Your Personal Destiny, 4-23-61



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-23-61

We are talking this afternoon about a subject which is extremely important to each one of you, and this is....YOUR DESTINY. In the past we have talked about your National Destiny and about the nation's of God's Kingdom, and of course your Destiny is found within the Destiny of Nation's and in the Destiny of people who constitute God's Eternal Purpose. But it must also be considered from the standpoint of how it relates to you as individuals. Probably one of the greatest problems that we have today in Christianity and among the Churches of Christianity is the varying concepts that we have in its sects and of the various denominational divisions of Christendom.

The reason for the variant concept largely lies in the subject matter which they had, and of the understanding they possessed concerning the material which they used. Someone said:..they used the Bible, they had the Holy Scriptures, how could they err in their concepts? Still we do find a great diverging view existing among the Churches as to the Destiny of Men, and the processes thru which they might pass and what conditions would take place. There is a converging concept upon some great Truths, and it is still today...that every great branch of the Christian Faith recognizes that Jesus is the Christ. But there is still distinctions even in this point as to whether he is one or three. Or whether God is made up of a multiple of people, or whether God is made up of ONE person. There are factors which each side thinks they can support with a passage or a text. And that is the reason why we want you to know that we believe every word which has been imputed to God. Nor are we believing every translation are saying:...this is the way it should be understood. Because we have discovered that the Scriptures which we have in our hands have passed down thru a long period of time and history. And in that period of history they have passed thru the hands of movements and institutions which desired to influence and to change the truth.

There is no question about the Design of God to see that the..TRUTH will ultimately be unveiled. You are living in the climax of an age when knowledge has been increasing. In fact it was destined to increase, until every secret thing was made known, and wisdom and knowledge, and truth shall come forth, and shall expand across the earth. There is one thing you can be sure of..the 'Truth' of God has never been destroyed altho at times it has been obscured. And we are aware today that some of the most obscuring forces in the world are the Ecclesiastical institutions thru which truth must pass. Nor is this an attack upon the THE CHURCH itself, for the Church of Jesus Christ is a Living Institution. It is an organism which God has established among the peoples of His Household. There is nothing so important or more precious to the Most High God than the carrying forward of this Spiritual center of His Kingdom, among His Nations, this Spiritual center..HIS CHURCH. And thus the Church is an Eternal Institution, and is not about to be destroyed by the forces of darkness with all their conspiracy. Nor will it be swept from the face of the earth. I think it most significant that..HIS CHURCH..has passed thru lots of transition and history in its physical existence, and that the enemies of your civilization have ever been seeking to join the CHURCH. Then having joined the Church they seek to condemn its doctrines and to change its effectiveness. We might cite that thru out the course of history that beach-heads of spiritual expansion have been made of the GREAT TRUTHS that God has unveiled. And the spiritual center which has been proclaiming these truths falls within the category of the Institution which we call...THE CHURCH. Whether that Church existed in its greatest antiquity in Britain which history supports, or whether that CHURCH existed in the formation of the institution by those who came out of the catacombs of Rome, or whether it was found among those who had descended from the Franks and the Germans in the great Protestant...protesting activities of Martin Luther as he came out of the errors which he felt were complete, and serious to him...the fact remains that the Church has been possessor of certain Truths which make it Immortal and Eternal. Because the very Church itself, knows of the existence of YAHWEH and recognizes Him as Messiah and His embodiment. But at the same time there has been a lot of superstitions, and a lot of patterns which the enemy has sown into the Church which has effected you.

Among those things we point out the fact that the Administration of the Word of God by the carrying forward from generation to generation, of the copying of the Scrolls and the documents, resulted in what today we call the Bible. And we well understand that, that Bible was the bringing together of a group of documents, bound together, and they formed 'The Bible'. The selections of those documents are important to us historically and important also because they were selected by a group of men called together by a Roman Ecclesiastical authority. And when called together they met in Nicea, the spot selected by Constantine at the time when he was in power, and ruling with an administration over the whole Southern half of Europe. As these Ecclesiastical authorities arrived they carried with them many Scrolls and many Manuscripts, and many more than 66 Books here that they did canonize, and two of them should never have been canonized. Someone this an attack upon the Bible? NO..there are 66 Books here that they did canonize and two of them should never have been, as they do not have the Name of God in them even once, and are not the Word of God, but are a part of the historical conspiracy of the very enemies of your civilization. But in spite of that they were still included in your Bible even tho there were a great number of documents and records which came down from the days of Enoch, and came forth out of the revelation of the Apostle Paul's experiences such as 'The Apocalypse of Paul' which were as great as the revelations to John as found in the Book of Revelation. These were Majestic and Tremendous, and God had even told Paul to put these Mysteries in a Book, and they are found to a certain extent all thru the Epistles that Paul wrote. But Rome could not retain the 'The Apocalypse of Paul' and maintain their control over the souls of men, which they wished to maintain thru the processes they had already established. And I want you to know that originally in the use of the Scrolls and the text as the Church taught both by tradition and by the literal quotation of the writings of the disciples, and the repetition of the re-instruction of the Scriptures..that the Church in Rome from the days of its Martyrdom and Persecution in the Catacombs, as they worshiped there and were seized and put to death by Rome...the fact remains that they did it with honesty and with service. Then there came a time when unable to destroy the Church by Martyrdom and unable to crush it by continual warfare against it from within and without the powers of darkness, as organized Jewry penetrated the Church. And there in Rome they sought to condemn it with the doctrines of Mystic and Ancient Cultism out of Ancient Babylon which they transplanted with power and influence. Then soon gaining ascendancy in the institution, and into the very doctrines of the Christian Church where they had no place.

