Why You Cannot Turn Back, 8-15-65


By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-15-65

There is no doubt but that we as a people are in trouble in America today. There is also no doubt that the areas we get into trouble as a people, and a race, are those areas where we have violated directly the laws of God. These are the laws which are the foundation of the establishment of laws of the Kingdom for Israel. These laws said that Israel was to be a separate people, they were not to dwell with strangers in their midst, for their own security. In fact the laws of God were very strict on this area, and when Israel observed these laws they were well off. Then when the great nations which descended out of the people of this Book violate these laws...then they are in trouble. We are told that in the Latter Days many will depart from the Faith. We are told in Timothy that many not only will depart from the faith but that they will give heed to evil spirits and doctrines of devils. Thus the laws of God which have followed our people thru thousands of years are all set aside, and people believe in the doctrines of devils. I tell you that instead of trying to make one family out of all races, and instead of trying to make one world government over all people we should be strictly the strategy of Satanic design, against the great white nations of the western world. Against your culture, your civilization, and your background from whence you came. This white civilization is in great danger today only because of the attitude of leaders who have been seduced by a lie, and are seeking to spread the program of the world order, and have seduced people who are spreading this lie, and calling it the program of God. It is more important for you to be on the side of God, even tho they call you a bigot as you stand for the Word of God than for you to accept the world order which is headed for destruction.

We have been told by the liberals in our society that we are to blame for the Negroes who are engaged in the Watt's riots, we are to blame because they just want jobs and we don't supply them. Let us turn to something that will clear this a bit:...II Peter 2:12........ God is speaking here and especially about these latter times...'But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption. They shall receive the reward of unrighteousness, as they that count it pleasure to riot in the day time.' The controlled press keeps back the picture of this situation as they see the hatred of the white race expressed. But behind this situation is the design to mongrelize our race.

The government is trying to bring integration into every level of our society because they have been duped by false prophets of the world order, and these false prophets in our government tell the leaders that all types of people must be brought into our society, and given levels of responsibility and power. But I am going to tell you that these people are not emotionally or intellectually prepared to assume those responsibilities. There may be some who have been educated and prepared under your teaching, but when a mob gets started, then emotionally they follow the mob. No individual should be given areas of responsibility which he is unable to fulfill. When you talk about equal status, and equality in the areas of government then you are talking about the giving to some people an area of responsibility that they are unable to fulfill. A people should not be able to determine the destiny of a nation either by selection, or by participation, when they are not to give their contribution to the structures of that society.

We are in a world of great trouble, and even Great Britain today, especially England is also in trouble altho they did close the doors to immigration better than we did in this country. But our government has been telling people that Great Britain won't let anyone into their country unless they are white, so come into these United States, all are welcome here...but those preaching this policy of immigration are traitors to your society. It is impossible for anyone basing their faith or thinking on the Old Testament, not to see how clearly the Old Testament law to Israel would have made this situation impossible. The Bible not only opposes all phases of integration, but has marked it as a total breaking of Divine Law, and one that cannot be overlooked in judgment. The prophets say that this mongrelization called...'Confusion of Face'...came upon people because of the mixing of the Holy Seed, and it will bring great catastrophe upon God's people until they send these mongrels away, and put them out of your midst.

Now:...there is no road back. This declaration that there is no road back is a twofold declaration. First this great nation under God was a by-product of Destiny, and vision, and developing hope. And when this nation was declared a free nation it was because they wanted to be free from all tyranny. They wanted to be a nation of free men. They wanted to respect certain values that the Word of God outlined, such as property and liberty, for they go together. When in the instance of dedicating ourselves to freedom, in the days of our forefathers, we discover that no price was too high even if their own blood was necessary to establish this nation for freedom and independence. Thus with the Declaration of Independence and a successful revolutionary war...we became a nation. And when we developed the Constitution it was without a doubt the greatest document written by the inspired hands of man, in areas of government, looking forward with anticipation that there was nothing better than...Theocracy, or God's Kingdom Administration. We have cited before that the Constitution was a great document, but with the strength of the people supporting it, then it guaranteed great and basic freedoms. But the Constitution does not provide anything for you....beyond your strength to sustain it. For no document can guarantee you anything unless you give it sinews and power, and blood and vitality for your life and strength.

