looked at me sort of blank and said:--'Where did you get that? I said:--'Did you ever read the book of Revelation?' He said:--'Oh, I don't believe in much of that.' So I said:--'Well did you ever read the 38th chapter of the book of Ezekiel, where God tells how the aircraft and missiles of the enemy will come to attack the cities of the great Christian nations where they live without walls? How God is going to raise a mighty army of our people and we will finish this fight for all times with the powers of this Communist menace. And how it will take 7 months to bury the dead?'---Someone said:--'You can't start a revival with that.' No, but I can get enthused.

There is something for you to remember. You cannot revive something the pagans never had. The only place where you can have a revival is where your race lives. If we stop this trying to revive people in a lot of silly emotion and get on down to what God said, and then get into the facts of how the blessings of God and the love of God have benefited a society that serves Him, we would become more spiritual than emotion has demonstrated.

I tell you that in the book of Ezekiel, it tells me this hoard gathered out of God and Magog. This dispersion and the driving back of the sons of Judah, the driving of the White man out of Russia by the hoards, has only set the stage. This murder of the White Czar, the killing of the White Russians, the driving out of any who could escape, the bringing in of the Mongolian hoards, the rising of the Khazars, the Jewish Mongolian force, the creation of the Bolsheviki revolution was only a repetition of these upset principals from the day Rabbi Marx's boy on down to their present financial '5th column' in your nation.

I tell you that they work night and day to steal the weapons secrets that they were never smart enough to create themselves. I am alert to the military potential of the Soviet Union and the masses like ants of Asia, who if you put a weapon in their hands and show them how to use it, they become dangerous. I know that Nuclear weapons in the hands of China become a threat. I realize that is why they held a peace conference in which they try to threaten us that if we do not bring China into the world government that we might have nuclear war. Even if Russia and we disarm, we would still have war. Because with China's balance of power, then she could take over the world government of the United Nations. Then she could bypass our flag and destroy our parliamentary procedures, end the White Western culture. I tell you that if the United Nations recognizes Red China, they better not bring any of their police force over here because I know a lot of American men who will shoot them like jack rabbits. If they raise up leaders for us like Rehoboam, then there are millions of White Americans who like Jeroboam will say:--'To your tents O Israel.'

However, this is not going to happen. For the hand of my Father is as delicate as a surgeon and He can and will cut out and remove everything which will obstruct, hurt and destroy the people of God's Kingdom. The reason why you cannot disarm, or have a disarmament conference, is because all this talk of disarmament is only a trick to get you too worried about the third party, that you will surrender everything that constitutes our government in order to gain--'Peace.' By this method, you wouldn't gain any peace. Because they would kill you when they get you in their hands. Jesus knew there were enough people He could wake up, until they would stop this and it would never happen. His disciples said:--'Master, till us what will be the sign at the end of the age.'

One of the signs that Jesus told them about was that there would be wars and rumors of wars. And kingdoms would rise against kingdoms, and nations against nations. But they will not do this with lollipops. And they don't do this across a table. God almighty, told you thru the prophet Joel about the hour in which you live. He said:--'Wake up My people and call upon the Lord thy God, this is your heritage. And I will deliver everyone of you who's name is written in the book--since the beginning of time.' This is what the enemy is doing. And you better do the same. 'Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears. Because you are going to have to stand off the Northern army. If God Almighty said that you are going to have a war to fight, then you better not settle this at a 'Peace table.' Then God said--'alright now, come all you heathen and all you pagans, move into this new day of the new battle of Jehosaphat, come on down against My people,---multitudes and multitudes of you--into the valley of decision. We will see what is more powerful--on the face of the earth.----Which will it be?--You of the Northern hoards or My people with Spirit, Vision, and Technology--IN MY HANDS.'

I would rather have 10 Americans at my side that thousands of the pagans anytime. Remember how David and one man at his back, one man on either side of him, stood against the Philistine army---the whole army of them. You say---oh that can't happen anymore.' But one man with nuclear punch, is better than a whole army with swords.

I turn to this pattern as many ask, 'How close we are to this happening?' We will see this great explosion spark as the enemy makes moves in the Middle East and into Europe. The Viet Nam war is to tie you down with expansion. Israeli is calling the shots with Moscow and it is starting harassment attacks upon the Arab nations. I just want to brief you in this picture right now.

