Zero Hour, 2-4-62


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-4-62

The subject 'The Zero Hour' makes us well aware of important and significant time elements in this day in which we live. Equally aware of the attitude of the enemy also.

We are well aware today that our great Christian civilization is in a struggle for survival. That the forces of evil have infiltrated us with a 'fifth column. They have raised their own great political anchor in the conquest of the Rushes. They have expanded their political system in the expanse of communism all over the earth. We are also aware tonight that they have engaged in a religious war and have infiltrated into every branch of Christianity, into every denomination and every segment of its society. They have sought to condemn the doctrines of the church. They have sought to place themselves in places of responsibility, to shape its thinking. Then not satisfied with this political and religious invasion, they have used the one peculiar thing with which they have had infinity, and raised an economic warfare against God's Kingdom. For this area of activity, they are most adapt.

We therefore are aware that this great mystery city of Babylon referred to in the scriptures is divided into 3 parts, Political, economic and religious. Into these areas, move the powers of darkness which have long dominated this earth., ever since the great Luciferian rebellion, and his unassimilated, and un-absorbable children were sown among the races of the earth. They have become the priests of darkness, the conspirators of evil, and the economic conspirators also.

Aware of these thing and recognizing them, we know there is a blue print in this book, especially written for you and to your race. The book which experience and their destiny. And with this realization we know that with the blueprint of this book, that race which you are a part of, and I am a part of. We the children of the most high, embodied in human flesh, having been born from parentage that started with Adam, who was a child of God, are here in the earth in a struggle. And we cannot fulfill our destiny, and this blue print, and we cannot fulfill our responsibility until we measure up to the plan, the blueprint and its purpose.

We cannot know whither we are bound or how we are to arrive unless we understand this destiny and this blueprint.

We make no apology for citing that if the church proclaims the gospel of the Kingdom and declared that ---which Christ--- had ordained, of the gospel of the Kingdom, and what it would be. Then that would be the declaration of the sovereignty of the Kingdom of our YAHWEH and you are his embodied children in the earth, from sea to sea, and from pole to pole.

We make no apology for saying we believe in the superiority and the spiritual leadership, the creative, initiative and the destiny of your race, under God --- spiritually empowered to rule this earth from one end to the other, and that this is the declaration of the Scriptures.----We want you to know that this is Biblical, that it is Christian, and with this assurance, remember the words of John as he came out of the dimensions of Spirit, from whence he had been called to receive revelations, and he talked about how that hour was to come when he in his prophetic vision saw the sounding of the trumpet by the archangels, and now the cry went out----Now the Kingdoms of this world, become the Kingdoms of Our YAHWEH and his embodied children.

So I want you to realize that there is such a destiny, that we must look forward to. For there will be no peace on earth and no development in this divine pattern until this has been accomplished. We can look back over 7400 years in the history of our race and it has been a turbulent struggle. We have hours of rising greatness, ans we are not at this moment in any way disparaging the hope or visions on past experiences of our race, for as we go back into the background of our story we will remember that of that one mans family, we are now 1/6th., of the worlds population.

And I think that you know that it is the 1/6th., with the creative ability, the intelligence, and the guidance that not only adapts themselves to survive in the earth, but know how to adapt the earth by creative ability for the advancement of their society. They are the intelligent, spiritually guided leadership material that God placed in the earth to build his Kingdom. You need not at any time to feel that it is your responsibility as a Christian to proclaim a strange gospel which today, we call the gospel of equality.

You are not my friends to go forth among the peoples of the world and say all people are equal, all races are the same----this is not true.

When you say---Our Father which art in Heaven, Hallowed by thy name---you may know that YAHWEH is calling on you to recognize him, for what he is, and to recognize that you are his children, for that is who you are. HE says I am not ashamed to call you MY children and MY sheep and to call you by name, and lead you by the hand. He speaks to your race and says, take my hand, Children of Jacob, and I will lead you, I am your FATHER, You are MY children.-----I can't think of anything that is of greater similitude of greater destiny for you than to be led by the hand of God.----There isn't any question about the fact that every blueprint of prophecy and about the rise of opposition to our race have been prophesied inside the scriptures by the omnipotence of the Most High.

Great prophets and great Patriarchs, great leadership have been raised up inside our race----And HE has promised to raise them up for you.

Each and every time---in these cycles you were told concerning what to look for. We today are in a period of great crisis. The great nations of God's Kingdom have been trapped in a great world conspiracy to limit their power, bind their hands and deliver them into the program of the Anti-Christ.

The challenge of God goes forth to your race----it appeals to every one of the Great nations of your race to come out of this entrapment, to show favor to the earth, proclaim righteousness as it should be proclaimed. Establish the administration according to God's blueprint, but don't bring into that administration, people that are not your equal or who lack the spiritual capacity to help build such a society.

