Ye Are The Light Of The World, 5-9-65



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-9-65

As we turn this afternoon to our subject, it is with the realization that across our nation and across Christendom that out of thy household there moves this day various things in the thinking of the people of God. It is with the realization that one of the strongest structures of God's kingdom starts with the structure of the home. For the home is one of the most vital structures of any society. But the Kingdom of God finds this the most valuable unit from which society must grow. For we find that the multiple of the homes of the city, the country, and the state and the nation are vital. And we find that it is here that the spiritual vision and power must start for any movement of force in the nation. It must be from the home. There is nothing more crucial to our homes and to our nation than the continuation of the effectiveness of the mothers to use their influence to guide and to lead their children in the nurture of God. But the admonition thru out all of the background of the scripture, it calls upon the fathers to take a firm stand against the powers of darkness and to lead with the same Patriarchal history which has been a part of our race. It has been left up to mothers to leave their guidance thru out all generations and their impact in the carrying forth of the truth and the teachings of the traditions and the culture as they mold their young minds before their contact with the world. Before they move into adulthood and face the greatest impact against their culture and their manifested way of life. There is no doubt that it has been historic among your race to recognize traditionally what children owe to their fathers and mothers, because it is historic and God has called upon you to remember your fathers and your mothers. We as a race have been told not to forget our fathers and our mothers. And more than this, if there is any great spiritual truth that needs to be remembered today, it is that a preservation of a culture requires respect for our forebearers and a determination that our posterity shall carry on an expanding culture based on the foundations passed on to us. No society will rise higher in its vision than the motherhood of that nation can provide. Thus, we point out that historically this date has a very vital part, because from the beginning of the Christian Church thru out these United States and largely thru out the Christian world has set aside a day to honor mothers thru out the great Christian community where they render a very vital part in God's kingdom.

We never have had an example greater than that manifested to us as Himself, when in the final hours of HIS life as HE was hanging upon the cross. With all of the agony which HE had assumed upon Himself in the garden, the transgressions of a race bore down upon Him in His physical and human concept. And at the same moment, while hanging there on the cross, HE looked down at His grieving mother. Probably no greater impact had been visited upon any mother in history, than was now being visited upon Mary as she now looked up at her son. She had been visited in the proceeding hours of his birth by an angel, and she had been told by an archangel out of the very presence of the heavens that she was to have a child out of the construction of the spirit, and that this one was to be Very God whom would not only assume an identity with his people to save his people from their transgressions, and would assume his throne at some time in the earth, and sit upon that throne of his father David. And as Mary looked up at Jesus hanging there on the cross, this looked like prophecies far removed from the promises of the Angel. For how in this process could HE be saving his people from their sins? This she would ponder. And the throne seemed so far away, as she looked up at that son who had given more than in all time and history, and who had delivered an impact upon the very earth she lived on; that this was never to change beyond that this was the fullness of God. And that HE was the Lamb without spot or blemish.

Nothing could stop her feelings as she looked up now and saw death creeping upon on her son. Jesus looked down upon Mary and he said, "Mother, behold thy son." Then he turned to John, his beloved disciple and passed on the responsibility of looking after his mother. And provided in this moment, the assistance and care of his mother, in the very last moments of his physical life. And HE said, “John, behold thy mother.” He, John, was to assume this responsibility. For he as a disciple, had followed Christ, and now would have an opportunity to serve in giving what assistance he could to Mary, who had become the mother of God by this miracle of Christ's birth.

In the instance of these situations we note that thru out the entirety of the New Testament that there was preserved this hallowed spot in the thinking of children, directed by their faith and by their worship unto their mother. So one would question the fact that the impact upon the child in this formative period is one of the most vital things in our nation. And this is one of the reasons why we should raise all standards of our race, and all of the patterns of our race, to preserve and hopefully free and clear this vital force in our world for now.

No wonder then that today every facet we have in the darkness, waging war against the kingdom, is seeking to destruct the home, to destroy its standards and seeks to separate from the children any influence which might pass thru the mothers to their children in their guiding years. So it is that thru out Christendom today we do recognize and honor mothers. Mothers who have gone on and mothers who have given us a great historic background in carrying out, with that emotion that we call love, that special care that nothing can be added to accept the Grace of God.

So it is that we think about these things and we realize that we are different than any other people on the face of the earth. This is not something that originated in Africa or in India. In fact in China today girl babies are unwanted and not considered to be an asset to their society. You look out over the earth and discover what people it is that we find motherhood and womanhood placed upon a pedestal of devotion by the men of the race. You will find that this is something peculiar to these Nordic people, the Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque, and Lombardic household. You will note thru out the structure of our society, that from the days of the origin of our race, unto this time, that God has reserved these facets.

