That You Should Be Mine, 11-21-64


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 11-21-64

As we go into our subject tonight, ‘Thou art Mine,’ it is a magnificent thing for a people who can recognize that the ‘Majesty’ of all the Universe and all the creation and the greatness of it, the immenseness of the great sidereal systems and the Galaxies and the island Universe---into this small solar system that you are in, makes up all things by the Eternal YAHWEH and that without HIM, was not anything made.

Recognizing the tremendous power and knowledge of such a Creator and then recognizing HIM, not as just a force, but as a person and then finding a relationship to this person---and that relationship stems forth the great Mystery of the Ages.

Out of the majesty of all of the things we see created, we reflect upon the personality of HE who created them and know that this Eternal YAHWEH--GOD was embodied, as a man in the earth and still retained the fulness of HIS Godhead. Thus it was that the man Christ Jesus walked the earth and in HIM dwelt the fullness of YAHWEH-God, as HE walked bodily here on earth. Thus we are told that by HIM were all things made and without HIM was not anything made. When we think of these things and we look out over the races on the face of the earth, we see an adverse pattern. We see these races in every type of revolution and revolt against these things we know to be the Word of God, because they have been maintained unto us in our time.

They have been maintained unto us, in our time because the pattern of God’s Spirit unveils also as it bears witness to us, that HIS Words are true. We find the content of the scriptures are constantly opposed by forces outside of the structure of HIS Kingdom.

So we look at the lands of Africa and the lands of Asia and we see the races and the nations. And we see how they worship gods that are no gods, and they worship the powers of darkness and of evil which is the consolidation of Luciferianism. They are all worshipers of Baal under many ideas and concepts. As we see these situations it is again something that we must marvel at. For we look upon ourselves as a race and as a people and we hear the words of YAHWEH say, ‘Thou art Mine.’ I think as I make this statement, of the words that God expresses in the book of Leviticus. In the book of Leviticus 19:2, HE makes this statement concerning this situation:--’Ye shall be Holy unto ME for I am HOLY.’

That which we find in the word Holy, is that which proceeded out of God and also Webster says that which is out of God is Holy. Then the offspring of YAHWEH, that which YAHWEH begat, that which HE instituted in the earth, that which HE had prepared before the foundations of the world, that which we find today as embodied Adamic race, is Holy unto thy God.

Then He explains this:-- ‘Thou are Holy thing unto Me as I am Holy.’ Therefore, HE makes this declaration:-- ‘I have severed thee from other people because ye should be Mine.’ (Leviticus 20:26)

I think of these words of the MOST HIGH. ‘I have severed you from other people because ye should be mine.’ As I look out over our land today, and see strange forces trying to unite us with other people, and with other forces and other races, I see this program of uniting all people as the program of Baalism in its utter extreme. It is the program of anti-Christ reaching out in these latter days, seeking to swallow up the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH GOD. And then I think again, of the words:--- ‘I have severed you from other people for you are a Holy thing unto me. Thou are my offspring, my household. Thou belong unto ME.’ Thus we see this declaration explained.

Then we turn into the book of Deuteronomy 7:6, as the MOST HIGH YAHWEH expresses Himself again as He says, ‘Ye are a Holy people unto Me. For thou art a Holy people unto YAHWEH thy God, He hath chosen thee to be a special people unto Himself above all people that are upon the face of the earth.’

The MOST HIGH looks out upon the peoples of the earth, and HE looks upon their abominations and He abhors the patterns of their descent into the control of Luciferianism and that entire structure of God’s word and the content of the words of the prophets has been to show the children of Israel the capacity for destruction by following this path. For these children of Israel, are the people thru whom HE rules, and the word Israel means ruling with HIM. Thus it is that HE has shown HIS people the areas of worship of Luciferianism which in ancient times was also called Baalism. And HE has shown them that under its many gods and under its sub-Angels, who followed Lucifer and under the powers of darkness of that program, that their’s is the structure for the capacity of great destruction in the earth and the blotting out of all that is good, and all that is great and all that is decent.

