Why We Are Here, 11-16-61



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 11-16-61

We turn this afternoon to this subject as to why we are here. That may seem to be a strange subject, but those who are seeking to influence the minds of our youth and the college youth of our nation with the very objective, started a symposium a little over a year ago which has gone through a great number of Eastern Colleges. And they made it available to practically all of the students on the campus to participate in this symposium. And the physiologists and philosophers who were supposedly leading the staff, set this symposium into action both in New York and in Harvard University and other Eastern States. They said this is most essential for a proper foundation of philosophy and for social science and for an understanding of political philosophy. Thus they started this symposium as to ‘why we are here.’

Shortly after that several denominations of Christendom who had heard of this symposium, thought that they would add to this, the subject ‘Why we are here.’ And I heard about the content of the first symposium which was taught to bring about a social revolution which is being used today to rape your nation and your faith. I was equally disturbed by the fact that the churches had decided to put out a pamphlet to answer this ‘Why we were here.’ And then seemed to have such a little understanding of why they were here as well. In fact, while one was built with agnosticism, the other was built with the frustration of not knowing what it was all about anyhow. And it seemed to be the purpose of being here, was to keep everyone from being caught up in some terrible torture when they die. And that seems to be a rather silly objective anyhow. So one is almost as superstitiously sad as one was agnostically evil.

Thus why they were here---and they wanted to build in this symposium---in the minds of the students---a foundation, to keep them from attacking the problems of society which ethics and morals and principals might have guided them to do. When the foundation was finished, it would have provided no resistance to this trend of Socialism or Communism. It would have provided no resistance to anything which was evil and made it basic that the most important thing for them to do was for them to simply survive as easily as possible without any friction, with anything else that existed. And they started off with the idea that millions and millions of years ago, there was nothing here but minerals and materials, with water covering the earth, moving and searching with motion. And that the friction and the motion which happened in the salt waters of the ocean and the chemicals which were involved, eventually produced a combination which produced a simple organ of protoplasm. And how that life generated out of the friction, they do not explain. But having started with this foundation, they take a series of lectures out of their symposium and then show that what evolved thru adaptation and friction eventually produced the lowest Primates and then come on up thru all the other periods up to the periods of the anthropoid. And then they bring man down out of the trees on all the continents of the world and thus explain why they are different in their periods. But in all this, they make this a simple matter of thought. But always there is this working philosophy which attends this. A gradual evolution, and why you are here is out of a multiply million or one trillion---one shot---which is required, and the combinations seem to fit and eventually, they evolve everything which exists upon the face of the earth, including human live. And that is why you are here.

Secondly, since you were just an element of friction and chance, the processes which your evolution would have taken the form that it did, was just that way. And therefore, there are no ethics and no morals, other than what you have made for yourself, since there is nothing else that you are responsible to but the evolution of arrival.

Now, when the Universities and the colleges of America, with all the basic phases of philosophy, with all the responsibility which we like to label people with in social science today, to try to find a release to all opposition to evil, by first deciding that it does not make any difference anyhow, since you came from practically nothing and you emerged out of a chemical process. Thus you are nothing but a group of biological chemicals today which have life by the sheer chance---simply that it started to develop and to happen.

They have utterly eliminated all design and all destiny and all vision and all spiritual power. And of course, the existence of deity in this process. By releasing men as they attempted to do, from all moralities, and from all spiritual foundations, and releasing them from the facts of how things came into being, and from everything which would extend the responsibilities to the creator, and the source of life they feel that they have now eliminated all reasons for anyone to resist anything. And they point out that just as we have watched the phases of evolution in the natural sciences, we are watching it in the political sciences. And now, we have been engaged in this struggle since we started studying this. And Communism has been the last political force. But don’t become too anti-Communist for maybe you should flow into it and be absorbed by it and be absorbed possibly into something else in the political structure of evolution. But to resist it might be to resist a great evolutionary force, farther and wider, and maybe destruction will emerge out of it. For now elements melting in fervent heat and political science seem to be brought together. And since the correlation of energies and ideas are all in the mainstream, then lets just float along in the evolution process and nothing will happen to anyone but something that will be progressively good.

Now, it is a rather significant thing that they break it down before they have reached the fourth lecture in this symposium. And they asked questions. But they always determine what the answers are going to be as well as what the questions will be also. I have looked at the programs in two of the colleges and the programs are so identically alike, that this demonstrates that the question being asked were those that they wanted to work on. So in this instance, they have emerged as an evolutionary process out of the people of earth. And of course, they have to admit in their process of evolution that some people emerged as Chinese and Negroids, and some in the White race. But all are simply a product of evolution. They are forced in their discussion to even overlook what Darwin said in ‘Origin of the Species’ on page 812, when he said that to suppose that the eye with its process of adjustment and focus ever came thru natural selection, is absurd, I will have to admit. This marvelous instrument had to be superimposed by a brilliant intellect. That the trillion to one chances of it ever evolving or that any two would evolve alike, or that the two would degenerate in this type of development, would be astounding. And a mathematical impossibility. So if Darwin, in his ‘Origin of the Species,’ could not evolve the eye, then the chances of there being two eyes alike, or that there would be two people to project eyes alike, so he said, he guessed he should have added this to his discussion. So you just as well give the credit of the human eye to the Master who produced it and put it in the human anatomy.