Someone said that we should not get emotional. Let me tell you something. There are certain things about your make-up. For you are spirit, soul, and body, and out of the facets of your consciousness, as you are aware of the things which are real. Aware of these things which impact upon us, that such waves out of you, in your thinking and in your meditation, and in your manifestation of the effect of love is referred to as love. And you show me a person without emotion, and I will show you a person who has not been respected. For even the body of God could look upon the compassion of the passing of Lazarus, knowing that he had the power to call him out of the grave, and Jesus was moved by their grief. And the shortest verse in the bible says, 'that Jesus wept.'

I am going to tell you that of all people, when you have a Father God who when embodied in earth can feel and be touched with emotions shall weep over your grief, then, my friends, you have nothing to fear. For a God of such grace and such magnitude, and such love is capable of bringing his kingdom to full fruition. And HE will accomplish this. Not a God who is stone, but a God who became flesh and blood and dwelt among you. And whose spirit carried the highest concept of human values, by the focus of attention that there was even emotion with God. Responsibility born of the realization of vision and knowledge is one of the most vital assets in the soul of this race.

As we think today upon these words,--"Ye are the light of the world," I think that this again should bring us to a greater realization of our importance in the world thru the eyes of God. If you will turn to the book of John, you will find that Jesus, himself made a statement in the 9th chapter of John and the 5th verse. Jesus made this statement:--'As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.' John probably unveiled more concerning this word light as it was used, than did almost any of the other apostles. In fact he opens the book of John with this declaration concerning the man Christ Jesus. It says that not all things were made by him but without Him not anything was made. And in HIM was light, and Light was the light of men. A Light that could shine in darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it. But they could not stop it or stay it. This was the true light that lighted every man that cometh into the world.

It is very important for you to know the importance and Biblical facts. One of them is that the Household of the Most High God, wherein you are spirit of his spirit and life of His life, and you are in the world, and HE came into the world that the mighty manifestation of the Cosmos, which the Eternal created, it would be realized the ancient people who were born into the earth in the hour of his creation, establishes them for the continuity of the societies and people of earth. And HE made them here and they never lived anywhere else. Never existed anywhere else. The Tungust man and the Asiatic people never dwelt on any other planet. They started here. Their life consciousness started here. And even their life consciousness of their race had its beginning here, as God put it into motion and ordained that this should continue to multiply and increase. There are people who did not originally stay where they were placed in the Universe. This is true of Lucifer's kingdom and this is true of the Negroids. And this is true of some of the people who have dwelt in earth. For they came from other places in the universe, when in active participation of following Lucifer, in his rebellion against God.

But there are no people quite like unto the household of the Most High God, spirit of His spirit, light of his life, seed of his seed, and flesh of his flesh, bone of his bone. These are the people unto whom he refers to as His own household. And they have that one synthesis that marks this distinguishing quality that marks them as different than any other people on the face of the earth. They have existed in HIM and are a part of his own Light spirit. Therefore they are as he is synthesized in their consciousness, to measure as one with HIM.

Thus, by this declaration in the last and final work of God in the areas of Creation was to place in earth, the children of his spirit now embodied in physical form. To bring about and consummate in great form the destiny of His Kingdom.

God, which is Light, can only be approached by the children of light at the level of the communion of a Father and His family takes place. So it is that He said, 'He lighted every man who came into the world.' And this word man is like our word Hu-man, and it means Spirit man. This means spirit man who are of his household. And that HE, being the man that lighted every man that came into the world. Therefore, He was in the world. It was made by him, but they knew him not. Because they lacked the perception of realizing all that was involved in His being here.

Now let me point this out to you. That in the book of John where Jesus said, 'I am the light of the world.' And John makes this declaration by saying from the beginning that this is the LIGHT by which all things were made. There is a very high law of understanding in advanced physics, in which they realized that the whole Universe was comprised out of whole waves of energy. That started its highest essence in a light field beyond its ability of the eye to perceive, and beyond the ability of the optics to record. There are waves of light which reach out into waves of infinity. And we today have a Celestial plain surrounding our world as a light plain. The light dimensions and light vibratory patterns move from beyond the video plain into video frequency where they can be beheld and move beyond that into unknown layers of light vibrations beyond. Even today as we are aware of the electronic universe which emerges out of the mind-waves of God, there is also a wave of light which is beyond the understanding of those who are not of your race and not of your faith. This is one of the reasons that it says that God is Light. And it also says that HE is before all things, and by Him all things consist. It is in the areas of physics that they have polarized and given ascent to the areas of Light. They have started in the areas of infinity on one side and right up to the video frequency of infra-red as the symbol of the male waves of light. And then they go to the other extreme. And they have cited that the ultraviolet is the female wave of light and the light compression in the synthesis of energy that is giving the birth to matter.

