Wrath Shall Rise Up In Their Countenance, 7-8-62



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-8-62

Turning in our discussions tonight, to the words that came out of the mouth of Enoch, who captures the climax of an event at the end of an age in which he writes concerning the Sons of Light, that they shall be stirred of God, and the acts of God shall cause them to rise with anger, that wrath shall rise up in their countenance and they shall cleanse the Household of the MOST HIGH, then we have a similar statement in the book of Zachariah which demonstrates that the prophet 4000 (Enoch) described after his experience of being taken into the heavens into the presence of the MOST HIGH, escorted into space in one of the fastest of vessels of time. And having traveled into the dimensions thru out the vastness of creation where he was told of the things which would effect our civilization of which he was a part, he was given the reason for his own ministry which has demonstrated to have been one of the greatest of the Patriarchal age. But he also saw a climactic hour when the people of God would be scattered out over the earth as nations. He saw these nations as God’s Household in earth as what he describes as the ‘sons of darkness.’ He sees that the sons of darkness gathered from their strongholds from various places in the earth. They flocked together in their secret assemblies, and they gathered together in their planned and designed program for the overthrow of God’s Kingdom. Then Enoch tells about how these sons of darkness with their conspiracies would make their moves and take control of the economy of the people, holding even their ability to trade in bondage. He talks about how they would set up false prophets and false leaders among the people and then they would prophecy the false doctrines of Lucifer the fallen Angel as for the economy, as for the political field, as for a way of life. And he said that these strangers would seek by their flattery and by their cunning, to proclaim the greatest age in time and history. But these sons of darkness would be seeking by this policy also to bind people by the repetition of their error until men’s minds could no longer resist. Then he said this spirit of YAHWEH descended upon these Sons of Light and they came up out of their apparent sleep and they challenged these sons of darkness. And it says that they perceived what had been done unto them and to the House of their Father.

And it was then that Enoch said, ‘They will arise and wrath will rise up in their countenance and they shall drive the sons of darkness from the House of YAHWEH.’ Someone said, ‘where is this House of YAHWEH?’ This would be where HIS people dwell. For HE has referred to you as HIS Household and HE has talked about you as the Temple of the Living God. This is one of the reasons why one of the declarations of the scriptures concerning your race says that you are to come out and be separate from the other people of different races, from the background of their philosophies and other pagan religions, because you were the Temple of the Living God. You were the Household of the Living God, HIS Spirit dwelling in you is Light of HIS LIFE. And there is no way that you can cohabit bringing together the Light and the Darkness. ‘Come out from among them and be ye separate and touch not the unclean things, so that I can be a Father unto you and to thy children after thee in all their generations.’ This was the word of the Apostle Paul in Philippians. This was his declaration of a similar vision to that which Enoch saw 4000 years before Christ.

We can well recognize the great spiritual aptitude that this vision has brought upon our race and how we have the ever increasing evidence of the spiritual forces we have described as in the mysteries of spiritual birth. The great secrets of some of these Theological mysteries have contained some of these facts. But what we talk about now, is Western civilization. Because the whole progress of Divine Light and Wisdom has followed your race down out of the High Steppes, up out of the areas of Mesopotamia, thru the Caucasus Pass after the historical days of Shalmaneser and from these areas of Assyria. And then settling in Western Europe. And the final rise of what we call Western Civilization. These highlights of culture we find again, are taken from the writings of Enoch, from the days down in Egypt when there was this great building going on. Then this was also planted in our race in the days of Plato as he studied down in Egypt. And it was planted in migrating Israel as they came out of their captivity to fulfill their invasion into Europe as the Caucasian colonization. The history of your race sometimes identifies with ancient Persia migrations and identifies with the Manu of India. And of course, as the people we now know as the Anglo-Saxons, Scandinavians, Nordic, Basque, Germanic, and Lombard. And we discover that there is the seed line of a race. And its history is always identified with the mighty monarchy of ONE GOD,--their Father, and that strange spiritual stimulation to be found in the thoughts and the vision of your race.

It is quite evident that the modern seed of Western culture has come out of that race. When Oswald Spengler wrote, ‘The Decline of the West,’ and many of the other volumes that he wrote, you will note that he was greatly disturbed as to what he saw as a great invasion of the Western world--of the breaking down of racial respect in the great consciousness of the relationship of this race with the God who had begat them, inspired them and stirred them on. And with this recognition, he would have applied all of the principal of preservation, of not only a superior wall of separation against the absorption or the settling in your land of the strangers who are outside of your race.

Strangely enough, the things he feared and the things that he talked about which would bring this downfall of the Western world, was actually a violation of Divine Law that which the scriptures had ordained that you might lead the world, or that you might guide, the word also said, that you were never to absorb the world. That the great design of the enemy would be to guide you by the often repeated idea that would change your life and make you listen to the appeal of the darkness. Then no wonder that in the days of Enoch that he pointed out that these sons of darkness would lead with often repeated error, until this error put the children of God to sleep, and until such an hour when God’s Spirit stirs HIS children with Spiritual power, awakens them out of their sleep and they start to fight back against the darkness. And with it they start to proclaim ‘Thus saith the LORD.’ Then suddenly as they say, ‘Thus saith the Lord,’ they are suddenly attacked in their own land by these super decadents that come out of the sons of darkness. They are called anti-social and instead of being called the leaders of civilization and culture, and the purveyors of life, have suddenly become those seditious against World Government and seditious against this great plan for the earth. And then they will be slammed with the words such as hate, and will be even questioned as to their sanity.

This, my friends, was a part of the vision that the prophets saw. And then Jesus would tell you that this is the lot that they would supply for you. That they would even take you before the synagogues and the magistrates as they charged you with these things. That they would throw you in prison, and seek to destroy you. Thus said Jesus in HIS day. And you have arrived in such an age, in this period of time.

However, the reason why such a small minority in these Christian nations with their great majority can accomplish these things, because the people of that society are as the scripture said they would be. They have gone to sleep. They have also been mesmerized and hypnotized by this often repetition of error. This ERROR which has been honeyed up to make it appear that it will work to the advantage for all of the people on the face of the earth, then seeks to make everyone socially conscious of their responsibility to create a socially and economically equity in parity with everyone on the face of the earth. Thus, making the Children of God’s Kingdom to forget what they have created by their design and their work, but instead, buying the promises of Lucifer and the hoards of Africa to convince them to do something which would be their part in this design--other than the conquest of God’s Kingdom and the warfare against Righteousness. We are constantly told about the goal to lift the world economically to our lever. We are hearing about the grand programs of the New Frontier and the grand programs which started out after the days of the New Deal and which have been degenerating ever since. In that same course, we have watched the burden of wars and economic issues that have fallen upon your shoulders until you, by the falseness of policies by men, brainwashed in leadership which is questionable, today every piece of property in these United States has been put in hock to these who have contributed nothing; to these who have lived as parasites upon you. You are at this time here in 1962, now 1.4 million dollars in debt with not enough to cover your currency and here you are the most powerful nation and certainly the most wealthy nation on the face of the earth. But the money which moves the goods that you produce has been in the hands of these forces of darkness until today people are afraid to move one day from another because they are tied up and do not know what the result will be.