For the past 40 years we have watched the Constitution torn to shreds. Not from outside sources who we have been at war with, but by a revolution politically and socially on the inside of our country carried on by the enemies....against our Faith and our Race. I tell you that Communism is the enemy of the Church, and it is the business of the Church to totally destroy Communism from the face of the earth. Someone said:..the Church is but the Oracle of God. But...it is also responsible for firing the people of God to do the Will of God. Communism is outlined in both the Old Testament and the New Testament, and the nations that have been taken over by it, and the people that introduced it have been marked by the Scriptures, and it has been all identified as the total Anti-Christ evil...that is your enemy. This has been proved by the millions of those who wouldn't give up their Faith, and therefore were put to death by Communism. It started out with a blood-bath against the people of God who were put to death. And now with this crushing design against the Kingdom, we still survive even unto this hour, but Communism has made great inroads because a vast amount of unassimilatable people have come into this country. People who hate our Faith, and who are carrying on the doctrine of Communism. They are the 5th., column who borrow their way into our society, and with exchanges of professorships into our Colleges, and our society and culture. Oh yes!, we sent out in this exchange program, teachers into their country but we overlook the fact that in their country you can teach only what the Communists will let you teach, where here we have permitted these teachers to move into our schools and colleges, and teach their beliefs, their revolution, and the overthrow of our society, and permit them to spread their poison in the minds of our youth.

We have elected men to our government who we thought would be statesmen because we thought they were honest, and then discovered that a powerful political and economic and social machine that is moved and motivated by economic forces beyond our control...reduces these statesmen to politicians who will sell their nation, and their liberty, for the opportunity of remaining in power. The terrible pork-barrel policy of give away which goes along with a socialist revolution will remain until there is nothing to give away. Many of these politicians have made a career of being figureheads. Your Congressmen go along with areas of leadership in any direction that has the approval with what they believe to be governmental and financial power. I think we have been going down the road to socialism, and to the loss of private property, and the loss of Faith, and the loss of freedom, and going fast since the days of Franklin Roosevelt. I also believe that God is stirring up His people, and that started about 15 years ago. I think He stepped up this stirring to make them remember their Faith, their race, and their nations, as well as to remember their Constitution and to recognize that their liberties are slipping away, and that these people that are protesting this loss are called by the enemy...'The Right Wing'. Well I say:....thank God for the 'right wing'.

Now:...all these strange racial policies have produced this catastrophe of race war. Things like this don't just happen, and they hadn't happened this way before until this kind of administration stirred up all this propaganda and was turned loose and the results are that we are on the road to catastrophe.

Once in a while I hear someone say that we must find the way back and rebuild on the basis of what we had. But I want to tell you something..... there is no road back. You say...you mean that we are condemned then to increasing socialism? NO..you are going to have to build a New Order, one more stronger than the one they are tearing apart. You are going to have to build it on Biblical facts and on the foundations of...'Thus saith the LORD'. You are going to have to use your overwhelming majority to determine without question...America's Destiny. 149 million white Christians are going to have to America's Destiny, not 49 million unassimilatable people who oppose your culture, your faith, and your race. The destiny of America should be controlled by this overwhelming authority, and if this does not take place then, my friends, you are not represented. Those who continually quote Abraham Lincoln better quote all he said because Lincoln also said that it would be impossible for the inferior Negro race to live side by side with the white race, without creating trouble, and the best way to solve that problem would be to relocate them in Africa, even if you have to furnish lend lease money to establish them. Now someone said:...but what about their intellectuals? I suppose by that you mean their Nobel Prize winner...Martin Luther King? He is smart alright, and he is cunning, but also J. Edgar Hoover is right in his assessment of him. Martin Luther King was here a few weeks ago in L.A., with his so called Southern Leadership Conference, and while here he said:...if the whites don't capitulate and give the Negroes what they demand then there will be violence, but of course we don't want any violence, but if they don't give them what we demand, then we will have to resort to violence.'