Now since this is a synthesis in which the total light contains the process of creation, but extended it images and guides its impulses, and is known by the physicist today, that no wave of light even in their compression or in their expansion, even in their rolling waves do not move without an area of activity, and that there is a wave of light. And in its utter brilliance and in its utter clarity of emanation thru existence possesses an intelligent quality that directs these waves with their high pattern of speed to their areas of activity thru out all of the universe.

Now there are physicists who have comprehended this. Some like Russell and others who have been able to put these things into words. Then other physicist come along and are unable to interpret the world. But this was understandable. For their seed was not clear. It is also a factor, that to be able to capture the age of energy that is directed out of the very life and soul of God, out of the mind of God and the thinking processes of God and reserved unto the children of God. And that, my friends, is unpolluted. So we tell you that God is not only light, but he is not light as the principal of the force of a wave, unemotional and without personality. He is by image and by form, by essence, and personality, the absolute and sheer perfection of the whole pattern of wave energy and Light purity. So much so that it is the light that animates substance. And it is a light that out of sheer waves, as it even selects and transfers it into the lower waves of energy, that we call electronic, and places its solidity into the creation. And it has so geared the measure of the universe as it so leaves its plain according to the purpose of the mind which first proposed it.

I point out to you today that there are many people who can live in carbon bodies made up of our atoms, and their soul consciousness is such that God ordained that they possess one. They can become aware of their existence and aware that they are. This is vastly different than the great waves of God's mind out of which has emerged all of the substance of the Universe and its primary pattern of carbon. But carbon does not know that it exists. And it is not in the purpose of God that carbon should be aware of its existence. Even tho down in every particle of it, and in each motion form of it, as the electrons move around the nucleus, there still exists an element of the mind of God as HE holds this together, and exists thru out the universe. And the universe is not aware of His existence except where he has animated it with soul consciousness and brain mind-waves and then carried beyond that to the highest areas of perception, which is the spirit mind waves of the household which is his own.

Now we point out to you that where this has been in science diagramed, whereas this is understood in the most advanced areas of physics, that even when reduced to patterns of form in symbolism of mathematics which are related to it, the pattern still remains that God is, and that God possesses personality and identity. He possesses the areas of emotion and the great impact of purpose. And in all of these things, He has not had to learn how to do this. He did not start doing this. HE was the summation of constant wisdom and knowledge that emerges out of the sheer light of perfection, and the Eternal nature of its existence. Universes can continue to spin thru space, and island universes can continue to be hung by the balance of the master creator. And in the processes of can go thru processes and changes, according to his foreknowledge. And according to the time in which the very elements themselves can exist. But in the constant changes and the constant processes of ever being formed and ever being made according to the mind of the Father and, of course, that which becomes synthesized, becomes almost as permanent as that which synthesizes its being. Someone talks about the beginning, but the only beginning that you can talk about is the beginning of a certain cycle and event in formation. God forms and creates a solar system, or he forms and creates a planet like this one. He forms it in his mind and this is a beginning of a pattern of history. There are constant beginnings, even as our Bible talks about:--"In the beginning, God.” Then we have a lot of beginnings in here, of catastrophes and things which change the beginning of the earth, and God did not destroy. He just made it again.

I point out to you that it is important for you to know that there is a relationship between you this afternoon and this tremendous wave of sheer existing intelligence with which he makes and molds and forms from the patterns which he intended to demonstrate his form. For God in form was the first formed of all existing creatures. In fact, you are a people, the first begotten children of the Father, and you were begotten by him before all of this foundation of the Cosmos. A Light offspring of the great light essence that existed in God himself. Thus you are molded out of a consummation of the light waves, out of the very essence of God's being and wisdom. His determined desire was to produce a family which should rule in the universe, and thus Angels rebelled. And Archangel could not share the possibility that a light greater than theirs would be established, even as the Father himself, thus out of the mind of Lucifer came hostility and the darkness.

Consider for a moment what is contained in these passages wherein God, who is the light, said that HE was the Light which lighted every man who came into the world,’ is identifying his household as having possessed light like his, being spirit of his spirit, and therefore, they have entered into the world. We have today a great wave of theological ignorance, in which they do not know that they entered into the world. They think they started down here as sort of a biological concept. They do not realize that the spirit which entered into that body was with the Father before the world was framed. Was spirit of his spirit and therefore light of his light. When God talks about transferring his kingdom from heaven to earth, this is his own household so that he might produce a household of light which would be above the earth and have vision and knowledge and understanding. And that they occupy the earth, being above any other people. The whole concept of trying to upset the thinking of your race was to try to move against it and mutate it from the beginning so that it would be acceptable to the darkness. And out of this error lose its great power for an existence.