Let me tell you that God Almighty has given us some prophecies which we have mentioned in the past---one which constitutes the fall of this economic system--World Babylon---this power which migrated with Satan’s own household and today hold such a stranglehold over the nations of the world. I think it is remarkable that today everything is coming out. Every secret is to come out and be made known. Remember back in the last few 20 years or more, a very few people realized what was going on thru out the world. Only a very few people understood that Satan had a household. He had a race. Actually many churches were calling these people the ‘chosen people,’ even tho Jesus had pointed out who they were and that they were of their father, Lucifer, and that they would do the work of their father. Churches were blind to this, but people were also blind to it. And these forces who had declared that they were fleeing from something somewhere in the world could find an open door in our nation to them. Wives of Presidents like ancient Jezebel would open the door to these pagans into our country. And in the days of Roosevelt, a host of these people came into our nation dedicated to the destruction of our society, continued to flow in with increasing numbers.

We point out to you that in the processes being worked that conspirators of world Communism, world Socialism, and world finance, and world banking with the design to control---the power of these forces are all one. With it all the ‘Social Revolution’ with its design to overthrow the design of your chief initiative and your private enterprise, and your Constitutional Freedom. Whereas they saw that the greatest production lie in this nation, then they wanted to capture this production and they wanted to turn loose their own process of using your strength for their revolution. All thru these years, we have been listening to the constant story of Universal Brotherhood. Do you know that this was one of the things which they used to put people to sleep-- ‘Universal Brotherhood.’ And this Brotherhood was to give you a responsibility to share and bestow, irrespective of any possibility of contributing any effort or energy, that which you had with all of the people of the world, for you would bestow all of these things upon them and LIFT THEIR STANDARDS. That was the story.

Thus, we have watched the words of the prophet ‘my leanness, my leanness’. And he tells us that these liberals have dealt treacherously with us. They have given away our substance to all over the world and the nation is now waking up and they say, ‘My leanness, my leanness.’ What has happened to us? Well, the treacherous dealers--the ‘New Dealers’ on down to the ‘New Frontier’ dealers, have dealt treacherously and have dispersed our wealth all over the world. And suddenly, we discover that they have given away the checks we had for collateral which we had to back up our own currency. These things have happened in your time.

Twenty years ago, no one would have believed that we would come to the point where we would accept the sovereignty of a World Government, or trust our inter-dependence to it as these strange forces spoke out within it. Or that we would suddenly join with the enemy and turn against our own allies and try to destroy their leadership in the Colonial development in the world and the guidance of the pagans and the savages in the corners of the earth. There is little doubt that we are in a most unique time. But something had happened--say, in the last few years, when a great number of people have been seeking and speaking and trying to educate---and I can think in terms of numbers. And they have been trying to inform the nation as to what is going on. But people have slept on and only a few thousand here or a few thousand there, understood or heard. Then as events progressed, the prophecies that were made by those who understood these things, then began to come to pass. Suddenly, God raised voices all over that were heard among Congressmen and Senators. And HE raised up voices among the civil population. I wonder if any of you read Geral K. Smith’s ‘The Cross and the Flag’ fifteen years ago? Remember the things which were being discussed at the time of the war or thereafter. And people said, ‘Oh, these things are extreme and they will never come to pass. There will not be any world super government, and there will not be an attempt to abolish the White man’s leadership thru out the world. There will not be any design to surrender our Independence---this is all additional fanfare of those who incite people when you say they are gong to try to make a Socialist revolution and a Socialist nation out of us.’ But from that period from fifteen years to now, portfolio after portfolio of government has been passed as it did in the Roosevelt days and it is extending now with the seizing of more power both by the Executive and the Judicial branch until the prophecies made out of that background are a political astute evaluation of what is going on in America and has now become history.

I am now going to tell you that a great number of people are going to say, Oh, this is terrible, where they used to say this is rabble rousing. But now at this time are willing to say this is wrong and we should have risen up against this fifteen years ago. We should have risen up against it, my friends, in 1929. Strange as it may seem, the design of the conspiracy which is being wrought in your time, has now reached such an impasse that it is not as difficult as it was to awaken people to the fact that they are in great danger. In fact, the spirit of God has been referred to again and again as ‘I will yet be inquired of to do some of these things for my people.’ You will hear statement after statement in the prophecies of the scripture that the people of the MOST HIGH GOD are going to accomplish a great victory and repossess the Kingdom. And God’s covenants were made constantly restoring the Kingdom back into the hands of HIS people. All of these prophecies relate to a spiritual reawakening. This will cause them to throw off the lethargy of propaganda and occurrences that have held them bound and will let them look out on the nations of God’s Kingdom with a clear new light. And I am going to tell you that there is no fury on the face of the earth like the fury of White Christian civilization when it realizes how betrayed and bilked it has been. I am going to tell you that there was no more fierce fighting forces than the forces of God’s Kingdom when forced on the field of battle. Nor will there be anything pursued so completely as the elimination out of America of every destroyer, as the catalyst of awakening waked up. You say, ‘How do you know?’ I will tell you that now many of the forces of the Kingdom are awake now who were sound asleep a few years ago. And altho their numbers are less in the groupings the can understand what we are talking about. And the result is that when everyone wakes up they want to do something. Everyone who wakes up wants to run these people out.

Now, you find that as the sons and daughters of God wake up, they want to march. And I am going to tell you that as the rest of your people wake up, it will be the fastest sweeping march to cleanse the nation ever seen in the history of God’s Kingdom. Thus, ‘a nation saved within a day.’

Now, listen. The devil is never as smart as he thinks. We are today in the hands of devils. You say, ‘What do you mean?’ Well, if we were saying that we were in the hands of Chinamen, then you would know what we are talking about. But I said that we are in the hands of devils and you should also know that...for they ARE devils. You say, ‘Oh, are there any Chinese devils?’ Yes. They run hock shops over there also. But that doesn’t change the fact that in this country we are in the hands of devils. And since devils have children, they are not always little devils because little devils grow up.