We are today not anti-Rome where we point our finger at an individual church, but we are against all the errors which that church has maintained, and passed down, and which all Protestantism has inherited from it to some extent. The fact remains that during the course of time, error, was not only sown into theology by those who thought to destroy the church, or to gain great control over the bodies and souls of men. And Rome has never been able to eliminate the impact of this even after becoming aware of what is transpiring. We must recognize that the majority of Protestantism whose individual Bibles from the early Guttenberger Bibles down to the King James Version were translated out of material that had been copied laboriously by Monks from the selected Scriptures which they had been told that they were to help preserve, by multiplying, by the tedious work of penmanship. One would not for one moment condemn, nor criticize the fact that these men out of such knowledge which they possessed virtually gave their lives to preserve these copies of Scriptures which they were told were alone authentic and which alone were to be canonized with the authority of the Church. When men like Martin Luther was studying under the impact of the theology in which he had risen unto a doctorship, in fact this doctorate had been given to him both on the basis of his understanding of Christian philosophy, and his knowledge of Christian Letters. And as he surveyed he saw that even with the obscuring impact of selecting and rejecting various phases of inspiration that they could not overcome the great covenants of Destiny, of Prophecy, and he saw the Grace of God, and he refused to remain under the control of the hierarchy that would seem to insinuate that it had power of life or death, or determined Eternal pleasure of Punishment in the Destiny of the souls of men. That was one of the reasons why he revolted and took his stand that the JUST shall live by FAITH.

One of the strange factors however is that the passages and the Books that they sought to preserve and multiply still had to accept the selection, and to work out of, such material as they possessed. Down in Alexandria Egypt even before the gathering together of the pages of what we call the Bible...the early Christian Church there and those who were a part of its congregation and its many congregations, had the Scrolls unbound together. Later they would be bound together and an Alexandrian Version would be referred to. The only reason they called it an Alexandrian Version was because out of its pure Aramaic, and Hebrew and Coptic Aramaic, with some of its passages also in Greek when Paul wrote to the Corinthians, and when Paul wrote to the Romans in perfect Latin, and when the Apostle Luke wrote in Greek...these existed in the Alexandrian Version in those original writings. When Paul wrote his Epistles he wrote in Aramaic and then many passages were eventually bound together into an Alexandrian Version of the Bible, and that version did not contain some of the teachings which were to be found inside of the version out of Rome, or in the King James Version which came later because it (the Alexandrian version) had not been touched by Rome. And organized Jewry who had sought to obscure Grace in the Scripture had never been able to reach over and touch it in Alexandria. Thus it did not contain from one end to the other any designation of Eternal tortures, of all the processes included in theology in order to make men behave. It was filled with a flowing and Divine Destiny, and Great Grace. It included also a great number of Scrolls which were not Canonized by the Nicean Council, who after the noon time was reached were not in any condition to determine what was and wan not spiritual, if we accept the history of the Nicean Council's assembly. The fact remains that these volumes were later trimmed out of the Alexandrian Version to make it the same as the other versions of the Scripture. At one time Oxford published a copy of The Alexandrian Text, and were only permitted to publish it for a very short time before the pressure of the Episcopal's said:...this does not quite agree with our doctrines, and we demand there be an immediate cessation of the publishing of this version, and the publication was stopped and no longer was there a source of this Scripture. But Calvin when he was doing his great research was able to find and discover the values of a great amount of these early Manuscripts. Someone this an important thing? I think it is, for as we observe the full text of the Scripture which had been original, and declared, and given, then we find the very words which come out of the mouth of God, or from Holy men moved in inspiration, and who wrote as they were inspired without any attempt being made at translating it into some Ecclesiastical fetish, or some type of doctrine which would merely support the authority of some temporal institution.

It is most interesting then to note therefore that the Scriptures even in the King James Version, without doubt this was a monumental work...and without doubt this was a classic of English Literature, and it is most vital to you, and because it has become the foundation of our Anglo-Saxon civilization. It was the work of King James to order the translation of this Bible, and he brought in scholars to do the work. And of course there were volunteers who said they were the last word in Scholarship. If you go back into the story of this you will find that a great number of Orthodox, as well as, at that time Cabalistic Jews, offered their services. And they became quite authoritative experts both on the Hebrew as well as in the application of theology in the New Testament with the Greek translation. Here we had those who deny that Jesus is the Christ, and who hate the very structure of our society, our civilization, and our contributing translators, helping King James give you and I a pure understanding of God's Word, and a revelation concerning the Messiah who they hated and opposed. The results were that we have things which do obscure to some extent...THE TRUTH. We have passages where the word Judah is not translated as Judah...but is translated Jew. And we have places where the word Jew is placed in identity to identify the people who today we might classify as Jews..and thus it leads to confusion. And we have passages which say there is no difference between a Jew and a Greek, and everyone knows there is a difference. Someone said:...but that is only a spiritual factor. NO..there is a great difference spiritually between a Jew and a Greek as well, but the Scripture was not saying that at all. What this text said was:...there is no difference between a man of Judah and one of Greece who is an Israelite. The words in the original text said:... the Greeks, or the Ethnos..or nation's of God's Kingdom and its people. So to understand this we must find even in the content of this Bible the complete support to the great basic truths and purposes of the MOST HIGH GOD.

