Work The Church Has Yet To Do, 11-15-61


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 11-15-61

It is most significant that we get the proper perspective concerning the church as we approach this subject, of the work of the Church which it has yet to do. Because we hear much today from those who are informed, concerning God’s Kingdom and about the nations. And a great number of people have come to the realization that God’s Kingdom is tangible and real, and that it is made up of nations and people who comprise these nations. And by the same token, they do not recognize just what the work of the Church really is. On the other hand, there are a great number of people who belong to churches of every denomination and every description, and they think that the Kingdom of God is just an abstract word for everything which is related to religion and worship. And they think that the Kingdom of heaven is some how removed from earth in the far distance of space. And such, they have little knowledge as to why the church was created for and of what is consists of.

As these tapes go out over the nation, there comes a gradual understanding as to who they are and what they are here for. But the church itself, does not at times understand what its responsibility is. We have received a pamphlet from the Evangelicals this week and I would think that they would know more about what the church is here for than some, but they had no idea what it was here for. In fact, having listened to a great number of references which they refute, they decided that they would hurry and get me saved, for they decided that we were doomed for hell. And everyone we preach to must be on the same road. One of the amazing things about their discovery was, they said, that they realized after listening to the second and the third message, that we must mean what we said. At first, they thought that we just did not understand what we were saying. By the time they listened to the second and third message, then they realized that we believed that only the Adamic race were the children of the MOST HIGH GOD, and that this Salvation was especially for them. But they believed that this Salvation was for all the other races as well. They said, ‘do you know that if you do not teach that salvation is for all races, that first then we have to get you saved and then your congregation, or you are doomed.

The strange think is that what they did not understand and what they do not as yet understand apparently is the function of God’s Kingdom. There is salvation for every individual upon the face of the earth. And each individual which God has permitted to come into the light of all of His Universe---all those shall be saved. But the funny thing is in their criticism. They still thought that only the Adamic race was going to be saved. But they also thought that the rest of them should be included. So they told us that God was not willing that any should perish but all should obtain this salvation and have Eternal Life. And he gave me all kinds of scriptures which he said proves this. But they were not going to include you and me in that. They were going to include the Hottentots and the Chinese and everyone on the face of the earth who believe in the identification of His race and His sons. So inconsistency is one of the great errors of theology. This is one of the reasons why so many people are disturbed instead of being brought together by what they hear. So the result is what you hear. So we hope the movement back to HIM will be enlightening. For we agree that all flesh shall be saved. There is no doubt about that. And we also think that should include the rest of us. And the instance of it as he declares, ‘God is not willing that any are going to perish.’ And I turn back to Isaiah to hear Him say, ‘I shall do all of My will and all of My pleasure and no one is going to gainsay it or hinder it.’ God is thus determined that He is going to do His own Will and have His own way. And He is going to save all flesh before He is thru.

Someone then said, ‘But yes, but they will temporarily perish.’ No, my friends, the thing we are faced with today, is the work of the church. Some individuals have misplaced the church out of their theology, but the church is something which must abide, for we are a church. We are members of a church. We are a part of the Kingdom. ‘Oh,’ you say, ‘But we are a part of a great nation of God’s Kingdom. We are a part of the Kingdom of God as such.’ That is right. Do not think for one moment that God’s family in earth does not make up nations. We are exactly that. We are members of the family of God and we are of the Adamic race. And our spirits were begotten in the heavens before the world was framed. And our embodiment in the earth is a part of the purposes of the MOST HIGH GOD. But the fact that we were begotten in the heavens and then were born into the Adamic race and have Adamic ancestors, marks us. But we are still members of the Church altho we are also members of the race. And as such, each one of you are members of the Adamic race and also of the Eternal, for you are life of God’s life and spirit of His Spirit.

And whether we deal with the nations of God’s spirit, or the Covenants of God, or determine the members of the Kingdom, they will still have national value. A kingdom is made up of many things. Thus the Kingdom of God is made up of many things. The Kingdom of God is made up of nations. It is made up of the Church and it is made up of the Throne. Thus you are a part of God’s Kingdom in the world today. And all of the nations of God’s Kingdom have emerged out of the seed of Adam and Abraham. And the seed of the Adamic race was a part of God’s Kingdom before the call of Abraham. The people of the Adamic race were referred to as God’s Israel way back in the writings of Enoch, long before God changed the name of Jacob to Israel. Thus there can be no question about the fact that from the ancient writings of Isaiah, from the ancient Zohar, from some of the oldest texts which belong to the Adamic race, with its background of the Hebrew and Aramaic languages, these ancient documents all bear testimony to the same thing. They tell about the responsibility of a people who are the Elohim, sons of the Eternal. And altho embodied in a physical body, the spirit in you came forth from the Father before the world was framed.

God made covenants of great nations which would come out of the seed of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, and then fulfilled these covenants. Then we look at out upon the world today, and we see the Anglo-Saxons, the Scandinavians, Basque, Lombard, Germanic people, every White man on the face of the earth, as descended from the Adamic race. And every White man on the face of the earth today, has thus come forth from the Kingdom of God.