Well, the processes of God are clearly marked. If therefore, God said, ‘I am the light of the world and I am the essence from whence it starts,’ and the Apostle Paul in Revelation, said that 'everything is made by HIM, and without him nothing is made. He was before all things, and by him all things consist.' There is no question in the book of Colossians as to the thing which the Apostle Paul learned in the heavens concerning the absoluteness of the embodiment of the man we know as the man Christ Jesus, who was the Eternal God, the Mighty Father Spirit before all creations, visitable before your eyes. By this declaration then He said, “I am the light.” That is the light of the world and the illumination. “And its proof and its wisdom have to have their origin in Me.” All error, all darkness, all superstition, all fallacy, as it originated in the mind that went retrograde, being attached to the world is Luciferian.

Thus, we have two sources. Either it is of God or it is of Lucifer. And for creations, the mind of Lucifer has been tapped. And only the light and knowledge of God can set free. And they cannot set themselves free. It must be done by HIS spirit. So the Father must do it, or he must use children of spirit to convey it. This is the reason why you as children of spirit, are children of Light. And there is moving thru you the same waves of pulsing light bringing things to your nature. And it is by this very pulsing light and this capacity, that you can think thoughts that are his thoughts. That you can be so animated by the thoughts of the Father and the program of God, that this light aura that surrounds you becomes a field of contact and creates its added energy by the contact of others. And then every idea, every newspaper, every transmission of thought moves thru you. It filters thru this light and is adjusted to your consciousness until you do not have to have someone tell you that this is right or this is wrong. You know it automatically. Why? Because the more you advance into your cultural heritage, the more you occupy the earth, the waves of it become more functional. Thus, then everything must be adjusted to the light or rejected by God.

Now let this then be pointed out to you. In the book of Matthew, Jesus turned to those who constituted his followers, his disciples, and those who were of his household, and He said, 'Ye are the salt of the earth. If the salt hath lost its flavor, where with will it be salted? It is then good for nothing, but to be cast out and trodden under the foot of men.’ God wants to make clear that the impact of your race carries with it the impact of spiritual knowledge, wisdom and vision. And as such therefore is the great stabling influence, the great stabling force, that builds the kingdom, and establishes knowledge, understanding, and righteousness. But at the same time is identified with you as a people. As a race. Therefore, in the earth it is a solid force. Therefore, in the earth in the substance of the multiple carbons, you are classified by God of the salt or influence. But you must preserve your identity, and not be fused, or mixed, or expanded by any of these other substances to remain the salt of the earth back in the days when salt was not as easy to acquire as it is today when you go to the great supermarket, and take it down in a dozen different forms. There are a dozen different manufactures who are giving you a purified product. And you had a different claim from iodine to those with added salt. The most important thing is that it is salty and that is why you bought it.

Now the fact remains that back in the days when the caravans crossed the Sahara, it was called the Salt Sea. The reason was that the most important commodity they traded for was the salt that they carried from the great drying beds, not only around the Dead Sea and other places, where they evaporated the water and gathered the salt, then traveled with these caravans across the desert with salt. And they traded it in Africa and they traded it in Asia for jewels that had no equal because of the necessity of man for salt. And the inability to find it except in these vast drying beds. For salt was not that easy to obtain. But the Jews had a skillful design as to how to get twice as much for their money. They would take white phosphate and other material and then they would mix it with the salt and have twice as much. It would be salty, but not as salty as the salt by itself. But this would satisfy, and they would cut it down until you could just taste the salt. But they still weighed it out as tho the salt had lost its savor.

So you are the salt of the earth, a most invaluable commodity. But when mixed with the earth as the rascals were mixing it, so as to get more money, then you would not be worth very much. For the mixed salt is worthless, only to be thrown out and trodden down. I want to tell you this also. And this is for Mr. Johnson and all of those who want to do this. You mongrelize your race and there will never be any leadership come out of it. The most important thing that the race possesses will be destroyed . . . this place in God's kingdom. There is nothing as important today as the knowledge of this responsibility. I am going to cite to you that the enemy has created a semantics. And he likes to cry out racism. But what can have a higher spiritual origin than that which has been transplanted into the earth, wherein God, himself says, “These are my people, this is my seed, this is my race. Now observe it.” I do not know any heritage that I would rather have than to know that I am a child of the Father, irrespective of how the masses of earth were able to gather up the worlds goods. Irrespective of the gathering of the forces of darkness and Babel, to get together what people call wealth. I would rather be without a penny and as a wanderer in the earth and to know that I am of the household of God, and so is my posterity, and to sacrifice this worldly wealth for racial purity.