Now we find that the structure of this destruction is quite used. Because in all the background of the patterns of history, the one thing that is always attempted by Luciferianism is to absorb the Household of God. To intermingle with the Household of God and reduce them and their offspring into a category from which there would be no return to former things. This is the desire of Lucifer because Lucifer knows something about the Grace of God, the power of God and he knows something about the capacity of God for the maintenance and the Salvation of HIS Elect. So Lucifer wants to reduce the Elect to a status from which there is no return.

So Lucifer cannot touch the Elect as such. I should say that Lucifer knew this before his fall but now he seems to think that he is playing checkers with God. There are also a lot of silly ministers in the world who also think that God is playing a game of checkers with the devil. They thing that God makes a move and then the devil makes a move and it is hard for God to get anyone into heaven. And they think it is a terrible thing because God is losing the game. They look out over the world and they see these millions and millions of people that aren’t following God and they see our race of Christians and they see us getting smaller and smaller in numbers in proportion to the peoples of the world. But then they say, ‘Oh, the road to heaven is so straight and narrow that very few find it.’

However, they don’t understand the passage of scripture that they quote so they have Satan winning this great checker game. But let me tell you, this is not a contest or a checker game. For God says, ‘These are Mine Elect that I have chosen.’

Thus it is we turn to the book of Isaiah, and we find that God talks about these things that are MINE. HE makes a statement concerning a Household of HIS own and HE says, (Isaiah 43) ‘These are MY sons and MY daughters.’ And HE says, ‘The world is not going to keep back MY sons and MY daughters.’ HE is talking about a people. He is talking about a race that is a part of HIM. And HE is also talking about Israel who rules with HIM and HE says, ‘Everyone is called by MY name.’ (Verse 7) If you start looking thru the book of Isaiah, at the places where you find the word MINE and MY, then you realize that God is talking about you, as against the masses of people under the Luciferian control and then you will stop and do some reflecting on all this talk of integration. Because God makes it very clear in this situation, for He says these other races will seek to turn you from following HIM. Then HE says, ‘Thou art a Holy people unto Me, but you follow these other people and they will cause you to stop following ME and then MY anger will be kindled.’ And He may have to destroy your physical body to stop this mixing of the races.

And God speaks and HE says, ‘I have separated you from all the people of the world because you are Mine.---mine---mine.’

So under this direction then the strange and peculiar program is ever the same--to absorb as many people as possible. Now, he (Lucifer) is not able to destroy the Elect, but he may take possession of some of them to an extent, and possession of their consciousness for a while, and God may have to prune the branches of the physical Kingdom to maintain the establishment of his power. But tell me, where could a child of God go that his Father could not find him? He couldn’t go any place where he could get away from God. Then also HE says, ‘I shall save all the house of Israel.’ In Israel, all the house of Israel shall know the salvation of the MOST HIGH. And so all the house of Israel shall be saved, so it tells us in the New Testament in the book of Romans 11:26, as it is written. This is the declaration of the MOST HIGH. The offspring of Israel is to remain Israel, and they are to be matched with other Israelites.

But Lucifer wants to mongrelize these Israelites because he understands that none of the offspring of the nations that he has seduced and taken over will ever b able to continue the propagation of Israel seed. Lucifer knows that god has warned that HE would never give HIS Glory to another. Lucifer knows that if a White man were to join himself to an Asiatic, that there is no spiritual capacity in that offspring. The White man might be restored, but the offspring seed is gone. Thus, Lucifer want to reduce the world to a kingdom of Luciferianism---a kingdom that dwells in this strange capacity of Baalism.

If you go back into the ancient religions of Baal, you find that these religions run to a strange sensual aspect, with their Vestal Virgins and all that practice of giving their women over to the service of Baal and official prostitution. And they call that the blessing of the gods of heaven upon mankind. In the worship of Baal, the results were orgies and wild abandon. And in the passions and furies of sensual abandon, the paganism of this religion comes out. You find this pattern in Buddhism as well in other religions such as in India. This is the program of Lucifer. It is utter baseness and utter evil.

On the other side of the picture, is pitted the program of the MOST HIGH which calls for morality and chastity and great vision and great understanding under this program. And the MOST HIGH speaks unto HIS Elect and they have been HIS Elect since before the foundations of the world.