Someone said, ‘Well, I believe in British Israel. I believe that the Anglo-Saxon--British and American people constitute the Israel of God.’ Well, that is a part of the Israel of God. But I believe a whole lot more than that. I believe that every White nation and every White man that came out of the Covenant with Abraham is the Israel of God in the world today. Someone said, ‘Since I am an Israelite, does that not guarantee me Salvation?’ Yes, that guarantees you Salvation, but that is what upsets certain people who have a certain type of church theology. And now they say, ‘But just being an Israelite does not get a man saved.’ Let me show you something. It says over here in the book of Isaiah, ‘All Israel shall be saved.’ There is no question about the fact that all Israel shall be saved. But the first thing we must come to an understanding of is what constitutes the program of God and then what is Salvation?

When God talks about all Israel shall be saved, He knows what He is going to do. And Isaiah proclaims this. He says that we are not going to be ashamed. And there will be no condemnation in front of the world when God gets thru with this Salvation. And then He says all flesh is going to be saved. But let’s understand what Salvation is. We have been told that the work of the Church is to produce a function of Salvation. A clergyman came up to me after one of our services and said, ‘Dr. Swift, I did not see any altar call and I did not see any souls being saved at your altar.’ He said, ‘We have had 336 souls saved in our church in the last six months.’ I said, ‘Well, how did you go about it?’ He said, ‘Well, they all came forward and made the confession that they believe that Jesus is the Christ, that they believe He is the Son of God and they accept His atonement.’ I said, ‘Have any of these people ever been saved before?’ He said, ‘Oh, yes, a lot of them have been.’ And then I said, ‘Have any of them ever heard about Jesus the Christ before this? Did they believe this before they arrived here? Did they believe that they were justified by Faith before they came to your meeting?’ He said, ‘Well, I presume so, for they all had been raised by Christian parents. They were all raised right here in America and all people accustomed to the Gospel. But they had not made any acceptance which had stayed with them, for they had been to the altar time after time.’ I said, ‘Yes, when I was a young Evangelist I went to the same church and saved the same people at the same altar, but I have grown up and put away childish things. Because the spirit of God had been teaching me line upon line, and precept upon precept, and unveiling His mighty and Great purposes.’

My friends, as you learn more and more about your Father, you will stop accepting things which are told you over the past which do not make a testimony with the scriptures and the purposes of the true Church. So I said to this minister, ‘Then what you were doing was saving people who had come there the first time because you promised them that if they believed this, they would have this Eternal Live and be saved.’ And now this preacher said, ‘Now, I am bewildered.’ I said, ‘That is good, for that is when we start to think.’ I want you to know this afternoon, that we are not trying to save men from some terrible catastrophe and judgement when they die at the hands of an angry vengeful God, who is torturing them forever and forever, because of the predicament they landed in. Someone said, ‘I don’t know about that, Dr. Swift.’ Well, you just walk out the door that you came in then. Because I want you to know that this Book is the Book of God’s purposes in the earth, or it would have been cast aside long ago. He sent His own family into the earth. He sent them from heaven to earth, but He did not take a chance on any one of His children.

Do you think for one moment that God would send the spirits of His children into the world to build a Kingdom, to put down evil and to establish righteousness, and to bring civilization, and to instruct the heathen and the pagan here in the world irrespective of their origin or where they came from? Do you suppose He would take a chance on something He could not keep or restore? You don’t suppose that He put people down here in an environment where they would be as lost as those they were sent to? What then is salvation? Is Salvation the work of the Church? Yes it is. And more than that, the Church is responsible for getting on with it, for more than Salvation. It is the churches responsibility to fulfill the objective for which God put them into the world for. You say, ‘Well then, what are we saving them for?’ We are saving them from the catastrophe which the world is producing today. From the very beginning of time until now, the violations of Divine Law, violations of chemical law, of nuclear law, of any type of law as to the way things are made or put together, and which create this upheaval and this type of disruption. Violations of moral and principles of society established by the righteousness of the Eternal. If you violate them it is not because someone is angry, but if you violate them, the moral upheavals and the catastrophes brought home are the result.

When it comes to the great problems of our society today, every problem resting upon America today is a violation of Divine Law. One of the reasons why God gave the law to His people was to short cut all the violations of trial and error. This was to give them a standard by which the Kingdom could be established. Then someone will say, ‘But Dr. Swift, I believe in Grace not in law.’ Well, you better believe in both of them because if you don’t have law, then you don’t need Grace. But the children who have the capacity to understand the law, had the law given to them. Strangely enough, the law was not given to Africa or Asia. But then they could not understand it so they didn’t receive it. It was given unto you and unto your race. More than that, the law is good and there is something greater than the law and this is the power and the essence and the life of God stimulated in you that which can make the law so real to you that you obey it by desire and not by fear. There could be no established patterns of government without the principals of law. There can be no established patterns of government without the principals of law. There can be no established orders of civilization without the ethical code of the relationship of families and individuals one with another. There is a great civilizing force which moves out of God’s Kingdom. It is the great stimulating force of God’s spirit. And it gives you a natural bend toward what is right because of who you are and what you are.