This is the great Zero hour of measure, you are in the 24 hour span of one of the most important measures in all human history. ( 1 hr. is 15 yrs.----24 X 15=360 yrs. 1978 - 360 = 1618 --- the beginning of America )

Now you may say ---- you are referring to the transfiguration in the sky. to the Eclipse of the sun that took place today ---- Yes, I am referring to that measure as a mark that you have reached the zero hour, of measure, in the history of your race, for one of the most important patterns of development in your history.

There are agnostics who have been laughing the last few days at the signs in the sky. They have been saying that they carry no weight and no measure.

But I want you to know that there are materialists in every phase of human life. They recognize no spiritual faith, no source of power from the eternal Father, which comes forth to guide and direct, and do his will, nor do they understand the mileposts that he sends forth to mark the movements of the planets or the patterns of measure of the sky. He put it all together with all the time elements of eternity to work with him, it is the work of his hand, and you are his children and he has given unto you this measure.

I cannot help but be amazed, as I realize this pattern of events which took place today, was prophesied by the man Enoch----4000 years before Christ. He prophesied this channel of events which has taken place today, and he not only told you it would happen in the measure of its time, but he told you exactly what to look for and what side of the heavens it would occur in. Yes in the days of Enoch, he foresaw this 4th., of February, in 1962.

You say, how do you know? --- Well it is rather easy, because the prophecy of Enoch deals with the world situation as it is today. It deals with your race as it finds itself in the situation that deals with the destiny that the most High God has in store for you. But if you do not understand that you are the Children of the Most High God, that you are the race of the generations of Adams, then this will not make sense to you.

It was Enoch, after his heavenly trip, when he returned to set the records of his revelations, who proclaimed that there was coming a great day in human history. That day was to be the day when God was going to spiritually stir his many children on the face of the earth. The great vibrations of the consciousness of his spirit would stir the spiritual consciousness of his children, and would activate the seat of their soul recollection and place back in their thinking processes, the knowledge of who they were and what they had to do here in earth. He would quicken them out of their sleep, and would shake them from out of the lethargy thru which they were passing, of strange propaganda and the battle of Semitics, thru the tactics of the enemy which is against them.

And so in the words of Enoch, he said----that in that day there would be the great and mighty sign of the culmination of great divine purposes of the Kingdom of the Eternal. That in that day the eternal would mark it as his day. And the sign of the return of HIS embodiment manifestation would be in the heavens.

He said that in this hour there would be these 5 wanderers in the sky, that would be visible to the eye, that would be the sign of the outpouring of his spirit. This sign of Aquarius, the water man of the heavens. And that within that sign there would come the measure of this eclipse which has happened today. It would have the opposition out of Leo the ruler, which is in Uranus, and is foursquare.

` Now when this comes to pass---these are the words which come from the lips of Enoch.

In that day----will I stimulate MY sons, will I awaken them,---will I challenge them, will they stand upon their feet----will they challenge the power and forces of darkness. And from this time forward, expanding and moving and working to this destiny. Christian civilizations and the white nations of the western world shall move forward, against the enemy. This my friends is your destiny.

And this day and the hour of this measure came. You say, but how do you know?

I don't have the book of Enoch here with me, but would you settle for the words of Jesus?

Remember the day when his disciples ask him about the end of the age? They ask him how they would know, when the hour of the end of the age came. What age were they talking about???

They were talking of the age when the powers of organized Jewry and the powers of evil would wage war against the children of the Kingdom, when they would carry out their economic and political conspiracy, when they would do damage to God’s Kingdom,----for had they not heard the Master say----The Kingdom of God shall suffer violence and the violence shall take it by storm.

Then they ask ----- How long shall this be?? ---- For they were waiting for the hour and the age ---- "When MY servants will fight and MY Kingdom shall not be delivered to the Jews"

In the process of this matter, therefore they searched for the answer, and Jesus told them about this sign, and told them about many things that would come to pass, about false Messiahs, and false Christs, and how the cry come here and come there would be heard, and the patterns which would be raised.

Then for the culmination of these events----Just as lightening cometh out of the east and shineth even unto the west, so shall be the coming of the Son of man.

Now many men are always skeptical because they think everything has to happen within 24 hours of the date they set.

But the inevitability of the reappearance of the embodiment of our YAHWEH, who not only visited us in the earth culminated his ministry with the power of his resurrection, with the final instructions to his disciples and with his leaving to go into the far distant places of his universe by his own will, accompanying those who had come and gone with him, including the two men who spoke to the disciples after Christ had departed into the cloud and into what that cloud carried ---- to convey him.