We must remember that a great number of our ideas and concepts as they relate to the individual and his destiny...LIMIT GOD. And this has been because we have been seeking to make God pour into a mould that the Jews helped fit Him into. I want you to know that since we are the Children of the Eternal, and since we do have a specific Destiny in the earth, as we have discussed with you many times, that it is important that we find our relationship to this individuals. We are well aware today that the Adamic race is the White Race, and the evidence of this can be well supported. Students of Anthropology well know the distinct and constant evidence of the origins and different races upon the face of the earth. The antiquity of these other races far antedating the history of the Adamic Race. The White Race was not only the last race upon the face of the earth, but we well understand that the Asiatics are one of the oldest races. With artifacts and Carbon-14., to help us we have been able to determine the antiquity of many of the things which have been made and discovered, and thus the Asiatics are the oldest race. We can find artifacts down in Permea Cliffs before a single mammal walked the earth outside of man. And we find that beings with intelligence and with pottery and with implements lived upon the face of the earth in ages which scientists had relegated as pre-mammal, or being pre-existent to structures of life as we now know it. So having proved that there has been no period in the history of this earth, at any time of its existence where we do not find artifacts of individuals with intelligence, who walked upright, and belonged to the general trend of the peoples of the different races.

There is no doubt that there has been no origin of what we might call human life, or shall we say the life of people who fall into the category of Homo-Sapiens. Because we find ourselves in a battle of Semantics every time we talk about men, and use the word HU-man. For the word Hu-man comes from the word..Ho-man and it means spirit-man...a man with spirit...Adamite. And all the people on the face of the earth do not come out of the same spiritual gestation which you as a race have come forth from. The content of time and history is filled with the records, and the revelations, and the stories and traditions of all these things, and added to the record of knowledge which is found in the Scriptures, proves without a doubt that the Adamic race were a very special people,..being the offspring of the Most High God by Spirit, and being the physical manifestation of these His children in the earth. They were told to increase and to multiply, and have dominion over the earth. They were God's plan for bringing in 'His Kingdom' over one portion of His Universe, on one planet, in a Solar System which now was placed in a sort of containment war, where all the forces of darkness and all the rebellion in the Universe was now contained.

There can be no doubt that the world had a unique history even before the arrival of your race, but you are the most important thing which has happened to that race with one exception...of the embodiment of God's visit to it as the man......CHRIST JESUS. I think it is most important as we look out over the situations which exist today that we see the great white nations of the Western World who today are White Christian Civilizations, that they are the nations who recognize that JESUS IS THE CHRIST. They are nations out of which the technology and the development of our present Western civilization has reached its point of attainment. We look out over the rest of the world and we can divide it up into Asiatics and into Negroid, and the peoples of these varied...blended...mongrelized civilizations which have taken place in between, and we find that the White Race stands with certain spiritual capacities, and technological leadership, above all the peoples on the face of the earth. We also find that traditionally the acceptance of Christianity is a part of the Cultural wave of your race. And it is the result of a great spiritual flow of force and power upon your race. And it is the result of a spiritual force awakening in the conscience of an individual of your race. A realization of their responsibility toward their Father, and toward the earth. When I tell you today that your Destiny is different than the destiny of an African or an Asiatic...this is true. When I tell you that your Destiny has also been determined in the Scriptures, that is also true. And it is also true that God has placed you in the earth, the offspring of His own Spirit, and established you in earth as the Adamic Household, for the building of His Kingdom, then this is His purpose...Kingdom means Administration, and it means regulation by the principals of law, and in this instance it is Divine Law. And the highest concept which spiritual vision, initiative and creative ability can unveil is Divine Law. You as an individual are a part of the White Race, and if you live in these United States and this is your Nation, then fortunately you are living in one of the greatest nations of the white race, and one of the great nations of God's Kingdom. Because you are living in this nation you are also a part of a great flow of events which are a part of Prophecy...being fulfilled. For this nation has been selected of God to become one of the nations to lead the Christian nation of the white race into final victories against the political and economic forces of evil which sweep the world.

There is no doubt that you as an individual are faced with the understanding of prophecy, and if you have studied it at all then you know that the Kingdom of god is going to be triumphant. That is one thing we can be sure of because God being God will have His way...will do the things He said He was going to do. And when we tell you that the Kingdom of God is going to be triumphant, the Western civilization is going to defeat communism, is going to defeat all the strategies of the enemies of God's Kingdom, and shall bring down the earthly descendants of Lucifer and smash the powers of evil...this is your Destiny. Whether it is done in a month or a year, or in a decade this is still your Destiny. And you as an individual help to make this destiny which is yours because that Destiny had decreed that you will be a part of the movement and the WAY. But when I talk about your individual Destiny we are again going back into an area where theology has caused a great disturbance in the minds of many people. They would like to have some knowledge as to their security and as to whether or not thru out the ages to come, they are going to exist in a condition as to Eternal and permeate Good, or whether they will be in some area of punishment and torture, or what circumstances would produce this. Generally when I cite to you, or speak to an audience or congregation and tell them that not one single one of your race.....NOW HEAR THIS..not one single one of your race has been destined to Eternal torture and punishment, and not one single one of your race is, but what is going to eventually conform to the Grace and the Glory of the Nature of God...then some people get up and walk out. So I guess that is what they would like to see happen and if you disagree with what is going to they think...then they are unhappy. Now:...I am going to deal specifically with your race...very specifically.