Now, when we deal with this one thing---Salvation---the one thing which Christ came to do, along with other phases of His ministry, was to save men from their sins (violations of law.) Now to save them from some perdition when they die, but to save them out of all the misery and catastrophe which exists while they live. We have quoted passage after passage to you concerning the fact that there is a Celestial body and a Celestial plain. And that you have a Celestial body in a physical plain and you have a soul consciousness which can reside in either one. That you carry a Celestial body with you today the same as you carry a physical one. And one is invisible and made of light and energy, and the other is made out of the atoms of physical substances and all electrical energy electrified by spirit, just another wavelength of significant force. And you are a person this afternoon, who can dwell in physical plains, but you have your existence in both of them today. And you also dwell in the seat of consciousness and this is the real abiding you. And you can be in the spirit or in the flesh, but you are still an entity. Any dimension which your Father can go into, you can. Because you are in His image even as His body was in the image of the spirit. You are life of His Life and spirit of His Spirit. And therefore, as such, it is the most important thing for you to understand this afternoon, that God has taken no chances with anything. He is the absolute, Eternal, all Omnipotent God, and He is going to do everything He has planned to do.

Someone said, ‘Why did all of this ever have to happen?’ We spoke of this in another congregation. If you and I, tonight, were by some process speaking in Celestial plains, and would get into some kind of a circle in which the God of the Universe would be seated, and we were to have around us the Archangels and the Great Patriarchs of time and you were to ask this question of the Father, ‘If this were to be done all over again, Father, would you let Lucifer revolt? Would you let him revolt against You, gather the Angels and upset heaven, fight battles in the heavens and throw an unbalance into Creation? Would you let him roam from one constellation to the other and bring people and put them down to earth---would you let the war commence? Would you let all that has transpired happen again? Father, would you do it all over again?’ What do you think would be the answer? The answer would be---‘I would do it all over, My son.’ You say, ‘Why is that?’ Because God never made any mistake the first time in anything He ever did. He never permitted anything which would not eventually come out as a great benefit. You and I have all of our senses just like that comparison in the Universe. You would never have appreciated Eternal Life with the Father, or never understood the pattern of His Law. You would never have understood the vastness of His Law, or the greatness of His nature, the lovingness and the forgiveness of His nature, had there been no reason for you to call upon Him. You would never have evaluated the vastness of the Universe.

Someone said, ‘But God lost an Archangel and one-third of the Angels out of that portion of the heavens and whole continents in the earth. And parts of the solar system have been upset. And there are people today who are worshiping idols and pagans and doctrines and demons and all of the misery that transpired.’ But all of those things last for just a short period. But let me tell you something that has transpired. There is not one soul consciousness and there is not one spirit that came forth from the Father as His child, and there is nothing which He created that He put a spark of life in, that in the eventual period of time, He is not able to consummate and bring all things in proper relationship unto Himself. And that is why in the book of Ephesians, and in the book of Colossians, we hear that He is capable of doing this. And we are told that He predestinated and predetermined before the foundation of the world that He would put all things in order. And He would bring the reconciliation of all things and re-establish His power and His Glory throughout all of His Universe. There is nothing that God has overlooked. Do you know that there is one strange thing. At one moment you will be castigated by the Orthodox of God putting everything in order, and they will say that is Salvation for everybody and then they are for that. Then when you come out and talk about the sons of God and the mighty love God had for His race and His children, and their spiritual power and how He placed your race above everybody on the face of the earth, because of origin and capability of His own, and then they come around and say, ‘But He intends to save everybody, what is the matter with you, that is not consistent.’ But it is consistent for God to know that He has a time for everything that He is going to do. He has an order for every timed event.

This is one thing you can depend on this afternoon, for there is a tremendous order of events. And one of the institutions which was established to help carry out His program was the Church. And you are members of that Church. Someone said, ‘But I belong to a great invisible Church. It is not in the denominational line, and no one can identify it except it is identified with Christ.’ That is right, and every other Christian belongs to that invisible church. But let’s be frank about this. You are all members of this church, but you are in bodies that people can see. And strangely enough, the church today is made up of every believer who is aware that Jesus is the Christ, and it is made up of everyone who is identified with His by name. And a whole lot of people just don’t know that they were with Him long before the church was framed. A lot of them do not know that their name was written in the Lamb’s Book of Life before the world was framed. They think they found Him the day they accepted Him in someone home. That their name was written down then. That everything started at that moment.