I want you to realize that in the pattern of instruction, the disciples could remember later that day what Jesus said----Which we are reading to you now. Therefore we have an assurance here of an historic event, but a lot of things are going to happen before that day----therefore we are told in verse 29------

We are in a period of struggle, in a period when the powers of darkness are waging war against us, with every kind of a 5th., column activity. We are in a period when they have turned Christian nation against Christian nation by the blindness of their own eyes concerning what is behind this conspiracy.

May we now have reached the hour of awakening, when Christian nations will never fight Christian nation again to satisfy the strategy of Jewry.

Let it be understood also that in this hour we were given this measure---Immediately after the turbulence of some of these events thru which we have passed, HE said---The sun shall be darkened or eclipse and the moon shall also be dark, for is shall be giving forth its light.

The day Which was marked here as the day of the sign of the coming of the Son of Man---will be a given sign, it will be a day as it says in the Kings James version----The sun shall be darkened and the moon not give forth it's light.'

In the old Andrean translation it makes it very clear-------it says----it shall be in the midst of these events that the sun shall be eclipsed in the dark of the moon.

That's exactly what you got today, the sun eclipsed in the dark of the moon,

Now Listen:---------And in this hour there shall be meteorite signs in the sky and then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in the heavens.

This was proclaimed by Enoch in that day as these 5 wanderers being in the sign of Aquarius with the eclipse of the sun and with a opposition coming out of the ruler Leo.

Now; this had never happened in 23 thousand years before this, but it happened this afternoon, and tomorrow we are still in the configuration of that sign. (2-(4-5)-62)

What does it mean?----It means that you have moved in a climatic hour into a series of events, and into a period climaxing in which God is going to be pleased to see the Kingdoms of this world pass into your hands, under spiritual power, spiritual guidance and a reawakening of your racial responsibility.

Now; we go a little further----it says----then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in the heavens.

What did the bible say was going to happen when that took place? He said:-----all the tribes of Pagans shall mourn.

Now; I'm reading this to you out of the book of Matt. 24,30. When this sign shall appear in the eclipse of the sun and the dark of the moon, then shall appear the sign of the son of man in the heavens, and all the tribes of the earth----the pagans----shall mourn.

Now; in all history of your life have you ever heard a time when the idol worshiping pagans were in greater fear than they were at this sign of the Son of Man in the heavens??

No, you never have.

There were those who laughed, there were those who said, My what a foolish thing.

Even the prophets of measure and the astrologers of India saw something ominous in the sky. All those who serve in the temples of Brahma, Vistu, Kali and the Steppes of Asia shuddered at the Sign. And down in the ancient measures and even in the Prophetic writings, this was the sign of the day----when the children of Indra----the sons of YAHWEH----the sons and daughters of your race would rise to power, no wonder they were disturbed.

There is something that most meteorologists today know and that is that alignments like this produce earthquakes, that also cause great tornadoes, that they cause a realignment of the weather, they create low atmospheric pressures, increase foggy conditions along the coasts----these are a part of the measure of this pattern.

Men like Dr. Richter and others as well are aware that the pressure upon the earths surface even to a fraction of a degree, help trigger earthquakes, and cause the seismograph machines to register disturbance.

We were able to give you a preview of events, before the coming of these situations in the sky. We told you that there were also told of a series of configurations leading up to it, and that there would be small earthquakes leading up to some major ones.

Now the fact remains that we have not only had these earthquakes and we have measured the cycles of this measure, and they are 2300 miles apart----that is the cycle of the alignment of the pressure areas of the earth. Remember we told you several weeks ago that they would be 2300 miles apart, and we told you that the main pressure alinement would be 500 miles out to sea, off your coast.

Actually my friends 2500 miles east of that 500 miles out at sea,----last Friday afternoon, you had a major 4.5 shake of the earth in 5 states of the Mississippi river valley where they hadn't had an earthquake since the days of the Clark Expedition.-----And it's exactly 2300 miles from there out to the alignment patterns that would be influenced under the sea, if these faults do give. We have had a lot of trigger faults, all last week that help to relieve those stresses.----We had an earthquake at San Luis Obispo, we had quakes which traveled north, all along the faults to Hollister. We had one Friday in Paso Tobles.

There have been quakes that moved all along this fault. There was one in Antelope Valley, they have been occurring all last week as this tension occurred.

Some one said---are we going to get a major earthquake?-----I cannot predict that we will get a major quake but I want you to know that these alignments hold true. And there is no reason why the Alignment will not deliver----what the enemy fears in far off pagan countries, because these fall on direct alignment. And another place that is on direct alignment is Palestine, and the fault line on the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea.

These faults can well be triggered because this is one of the most powerful balances of pressure that has been applied to the earth for a great many years.