The people of Jordan, Egypt, and Syria are almost all Ishmaelites. These people were dwelling in Palestine under a British mandate and had always dwelled there. And the scriptures tell you that Ishmael always had a right to dwell among the tents of his brethren, and under their leadership. Bethlehem was an Arab city of rights. And Jordan has a right to be Jordan. And Egypt to be Egypt. Palestine belonged to all of the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Germanic, and kindred people by deed. --Jeremiah paid every leader who was holding tribal territory in Palestine. Jeremiah paid them for the land and gave them the cash for the land and received the deed by admission of the council. Then he carried the deed to Ireland and from there it went to Scotland, to Wales and then into the British treasury. Thus Britain had to agree that they had a rightful mandate when in the day of the 9th month of the 1334th year of the Aegean calender, came the fulfillment of the prophecy of Haggai and the prophecy of Daniel, as Britain took over the city of Jerusalem without firing a shot, as the Arabs said:--'It is the will of Allah.' And their armies marched out of Jerusalem.

From 1917 on, International Jewry had been plaguing the world saying that Palestine was their land, as they try to take over something which does not belong to them. And even before the British Parliament--this was brought out that the deed was held and they decided that the Jews did not have title to the land of Palestine. They permitted some of the Jews to enter into the land. But if you will read the Baulfour Declaration, you will discover that it did not contain the granting of Palestine to the Jews. When Israeli with the abortive Stern gang, which was gathered from all the slums of the world, invaded Palestine to overthrow the British mandate, they murdered Lord Moyin and killed British soldiers trying to hold the peace. They drove Arabs from their homes. They took Christian Monasteries and schools. And they raped the teachers and killed the clergy and threw their violated bodies down into the wells to destroy the value of the wells. They raped and murdered and killed in the most bloody of our modern times. I can show you the records which Count Bernadot amassed before the Jewish assassins killed him. I have copies and photographs of the white papers of the evidence of these facts which were assembled before the Jews tried to destroy the facts. At no time anywhere in the world, was greater barbarity perpetrated than that wrought by the Jews against the Christians and Arabs in Palestine, at the setting up of this abortive state of Israeli. In all their imagination of gas chambers, there was nothing any more evil than the Jews as they went into Palestine. The United Nations finally realized this. But they then accepted the status quo that was in occupation and already in place. But do you know where the weapons came from for the Stern gang invasion? The weapons were bought and paid for by powerful Jews, with money extracted from America and Europe. But the Soviets supplied the weapons which came from the plants of Scotia, Czechoslovakia and from Russian plants. These Communist plants supplied the weapons and the ammunition for this grab for Palestine. You may remember the days when the United Nations said:--'In the name of peace, we will divide the land of Palestine into different areas of Jewish, Christian and Arab people.' God said:--'WOE TO ANYONE WHO DIVIDES MY LAND.'

The United Nations divided the land and said:--'Now put down your arms and we will arbitrate everything.' The Arabs obeyed. They put down their arms. And when they became unsuspecting, --the Jews invaded and they crossed the Negev and pushed and killed and drove the Arabs out of their remaining home lands. More than that, my friends, they drove thousands of those Arabs out into the desert without food or water. And Egypt had to move in to help these Arabs, as did Jordan. Seven times Israeli has broken their breach and extended their territory. And I have the testimony of observers from the United States Navy and Military who were sent as United Nations observers of your government, who were over in the land of Syria and in the areas of Jordan when Israeli attacked without provocation. They first captured the house where these men from the United States were staying, then they blindfolded them and moved them 20 odd miles as they moved the line back. They fought a war and held these observers prisoners, then turned them loose and said:--'We have changed the town a bit, but this is where the line is now.' Nothing was done about this situation. But I have the documents telling of this. I have been in Washington D.C. and I have talked to the foreign service experts and I have the testimony of these facts. I can confirm what I am telling you---that--the Jews are the outlaws of the earth. They are responsible for the coming of the bloody hoards of Asia against Christian civilization. Our nation promised every Arab nation to give or to sell them weapons for their defense. But the power of Jewry kept us from keeping our commitment to the Arabs. I know why President Nasser of Egypt turned to Russia. And it was because he didn't know that Russian was the other leg of this same Jewish plot. Then after his weapons and tanks and so forth were provided to the Arabs, they were in debt to Russia. And then they found out that the Russians ammunition would not fit anything but the Russian produced weapons. They were then forced to hang on to Russia as they couldn't buy ammunition from the Western world because it would not fit the Russian weapons. However, this has changed. For the Arab world formed the 'United Arab Republic.' Then came the split as the communist tried to break this up, and Syria split away and said this Arab League is to be broken up. The Russians had moved in and were trying to take over each of the Arab areas separately. The strongest area of Syria was the area of its British and Western trained soldiers. They were universally trained by experts. So Syria bided its time as they were being harassed by Israeli, and their own administration under the influences that were prevailing and the economic conditions and the finances and the lures of the oil fields and other factors, and the administration had not been progressive enough in protecting Syria. And the army was afraid that they would be sold out. So the Syrian army, after the Israeli attacked the Syrian bases, took control again and threw out the government they no longer trusted. Then they went to Egypt to re-cement the Arab League.

