Your Covenant With Death, 3-1-70


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-1-70

As you turn to the book of Isaiah, you will find that Isaiah 28:15, says ‘O ye scornful men, ye leaders of Israel, because ye have said we have made a covenant with death and with hell, you are in agreement when the overthrowing scourge shall pass thru, and it shall not come unto you. Know ye then, ye scornful men, that I will destroy your covenant with death, and your agreement with hell shall not stand, and when the scourge shall pass thru, they ye shall be trodden down.’

This, my friends, is a significant situation as we look back over our history in the past. For you and I are a part of the pattern of a great society, a great civilization, a great culture and a great Kingdom. We have watched the development of the program of God’s Kingdom from the days of the begatting of the Adamic race down to the fulfillment of this great nation of which you and I are a part. As we look back over these patterns of prophecy, we can recognize that our history is a fulfillment of Divine prophecy. For God has prophesied and declared the development of HIS society and HIS Kingdom. And HE planted your race in the earth for the overthrowing of evil, of this there is no question. But in the course of this design, we have watched the fulfillment of Biblical patterns of history from Adam down to the establishment of the Kingdom at Mt. Sinai, and from that Kingdom into a great nation, and from that nation into its divisions and its migrations. And then in to a great nation and a company of nations as God has fulfilled these prophecies which HE has ordained. In all of this, HE promised that HIS Kingdom should emerge, a growing Kingdom, the mighty Kingdom which HE had ordained. We have watched this expansion of the House of God. We have watched the Westward migration and its occupation of Western Europe, and then its colonization to the ends of the earth as they developed Australia, South Africa, and came to this continent, and to other areas of the earth with their programs of civilization.

We have watched the blessing of God literally descend and fulfilled on the House of Joseph, upon Anglo-Saxondom. For wherever the British Empire went in its early days, it still carried the message of Christ an the program of God’s Kingdom, and the message of the greatness of that Kingdom. For here in was also the House of David still seated upon his Throne---a representative of that one House. And we watched the strength and power of Central Europe, the heart of Germany as the German House of Judah was a great military society in Destiny and prophecy, and which stood as an opposition barrier against Asiatic anti-Christ powers, as they would try to sweep into the continent of Europe. We have watched the development of our own nation from its coronation until this time, a great new order gathering together in a new continent, as God guided and directed the immigration of the make-up of your society until you became one great nation made up of Anglo-Saxon, Lombardic, Germanic, Scandinavian, and Basque backgrounds, as these who helped to settle this new nation, moved under the symbol of the Household of God, HIS new order of the ages.

As we look back over this fulfillment of prophecy, we can see the hand of God thru 7400 years as prophecy is emerging. However, there were other prophecies emerging, as well, as Lucifer was not satisfied. And Lucifer designed the contest of destruction. He designed the program of the subordination of your society. He sought mightily to overthrow your nations and to capture and destroy the development of your nations. And he sought in every way to bring about the areas of conquest.

In the fulfillment of the prophecy of the MESSIAH wherein God said that HE would be born of a Virgin and out of your race, and dwell among you. We find even in that hour of the birth of the Christ, that the opposition---Lucifer---hoped for destruction. We find this opposition to the Messiah as in the opposition to HIS ministry, as he constantly opposed the ministry of the Christ until HE spoke out and said to Satan’s children:-- ‘Ye are of your father and the lusts of your father ye will do.’

The patterns of organized Jewry have ever stood out as the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. We can see the power of the Resurrection of the Christ, and the continuity of the blessings of Christ ever upon your society. We can watch as the development and transference of power of the Kingdom of God moves to the nations of Europe whose people were the descendants of the Household of the Adamic race. We saw the last of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin as they swept into the continent of Western Europe, and there they were blessed. But still the powers of darkness were against you and the hordes of darkness sought your destruction. The powers of evil gathered in Venice and thru out the Roman Empire, and then thru out Europe as they sought your destruction. They not only manipulated the economy of nations because they thought your economy was very vital to the structure and existence of any nation of the Kingdom, but they sought to buy with their gold the souls of men. And they sought also to raise conquerors out of Asia. They brought forth Genghis Khan across the areas of Baghdad and Persia, and eventually into Eastern Europe. They conquered China by opening up the gates. The merchants set up their little shops around the walls and then at night, they opened up the gates and let in the hordes of the Mongolians. Thus, they delivered China into the hands of the Mongols. Then the Mongols made their way into Europe, and they had an agreement with the program of darkness, that they would share in the spoil. And the Jews wore yellow arm bands to identify themselves as the hordes of Genghis Khan tried to sweep into Europe.