In the vocabulary of Jesus, and this is the wisest of vocabularies--then HE says that they are devils. And that their design is to hold the earth and their devil god has the mission to put devils in power. Oh, you say, ‘That is a terrible meaning for eventually, we have to eliminate the devils.’ Well, eliminating devils from here may be the salvation of devils one of these days. Because you are still going to see the day when every devil bows the knee.

But I am going to tell you that in that same procedure, in the vastness of God’s Grace, there is no releasing you of the responsibility that God has given you as a people. When HE permitted your coming to earth in bodies of flesh, and transplanted you from Celestial Glory into this physical world, it was not just to find a way to return, but you were to occupy the earth and build HIS Kingdom and fulfill that prayer, ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.’ And a Kingdom is not only a realistic Kingdom, it is a political Kingdom. It has power. It has government. And actually it is to rule the world form one end of the earth to the other. As the Christ speaks concerning this, HE divides the nations into two categories and the White nations of Christendom are the chief nations of HIS Kingdom termed the Sheep Nations. And HE gives them the power to rule over the rest of the world with firmness so there will be peace and righteousness in the earth. So the plan is real. So don’t let anyone come along and say that you should steer away from politics or the economy. For there is nothing the devil would rather have you do than to stay away from politics and from the economy--stay away from making yourself felt in your community and to being a force in that community. He would just like for you to let all of that be turned over to him, so that Satan’s children can run for Congress and move into the Senate, so that Satan can control your society with his children. And he would be so happy if you would just sit down and sing hymns about going to heaven. I don’t know what they would be proud of when they got back, if you just sat down and sang and then waited to go.

Some people say, ‘Oh, I am so weary of this battle.’ Well, how much battle have you been doing? Someone said, ‘Oh, it is all of the discord I am weary of it.’ Alright then, throw it over.

Remember the words of the Apostle Paul. He came into this congregation and they were saying oh, how weary they were, and how much they would like to end this battle with all the evil forces of this community. And the Apostle Paul just took his coat off and he said, ‘Well, take a look at some of these wounds. I fought with beasts in the Colosseum, so look at those wounds. I did this for my Faith. I have fought with Gladiators. And I have resisted the wounds of those who attack me, and I have taken the lash.’ And do you know that in that lash there were pieces of metal and there were over one thousand wounds on the back of the Apostle Paul? Thus, the Apostle Paul said-- ‘have you had a hard time?--Have you resisted unto blood as yet?’ Do you know that today we have a lot of people who have a rather sad outlook on religion. They think that Christianity has no challenge. That it is a passivist religion. And if the Apostle Paul was to suddenly come into their presence and say ‘look at these wounds,’ and throw off his garment and say, ‘don’t talk to me about what you have done, have you resisted unto blood?’-----Most would say, ‘oh, I will just be a martyr.’ Well, I wish the martyrs would go. For actually, the Martyrs are those who died for their Faith. And they resisted unto the wounds got them. For like the Apostle Paul, if they could grab a sword and win, they would resist.

Now, I am going to tell you this. One time, Jesus had a private conference with Pontius Pilate, and this conference was over the government of Palestine. And previously, as he had admonished HIS Disciples, and in the hour when they had offered Jesus the Crown and HE took the Chalice instead and refused that Crown on Palm Sunday, which historically we recognize every year--the records tell us that the ‘day’ will come when My Kingdom will not be delivered to the Jews.’ Before Pontius Pilate, HE again, said when Pilate asked HIM if HE was King--HE said, ‘Thou hast declared it.’ And Pilate said, ‘Then how is it that with thy power of the greatness of heaven and earth, that you stand before me.?’ And Jesus said, ‘If I willed, I could bring in whole legions of Angels. If I would, I could raise an army in the earth. But not for this hour, for I have a task that first must be performed.’ And so HE told Pontius Pilate, ‘But the hour will come when MY servants will fight and the Kingdom will not be left in the hands of the Jews.’ And three times that statement has been placed in history. And I am telling you that all the power behind the process of the Kingdom then must be the Jews. And I think that is quite true when you talk about devils. And Jesus said that is who they are. And I can assure you now and for all times that this is a specie. And they have no capacity for spiritual enlightenment. And as you may know, they cannot understand the words of Jesus because they could not understand HIS speech. So accept as to what they are until something new is made out of them in some future date. In the meantime, under the rules and regulations and stretching of his authority, then Lucifer battles for the earth to destroy with tyranny, pain and evil.

But you the nations of God’s Kingdom, have a responsibility first to yourselves and then to the society itself, that HIS Kingdom shall survive. And then to the earth that you might carry HIS Victory to the ends of the earth. So you are in a period of strange and unusual influences. I think this is rather well marked out as Christian nations went to the ends of the earth, how they went into the jungles where the savages warred against anyone. How they sought to tie up in the pagan lanes of the earth, the movement of people. How your race had a certain message and destiny as it spread out and proclaimed only ONE and the LIVING GOD. It proclaimed wisdom instead of darkness. And it proclaimed liberties by Faith instead of superstition. And civilization started to come to the jungles. They did not have to depend on eating one another or for weapons for survival. Suddenly, whole areas of the jungle became food producing areas and new developments for producing livelihood were exchanged for the goods of life which were developed. And churches and hospitals and schools of all branches of the Christian Faith were developed even in the Congo.

This not only happened in the Congo, but it also happened in India under British administration. And in South Africa, as you ventured into these areas of the earth from all branches of the White race. It happened with the Belgium in the Congo and by the Portuguese in Angola and in many parts of the earth as by the Anglo-Saxon race as the world developed. And they formed hospitals and churches even in the Congo. This not only happened under the Aryans, but under the Arabs. Everywhere the Aryan or Adamic Household branched out there was development for the better.

Do you think for a moment that pressing out into the earth was not destiny, because you also came to this land and started its development. You pushed your way to the coast thru the Asiatics who had swarmed over this land fighting even some of the earlier Colonial settlers of your race 600 to 700 years before and more. Some of them going back as far as 800 B.C. You watched your race develop and this was your destiny. This was the best destiny the world had even known. This was the plan of God for a race, a people, and a nation.

So you know that one of the strangest things was charged this week in the United States News by the Premier of Portugal. He said it is hard for us to understand why such a great leader of civilization, such a great force against Communism, defends all of its enemies and turns upon all of its friends. Well, that is pretty hard for you to understand because that is how you think. But it is not hard for me to understand, because I know that in the seat of leadership in our nation, devils have advised Presidents, controlled men, and mesmerized by the use of dope unto super hypnotic influences. And they have led America down the road with the devil instead of the road of the people. They have made a mockery of our Faith an dour Constitution, of our society. And it is time America eliminated the devils from our society.

