Ye Are My Witnesses, 11-10-68


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 11-10-68

We turn this afternoon, to the 42nd chapter of Isaiah, and in this chapter, God gives some clues concerning as to how HE informs HIS people. In this declaration, HE says, ‘Thus saith YAHWEH---HE who created the heavens and stretched them out; He that spread forth the earth, and that which cometh out of it, and HE that giveth breath unto the people upon it, and Spirit to them that walk therein: I the LORD, have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand and will keep thee, and give thee, HIS covenants, for ye shall be a people who carry a light unto the nations.’

Verse 8---- ‘I am YAHWEH, that is my name. And my Glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.’

Verse 9---- ‘Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them.’

Thus, Isaiah the prophet talks about how God with guidance and wisdom unveils the course of prophecy, the events that will transpire. We thus live not in ignorance, but in knowledge of the things which are coming to pass.

We turn over to the 44th chapter of Isaiah, and again, we see how the MOST HIGH sounds forth HIS declaration. Here HE makes this statement that ‘all these things I declare unto you.’ Then in the 44th chapter of Isaiah, HE says, ‘Remember the former things of old; for I am YAHWEH God, there is none like ME. I declare the end from the beginning and from ancient times the things not yet done. I say my counsel shall stand, and I will do all of my pleasure.’ Then we turn to the 43rd chapter of Isaiah, and the 10th verse:-- ‘Ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD, and My servants whom I have chosen; that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am HE; before me there is nothing formed of God, neither shall there be after me.’ ‘I even--I am YAHWEH, thy YAHSHUA; and beside me there is no Savior.’ I have declared all these things that shall come to pass, I have declared all these situations that shall come to pass on the face of the earth.

There is little question of the fact that the children who know the Gospel of the Kingdom have information from God. More than this, we want you to know that you are the most, well informed of all the people on the earth. I point out to you that there have been many preachers of prophecy who have been preaching prophecy out of their own minds, and out of their concepts of that which they thought was true. But they know nothing of the Gospel of the Kingdom. They know not that the Kingdom is to come on earth, as it is in Heaven. They don’t know what they are praying for as they pray, ‘thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’ But those who understand the Gospel of the Kingdom, who are the witnesses of the MOST HIGH are not only given information of things which shall come to pass, but they survey the newspapers and they listen to the radio and they watch the TV waiting for things to transpire, interpreting things as they come to pass, watching the geo-political transitions that take place, the conditions of the geo-physical conditions and transitions in the structure of the earth. All these conditions are marking the time of the end of the age, and the children of the Gospel of the Kingdom understand.

Strangely enough, every time there is a prophetic pattern of interpretation which comes from some minister or prophet, the people turn to listen then these things don’t come to pass and then they wonder. Many of them prophesied through the years and then those things didn’t come to pass, thus they are not true prophecy. I remember many years ago when I was a Bible student. I used to listen to an Evangelist who didn’t know anything about the Gospel of the Kingdom. About the only reason they were working was so that all those who they did not win over to their way of thinking would be lost and not go to heaven. They talked about prophecy and always they said anti-Christ would come. They had no identification of the anti-Christ. In fact, they had about every one on the horizon picked as anti-Christ. When they talked about anti-Christ and the powers of darkness that would arise, they thought that all the Christians would have to go to heaven to escape all this. They just did not understand the Gospel of the Kingdom, or prophecy. They did not know anything about the nations of the Kingdom or about the Eternal Covenants, the Everlasting Covenants that God had made with Abraham, and reaffirmed with Isaac and Jacob. In fact, the whole course of prophetic prophecy seems to have stemmed from private interpretation. But God speaks out and says, ‘Ye are My witnesses. I tell you things that shall come to pass. I tell you things before they come to pass. I tell you before they come to pass, so that as they come to pass, ye shall know that this is true prophecy.’

More than this, Jesus came and HE taught the Gospel of the Kingdom. HE unveiled the Gospel of the Kingdom to those of HIS Household, those who were HIS Disciples.