Again, God lifted up a great power in opposition, and a wound then came upon this beast system ‘nigh unto death,’ and Genghis Khan was stricken and was carried back into Lhassa where he would rest in death. This broke up the forces of Genghis Khan but smaller forces, and smaller kingdoms which came out of that great force were still your enemy until the forces of darkness would gather again in the areas of the Russias. But the forces of Shaggy Khan were still your enemy for a long time.

But what of the stories which have inspired the courses of the patterns of history? We saw again, a prince, or man princes of Germany gathering and organizing to overthrow the powers of darkness. We watch as they swept into the areas of ancient Russia and established a White administration to hold back the Asiatic hordes which had been started by organized Jewry, which where to be again established on the patterns of the ancient past of the days of Genghis Khan and his hordes. We saw that they used the word Czar-Khan for the name and these German leaders became named Czar. But the German princes also ruled over the provinces of the Russias, and held back the program for the swallowing up of the White race and its Christian civilization.

We watched again as the hordes out of Russia-Asia would sweep the world as organized Communism. But we find once again that it is the sons of Lucifer, these sons of Satan, by the name of Lenin and Trotsky, and so forth, with their hordes out of the dragons mouth----organized Jewry overthrowing the Russian Empire. They liquidated the king and made war against its church until 17 million Christians had been put to death because of the hatred of organized Jewry in their program of World Communism against your church.

Now, as we watched this, we see that the nations of Europe had a natural front against the powers of Communism, and its conquering of that society. The process of the introduction of world wars which shook the nations of Europe had been to open the doors for Communism and Communist intrigue, into the heart of Europe and even into your society. And then we find that your nation was the first to use its expeditionary forces to fight Communism, even before you were involved in W.W. II. This unique situation we can see today has been the change that has come over our society. For our leaders are truly scornful, for they have made their covenant with death and with hell. And they say they have done this so the scourge will not pass thru anymore. They can take the assurances of a peace treaty with the Soviet Union and get along with world Communism, and they think there will be no conquest, no battles, and no war. But I want to point out that one of the areas of this great mistake for your country probably materialized in the days of F.D.R. Some people may still think that he was a great president. But I want you to know that he opened the doors of America to World Communism. More than this, he selected the ‘Brain trusters’ for your conquest. We find that Dr. Weiss was in the conference even before these ‘Brain trusters’ were appointed, and they were of organized Jewry--the Morganthals, the Richbergs, the Frankfurters, and so forth. And they spoke of the positions they would hold after Roosevelt was elected. And when F.D.R. was elected,---yes---they received those positions and moved into power in your nations. Here was organized Jewry suddenly placed in control of a Christian society. Even so, a Great Christian nation, a Christian society, a nation under God, whose Supreme Court had ruled a Christian nation, was actually now being dominated by International Jewry. And thru its controlled power was seeking the destruction of your society. But people did not realize the capacity of that destruction. But I want to point out that thru F.D.R., then down thru Mr. Truman and on down thru the Presidency of Eisenhower and thru Kennedy and Johnson, and even today in the Presidency of Mr. Nixon, we find that Organized Jewry has increased its power until it controls your Foreign policy, and is controlling your economy. All because the door was opened back there in the Roosevelt Administration.

Little did people recognize that as we permitted the program for the coming of philosophers and teachers from various countries, that we would be flooded with a program directed against our youth. Little did they recognize this as the teachers of Eastern Europe Jewry became instructors in our colleges, that Socialism and Communism would be their doctrines. But I want you to know that most of our colleges in America today, are teaching Socialism and Communism. And Socialism is merely another name for the philosophy of the Communist revolution. I want you to know that you have allowed to come in to this country, a great evil. You have made a covenant with death and with hell. This is most important. For scornful men think they have made a covenant and are buying for themselves security and peace. But they are not buying security and peace. They are merely falling into the rut of catastrophe and destruction. For the enemy is now working on you. He is planning your destruction. He is working on you. He is planning your conquest militarily as well as from within. I want you to realize that at the present time, the revolution is NOW. It is not something we are going to talk about as coming several years from now. The revolution is on now whether you realize it or not. And it is NOW shaking America.