The MOST HIGH GOD has made it very clear when He spoke concerning the Adamic Race in the oldest records, of discussion, concerning it, and one of the oldest words is...'Israel'. This word 'Israel' shows up long before the calling of Abraham, long before Isaac was the son of Abraham, and Jacob was the son of Isaac. Long before Jacob's name was changed to Israel, that word 'Israel' was used by Enoch as God unveils to him that these rulers with God...His Israel..are actually Elohim or Children of THE MOST HIGH, and Elohim is the plural for Deity. That is why in the 82nd Psalm that the Psalmist said:..'Ye are Elohim, and all of you are the children of YAHWEH', and he is talking to Israel. If you even go into your King James Version you will still read:...'Ye are Gods, and all of you are the children of God'. Someone said:..we don't dare say dare read anything that has been written by inspiration which is recorded here. So the race of which you are a part has known early...of ISRAEL. Seth in his 'Cave of Treasures' writes and refers to the sons of Adam as rulers with God, and the word is ...'ISRAEL'. is a rather unusual thing but...there is a people who God reiterates His covenant with as He calls Abraham out of the land of Ur of the Chaldees, and He said to them:..I will be a God unto thee and thy seed after thee in all your generations. Then going forward from Abraham we find God's covenant with Isaac and Jacob, and it continues to be reconfirm- ed. But I think it rather significant that we deal with one three letter word in our understanding of this matter. A three letter word which nobody likes, but that word is....SIN. People don't like it because they don't want to think about it, and maybe there is an advantage in not thinking about it if you can overcome it. a very deadly, a very evil force, for it is a violation of Divine Law. Just reduce it down to that... a violation of Divine Law. We have what we refer to as the deadly sins...why? Because they bring the greatest catastrophe upon our race both socially and economically. And in the midst of our Society they have their repercussions. Every single law is based upon the conscious impact of energies and forces, and of vibrations both of Spirit and individuals. They are indestructible, unalterable, and they seem sometimes to be inexorable. Remember that the patterns of law are constant and also continuous. Whether you know the law or not doesn't change the law from its operation, any more than your saying that a fire is hot will keep from burning you if you put your hand in it. And it is not a matter of revenge, or a matter of design that when individuals are injured by violation of law, that they come to the realization that there is such a law. Thus it is that violation of Divine Law is what we refer to as....SIN. If we want to deal with individual responsibility then they must know the law before they are responsible to it. But also they may not know the law at times, and suffer the results for not knowing it...and this is a learning process.

The law was not given in full explanation to everybody. But the race you are a part of had law in various phases given to it from the very day it arrived in the earth, and that makes it a most significant thing. And when we deal with it we discover that from the very beginning of the Adamic Adam and Eve were placed in the earth that they were given certain knowledge, and certain laws. They violated certain laws, and certain things descended upon your race, but the foundation of that law was that God did not want them to co-mingle their seed, and cohabit with other races, and especially were those pointed out of the 'Tree of knowledge of good and evil'. This meant that these people had in their intellect, knowledge a consciousness of evil. This wasn't a tree growing in a garden, this was a racial tree in the garden of nations. The violation of law was not unknown to God because God made that declaration before anyone of your race ever came to earth. He told His children that not only will you make that violation, but I am writing your names down in my Divine Book of Records called 'The Lamb's Book of Life'. I am writing your names down and I am also covenanting with you that I will come into earth and redeem every one of you. I will redeem you from all of your errors, and will establish you forever before Me in Righteousness. You are my Elect which I have elected to go into the world to do this work. I am YAHWEH thus I AM totally accountable for you, and I am going to see that you are redeemed. I am also going to see that you finish the task I sent you to do. For out of this earth experience you will learn knowledge and understanding which you never possessed before. I want you to know, whether you will embrace this afternoon or not, that had there never been any transgression, had there never been any evil, had there never been anything which was violation of law, you in all your existence could never have learned to appreciate Righteousness or good. You would never have said:...'Thank God' for blessings, or protection, or good weather if there was never an earthquake or a cyclone, hurricane or any type of destruction. Whereas today you say:...'Thank God that did not happen to me.' The fact is that almost all the Universe responds to what it knows, and by comparison.