Then let me tell you this afternoon. That there is no possibility that the 'Light of the world' will not with its wisdom and its knowledge, its resources and its waves of intelligence, accomplish and gather and attain all things. Any time you see something swept away because you are in the midst of a battle with the enemy, instead of grieving over what you have lost, just catch the vision of going out and reconquering and expanding. Because I am going to tell you that the devil has tried to tie down the kingdom with fear of goods which it possesses being swept away. For the kingdom was not built with goods. It was built with Light and with Spirit. And I am going to tell you that if all of the goods of the world were synthesized out of the light to begin with, still the children of God's kingdom shall occupy the kingdom and the earth, for it is God's good pleasure to give you the kingdom and all it contains. And in my Father's house is the lands and the wealth of the world. He holds them all in his hands.

Do you think, my friends, that he is going to keep them from his own children? If they held up the standards and obey his law, they would be the most prosperous people on the face of the earth.

In these United States I think we have demonstrated the blessings of God. For the people who love God and have lived under the patterns of his laws, and have assumed the patterns of moral and ethical responsibilities and are spiritually guided, can produce and receive more of the benefits of their production than has ever been known in all society in all mankind. But also, people can become so busy with trying to acquire wealth that they lose the great waves of certain things they must remember in order to keep the continuity of this blessing. As we have risen to great height, we can also be dropped to great depth as far as our society, as far as our civilization is concerned, if we permit our minds to be clouded and our vision to be lost and our light to be put out. And our salt to be mixed with earth.

But there are areas of this. And because you are a blessed people, God will not permit this. And you are so close to the great border line of the end of the age that many events are taking place, that God is going to preserve your society in spite of the people who are asleep. He may shake them real good. For that is why the earth is being shaken as it now is. So it may take a lot of earthquakes here to shake people up. For they have been apathetic for so long. After they lose a few houses and they see a few barns go down, and after the water comes and washes out their valleys and they have to build them all over again. And after they have watched judgments which don't take a great loss of life according to the millions that we have, but as they move upon a people, then they remember God.

I am going to tell you that sometimes these things come upon us, the people whom the LORD loves, to chasten, to get them into the house of God. But, oh, the end of these things when they hit the enemies of God's kingdom. Oh, the catastrophes that are brought forth there.

Now God said, “I am the light of the world.” And then in the book of Matthew, HE has just told you not to permit your race to be fused. And now he says that, 'Ye are the light of the world' and also the 'salt of the earth.' This is this physical embodiment this great savoring force. It is not to be mingled. It is not to be mixed. It is to retain this identity.

Now we turn from physical elements to spiritual quality. The wavelengths that hold together a electronic universe and synthesizes the highest wave of perception and distance that exists in the world. Some silly individual says, ‘Dr. Swift, the materialist has gone to existentialism.’

Now let me tell you something. There is nothing as important for you to understand this afternoon. There is nothing more important for you to understand than to know where you came from and what you were a part of. And this, my friends, is not materialism. This is the highest essence of spiritualism that the human mind is capable of comprehending. And I cite unto you today, that many people who talk of spiritualism, have the least idea of wisdom and knowledge. And it would take a little effort on their part to understand the make up of spiritual law.

Now I point out that Jesus said, 'ye are the light of the world.' And as he said this, HE identified you with HIM. And as HE said, 'I am the light of the World,' HE made it quite clear that He is the essence of its formation and the understanding of anything constructive and good. And then we turn over to I John, and we read of things which relate to the Father. "This is the message that we have heard: God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.” Then we turn once more to the book of John, and he continues to tell us, that not only is He the light of the world, but you also are the light.

In the book of Ephesians, we have the declaration which God made concerning that in this process of Light, that HE gives Light unto you. And as HE bestows this light. Then He says, “Now you are light in the Eternal One. Walk then as children of Light. For we have no fellowship with the unfruitful darkness. We refuse them, we oppose them. Therefore all things that are approved are made manifest by the Light. And whatsoever thou maketh manifest is light. The great and mighty power that belongs to your race is the power of resurrection. Await thou therefore those who are dead, arise by the light. For God shall manifest himself, and Christ shall give you light. So you see, the power of life is in Light. The power of resurrection is in light. In fact, you never saw any time the presence of God was around unless light was making an impact. In fact, it was the light of Adam and Eve that caused the Luciferian earth dwellers to cry out against. For they could hardly stand this light which Adam and Eve possessed.

That day when God had placed his offspring in earth, that emanating aura, that Glory, that sensitivity, which they possessed, was what the Luciferians thought they must get rid of.

