Why Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice, 8-30-61


Why Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice

by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-30-61

This afternoon we are discussing a subject which is quite significant as we survey the strategy of the opposition of God’s Kingdom and that which must be understood to accomplish the victories which belong to the household of God. Tremendous amounts of energy are being put out today, to accomplish the objectives which we are being told in the Ecclesiastical orders of our times of the services of God and the work that He would have us perform. Throughout the length and breadth of our land, and throughout Christendom, throughout the world, a false strategy has been empowered by the forces of darkness. This is to seek to interpret for the Church of God the purposes of God which the forces of darkness would like to have the Church of God destroy.

It is quite reasonable to expect that the forces of darkness are not interested in the purposes of God’s Kingdom, for they would like to retain the earth under their control throughout the ages to come. They are also well aware that in the strategy of God’s purpose and in the operations of the Church, that this is the great spiritual center of His Kingdom. It is the oracle, the meeting of their congregations, and their awakening and the catalyzing of their thought, discerning His purposes for an individual hour. All these things stir up and carry out the directives of God. And as it becomes the great force for the nations of God’s Kingdom, the whole family of God in earth then assume their responsibility and as it occupies in earth, the kingdoms of darkness are shaken. And the forces of evil realize that we are getting closer to the day when they will no longer control the earth, and when the kingdoms of this world shall become the Kingdoms of our LORD and His Christ when manifested sons and daughters who say that every knee shall bow and every tongue proclaim that He alone is God. And then He determines these words that even this synagogue of Satan is going to worship at thy feet and know that He has loved you and has placed you in the earth for this accomplishment.

Therefore, we point out that one of the master designs in the areas of the powers of darkness today is to seek to penetrate the center of this energized resistance to the powers of darkness. At no time was the Kingdom of God taught the way of acquiescence. At no time were we asked to retreat from the major objective for which the Kingdom of God was planted here in earth, which is the overthrowing of darkness and the raising of Divine Standards, the ruling of the earth under the administration of God’s Kingdom and the forced recognition if necessary, that the revelation of the manifestation of God was still the Almighty--Alpha and Omega. From this objective there could be no turning away. The sons and daughters of God were placed in the earth to accomplish these objectives from their very beginning in the earth.

When we start with the Genesis of this book, we start with the household of God And it is their book and of the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH. But as we talk about Genesis of creation, we are talking about antiquities far beyond the descriptive work provided for us in the opening of the Genesis book. But in the course of these patterns of events, we came here with a mission and that mission was the Kingdom of God. We are well aware that there are many people who have tremendous views of what is before them in life. They have tremendous numbers of objectives. And as they survey the situations in their environment, they try to maintain those objectives. Many of them are the acquisition of substance or the enhancing of their Academic wealth and their status in society, and of the attaining of what they view as security for their families. And these become permanent objectives in their lives.

Now, these objectives are not objectives in which there is condemnation. But there must be evaluation for proper perspective in relation to the purpose for which they entered the earth. It is important that first they must seek the major objective:--“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all of these things shall be added unto you.” Nothing has the Father retained from His children and His Household in their occupation of the earth. There is no good thing that He would withhold from His people and the secret of attainment, the secret of a full functioning operation of a son and daughter of God walking in the earth with full perspective of His Light, and the evaluation with which he puts the charge of his responsibility, which is the helping to bring in that Kingdom, while seeking to find His application in relationship to it, seeks then the imputed righteousness of God. Not that he might exalt himself above his brethren, for there have been charges of humility, not as it relates to the world about it, nor as it relates to the status of our Sonship, but as it relates to our authority one over the other. The desire and attainment of leadership shall be, and must be in proper perspective to the strength and maintainment of the Kingdom and its programs.

As we look out over the world today, we find that God has planned throughout time that He would stir out those who were selected and chosen by Him for a specific task. There is no doubt that as far as the Omniscience of the MOST HIGH, there is the fact that He knew our timing into the earth. He knew the areas by foreknowledge of your particular choice, your profession, and your operation and function. But in this certain time table God had established forever among His people, this fact that there would be spiritual leadership whose responsibility would be to SEEK TO KNOW, and by His assurance, he was provided a knowledge of God concerning His purposes and His plan, concerning the very wavelength of inspiration in which He declared and claims His authority. Thus the establishment of this plan of raising up ministers and leaders was ordained from the beginning. And specifically did He set this line over your household and your race when He selected Levi to remain as His ministers over your race forever, and then dispersed them among all the household of Israel and all of the nations of His Kingdom, and selected, called and stimulated them out of the background of the pattern of life by a persuasion with them, and by the illumination within them of the purposes and plans of God, until they felt the calling of God and knew that there was a ministerial challenge that had been given unto them.

But the problem we are dealing with today is how has this been changed or tampered with as it effects the perspective of God’s people. Well, the Luciferian forces had an idea. They planned on perfecting more and more this idea of a professional Clergy. And then they moved this professional Clergy into the Church. And thus would see that they were academically fitted with sufficient knowledge to support the individual areas of support for their church. Generally it was to lead people away from the whole foundation of the original doctrine and carry them into unlimited objectives which would appear as tho the finest devotion which could be supplied by men which would help and produce a better condition for society. They sought to transfer the worship of God into a ‘World Social Service’ in which with great devotion and intense energy, men would devote themselves to the betterment of the people of earth. Thus we had what even developed into a ‘social doctrine.’