The other day, I said to one man, ‘When do you think that you began?’ He said, ‘The day I was born.’ I said, ‘Alright then, where do you think that the spirit which dwells in you began?’ He said, ‘It began the day that I was born.’ I said, ‘Well, there is something then that you do not know.’ I said, ‘The spirit in you was with the Father before this creation was ever formed. You were begotten by God’s Spirit and you were a child of God before the world was framed. So you did not start the day that you were born, that is the day that you acquired a physical body. That is the day you started forgetting the things that happened yesterday.’ The man said, ‘How do you know that?’ Well, the scripture says that you did to bring anything into the world when you came, and we are not going to take anything out of it either. But if we came in, then we came from somewhere. And the scripture tells us where we were,---that we were with the Father---full grown and adults in the plains of spirit rejoicing over the creative work as this solar system came into being. All the morning stars sang together and all of the sons of God shouted for joy.

I want you to know that what has transpired has transpired over ages of time, from the standpoint of human measurement, in the way we evaluate years. But in the Eternal mind of our Father, this is but a short time of existence. And the essence of your soul and the spirit life which dwells in you, that soul capacity is of the Father, and out of the Father. And we are made to know that we are also embodied. And the light which was in Him, is also in us. Someone said, ‘But that is just a phrase, that is talking about the spiritual illumination of God’s ideas.’ But the light that is in Him is in you. And it is the Christ in you which is the hope of Glory for you. And it is the Christ in all of the many children of God which is the World’s Hope----by God’s plan.

In otherwords, I listened to the voice of the Evangelists. He had been praying all night for everyone’s salvation, so they would not fall in a sudden pit of judgement the Father was supposed to have out there, for everyone who did not keep the rules. He had been working all night. He had been agonizing and evangelizing and he was worried that on him was the responsibility of everybody who might pass into such a torture chamber that he did not bring around and keep from such a terrible place.

My friends, no wonder there are so many pagans out in the pagan world. And no wonder there are so many people today outside of the Church. Someone said, ‘I cannot understand why the throngs of our race, people with good hearts, and people who are such good neighbors, are walking up and down the streets, and going everywhere except to church. You cannot get them together to worship.’ But the church hasn’t had much to offer them most of the time. Now has it? It has offered them a God who was more cruel than they were and offered them a Gospel which was as reasonable as their own philosophy of life.

Now, let’s fact up to it. Someone said, ‘But that is the way God built a church.’ But no, that is not the way He built it. Now, I love the church this afternoon, but I can understand just as easily as I can see God’s message to it, that everything from Priestcraft to complete materialism had enveloped the church and it has lost thru time its message. And only the Church of Philadelphia referred to in the scripture, because of its perfect love, has pointed out the responsibility of its ministry. I want you to know, that you are now in the day---not of the churches decline---but you are in the day when the church is going to become one of the most powerful institutions in God’s Kingdom. In fact, before the climax of your race, every individual who is a member of your race, who is an offspring of the MOST HIGH will make an all powerful Ecclesia in the world today. The Greek word ‘Ecclesia’ is translated Church. It is the spiritual center. It is the gathering out of the aware ‘God minded’ people. And everyone of your race will be ‘God minded’ and be aware and participating in His purposes before He is thru.

This idea that we will be saving people from God, will be cast aside. We will be saving them FOR God. And the thing we will be saving them from are the very errors today, which America is paying the price of. For this is one of the great nations of God’s Kingdom. And how much is the rest of the world feeling as they pay the price when they do not have the benefits which you have had. Get out in the world, in your own nation, and find out what people are talking about. I can tell you. For last week we were in the Mid-Continent and the week before we were in the heart of the nation. And when you talk to a man, the first thing he says is, ‘You know I think we are in a terrible world international mess.’ And he is aware that every one is talking about building bomb shelters for the world order is about to blow itself up. And the first thing you know, we are in an international mess. And more than that, he can not understand why a nation which produces so much has to have everything taken from it. And he says the taxes are so terrible that instead of going ahead, I am going backward. So he says that the taxes are bothering him, for it is all materialism.

He said, ‘I can’t see where we are getting anywhere in the United Nations. It looks like we are just getting in deeper and deeper. It looks like a great failure. It looks like we are paying all the bills, but it is destroying our educational system, our nationalism, and our patriotism and our life.’ That is right. But before he gets thru, there is not one of these things that we have mentioned that is not a part of perdition which is produced by the violations of Divine Law. In otherwords, the saving of men is getting them out of their problems. We do not have a nation wracked with leprosy, but it is wracked with cancer. We do not have a society under the heel of Rome that is ground down, and we are not paying a great tribute to the Roman Empire. But we are paying it to the International Empire which is designed on the principals of Socialism and Communism, as much as it can be.