However, even the pattern of the thinking of Darwin is overlooked in this symposium. And in their discussion, they talk about how everything has evolved and evolved by the sheer friction by which they are thrust together. So now, we are in the midst of this great evolution of political science and racial development. And we should not resist it. That seems to be the main theory to put into the minds of the University students, that we should not take a stand on anything but just be an observer in the stream of life and watch it develop.

Now, at the same time, they are pushing the integration of races, and virtually the destruction of the species which they claim evolved into one nondescript result of mongrelization. Strangely enough, they have brought upon themselves the ire of some scientists who did not go along with it. Amazingly as it may seem, altho Chicago University normally bends to the left, and out of it has come the influence of men like Morton Adamer and the Encyclopedia Britannica, slanted, and the great books slanted in their symposiums, and the support of the programs of UNESCO and Socialist designs in their educational treatment---still the scientists in that University have in the last few months, exploded against fallacies which they say are being advocated. And one of the principal fallacies these scientists have exploded against is this concept that all individuals were equal and that they had the same capacities, for they said that genetically, this is by evidence not true. No society could survive treating this possibility of equality, even to the assignment and responsibilities in jobs and places as such in that society. Since the races do not reflect this evidence of equality thus, how could this be stated as a scientific fact? They said that society had proved that this was error. And they were very much disgusted with the political and social scientists of this University. Again, one of the best of their working minds said, ‘It must be remembered that we have worked very diligently to perfect the strain.’ And he said the average American is much concerned about the pedigree of his dog and making sure that it is not mongrelized. He is very much concerned about how his strain of chickens stays the same. And this is important, for they do not want their blood lines to be mixed up. And their strains of cattle---they will not mix. But when it comes to our children, we are swallowing the fallacy that it does not make any difference. We will integrate Negroes and Whites and Asiatics and eventually produce a completely integrated race from the stand point of inter-marriage and inter-development. If you doubt that, best go look at their blueprints and the blueprints of the world government. For in some of their materials, they are talking about the fact that the integration question must be settled upon the marriage bed so as to unite all races into one race.

In fact, the very document by Mirdal, quoted by the Supreme Court in their decisions on schools, contains in that very book those very statements they design to process. So you see, this is not a pattern of ignorance. This pattern in this symposium as to why you are here, was related to a fallacy whose origin comes from the move to get you to forget all spiritual guidance, all things which relate to our origin, and thus, abandon all constructive and spiritual guidance or resistance to the process of evil. And it only accomplished one thing. When it relaxed this existence and made this socialist revolution which is carrying on a very scientific design to overthrow your society and remold the world while setting up their One World Rule. And it is so designed that it will get the rest, so-called intelligent ones of our generation, to do nothing. And this is a clever strategy.

Now, I turn to the religious answer to this and I discover that one of our major denominations was quite disturbed by what was going thru their colleges. So they said, ‘We have to make people understand what they are here for.’ Therefore, they took a somewhat more orthodox method, altho somewhat in error, than I had anticipated that this denomination would even take. But in their answer, they said, ‘The reason why we are here is because we were born here so as to be educated as to whether we would go to heaven or hell.’

Now, I thought, this was almost as silly as they enemy they were talking about to begin with. They said this decision must be made as to whether we would be tortured throughout eternity---by a great and benevolent God who died so we wouldn’t have to anyhow. And then they proceeded to tell us,--who ran this torture chamber. And we find it was this loving God who loved us so much that He died so we wouldn’t have to go to this torture chamber. This did not make any more sense than what the enemy had put forth.

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, you do not propose to tell us why we are here do you?’ I don’t have to tell you why you are here and create that foundation, for that foundation has already been created by the person who put you here.

For the beginning of these things, we turn again to some things which are basically important. We talked to you last week about things which related to the Church as an institution in the structure of the nation of God’s Kingdom. I want you to find your relationship as an individual. And here is one foundation in the book of John, given to us as to the nature of God and His purposes. And it says, ‘In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God. And the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. (This is the concept of the whole creation.) All things are made by HIM and without HIM not anything was made that was made.’ The word here used---made---in the Greek is designed or constructed. It is the work of the engineer or the technician, the designer, the creator, who has the pattern of design. There is no doubt that there is a pattern of design. Even the evolutionist is stuck when he evolves races from different races of anthropoids and brings all things down until in general proportions, they are so much alike. The evolutionist is really stuck with the impossibility of chance, that this would involve. So in this instance, the process is then declared that since everyone generally has the same proportions, and more or less the physical demonstration that they are somewhat alike, since they have head, shoulders, eyes, and ears and so forth. But because the package is the same does not always mean that the content is the same. Thus you cannot say that all the content is the same thing on the inside of all people just because the various races have the general structure. You would not accept that anywhere else. You would not go to the grocery store and just take any can and anticipate what was going to be into just because of its shape. We have long since learned that the cans can be the same shape, but the labels on them show the difference in the content. And I can assures you that by Master Design there is a plan to label people, but that label has a relationship to a design.