We have not detected in our thinking this afternoon, at any time the church’s responsibility of lifting up Divine standards. More than this, in showing responsibility and wisdom and knowledge which would extend and carry forward God’s purposes and to challenge the children of God’s Kingdom to establish that Kingdom, to expand its power and to bring into complete truition, the status of God’s Kingdom. But the church has not been challenged. Nor is its responsibility to lift and change the social order of the world and to provide an economic dispersion of the world’s very goods to the people who deny the very God who brought it about. Nor is it the church’s responsibility to assume a social impact upon society, rather than first discharge our spiritual responsibility. So under this situation, it was a very skilled design in which they introduced a professional Clergy. And today, they are charged that throughout the Denominations and the Ecclesiastical institutions, throughout not only our nations, but throughout the nations of the world, extending into all branches of Protestantism. And Rome itself has produced a professional Clergy.

Now, those men have selected as they thought throughout the past, that they would be a direct service to mankind. Many of them have been induced to enter into this area and apply themselves to study every economic and social problem. And then they become the instrument as the way WHICH SEEM RIGHT UNTO MEN. Thus it is that the propaganda program of our enemy was to turn us to the establishment of God’s Kingdom. It was to get us as a system of ‘Good will’ to accept all of the theology and all of the religious systems of men. That the will rounded student of theology would embrace all efforts of theology as it approached unto God and thus was received with power and received as a ‘Brotherhood’ of mankind and a ‘fellowship of religion.’ All of this, my friends, extended into the very flowery expressions of the modern theological approach which would seem that they were finding a wonderful approach and everyone was moving into a Utopian age. But I want you to know that these very principals and foundations of embracing and accepting and joining and expanding all the pattern of theology, all the existing religious systems of the world, and then eliminating from the church the absoluteness of the One and only True Deity and HIS Revelation in the earth,---this process is not the process of the Church. The Church is the Oracle of GOD. It is the Oracle of God’s Kingdom. It is the Gospel which is the Good News of the Salvation of the Throne of God which reaches out to HIS sons, establishes HIS Kingdom and reaches out to the ends of the earth.

So in this instance, I want to make this clear this afternoon, that there exists today in all of the church, as its physical body might be identified, that there are two types of Clergy. Those who have been called of God, who are the Levi of God throughout the nations of God’s Kingdom, and a professional Clergy who follow away on the path which seems ‘right unto men,’ but the end thereof is death.

Now, in this instance, they spend their lives in so much activity that they never have the time to read. They are moving and coming and going and working on every program of so-called socialist betterment. I heard the other day of a church which had meeting after meeting and raised ninety-seven million dollars to supply the Negroes in their revolution against law and order. And these churches have sacrificed ninety-seven million dollars and have entered into a program to give this to a people who violate the law, who oppose the standards of God and the very law of His Kingdom.

Now, some will say, what a tremendous work, the activity which went into this. But God does not smile at this activity at any time. More than this, instead of the Church saying, ‘Thus saith the LORD,’ and holding up the standards of God’s Kingdom, and with all this desire to render service as almost all Christians do, to the betterment of the society, and the conditions of their land---but there was no provision made inside the program of God’s Kingdom where they advocate policies which would be destructive to God’s Kingdom and to the standards of His civilization. Thus we point out to you that this is just another one of those areas in which a professional Clergy who does not know ‘Thus saith the LORD’ applies himself to errors that are destructive. Within the same area, we find ourselves being approached today by certain instruments being set up by the ‘World Order’ to the Anti-Christ, and to its entrapment of our own nation. When God told us to come out of Babylon lest we be partakers of her judgements, He was warning us of this World Order system, which is being pushed as the economic and social solutions for the world’ problems. And would join us with an unprecedented majority, who would out vote and out maneuver us with pagans, and idol worshipers and those who have nothing in common with us. In this situation we are told that we are buying peace and security. We are killing ourselves with the darkness. And we are mixing the salt of the earth with sand and we are losing savor. And as a result, this is a disaster to God’s Kingdom if it were followed.

But fortunately for us out God is a merciful God who does not intend to see His Kingdom swallowed up. He does not plan to see the end of this age bringing about the victory for the forces of Lucifer. But we point out to you that the strategy is one which they have been selling us from our pulpits a very, very light message of the beauty of the flowers as they have done in Asia for a long time. And while they speculate on the Lotus flower, they live in poverty and they live among the vermin. And they live with catastrophe and have no spiritual vision.

In the instance of all this today, we are to look upon the beauty of not resisting anything, while excepting and working with all things. And now they would carry out its basic construction. Across my desk continually come directives from the National Council of Churches, programs which the Federal Government is actually not supposed to have anything to do with. But they are seeking to influence churches to implement their political invasion into the new areas which they have taken on, which is expanding across the world. Everything from feeding the world to coordinating the strata of all nations and men into one working Brotherhood and Fellowship, confined in ‘error’ which blacks out for all times the path of truth.

We find this significant when we are asked to answer questions and join with the placing and identifying the church and its position with all of these strange strategies, and they want our acquiescence into this program of error. And they then turn to the process as to which churches will be qualified by exception, and others that will go alone and fit in, while others will be denied the hand of government which they might possess and who will lose their tax exempt status while being denied the right of performing any specific function such as marriages, and any of these civil contracts. And it will be taken from them, the government recognition of their religious status unless they complied with the world board. And now the United Nations is setting up such a situation. A great World Church building in the United Nations is to be completed in just a few weeks. It camps on the United Nations property in New York City. There are twelve stories in this religious building from which the United Nations now plans to control the religious forum and the religious activities of the churches of the world. And this reduces the structure of the church to a social organization to carry out the social objective of a social service. And you in your state will have a social service to look after its needs and meeting the problems of poverty. But the vast program is to use the church to accomplish these various objectives, while it deprives the church of recognizing the one and only True GOD, while virtually asking it to accept all religious systems and to give approbation to any process as long as any man says he is worshiping something. Well, men have been worshiping sticks and stones, pagan gods and idols throughout all of these days. But you, as members of the Church of Jesus the Christ, are challenged to oppose all witchcraft practices, all false doctrines, all false teachers, all false processes, and with ‘Thus saith the LORD,’ worship the One and only True GOD. And every denomination today that is a Christian Church, irrespective of the name they hang over that assembly of Methodist, Baptist, or Presbyterian, --it does not make it their basic responsibility, the advocacy of the recognition and the recognition of the sovereignty of the one and only true God, and has no reason to identify Himself within the Christian Church, if it is willing to embrace all theology and all religion, and perform only the program of the anti-Christ, then, my friends, it no longer will exist as a church.