But I want to point out to you, that apart from these earthquakes, that occur on alignment days----and we have been quite accurate in the past few years with these alignments---in measuring these small quakes----we point out that the great significance of this event lies in what it measures.----Lies in the symbol of all spiritual power and great vibratory forces that would come forth from the Presence of God, upon you that have the capacity to be stirred. Those that would respond to the stirring, and accomplish the directive of the Most High God. Let me point out to you----that this prophecy of THE CHRIST is thoroughly fulfilled as we see these signs occurred. And thru out all India and far up in the Steppes of Asia they fled the cities. Those who couldn't go far ran down to the cold waters of the Ganges, at this time of year and they plunged into the cold water. They gathered themselves into great groups, and they cried out against the sign of the Son of Man in the heavens.-----And it says-----that all the pagans when they see this sign are going to fear and they are going to mourn.----Did they do it?------Did it happen??------Never in all your history have you had the experience of watching your headlines tell about whole nations of pagans in Asia, being in fear----God setting them in Fear before their idol gods, and their pagan Temples, because of a prophetic sign----God measured in the sky.

So we have arrived at a very interesting and intriguing part.

Some say----what does the sign Say?----It says that you have moved into this age of victory, and into this hour, when the tide is going to turn, when the great spiritual force is going to stir your society. It is going to be an hour of intensity and it already is an hour of intensity in the earth. And the sign of the Son of Man is in the heavens, and all the earth orders of the pagans shall mourn. And all the power of your enemies shall mourn, for they see this sign of the Son of Man.----Coming in the clouds of Heaven.

Now it doesn't say they bare seeing HIS coming----they are seeing the sign of HIS coming, and he is coming with power and great Glory.

It tells us in the next verse-------He shall send forth his administering Spirits, and shall gather together his elect from the 4 winds of the earth, and the 4 corners of the ends of heavens, so you are not going to be alone. Nor My friends is there is there going to be any lack of force or power.----Some one worried about how much strength we would have in the great struggle which is ahead.

Suppose I tell you that every soldier that ever marched in every field of battle for your race, whether it be in America or Britain or in Germany or any other place in the world, wherever they have marched--WILL stand upon their feet in the earth--for this triumphant victory of these sons of the most High God. (Is this the battle of the Sons of Light against the sons of darkness as recorded in the Dead Sea Scrolls?)

Suppose I tell you that you are going to witness things which the world has never anticipated would take place, because they thought they had such a hold and such a binding power, to keep these things from developing. The great spiritual force of the vibrating impact of God stirring--men raising up--and leadership raising up and recalling your race and the re-evaluating of things thru which they have passed, has had great stirring of forces in your nation.

I want you to know that the right wing is on the march in this great hour that God has set to go down thru the program of deliverance and victory in every great nation of the earth and in this great Christian Nation also.

They have tried to battle this with semantics. They didn't want us to look at ourselves and discover what family we belong to. They didn't want us to call ourselves Aryans. They didn't want us to be identified as Christian. They didn't like it when we prayed in the name of JESUS THE CHRIST in our nation's capital or in our public schools. They did not like it when we talked about our Christian foundation. They don't like it when we say that our of 180 million people in this country, 140 million are white and Christian. They think we should be ashamed of that. But we are not. If we are ashamed of anything, it is of the other 40 million who have been allowed to come into this country.

I see a few who look a little grim. When we get thru with the events of the next few minutes, you will look more grim.

Standing on this great 'Zero' hour of God's measure, we feel ashamed because of the function of the administration of the President of the United States. But happy to know that divine power is going to change things. For either the man will change, or God will change the man who fills the job.

I think that you could see these measures of expansion. I think that you could feel the impact of this past year. I think you have watched what is an amazing thing, that some of us who have been fighting this struggle against unseen enemies as well as very visible ones, for the last 15 or 20 years, have well understood that it seems like we were almost alone thru these many years. We are not disturbed a bit by how many people pick up the flag or run with the ball. Because the happiest event of this hour--is that across the United States thousands of people are standing on their feet with units and organizations in every community and every town. And the first thing to challenge them is the fact that this great civilization of theirs has been facing danger from subversion within.

They are at last aware that there is a communist threat. Many of them are unsuspecting. And some of them say:--Oh, Dr. Swift, we can't associate ourselves with people who don't understand this.' I don't car how uninformed they are. They aren't going to fight communism very long before they find out who did it. And then they will be on your side all the way.

I am also aware that there are thousands upon thousands now, reaching into the millions, where prior to this time, there were very few that have been stimulated and awakened. And that the quickening of their consciousness has been a Spiritual flow of force. You are now in the hour of the great 'Spiritual outpouring.

In fact the prophet Joel adds his words to the prophecies of the ancient Enoch and the words of YAHSHUA which were spoken after that.---And the prophet Joel says:--'In this great climactic hour in the sign of Aquarius--the outpouring.'