Whether you realize it or not, there are areas of instruction that are of Satanic design and are against the plan of God, against the Laws of God, and against the concepts which made your nation a great society. As this great and mighty Christian civilization with its technological abilities, and moved with the spirit of God, with its inventive genius and its agricultural capabilities---all these blessings which are a part of the House of Joseph---these are temptations to your enemy. And they are seeking to place their hands upon them. They are seeking to draw away the greatness of your success, and in the process, destroy you. But this is most important for you to understand. For if there is any asset which is vital for a nation’s use, if there is any area a nation must retain control over, to see that it has the proper background of history, it is the areas of education. The youth of your nation must be taught the proper background of their race, the background of distinction, and of religion. They must be taught the background of spiritual vitality. And if thus taught, the enemy cannot get to you. But if they can move upon your youth and destroy your foundations and the concepts of God, and the concepts of your racial distinction, and start the process of integration and mongrelization and destruction, then the sons of Lucifer can be most successful. And so this is the operation they have moved with.

I want you to know that 1/4 of the youth of America have gone down the rat hole of this Socialist, Communist revolution. I want you to know that in your colleges today, this program has been successful in trapping 1/4 of the youth in those schools in your nation. I think we have had some of these things coming to light in the fulfillment of the events of the past few weeks. For instance, when we go back to the Democrat convention of last year, we see those who came to Chicago to create riots and revolution against your status, your political life, against your operation as a nation. That this was a program of Soviet Revolution. It was designed by the Soviets. It was organized and protected by Jewish attorneys. The whole program was one of getting the races in riots, of getting the Negroes into those riots to get violence started in the streets, to get the hippies to do battle, and to have rock throwing and weapons used against Police Departments and against people, to burn hotels. And in fact, to overthrow the convention itself. But they were not able to quite accomplish this.

Now, during the battle with the Police Dept., while obscenities and every thing evil was done, while hotels became virtual battle fields, and muck and mire, and all the degeneracies of society were demonstrated, many were arrested. I do not know how many were taken into custody as they hauled them away, but you saw it on the television. And as they hauled them away, we were able to see the violence of this situation. At the same time, there was an attempt, because of the control over your TV stations by organized Jewry, to make the law look as tho at odds, and as tho the law was persecuting these violent revolutionaries. But I think that Americans at large, could understand that this was a violent revolution. And then after this was all boiled down, only five of the leaders were cited as crossing State lines for the purpose of violent revolution. So they tried these five. And these men had Jewish attorneys, of course. And the obscenities and violent epithets which they hurled at the judge and at the courts not only showed that they had no respect for your judicial system, but also no concept that they were not strong enough to survive. They hurled every violent attack and every vicious statement they could muster, as they tried to keep their revolution going even during the trial. Finally, after being cited many, many times for violence during the trial, they were sentenced to five years in jail for having crossed the State line with the intent to produce violence and revolution. They were also sentenced for about the same amount of time for their contempt of court. And the time was to run simultaneous. The two attorneys were also sentenced. And one was William Kunstler who was well marked by his performance. Of course, the power of these Jew Attorneys was unique. Then automatically, Bar Associations in America, dominated by Jewry, said that the contempt charges were too extreme and the judgment was one of persecution. And they demanded that there be more hearings. Of course, when the appeals came, they were saying, ‘All America is in an uprising on this issue, so we are going to let out these attorneys and these five men who were put in jail for five years, because America is upset about this.’ But it was the Communist revolution which was crying out all over America. Remember that one of the first outcries in this area came from the Viet Cong itself, for the representatives of the Viet Cong who came to Paris to discuss Peace, demanded of our representatives that we release these seven men convicted in Chicago before they would even talk Peace. They said that these seven were persecuted because they didn’t want to see war against Communist nations, which was simply aggression by the United States. So the Appeals Court let these men out. But I tell you that the courts in this land are rotten to the core. I do not think it took America very long to wake up, because William Kunstler came to the West Coast soon after that. And you have seen what transpired in the area of Santa Barbara. For he went to the University of California and addressed the students, and after that speech, 1200 students joined in his call for revolution. And altho many more thousands of students listened, still 1200 of them came out in a riot. He called for violence. He called for more than violence, as he said that throwing Molotov cocktails and burning a few buildings was not enough. He said you must come out with a mighty wave of violence and crush this program of persecution.

What do they want to crush? They want to crush free America, to crush a society which is still independent of the United Nations, independent of Socialism and Communism. They want you to have everything moving into one common trough under organized Jewish domination, and under the domination of what they see as fit for over the entire world.

So they want to be against private enterprises, against every successful businessman, against everything that is of American ‘status quo.’ And 1200 students came out after Kunstler of Chicago spoke to them, and they started to riot, and they set fire to the Bank of America, and set fire to businesses and fought with the policemen. And it took 450 members of the Sheriffs Patrol and Police Department on Wednesday and Thursday nights, to try to control the riots. They were outnumbered and police cars were burned. Things got out of control. Then Governor Reagan called out the National Guard and sent them in with fixed bayonets and they cooled this situation at Santa Barbara, for the leaders said they didn’t want to battle with the National Guard. But total destruction hit this community with violence and bloodshed. And it was not only this community that got hit, for it happened also in Massachusetts, in Wisconsin, New York, and many other places in this country as the youth came out on the march and with violence. They shot, they burned, and they came against all that is America and what America stands for. Thus, my friends, this is revolution.