Let me tell you something. Altho you are fighting Communism by day, Socialism is in your Government. And the International World Order is so oppressed and dominated by it and what comes of this is that the United Nations is a Marxist design which takes from those that have and redistributes it to those that have not, distributing it all over the world irrespective of whether they have contributed anything to it or not. You say, ‘What is the principal here?’ I will tell you what it is. It is the message of the church to proclaim the continuity of God’s Kingdom. It is the responsibility of the church to preach the laws of God as they apply, to the instructions of the continuity of that society. We should never have joined ourselves to an institution such as the United Nations that is violation of Divine Law. What is the violation of Divine Law? The Church is the Oracle. What is the Church for? It is to get the mind of God and to give the mind of God to the nation. We are the Ecclesia of the Old Testament. The Hebrew word for Ecclesia was the Kehilla. And that was the center. These were those who gathered around as they listened to the Priest who was guided by the Spirit in the Holy of Holies, and the definition or the name for their responsibility, from the Urim and the Thummim, for the guidance for the Priest. Then the worshipers and the whole congregation gathered around and heard this and then the nation received it. But the spiritual center gave them ‘Thus saith the LORD.’ Even the kings and the rulers of our race had to go down to get instructions. And the church in our time had more than we possess even then. It was not just the abiding presence in the Holy of Holies or the turning over of the little block in the Urim and the Thummim that gave them the answer in that day, it was the outpouring of God’s Spirit which stimulated the consciousness of every one of His children as they listened. And now out of the Holy of Holies of this Temple in which you live, God still speaks today to His children. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and the spirit in you is Holy.

Someone said, ‘But the spirit cannot be Holy.’ Yes, the spirit in you is Holy, has never transgressed, has never sinned, and has never created an error. ‘Oh,’ you say, ‘But I have thought wrong.’ And your body has followed those instructions, but your spirit is as perfect as the day it was begotten, because it was begotten out of incorruptible seed which abides and lives forever. For you cannot take corruption from an incorruptible seed. And you cannot take life form the spirit. The thing that we need to do today, is to be guided by the impute of the spirit, by the abiding presence of the life thoughts of God until we have so coordinated them with our soul consciousness and with our bodily action that the temple of God in the world today and the body of God in the world today does the work of God.

Now, when we talk about the Church today, there are two things I want you to remember. The Church is a functional institution. And God established it on the Faith of the children of His Kingdom, concerning who He was and what He came to do for us. And one of the great designs of the individual of the Church was the acknowledgment that Jesus the Christ was the embodiment of God. And Peter said in the book of Matthew, that this was the body of God, that this was the Messiah. And then Jesus said that upon this rock I shall build My church and all the gates of disintegration, perdition and judgement shall not prevail against it. All the forces of darkness, all the work of Lucifer, all the forces of evil, would not prevail against this institution God was going to build on that foundation.

Now, someone said, ‘But God intended that everyone should join the Church.’ He did not intend that everyone join the church. I can prove that to you. Come over to the book of Acts for one moment. I will read to you a passage here in the book of Acts. It says here that ‘God added to the church daily such as should be saved.’ They did not make any mistakes. They did not lose anyone. They received everybody they were supposed to receive. Every day that New Testament Church, after the outpouring of Spiritual force, that accompanied the unusual power and energy at Pentecost, the 47th verse of the 2nd chapter of Act, the disciples had favor with everybody. And the Eternal God added to the church daily such as should be saved.

What do you suppose they were to be saved from? Do you think that only some of them were to be saved from a flaming torture chamber? Do you mean that only some of them were to be saved from the vengeance of an angry God from the plain of spirit? Fiddlesticks. Just remember that you cannot save someone form something they were not headed to. But you can save people from paganism. And you can save them from error. And you can bring them to the great deliverance by knowing that God has been embodied, that HE took upon Himself all your transgressions so that even your mind and soul could not be bound up by Lucifer. And you could never be held in any situation by Lucifer, the fallen Angel. He came to set you free. He paid for it with His own life so that you are FREE. You are Justified. You do not have to cringe, you can say, ‘I am justified (paid for), and thus look God in the face and say, ‘I accept thy righteousness because you imputed it to me.’

Now, there are a lot of people who did not join that New Testament church. There were a lot of people who did not join it. Why did they not join? Well, because they were Cainanites, Hittites, Amalakite. They did not have the seed of God in them. They did not have the life of God in them. They had no spiritual capacity and HE DID NOT CALL THEM. Remember the words of Jesus. “I call My sheep by name---I lead them out---I give them Eternal Life and they never perish.---All that the spirit (or Agra Pneumas--Father) giveth Me shall come---and I will not cast him out for any cause, or in any manner.” This is what Jesus said. He said, ‘There is not anyone who can come to Me except those the spirit calls. And everyone I call comes.’ He did not call any of the Jews from the temple in Jerusalem because He knew that they would not understand. He did not call any Cainanites, or Hittites, or Amalakites, for they were the ones standing around and saying, ‘Are you this one who was to come? If so then you prove it to us.’ Jesus replied, ‘I have said it unto thee, but you could not understand it. You do not believe because you are not My sheep. I come only for the lost sheep of the house of Israel. But you are not of this seed and I am not calling you.’ Someone said, ‘You mean that the salvation Jesus had was not for them?’ That’s right. The salvation Jesus was speaking of was for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. The Salvation Jesus brought in His time, was for your race. The Salvation Jesus had was to put the kingdom in order first and then that Kingdom was going to bring in the order of God and then God was going to come into earth.