Yesterday I spoke with a person who was interested in a lot of important things which are effecting our nation, interested also in what he called ‘Right wing’ thought. But in the course of discussing this matter, the fact came up that he belongs to a Christian Church in this community. But the pastor of that church cannot seem to believe in the Deity of Jesus Christ or His virgin birth. This is something which is unrelated to just accepting the good things of the teaching of Jesus, and therefore we should remember that we are a Christian society and we should stand up for private enterprise, and stand up for all the things which are the by-product of Christianity. But let’s not make a real issue our of the Deity of Jesus, and let’s not get into a real struggle against other religious systems. This, my friends, is the criterion of the whole thing.

But if we are going to establish the Kingdom of God, then it must be our God, the right God, the only God, irrespective of what all other opponents, all other gods, and all other functions, like it or not. Now someone will say, ‘But there has been tremendous amounts of service applied as you are accomplishing these objectives. My--the propaganda machines that are turned loose today to move us on to the way which we are told is for our good.----We are to accept these processes altho there is an aversion within us.

Today we were listening again to the basic instructions which were being lifted out of the program of the World Order. This clergyman was now talking about why all churches should join now to overthrow all attitudes of bias and why we should support the programs to complete the integration and complete this idea of equality, to now break down all barriers of race. Yet if we discover that there are people round about to whom we have an aversion, or if we find that races or collections of people or individual groups which create an aversion in us---it now ‘dawns’ upon us that we have a supposedly great responsibility. We are told that if we are to follow the way of the humble Christ, then this is what we must do. We must convince ourselves that we like what we don’t like and that we are drawn in to what we have an aversion to. Thus the clergyman said, ‘There is now a basic responsibility upon us and upon all Christians. If you have a racial bias or a prejudice which God built within you, if you have a resistance unto this, then you must tell yourself over and over---that I like these people, we must absorb these people, and I have nothing against these people.’ What if there is a specific personage who approaches you and you have a revulsion to? Then as a Christina you have the responsibility to do as the Church must do. You must conquer this within yourself until you have an overwhelming desire to embrace this thing which you have an aversion to.

Someone said, ‘But is that not a good practice? Is that not what the Holiness Churches have been telling you over the years---‘There is a way that seems right unto this?’---Let me tell you something. The most important thing for you to understand this afternoon, is that your race which is begotten of the MOST HIGH GOD was begotten by GOD’S SPIRIT. Since you are begotten of God’s spirit, then your spiritual being possesses perception and capacities of realization that people not begotten by the spirit of God do not possess. More than that, these are built in cycles for your security and your survival. These are cycles of God’s Kingdom because they are in cycles born out of waves of complete agreement and permanent with the spirit of the Father. You are the very essence of His own being. And you, being His Issue, are spirit of His Spirit and light of His Light. Because of this, there are whole areas of functions that can move thru you, and very definitely move out of your spiritual being from the seat of the soul consciousness and become also resident powers that move thru the areas of communication and the patterns of the central nervous system. Some of them who are not as aware as to what it is all about, it may be almost like an extrasensory area of perception, or a reflex pattern of action. But I tell you that you are of the Household of the MOST HIGH GOD. You have been begotten of the spirit in the heavens and you have been begotten into this household of the Adamic race, which is also the Household of God in the earth, by the process of your fathers propagation and thru the process of your fathers posterity for the entrance of the children of the MOST HIGH GOD and for the expansion of the race, that the Kingdom of God might be brought in.

Now, there are nine gifts of the spirit and they require a cognition and awareness before they are applied. And some people possess gifts that they are not aware of. But resident in everyone of you are all the effective capacities and abilities within the area of that spirit as the essence of God’s spirit, with the fullness of its powers, for all of these gifts. And it requires an area of cognition for the functioning of some of them.

Now, there is a perception to receive these things which can be wrought by men and which God can quicken at any time. But there are areas of these gifts functioning in people at all times. One of the things which God has sort of built into you, is a radar system. It is a perception system that measures and feels without you having to do any reasoning upon this matter, and it measures and it feels as tho it were like an invisible antenna. But radar or sonar, it reaches out. And the moment it makes contact with people, it has a reaction upon you which you fee. Thus it is that we may refer to this as a buffer or aura, and what happens when you meet people, you are either drawn to them or you find yourself in some instances, being repulsed. There are individuals who you will find a repulsion for, and you will want to be far away from them, for you have nothing in common with them. This then giver you a built in pattern concerning races. There is an automatic feeling at the same time that you move or see the Negroes. Now, you do not feel a revulsion against them for a situation that they cannot help, but you feel immediately a difference which you may not be able to explain. There is an irritation which automatically without you having to think about it, but which you are willing to accept. You are willing to help them in an hour of need; you are willing to help them if they have a wreck, or help them when they are starving. Or you are willing to educate them. You are willing to do all these things. But automatically a line is drawn. There is something that I do not have to suggest, such as joining them or taking them in for your sons and daughters, for you do not have to take them into your family. You do not want to accept them as you would accept your own. And we are told today by interpretation out of the World Order, that this is a social consciousness of error and we must quit this and bring ourselves into submission and destroy this pattern.