Now, we turn back to the book of Isaiah and God talks about Israel and HE says, ‘These are MY sons, ask Me things concerning My sons.’ Then HE speaks again and HE says, ‘Israel is My Elect.’ And then HE says, ‘For Jacob My servant’s sake,’---and again---’I have even called thee by My name. I have surnamed thee---even tho thou have not known ME, for thou art My Israel. Thou art Mine, My people, My Household, My Elect.’

Now turn to the words of the Apostle Paul and he talks about the Elect before the foundation of the world. What did he mean? Out of the Spiritual capacity, out of the Spiritual patterns of the heavens, and out of the vastness of the Universe, YAHWEH has a people that are HIS---a very special people. And they are special because they have the capacity to think HIS thoughts and to be guided by HIS Spirit, to respond to the power of the Eternal God. These are people who are filled with light, not a people who are filled with darkness. So it is that Jesus, embodied in the fullness of God, makes it clear that you are the light of the world, because you are children of the Spirit.

As we think of these words, we think of the words in the book of Ephesians. And here it tells us that we have already been blessed with all spiritual blessings because you were in heavenly places and in the embodiment which is to be manifested in the earth in Christ. And according to the fact that HE has chosen us, in HIM, before the foundations of the world, therefore you should be Holy and without blame, because you have existed before in the love of God, in the manifestations of God, in the plains of spirit, as HIS spiritual children. And HE wanted you therefore, in earth to measure up to that embodiment. So that is why HE said, ‘Ye are a Holy people and you have already been blessed with all spiritual blessings, all spiritual knowledge, all spiritual power, because you are MY Elect, MY Household.’ (Verse 5). Therefore, HE predestinated you to this position of children thru this embodiment of God, as Jesus the Christ---to Himself---according to the pleasure of HIS own Will, and to the great Glory of HIS Grace, wherein we would have the redemption of HIS blood, the forgiveness of transgressions and the riches of HIS Grace, for the people that art MINE. Where HE hath abounded toward us in all wisdom and prudence, having made known to us the mystery of HIS will, according to HIS good pleasure which HE hath purposed in Himself.’ Because thou art Mine.’ Thou art something special, something close to the MOST HIGH GOD.’ ‘For thou art Mine.’

In the book of John, in the 17th chapter, we are to again catch the significance of this. Jesus lifts up HIS voice in meditation and lets John record the concept of the embodiment of God, speaking out of the Spirit. And here saying, ‘Oh Holy Father, I have manifested thy name unto the men which thou gavest ME out of the world.’

Now these men thou gavest me out of the world---thine they were---(something special---they belong to God). They were different than other races of the world. The others were creations and they were good, but they sunk under the design of Lucifer. But they were not the children of God and they were not HIS people, or HIS Household.

Now the embodiment of the man, Christ Jesus, who came in the fullness of God, declares that these in the world who belonged to Christ had first belonged to the Almighty in the Heavens. So HE makes this statement:-- ‘Thine they were, but thou gavest them to ME, in My embodiment, and now they have known everything that thou gavest to ME.---I have given them thy Word.’

Now Jesus said, ‘I pray for them. I pray not for the world.’ Now in the embodiment of God, the manifestations of communion was the power of the Spirit filling the heavens and the earth. God said, ‘I don’t pray for the pagan--the heathen.’

Now, I listened the other day to a prayer offered by the Arch Bishop of the Catholic Church and he said, he was trying to reflect the spirit of the ‘holy father’ in Rome. And he was praying for the heathen. He was praying for all the world that they might get together and love one another, so they would get along better. He didn’t pray that they would recognize the embodiment of the man, Christ Jesus, he just prayed that they would all get along better in the world. Well, that is just about all the ‘holy father’ in Rome has on his mind---just everyone in the world get along better.

By the way, on Tuesday, they are flying in Cardinals from all over the world, from Asia and Africa and America. And even two Cardinals they didn’t give the names of, for they don’t want you to know where they came from. And did you know that they are going to make a Cardinal out of a powerful Buddhist Priest? That this, they say, will open up the communion of the Catholic Church to Buddhism because now the Buddhist are also serving God. DO YOU CALL THAT CHRISTIANITY??????