I think it is rather a significant thing that we should look on our relationship. We joined the devils United Nations which has violated every concept of our forefathers. It calls for us not to retain our sovereignty. We have violated the laws of the Bible which warned us not to be unequally yoked with any type of pagan union. You hear the voices of those who would put you to sleep. And current magazines say this is not a program for World Union, but only a program for a working alliance. This is just a great talking point for a nation, an area where we can all gather around one table and talk things out instead of having wars.

This, my friends, IS A LIE, FOR THIS IS A WORLD FEDERAL UNION, in which you are out-voted 6 to 1 by all of the pagan powers in the world. Which is ruled and controlled by Central Bankers of World International Jewry. Let me point out to you that whereas you went down in the Congo, allowing the United Nations to force Belgium and these other nations to surrender their colonies. The United Nations was to form a vacuum which the forces of World Communism were to pick up. For the United Nations is nothing but a Red conspiracy. And where it is not operated by Moscow Reds, it is operated by local ones, or by other pagans from Asia.

We point out that this anti-Christ organization must be opposed by every thinking Christian on the face of the earth. It must be opposed if necessary unto blood. So we watched what happened when Communism moved in. We watched what happened in Leopoldville in the days of Moomba and his Red advisors. We saw what we said would happen and you remember back several years as we told you exactly what would happen the day they got their independence. We told you how Red hordes, stirred by witch doctors, were going to rape, pillage and murder and steal. And that they would even set fire to their own assets. The greatest blood purge the White race has ever experienced in the areas developed took place in the Congo. Murder, rape, pillage, a great fear program. And here was the United Nations standing by demanding that the European nations get their troops out. Down in the industrial province under White leadership, where they had worked with the natives who no longer wanted to live like jungle beasts---here they did not want to be a part of the Communist societies which this organized selective Congo would be, because they had enough White leadership and they had responded to it. These people did not want to be taken over and they did not want to be destroyed.

And here was Katanga Province, a friend of the Western world and a friend of the United States, who looked forward to the freedom of our society. And they looked forward to our society hoping we would stand with them against this Communist intrusion. But we, supposedly the leaders of the ‘free world’, demanded that they surrender to the World Congo Federation, in which, the leader at this very moment is a Communist who has stirred up his hordes for the mass murder of thousands of natives in his own jungle. The thing is that when the head of this State selected out of the Negroes this Kushumbi, placed there by white leadership, who wanted no part of this, but placed there by his backers, he died. He was told that he would have to surrender. And you saw the strange policy that America was flying planes for the invasion of Katanga, and you watched your money used to bomb civilian populations. And you watched your nation placed on the side of the Communists to stamp out self-determination when it first showed up in the Congo. You found yourselves on the devils side to the disgrace of this flag and to the everlasting despising of the leadership which produced it. And when this black leader wanted to visit the United States,--since he was the leader of a free country--wanted to show our Congress where he stood---wanted to tell the people of America where he stood,--YOUR STATE DEPARTMENT REFUSED TO ISSUE A VISA FOR KUSHUMBI. He was not allowed to come altho we would roll out the Red carpet for Tito from Yugoslavia, and roll it out for Khrushchev who should have been hung in Washington when he arrived. But we had some Ethan Allen boys at that airport that day.

Let me tell you something. I hold here a press release. ‘Washington, June 29, 1962---- ‘The Assistant Secretary of State Mennon ?Williams, has extended an invitation to Kenyatta the former leader of Kenya’s terrorist Mau Mau.’ For we have been putting pressure on the British Bankers and on Britain to break its own covenant with its own colony. We have been trying to force the release of all of the British Colonial Empire, and of all of the members of the Commonwealth which are independent, but are living in native country. So what about this man Kenyatta? This man is one of the most evil devils in the continent of Africa. He was a witch doctor who helped formulate the Mau Mau program. He was a student of all of the mysticism of Satanic witch doctoring process. He literally worked with Lucifer. He was a slave before this shrine of evil. He was able to produce deadly evidence of Satanic miracles. So they did not heal---they killed. They did not do anything good, they injured. They did not give back the life of the lame, they destroyed further. All of the witch doctor practices of evil backed by Satanic power was upon Kenyatta. He had acquired wealth out of the gold and the pearls of those beneath his power. And he used his influence. For you see, he had gone to Oxford University. This was a strange thing to me. How do you make the scholarship program when you are nothing but a witch doctor out of Africa? Our people are jammed up now trying to get into colleges after they have gone thru our High Schools and our Junior Colleges. Thus how does a witch doctor come out of Africa and get into Oxford?

This is because, my friends, enough Rhodes Scholars have become influential in government and are following the directions of International Bankers and lawyers who said, ‘This is what we want.’

So what did Kenyatta do while in Oxford? How did he get his degree? He wrote the most important theism or program on the craft of the Witch Doctor. This was about a two volume set, by Kenyatta. This book talks about how he serves Satan and the demonic forces which work with him. And right now they will deliver power, or do anything that Satan wants. It tells about their rites and about the most evil and vicious blood process that a witch doctor employs among his own people. And their undying with is to exterminate everything that is not black on the face of the earth.

Having finished his work at Oxford University, Kenyatta returned to become one of the most deadly witch doctors of them all for he formed the Mau Mau. One of his most vicious and bloodiest moves was to surprise the Colonial farmers at night, moving down upon their fields, hamstring their cattle and disembowel all of their black servants who had joined in working for them in these little communities where the natives had their own little homes and hospital and had never fared so well. The Mau Mau then moved against them if they would not betray the White man and burn his farm and family, thus shutting down all signs of progress. Thus, the Mau Mau became a sign of terror. They attacked the British and they came against the modern weapons with knives and stealth all over Africa. And thus, it became the determination of the Whites that they should wipe out the leadership of the Mau Mau. And finally, Kenyatta was taken by surprise and the British captured him and put him in prison. And they would have executed him had it not been for the influence of the World Government, the United Nations, Socialism, and Communism. And yes, even the United States said, ‘no, if you do anything to this devil then they will rise up everywhere. This is not humane. This man is a great fighter for liberty.’ Thus, under the program of the U.N., then the devil’s man, Kenyatta, was released from prison and the British Government returned him to the Kenya Colony. And they bought for him a beautiful residence and they gave him political power. And now Kenyatta is the head of all of the political activity in the Kenya Colony and he said last week every White man and woman and even every Asiatic, must leave Kenya Colony, or we will cut them up and send their remains out. And tonight, your government is supporting Kenyatta and putting on pressure for a speedy transition.