Someone said, ‘But don’t you think that we should carry the message to the ends of the earth?’ Yes, and we carry it to the ends of the earth. But first to all the kindred. And then to everybody and tell them to stop worshiping idols and start serving the right God. We do not tell them however, as the Oracles of God, that if they start serving the right God, that as they do this, they become your kinsmen, your brother, and that we are now in the same family. You do not tell them that, because that is a lie. That is why we are in trouble. For we went over and told the Africans and the Chinese that they are our brothers if they accept this. You can tell this to an Englishman, a Spaniard, or a German, an Anglo-Saxon or a Scandinavian and it is true. But you cannot tell this to a Chinaman. For even he knows that he is not your brother. A Negro looks at you and he knows that he is not your brother, that he is a different color, and different shape. He is constructed a little differently, has a different capacity on the inside of his head. His skull is thicker and there is less brain room. Someone said, ‘Does that make them a second class race?’ It just makes them a different race. If you are going to measure capacities, I want you to know that it is not unscriptural. It is a fact today that the people who descended from the Eternal have a greater vision and a great mental capacity, a greater spiritual capacity, and are above other races, as the sun is about the earth. Someone said, ‘That is self-exaltation.’ No, it is not. It is just an appreciation of the fact. That is why God warned you about Mongrelization. And if you want to know one of the perdition which is heaped upon human societies, it is this mongrelization of the races. A judgement falls upon the Mulatto and it falls upon their descendants. And you can follow this for ten generations and you will still have disturbances and problems. This is why God said that none of these people shall enter into the worship of My temple, or participate in the leadership of My program. And they should not participate in your government or teach your children, if there is a mixed bold for ten generations.

Someone said, ‘Oh, well, we live in a sophisticated age, so we just set that aside.’ Well, that is why you are also in trouble. The world sets aside God’s laws and they get into trouble. When the Laws of God are in force, they find the salvation in righteousness and truth. Someone said, ‘But that is a Gospel of hate.’ But we do not hate the world or we would not have come here. Someone said, ‘But I did not have much to say about it.’ But yes, you did. One day in the consultations in the heavenlies, you volunteered to come. That is why you are here. You do not think for one moment that you of all the children, that God has had, that out of the vastness of all ages, that you are the only one that has had adversities? Throughout the ages, your kinsmen have been numbered in unknown quantities throughout the Universe. But I want you to know that as this relates to the earth, that you are the children of the Eternal. And you have come to earth for a ministry and you are going to fulfill that ministry, if God has to resurrect you to see you finish it.

The work of the Church today is to call the nation of God’s Kingdom back to its responsibility, to do the Will of god and free its society from the bondage of error, and to get out of the perdition and the hells we are making for ourselves with our politicians and by following the policies of appeasement, and the advice of the enemies of God’s Kingdom. The Kennedys with seventy-five out of the palace guard, the enemies of Jesus Christ----think that over. Here we have a President coming out of a church which boasts it is the strongest one in Christendom,---and it is by number,---and on that situation, to be accurate, he has seventy-six men around him that do not believe that Jesus is the Christ. And he knew this when he appointed them. Do you know why you are in trouble? Because those strangers are not to have rule over you.

Someone said, ‘That is not the Gospel of Salvation.’ But, my friends, you would think that it is the Gospel of Salvation if you were to restore this nation to the order that God has ordained for it. And you are going to do this. But if you were to restore this order the taxes would roll off your back just as fast as they have been placed upon it. And you would discover that no one would be teaching your children things that you disagree with and what the word of God disagrees with. Your schools are going to change. Your Government is going to change. And you start electing the kind of people that God told you to put over you and you will have freedom again. You know it is little men who are going to be putting pressure against great Generals until they have to resign to be free.

Yes, we have great covenants in this Book and God has promised to raise up strong principle men who will help lead us out of our problems in our nation. I think that General Walker is one of those men. He has not retired form the service of his country. He is probably starting on the greatest ministry of his life. A great thrill runs thru the hearts of the Patriots when a man stands up and says, ‘Altho I have attained a great position of honor, and have earned benefits for retirement, I renounce them all to retain the honor of Free Speech. Only that way can I serve my country with the devotion that I can give it.’

This is why the Armed Forces Committee was told this past week that this is the reason he retired---to fight Communism. The road of appeasement, he said, is the road of the primitive and the gullible. And as he spoke, he said, ‘We are losing the Cold War already. We can’t win it until we do the things that are right.’ He said, ‘I cannot have the pressure which silences men.’ And he talked about why he was fired, and about General Douglas MacArthur who was virtually silenced and can’t say many of the things that he would like to say because he is just retired but not out of the Army.

Thus, when an hour comes in your great Christian nation, when men dedicated to the service of this country and to the affairs of God’s Kingdom and to the defense of it and its army, can no longer educate his troops concerning the enemy, because the Anti-Christian powers immediately administered orders to him and relieved him of his command, the time has come when the Church should speak out against this great evil in our society which would limit great men from doing the task that they were called to do.

