Word Became Flesh, 4-25-70


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-25-70

You, Israel, have been given covenants by the MOST HIGH GOD. And more than that, you have been given assurances of survival, more than that the Household of God is a part of something which is Eternal which can never be destroyed.

To start our message, we turn back to the Gospel of John which opens with these words:-- ‘In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was YAHWEH (God).’----

The mighty super intelligence of the Spirit of the MOST HIGH YAHWEH, is the Eternal Father (Creator). This brilliant intelligent wisdom was ‘the WORD’ of all the words ever spoken, of all the words which would ever be spoken. And it emerged forth from HIM. ‘THE WORD became flesh and dwelt among us.’ This is talking about the fact that the man CHRIST JESUS was the fulfillment of YAHWEH (God) dwelling in the flesh. HE is the Life which is the Light of men, and is also the Light which is the life of men.

As we read this again, we understand the fact of the Majesty, and the greatness of the MOST HIGH GOD, who became embodied as MESSIAH in the heart of HIS Kingdom. And assured the nations of the world that HE came for a definite and complete purpose. HE came in to bring power and light unto HIS many sons, who had the capacity to believe on HIM because they were born sons of the MOST HIGH. Thus, you see that the WORD then became flesh and dwelt among us for a definite purpose.

‘All things were made by HIM, and without HIM was not anything made.’ Who mad all things? The Eternal Majesty of the MOST HIGH YAHWEH. And we call HIM, JESUS CHRIST.

Now, when we realize that Jesus was not the proper name, which was YAHSHUA, then we think of the words back in the book of Isaiah, as Isaiah says, (recording for YAHWEH)---Isaiah 43:11---- ‘I, YAHWEH, I am thy YAHSHUA.’ This is of course, the Eternal Almighty YAHWEH (God). ‘Beside ME there is no Saviour (YAHSHUA).’ Thus, the WORD became flesh and dwelt among us. Therefore, we understand that YAHSHUA was the embodiment of YAHWEH in the flesh, walking among us. And we think of the words of Paul talking to the Greeks and he used the word ‘Yah-Zeus----YAHSHUA. And this meant ‘YAH’ (God)--SHUA (Saviour), or our Saviour God in Greek. Then the word was changed from YAH-Zeus in Greek to Jesus Christ in English. But the fact still remains that HE is the ONE ETERNAL MIGHTY YAHWEH (God) head of the program of HIS Kingdom.

When it talks about the majesty of God, and the power of God in your scriptures, then I want to point out to you that the family of God is also directly involved as ‘the WORD became flesh and dwelt among us.’

Now, Jesus Christ, HE the MESSIAH, is called Jesus Christ. But the word Christ is only a Greek word meaning embodied in the flesh. So YAHSHUA embodied in the flesh is exactly what the expression ‘Jesus Christ’ really means. More than this, now YAHWEH points out something rather unique concerning you, because HE says that you are a most important people who are ‘Christed’ in a most important way. HE says that it is ‘the Christ in you which is your hope of Glory.’ This means that you are also embodied in the flesh, having been children of HIS Spirit, begotten of HIS Spirit, before the word was framed. You are the children whose names HE wrote in the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundation of the world. You are a Household of the MOST HIGH, you are children of HIS Spirit. And the Apostle Paul, in I Corinthians 2:16, says, ‘We have the mind of YAHSHUA (Christ).’ What? We have the mind of YAHWEH who was embodied in the flesh as YAHSHUA (Jesus Christ)? Remember therefore that spiritually the Household of your race has the mind of Christ.

There is no question of the importance of this because we are the race that can think the thoughts of YAHWEH (God), that can understand the patterns of HIS scriptures, that can understand the patterns, and listen to the voice of HIS prophecy, and that can commune with the MOST HIGH. The Chinaman cannot commune readily with the MOST HIGH. The Negro doesn’t commune at large with HIM, for he has a soul consciousness which can respond to HIM, but does not have the Spirit such as you have, which can commune with HIM. This spirit which you have is the spirit which is of the Everlasting YAHWEH. You are told in the book of Corinthians, that we do not have the spirit of the natural man, but we have the spirit of the spiritual man, given to us by our FATHER, which freely gives us the knowledge, the wisdom, of the MOST HIGH. So therefore, as we talk about HIM, then we say that ‘THE WORD became flesh and dwelt among us.’ And then as we understand the Majesty of this, we know that this is the LIGHT which is the LIFE of men, and now that mystery is clear. The LIGHT of YAHWEH, and the LIFE of YAHWEH, is in the heart of our race.

Now, this is one of the reasons HE didn’t want this race mongrelized or contaminated. For it is the program of the survival of HIS Kingdom, and is built on the Celestial descent from heaven to earth. We are ‘Twice born’ individuals. We have been begotten in the spirit, and begotten in the flesh. For this is what ‘twice born’ means. We have been begotten by the MOST HIGH in the Spirit, and begotten in the earth, thru the Adamic race. Therefore, as we turn in the areas of the scriptures to this concept, we are told that we have been begotten of incorruptible seed. The Apostle Paul tells us ‘Begotten of incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever.’