Thus it is that God says:...I am going to make evil praise ME before I am through with my purpose in this earth. I want you to know that altho men made errors there was also a restoration, and a development, and a training, and inside of each one of you is a wave-length of Celestial conscience which was HIS own spirit residing in you. That spirit enables you to hear the voice of the prophets, to hear the voice of the MOST HIGH, and to respond to instruction. There are people in the world today who cannot hear altho they hear the audio frequency. They pick up the words but it doesn't make the image in the seat of their consciousness, which it makes in your mind. And you can understand because when God speaks to you, then you can see the picture it makes of his revelation. And because you do see the picture of his revelation it is almost impossible for you to think of individuals who do not have the capacity, simply because they were of a different origin and not begotten by His Spirit. They were created and until error was found in them as they turned in support of error...they were good creation. But when I talk about you I am not talking about the Destiny of Africa or of Asia. I am not talking about the destiny of the individual Negro or individual Chinaman. I am talking about your Destiny this afternoon, and I want to tell you something. This is something more important than anything else that you can know:...You are the children of God begotten by His Spirit and as Jesus said:...'Thine they are in the heavens, mine they are in earth'. Thine they are of spirit...mine they are embodied...spirit, soul, and body. I want to say that you should go back to the 45th chapter of Isaiah in verse 6., 'I AM YAHWEH AND THERE IS NONE ELSE. THERE IS NO EL BESIDES ME, I girded thee (Jacob), tho thou hast not known me, yet I sent thee forth. Know this, I form the light and I create the darkness. I make Peace and I created that which is evil. I YAHWEH did all these things.'

Now:..HE makes this declaration:...'Ask of things concerning My sons, concerning thee work of My hands. I not only made the earth, but I created people upon it. My hands stretched forth the heavens and all the hosts I command.' 'But as to my sons, I have raised them up in righteousness, and I had directed their ways, they will build my cities and let my captives go, and not do it for price or for reward...saith the ETERNAL YAHWEH.' And Isaiah says...surely YAHWEH is Deity. Now:..let me call this to your attention, verse 17., 'All Israel shall be saved in YAHWEH with an everlasting salvation. Ye shall not be ashamed nor confounded world without end.' I want you to hear this so I repeat:... 'All Israel shall be saved with an Everlasting Salvation.' That statement on the part of the Eternal is a most important declaration to every Israelite. And it is important that every white man on the face of the earth know from whence he came, and that every nation descendent from Israel know that. And it is important that they declassify every one out of their nation that is not Israel. This statement is not made to Jewry, nor does Jewry have any part nor lot in this matter. This declaration was made to 'Israel' the great nations of God's Kingdom. And it is made to you as an Israelite. 'All Israel shall be saved in YAHWEH with an everlasting salvation: and ye shall not be ashamed or confounded world without end. Why that? YAHWEH, Himself, YAHWEH who formed the heaven and the earth. He who hath made it, He who hath established it, He created it not to be in vain. He formed it to be inhabited...for 'I am YAHWEH and there is none else.' I want you to know that this does not effect only you alone, but this does effect you as a personal and individual covenant. The 25th., verse of Isaiah 45 says:...'In YAHWEH shall all the seed of Israel be justified, and shall Glory.' Thus the very nature of God, and with His Omniscience and with His vast range of knowledge, will justify the actions of His people. And Consummate with His own Atonement, the ever lifting from them, the complex of any guilt, of error, and grant unto the development of their consciousness a wave of vision and understanding that reaches out in achievement and development. That reaches out into the height of civilization, the greatest creative force of spiritual love and appreciation. And eventually shall establish them as rulers of the earth. If you don't think that is God's Destiny for nations then remember that He said:...One of the first things I am going to do, as I step into the world situation, is to divide nations as a Shepherd divides the Sheep from the goat nations. And I am going to say to the Sheep nations...receive this Kingdom which has been prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For the Eternal YAHWEH discriminates between that which possesses spirit to make the world like He wants it to be ruled, and those who are under darkness, and need development, and transition, and salvation, but never have the capacity of fulfillment of this administration. Someone said:..Oh, how unfair, how unjust. But I am going to show you that there isn't anything unjust. Because before God gets thru in the fullness of time, we are always trying to cram God down into just a few years. But I am going to tell you that there is to be ...a new heaven and a new earth. And I am not talking about the recreation of the Celestial realms around you.