Now:...this is the outburst that came from Martin Luther King...a Negro educated in the Communist schools, and who was cited by Communist leaders as the man to watch for leadership, as they taught their students. He was now of the top operators for the Communists, and was doing the bidding of the Communist Party. He was chose as the Negro leader for this communist part uprising in America.

There are a lot of sad preachers today and they are talking..brotherly love...and total surrender of our Faith, our race...and the pollution of our society. Then after they finish speaking they distribute in their churches little pamphlets sent out by the National Council of Churches and these little pamphlets finish the job for the Clergy. These little pamphlets support the U.N. and the things it advocates under one world order, and do away with all the immigration laws of every country, thus making a free flowing society of people who go where they want on the face of the earth. These ministers talk of brotherhood...and make love not war...and when I remember Los Angeles (Watt's riot) and I think it is pretty hard to make love to a brick, or a club, or to a gun in the hands of an angry Negro.

I am going to show you where these Ministers are faced with a problem they cannot reverse. Their people are reacting to what they see and hear from all over this state and city, and white people are flocking to gun stores and buying guns to protect their homes and families. There are some who are indifferent but most white men are planning defense against this preached brotherhood, even if unconsciously. We have reached the line where degeneration has set in, where your liberties are being threatened by in- creasing socialism on every side, and the masters behind the scene are the same ones pulling the strings for all Communism as those who have always fought against God's Kingdom.

I tell you that there is no road back, because there is a disintegration of freedom and liberty...and once this comes about and there is this disintegration of freedom and liberty on the basis of a set of documents which no longer protect you because they have been abridged, and modified, and are continually being destroyed by decrees, or from the bench of the Court or by decisions of the executive branch of Authority, or by appointees set up by areas of authority...then where is your way back? The enemy has undermined the Constitution, they have taken away states rights, they have taken away an intelligent electorate. Even the Attorney General said the other day:...I am going to leave office and go out and help organize a program which will teach every Negro how to vote, whether he is registered or even whether he can read or write. So anytime you leave literacy for illiteracy in an elector, you have admitted that you are going down hill in helping choose who is to run America.

The road ahead is still there, but the great majority of Christians are going to have to move to do the will of the Christians, or send men who will do that will. It just may be that the violence of anarchy as it spreads will do that will, require an entire formation of a New Constitution, but I can tell you this...the New Constitution will be lots more firm than the old Constitution. An if we have to repair the Old Constitution, it will not be a road back, for it will still be a new Constitution, and a new road ahead, and it will say...None but Christians shall rule our land. Now, someone will say:...but that's not fair to non-Christians? Is it? Well if they don't like to live in a Christian country then why did they come here in the first place? There are lots of other places where they can go to live and be better satisfied. After all we have had tremendous contributions taken out of this country for the little state of Israeli which is creating problems. For all the money going into that little state creates problems for that area. But if people don't like to live here in a Christian nation, then I suggest they try Israeli. If they are going to support a deteriation in the structure of our society this would be a very wise decision. Now you might say...but we can't just order them out of this country. No? But the day will come when the Constitution of the United States will not permit dual allegiance. You would be surprised how many people are voting by absentee ballot from Israeli. If that is where their heart is then that's where they should go. And some say...but there is a distinction here when considering these people...some say they are a race, and some say a religion...but I tell you that it is both.