Someone said, ‘But, Dr. Swift, there is only a little over one-fifth of us who are awake today, and not many of them are in the Church today.’ But that is why I have told you that there was a great falling away. That is why you are trouble. I am told that more than 80% of the leaders of the Church today are not praising General Walker. But I also know that before this is all thru, they are going to be fondly willing to be praising his memory, and to praise his activities, because if it were not for men like this, we would continue in a way of darkness. But there will be voices in the Church, great Oracles which will be proclaiming the things America needs to know in this century. And HE says that the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, it is enough for me to know that I am a son of God and a member of the nations.’ That is okay. That is a true and mighty faith and probably one of the most important things that you can know this afternoon, that you are a child of God. Then probably the second important thing that you can know is that your race is the Household of God, that they are the nations of God’s Kingdom and God intends to establish this Kingdom in the earth in righteousness and in love and in administration, in power, in right and in life.

Now, the next important thing that you can do is join the organization that is alerting the nation and trying to keep it on the right course and be an Oracle of God. And you support it by your presence and your support it by your tithe and your activities. You join yourself to a pulsing, rising institution which works to keep the nation on course and to keep the Kingdom developing. That is what the Church is for.

Someone said, ‘What denomination am I supposed to be devoted to?’ You are supposed to be devoted to the Church of Jesus Christ. We are not telling you to leave your denomination, if it is doing you any good. But if it is not bearing witness to the truth, then you better disassociate yourself from it or you may be a daughter of Babylon instead of doing the will of God. Because in that day, every Babylonian influence is going to be swept out of the Church. And there will emerge a great and mighty spiritually empowered institution which will arise and walk without fear, without hells and without perdition, and without worries, and without a god who is a demon, but is a loving Father, who will do what He said He is going to do.

Now, listen. I turn over here to the 5th chapter of Ephesians. But first, go to the 1st chapter of Ephesians and the 22nd and 23rd verses. ‘And hath put all things under His feet, and gave Him to be the Head over all things to the church---which is His body, the fulness of Him that filleth all in all.’ This body which He laid down and then permitted His enemies to kill Him, and then raised that body to show that they had no power over it. And then said, ‘put all things under His feet---and He is the Head over all things to the church which is HIS body, and the fullness of Him that filleth all things. So what does it mean? Well, the interpretation is a bit disturbed, but it means today that the people who are not only the children of God, but members of the race and nation, but are alert in their desire to have the mind of God functioning in them until they are spiritually energized, that their institution which He calls the Church, is the work and the body of Christ who ascended into the Heavens in the world today. That the work of the flesh and the bone of your bone, in which the spirit of your spirit resides---because you are the relative of Christ, spirit of His Spirit, and you body is the body in which dwells His Spirit. Thus your body is the body of Christ. What do we mean by that? It is the Christ in you and in every embodied son that is a part of this great body of God. Every embodied son is a part of this embodied God.

Now, Christ is not in the world physically except He abides in His consciousness in you. And you are synchronized with Him because of your capacity being Christ’s child. The Christ in the world is not in Africa and is not in China. It is in the Christian nations the Body of Christ today is where you are. You are His eyes, His hands and His feet. And your voice is His voice. Except then that you bring to submission this physical mind and all that the world has substituted for God’s Kingdom, and bring it into coordination with the mind of the spirit, then you are not functioning as you should.

You are one body with many members, coordinated with His mind and with His vision. You perform the works of God in the world today. And what the world is waiting for and what the church is going to do, is synchronize this great mass of believers with the great purposes of God. And they are going to speak out and they are going to think, and they are going to move until the very Glory of God moves upon them. And they will turn into a flame. You say, ‘But that is wishful thinking.’ No, it is assured statements that have been made thru the prophets and thru the Apostles and thru Christ, and thru the spirit. And I want you to know this. The awakening in you of your Christ consciousness is one of the most important work of the Church today. That is what it is supposed to do. Awaken you---your Christ consciousness---that you are a child of the Eternal, that you are a kinsman of His own embodiment, that God is your Father, that the embodiment of God is your relative, and that you are like He was---in the world. And now, my friends, it is to manifest that you are here.

Someone then says, ‘Then I can not do the things that I want to do. I want to get out and clean the country up. I sm a little angry about some of these things.’ That is alright. Christ was a little angry also. But this does not make you some self-righteous individual apart from God. I said that it is the Christ in you. But the coordinated vision is fitting your consciousness with that vision until you do the work of God. Jesus was not beyond taking the ‘cat o’ nine tails’ and chasing the rascals off the steps of the Temple, denouncing them for what they were. Do you think that He is against the standing at the head of an army and driving paganism and tyranny and evil back into its corner? I am going to tell you that the next time you see Christ in the world embodied, you are going to see Him at the head of an army, driving the Russians back where they belong and the Communist out of power all over the world.

I had one single minded Ecclesiastical leader who represented a large church and was its pastor much to the loss of the congregation. He said, ‘Dr. Swift, you don’t really believe that Christ is coming back? He died like everybody else and He is gone.’ And I said, ‘Then I don’t know why you are preaching. If you thing He is dead, then you do not have any message. For His Resurrection is the arch and keystone of our Faith. What makes us different from the Communist, is this Faith. For they just look at the tomb of Lenin and took the body of Stalin out and dumped it in the corner, because I think that Khrushchev got a little information that he is going to lay on a slab next to Lenin. But he has to lay on one of those stone slabs if he wants to lay next to Lenin.