I am talking about a new spiritual order, and a new physical order to develop an administration for the earth. Novus Ordo Seclorum, a New Order of the ages. Everywhere your race catches its responsibility in the building of God's Kingdom, it starts to talk about a new order, and anytime you talk about God's New Order then all the enemies of Christianity hate it. And when the new order eventually comes in we are told:...this is what I shall do in this new creation (age)...says the Eternal. That which I made shall remain before me saith YAHWEH so shall your seed and your name remain. And it shall come to pass from one New Moon to another, and from one Sabbath to another...all flesh upon the earth shall worship before me saith YAHWEH. I want to tell you that God's purpose and plan reaches out so that no one can say that there is no hope for the world. Or that there is anything that transpires which does not move with Justice, whereas great restoration, and power, and Glory descends on you. The day is going to come in that New Order when everyone whether he be from Africa or Asia is going to worship before the Eternal. If you were to turn over to the 5th., chapter of Revelation you would get quite a revelation there also. For the day is going to come when on earth, and in the heavens above, and even down in the Netherworld, and inner world also, that everyone shall worship and Praise the MOST HIGH, the ETERNAL CHRIST. I am going to tell you that about the time everyone is worshiping and praising, and singing hymns to the Most High God, you have a NEW WORLD. Someone said:...what will they do, will some come out of perdition to fulfill this? My friends, we all are going to come out of silly superstitions and concepts of perdition, and see the purposes of OUR FATHER. It is a significant thing when we turn back to the Book of Isaiah, and this is the Father speaking to His children:...'All Israel shall be saved with an Everlasting Salvation'. Who said that having put you in this environment and under these circumstances, that He is going to justify you to bring forth His Kingdom. And Isaiah said:...YAHWEH hath declared that All Israel shall be justified, and shall Glory, and than also said:...Look unto me and be saved all the ends of the earth, for I am YAHWEH and there is none else. And I have sworn by myself, my Word has gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return unto me...every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall swear.' It is a rather significant thing that when we look into the vastness of this purpose it wasn't something which was in the Old Testament, and not something to be transferred to the New. For I would turn into the New Testament and into the Book of Romans 11:26., and I read these words:. Whereas the Apostle Paul having taken his trip into the heavens and having been briefed by the MOST HIGH, having written his brilliant book of His Apocalypse, and by his brilliant ability as a linguist had written to Romans, to Greeks, and to Britons, he had sent his Epistle out unto every part of the Western world, and said...the spirit expressly forbade me to go to Asia. And now he says something to the Romans:...So all Israel shall be saved as it is written. There shall come out of Zion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob; for this is my covenant unto them when I take away their sins.' I realize that some trying to do away with this problem just say that there isn't anything called...SIN. That there isn't anything called sickness, or death, and that these are just illusions of the mortal mind. And we are not saying this as a matter of complaint but I want you to know that every transgression starts with an error in the thinking of the mind, induced by Lucifer. And sickness is only possible when it works against you, when you give assent to it because your consciousness has been bound by Lucifer, and death is the result of the endless violation of the law. That is one reason why the great patterns of death as it relates to your race, and to the world also is to be swallowed up in the kind of victory which shall see no more sickness, no more sorrow, and no more death in all the earth. Someone said:..oh, then we will have to much population. That my friends is sometimes the kind of remark which comes from some complainers as they worry about God's Grace. And they then worry about where we are going to put all the people. You look out there into the vastness of space, and you find that God has been creating places to dwell in throughout all the ages to come. And so far you don't have even one white man for every Planet in space.

The day will come when there will be at least one representative on each, because you have to increase as the sands of the Sea Shore, and the stars of the Heavens. And we can multiply 126 trillion suns now by 10 from Palomar Observation. We do not have any idea of the vastness of the perimeter of space, and I have some news for you, My Father has been creating from before the foundation of anything which you can see because He had no beginning, and He had no end. And He will be creating and making out of the synthesis of energy and substance of molecular masses, out of which Universes are put together...throughout the tomorrows He will be making places for His children to dwell. So don't you worry about room here in America. Every so often someone starts to worry about the idea that there isn't going to be any room in North America in the next 40 years. The only reason why you will ever be crowded in North America would be if you disobeyed Divine Law, and let them dump the peoples of India and Africa in here.... then you might be crowded. If they bring any of them in here we are crowded. You say but how can we help the world unless we bring them in here? We are not to bring them into our land and absorb them. We are to instruct and to teach them where they are. And a lot of them are someday going back to where they came from. Because a lot of them were brought in during Lucifers rebellion, and don't belong here in earth. I can tell you that the day is going to come when the Adamic race which God established here to build His Kingdom...will be ruling with HIM over a balanced world.

The Asiatics which were the peoples established on earth will be balanced once more, and every Negro will be back somewhere out there in the Milky Way from whence he came. That is the best solution to the race question that I know. Of course the hour will come when they will all know what they do not know now. And when new creations are going to do new things for them. Someone said:..I thought they would become new creatures? Well they need to, but the day is going to come when they will be given a new spiritual capacity which they do not now possess, in this adjustment to Divine Destiny and you have your part in this matter. When I turn to this declaration concerning the Most High in which He has made it clear that 'All Israel shall be saved, as it is written', I want you to know that this is not Salvation from God Himself. He is not saving you from some idea of revenge which comes out of God's mind. All of that Hoax' was cooked up by the hosts of Lucifer who penetrated your society for no good. What does God save men from? He saves them from their errors, from Sin which is a violation of Divine Law. He gives them spiritual wisdom, a new nature, and a desire to do the things which are right. That is what men are saved from. We are not saved from perdition, from fear, we are my friends...saved from the things we don't understand or don't know. We are saved from error...with TRUTH. That is the reason why every time you hear God talking about salvation, that He says:...I shall take away their sins. Or I shall take away their violation of Divine Law. He doesn't say that to save them that He is taking them out of some big fire He has built over here somewhere. You that Orthodox? It is Orthodox as the words which came out of the mouth of the MOST HIGH. I want you to realize that as we talk about your Destiny that over here in the Book of Romans is one of the great Majestic Statements of all times. The Apostle Paul continues to unveil what the Eternal had revealed unto him, and he said:...that every one He did foreknow, before they came into the world, He did predestinate as the Eternal God with the Power to do it, that they were going to conform to the image of His own the Son. That everyone which He did predestinate from the beginning, He has called, and everyone He has called He has justified, and everyone He has justified He also shall Glorify. And that Glorification means that He is to give you the illumination, the Light, and the Glory and the Majesty which was in the face of Jesus, IN HIS RESURRECTION.