I want you to know today, that the key to the problems of the world and the situation before us are still the Gospel of the Kingdom. As we look out over the world today, we can see the hand of God and we can see situations that HE has pronounced would come to pass. We can see where violations of Divine Law and the fallacies of men turning from the areas which God has given instructions, are bringing catastrophe upon the earth. I want to point out something that came out of the papers last Friday. This was about the United Nations and a matter concerning Rhodesia. Now, I want to point out how all the policies of the pagan philosophy and all the forces of religion and all the processes of integration weave together. The United Nations General Assembly has approved a resolution calling for Britain to use force to overthrow the White Rhodesian minority government under Smith, in Rhodesia. Then proposed the extension of United Nations force against Portugal and South Africa. Then it says the assembly voted for force against Rhodesia. But the Western nations abstained. But 86 nations voted for all out war, at once, against Rhodesia. Nineteen of the Western Christian nations did not vote for this resolution. The U.N. condemned Britain for failing to bring all-out war against the Smith regime of Rhodesia. They called on Britain to use her bases in Africa to bring about a successful campaign. They demanded that Britain give assurance that the African terrorists be kindly treated if they be captured. They recommended to the Security Council to consider as a matter of necessity, the escalation of all military operations against Rhodesia.

This brings again the pattern that the U.N. of the World Order wants to destroy White supremacy, wants to destroy the doctrines of the Kingdom---one being that the White Israel nations are above all the people on the face of the earth. The White people who have come out of HIS Household, are as far above all the rest of the people of earth as the sky is above the earth. Still these policies and program of anti-Christ move out, and they seem to be mounting up in to the coming conflict, but is so little understood by many. They seem to think it is merely a geographical problem, and those of anti-Christ will rule and reign only where the areas of their military operations take place, but actually the scripture truth is that anti-Christ is against the Kingdom of God, the Program of God, the Word of God. And every Adamic-White man on the face of the earth is a target of anti-Christ.

Now the U.N. which is Satan’s own house, and by the program of machination and political intrigue has become an institution of today to unify the nations and to carry out all the programs of evil and of darkness. This the ones who know the Gospel of the Kingdom see the whole program of the U.N. as one of evil. They see that the United States and every Christian nation should get out of the U.N. and let it fold up as it would, without the finance of the Christian nations. Why? Because last Friday, the U.N. voted for all-out war against the White people who govern Rhodesia and against all the White people of South Africa. Against the White civilization which has been the only civilization founded in Africa. The scriptures tell you that you were to move out to the ends of the earth. You were to bring culture and civilization to the ends of the earth. You are to eventually rule and reign under the Christ.

There is little question of the fact that in the United States, there are five million people who know the Gospel of the Kingdom. There are more conservatives than that, but five million people understand the Gospel of the Kingdom. Sometimes, these who understand, lose their patience with all the other people. But these people have not been taught the Gospel of the Kingdom. Their ministers did not know or did not teach them this Gospel. Therefore, a great majority do not understand these things---in the Word of God. But the Word of God is positive and is sure. And HE tells His family what is to come to pass.

I point out to you that God can take five million people and raise tremendous leadership. In the days of Elijah, HE raised leadership with just one man. HE can raise the leadership of Israel and the masses will follow that truth. I want you to know that there are at lease five million people in the U.S. today, who know the Gospel of the Kingdom and probably twenty million who have heard enough to think that they are a part of the Gospel of the Kingdom. Of course, when you talk about conservatives, you find that over the past fifteen to twenty years, there has been a change in America, because people started to study the situations. They realized there is a conspiracy behind the scenes. And they sought to study this situation. They joined the Birch Society, the Christian Nationalist Crusade. All these Patriotic organizations have taught that Communism was a vast conspiracy in this nation, and how it has reached out and gained control of the many facets of your government and your society. They know that many in the administration are not right. That our State Department is not right and people in the Supreme Court are not working for the good of America. All are seeking to feather their own nest while unassimilable forces moved into America and took over. These Patriots watched and altho many did not understand the Gospel of the Kingdom, still we educated them as to the dangers of Communism and the conspiracy behind it.

I think we had a fairly successful election this time. Now of course, there will be some people that say, ‘Yes, but those elected do not know the Gospel of the Kingdom.’ Maybe not. But I think we made a step ahead in this election.