"I will pour out my Spirit upon all my sons and my daughters, and my young men and my old men. They will gain a technological vision. They will understand the mystery. They will see what the situation is. I am going to drive the parasites out of their land."

He says I will do this out pouring of Spiritual power. This raising of my people, to stand off these pagan armies.

And they said when will you do this?--and HE said:--'I will do this in the day when the sun shall be darkened and the moon therefore shall have lost its light and be red as almost as blood.'

But in the old text is says:-------"In 'that hour' of the sign of my power, when the sun shall be eclipsed, it shall be in the day when the nuclear weapons are able to make a pillar or umbrella of smoke in the sky.---It shall be a day that is well measured as the day Peter talks about, when the elements dissolve in fervent heat. (an atomic bomb)

We have arrived----This is called the day of the LORD.---This is your day. The day of achievement. The day of victory. The day of marching forward and stopping the reverse processes which they have sought to put upon us.

I think we have watched the evidence of this. But probably no week has spelled how far reaching this resistance has gone, than has this past week in 1962, leading up to this event.

Smugly the propaganda fields have been taking us into all the socialization of our society, and are planning on carrying out affairs of revaluation that would end for us---as an independent nation, and fold us into more and more responsibility, to a world power, and a world government that would have control over every branch of our life and our economy and even in the processes of living, until we couldn't even buy or sell without their mark, their permission, or their card.

In this past week, so as to bolster up this dream of Anti-Christ, either thru

ignorance or complicity, the President of the United States, was pressuring the Congress of the United States to put over the 100 million dollar bond issue for the United Nations to pick up the deficit, which has occurred in this evil and Russian designed invasion of Africa. The other Christian Nations, our allies, would not pick up any part of this Russian controlled tab.---The President called on the Congress to sanction this and what happened in Congress?---From the Republican and Democrats came a great explosive--NO.---This new Congress had one of the heaviest mailings that has ever been received in Washington D.C. And the cry from these letters of our citizens has been---'not one cent for the invasion of the Congo. Let them go bankrupt if they can't get the money some place else.'

There is a grumbling behind the scenes. The 'right wing stirred this up. There is a great danger from the right wing.

The President of the United States said:--'I want the power in my hands to carry forward my tariff objective.' All economic pressure and all the political pressure is being placed upon the Congress to give him his will. The United States news has the courage to come out and to say:--'The President's plan cannot fail because every business that has to be shut down and every man that has to be laid off, is going to be subsidized by the government in his payroll, both the business and the man for 65% of his income. And the money will be in circulation and nothing about this plan can fail.'

Now I want to ask you this. 'If this program is already planned to put factories out of work, because they have lost their business because they can't compete without the protection of tariff, against other markets, and many men are going to be put out of work, till the government will have to subsidized them in 65% of their income---then, my friends, they say it can't fail. Because there is so much money being spent. They are admitting that it is a foolish plan and it is doomed to not work. For the only way they say it can work is because we have primed it with money that does not exist.

And as we create that money, we de-value every dollar in your pocket. For unless that dollar is backed by production and is a production dollar, it isn't worth the paper it is written on. --- We are watching the reaction to that and there is a great stir and the cry is---No--No. And the cry is coming from all over. And they say we don't want any part of it. Europe is worried about this. For they are worried that under that plan will come a collapse in America. And that means a collapse to the whole free world.

This is the design of their conspiracy. This is the strategy they hope to use. Can the President of the United States be so blind?--This is a struggle that may sway forward of backward. And if America falls into this trap of Great Babylon, it will be resurrected economically by your society, by a spiritually inspired right wing wedge of the sons of God. And you will come out of it with a United States Bank---interest free. Then every last one of their schemes will be on the road out.

If you were to pick up a newspaper published probably somewhere in Argentina, you would hear about how they were shot in the streets and roasted in ovens. But I know they will go when they can no longer be parasites in your society.

They don't like what they see in the heavens. They don't like the awakening of America. They don't like this pulse in the blood of Christian Americans.

We watch this pressure being applied to every branch of our lives. We listen to the voices of the non-Christian advisors around the President of the United States and around his baby brother in the Attorney General' office.

In fact, just to prove that this country isn't run by older and wiser men, they are sending Bobby around the world to encourage nations and especially the Red World to know we are in inexperienced hands.

I want you to know--the Attorney General said:--'I want the power to wiretap every home and to tune in on every conversation in order that I can present the evidence in court and stop treason, sedition and subversion.

Why didn't he say---I want power to wiretap every communist headquarters to stop the expansion of world communism?

I have heard voices like this before that wanted to call patriotic opposition to communism a threat to the administration position. In the days of Franklin Roosevelt, when the 'odd-poo's' of Frankfurter, Morganthal, Burr and others moved into positions of power in Washington, they then tried to charge any American that was opposed to world communism with sedition.