There are those who have moved in a sort of semi-ecclesiastical apathy, and they don't know too much about who they are or where they came from. They thought that they were born into this world, and this is their beginning. Then they drifted into Sunday School and learned they had disobeyed certain areas of Divine Law which was true, and they learned they had to accept the atonement to set aside as a reconciliation between themselves and God and their transgressions, so they thought they were saved when they accepted Christianity and so they grew up a Christian. There is one good thing about this, and that is, that now they were identified with the One true God. They were identified with the part of His Atoning work. They were sure they were here, but the ecclesiastic darkness never told them the reason they were here, or what they were here for. They had one idea, and that was to live as good as they could, then they would go to heaven when they die. So after finding themselves here as a child they had not other reason for being here, but to somehow...get by...until they died. And some areas of religion didn't want them to be happy even while they were here, while in other areas of religion they were too liberal and they said..do anything you care to do. This is what happened to the Methodist church of San Francisco, and to the Pike group and others, as they moved to take homosexuals into their church for they said...everything is good...God created everything, so if you haven't tried it, then don't knock it or condemn it. Whenever you get such as that in your churches, then the church is of no value whatsoever to you. When the church becomes as bad as our state department, then we have gone..far..as a nation. The laws of God to Israel would have taken care of this a long time ago.

So I point out to you that in the instance of this..it is important again that the church assume its responsibility and uphold the laws of God and help this great nation build itself as God ordained it was to be built. God ordained also the restoration of this great nation to its part in tomorrow. And it is in the scope of this Divine purpose that this nation shall be a Christian nation, for the Supreme Court of our land has already ruled that this is a Christian Nation. One of these days we will recognize the Blessing of God as it rested upon those who sought to do His Will, as compared to the forces that seek to destroy us. The apathy is apparent with those who just know they are here, but don't know where they came from, or what they are here for, and they don't know there is any difference in themselves and those of Africa or Asia. They know nothing about the laws of God or the biological law and they do not even scrutinize the world so as to look at the evidence of what the world has produced. Even if you don't know anything about the laws of God, yet if you took the United Nations bulletin you would immediately discover that the white Christian countries are the..Have nations.. so they have something that the other races don't have. Then you will discover that the white Christian nations have contributed, produced, and distributed, more to the world than any other people on the face of the earth, and you should be forced..right here..to acknowledge that these White Christian Nations must have a better synchronization between intellect and substance. Now:..what do you know here in this congregation that most people don't know? Here you have discovered that you are the children of the Most High God. You have discovered that you came thru the line of Seth, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and on down thru the sons of Jacob-Israel, into the Kingdom of God. You have discovered that the Kingdom of God is a reality. That the plans to establish that Kingdom...here on earth..are God's plans, and that He plans to use sons and daughters to give it power. And then when you understand the Grace of God you discover that Jesus was...YAHWEH-YAHSHUA... the Great Eternal God. Then when you become fully aware of these things, and you know that He has given you eternal life...then you will know that He inspired His prophets for the purpose of informing you of all these things. And He had spread His Church for a great spiritual voice as oracles to His people all over the earth. You understand that He sent the Word out and it settled on Jacob-Israel, and thus today the Christian Nations are the white nations of the world. Then you come down to basics and you realize that you may influence certain people with your faith when you knock down their Witchdoctors, or when you hold certain areas of authority. You discover from the Bible that not only will God quicken His living, breathing offspring, but that they will take possession of the Kingdom and they shall be asserting their authority against the powers and forces of the Anti-Christ when God re-enters this Kingdom field. If you have discovered the fullness of the faith, you will know that the Hosts of Heaven are all around you. That the sky is full of flying craft, and even our air-force is now admitting that crafts from outer-space are here in our atmosphere.

Alright:...the Bible left no doubt about the crafts from heaven. Any student of Daniel and of the Old Testament would be in no doubt about their existence. No student of Revelations could doubt that Michael, and his Hosts in great crafts, defeated Lucifer and his Hosts in great space crafts and you will not doubt that Michael will be here once again to do it all over as he defeats once and for all times..Lucifer..the Anti-Christ forces in the Battle of Light against Darkness. You will discover there is no doubt that the Hosts of God, your relatives of yesterday..your kinsmen from beyond the areas of the electronic field into the planes of spirit..will join you. This is what you know. This is the facts of your faith, and all the embellishment that time produces, and the patterns of history illustrate, and only add to your faith. Since you know this today...then where do you go back to? There is no road back no matter how you try.