Now, I have no ambition to lay on any slab because our message is one of life. And we do not have a tomb in which we have to look at the monsters of society, for our Faith has been built on an empty tomb, and our Master has risen.

Now, in the course of this tremendous hour that we are living in, we are faced with a great challenge. And that challenge is to know that we are the body of Christ in the world today. And that we must function zealously for God’s Kingdom as the powers of darkness work all over to destroy it. Do you know that people get this patriotic zeal for the defense of our Faith and our society, for the defense of our Constitution and our Nation? And when these Communists set out to destroy this, then we have the greatest patriotic revival in all history.

I talked to an educator the other day and he said, ‘Dr. Swift, do you believe that it is the responsibility of the Church to become involved in world affairs? I said, ‘There is no sense in being here if it doesn’t.’ If the church does not develop a great message of the Oracles of God’s Kingdom, it has no sensible reason for being here at all. It is here for the purposes of God. Then this man said, ‘Dr. Swift, you don’t really believe that Christ is coming back again? How is He going to do it?’ I said, ‘Well, He has been here before, hasn’t He? And it didn’t seem to be any problem for Him and He declared that He was the Eternal God of our race.’ He said, ‘Do you believe that?’ And I said, ‘Yes, I believe that and actually more men from your profession believe that then don’t.’

I am not worried about Him coming back. The air is filled with flying craft and some see and some we don’t. Archangels are moving throughout the Universe and the hosts of heaven are on the move. And I am going to tell you this. The abiding presence never rests. He says, ‘I will be with you always even unto the end of the age.’ As important as the revelation of Christ’s appearance, is the revelation of the Christ in you. As important to the hour of God in which you live as to the will of God as to what He wants---it is to see you walk with the boldness with which, my friends, with the vision of good of the world as He bestowed it. Not, my friends, appeasing evil, but wiping it out. At the same time, not destroying anything, by that removal, only reconstructing, if for its proper purpose.

Yes, God said, ‘I would do it all over again, and I have no regrets.’ There is one thing. When you stand by the Grace of experience and evaluate what you have learned, and can say ‘I have no regrets,’ then you get serenity of soul. Let me tell you. One day, even Lucifer, who is quite a rascal right now, but one day you are going to see him bowing before the throne of the Father. You are going to see the darkness gone and the evil tyranny and the cunning of fear gone from the countenance of Lucifer. You are going to hear his voice in adoration and praise for the Eternal Father. And he is going to bow before every one of you, the children of the Eternal God, our Father. And he is going to worship at your feet. And when that day comes, there will be no more devil, no more Satan. It is gone from all the Universe. And all the Universe is going to pulse and sing with Praise. That is coming. For God is not going to lose even one Archangel, He invested in your education.

Let me tell you this. There is no message which you can proclaim, which can get men to stand upon their feet, to throw off their inhibitions and their fears and their darkness, and tell them they are free, and there is no condemnation or guilt on them, for Christ took this away on the Cross. Thus you are free and saved from fear. And all imaginary perdition and hells and judgements are gone. And now if they will listen to His words, you will discover that the life is in them and the Law is written on their hearts, which saves them from all the perdition and hells and errors which can descend on men. If your nation will return to the Laws of God---and it will---there will be no Cainanites in the House of God. There will be no oppressors. And you will not have to worry about segregation. For only one people will live here and that is the Children of God. The other people are going to know that they are the children of creation and they are going to live in their own places. They will visit you for instruction, but they will not try to take your country from you.

Someone said, ‘But is that the work of the Church?’ The true Church is the spiritual center. Its work is to proclaim the Oracle of God. It is to be the medium of God’s Spiritual Administration. I want you to know that it tells me over here in Ephesians, and I will read this to you quickly in closing, for this is a subject that cannot be covered as quickly in all of its ramifications as we have tried to do today. We read these words, ‘You are the body of Christ in the world today---you are the Church---(Eph. 5:25). And Christ is the Head of the Church, the Savior of the body. Therefore the Church is subject unto Christ---the embodiment of God’s Spirit---this is what it is subject to. Therefore, you better bring a synthesism of your brain and your body into synchronization with this spirit which dwells in you---God’s offspring. More than that, Christ loved the Church and has given Himself for it. And He is going to present unto Himself this glorious Church without one spot or wrinkle, wholly without blemish because He says here we are members of His body, of His flesh and of His bones. You are ‘One’ with Christ even in this body in which you live, because Adam was the son of God. Then He goes further to say that He has loved you and this age is going to climax in the fact that every spot or blemish, every wrinkle is going to go away. Every spot upon His Church at the end of this age, will be gone. The Church---God summons---a short work of righteousness sets in and then after this ‘Will I come.’

(End of sermon)