Now, I think it is a rather interesting thing, this piece I hold which came out of the paper, whereas your State Department led by evil would not permit the representatives of any other nation which was against Communism to come here. For they resisted against evil. But it has not only extended and invitation to Williams and to Kenyatta. And the State Department tells us that they will assist in every way they can this elder statesman of Kenya politics. They would roll out the red carpet and would welcome Kenyatta anytime in America. But I tell you that he should be hung. And I am not sure but what every Christian should pray that the judgement of God fall on every member of the State Department, on any representative of this country who would pay any attention to and bring him to this country---such as this witch doctor of Kenya. All you need in such a country is one Witch Doctor such as this, and all the population will follow him like the Pied Piper of Hamlin. I think it is a rather significant thing then that this can come out in your newspaper.

And I will say with all fairness, to the Herald Express, for it says that this man Kenyatta is responsible for all of these Mau Mau atrocities, all of the vicious murders of the Europeans. Thus it seems strange that our Administration should welcome him with open arms in view of their past performance with others.

Do you know what this is supposed to do? It is to make every White man fear. And do you know what this will really do? As time goes by, wrath shall rise up in your countenance. We as a nation have given away 81 billion dollars to pagan India. And we are talking about this as being the greatest democracy in Asia. And we want all Asia to pattern after this. She has never gone along with you, but--has the most evil of Communist leadership in Khristna Mennen and the acceptance of this policy by Mr. Nehru. And you are going to enforce the recognition of the Whites and of nations, but when she seized the Goa Province from Portugal, you just gave them a little hand slap and then stood by and watched them steal Goa while you turned on the Portuguese because they will not turn their colonies in Angola over to complete Negro rule. But if they did this, and got out, then White men and women would die there as they did in the Kenya Colony. They will die also in the Belgium Colonies as the Belgium are forced to leave. Two areas as large as the New England States will be turned over to the Negroes in the next few days.

This again, as we point this out, which is coming thru this Administration, is a whole brainwashing policy to say the least. What a great danger. If this was all so far removed from our country, it might be harder to bring them to an understanding of their danger. But this nation is a Christian nation, a Christian society. We have been founded by the representatives of all of those nations that came over here to settle from all of the great nations of the Western World. We are Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque, Lombard, Germanic, we had Faith in God, and we had one background and one common denominator in race. We started out with thirteen colonies and today, we are fifty States. We grew into a nation strong and powerful and opening sessions of government in this Colonial life with prayer and basically seeing our obligations from the Bible, recognizing the Kingship of Christ, and recognizing the spiritual values of our nation. When the Articles of Confederation brought these colonies together, they were never to be put aside. It was upon this realization that they were Christians and a Christian society. And that they themselves were to protect their freedoms and to preserve this newly formed union. And when the Constitution was framed, it was designed to protect and preserve. And thus, stated that Congress would have no right under the Bill of Rights to make a law concerning the establishment of religion. And this, my friends, was of course recognized as the Christian Faith. And they did not spell it out because it was not perceived that anything else would be recognized in these United States.

I want you to know that not being satisfied with having sown Socialism into your society, until you are today in a Socialist world led by madmen of the Communist world. Oh, you say, ‘We can’t talk that way.’ Yes, we can. We can tell you that we are not only led by madmen of the Communist world, who design to make us a Socialist society,---and in this last weeks U.S. News, they told us that Mr. Kennedy and his Administration were angry because this recession was an attempt to punish him because he talked out against this deal. And it says that unless this recession changes, they are going to go to the Left.

Now, I don’t know how far to the Left that you can go. But I think that if they want to go much further to the Left, that they just better take a boat and go over and join Khrushchev of Russia.

Now, you notice that it is a terrible thing to be on the Right side, from the Left viewpoint. And when the Left has the power, they make out that you are terrible people. But I am telling you that something is happening in America that is breaking thru the 31% of the ‘Right Wingers.’ Did you know that the ‘Right Wing’ is considered to be 31% of the people? And let me tell you something. The devil can overplay his hand and it will be the straw that broke the camel’s back and the curve will break over the 31% and move into the 50 or 60% range.

Now, one of the devils around the high command is Mr. Schlesinger. This man is the conscious of Mr. Kennedy’s Administration. This is what we are told in the news reports of the last week. And they accept him as Mr. Conscious. But we say they have a devil on the matter of conscious. I think that was rather evident when even in the United State News. For Mr. ‘Conscious’ was even unhappy when someone asked Mr. Rusk for political factors he had to follow thru with, because the government would never understand it if he didn’t. So he went over to see Franco concerning our bases which relate concerning to Spain. We have always had good relations with Spain. Even in W.W. II, Spain never did anything to disturb this relationship. If Spain had played along with Italy and Germany, you could never have won the areas around the Mediterranean. In fact, at the present time, there has never been one breaking of an agreement between Franco’s Spain and the United States. But Mr. Rusk had to go over there and make some negotiations. But do you now what the ‘Conscious’ of this administration--Mr. Schlesinger said? He said to Mr. Kennedy, ‘you should not have let this man go. You better bring him back.’ But we should never let any one represent our government in any country which has a Fascist dictatorship. That is terrible. Let us be sure that we are on the side that never lets anyone go under this presidency.’ But this strange Mr. Schlesinger was over in Moscow visiting with Mr. Khrushchev, as we said the other day. And he let Mr. Khrushchev out shoot him at craps. But no Jew ever knew how to shoot craps anyhow. But the fact remains, that there he was over there with Mr. Khrushchev and honeying up to Mr. Khrushchev before he came back. And he said, ‘There is a great design for progress in Russia and they see things so like we do. Thus we can work with them and work out a disarmament program with them and work out a program for peace, so there will never be anything to fight about and we must work to this end.’ But--this was the man who said that we could not let anyone from this country go to see a man that was a dictator. But of course, Mr. Khrushchev is not a dictator. He is a Jew parity. Strangely, this is their process in operation.

So therefore, we have a little picture of what is going on. So Khrushchev can come, but a non-Communist leader is not welcome. When we enter into the Indonesian affairs, instead of helping the Dutch, we want them to release their possessions in to the hands of those who oppose them. We can’t seem to get that right, outside of our own country. And not much right in our own country. So you say, but that is not good for a nation of God’s Kingdom? No. It is not good unless it wakes you up so that you will make sure that it never happens again.

Now, listen. We have from this platform cited to you on numerous occasions, that the whole conspiracy to destroy your whole civilization is to knock Christ and everything connected out of your nation, out of your national life. And this is a Jewish conspiracy.