We have what we call the Technological Design, as it relates to the Universe, coming in the pattern of a Master Designer who uses the symbol in the relationship of His design in many areas of His creation. More than that, He applies the same principles to other areas of His creation showing that the same designer carefully designed it and produced in this field also, other things which He developed and created. But all things were made by HIM and without HIM was not anything made. ‘And in HIM was life, and the life was the light of men.’

Now, we can turn from the writings to the fisherman, John, in whom the influence in him had been 100% the thinking of God---the man Christ Jesus. And John knew what he knew because he had been purposely tutored by Christ Jesus for three years. And John was probably better prepared in theological instructions with God as his instructor, than most of the theologians who would tear down the foundations of what John was taught. If you want authority, they go to headquarters. For no one had more authority than the disciples who were trained for three years for a ministry, by the Author and Master Creator of the Universe. And I can turn to one who would have been his opponent thru ignorance and we know that the Apostle Paul was challenged by Divine Authority while he was the instrument of the Jews, riding at the head of a bunch of Jewish soldiers to put Christians to death like Jews have been trying to do since the beginning of Christianity.

Now, you say, ‘They do not do that at the present time.’ No, they just advance the Soviet system, and direct the Communist Revolution and the end result is the same thing. We turn over here in the book of Colossians, and we read these words from the Apostle Paul whose concept and knowledge who even in his experience was met by Angels, carried into the dimension of spirit, and carried into the outer Universe and then returned. And such made his records and tells you of his experiences. And how he did not know whether he went in the spirit of in the body. No man was better informed than John, with the things God has instructed him with, than the Apostle Paul. But I will read you now these words in Colossians, talking about the revelation of incarnate deity, which was embodied in the man Christ Jesus. And now we hear these words, ‘For by Him are all things created in the heavens.’ Not evolved or a friction of chance. You know---I have watched everything shaken up and boiled, and everything done to them inside of a laboratory, and I never saw any evolution come out of anything or any getting of friction to produce it. All friction does, is to wear it away. And generally, it never produces anything new.

But here in this instance, all things were made by Him, both in the heavens and in the earth. Visible and invisible, dimensions of energy which you cannot see. Atomic construction in electronic fields which are beyond the tendrils of your vision, but not beyond your mind to discover and to create the mentality to establish it. And just remember this while you are on that subject. The only race of people who have the capacity to do the preliminary work for the atomic age had to be the children of your race whose spiritual vision had been with the Father before the world was framed. No other race ever produced any of the technology of our modern discovery.

Now, they may copy it afterwards, and look over your shoulder, and then run with the atomic secrets, as transpired in the last three decades, but they do not originate the areas of these things. Thus we point out to you that whether they be visible of invisible, whether they be thrones or principalities, still all things were created by HIM and for HIM. He is before all things and by Him all things consist. He is the head of His ‘body’ which in the world is the Church, the spiritual center among the nations that came out of the race of which you are a part. This is the Church only because it thinks and enlightens and sets aside time to meditate, on the purposes of God, or what it says are the purposes of God, or what its clergy and hierarchies have told ti that is ----God’s purposes.

Now, we don’t speak disrespectfully of the intent of theologians and the clergy of the church wanting to do what is good. And we recognize that there is no greater instrument in the world today than the Christian Church inside of Christian nations to accomplish God’s purpose. The nations become the great effective instrument when it relates to the political forces of the world. But the church must be the center of inspiration, because it is the Oracle of God. But this church is a great vast body made up of many members. And we are told that institution is the ‘body’ of God in the world today. Why? Because the children of His Spirit whose spirits reside in these bodies, then this is the inner man which Paul talks about who resided in this house, begotten of the Eternal before the world was framed. And you of His Spirit, constitute His Church in a physical world today.

Now, he makes the statement that the Church was in the beginning. And the fact is that in the Greek it says, ‘We were the first begotten of His issue, and the first Celestially formed of all creatures.’ A lot of people overlook that. For we are the Celestial children of the Eternal God. We were begotten of His Spirit. The Apostle Paul tells us this in the Epistle to the Ephesians, for they instructed him thus directly in his heavenly experiences. And you have been told that you have already been blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. What is a spiritual blessing? Well, this would be something that was of vital value to a spiritual individual. For you have a Celestial body made up of light energy. That Celestial body is with you and you cannot behold it. But you have a physical body and you behold this. The soul consciousness is resident either in the Celestial mind and using the physical brain dwelling in either the Celestial body or the physical one, could at one time bridge the whole realm of spiritual understanding and apply it to physical applications. Everything that you see in Creation and every thing that you see which is made, is the energies of spiritual plain set in form as a vibration wavelength of what we call our present atomic Universe. For things which you see are made of things which do not appear. For everything which you see today is synthesized out of light and electricity. And there is one more element added to it and that is Mentoid---or mind energy in form.