Do you want to know what your Destiny is? Your Destiny is by His own Declaration, that you are going to conform to His own being. You are going to be identifiable because you are a person, and your physical body is in the image of the Celestial. For we are told in Colossians that the physical body of the man...Christ Jesus was the image of the Invisible God. Col.1:15. But most significant is that He by knowledge, by great waves of spiritual power thrust into your environment, is going to create that response which you are capable of responding to. Until you start to think like He thinks, and to move like He moves until you apply your energies as He applies them. Until you resist the darkness, until you build crusades against the evil, until you establish a Kingdom like unto His. And you are going to conform to His image which means that from your hands..someday... will go out Miracle Power. That means that at your command 'Life' will go forth...THIS IS YOUR DESTINY. Oh, you say, but there is so many of us. There are about 140 million of us in the U.S. and 600 million white men in the earth. Well, don't let that trouble you. You have kinsmen in the spirit that number in the billions and billions, who you have never seen since you came into earth. But that still doesn't stop God's purpose and plan in the earth. I want you to know that God has a purpose for His children. He has outlined that purpose, and just as He has ordained that the children of His Kingdom shall fulfill His Will, then this is what He says:...You have gone thru a lot of experiences, and sometimes you have been chastened. And when you violated Divine Law then trouble came upon you. But God has protected your survival, and He has given you the chastisement for a purpose. He has stated the results of some of these things which descend on you in the 12th., chapter of Hebrews:.... For whom the LORD loveth He chastizeth, and scourgeth every son whom He receiveth. And if ye endure chastening as God dealeth with you as sons, then for what son is he whom the Father chastizeth not?. If ye endure chastening when YAHWEH dealeth with His sons...then what son is not chastened by His father? But if ye be without chastisement whereas all are partakers, then ye would be as illegitimate children and not of His household. For as much then as we have fathers after the flesh who have corrected us, and we give them reverence, shall we not also be in subjection unto the Father of the Spirit? For they verily for a few days chastened us, our fathers after the flesh, for their own pleasure and for our own profit. But He for our profit that we might be partakers of His Holiness.

Did you hear those words concerning how far God has planned for your Destiny? Even the chastisement and the hard times you have sometimes suffered which are all for your education, for your chastening, is for your profit. The Father loves you in this education and in the purpose which He has for much so that you are going to conform to His Holiness. A 'Poured in the mould' preacher said to me:...But Dr. Swift, look at all the people who have died, and have not attained this. Look at all the dead. So I said:..well all that have died have paid the price, and the Scripture says:..the wages of sin are they paid the price and those who are dead are free from sin. Did you know that was in the Book of Romans? And he said:...but they didn't make it. I want you to know that my Father is the Author of Life, Endless Life, Eternal Life, Never Ending Life. If you are absent from this realm then you are present in the Celestial realm so don't ever let anyone tell you that you are not. 'Absent from this body'...the spirit returns to the area to whence it came. And you came into this world and you will go out. So let me tell you what God has planned as your Destiny. I want you to know that everyone of His Household who was predestined to come into earth, is also Destined to measure up to His image. God said this was planned from the beginning. Oh, you say...they died, and didn't make it. Well then, they will come resurrected and make it. YAHWEH said:...I am YAHWEH and I will have my way. Let's go back to that 45th chapter of Isaiah again, and let us see what He says concerning His purposes in the earth. This is what He declares:... I have sworn by word has gone out of my mouth in Righteousness. Then over in the 46th chapter., He says:...Remember the former things of old for I AM YAHWEH, AND THERE IS NONE ELSE, I AM YAHWEH AND THERE IS NONE LIKE ME. I declare the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things not yet come to pass. In order to declare this prophecy He has to have the power to bring it to pass. 'My council is going to stand, and I AM going to do everything which is my Pleasure'. You can go home and open up the Book of Isaiah and read it, for yourself here in the 9th and 10th., verses. And then in verse 13., 'I bring near my righteousness; it shall not be far off, and My salvation shall not tarry, and I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel, and the House of Judah'. This was in the days before the coming of The Christ, and the people of the White Western civilization of today are the people He was talking about. And this New Covenant which I will make after these days will...put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts, for I will be their God, and they shall be My People. They will not in the days ahead have to teach everyone his neighbor and his brother saying, Know ye YAHWEH?, for they shall all know ME from the least to the greatest, thus saith YAHWEH. I shall forgive their iniquity and I will not remember their sins against them anymore. And He spake this to all Israel. What kind of a Universe are you going to have? It will be a good Universe. We want you to recognize that in the purposes of the MOST HIGH He is talking about the children of His Spirit. And He said:..You will not only be continually changed as tho looking in a looking glass, and beholding the Glory of YAHSHUA, but that you will be changed into that same image...from Glory to Glory; even by the working of the spirit of the Eternal. I want to tell you something about your Destiny, and you are not far removed from it, as you are close to the end of an age.

You are very close to the great struggle for the earth. It is already starting, for today we see North Africa in flames, and Algeria is about to go, and Cuba also and maybe the whole Western Hemisphere will be ignited by the torch of Communism. But your Destiny is to crush that flame. To put out the fire in the Western Hemisphere and to establish the Kingdom of God without the holdings of Communism in our part of the world. I want you to know that the world is about to see an engulfing force. Asia is about to be swept more and more into the wall of Communism, and then suddenly the wall of resistance of God's Kingdom is going to say.... STOP. The ends of the earth will someday be liberated by you. But what about you as an individual? I am going to tell you what is going to happen, for you are going to participate in this whether you know it or not, you are to participate in it as an active unit in God's Kingdom, as an individual unit of His Family, who is spirit of His Spirit, and life of His Life. And the wave-length and the vibrations of Aura and Faith are going to go forth as a great catalyzing agency. I am going to tell you that every last one of you that has watched the beginning of the marks of the age, and watched the variations that time begins to make, and has anticipated that at the end of this age that death will have this:...if you live thru this time, there is no reason why not, then every one of you will watch a great spiritual current start to move in your body which will rejuvenate each one of you. It will return you to the flower of your youth, and you shall see what Jesus meant when He said to the Apostle Paul....'There shall not be one spot, one wrinkle, or one blemish'. I Peter 1:19. Someone you believe that? YES, I believe that is just as sure as the sunrise tomorrow.