In the days when God visited Moses upon the mountain, then the whole mountain shimmered and looked as tho on fire. Even like the burning bush which had been radiant before him. By the very essence of God's presence, the very physical elements of creation with an illumination and a glow. Abraham saw God and thought he was moving with a great illumination of Glory, like a flame of fire, cast between the horns of the altar. And it was the experience of your race that every time you had a great manifestation. It was like an effulgent glory going before us by night and an effulgent cloud by day. Because this was surrounding the person of God and this ordinary man could not behold. In the days of the Manifestation of the Glory of God to the mighty light and power of his resurrection which was manifested, that even in the darkness of the morning light with the rising of the sun, was this shimmering glory of The Christ and the power of his resurrection. This shimmering Glory and power was not visible during his ministry. And the only thing that Jesus prayed for was that he might have this glory which he had before he entered this contest. If that was important and vital to God, then it is important unto you.

I point out to you then that there are no people on the face of the earth that are children of light except those who were begotten by it. And therefore begotten of His light, you are then one with it and this is why you have an incorruptible seed that lives and abides forever. This is one reason why the critics do not like this. But it does not eliminate the fact that God has made your race high and above the earth. And it shall never be brought to their level. But the catastrophe of judgment will fall upon those who seek to do this, as they seek to bring it down.

Next month they are going to have over in India, in Asia a continuity of the African Asian conferences. And they mean to bring about total equality and total immigration, and total migration, to break down the barriers of the western world called all over the white nations. Their design is well established in the U.S. News this week. One of the articles by educators and historians who are tied into this line of thought is that they are going to bring about inter-marriage. And on the marriage bed they will eventually bring about the absorption of every white man. They say they must accomplish this even if they have to get the world powers to say that they cannot resist this. And your daughters and your granddaughters would eventually have no choice. They must do this because they cannot compete with you. So they must absorb you.

Now do not talk to me about equality. Don't tell me that the thinking of a people can match the intelligence of anyone if they try. Because your intelligence is manifested by the things that you have created. And that intelligence would be no greater than the physical elements of the parts of our physical body were it not for a higher wave of perception in the areas of existence and in the areas of thought.

So I tell you that the vision that makes for creative genius, the physical power that makes for personality and transcends the jungle, is the wave of God, the essence of the light of His own soul being progressed into yours. As the children of his spirit, the very essence of all things means then that you are referred to as 'the first begotten of the spirit.’ And the church of the first born was in the heavens. And this first born in the heavens was before the first born in the earth. You are the children of his household, begotten by his spirit, and the spirit is light.

Now whether you realize it or not there is a light or a glory that surrounds you. Seldom visible to the video frequency. Except at times of worship or in times of concentration, the filming of the consciousness and the video plain of the physical body can become strong enough so that it can be beheld sometimes. But this aura is the emanation of the resident consciousness inside of this body. Oh, there is a vibration, or what we call the vibration of every substance which is disintegrating. Whether it be a piece of carbon or a highly radio active piece of uranium, or whether it be the component parts of your body or whether it is anything else that exists, they have a certain wave length that they dispel in the process of disintegration. Anything which exists today, unless sustained by light and permanency, disintegrates. So in this process it sends out its own wave. There is a wave that you can take out of substance, and this is why we had such a process of analyses and we place the elements under the spectrograph by the differentiation of their waves. And we identify them by their bands and by their patterns of analyses and by their light wavelengths. For we can tell by those light wave lengths what it is and what it is made of.

But when we deal with the individual there is then a wave of perception that catalyzes with the consciousness of God. And this individual in earth is become more and more to the point in his thinking and in his consciousness for the purpose of God, the will of God. And he then catches the great vision out of the very mind of God. And then this aura is catalyzed. It grows stronger and becomes more powerful. It extends further and it still may not be beheld except by someone in the process of worship at that time. Its impact, its captivity, moves out and joins with the catalysis of aura of all of the children of God. In this congregation as you meditate and think upon the things of God, the right emanation moves forth from you and makes a contact with all of the worshipers. And across the nation this makes a Shekinah Glory from God to all people. And this also has an impact. And with this there proceeds forth a darkness from a fallen spirit of the offspring of Lucifer. These are the unassimilatable people of Satan, his offspring, the children of darkness. From their hockshops, to their synagogues, to their temple of Buddha, to their numbers in the earth. And when you find them then you are not drawn to them. You find an opposition. Why? Because the Light can have no association with the darkness. And the darkness is made manifest by the Light and you find yourself repelled.

Now there are mixtures of people and certainly mixtures of ideas. And mixtures of ideas show up in this emanation from people and show up sometimes in areas of restraint. And some times in areas of repulsion. I tell you that if people will drive deeply into this area of repulsion, as people like you in your declaration of your faith find yourself questioning some people, then leave them alone. Do not associate with anything that in the discernment of the spirit and the light impact of your being finds that it has no affinity. Because if you do, you are not only bringing pressure and strain upon the conscious existence, but you are also inviting all of the areas of catastrophe that is associated with it.