No wonder then, that Jesus said, ‘I give My sheep Eternal life, and they never perish.’ No wonder then, that you are of incorruptible seed, and you cannot corrupt incorruptible seed. The spirit which lies in the heart of your race cannot be corrupted. Now, you may say, ‘But I see men of our race violating laws and doing many terrible things.’ Yes. They may do this in their flesh and their physical consciousness, and their thinking if totally wrong. But the spirit in you has not done these things. And the spirit is the area which YAHWEH-YAHSHUA will use as HE brings back the consciousness of HIS people to the areas HE has ordained in the mightiness of HIS power. You were born of incorruptible seed that lives and abides forever. And this is why the scripture tells you ‘be not conformed of this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. For HE will renew the mind of HIS people, and HE is going to bring forth a perfect people. ‘All Israel shall be saved as it is written.’ (Romans 11:26). And HE shall turn away the ungodliness of Jacob and ‘All’---not just some--- ‘All’ Israel shall be saved.

My friends, there is no limit to the power of God, to the Grace of God, to the magnitude of God which HE will function, and with which HE will work. There is no limit to the capacity of God to bring upon the earth the areas of chastisement and judgment which are necessary, and in which HE assures you that in these areas, you will be victorious.

So it is that you are the children of the spirit which lives and abides forever. And with this pattern then again, we tell you that it is not a matter of being saved or lost in the patterns of Eternity. For God says HE is going to save all flesh, before HE is thru. The power and the infinitive of the Grace of the MOST HIGH is beyond the measure of most individual thinking. Many churches do not understand the magnitude of God’s Kingdom, nor the greatness of HIS Grace, nor the absolutes of HIS power. Today, they are turning away in so many ways from the truths of the MOST HIGH YAHWEH (God), and are following the courses of darkness. Lucifer understands the majesty of God’s Kingdom. He understands that it will be victorious unless he can mongrelize it, destroy it, on some way which brings it to a point beyond which it cannot survive. And he believes this can be done. He doesn’t realize that the magnitude of God’s Grace will be sufficient, for ultimate areas of victory. But the day will surely come when even Lucifer will worship at your feet and he is going to call upon the MOST HIGH YAHWEH.

We look out over the earth, and we see the swelling of catastrophes because we can well understand that the prophecies are coming to pass as the MOST HIGH hath declared. We think back to the pre-Atlantian days of antiquity when Horus the original High Priest of Egypt wrote his book of ‘Horus.’ How he told of God’s children of Spirit coming to earth and he wrote of how they, the people of Egypt, had fled from the sinking continent of Atlantis. And later, Plato, as he went down into Egypt to study, would write also of Atlantis as it is now called. This ancient land was where the Atlantic Ocean now is. And that is also where our ocean got its name. But Horus, long ago, tells of how they worshiped in Temples on that ancient continent and how the temples were administered by the Spiritual children of the MOST HIGH YAHWEH. How they could see them as they didn’t have bodies of flesh---see them only at times and then dimly---when their light consciousness was made visible to the people unto who they ministered. They could hear them at times, altho they could not see them. Horus tells how the integration program of Lucifer, this mongrelizing, this seeking to bring destruction and catastrophe upon the face of the earth, actually brought catastrophe to the continent upon which these ancient Atalantians lived on. And how the volcanoes broke out and water rushed into cavities in that land and the continent started to sink. Horus tells of how here at this great Pyramid Temple on that ancient land, that he, Horus, and his people, worshiped in. They were told to flee to the eastward, and this they did. They crossed the final land bridges before the last and final destruction. And they fled across a luxurious area of North Africa. This was at that time, an area of many grassy plains. And finally, they came to the Nile River where they settled. But as Horus talks about this, the most important thing for you to remember, is that he talks of you being the children of the ETERNAL YAHWEH. As he refers to you, he says, ‘the prophecies given to him for the people who are now the Egyptians, as they settled in that land is that God would one day embody HIS children of Spirit, in the flesh and they would be the children of Osiris--the Ka of Ra. Osiris is the LORD OF LIFE AND RESURRECTION, and Ka means soul. Ra is sun or light. But this is only a title they used, for Ra is also a title for a tremendous and great God. But remember, that most Egyptians would in time worship Set and Soth. For Menthos and others worshiped Set and Soth, pagan gods. In fact, when they would talk about your race, Enoch and Job coming to build the Temple and City of On, and the Great Pyramid, and other things,---they would say, ‘a strange and ignoble people came into Egypt and influenced our ruler Khufu.’