You now know what they are after you to do. It is to blunt this sensitivity which God built into you for the preservation of this society for the Kingdom. I am going to tell you that what we need is a more highly built-in awareness spiritual capacity. That if there is any gift, that any Christian ought to advocate and ask for--that God might quicken it within him---is this gift of discernment. But I tell you that there is nothing which is needed more throughout the length and breadth of Christendom today than this awareness of the operation of this gift of discernment. And when you have a feeling which rises up in you that repulses, or you have that feeling which moves in you that this is a definite lie, and there is a social contact that raises up in you, you better follow that intuitive guidance. Don’t try to suppress it, for this is the false voice of the powers of darkness trying to tell us that we have a new social responsibility and then try to tell us that Jesus said do this and do that. I want you to know today, that the most important thing that you possess is this Divine blessing which comes from your spiritual origin. These capacities of discernment and these energies of spirit are a most vital thing. Therefore, we are told that the obedience to God and the knowledge of God, and the reception of these gifts of God, as well as the wisdom of God is the most important asset that you may receive. There are many spiritual gifts. And some have more value than others. And you have been asked to covet the most valuable of these gifts.

Now, in this instance, it is not to place within us a sort of Ecclesiastical ecstasy which will put us off on cloud nine which has no practical application with the reason why we came here. All you have to do to get back in the essence of that condition is to just die and go back to where you came from. Because that is how you lived in the spirit anyhow. You lived in a media of full spiritual expression without any hindering influence of a body such as we now have which is subject to the temptations and the environment. But the purpose for which we have come, is to occupy a physical order inside a physical body which the sons and the daughters of God’s Kingdom will use to bring to a victorious acquisition and victorious power and establish God’s Kingdom with its laws, His standards, and His righteousness. Therefore, since we are down here for a purpose, and we are down here in a physical body, let us reason and carry out that objective and not cast aside that quality of superiority which God has fitted into you, which is natural and spiritual which happens to be the spiritual antenna of spiritual perception.

I tell you that the difference between the children of God and the children of the earth order----this difference if quite obvious. The Apostle Paul says that there is a natural man and a spiritual man. And we have a lot of silly people talking---this is a natural man and this is a spiritual man. But that is not what it is talking about. For this natural man has no capacity of discerning the things of God, for this is spiritually discerned. But the world is filled with them. For where is the Enosh? These were creations, but they were not the offspring of the Spirit. But you the children of God’s Spirit, can be brought to an understanding of all things. The spirit searches out all of the deep things of God and makes all these things known unto you. And this was what the Apostle Paul was unveiling in the book of Corinthians. And I point out to you that every spiritual understanding and every spiritual knowledge can be brought unto you. That this realization of Sonship and this relationship of your gifts and your relationship to God, means that you are to rise to accomplish the objectives which God hath ordained. This is again the reason why Jesus said, ‘You are capable of receiving this spirit, even the spirit of that the World (Order) cannot receive.’ But you can receive it and it will lead you into the knowledge of all truth. It brings back to your remembrance, if we erect the pattern of that spiritual understanding.

Now, in this same area, it is NOT the purpose of the MOST HIGH GOD to have the sons and daughters of God go out and work on all of the projects of the World Order which are set before them without making their first priority the operation of God’s Kingdom, and subjecting all other views and operations to this pattern. Therefore, it would be impossible for me as a son or daughter of God understanding the program of God’s Kingdom,---it would be impossible for me to tryout or work at building any branch of the United Nations. Because the spirit of God shows me that I am not to be unequally yoked with these people and these organizations. It shows me that this is the program of Anti-Christ. It shows me that if I work for these objectives that I am strengthening the program of the Anti-Christ. And therefore, this is not the objective of God’s Kingdom. However, this makes you anti-social or unpopular. The popularity of the world and their social order is of no consequence and I would rather have the approval of the Father and the blessings which He provides, than to have the approval of the rest of the world where we are out voted six to one, for the accomplishment of the destruction of my own race and the program of our posterity.

I point out to you that God has laid out a blueprint in this “Thus saith the LORD.” But every once in a while someone says that the programs of God are too austere (too harsh). For we want more love and more of a mild approach to these things. But everytime you approach it, then you spread evil instead of stamping it out. If the position of God seems too austere, too firm, if it seems too impossible, that is because God has never made a covenant with evil. It is because God has determined that evil must be stamped out. His Grace is toward individuals, but there has been no Grace toward evil.

I want you to know that God can forgive the patterns of error on the basis of environment and on the basis of reality. But He never gave an approbation or approval for the evil itself, which by its own course is destructive. Nor does there seem to be any evaluation on the part of God for preserving whole areas which produced catastrophe when their eradication might have eliminated it from earth. And at no time does He seem worried as to what happens to the spirit or souls of them who die. This is an important thing for us to remember. We are sometimes greatly worried about the Ecclesiastical area of error and fear as to what happens to men when they die, or if they die, what they call an ‘unsaved’ condition.’