Some people say, I do not like a mental religion. Well, a lot of people do not have much mentality applied to their religion that is true and they probably would not like a mental religion. But we are not talking about a mental religion. We are just saying that the Celestial mind is perfect, but the physical mind has the capacity for error. You can be resident in a Celestial and physical body and there is no religion and there is no knowledge without it. For unless you know and are conscious and aware of your existence, there is no existence outside of that awareness. The only reason why you are here is because your consciousness is such an existence. And the only reason why you are listening is because you are digesting and thinking in realms of thought and ideas of form things in which you have the capacity to respond.

Now, listen. The whole Universe was not only made by Him, but today the principles of modern science will support the creative processes. And the long processes of time in which God is perfectly content to operate---then there is no measure more significant in the vastness of Eternity than what you and I think is so important when we are trying to save a little time. No longer is Evolution a concrete theory for a student to accept, since they place the evolution specifically of races as a descent from the Anthropoid not beyond the time of 260,000 years ago. Thus having placed the descent of the Anthropoids to the human race, then they start the human race as a primary factor of evolution at 260,000 years ago. In all the textbooks now they say this is about right, from the beast to the thinking man. Thus man started in to have his existence. They have thus started this with theories they have been supporting and they have shortened up their time, until we came to the nuclear age when we came to ‘radio carbon. And now we can actually tell how old a thing is. With Carbon 14 we did not go so far, but before we had worked out the atomic race, now we are able to discover by the dissipation of everything that is alive, things which have released its energy,---just how long things have lived. Every individual thing which had life, whether it has been buried for 1000 years or for 100,000 years, we now have the Fluorine in the area and replacement take place and we can get a check of about 3% of the accuracy of the Carbon check. We no longer work in darkness on the setting of time. Dr. Wooley has been working in Africa on a great new fossil find. And we are much interested because great men like Dr. Ivor Lissner and Dr. Ivan Sanderson and others who are Anthropologists---and their facts, not theories are beyond question today.

Now, what have they discovered? Dr. Wooly’s African man is not a Negro but an Asiatic and he is 1,750,000 years old. You say, ‘But what has that to do with us down here in this hall today?’ It is just that we are here as Christians today and we are going to challenge this theory that we came out of a little bit of protoplasm which evolved 250,000 years ago and became an Anthropoid 750,000 years ago. So we now have man living here before the ape. For we have man living here 1,750,000 years ago. So if anything evolved, then is must have evolved from the man instead of the man evolving from it. Someone said, ‘Can this be established?’ Well Dr. Ivor Lissner’s volume has been translated into English from the German and has marked the time element and race element of races. And now under patterns of measures and so forth, we have now established that all over the world, we have antiquities that mold back into men’s writings and doing other things before we were supposed to have entered into the world by the process of Evolution. So this theory of evolution has been broken up in a rather strange way. More than that, one race did not evolve from another. But the first conflict between races occurs in the ancient Sumerian records, who traced their own dynasties back for approximately 260,000 years or more. And it may be because these Sumerian dynasties reach back 260,000 years that the Evolutionists hit upon that as the time when man was supposed to have evolved.

But don’t go talk to an Evangelist up in the North or down in the South either. For he will tell you that there was not anyone walking around here before 6,000 years ago and that the first man who walked on the earth was Adam. So he will say that this was 6,000 years ago. But he is off 1,400 years in his chronology because we now correct the error that the Jews put in the Massaratic text on purpose to obscure the truth and that the antiquity of the White race is actually 7400 and some odd years.

Now then, there is no connection between the Adamic race and the Asiatic race which was here so many years before. They never saw a White man in all of their ancient history. And they mention the first colored contact when 73,000 years ago, they talk about the Negro, the curly headed dark ones who came. And they talk about the struggles in the sky, and battles between strange and Celestial fleets and the emerging of the Negro upon the earth. And when they discuss this, they never considered that the Negro was upon their level. And they say that they found that he could not be used as they had employed other people, so they put him out to tend herds and to cut wood and draw water and do all those various things.

Now, as you say, ‘But I disagree with you, Dr. Swift.’ You are not disagreeing with me, but you are disagreeing with what the Sumerians put in their ancient records, which Dr. Budge has translated and put in the British Museum. I consider this as not important, for these are facts. So dealing with this again, there is something which is basically significant. We then discover the antiquity of men and of races. And we find that all of the scientists trace out as far as possible the interpretation of these men and their lives from what they left, when they did not leave long records of written records---for they would not have lasted throughout such long records of antiquity---and only those chiseled in stone or the hieroglyphic left their record for which we strive to interpret. And more than that, we look at the paintings that they made and we look at the instruments that they used in preparing their food, or for the hunt or for other things. And now they are finding glazed pottery. And some of it beautifully painted, coming up out of the Pre-Cambrian uplift of the earth while we are drilling oil wells. Would not this prove that before man was to be here that he already had a culture? And he even painted china and ceramics? And deep in the caves, high up in the Alps, we find some of the most beautiful evidence of the ability of art which existed in Europe among some of the Alpine types that over 17,000 years ago a society existed that they just recently found the remains of a camp fire and the painting on the walls of a Caribou, a deer and a type of mammoth. The paintings were colored from the dyes from the berries round about them. And the colors held and the pictures are as natural as the day it was painted. And they had to make a scaffold to go up to the roof of the cave to make the painting. And the cave is filled with all this beautiful painting of animals that you can recognize. And that is more than you can about a lot of art down in Laguna Beach today, for you cannot tell what some of those paintings are supposed to be. So you see, there could be a degeneration along with this social science which does not want to resist. The resistance is to any reform, and is apparently a part of this revolution to. In fact, it does not have any form. You are just to show that you do not care one way or the other.