You remember when in 1967, that the Israelis took the city of Jerusalem in December of that year? This climactic patter of revolution is clearly marked for Israeli is the false patter for Israel. And they moved with invasion of Jordan and the taking over the old temple site. For they have a design to put up a phony world temple there, and overthrow the Mosque of Omar which stands in that spot. All of this is a part of the design where in this country is to be hit by riots and uprisings, and the strange pattern of the Negro race being raised and pushed as leaders, is just a part of the strategy, and master minded by organized Jewry, which is simply telling you openly that they are out to destroy your White race. The Black Panthers are telling you that they are going to destroy the White race, until the White man bows down and serves the Negroes, for the Negroes are talking about. But the Jews who are behind all this sit back and laugh and praise this undertaking. I tell you that this is a part of the patterns of revolution, for violence in the streets, such as they had in the days of Lenin, inside of the Soviet Union. Today we are watching this revolution which has finally come to America. For leaders made an agreement with death and with hell, but the scourge isn’t passing thru. It is hitting here.

As we look upon these conditions, we recognize that there are certain areas of prophecies which we can count on. We know we can count on the prophecies of God. We can count on the battle of Armageddon which means that there will be Christian nations which are not to be consumed with Communism, but which will rise and victoriously battle against the hordes of World Communism in the vast discriminatory plot of sudden and surprise attack, which is to come down upon the nations of Christendom. There is no quest of the fact that we are going to be victorious. We know that God is our King. We know HE is going to be victorious. And we know that we are going to arise and back HIM. And we want you to know that you who know the knowledge of the Gospel of the Kingdom, have more assurance, and more knowledge of what is coming than do most of the people of our nation.

Uniquely enough as we look out over this strange situation, I want you to realize that the violence is going to come as they hit more communities and move against your society, probably between now and Christmas with more violence that any period in your history. But I also want to point out that the policy has been of economic design as well. For America was a great society, technologically able to protect and provide for herself. It not only has the ingenuity to build the aircraft which is the fastest and best on the face of the earth. But our weapons and our armament was the best in the world. Our manufacturing capacities were superb for putting out all that was needed. And then, they flooded your country with organized patterns of Jewry and moved them into the Defense program of your nation, and into your factories and of course, into the Pentagon. Because they wanted to destroy this capacity of America to protect herself. Today, some of the discussions which come out of the Pentagon from some of those Jewish masters now seated there, tell us about our military industrialism and they say that we must get away from this so that we can get along with the enemy and have ‘peace.’ But the Soviet Union is not destroying their military industrial complex. Instead, they are manufacturing and building up their navy and air force, and equipping them with weapons for each design. You had the highest technology upon which to draw for your capacity to produce, but you are being reduced to a point of no return. So they hope, in this battle of protection for America.

You had vast assembly lines for the production of aircraft for this air age. But they wanted all this destroyed. And yet, their plan of destruction was rather a unique one. They began to cut down on the numbers of finished products long after the orders were taken, and the supplies were in the pipeline down to the small companies. They cut in one operation, the number from 183 in the original order, down to 83 in one company after everything was already in the pipeline moving down to the company which puts everything together. And as the word came in that now that these things are manufactured, we no longer want them, then the smaller companies sued Lockheed and other big companies. They won and thus, Lockheed was operating at a loss and going broke. And Jewry was at work at the top to bring down American manufacturing industrial complexes. But as the large companies fold and go out of business, so also, goes the small companies and businesses. And this is the design of organized Jewry so as to destroy America’s ability to be the fastest and strongest nation on the face of the earth.

But, my friends, God’s Program for HIS Kingdom is not to destroy your defense system, it is to built it up. For HE says that you are to beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruning hooks into spears, for you are going to have to stand off this ‘Northern Army’---the hordes of Communism of this program of Satan. God’s program is not one of destruction of your society and your military strength. This is simply the folly of your leaders saying we have made a peace treaty with death and with Hell. The strange uniqueness of all this is that with all this ‘peace’ --Peace--where is the Peace and safety?