Well, let me tell you that the patterns of darkness are gathering their forces to destroy you. And they who will wage the war of Armageddon on you on the fields of battle or will carry out a war on the inside, are the ‘unsaved.’ The destruction of God’s plan is their plan. And they are not planning salvation as you understand this salvation. But don’t worry about the ability of God to save all flesh and don’t worry about His ability to find and save any fallen spirit. Don’t worry about God’s plan suddenly being defeated, because someone cut off God’s plan suddenly in this conflict and struggle for the earth. Because the MOST HIGH GOD said concerning this, ‘Where do you think that you could go that I could not find you?’ Is there a plain or a dimension where you could go? There is no area in the earth where you could go, be it the highest mountain or in the depths of the sea. There is no place where a man could get away from the recognizance and the ability of God to find him, or to do anything he wishes to do. Nor is there any plain or dimension outside an earth existence where a man could get away from God. I am not worried about the ability of God to save to the ‘Uttermost.’ Salvation is as flexible today as the conditions and the problems where the consciousness resides. For some people, salvation is to bring them in to proper adjustment with God so that they might know who they are and where they came from. Salvation for some people is to extricate them out of control and out of the hands of darkness, for they hold them in prison and under the bondage of the Communist world. There are some people today, who have no understanding of the God who is the Great and Mighty Savior, and who can save and enter every area of human problems. But when we talk about saving men, we are not saving men from God, but we are saving men TO God, but the cognition of His plan, His law and His purpose.

Thus, it pleases God to same men by the foolishness of preaching. And anything which you or I can do to save men is definitely in the area of bringing them into the recognition of God, for there is no power in your fingertips that will add one thing to what God accomplished by His Atonement.

I would remind you again, that the objective of God was not for the extermination of spirit souls, but it was for the adjusting of these souls by the process which He instituted. But when He gives Eternal Life, they never perish. I point out then, that in this same area, that an unusual apathy comes upon many. And we must recognize that all of these men who today are saying ‘Thus saith the LORD’ when God has not said it, are not to be accepted. For how many years they have spent in conflict, or in how many years they have spent in studying theology or in theological thought, in service to society---what have they denied themselves? Let me assure you of this. It would have been better if they had proclaimed ‘Thus saith the LORD’ than all of their time spent on projects to help the world order. I want you to know that it is not only fair that men have to follow the way of Divine Law, than the strategy which they think would be best.

As Saul appealed to God, he said that Samuel was wrong. For he had said that Amalek was his enemy and told him that when he moved out he was to destroy Amalek and all of his hosts, and he wanted all of those with the King Agag, the king of Amalek destroyed. He did not want them to even save their animals or any of their possessions or divide up their riches. Just destroy them. So Samuel delivered the message to Saul who said that he was the ‘arm of the LORD’ and he would do all of those things. The armies of Israel moved against those superior hoards both in numbers and strength. These were Amalekites which God has a war with in every generation, because of the Cainanite taste for blood and the Satanic conspiracy of fallen Angels, with blood in their eyes have always been against God’s Kingdom.

Then we turn over here to the book of Daniel and we determine that something happened here. The word of God comes to Samuel the prophet and it says that it seemed a sad thing that we have made Saul the King, for apparently he is turning his back form following My command. For instead of destroying Agag and Amalek and all the hosts and all of their people he has spared those with distinction and wealth. And he spared the pig and the finest cattle and the best of the livestock and their possessions. In fact, even now they are preparing a sacrifice for ME and this sacrifice is to be some of the finest of the cattle when I told them to destroy all of this evil---every part of it wiped out. Samuel is in tears and he is greatly disturbed. And he approaches Saul and asks, ‘Why did you not obey the voice of YAHWEH? Why did you spare anyone when God told you not to? Don’t look upon a former statute, do not look upon their sudden appeal that you must therefore accept them as they are willing to accept your status and accept your God and are willing to do everything that you want.’ So the Akkod were trying to make a deal with Saul. They were saying, ‘We will serve you and we can enhance your kingdom with our power, for we have connections out here.’ So Saul fell for the idea and he said, ‘See what we did? We took the finest that we captured to sacrifice unto God.’ The word of God came upon Samuel and he turned to Saul and he said, ‘Do you think that YAHWEH delights in all your sacrifice when you do not obey?’ Then he said, ‘Obedience is better than sacrifice.’

I want you to know today, that Obedience is still the solution. And it is much better than sacrifice. In all of the areas of America’s problems, in our economic problems, and our social and moral decay, everything which has effected our society has moved in from an area where we were not obedient. If we had been obedient, there would not be one Jew resident in these United States. If we had been obedient, we would not have permitted their colonization and we would not have permitted them as we had been instructed by John the Apostle, and the records of the scripture in both the Old and New Testament. We would not have permitted these strangers who deny that Jesus is the Christ, to move into our society or get an influence over us, or permitted them to gain a hold over us for economic patterns.

Go back in the history of your nation even in the days when Benjamin Franklin was arranging for money for this coming new nation and you find that Hiram Solomon and Samuel Marz and the rascals of Jewry were over here negotiating with Congress to try to take control of your money. And they would then put up the money that you needed, but of course you would then be in their power of usury. And they actually delayed the ship which Franklin would return on so they could put over this deal before he arrived.

Now, if we would have followed orders at that time, we would not have permitted these people to stay in our midst, or would not have allowed them to make any deal with us. Because just as the scripture says, if you permit these people to stay in your midst, and not follow the instructions as to what YAHWEH told you to do, then pretty soon, you are going to discover that by his cunning and his particular type of conspiracy, he is going to have control over your economy. And you will be the people who are slaves, and you are going to be the people under suppression. And he is going to take over certain areas of your life and well being. And I guess we have found out that these rascals have done just that. Back in the days of Wilson, (when Colonel House was managing things for them) and Kuhn Loeb and Co. and Jacob Schiff were in power, they put over the Federal Reserve System. Mr. Schiff directed this transfer over into the hands of he who knew he was a stranger to the monetary control of these United States. And he wrote a very special letter to Colonel House which I have in my library, saying, ‘You turned over the economy of these United States to thy mothers people, and we are particularly grateful. And you can have a blank check for anything you need at any place in the world, at any time.’ And from that day, you have watched the extension of increased taxation, of the creation of depressions, and catastrophes. For you have been increasing in the hands of these people. And it seems that you can never get outside of the control of these people over these areas.