One can love America, and serve the constitution and still be opposed to the plans of the President and those strange advisors around him, and not be guilty of treason, and not be guilty of sedition and not be un-American, but be misinterpreted by those who think they can put their power tactics to use against us.

What do you think was the reaction to that in Washington? It was an explosive reaction. They said --- what does Bobby Kennedy want that power for? What kind of a dictatorial 'odd-poo' are they trying to pull now?'

Anytime there is an invasion of your constitutional right against unreasonable seizure without a warrant or penetration of your personal and private affairs, which violated the articles of your Bill of Rights, then when you can't rule America and run American with the constitutional authority delegated to those people that are in power, they should resign and go home. Let men who can rule America with the Constitution have the job.

There isn't any question but that something is happening. The great spiritual awakening spreading across America, its prophecy, its destiny, and its tie to the signs in the sky, that will expand this acceleration in the weeks and months ahead. When we look at these events we can then understand the frustration of our enemy. They are afraid of... "Thus saith the Lord". They are afraid that a great spiritual and national awakening will be tied to a command of God. They are afraid of anything that is related to the name of THE CHRIST, and His Kingdom. They do not like the sound of a Christian Nation so they have cried out against it. They have lots of small men elevated to high positions of authority, and demonstrate their strength by the position that they take. They stand up at $1,000.00 plate dinners and denounce the Right Wing and say....we should get over in the middle.

You know, the enemy was really frustrated this last week. You say...why did these things happen? Because the tension is on. As Spiritual Power moves on you then fear moves on them because they measure his hour. They can we throw the right wing into disrepute? They tried this same kind of error, they have tried in other places in the world. One time a group of people deep in the heart of Germany, became aware that the whole communist socialist conspiracy in their society was to manipulate their economy and their money, and all the processes of evil and vice was in the hands of this enemy, and the people thought if they could cut off the control of the money then they might win. So they went to their leaders and they were about to vote to change their monetary system and setting up a Reich Bank, and the enemy said:...what shall we do to stop this thing? So they said let's burn down the Reichstag, and say these people did it, the people don't want a change. So they set the fire and burned down the Reichstag, but it didn't make any difference, the people just met at another place and voted to make the change. You say why did this happen? Well, when you already have 2/3 of the people behind you, then you don't have to burn down the Reichstag, but some one was desperate. So you say...that doesn't have anything to do with us but I am just giving you patterns of history. It happened over there and now it is happening here. We are putting our Faith in our republic and our way of life, and we are discovering the same enemy used against Christians and Christian societies everywhere. Used as the backdrop of world communism, political chicanery and economic control, and then seeks to degenerate our society and run over our Faith.

Last Friday you were awakened by headlines talking about what happened on Thursday. You were told of a Unitarian Minister and a Lutheran Minister out in the valley who were where no intelligent minister would be...down in the Jewish Synagogue, and this clergymen were participating in an Anti-right wing conference...under the kind of organization sponsored by Marshall Hunt to support the U.N. Now if there was anything that a couple of Clergy shouldn't be doing, it is supporting the Anti-Christ. Also no ministers of God should be in a Jewish Synagogue, and no minister should be attacking the Right Wing. But these men are blind and stupid...why? Did you know that almost all of the patriarchs in California didn't know these ministers were going to be at that meeting? Didn't know they would be in the Synagogue, because the Jew's hold meetings like that all the time there. But before the two ministers came home...some one had set off a couple of iron pipe fire crackers in their yard's. They did all they were designed to do, make a lot of noise and broke a window. But from Washington to California the headlines, the country vibrates against the right wing, and the first one to scream about these poor preachers was the Rabbi.

Nothing terrible happened, it was done by the Left Wing. They not only planned it but nobody else knew about it, so they knew when to do it, and when to be sure the preachers weren't home, and their cars not in the garage, and no one was in the area when it happened. Then sent out the F.B.I. to shake up Mr. find out who did it. I think all the right wingers in California ought to take up a collection for the capture and conviction of who did it.....why? Because frustrated..they wanted to heap abuse on the right win. They want people who are waking up to this conspiracy to be looked upon with ill favor by these still asleep and still trusting. Now there were people inside the detective department of your own city who said....this looks like the work of the left...not the right.

Do you know why they can say that? You can come here and look into the faces of Christian people who vibrate for America and God. You can look into faces of wholesome American's that don't think like the gutter types. People who will stand and fight to their very last drop of blood against the powers of conspiracy and revolutions. People who don't sneak into the night, around and attack Clergy just because they are ignorant. These people think and act alike, so I look out over this and I tell you that we must be hurting the powers of darkness. The forces of the righteous must be gaining ground. The sign of measure must be taking effect, so they try to bring disrepute upon this nation.