Just a short while ago, in the Readers Digest magazine, they had a review of these pictures in the cave and the beauty of the pictures and the artistic form in which they had been done. And they did have to admit, that it took a little science to build the scaffold also. But today, we do not have very many among the companies producing paint that will last that long. So we do not know how many thousands of years that they had to develop that formula, but they are there. All of this again, goes into the fact that we know that they are there, and that we are here. But if you want to know why you are here, it is BECAUSE YOU WERE SENT. You say, ‘How do you know?’ Well, I could start back here and take quite a bit of time and view many passages from the Psalmists in which it says He sent us into the world. He sent His angels, He sent forth Michael and He sent forth His OWN EMBODIMENT or incarnation of His own form. And Paul refers to Jesus Christ who was sent, and he refers to various individuals who were sent. And the Old Testament continually refers to the individuals who were sent into the world. And in the 6th verse of the 1st chapter of the book of John, it says there was a man named John who was sent from God. So there was a difference in the origin of your race and those who were created in this plan. For you are a race of which the scripture contains a record of.

Now, someone says, ‘But you cannot depend on the scriptures.’ Then why are the scientists going around and trying to find out something about the Assyrians by examining their writings? If you cannot depend on what men say concerning their traditions and their origins, and you cannot come to any conclusion from that, then there is no sense in doing that. Whenever an agnostic tells me that he is a scientist and he has studied theology or something else, but he does not want to accept the word of God, but apparently he does accept that out of writings and out of books he forms ideas. So if you want to form ideas as to who you are and why you are here and what you are here for, the best thing to do is go to the account, the earliest of your race which discusses these things. More than that, we do not have to stay within the pages of this book. But in my library are the translations of documents. Some of them as old and others equally as old. And some older than the Pentateuch and the content of this Bible. And when they have emerged from your race and when they have dealt with these subjects, they have supported without question a wider field than most theologians have been willing to accept.

The fact is that there is an answer. And here is the answer of WHY YOU ARE HERE. And when you understand why we are here, then you will discover that it is diametrically opposed to this passive non-existent theory of the continued evolution theory of the socialists in our colleges. That when you are here, you are going to start fighting Communism and resisting evil, and removing this kind of evil from our colleges and our young people which degenerates our society instead of rebuilding it.

Someone said, ‘But we don’t have any right to do that.’ We have a right to do anything we are big enough to do, just remember that. Someone said that makes ‘might right.’ No, that make ‘Might right’ when it is spiritually guided right, simply because you are children of the Spirit. You know this whole program is rather markedly different. Turn over to the book of the Psalmist 148, ‘Praise ye YAHWEH, praise ye HIM, all His Angels; praise ye HIM, all of His hosts. Praise ye HIM, sun and moon: Praise Him, all ye stars of light. Praise Him, ye heaven of heavens, and ye waters that be above the heavens. You can praise the name of YAHWEH for He commanded them and He established them. And some things He has made forever and forever and He has made a decree, and this decree comes out of His mind and it shall not pass. Whatsoever which emerges out of the Celestial mind of God’s spirit is to formulate. And the things He wishes to formulate, you do not destroy and you do not change it.

Now, I am going to step back here for just a minute for it says in verses 13 and 14, ‘Praise the name of YAHWEH, for His name is excellent, His Glory is above the heavens and the earth. He also exalted the horn of His people, the praise of all His Saints, even of the children of Israel, a people near unto HIM. Praise ye YAHWEH.’ Hear this now. The praise of all His believing offspring, even the people of the children of Israel, a people who are near unto Him---or having emerged from Him---Praise ye YAHWEH.

Now, if you will examine the Alexandrian text, you will discover that the King James Version did not obscure what it said---that God had a people that are His posterity, a race of His own begatting which He has put in the earth for His own purposes and He acknowledges it.

Now, I want you to note something here which I think is also significant and important. As it talks about God’s purposes, His Laws and His Commandments, that He gave them only to His Race (Psalms 147) And He gave not His Law and His judgements to any other nation in the earth. And then He proceeds to tall them why this is. For the other races would not understand this. For they have to have the form behind this to understand and before they could do this thing that He purposed to perform with them in the earth.

We have from time to time spoken about the history and the panorama to be brought forth out of the records of your race and out of the documents and records of the scriptures. Records which reach into the experiences of men like Enoch and men like the Apostle Paul, and even the unusual man, Job. Remember that Enoch was one of the wisest men who ever lived upon the face of the earth. Without doubt lived in such spiritual closeness that he mastered the ‘why’ so the cosmos did not break down. And he did not experience death. And he exists in the dimensions of spirit and can come and go in and out of dimensions unto this day. The man, Enoch, is mentioned in the scriptures as the man who walked with God and he never knew death. He never died.