I expect...that upon your race, upon the household which is the Apple of God's Eye, that upon you is the Destiny of the Universe, for you are a part of your Universe, and it is your inheritance. I expect that He is going to give you..youth, beauty, health, and vitality endlessly. I can tell you that if you want to read in the Book of Isaiah about the New Order which God is building, as well as reading the victories outlined in Revelation then you will discover that you are going to be in the seats of authority as Kings and Priests before your ETERNAL FATHER, and you are going to rule over the ends of the earth with HIM. He has promised that great blessings shall rest upon your household, that you will dwell in the earth in homes of Great Beauty. That you shall have unlimited riches because the bounty of the earth shall be flowing unto you. He tells you that poverty and despair shall all leave the white race forever. And you are going to banish what you know today as the great ailments of the earth, from one end to the other, because out of you will move the Knowledge and the Wisdom of God, and you will balance the earth with HIS LAW. Talk about the dreams of Utopia. Let me tell you what God has promised He is going to do with you. He has promised that there is nothing which you have ever dreamed of which is not just a normal course of Fruition. I want you to know that you have never beheld the beauty which in that day...will be surrounding your homes. There will be the most beautiful flowers and vegetation that you have ever seen. It talks about the beauty of the flowers and the beauty of the trees which will be around you at that time. And how the earth will bloom from one end to the other with its beauty, and out of your presence will go a Light of Life, and a radiance that shall envelope the earth. And you are told that you shall live in the midst of that beauty, and the majesty of the trees...from the tall Red-Woods to the Cedars of Lebanon, the Myrtle Wood, the Box Elders, and all of them with all the vegetation of earth which shall put out their beauty in your midst. I want you to know that God has declared that there will be no shortage of food, no depressions, and no recessions because there will be no Jews handling the economy of the earth...none...anymore. There is not even going to be a Cainanite in the House of God. Let me tell you that when we talk of your Personal Destiny that you are going to live as a Son or Daughter of God with Dignity in the earth.

You are going to the earth. You are going to carry forth your Father's Destiny, and you are going to be a Creator, and a Life Giver under all the Blessings which THE FATHER delights to show the world, and which He has elevated you to receive...that is your Destiny. And your Destiny is to live in the unknown and endless tomorrows of God's planning, and that is just as secure as the Eternal Spirit within you. Someone said:...what will happen after we have finished with the earth? Well...that is a long ways away, for the earth is to endure forever. But the day is also going to come when you will teach in the heavens, for this is what it tells me in the Book of Ephesians. The hour is going to come when even Angels are going to learn at your feet. The day is coming when...'eye hath not seen, or ear heard what has been prepared for the future'. But I want you to know as you out of children with the ability to recognize that He is your Father, and able to pray..'Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed by thy Name',...that it is your Fathers Good Pleasure to do all that is Willed. And He has willed to complete your growth until you are like HIMSELF. Someone said:...what about Chastisement? Well, chastisement come and chastisement go, but the hour is going to come when your nature will not require it.

The day is going to come when the earth will be showing forth the beauty of its Creator, and there shall be Peace on Earth, and Good Will among its dwellers. And the children of God's Kingdom shall move forth in earth as Isaiah has declared, and the ends of the earth shall know...that you are His Children. Someone said:...but what has that to do with the present? are still going to fulfill the Will of your Father. And one of the things you are going to do is to bring the judgment down upon your enemy, for this is also a part of his violation of law. You are going to bring in an era free from Communism and free from exploitation, and free from the power of evil. That is your responsibility. Therefore, do not back up, or turn from the seriousness of the hour, or the seeming crudeness of the instruments in your hands. For God Himself will join you before you have finished this task, to wage a war to accept the broken sword of every enemy which hath left its imprint upon the field of battle, are Eternal, and there is something a lot more important than the sustenance of the life of your enemy, for his spirit and his soul nature passes into the areas of Destiny. And I can assure you that the day will come when a great number of these beings shall know what is called... the Second Death...which is one of the mysteries of Revelation. For the second death is dead unto error. This is also Destiny, and you and I standing here in this tremendous hour look out upon catastrophe and error. And some fear and some worry about nuclear destruction, about sweeping away of nations, and some worry about the danger of calling on the forces of darkness to surrender and to obey. But let me tell you something...God will never permit the forces of darkness to destroy you from off the face of the earth. He is not going to let the Light go out, for He has declared the end from the beginning. Your Destiny is to know existence with the Light of God, the Glory of God, the Wisdom of God, and the Knowledge of God. To know prosperity, health and blessing, and to be a part of the very LIFE GIVING FORCE which shall make the earth a Heaven...on earth. If you do not believe that is coming then why do you pray...'Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven'? That my friends is God's Purpose for you. (End of this message) .