I want to point out to you that the war with the Viet Cong is only one part of this strategy. The design of the anti-Christ is for one Super World Government. In the design for this Super World Government, the anti-Christ brought out the design of the United Nations. And this United Nations organization was a design of International Jewry from the days of Molotov, to Alger Hiss on up into your time. We should have been well aware that they were making a covenant with death and with Hell because one of the documents in the United Nations structure was a demand that the military forces of the United Nations to enforce Peace would always be a Soviet Commander. And you signed that agreement as a nation. Even tho a lot of your Senators and Congressmen and most of our people didn’t know it. Still, you as a nation participated in signing this agreement with death and with Hell. You permitted the military leaders of the United Nations to be selected from the country who fought the Church, who fought the testimony of Christ, that hated your society, ---to always to command the military of the United Nations. No wonder you can’t have a victory under the U.N. For they plan to see that you have constant war until you are exhausted.

When you became a nation, you became that nation over the issue of taxation. Organized Jewry in gaining monetary control over King George, had increased taxation until your society was becoming antagonistic. You were against this tax on every facet of your society. And when at the ‘Boston Tea Party’ you threw the tea into the sea, then you fought a Revolution, because you said you would not be taxed without representation. And in the course of this, you fulfilled the prophecy, for you became ‘the young lion who spanked the mother.’ You have always had a policy that your people cannot be taxed to support another nation. You just don’t always follow it.

I want to point out something which transpired this week. Eighteen years ago, there was an organization known as the ‘Trade Agreement of the Cuban Convention’ of the United Nations. Now, this was long before Castro. And this agreement was a design for control of all the production of your society. It was to control all the materials, iron or metals, that could be mined in your country. All could be shipped out to another country and you wouldn’t have anything to say about it, for it would all be decided by the United Nations, an International Trade organization, that was going to control everything produced by any country which was in the United Nations. Because it would be under their economic design and control. So the economic committee of the U.N. would also, under this design, have certain powers. And there were several treaties they were to try to get thru in this process. You may remember that the U.N. came out with blue pamphlets. And the National Council of Churches, which always supports the program of anti-Christ, asked the Church to support this policy because it would divide up the goods of the world and soon everyone would be working and happy and at peace. But actually, it was the design of organized Jewry to control. And in this process, 10% of the profit would be skimmed off all along the line. And thus, this design would destroy the greatness of your society, and reduce you to an impotent power. The fact is that we are able to hold back the Senate from signing this ‘International Trade Agreement’ at this time. But it was simply passed on to the GAT which is another U.N. organization. Thus, it still continues. Inside the U.N., economic power structure has been built up. Presidents of the U.S. and their staff have been giving money to this economic council of the U.N. for use by African nations and Asiatic nations. And have been actually robbing your treasury and giving away the money of the citizens of the United States. Oh, sometimes it was done by agreements, and some times by Senatorial action. But last Monday night, if you would have looked in your leading papers, you would have read:-- ‘World sales tax proposed by the United Nations, is about to go thru.’

What is that? It said that the U.N. committee meeting in New York, had decided that a one-half of 1% sales tax would have to be levied. That this would be a great thing because the ‘have’ nations would pay this tax to the U.N. and this money would go into the ‘have-not’ nations of the world. And most of the Jewish Senators were, of course, in favor of this. And all week, they have been meeting and drawing up the design for the levying of the taxes.

Now, under this design, the amount of the taxes will be fixed by the U.N. by the economic council. And no nation will have any authority in this matters. In other words, they can change this amount any time they wish, and if they get their foot in the door, you never find taxes going down. And with you now supporting the ‘Mark of the Beast’ and anti-Christ, then with this strange design, they cite that the United Nations recognizes that the best way to give the ‘have not’ nations their ‘fair share’ of the world wealth, is by this proposed Income Tax. And this tax should be on all Income any individual earns, in any nation which is a member nation of the United Nations. And the U.N. will decide the amount of tax levied. And the Supreme Court will, of course, approve this because in any decision, it always sides with the U.N. and against our Constitution. And altho you are a great nation of God’s and have fought for your freedom, because you would not pay taxes to even a brother nation, without representation,---now the hordes of the world (5/6 of the worlds population who are anti-Christian) are going to take out of your earned income, for a start at the rate of 1/2 of 1% for the down grading of your society. My friends, this is the work of anti-Christ and it shows you where you stand right now. You are almost to the climax of this thing which will break wide open in revolution.

As we see these things come to a climax, and all of the covenant with death and with Hell is destroyed, then the people who sold you out are the people who will be destroyed in the holocaust which is coming. And we will lift up our faces and pray:-- ‘LORD JESUS COME QUICKLY.’ And, thank God, Michael will be standing by with the hosts of space to fight Lucifer and his kingdom hordes, as he did when Lucifer was thrown out of heaven.

(End of sermon)