There is no question, but that people are waking up and repudiating the catastrophe in the area of errors in our society. Irrespective of the things Mr. Nixon does not know, still, I think we made a move away from a program that I consider treason. And you have picked a man who will do the best he can for America under this situation.

I think it is your job and mine, to stat telling America the truth,---it is your job and mine----the job of everyone, who understands the Gospel of the Kingdom. It is time that the people of America understands the Mystery of HIS Gospel. Yes, I know that none of the candidates seem to understand the significance of the Israeli situation. But those who understand the Gospel of the Kingdom, know that God said, ‘I have unveiled all these things and have made them come to pass.’

We have had Socialism and Communism in our midst, in our government ever since Franklin Roosevelt was elected and before. But at this time, the ‘Brain Trust’ moved in with him. Actually, I have never voted for a President in my whole life until this election. I wasn’t old enough to vote for Hoover, and I never voted for those who won after him. Now bu the same token, I want to point out to you that the strategy that is involved in this situation, is going to be a very intense one. God says, ‘Ye are My witnesses.’ So where do we find a clue to some of these circumstances? We turn to the New York Times and some other publications and they say, ‘There is no question about the fact that Mr. Nixon’s election is going to bring on in six months---a depression greater than the one in the days of President Hoover.’ But---the Depression comes from organized Jewry pulling their money out from under the market and under the economy. But as witnesses, you are not going to let America forget who is doing this.

Now listen. I think it was a rather significant thing that they spoke of the Depression in Herbert Hoover’s day. You know that when Mr. Hoover was elected, that he had an opposition Congress and he landed in the jaws of the Jewish Depression? Then Hoover came out with the program which by now America should have learned that will work. He said, ‘America is a land of bounty. America can grow more food than most of the countries on the face of the earth. We can manufacture anything we set our minds to manufacture. We can make everything we need. So--where is the breakdown coming from? They tell us there is no money to make payrolls. So we should establish a U.S. bank and print our own money. Then loan these companies the money for their payrolls. Then when the companies sell their goods, they can repay us. This will be a permanent revolving fund---interest free. This is the American way. It will keep America strong.’

But a Democratic Congress would not vote for this plan to save the nation. Instead, they kept the Depression going from 1928 to 1939. Then in 1939, there was no shortage of money, because they had to get ready to destroy Germany. The hands of the International Banks were behind all this. In Germany they had established their own Reich Bank and brought their economy on to a sound basis and the enemy was so worried that they set fire to the Reichstag and then blamed it on Hitler and his men. Then the Jews started leaving Germany and went into the surrounding countries of Poland and Czechoslovakia and others to start their economic encirclement of Germany. We find that Germany came out from under their Depression six years before the U.S. because of the establishment of their own bank and the removing of the Babylonian control over their money.

The Word of God tells you that you are in the day and the hour when the Babylonian money system is going to fall---as Great Babylon falls. I am going to tell you how this is going to come about. The people will not take another great Depression because this time, you who are the witnesses of the MOST HIGH GOD, are going to see that America and the people of the Kingdom of God know who turns off the money supply. A nation that can send satellites around the world, a nation that can coordinate the thinking of thousands of men into one scientific experiment does not have to let a group of International Bankers manipulate their economy, just because the children of the anti-Christ say you are to have a Depression.

God says, ‘Ye are My witnesses.’ Well, what are you to witness about? Some people seem to think that you have to run around witnessing that there is a God. Well, God is. And you don’t have to run around testifying that HE IS. The Kingdom of God is the program that God has coming upon the earth. The powers of darkness are going to be overthrown and the Kingdom of God is coming in its

fullness. And you and I are a part of this declaration. That is why HE shows you in the book of Revelation, that the hold of your economy by Mystery Babylon that has existed in the story of the scripture from the days of Babylon, to this hour. HE shows you so that you can inform the people of God. When Jesus talked to the people, HE informed them about the facts of life under the Gospel of the Kingdom. And the Jews hated HIM. They despised HIM. And they told you why. They said, ‘we have to kill this man or we will lose control over this nation and over this people. We have to kill this man before HE gathers the children of God who are scattered abroad and we end up with nothing. (John 11:47-53)

I am going to tell you this, my friends. The Gospel of the Kingdom has the power and the strength to tell the people of this nation and the Jews are going to be the most unpopular people in these United States and rightly so, because of their own doings.