Now, there is something to say about Enoch, for he not only left us with some of the oldest manuscripts which are known to man and which have been found in many forms---then recently, they have been found among the Dead Sea Scrolls from the Essene caves and the Essene company. Whole segments of the books of Enoch have been found. The other day a Jew from the University in Jerusalem was trying to lay claim to a lot of literature which belongs to your race---this Adamic race of which they had no part. And he said he would not lay claim to Enoch, because so many of the things which Enoch taught is diametrically opposed to the philosophy of Jewry, and like many volumes, which could be found in a library, he felt reasonablely sure that the ancients had a great heresy and that heresy was from the teachings of Enoch. Well, if a Jew calls it heresy, then you better investigate it. Because they produced Marxism and they oppose the concepts of everything the way it was.

Now, listen. Let’s turn for a moment and see what they don’t like about what Enoch said. He tells of his experiences, about how he was taken into the dimensions of spirit. How Angels escorted him on a great ship which propelled him thru space and out of it went fire and flame. He talks about passing far out between the void between the planets and talks about arriving eventually at a tremendous area which was floating thru space with a great palace on it. Enoch wrote about this after he returned to earth. And he talks about how he passed into chambers in which he was told that he would be taken into chambers in to which men could not see, or could behold with natural eye. And he passed into a dimension in which he was now able to see and there he beheld a company of Celestial beings. And he says that they all looked like men he saw here in their bodies. But the scripture tells you in the writings of the Apostle Paul that the Celestial body is the exact image of the physical body. And that the man Christ Jesus was the image of the invisible God. And that the spirit and the body are similar, or that they exist in definite areas of dimensions. One is in the wavelength of light energy and one is in the area of the electronic measure or electronic energy, but organized by the form of the mind. For in the heart of every single atom, is the mentoid or the bookkeeping balance of that atom. So as he is talking, we are told that YAHWEH says, ‘Enoch, remember, my son, that you were with Me when Shaton (that is the word from which you get Satan) having become Shaton and having laid down his life, refused to acknowledge that I had children of the spirit, and that they were like Me.’

Now, eventually as things developed here in the world, then the children of Adam---the children of Enoch and generations beyond, built up a school of Wisdom in Egypt and they called Masonry. But the children of Indra then took some of this mystery, altho they did not understand it, and they called it the Masonry of Asia. And pagan Hinduism and other pagan religions took some of the ideas of ancient Masonry and they tried to make it look like Masonry of ancient Israel. And in the days of David, then Hiram was the one sent to disrupt the rebuilding of the ancient city of Jerusalem and their worship. And as the ship of the Assyrians attacked the ships of David, they also attacked the ships of Tyre. And the ruler Tyre said, ‘We have a common enemy, so let’s us join ourselves together on the sea.’ So in a temporary military alliance, then David joined with the ruler of Tyre and they defeated the Assyrian ships. And then the Hindus heard about this and a great plan was put forward. So the king of Tyre said, ‘Shall we not join our religion, or nation and our Navies?’ But David said, ‘No, YAHWEH will not stand for this. We must go our separate ways, we have but passed upon the sands of time.’

Now, Enoch had been told that there was a great Archangel and he had one quarter of the Universe under his control, and that Angels were also under his control. And he was to carry light and knowledge to the plains of God’s Elect. But now here in earth, he was hostile against you. But you are a part of a family and a protected family. Because your thoughts were perfect. You thought like the Father, and you were righteous from the hour of your birth. You had no capacity to think in any other field. You sat by in amazement in the days when Lucifer rebelled. You watched the spectacle of catastrophe moving throughout the Universe, as the violation of the law by which things were created were done with intent by Lucifer. You stood by utterly removed from it, rather than maybe being amazed by it---such was Enoch taught. And time was not important to you in Celestial dimensions, until great struggles went by before your eyes, until what you read in the book of Revelation chapter 12, took place. And then came Michael the Archangel commander of the mighty fleet of the Household of God and they did something they had never done before. And the war against evil locked these two factions into a great struggle. And finally Lucifer was defeated and one little solar system, our earth, became the final resting place of the forces of Lucifer. And here Michael would have consummated the finality of this evil, but God said, ‘Stay, Michael, don’t do anymore. You have done all you are to do, for in this place will I send My children. I will put them in bodies of flesh and I will raise My people and I will defeat evil. And I will rescue all the people of the earth who have fallen under Lucifers power. And when we have consummated this restoration, even Lucifer shall be restored to his glory and Shaton shall be destroyed and Light shall descend. And there shall be praise to My name unto all of the Universe. And men will know and you shall know, and you shall evaluate because you are of the spirit.’

And Enoch listened and asked questions. And he was told---’Listen, My son, when we discussed the ends of the Universe and the heavens and the earth and where Satan did ride like a Cherub on the speed of the wind, it was you and thy many kinsmen who said, ‘Father send us.’ You had been in the earth and walked up and down on the coals of fire, and you had been in the earth and walked among men, but they could behold you not. Catastrophe continues and I said that I would put in bodies of flesh, and ye shall walk the earth. And ye shall build with your hands and you shall speak with your voice. And men shall behold you and know that you are My sons and that I have loved you.’ Strangely enough, Enoch records, altho you do not remember. But there is not anyone here who was not a part of it, when in that great Council of Eternity, when you said, ‘Send us,’ for now nothing became as important as the thought in the mind of the Father, that everything was confined now in earth’s orbit. This thought in the mind of the Father would now be in your spirit and now all things would be put back together again.