Russia didn't like this. But the Soviet Union and Israeli can stop this situation anytime they want to, as they are the aggressors. The equipment now coming to the Syrian army comes from Sweden and Western Germany. They have been supplying the steel and machinery and have been financing the rearming of the Arab world. This is a business adventure of course. But I think it is significant that you recognize at this time that the peoples who make up the Arab states have once more watched this violation. The other day, a Swedish officer from the United Nations was sent to the Mid-East to see who was the aggressor in this battle between Jerusalem and Syria. He discovered that Israeli is getting ready for war. Her armies are getting ready for war. She had new equipment and she is planning on the Ben Gurion plan to extend that great Jewish Empire over Egypt and Babylonia of old, and Mesopotamia. And its even to reach clear over to Algeria, to the coast of Northern Africa. This is a public fact and can be verified from Jewish publications. And I can show you these facts. They planned to put the squeeze on Syria and to cut off her supplies. And Russia and Israeli were working together on this matter. But things have changed a little bit. Now Russia stands to move in on their squeeze on Syria. The powers of darkness are getting ready to move once more. Strangely as the report was made to the United Nations, then Israeli was the aggressor. Israeli attacked and leveled their shells on peaceful citizens. Syria counter attacked with mobile units and the Jews got up in the United Nations the other day and shouted that the man from Sweden was a liar. And demanded that the United States and Britain get ready to help Israeli against the Arabs. But the United States was forced to recognize that the statements and the photographs showed that Israeli was the aggressor. And the United States told Israeli to be still.

One of the great plots going on today is the Russian design in conjunction with Israeli of producing the starting spark of a holocaust in the Mid-East. And then force America to go to Israeli to protect the Jews. And in that process loose the best wishes of the whole world. But I am going to tell you this. America is not going to go into the Mid-East to fight Arabs. Because there are too many Americans who will not let America fight another war for the Jews. If it were not for German finance and Swedish compliance, there would not have been a rearming of the Arab States with weapons upon which they had to depend upon the Western world. It would have left them sorely dependant upon Russia. I was told the other day that even cannons for their tanks as well as their light equipment, is being remade so that they don't have to depend upon Russia for ammunition. With ships going back and forth from Egypt and Syria to Sweden then Arab countries no more have to depend upon Russia for their equipment and ammunition. Hostilities are planned to break out in this area so then tell me this. Is everyone going to disarm? Are you going to fight a war with toothpicks?

Soviet Russia has planned the expansion in the areas of the Viet Nam war so as to tie America down preparatory to create trouble as summer advances in the West German situation. She tries to blackmail us into agreeing to recognize East Germany to neutralize West Germany and create an open city ---Berlin. I don't know how tenacious Mr. Kennedy will be in this matter. But I know that a great many citizens of this country are going to be tenacious in that any political representative they support will have to keep their word.

Now, we have talked to you for all of 55 minutes as to the panorama of some of these world events. We have talked about the build up of what is being prepared as trouble all over the world. About the battle crisis that is developing inside of Europe and in the Middle Ease. With the stepping up of the arming of Cuba. I want to repeat what I told you last week. The 'United States and World News' quotes Margaret Chase Smith who is a United States Senator just returned from South America. She said that the South American nations are aware of a tremendous arsenal which has been stored in Cuba. That she has been stirring up trouble. That the weapons ships of the Soviet Union arrive daily as Cuba stirs up trouble all thru Latin America. And Mrs. Smith says that we are losing the respect of the South American people. Why? Because we have, since the days of Mr. Eisenhower, and now under Mr. Kennedy, gone down and looked around and smiled. We should have gone down and pulverized the Castro military machine and set Cuba free and protected all of Central and South America, and our interests from the invasion of an alien policy of an empire which is dedicated to our destruction.

Now, my friends, those people of Central and South America want the United States to enforce the Monroe Doctrine. And they have lost confidence in America because America hasn't provided leadership.

Another article was in the L.A. Times by one of these brainwashed brains of the intellectual field, without the ability to adjust and assimilate the Mosaic. This was the President's brother, Dr. Eisenhower. And he said that the great programs of our alliance for progress were magnificent. He said that the thing that hurt us the most in our history was our abortive invasion to interfere with the right of the people of Cuba to determine the kind of government that they wanted. That American attempt to overthrow Mr. Castro, was one of the most serious things that lost us the respect of Central and South America. For we were interfering with the Cuban rights of self-determination. He said if we get involved in a second invasion of Cuba it will be the greatest catastrophe for America's stand for a free country that ever took place.