Now the MOST HIGH speaks out about this. HE says, ‘They are Mind.’ And Jesus speaks out and says, ‘All mine are thine.’ Meaning all I love here in the flesh are thine in the spirt. And then we get this clear---’I am glorified in them.’

So to belong to the MOST HIGH GOD is the most important thing that you and I can understand. To realize that you are of the Household of God, that you are the offspring of God, that we are HIS, whether here embodied in the flesh of earth, or in the spirit---WE ARE HIS.

What is the result of not recognizing this? HE says if you integrate your race, you lose your concept of what god you belong to. And then you start to move under the pattern of the people that you mix with. You start in the patterns of their thinking and before you know it, you are a part of their orgies.

I look out over our nation today and I realize that we are in the time of the approaching crisis when the final struggle comes between the forces of the anti-Christ under Lucifer and the children of the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH GOD. And I see that all these things which are happening are the design of Lucifer to absorb and wipe out all the offspring of your race. Now Lucifer gets as many as he can and he takes them into an area where thereafter they belong to him. And strangely enough, since he looks out over his evil so long, he now actually thinks that he might win. And as he looks out over nations, and since he thinks as he does, I can even understand why he might think he could win, as the results of his world and his work are plain to be seen.

However, remember that there are people who know that when God said, ‘Thou art Mine,’ that HE means just that. And we know Lucifer isn’t going to win.

The process of integration was the pattern to mongrelize this race. And they his Jewish children who he has used to spread this doctrine of integrating, Lucifer has brought this great nation of ours down till it stands on the brink of destruction were it not for the Grace of God. I want you to know that there is not more evil system in the world today than the United States Supreme Court---the highest appeal in this country.

I want you to know they have demonstrated how low they will fall when they sought to integrate your schools so that they could mix and mongrelize your children. This design of integration is just a tool that Lucifer has always used and advocated as he sought to take over the world. He used the same pattern in the religions of the world as he corrupted and changed them into patterns of darkness.

I want to point out a few things that are strange, altho they seem to be working. When we find this program moving out with Jewish organizers, such as publications ‘Sexology,’ by Isodore Rubin, which was one of the most vicious publications of pornography, and it was barred from the U.S. mails,---and then the Supreme Court ruled otherwise. Then we introduced this same man into the educational system by letting the government subsidize the education al system so they could bring more control of it. That brought sex education into the schools and they hope to bring down the morals of your children, this race of the Family of God. Now I went, when they showed the first film of what was to be taught and it said that every girl was to be taught---every girl of 12 years of age and up---the use of contraceptives. And if their parents ask her what her pills were, she was to say that they were aspirin. That’s what that film said. This, my friends, is teaching immorality and degeneration.

Strange as it may seem, the National Council of Churches says that we are approaching an age where there is no immorality anymore. Just no morality at all. And they said that we must recognize that nothing that is as natural as sex is wrong. It is just the attitudes and superstitions of men that are wrong. So remember that it is only important that men love one another and there is no higher expression of love than that which comes thru sex. These are the words of a high official of the National Council of Churches. And ministers of that organization are speaking thus to the nation. Then you see so many people who have become so dependent on their churches and ministers for leadership that they think this must be true because a man of the church says so.

People never look behind the organizations such as the National Council of Churches to see where they come from or where their money came from to begin with. When you see how the National Council of Churches has worked for the riots and all that goes with them, when you wee the films under the sponsorship of that organization, on sex education, and you see them showing in those films--intercourse between the White girls and between the blacks and Asiatics, and they show how the White girls are held down until they get used to rape, then you know who is behind this evil design. That, my friends, has been going on in the city of Los Angeles, and Police Chief Redden resigned so that he could speak out and tell the people what is going on. But he resigned from his position to do this work and it still didn’t do much good, because the people of the churches still went along with this situation because the National Council of Churches was advocating it. This is going on in America. And you say-how can it be? We have told you that this was coming, for we are in the ‘latter day.’

What did God say? ‘I severed you from the other races. You are to be a separate people, for you are MINE--MINE.’

So we are reaching a climax stage in this process of Baalism to bring you down and it will end with the flush of anger to the face of God and then there shall no longer be a Cainanite in the House of GOD.

(End of sermon)