The question was raised last Sunday, if someone stood before the throne of God and said, ‘Father you are the power in the Universe, you can do anything. If you could change anything that you did, if Lucifer was about to rebel and starts this change of millenniums and ends with this struggle in the earth today, would you stop him from doing it?’ And I told you that God would say, ‘No, we would do it the same way.’ You might wonder why. But He already told Enoch that. For Enoch asked is this chain of events just something that got by? And then he was told that nothing gets by the Father who knows everything that happens before it happens. And He participates in the essence of ideas or there would not be any.

Someone said, ‘Well, why did He allow Lucifer to do this if He knew about it before hand?’ Well, He knew about a lot of things before they happened. But you who were nestled in spirit and in love, who knew righteousness, but no comparison, never could have appreciated the nature or the greatness of your Father. Never would have been able to have understood the value between right or wrong, because you would never have known the comparison between why things should be done this way to be right. And even tho this interlude in the Universe may extend over a quarter of a million years or more, that is a very short time in the vastness of Eternity with no climactic end. That after the emergence of the cycles thru which we are passing, the Universe and all those within it, and you the offspring of the MOST HIGH share the administration of that Universe as that book declares. We will seek and determine rightness and define Law, because now you know the value of it and that it works best that way. Because, my friends, you are no longer operating out of a background which knows no distinction. But you will know righteousness for its own sake, and you will know by experience. There is also a uniqueness in blessing, for Enoch was told, ‘I will begat unto Myself, men and out of them shall emerge men in earth into whose bodies My Spirit shall flow.’

Children of the spirit, your advent had begun. That is why all through the scripture it talks about you coming into the world, you being sent into the world. That you are the children of the Father, and the words of Jesus speaking of the Spirit---that you and I belonged to the Spirit in the heavens, thus also belonged to Him as He walked in a physical body in the earth.

By this instance, again He sent you into the world to build His Kingdom, to redeem races, and nations from catastrophe and error, from their own superstitions and their idolatry, and tyranny and their persecution. To eliminate the power of Lucifer and defeat him and all of his forces. Gigantic struggles and strange events rocked the world at that time. And today we find people unhappy and in unrest, and even digging into the ground (bomb shelters) because the whole world is failing. They are putting their hopes in all kinds of prophecies that do not work. And the result is, you find them about to destroy each other. So people are digging in the ground to survive. What a climax. The United Nations, the World Order is building up a program to integrate all societies and nations and people. This is a Luciferian plan, by the way, regardless of how people may tell you that this is all for good. It ends in catastrophe, for the program of God’s Kingdom is not in catastrophe. The program of God in its own order, the administrations of the ‘right to life of spirit’ over the earth produces Peace, righteousness and tranquility. But the World Order which promises that, produces an unrecognizable catastrophe. And even they are planning on protecting themselves. The ‘Examiner’ had a cute cartoon on the editorial page---it is well said. They had Khrushchev looking down on America and saying as he saw people digging bomb shelters, ‘I said I would bury you.’ But it is not telling the people over in Moscow that they better dig in also.

Thus you see the human effort devoid of spirit, has men trying to survive from trying to destroy themselves. But the scriptures says, ‘I will shorten the time for the elects sake or there would be no flesh saved on earth.’ And now you can understand what the spirit is talking about, when He made that statement. Thus, it is that you and I are of the Eternal Spirit, we are the children of the Father. And we have come into this world for one purpose. When God speaks over here thru the Psalmist, He says, ‘I gave you the Law, I gave this to Israel.’ And He was not talking about that pack of Jews down in Israeli. For not a single one of them is an Israelite. Here we are talking about the White race, the Adamic race, the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Lombard, Basque, this ethnic line thru which the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob emerge. This people were Israel before the days of Abraham. They were Israel before the days of Enoch. Because Enoch was told that he was of God’s Israel. Enoch was told in the heavens that God’s people were Israel, issue ruling with HIM.

Now, I want you to also note that the scripture also talks about the Kingdom. It says that the Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD are going to take the Kingdom and rule over it forever and forever. And that the Kingdom shall be over all nations and in the earth under the administration of the Saints, or believing offspring of God. Daniel understood what you are here for. He knew that we were here to put down darkness, to liberate men from darkness and put down superstition, to bring light back to a planet that was in darkness. Isaiah knew why we were here. For in you is a light that shines in darkness and the darkness comprehends it not. But in you is a light and a glory for a Divine purpose. Let me assure you that all of the vastness of creation was by design. And all the catastrophe in it was Luciferian by design. And in all the vastness of this error God’s purpose was RESTORATION, and establishing His righteousness. As you came to dwell in earth, there came over you, error. He gave you the Law which is a very vital thing, for it tells you now to live with the things He made and why He made them. But also, He gave you a great shortcut. For in the spirit, everyone of you knew everything. In the spirit everyone of you knows the thing in the mind of God. But to get that to break thru into your soul consciousness, you also became involved in the errors of earth, and this is one of the hardest propositions that only spirit can climax.