Now, the old word ‘Khufu’ was the old title for Pharaoh. In fact, it came from ancient Atalanta from the writings of Horus. And people now talk about Khufu as being the builder of the Great Pyramid. But whatever Pharaoh existed at the time of the building of the Great Pyramid, his title was Khufu. And they talk about the pyramid of ‘Cheops.’ But Cheops is just the Greek word for Khufu. And they don’t seem to understand this. But the pattern still remains that Khufu became entranced with the Light of Life which came out of the sons of Osiris, the Ka of Ra. But that these children of the Ka of Ra, were an ignoble people. But this was just those under the bondage of pagan gods who were speaking. For Set and Soth were the good gods of their thinking. And they worshiped the darkness and all the pagan patterns. But still they recognized that you were the children of Light and Resurrection. Actually, Osiris means the god of Light and Resurrection. And we see this as a great spiritual truth.

Back in the days when Job wrote his book which is found in our Bible, back in the days of 4000 B.C., or nearer to 5000 B.C., he wrote concerning the LORD OF LIFE AND RESURRECTION. He knew that HIS Redeemer would stand upon the earth in the ‘latter day.’ And altho the worms consumed his physical body, he knew that ‘with these eyes,’ he would behold his Redeemer. So Job believed in the power of Resurrection. And thus, also Osiris was this God of Resurrection as well. So you see, that Horus was a good High Priest to these ancient people who we call today, Egyptians and their descendants. He had told his people the things which had been told unto him concerning your race. He told then about the impact of your race being the very LIGHT and LIFE of YAHWEH.

No wonder then that YAHWEH says that in HIM is the Life of the very Light of men, and then changed around, it is, ‘The Light of HIM is the Life of men.’ Thus, upon your race is a pattern of knowledge and of wisdom and of intelligence which is different than the background of other races. So the MOST HIGH has called your race to stand out in wisdom and great majesty to be a light to the world. It must repudiate the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. It must call for a victory in the program of God’s Kingdom. And your race will do this.

I think that you will see a great spiritual outpouring of spiritual power which will descend upon the nations of God’s Kingdom. The scripture says a ‘latter rain,’ a short work of righteousness and ‘after that, will I come.’ I think we will behold from now on, more and more of an awakening upon the part of Christians. And we will see a definite split between you and Communist workshops which are working all thru your society, to bring about the surrender of your nation, in to the hands of the powers of darkness. Under these conditions, then we can be very happy that there is a Michael, the Archangel, standing by to come to our assistance in the hour of necessity.

When YAHWEH talks about you, the word is Saints, believing offspring of the MOST HIGH. You are spirit of HIS Spirit, and life of HIS Life, as well as vitality of HIS vitality.

There are however, so many areas of error, and I heard a clergyman the other day telling his people that one of the things we must train our people to do is --that they must do the thing they feel adversity toward, that the thing they do not like, or the person they do not like, are to be accepted. There are to discipline their minds and turn their emotions loose as to those things they do not like. They must learn to love every body, be against nothing and then they will have great spiritual discernment. And they will have Peace. But---this is NOT true. For Jesus said, ‘If I be lifted up, I draw all men unto me.’ But if you look out over the world, it is White men who were drawn to HIM, and actually the scriptures read, ‘I draw all Hu-men unto me.’ Hu-men would come to HIM, for the others do not have the same background as the Hu-men or Adamites. They do not have the same spirit nor the capacity of wisdom, or the knowledge and understanding to ‘come unto me.’ Therefore, you feel an affinity with those people who have the spirit of the MOST HIGH GOD. Why? They are the Household of YAHWEH. And this is also the reason that you have an aversion to others who are not of that Household. For instance, you have an aversion to the Jews, and you can feel yourself feeling warm to your people, but not to them. But here this minister says that you must just force yourself. You must discipline your mind and accept these things which you have an aversion to.

But I tell you that YAHWEH HAS GIVEN YOU THIS AREA OF DISCERNMENT AND THIS IS A GIFT OF THE SPIRIT. HE gave nine gifts of the spirit, and discernment is one of them. And this is something which rises in you which makes you feel that this thing is good, or it is not good. There is a discernment of Christians against Communism, against the political philosophy of the Communist, against the trap it would weave to destroy God’s Kingdom. Therefore, the Christ (Spirit) in you is your hope of Glory. There is majesty and power which shall emerge because God predestined you to conform to HIS own image, to the image of the son (HIS embodiment). And this is the place which eventually your race will arrive at, once again.

‘Arise and shine, for thy light has come, and the Glory of YAHWEH has risen upon thee.’ (Isaiah 60:1).

Thus, we pray that there will be a tremendous quickening thru out the nations of our race. It is important that we start to realize that we do have the mind of Christ (the embodied YAHWEH) for we do not think like the Asiatics or the Negroid. We think with the thought of the MOST HIGH GOD. And this is to bring out the greatest development, the world has ever know, which is God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

(End of sermon)