We turn to the program of darkness and we see the hands of Socialism and Communism. We see the design inside the Soviet Union for the conquest of the world. And we see their plans as they try each President as he comes into office, just as they will try Mr. Nixon, because they were for Mr. Humphrey and they are going to get even. We will therefore, come up to the brink of war. But there are a lot of factors involved. And never forget that God has promised to deliver HIS Kingdom. HE says, ‘Give me your hand, Jacob. I will tell you what is coming to pass because I am God and there is no other. I along am God.’

I want you to know this. Dick Nixon told me that if he got elected, he was going to take the Communist out of government, out of the State Department, and out of the Signal Core and out of the Military. He said, ‘Never mind what they say, that I say, or what I seem to have to do, remember that I am dedicated to removing Communism out of America.’

Thus, God says, ‘Ye are my witnesses. You are My witnesses concerning My Kingdom. Ye are witnesses concerning your race. You are witnesses concerning the destiny of My people. You are to tell it---tell it---tell it.

You must study carefully the things coming to pass. But not one of the conspiracies being brought against you will be successful. They will all be brought down as the children of the Kingdom--we who know the Gospel of the Kingdom and know the processes that HE has declared--come out to take a stand for God. And more than that, as we expose this conspiracy to the people, then the people will not stand for it.

I will tell you this---that Mr. Johnson was going to be impeached by his own Congress unless he stepped out, because there were conservatives in that Congress that did not go along with some of his policies. One of them being his policy of forcing Rhodesia into Black rule. He might have gone as far as to be in favor of using our arms to bring this about. Instead, he is now out of the picture. From now

on, you aren’t going to see the integration enforced and pushed as hard as it has been in the past. This country is going to draw back form that drive. (Today, Dec. 13, 1976, the Supreme Court ruled on this subject.)

What you and I are facing in this nation is whether the White race is going to be absorbed and swallowed up as the program of anti-Christ moves forward. I want you to know ‘Ye are My witnesses.’ And law shall go out of Zion. People are going to learn the Laws of God. And America is going to get another lease on life. They will lift up the standards of God.

The Gospel of the Kingdom is a tangible program. It is the White nations of the world coming to their senses and coming into their own destiny. Since you know ten times more than the people around you, then it is your responsibility to tell it, to teach it, and to spread the word. When you do this, then Cabinet members, Congressmen, and people of this nation will come alive and become aware of the Gospel of the Kingdom. This is what is going to happen as a nation is going to come alive in a day.

As we see these things coming to pass, we are happy that we are living in the ‘latter day’ in the hands of God’s plan and in the hands of the Almighty.

There was quite an earthquake yesterday. It shook twenty-three states and extended 600 miles into the earth. This was a subterranean earthquake. That is why there was such a major land movement. It centered at an unique spot---Mt. Carmel. Do you know where this Mount Carmel (which is a little hill) is located? This is the little hill where people spent every day in prayer during the Civil War, praying that this nation’s people would be reunited. That was the center of this earthquake. The strange thing is that some ministers from the L.A. Center led their flocks east and settled in that area to get away from the earthquake danger out here. Now, I guess they don’t know of any area to run to so as to get away from danger. Actually, there is no running from God’s chastisement. But you just remember that 10,000 can fall at your side and no harm can come to you. But it was a rather unique situation to find that they settles in the exact spot that this quake was centered in and it was the largest quake since 1827.

As you see these things come to pass, life up your head to see from whence comest your strength. As we look out over this world today, we see America, and all her responsibilities of leadership, the one nation that God has raised up, for the gathering of the House of Israel, for the strengthening of her power for the final struggle with the forces of anti-Christ. I think it is high time that the children of the Kingdom realize their destiny and rise up and start ruling in their nation.

(End of sermon)