This is why we tell you today that the Law of God---------------but people do not understand the difference between judgement and the Law. The Law is how to operate efficiently, whether in the planting of your fields and the resting of your soil, or whether it is the biological patterns of what you can digest, what you can eat, or what you should eat. This is all in the law. Or whether, my friends, it is in your social relations or in the essence of establishing a family, or in the relationship of a family or what we call morals, which we cannot legislate, but you can establish in the law for the basic response you want for a tranquil society. Then there is the error of usury and the Law says that you must have a proper monetary system that is fair. And if you violate this, then you get into economic bondage and that is slavery. And this is what is happening. There is a law concerning race which says that you are not to marry your sons to their daughters, or your daughters to their sons, for this brings about the degradation of your society. Everyone of these racial or biological laws, economic laws, and the governmental laws which say that ‘these strangers shall not rule over you.’ You are My children, you are My Kingdom. I sent you into the world to build this Kingdom therefore, don’t let these strangers rule over you.

Thus every problem of human society comes from the violation of Divine Law. Today we are trying to figure out what to do with the fact that God’s blessings have brought us technology as the result of inspiration. And we produce more food than anyone ever produced before---that 10% of our society can produce more food than the whole nation can eat, and we still scatter more than half of it to the nations of the world. This is not done by any other people outside of your race.

Now, our problem is that we have geared the production to the value of the economy until they want to cut back production until they have to do something about the repayment end on the money.

Thus instead of doing the things which we ought to do, and conducting agriculture according to Divine Laws, and resting the land, and following the Disciples as they instructed us to rest our land---instead we denude our forests and work the land until it is worthless. Then we wonder why we have so much, and yet so little. This is all a violation of Divine Law. But you were the only people unto whom this Law was given. Because you are the only people who can understand basically the wavelength of Divine thought which accompanies it.

I watched this the other day as this dressed up Negro comes from India and they are honoring Mr. Nehru. I have no honor for Mr. Nehru, for he serves in the Temples of Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva and Kali, the assassin goddess. Here he comes with his caste mark on to advise us and our President why we should not defend ourselves. Why we should not experiment in climaxing weapons for our defense. And he would even join with the power and influence with African cannibals who now determine the system, and now would deny us the right of defending ourselves without permission.

What has this great nation of God’s Kingdom arrived at when men in ignorance worship at shrines before idols that even took Eisenhower when he was President, and had him wear the symbol of idols. If he had been the man he should have been, he would have said, ‘I am a Christian and I would visit you, but I will not take the mark of your idols in the name of diplomacy.’ But he was not that big of a man or he would have delivered America a long time ago.

Now, you say, ‘But you should not discuss this from the pulpit.’ But where else should you discuss it if it needs to be discussed where you reach people? So the ‘caste boys’ came over. And, oh, you can say they were friendly even when he could not get what he wants. But just remember this. They came over to tell us how to live and how to surrender ourselves before the temple of the worlds idols. They tell us how to do that, but they do not know how to raise enough food for their people. But we raise more than we know what to do with. They did not know how to get ore out of the ground, so we had to teach them metallurgy. And we had to send over geologists to show them how to find it, and send over metallurgists to show them how to reduce it. And we had to build a factory with your money to produce the stuff. And then we had to buy it because they did to know what to do with it. Don’t talk to me about getting such advice for America. We had to send them everything from medical assistance, to every normal thing of life while they sit around with their sacred cows and talk philosophy in the temple square.

‘Oh,’ you say, ‘There is a great new India, this is a break from when the British ruled India.’ Just remember when the White man ruled India they were developing them with instructions. And when they pushed the White man out, they degenerated, and have been gathering knowledge without action. They want us to grow their wheat and mine their ore and then want to tell us that we must surrender to the world revolution. We must not resist, we must let this flow of evolution persist.

No, they may have today a great number of societies in L.A. who are out to entertain Mr. Nehru, but that is not the answer. They may come now to tell you what to do, but the hour is not far removed when you are going to tell the world what righteousness is. You are going to come out of this entrapment and your youth is going to reject this---quote--’non-resistance’, and is going to embrace the existence of your race. There is a definite rejection starting in America of they know that they are a race of God, that they are the children of the MOST HIGH. They are children of His Spirit, and light of HIS Life---rather than to be told that they are a product of evolution with no destiny. They are afraid today that this challenge will reach more than their pallid stories of no resistance of evolution. There are many things that we would like to say, but there is no time. The most important thing for you to know is that you are the children of Eternity, that you are the children of Spirit, and that you came into the world to build a Kingdom and you are going to build it. And you are going to participate in it and the outcome is already ordained.

But I want you to know that in this cause, you can say, ‘Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed by thy name.’ All the majesty and the revelation of God which came forth in the man Christ Jesus to show the kinsmenship you have in your capacity, in the same destiny which sent you here to develop---He said you were predestined to be born into the world to do this work.

(End of sermon)