Now, to some people that is strong. For they did not know anything about it. And they did not know that the Jew is not their brother. And suddenly, they begin to understand that he has been your enemy all of the time. So I point out to you---a few months ago, down in Miami, the Jews were suing the Branch of Education for having Prayer in the schools. They were demanding that no Prayer or Bible reading take place in any of the schools in the areas around Dade County and Miami, in Florida because they did not like any worship or recognition of Christ as God. And in New York State, they did not like the fact that the State of New York had a very simple prayer which was one of the requirements of the school system in New York that the schools should be opened with a simple prayer asking God’s blessings on their teachers and on their parents, and on the pupils and to guide them into good citizenship and make them good students.

You know that the Constitution says that the Federal Government has no authority to interfere with any affairs not delegated to them in that Constitution. And the State has the perfect right to have control over their affairs which are not delegated to the Federal Government.

Now, Education is one of the areas that is not delegated to the Federal Government---the Supreme Court not withstanding. Number two, the Federal Government has no authority to make any law concerning religion. The Constitution of the United States says that they cannot do that. And Congress did not create any to interfere with the process of worship. The State of New York had always required that there be recognition of God in their assemblies and in their education systems. This has been supported in early days and right on up to our time. I can remember that in the State of New Jersey, as well as New York, that they always opened assembly sessions with prayer and with scripture reading. And in home room, this was a common practice along with the salute to the Flag and the singing of the ‘Star Spangled Banner.’ And I will question if they will let you do that any longer because in the ‘Star Spangles Banner’ there is recognition of God. But the Jews say this is offensive to them.

Now, I want to get this across to you tonight. Don’t you ever forget that the American Jewish Committee, the Jewish attorneys and the ADL and the Civil Liberties Union---these are the forces that want to knock Prayer and Bible and Christ and God out of everything American. But before you start to wise up in any concept of propaganda, they said that this is essential for the separation of Church and State. And had nothing to do with any special church. But America is a Christian country. And the Supreme Court on several occasions, has ruled that this is true. And I can tell you that what five Supreme Courts have said, this group of parasites are not going to be able to destroy. Their decision has no more authority than five previous courts and those five previous court decisions can surely outlast this bunch of knuckleheads. There is only one Justice---Justice Stewart--who stood up for God. Remember that. It would be better to fire them all and just keep the one.

Now, it was the Jews who lost in the New York court that carried their fight to the Supreme Court. It was the Jews in the South who carried this on because they lost Miami. With all of their talk of brotherhood, they admit that there is no brotherhood because they are Jewish. And their witnesses said they could not stand it all day long for it had turned their stomach because they had heard a prayer prayed to a Christian God. And when a Judge asked if there was any difference between a Jew god and a Christian God, they made it very clear that there was. For they said that they worshiped one god and the Christian worshiped another. And that is true. And I hope the Judge found it out, and that the nation finds it out for Jesus said, ‘I am of My Father and you of your father.’ And THAT is TWO DIFFERENT SOURCES. JEWS WORSHIP THE DEVIL FROM WHENCE THEY CAME. AND WE WORSHIP GOD WHO IS OUR FATHER. This is a struggle for the earth and unless you are ready to surrender the earth, you better start fighting.

Now, I point out to you this. The Jewish organizations have been working for years trying to take God out of America. Oh, you say, ‘But they worship God.’ Well they worship a devil god. But they want to take the TRUE GOD and TRUE WORSHIP OUT OF AMERICA. Several years back, they held a meeting in the Waldorf Astoria. And here this world congress and the B’nai B’rith had this massive meeting---and I had a spy there. This spy stayed at the hotel and looked out upon the banquet room, and he saw great volumes of material laid down on the table for every member who came. One of the reports was concerning how they were getting along with taking the tax exemption away from all religious institutions. And how they were waging war against every phase of civic and national life here in America. This was the story of this report. So one of my friends liberated this report and sent it to me.

We took this liberated volume--several years ago--and we showed it to several clergymen. And they said, ‘Oh, well, they can’t do this so forget it.’ And the we showed it to Gerald K. Smith and he said, ‘This is a most serious document.’ After that, we showed it to some Masonic Order leaders who were not too disturbed. Then one day, we showed it to one of the officials of the Knights of Columbus and he got very disturbed. Soon after that, I was called on to show this to the Bishop of the Arch Diocese. From there it went to the presiding Cardinal and then it went to Rome. And then they sent it back to me all nicely bound. Then it went form there to Canada and back again, until finally, the attorneys were getting in the fight that every minister should have been in to protect themselves from the tax exemption status from religious institutions. This would cost them much and be more harmful than any other area of the fight. And we have been sitting here and watching this attempt to put God our of America ever since. And we have discovered that by this strategy, and with this strategy, that they have been working ever since.

And we have discovered that this American Civil Liberties Union is Communist and it works on a destructive policy and we never find it working on anything constructive. Once in awhile, they work on something which is a grandstand play. But generally they are working against everything Christian. So the pressure was on. And remember that you cannot trust the Supreme Court very far because the advisors on this program for the schools was based largely on this program written by Socialist Jews. They even wrote Communist opinions into their own opinions instead of the Constitution which would never have supported them. It is time that we delivered ourselves from the Court.

Now, on this matter, we are a ‘sound asleep nation’ in many ways, with only 31% awakened to the dangers of Socialism. And then some were shocked last week. They were shocked by the decision of the Supreme Court when it suddenly went into this issue of whether you could pray in school. And the only dissenting Justice was Justice Stewart voted that they could not stop this. His position well stated in the U.S. News was that this is a religious nation, has been from the beginning and that we have done everything on the basis of this religion. Every President has taken his oath of office on the Bible. We opened the Congress with prayer. And we opened the Court with asking for God’s blessing on this great Court.----that America has always been a religious nation and its character and background is founded on our Faith. But then Mr. Frankfurter did not vote, for he thought it was smarter for him to hand back and not be a part of this decision. We have enough on Mr. Frankfurter until we could have impeached him a long time ago. He was an attorney for the Reds. He was the man who put Alger Hiss in power and also Harry Dexter White. So he should have been removed from the Court for those things, which he did for the Red boss.

Now, I point out to you that it was not merely the design alone to remove prayer from the schools in New York. In fact, it was to remove everything religious form our national life by misinterpretation of the power that the court does not have.