Someone said, ‘Why have these things happened?’ It is because you have not obeyed the MOST HIGH GOD. But you should have trusted the MOST HIGH GOD even on the concept of how this nation should have been founded. And there should have been a creation for every area of goods that men produced so that men would not have to carry them upon their backs. And then we would have a medium of just and sound values. Not one that the usury system could manipulate. But violation of Divine Law has occurred and now they say that we should embrace all people of every endeavor and join ourselves to all people and accomplish this great design. But this planned design, my friends, would be a catastrophe.

I point out to you that we are even in trouble in our schools. Someone says, ‘What has happened when we see this universal disrespect for parents? When was it extended into our schools this lack of respect for spiritual things?’ Well, we have brought into our schools a great number of refugees. And they may not have come in economically as refugees, but they are not a part of your society, and they are not those who will improve your society. And they hate God. Frankly, a great Christian nation should never permit anyone into any influence of power who is a non-Christian who can influence their youth, or influence their education, or have any kind of power inside of their Christian nation. If Christians carry out their responsibility before God, they will demand the highest standard they can attain in every affair which is over their lives. This is why we have such a pattern of delinquency to day. For the Church or the homes are not supporting the processes of the acceptance of Divine Law. There is even in the area of pseudo-science and in many applications of education, that which is trying to make agnostics of our youth, and turn from the actual concepts and precepts of truth. I talked to several young men who were home from college activity and one of the things I noticed was that they said, ‘We have to carry a continual resistance to every class room. We have to carry this resistance because we have to listen to what the teacher is saying and we have to pay attention to the instructor and follow some of the material presented to survive examinations. And we have to give answers in order to receive passing grades. But we know that the things we have to write are not true. We know that the things which we have to recite for the instructors are not true.’ And they said, ‘But, Dr. Swift, we know that the instructor and the material is not true, and what we are going there to study is error.’

Well, the responsibility belongs on us then, for we have permitted this teaching of error with its impact upon our educational system. Again I tell you that this requires spiritual responsibility, spiritual endowment and home influence in relationship to God. If this condition is in our environment, it is to be counteracted at the level which is vital and necessary for the preservation of our race.

Thus you are a great Christian nation. You are nation under God’s Divine status. We have a force inside which is seeking to destroy and to mutate your Faith and your religion, and at the same time, it has become a process functioning in the highest levels of education. Again the law of God says that these strangers were not to come into our midst. And those who many times have sought to deny the status of God were never to be given a responsibility which would effect our society or our economy, nor were they to be allowed to remain in our land.

I point out to you that many seek to express this statement that under religious liberty, under free thought, under all the things we give advocacy to, that man has a right to speak anything or do anything. Well, my friends, there is a limit upon this. We have a very extensive liberal interpretation upon this which did not come from the Oracles of God or His true Church, but comes from this tremendous error which is trying to create this attitude. For the position of our nation was the support of a Christian civilization and a Christian society. We are advocacy by majority, a hundred and forty-five million of us should be the overwhelming influence inside of our nation and our society. And we would not eliminate God from the areas of education and the areas of administration. God’s Divine Law would be the foundation. And then if those who do not like to reside in a country in which the sons and daughters of God, quickened and awakened determine their destiny, then let them go to a country where they find a better affinity or live under our blessings whether they like it or not.

The scripture has been rather clear. I want obedience rather than sacrifice. I am not interested in how a man may have worked or applied himself to an objective which does not advocate the program of God’s Kingdom. I an interested in “Thus saith the LORD.” I point out to you that when they are following the pursuit of the negation of God’s plan, and they have no vision, I am sure that they are reproducing this seduction of Lucifer. I point out to you that God continually unveils the mighty status of this achievement, unveiling blueprints and greatness of accomplishments in His Oracles to His ministers and to His Church. I want you to know that the Spirit of God continues to unveil and to show that whole area which is based on Divine Covenant and Divine promise to those who have the capacity to understand. Therefore, we cite to you in this very hour that you who are the sons of the MOST HIGH GOD, you who know who you are, must make this the most important area of your life and living until we accomplish the objective of the Kingdom. Instead of giving acquiescence because it is popular to all the areas of darkness, it is time for us to repudiate it and to resist it. Instead of going along with every thought and function, because we are afraid of the pressure of governmental influence in the wrong hands, or decide that you are worried about the price you might be required to pay economically, under their system, the Household of the MOST HIGH GOD must be aware that God has empowered them. They must profess Faith in His promises and in His covenants. For God never lets you down when you try Him on a great issue. You will discover if you understand God, that He has never let you down.

I tell you that it is time for Christians everywhere to oppose the forces of darkness everywhere they effect the society of God’s Kingdom. The program of God’s Kingdom has been set in earth. We are here in physical bodies and we anticipate then that the spiritual obligation of Divine purpose shall be carried out by you who are the members of a race, or a household, you are a part of this nation. And it is important that this is no time to be going along with acquiescence with the areas which are even now emerging from the Church. You should be opposing the Ecclesiastical orders which are out of step with God’s Law and His Holy Church.

Let me tell you this. The Episcopalians almost demonstrated this last week when they almost resigned from the Holy Church. They came out for advocating utter freedom and utter availability of all literature. And they felt that this filthy, foul dictionary, which is called ‘The Dictionary of American Slang’ should not be suppressed, but available to schools and libraries, because, ‘it is a very valuable addition to the understanding of semantics in our day.’ And from top Bishops to lesser Bishops and from officials in the Ecclesiastical structure of the Episcopal Church, they came out to support those who want to keep this filthy book.