I am going to tell you that it is brainwashed idiots that has hurt American policy. Go ahead and blush because you are not blushing for me. It is your own shame. I want you to know that America will have more respect in Latin America if it smashes Communism in Cuba before it spreads its cancer, than it will if you do not move. That all the money you send down there will not earn for you the respect and leadership that one success over Cuba will provide. The facts you will survey between the patterns of Senator Smith and Dr. Eisenhower stand for comparison of the difference between successful foreign policy and international idiots. We stand with a bomb beneath us now. And for it to be detached, we are waiting for it to run out its full time we are waiting. We point out that there cannot be any disarmament of nations until there is a Spirit guided by the same Spiritual force which makes your nation great and your civilization what it is dedicated to. Setting men free. If we invaded Cuba, it would be to set people free from the tyrannical bursts of Communism. And we would like to see the Cubans elect officials who would give those people the freedom which belongs to you. America would help them. And America would have, with them, made our success and their liberty. Communist success would be their enslavement, even their starvation as time will prove.

You are standing on the threshold of a great struggle. I am going over into a theological realm of climax and you can disagree with it or not, but you cannot change its development. I point out to you that the Prophet Daniel has prophesied this. And we told you this a few weeks ago as we talked about the 'mark of the beast', that the hoards of Asia, under this power of darkness, this man with his thunderings and dark countenance who was destroying a world with his cry of 'Peace' would eventually engage in a war with you the 'Holy People of the Most High God.' I turn to Revelation 12 and it tells me that the armies of the dragon, were cast out into earth with him, who are the same whom Jesus identified as being with him, his children. These are the ones who make war on Christian civilization and your race. If you will turn to the 12th chapter of Revelation and to the last verse. This tells me that the hoards of this dragon, out of Asia and the whole earth, will make war with your civilization. Make war with all that remains of this Israel civilization, these people of God. They will make war with the people who have the Commandments of God and the Testimony of Jesus the Christ.

This is the story of Revelation--that the pagan hoards will make war with you and the outcome is--either--you or them.

I am not going to leave it there. John, in Revelation, says:--'Suddenly, I lifted my eyes up and in space I saw the heavens and they were filled with a great and mighty company of the Most High. I saw a great ship. I saw its great standards and I saw its emblems of YAHWEH--KING OF THE UNIVERSE. I saw the great heraldry standards of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I saw these armies and I saw the armies of the Universe which followed after Him.

If you think that space has ever had a great show, there is coming a time when all the armies of the Universe, all the armies of space are going to follow the great Flag Ship of God Almighty. And He who led this great army out of the heavens was King of Kings--YAHSHUA--the one you call Jesus. It tells me that all the Mao-Tse-Tungs, and all the Chou EnLais, and all the Khruschevs, all those who make up the political leaders of the Beast System of the earth,--all who make war on GOD'S KINGDOM, are going to gather their armies, their space crafts, their nuclear weapons, everything they possess, and set them all over the earth to do what?----To try to make war with HE who comes from the heavens as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.

Do you mean to tell me that they will disarm before Jesus comes?---No. They are even going to try to use their arms on our reinforcements as HE comes in. It won't take very long, however. And you haven't developed in your technology of war as far as the dissolving power of the light bulbs which proceed from the weapons of your reinforcements. The light, the disintegrating power, the forces which shall move, will be more than the armies of darkness can stand. You are told that all the armies of the Beast System will be broken and smashed. That they will not win over the nations of God's Kingdom. This will be a triumphant hour. And when it is all over, every weapon shall be broken and every sword laid down and there shall be only one army. And it will not be from the United Nations. But will be a Christian Army which shall rule the world with a police force and righteousness until people have learned to make war no more. I believe in 'Peace' that you can enforce. That will be our--'Peace.'

We have told you that in Christian society, you are the household of God, a chosen people, the Celestial children, the sons of the Most High,-- who are to establish a righteous system of Government. Anglo-Saxondom, --you are the household of the Most High,--the race God has chosen to bless. Germany, you are the Herrinbauch--the sons of the Most High, the master society He has chosen to bless. I tell you this. All the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic people, the House of Judah and the House of Joseph, and all their kindred brethren, are going to be welded into one great resistant force that Communism and the hoards of the pagans east will never be able to defeat. All the designs to mongrelize you into all the color schemes of the world will not accomplish their goal. And you can say:--'Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven.'---Our plan is not to enslave men, our plan is to set them free. But you will fight the four corners of the earth in your resistance and call for assistance in the hours that are ahead.

(end of message)