Today all of our problems in these United States and in all areas of God's kingdom, is this permitting to come into our area of existence that which has no affinity with us, for they are not the "Light of his life."

You know that in this the truth of God's program moves out from the essence of God's purpose. And it is like an illumination. There is one thing about Light, for the Light may shine in darkness and the darkness may not comprehend it, but it is sure disbursed by it. But you never saw darkness so great that light did not dispel it. Altho there is in the ultimate Satanic delusion and form, in the realm of witchcraft there is the story of the how to snuff out a candle. And the type of light that it can get for you in this process. But I am going to tell you that you never saw the putting out of a light bulb unless the filament went out. And when you move into the purposes of the kingdom, I am going to tell you that since the resurrection of the Christ there is no darkness anywhere that can put out the light of a Child of God as he is functioning in behalf of His Father. When you understand this, you have the key to victory. There is a connection between you and every other man of your race, and there is a connection between you and the mind of God. And that connection in this wavelength of these cycles of wisdom and vision move out to the ends of the Universe, and especially has a connection above all others with the children of his spirit, now embodied in the earth for the fulfillment of his kingdom. And out of this would come an effulgent glory beyond anything ever witnessed. When in your original parents, they violated this area of law. And in this contamination they lost this outer glory which would have always been radiant and visible. But they could not destroy the incorruptible seed which was the light that was within. Nor could they ever separate a portion of that from a portion of the being, thru out the nervous system from the top of the head to the solar-plex, in which is a center of light wavelength in which the spirit concentrates light and then radiates it as it travels. Not only with the nervous system but thru out the entirety of the body. Even the circulation of the blood is carrying light energy of a divine purpose, which is to be found in the processes of spiritual law.

Let me point out to you that this is a LIGHT of Life. And it pulses in the children of the kingdom. Therefore, it lighteth every man that cometh into the world. Ye are the light of the world. And the important thing to remember is that this light will dispel the darkness.

Now we are told that when God walked the earth, his light shown in the earth, in darkness. But the darkness did not comprehend it. And the only people who did comprehend it were those who were drawn to HIM. And they were of his own household. For he called his sheep by name and they came. He said that a stranger, they would not follow.

Now our thinking goes to the book of Isaiah. And this book of Isaiah, says, “Arise and shine for thy light has come.” The Apostle Paul knew this. He knew that he had a body not made with hands. Thus, this light body. And he knew that when absent from this flesh and bones body he was to be present with the LORD. He also wanted to be enveloped in this light. But he had such an interest in purpose that he did not want to leave. He said, ‘I do not want to die, but I would like to be enveloped with this light coverage that belongs to me.’ He said, ‘this is what I wait for. I understand this, but I have not been able to apprehend this. But I do comprehend it. Remember that I live without fear. For to live is with Christ. And if I die, it is just yesterday. For I enter back into a consciousness of light and sustaining power. But I await the day when the triumph of Resurrection takes place. I would like to put this light on now and I would never die.’

I am going to tell you that light is within you and within the prophecies of destiny. For it says:--"Arise and shine, for thy light has come, and the Glory of YAHWEH SHALL ARISE ON YOU.” Why? Because you are his children, you are His essence, and you are of His being. And it shall arise upon you. Therefore when that happens, then even nations shall come to your light. And you are going to have a nation of glory and Aura that shall be beautiful in earth. And it says:--“lift up thine eyes and see round about, for they shall come to thee and thy sons shall come from afar and thy daughters at thy side.” The scriptures tell about all of these things. “And the nations that will not save my household, will not continue to exist in the earth. They shall be utterly wasted. For this is the glory of the Eternal One.” And this is what God prepared for when HE planted the Pine tree, the fir tree, and the box tree. For when he made these United States, HE had you in mind. All of this is a part of your being nourished and raised in his household. You are not a part of the world order. You are part of all that is here, such as the Myrtlewood tree and the Cedars of Lebanon. All of the things which God placed here. Palestine was little. But here you are in the company of masses. And God talks about you. And there is lots to be said about this subject. But the most important thing is that the Light of God is in you. For if you are the Elohim, then you are the children of YAHWEH.

We go back to the Psalmist for one moment, and we think of these words where the cry of the Psalmist is always, “Oh, YAHWEH, the heathen have come unto thy inheritance, they have defiled, they have laid Jerusalem into waste.”

Now we know that we migrated as a society, into a New Jerusalem. Thus wherever our race exists, we are the city of Peace, the household of God. And we know that the heathen has come in and tried to lay it in waste. Not, my friends, that their ability is superior to yours, because of their cunning. For the cunning of the world order is sometimes more evil and in its cunning it moves wherein the children of light do not perceive it. For the children of darkness are more cunning than the children of light. And do not make the mistake when evaluating the wisdom and knowledge as, you say, cunning, for it is not the same. Cunning is the craft of deception.