Now, as I glanced at the context of this book, I was never more shaken in my life by any book I had in my hand. I never saw anything that defining a slang term leading to the whole revelation of a filthy perversion with the most rotten and fallacious images. I have never seen anything which is as foul, vicious, and suggestive. In fact, the average youth, with all of the patterns as to how he is to become aware of these many things in this modern age, will find whole areas of a rotten education in this dictionary. He will find areas of evil he never dreamed of. He will discover that anyone who opposes any of these evil things is bias and not ‘with it,’ adding that this is frowned on by the ‘squares.’ This of course is looking down on people of another age. Thus all the way thru, there is sort of secret approval to the most vicious, foul, most evil interpretation, all in the interpretation of these words. If all of the evil ever put on the walls of latrines from filthy minds were put into one book, this, my friends, would have been almost a revival as compared to the filth of this book.

Now, can you imagine---in the instance of this, when intelligent people and clergy, and people of responsibility, would say---’WE DON’T WANT THIS BOOK IN OUR SCHOOLS. We don’t want this book in our Libraries. We don’t want this legacy of thought with its opportunity to destroy the minds of our children.’ And there we have men who call themselves educators and then also have church men say, ‘this is what we want to effect the minds of our children.’ My friends, concentration camps are too good for people like this. If I was in an Episcopal Church today, I would get my letter out of it right now. And I would just tell them that when our church wants to support filth, then I want to join the Church of Jesus Christ.

Now, this is a rather interesting thing. For among these clergy are men who have been called of God and in the areas wherein then have sought for spiritual guidance. They have been influenced and effected with the desire to operate with ‘Thus saith the LORD.’ Yet the higher officials who go to their own churches are trying to put pressure upon these men or force them to resign from the ministry or stop their throats from saying, ‘Thus saith the LORD.’ It tell you that we have reached an area wherein the very structure of the organization that the Anti-Christ feels he has enough influence wherein he wants to control the very Church itself.

But I want to tell you something this afternoon. The Church of Jesus Christ is an invisible institution made up of all the sons and daughters of God who are joining with themselves and not leaving off the assembling of themselves together to produce. Whereas a physical structure is essential in carrying out its objectives, I want you to realize today, that the church is an Eternal institution and that what is going to happen in your nation in the next few months, is going to be a revelation. For churches which support mongrelization and integration and such books as these text books, and such churches which support the United Nations and seek to find their status in the church building of the United Nations, ---there will be a great cry coming out---’COME OUT OF HER O MY PEOPLE.’ And I am going to tell you that the churches which say, ‘Thus saith the LORD’ are going to be filled to capacity. For we are going to come out of Babylon. And the empty husks of Babylonian Priestcraft with a form of godliness, but without the power thereof, shall lose their control over the people of these United States.

We are in the beginning of a great hour and a new day. We are in the beginning of an hour when we also must recognize a message----according to time. We not only need the guidance and wisdom of great perceptions, and all of these things, but we need discernment. We need to be able to discern and be able to feel the opposition. Every once in a while someone moves into this congregation or into other congregations who carries the very essence of destruction and more to destroy. I do not seek to win this person. I would just as soon they left. Why? Because in the church today we have brought in too many of these stepchildren and created an Apostasy inside of this institution. We are not out to see how many people we can get irrespective of quality. We leave that to the Will of God to add to our numbers.

I point out to you that the message today is not to take the world on your shoulders and hug it until you cannot tell a Buddhist from a Christian. God is not calling today for sellers, He is calling for soldiers. He is not asking for everyone from the church to go out and go to farming. No. He is calling for soldiers and for the farmers to beat their plow shears into swords and their pruning hooks into spears for we are getting ready for Armageddon. We are getting ready for the Big Day.

Now, if the church lacks discernment, if the minister on the pulpit lacks the understanding of knowing the day which we live in, then he lacks the call of God and should get out of the pulpit. We are living in the day and the hour when God says, ‘I shall give My call before My Holy Army.’ And the prophet Joel tells us that all of the work of this hour is to charge men to stand before the enemy and to resist the powers of darkness, and battle at every plain against the forces of evil. That is why again, I tell you that the ministry of this hour must be challenging God’s people not to join but to resist. Not to seek to envelop, but to oppose. No, my friends, to co-exist with evil, but to rise above it.

We will not discuss how acquiescence has become a world and national policy. But I am going to tell you that God has called on you to be His resistance and to put on the whole armor of God, that you in this hour might be able to stand. This we tell you to do. And also we tell you that Obedience is better than sacrifice. There is a way that seemeth right to a man, but to oppose brings death. Not spiritual death, which you will not be able to understand, because of the ability of God to reach even into the great beyond where there is no dimension for God, but there is catastrophe and judgement, and problems and wars and depressions and all of these lead to sin and death. A broad way of destruction is the design of earth, when men are out of adjustment with God. But there is a process which is-----’Thus saith the LORD’. God has given you explicit commands for your residence in earth. So it is a foolish thing for the church to preach about your conduct in heaven. It would be a rather foolish thing for us to tell you how you should perform and what you should do and what your relationship is in the plain of spirit. For it so happens that everyone of us this afternoon is right down here in this body. And God knew that you would be here, and the time when you would be here, and what you are here for. You are not however, just to live like a vegetable and see how long you can survive. You are not here just to stay until your go to seed. You are here as a militant household, a part of God’s family to establish the Kingdom, to live by a very rigid policy to establish that which is right and truth.