One Clergyman was very much disturbed as he listened to tapes, and as he thought about areas that had never entered his mind. He started in areas of research, and all knowledge at his fingertips, and he discovered that these things are true, and now he can't talk for just 20 minutes about the flowers so he is very disturbed and specialists in his field have told him that he better go back and preach the kind of sermon that he used to preach and now he doesn't know how to do that. There isn't any road back, for you can't unlearn what you know. You will say...yes, but what about the people who go out and repudiate all this truth? Well! they really didn't learn it, for it was just a surface thing with them. Jesus said:...'They who are without brothers are not of us'. So if they are not our brothers, they may get a smattering of this, but they didn't understand, and so they give lip service to this knowledge, but it didn't go thru their mind. I tell you that once you discover the program of God's Kingdom, that when the re-challenge to God's Church comes across America and across the white nations of the world, then they will be so strong and great that the powers of darkness will never get the church back in its grip. The other day one church was churning in deep lament, it was a rather strange thing because it was a Holiness church into which had gone some tapes, and the members were listening, and then their minister listened and then more people were listening and getting excited, and then the Preacher was called on the carpet to explain things and this Preacher said...if we do not stop people from thinking these strange thoughts, then we never again will control them or influence them with our denominations. The people that had introduced their minister to the tape message said:...are these things true? The minister said...the problem is not that these things are true, it is just that they are not church doctrines, not doctrines of this church.

I remember that 'Look Magazine' said in its attack upon the church.... that the church couldn't stay static with the challenging revolution sweeping the world, that the church would have to accept a melting pot religion or maybe even a melting pot God, if the church was to survive. Let me tell you:....the church can't stay static that is true...but HIS Church is going to be re-empowered with the greatest flow of spiritual intelligence and wisdom that ever came from the mind of God to the children of God. And it is going to embrace all these facets, and great majestic patterns of knowledge that will cause men to know in their souls that they are the children of their Father and it will cause them to know that they have the responsibility to hold the family of God intact, and the nations of His Kingdom intact, and cause them to know their responsibility of leading the world in culture and civilization, and over throw evil and superstition. And if the evil tries to destroy them, then war is a part of the picture...but victory is assured.

A lot of preachers get quite a shock when they find out that the Lord is a man of war, and that Jesus the Christ comes back at the head of conquering legions ..you say:..doesn't that disturb me? No. My only desire is LORD JESUS COME QUICKLY. Every once in awhile pressures are put on people..family pressures..from ignorance, and their hierarchies don't want to discuss the issue, so the question to us is...how can I go back to some quiet little church where I can find a nitch, and where I don't say anything except...Oh! How I love Jesus? These people don't want to know anymore. But you can't unlearn what you have learned for it will bother you forever. You can't know the great truths of YAHWEH-God without finding out pretty soon that these truths control you, that they move you, and that they impel you onward.

Then you read the newspapers with this knowledge in your mind and you can look at events around about and if you are a Minister of God, you know what is coming, so the time is here. Since you cannot go back then you better make plans to go ahead victoriously.

Today is the important time to tell it...tell it...tell it...and don't be influenced by people trying to excuse evil, and do not have the answer for these times of violence. So...do not be influenced by the analysis of what transpired that is not in the realism of what you saw.

Don't let some tell you that you are deceived. The events that transpired in your city with the Watt's riot fulfills the prophecy that shows you just who riots in the day time. Shows you who are the beasts and who are the Hu-man of your society. These events tell you why there is a difference, and why it does the work of the Beast System and the program of the Communist Party. Remember here at this time as you view this situation that you haven't seen anything yet. When you consider things yet to come around the world then you haven't seen anything yet. But also remember that God says of the areas of your protection..your Faith..your worship...God says: I will be a wall of Fire around you. And you can count on that!

(End of this message)