Now, in this instance, I want to call your attention to the real gist of the matter which goes back to the night of the B’nai B’rith statement of their design and their motives. Justice Douglas said, ‘Our system is now honeycombed with a lot of un-Constitutional financed exercise.’ I think it is un-Constitutional in whatever form it takes. And in the footnotes of his opinion, Justice Douglas cited that in the Congress of the United States, and in the Armed Forces, and in religious services in Federal Hospitals and prisons and the buildings of the Chaplains of Military bases, are al a violation of the Constitution. Then Justice Douglas continued to serve the Jews by saying, ‘The use of the Bible and the ministering to any of our fellow representatives in the payment under the GI Bill, and War Veterans who attend any denominational college, to pay anyone to study Theology is against the Constitution.’ (you see, under our GI Bill of Rights, they could have gone to college to study medicine of chemistry or even theology.) But as the GI Bill is written, it was for the individual service man or woman to study anything that they wanted to and not to have to bow to a bunch of Jew loving Judges. He said it was against the law if it had anything to do with book, or lunches, or anything connected with any religious organization. That it was a violation of the Constitution to exempt from any kind of Federal Income Tax, any donation to any religious institution.

Listen now. This was the most hot potato that came out of the Supreme Court---and Justice Douglas was one of those bringing out this war on the Church and all of its ramifications. He has waged war on our Christian nation, and he is evil and a destroyer as any member of the Comintern of Mr. Khrushchev. It is time we found out how long in these United States are we going to let evil destroy our national heritage. Let me tell you this. Mr. Douglas therefore, says that the reading of the Bible in public schools or the recitation of the LORD’S Prayer, or the teaching of the Ten Commandments, the observance of any kind of religious service, or the recognition of any religious holiday such as Easter or Christmas is a violation of the Constitution.

Let me tell you something. America suddenly started to explode. HE said, ‘My Spirit will suddenly awaken these people.’ And this is spoken of by Enoch. ‘Wrath shall rise up in their countenance.’ So let us turn over here to the book of Zachariah and here it tells us, ‘Ask ye of the LORD in the time of the ‘Latter Rain’ so that the LORD might bring the bright showers.’ Remember how the book of Joel said, ‘I am going to restore unto you not only the former rain, but the latter rain. I am going to drive all of the parasites out of your land and give you back all that has been stolen from you.’

Now, over here in the book of Zachariah, and HE says, ‘With this coming of the Latter rain, these idols which spoke vanity, and the diviners that lie, who hold false dreams and comfort in vain, and now they have destroyed part of the flock and there is no shepherd.’ (Zach. 10) ‘Now, My anger is kindled against these shepherds and I am going to punish these goats, thus saith YAHWEH.’ And now HE says that there will be mighty men and they will fight beside YAHWEH.

Now, let us turn, for we understand a bit about these diviners who have told us lies, and this false leadership that has moved in and is destroying our country. And HE calls them goats instead of Sheep.

Now, listen. I turn to this great passage---this great New Jerusalem, this New Order of the Ages. For God said that these people shall be Holy unto YAHWEH of Hosts and the sacrifice shall come and they are going to take of these pagans, because they will seethe therein in that day, they are going to seethe. They are going to be so angry as this think develops in this nation and in every nation in God’s Kingdom, and in HIS New Jerusalem, HIS spiritual center, they are going to seethe. And in their anger, in that day, they are going to move against the enemy. And there will not be one single Cainanite left in the House of God. Someone said, ‘But, Dr. Swift, you can’t talk that way.’ Well, Zachariah did and I can read it. Someone said, ‘But I don’t know any Cainanites.’ You don’t? Well, that is the trouble with the church.

Jesus turned to those Jews (in the 23rd chapter of Matthew) and HE said, ‘You are the ones to blame for the blood of everyone slain from Zacharias to Abel.’ So who killed Abel? HE said, ‘Ye fill up the measure of your fathers.’ So again, who killed Abel? Cain. And if they are guilty of the blood of Abel, they are Cainanites. Jesus made it clear that they were Cainanites. HE said that HIS people would seethe all over the nation. So when they want to put their hands on worship and prayer, then, my friends, they are playing into the hands of Moscow. And America, remember, if you are angry at the courts, then you are angry at Jewry which brought this to pass.

I have Saturdays July 7th Herald Examiner of Los Angeles. It is a pretty good paper and it is beginning to have a lot of things in it. Headline:--Rabbis take a stand on Prayer.’ Twenty-two simple words has brought a simmering over America. Twenty-two simple words have brought a fury over America. With these words, Rabbi Israel from the Sinai Temple in West Los Angeles, went on record today, and this is recorded saying, ‘All Jews must stand up and be counted and stand side by side and abide by this decision. All Jews must support the court. For there are many atheists of many kinds and many can say ‘thank God that I am an atheist. This right to be an atheist is a great American right, says this Rabbi. Has any government agency the right or duty to prescribe prayer, has the government the right to pray, has the government the right to support prayer? In the opinion of the light of history it show that we must stand up for the abolishing of all areas of government activity. This is the Herald Express----Rabbis support the court.

Alright, then, I am going to hold up the U.S. News and World Report, and practically everyone here is against this court---here as we turn to Congressmen and former Presidents. But the Rabbinical Association of America and the New York Rabbis support the court and hope to abolish all religious activities in these United States. And also the Jew Emmanuel Seller who holds his position in the Congress even tho a minority, for they keep sending him back from Brooklyn, and he is the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee and he is supporting the position of the Court in this un-Constitutional position---in this un-American, pro-Communist decision. So the Jews prove themselves and these publications support this. They identify themselves as to how they feel about you and your Faith.

Now, listen. Herbert Hoover then stood up and said that Congress should immediately amend the Constitution to establish the right to religious devotion in every branch of Government, national, State and local. Thank God for the vision of Herbert Hoover. Even Eisenhower is trying to get a little religion in his last days. For he said, ‘I always thought that this nation was a religious nation.’ Cardinal Spellman spoke out and he said, ‘The Supreme Court decision frightens me because of the evil involved.’ Senator Eastland said that he hoped that every devoted Christian family would realize how this decision reaches every Christian family and shows that the nation is being brought down the road to Supreme Court Tyranny. Do you know what Senator Eastland, head of the Judiciary in the Senate had to say? He said, ‘It will be almost impossible to get an amendment before Congress adjourns because the man who sits on the Judiciary in the House of Representative is this Jew Seller and Seller says, ‘I am going to sit on it and I will not let any amendment on religion get out of this House before we adjourn.’

Now, I am going to tell you that you should pray that God take this Jew off the list. I say again, whether it be right to serve man or God---and we pray for an awakening of a society now stimulated to come out of their sleep, and such as action will be prodded just a little bit more with awakening until they seethe, and every Cainanite leaves the House of God. Oh, you say, that you cannot talk about depriving anyone of their citizenship?--Well, these people have a dual allegiance. And they serve another country. They have already admitted that they are serving another god. And when we open with our pledge of allegiance, under God, it’s not two god’s, it’s ONE GOD, THE RIGHT GOD. AND IT IS NOT A JEW GOD. When they pledge their allegiance to another god, and they work for another god, and another state, then that is the state to which you should send them packing.