As we followed this course, we were entering into the ends of the earth we were colonizing----from the highest mountains of the Himalayas of Asia to the furthermost lands of the Sierras, you will discover that we were moving. And as we moved, we were spreading the Gospel with power and establishing civilizations. In this same course we saw the establishing of civilization and culture. And we were helping creation. Yes, there were restrictions on whether they could eat one another in their villainy, and they may not have liked the restraint. But if all the outlaws got together today and they said, ‘No, look. Our civil rights are being stepped on, so we want you to abandon the use of all police forces for they restrain us.’ Well, there are some silly people who are advocating this. We just dedicated a new prison anyhow. But right now the only people who do not want policemen around are people who intend to break the law.

The program of God’s Kingdom does not ask the prisoner whether he likes it or not, or the pagan whether or not he is going to obey. He says we are not only going to win, but we are going to rule with a rod of iron, an inflexible rod of iron. And you are going to obey. This does not bother you and me, because we are in sympathy with this rule. We are not objecting to it. The program of God’s Kingdom is therefore quite simple. We think sometimes in terms of impossibility instead of the power of God bestowed upon us. The great secret is the knowledge, the vision, values, the initiative of HIS spirit. Everything we see here except you and me, has been created. Everything I see here except you or me, is thought and form. Everything except this body you are resident in right now, is thought and form. Everything in the Universe which grew by patterns of light and were put into your physical being was in the thoughts of God. The food you eat and the clothes you wear, the patterns of illumination, the instruments which record my voice, the vastness of the cities, all of these are the patterns of form in the creation. And the image of your creation is what you call your civilization, your society. And the greater your knowledge, the greater your understanding, the greater the expanse of this creation. We look at the magnitude of the great expansion bridges, the magnitude of the sky scrapers which are built. But when you see that go up, then just say---There goes some more thought and form going up.

Now, we have wrought some changes in the earth. We have molded them. We have melted them. And now we put up a new form because this is what we have created. But I can tell you that there is something more important. Even more important than that expansion bridge. And this is for us to connect the bridge of conscious understanding between the Father and His children, for the objectives of the Kingdom. These bridges can reach around the world for conscious objectives. I tell you that even greater than the sky scrapers that we build, is the cognition of how we build them and why we are what we are and how we can and did extend the power and influence of civilization. It was not by acquiescence, but by determination that this is our way and this is our God who put things together from one end of the earth to the other.

I want you to know that when sons know who they are, that all things are there. ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness will be added unto you.’ God wants sons without fear. He wants you to be about to look Him in the face. He does not want you to look at Him like an ant or an beetle. You do not have to get down so humble that you have to be like a beetle or an ant. Let me tell you something. God says, ‘You are My sons and daughters; I have empowered you with My Spirit; I have justified you by My Grace; I have given into you My Life.’ He wants you to be able to stand up and look Him in the face and say, ‘Hello, Father, I am your son; I have been justified; I acknowledge your Grace and I expect Your righteousness and I am not afraid.----I expect to be in Your Image.’ He is not taking happiness from you.

A lot of religious leaders are worried about where they are going to spend eternity. A lot of religious leaders are worried about where they are going to spend eternity. I am not worried about Eternity, for I have confidence in my Father. He said that He has set me free. Eternity is just the great vista of endless tomorrows in the operation of God’s Kingdom. Eternity is just the great Vista of endless tomorrows in the operation of God’s Kingdom.

We have not the time to talk about all the things of this day. We are just a bunch of amateurs floating around out here in space. And my relatives are flying around in ships which they have been using for thousands of years. We are just amateurs in vision as we put it in form as these things are brought into our cognition. Some people said the other day that they were worried about where they would put all the people. Well, as I was returning the other day, I passed by more land than I was about to see the end of. And there was not a house or a person on it. I am not worried about where to put people. I am just worried about the kind of people that you are going to put here.

As I look out over the vastness of this Universe,-----do you know what happened last month? Bursting into form out in the constellation of Hercules was the formation of a new solar system. Nebulas gases were forming and apparently a new solar system is forming which will have a great number of planets, more than our solar system. If we weren’t bound down by all of this process and had the illumination which we should have been shouting for joy as before when all the sons of God shouted for joy. The Morning stars would also be shouting for joy, because the Father has just built a new solar system. By the time we get things in order here, maybe that will be cooled down and we can go out and look at it. Limitations, no tomorrows? Let me tell you sons of God, your Father has challenged you to rise and look and move with knowledge and without fear. This responsibility is your first job. Occupy here in earth as you establish this Kingdom. You say there are no more worlds to conquer? The Universe is yours. For HE says that HE is giving you this Kingdom in the earth and then throughout the whole course of space for which God has ruled. The book of Ephesians reveals that you are going to keep the Faith.

So I tell you that it is not a sacrifice to participate in the Kingdom. Today a lot of people are trying to offer to God a sacrifice of the things He said to destroy. And they are spending their life and their service to accomplish that which is directly opposite of God’s will. And then they expect that they are going to get a blessing for this. And in the hour, not too far removed, as Christ walked the earth in stately majesty as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, a lot of fellows that have walked around with their collars on backwards are going to come up to Jesus and say, ‘Do you remember all the things that we told people to do in thy name?’ And Jesus is going to say, ‘Now look, you may have talked and said these things in My name, but it was not My Word. And I don’t know you as clergymen. You should go live with these people and operate in these areas that you so desire.’ One of the great punishments is that God is to take a lot of these preachers, (and I hope some Supreme Court Justices) and let them live down in Africa. If you want some evidence of this, remember how it says that some of them are going to live in outer darkness. Some people have some fantastic ideas about that. But Africa is sort of the outer darkness. And then when you get to Greece and then start pushing out, you get into the outer darkness. Ask anyone who travels around the world today, if when he steps back into this country, he doesn’t feel the light.

Let me tell you something. A few years from now when you come, you will see the Light. For there will not remain a Cainanite in the House of the LORD.