They used to say that if it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, and flies like a duck then it must be a duck. This applies to the enemy also. I tell you that everyone who speaks out tonight to do the work of the Jew, and to do the job of the conspirator, to do the job of the communist and who attacks the whole Right Wing across America, because of this, it is not worthy of leadership but should not be sent to any position of power by the people, every again. If Senator Keakel doesn't know any better than this then no wonder we are in trouble. I wouldn't expect too much out of Senator Ingals because of the way he is tied up, but I did expect that Senator Keakel would know better. But do you know what he said from Washington last Friday? He said that the government was in more danger from the Right Wing than from the communist party. Then he hardly had his mouth shut before Mr. Nitzy was vibrating. Just give them enough time to eliminate themselves, then vote for Stalwart Right Wing American's....who say we are going to finish this cause, regardless of how many places the Jew's blow up of the conspirators.

We have had experience in the past in this state with actions like this. That odd-poo Robert Kenny, when he was the Attorney General of this state, committed all kinds of atrocities around the state, and then tried to blame them on the Right Wing. The Grand Jury tried to get to the bottom of this and then they traced the manpower, the money of the purchasing power right back to Robert W. Kenney and then he lost his job as Attorney General and then lost his chance to run for Governor as the people woke up, and then he showed his true colors and he run up his jolly rogers communist flag and became the Attorney for the Hollywood ten.

I can say the same thing that Paul said:..."I am not ashamed of either the gospel of Jesus Christ or His Cross." And I am not ashamed of the Christian stamp on the United States of America. This my friends is one of the most important patterns of this hour. There is no doubt that what we are witnessing is only a part of a great pattern of World conspiracy. We mentioned that one of the most courageous speeches ever delivered in the United States House of Representatives was delivered January 12, 1962 by Congressman Art. In this speech he point out that the United Nation's was the very evil and power of the Anti-Christ. That it was in the hands of the enemy, that all the military were under the command, permanently of a Russian Commander, since Trigby Lee unveiled the information of how it was done. Before this country went into the United Nation's, supported by the Left Wing, and supported by the groups in the Synagogue's, Alger Hess made an agreement with Mr. Molotov that always a Russian General would control the military of the United Nation's. Now do you see why I tell you that it is time to wake up? Those facts were delivered to the Congress...with proof of their validity....1-12-62.

The strategy of defeat for every Christian objective was completed thru control by the communist of the United Nations. You were told how they go about destroying right wing leadership in this country, such as what happened in the Congo is a good example. There they destroyed law and order after they had destroyed the leadership in that country. Then there was no power in the United Nations to aide Hungary, as they slid under the yoke of the Red's. The U.N. did not stop the seizure of Goa by India. It is not stopping Scharno from seizing Indonesia from the Dutch. It is not doing anything to stop Castro's vicious communism in Cuba, nor the expansion of arms for revolution into South America and Mexico. When America called for sanctions and called for economical warfare against this conspiracy the cry then came from the Pagan nation, the African nations and yes some of the South American nations yesterday in the U.N. voted to bring down the iron of the world against us. The U.N. is getting ready to tell us to withdraw what they call our plans of aggression which they say we have against Cuba. So you see what I mean? That is exactly the design of the Anti-Christ, and the Right Wing awakening to this conspiracy will bring the cry...we have had more of this.

This is the reason why there is a vibration moving across the country that edges on the conflict and awakening society, that sees the deception and conspiracy of the Anti-Christ. That can look into the signs in the sky today and take hold of their Faith, and realize that God told great Patriarchs over 6000 years ago that when this sign comes, you are going to be on the other way.

I think it is of great significance that as we see these signs, that the great pressure that is coming on your government for action, whether we take it

unilaterally or with the help of those in South America, and do what must be done

to crush out communism, that is the pressure on Washington today.

All across the pattern of these events, we see this great force, and under current moving, and everywhere the hand of the enemy is clear. When you read your newspapers, magazines, and listen to T.V. ---- What do you hear??

You hear them trying to play down the things the right wing is talking about. They talk about the right wing not being secure in their minds, they talk about them not being able to trust world organizations. About them not being able to see the great developments being made. They talk about the fact that there are some who are extremes on the left, but all great awakening liberals of society are marching forward to progress.

Let me tell you something, they can be whistling in the dark too. Because all these things are not good. In fact all these things that prevent God's Kingdom from rule with righteousness are not good. That driving the white men out of the ends of the earth is not good. The attacking our sovereignty is not good. The lifting of the power of our generals to win on the field of battle against the hoards of communist, is not good. To place a Russian general, thru the conspiracy of Algers Hiss over some one like Douglas McArthur is not good.----Putting at the summit of command some one with the brain twisted mind of Mr. Truman is not good.