Now therefore it is hard for your race at times, to think of other people as they are. You want to think of people as the way you feel, as you have emotions and you want to think with people and work with people. This is why you cannot put together a world order built on your ideas expecting them to make their contributions, for they do not have it. And they will not do it. They operate with the cunning of the darkness and they will seek to destroy you. And there is only one way to operate until the kingdom comes in. And as it comes in, it will be with righteousness and mighty power. And it will rule the earth. And it shall conform, for you have the power to see and make them do it.

Now therefore they have shed the blood of my people. They have shed the blood of Jerusalem. Now what shall transpire? The call is, “Oh, shepherd of Israel, thou who leads Joseph like a flock.” This is your race, this is the Nordic people. So listen to what it says. “Even before Ephraim and Benjamin and Manasseh, Joseph stores up my strength. This is the house to the westward. For our God calls for thy face to shine as the light upon it, so that thou shalt be saved.” So what are you saved from? You are saved from the lack of comprehension, from the lack of seeking, and from the lack of coordination between you and your Father.

Listen to what it says then:-- “Oh, YAHWEH of hosts, how long wilt thou be angry with the prayers of thy people? Thou sends them to bed on a bed of tears. Now therefore thou maketh strife with our neighbors, and our enemies laugh.” Why? Because we turned from the declaration of the wisdom and knowledge of our God and let the blackness and the darkness overwhelm us. So turn and shine upon us Ye who leads Israel, in this house of Joseph, like a shepherd. No wonder then that you have this declaration:--'Turn unto us again, oh, YAHWEH God so that your face can shine upon us so that we shall be saved.” And as God stood in the congregation of the mighty and judged among the Elohim, for the God as it is translated in your scriptures, HE said, "Ye are Gods", and all of you are the children of the Most High Spirit of His spirit, light of His light, and life of His life. Do not let that light be darkened by fears, superstitions, and pressures. Do not let the declarations of those who would devour your land put out the awareness for that light descends into every corner of your thinking. It can empower you with wisdom and vision. And it can synchronize you with the mind of God. And it is going to be manifested one of these days as the greatest power the world has ever known. You say not by might, not by power, but my spirit saith the LORD? Then it is this spirit which is the perception of wisdom and knowledge that is the conquest, the taking forth of all the hindrance, all the opposition of the Satanic kingdom.

But we can say, ‘Yes, but Jesus is the light of the world, but we are his offspring, and HE the light of the world has begotten me.’ And now 'We are the light of the world.' So what do you do with it? You do not go light a candle and then go get a bushel basket and cover it up. Why would a man cover up a light with a bushel basket unless he did not want to be embarrassed or criticized for carrying the light. He would then try to put the basket on it. You have a light that you can't put out. If you try to cover it up you are going to be of all people most miserable. And if you let that light shine, you cannot build a city and put it on a hill, and then, my friends, not be prepared to defend it. Because the enemy knows where it is. You might have it back in a canyon somewhere and they would not find it. But you would not have to defend it until they find it. But if you have it setting up on a hill you have to be prepared to defend it all of the time. The scriptures say that HE did not put you down here to hide, HE put you down here for victory. Since ye are the light of the world, then proclaim it and let it shine. Let it disperse the darkness, altho the darkness rises from the impact of the light. Let it spread to every corner, and let the laws of God be declared whether it disagrees with Cabinet or whether it disagrees with the heathen who have come in. And disagrees with the pseudo-intellectuals or not. For this is the Light. This is the Truth. This is the secret. And this is the power. Therefore, let it shine. For I will tell you this. There is no power out of the darkness that can destroy the light.

You are not living before the resurrection. You are living after it. And you are living with the assurity that the power of it dwells in you. It is in the seat of your consciousness. Someone said, ‘we do not want to have a mental religion.’ But we better have one that demonstrates that there is a great intelligence and a triumph in the areas of the mind. Because there is too much around us today that shows mental decay, because of a lack of wisdom and vision, because people do not want to even conquer the error. I think there is no area of disobedience from lack of action that can compare with mental laziness because of the apathy by which they have deadened the mind of men until they do not want to exert themselves to think. When people are too lazy to think, and they let the enemy think for them then they are captives. And it is only the light of truth that can set them free. There is no doubt that we in this area of inertia . . . and there are those who would defend it as tho it were spiritual. But I am going to tell you that God challenges you to think and He says,--'Come now let us reason together.' God and man. He does not say that to the pagans, for they could not reason anyhow. He does not say that to the darkness. He can only talk to the light when HE says “come let us reason together.” For you are 'light of my life and spirit of my spirit.’

End of the message.