There are many things which are descending on us fast. The Socialist conspiracy, the social revolution, this pushing us into the One World Government, the attempt to destroy our sovereignty. There is not enough plans coming off the drawing board for defensive weapons for us. And at the same time, we curb and hold back the leadership of our best Generals. But I can tell you one thing that you might be interested in knowing. It tells you here about a fax that Washington and at the hearing a lot of things came out. The Army Chief of Staff releases now a private letter that the officers who went over and studied the ‘true blue’ program of General Walker in Europe, and this was revealed to the newsmen as a confidential letter from the head of the Army Chief of Staff. And it is to the effect that they have now assigned to all of the officers, from the Captain on to the ‘true blue’ program, which will once more awaken our troops to the danger of Communism. They have interviewed and investigated General Walker’s program and the Army now admits that his program was good. There was nothing wrong with it. And I have a copy of this document right here. So General Walker was right. And those who interfered with him were wrong. Thus, it is quite evident that this was tied into the Conspiracy within the Kennedy Administration which is so far in it that it is time America dumps the whole outfit.

Now, it is determined that they have returned to the Army, this whole program and there are a lot of things that I do not have time to discuss tonight. But this goes to show you that there is something stirring and a lot of people are waking up. Just pray that America wakes up before the enemy descends on us, with our locks still on us, not like they were sheared for Sampson and Delilah. For a nation which has bee turned to materialism has lost its locks. And a nation which stands for having prayer banned from our schools is having its locks clipped pretty fast. I tell you tonight, that one angry church, which never resisted anything that I ever knew of--in any way--they were just getting ready to go to heaven sometime. They were making a lot of noise in the meantime. But I guess that is alright. You make a lot of noise at the ball game sometimes. And now I will tell what they said. They are starting to call on their young people, and when the fall term opens up in school, to see that if there is young people in their class, that someone will get up at the opening day and announce that they are opening the day with prayer. And whether the teachers screams or does something else, they go ahead and open the day with prayer. In fact, this is designed for massive resistance. But the church had better start fighting because this Court aims to take away the tax exemption status anyhow. This court is going to make war on the church. And it is time the church makes war on the Court. This is a modern Ahab. And we are under judicial tyranny. We need a Court with well defined limits on its power. And we need a Congress with courage enough to carry this out.

We respect the organization of our Government, the Legislative, the Judicial, and the Executive branch. We respect the principal of the Supreme Court. But we have little respect for most of the men on this Court for they are not worthy to that respect. I want to point out to you and you may read this in the U.S. News,--if you wait,---for the day they ruled out prayer in the morning, they granted freedom to the homosexuals to publish a rotten and filthy magazine and say that it was for culture and that it was not offensive. Freedom for homosexuals, but deny a prayer to Christians. Now in 27 States, they say that you can no longer stop or question the sellers of dope and 30% of all of the Jew controlled dope traffic has been broke up by the capture of the addict, so you can no longer stop of question these sellers of this dope. And no longer is it a crime to be an addict. This Court is on the side of rottenness and evil and against God.

May wrath not only rise up in the countenance of God’s people until this great bunch of Cainanites leave, and may their proselytes high in power go with them. Let me assure you of this. You have fought wars for far less. And you have been engaged in tremendous upsurges of National opinion. But never has there been one as spontaneous as this one---as deep rooted. And even churches are not telling their young people to give passive resistance and refuse to obey man instead of God. These are the words of John and these are the words of Peter, before the Ecclesiastical and political power in Jerusalem in their day, ‘IS IT BETTER TO SERVE MAN THAN GOD?’ When that court said, ‘You cannot speak of Jesus for that is offensive to the Jews,’ I think we should grant the immediate right for anyone who found prayer offensive to leave America.

Do you know that the NAACP is holding a conference down in Georgia and the KKK has lit a Cross on Stone Mountain, one of the largest ones ever lit in America. This is a symbol of freedom and while patriots were gathering to reaffirm their faith in the Constitution of America, that thousands of Negroes stirred up by the NAACP led by the Jew lawyers, were down there prepared to fight against your rights and your privacy, for they are determined to have no part of it. And they are saying that Mr. Kennedy promised in his campaign to integrate all housing and they are demanding now that he do it. Do you know that the contractors right now in all Federal Housing have notified the President that 50% of all housing projects will stop right now if the people know that they are going to be integrated? And Mr. Kennedy is just a little bit afraid of that loss of business but he has promised he will carry it out before he is thru. Do you know that Jew led Negroes have been going in the last few days from door to door in Burbank trying to rent or buy a house in every block? Do you know that the Burbank paper is telling the people that this is a good thing and telling the Negroes to come on over and occupy the streets? Do you know what you should do? You should call that newspaper and tell them that no longer will you buy a product if the ad for it shows up in that paper. Do you know that the organization called ‘CORE’ has Communist leadership in every part of the United States? They are coming in to Southern California and coming into our valley. They are coming in everywhere. And with a few Jew Real Estate men they say they are going to put Negroes in every block.

Don’t you think it is time to seethe? We are not against Negroes living in houses, for they live in them now. But we do not want them in our block, in our homes or in our society. And this, my friends, is for their best interest and ours. And I am going to tell you that this will continue until that spark, that fire which is guaranteed by our Constitution. For if you do not have a right to select your friends, and choose your way of live, then you have no freedom at all.

Someone said, ‘Oh, LORD how long?’ Fortunately for you, we are at the end of an age. And those who work for minorities and for evil are in league with World Communism. And the speed with which this grows is going to bring a line of demarcation. And it will put White men on one side and Negroes and Jews who are identified with them will be on the other side. And what happens to America will be of their own sowing. But I still stand for my Faith for God has said that the Saints are going to take the Kingdom and possess it forever and forever. I see a day when there will be Peace and no strife among nations, because the righteous will rule the earth. And I see the policies of the International Banker-----and by the way, tonight, 215 of them are gathered in Moscow, and 18 of them are from the U.S.--and they are holding a great seminar to plan how to train all the Central Banks to operate under a World Socialist system.

Now, if the Jews International Banks can operate in Moscow, and have successfully operated in a Red Revolution, and want to train all the Central Banks how to operate in a Socialist world, then you can see what they have planned for you. And again, this is where Cainanites leave carrying paper in their hands and crying ‘Oi, Oi, Oi,’ to the heavens. LORD JESUS COME QUICKLY EVEN SO COME LORD JESUS.

(End of sermon)