When I see these things, some people say---you are to alarmed. Let me tell you this---Can you be to alarmed when the enemy of your nation is planning to capture and destroy your resistance.----Can you be to alarmed when they are working around the white house and in every agency of government. Can you be to alarmed when they move into your schools, your churches, your economic life?----I say, no!


Please God --- you are not only alarmed, but you are waking up so you will say --- We have had enough.

God says I am going to stir My people. I am going to send Spiritual force and great vibrations of Spiritual power upon them.

In the book of Zechariah, he says:------As this spiritual force moves on them----They are going to seize, they are going to boil just like water in a pot. And it says my people are going to seethe until this vibratory force brings to the front, this vision, this declaration of their destiny and they fall upon their enemies and they leave this nation and every other Christian nation of God's Kingdom. They will say---its to late---its coming here, and away they go.

For the wrath will rise up in the countenance of my people, and their shall not remain a Canaanite in the House of God.

I am well aware that in the Jewish council, in their New York head quarters they have been planning on how to stifle the right wing. They were considering as to how they could put to death----your leadership---politically, economically, and more than that---if necessary.

I am not unaware of how these deadly odd-poo's of evil move into South


American countries, and violate sovereignty, and then seize men and say they are trying them on their own soil, in areas, where they have no right to try.----powers not yet in existence, try people for things they said were done, before they come into existence, without going thru extradition, or violating both national and territorial right. I am aware of men put to death by mistaken identity, as the power of these evil Odd-poo forces go from nation to nation, to wipe out the ones who fight them.----I am aware that great men in Washington died mysteriously and suddenly, and I know as you know that the powers of darkness are waging a war against America. Men have been intimidated, and men have known fear, and men have said-----Oh Lord how long ? ?

Then suddenly there burst across the sky---the sign men have been waiting for. The sign of the Son of Man in the heavens, and the sun darkened in the dark of the moon.

I tell you that there is greater Spiritual significance in the Spiritual power that will be poured out continually on you to quicken your race, to tell the story where ever white men lived, that YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH had come, that the Messiah had visited his people and that word was spread thru out all the land where white men lived, and they accepted it.

The Apostle Paul said---the spirit forbade me to go Asia. So his missionary journeys went to western Europe where it was received with gladness.

We want you to know that the Spiritual outpouring that started the beginning of the church age was moderate and in measure-----but we are told that the Spiritual outpouring for the Climax of this age---is to be without moderation, but wave upon wave of intelligence and spiritual energy, will move upon the people of god, and they are going to do a greater work than has ever been done before, as righteousness rises to rule and to carry forward the blueprint of God's Kingdom.

I tell you that in this measure----This great wave of Spiritual power is more powerful than religion, for there are many people religious but not spiritual.----But this wave of Spiritual power is going to charge people with wisdom, with knowledge, with power and a great determination to do something.

We have watched a great number of people take a great truth----take it home with them calmly, live with it all week, calmly, then bring it back next Sunday, and take it calmly once more. But they don't say anything and they don't do anything about it.

But this spiritual outpouring, won't let you do that, it stirs you it has you telling it, telling it----it challenges you to rise, to think, to work, to save your nation.

You say, Oh that's the trouble today----the problem of the right wing today is that they have the strange idea, that they are to save the nation. Well the Scriptures tell us that the Anti-Christ is trying to take over the world. The Scriptures tell us that we must stir ourselves, and we must defeat the powers of Anti-Christ. That this is our destiny and ----we believe that.

So we are not planning on going to sleep again, until the Kingdoms of the world have eventually become the Kingdoms of our YAHWEH----and HIS CHRIST.

You say---it won't work----Who told you that it won't work? The enemy?

Some say, the communist are going to stomp us out,-----They aren't going to stomp anyone out. the harder they get with the people of God's Kingdom, the faster it spreads.----The more they talk about the things they don't want this nation to know, the faster this nation hears about it.-----All they have to do is get up and defend Algers Hiss, who appointed, with Molotov, a Russian general and everyone will hear about Algers Hiss.

So tonight a Russian general stands in command of the armies of the United Nations.

What do you think of your being in an organization which a Russian general commands, while at the same time you are fighting a cold war against him?


I wish I could picture for you tonight, the odds that are on your side. I would if it were possible to open your eyes, that you might see what surrounds you. I would that you could know what a great cloud of witnesses there are with you. I would that you could have stood to behold the majesty of The Christ, when he stood with his disciples after his resurrection, when the radiant evolving glory, an aura of majesty, shown around him, until his disciples couldn't touch him---even Mary was told---Don't touch me for this glory has not yet gone off of me.

I would that you could have beheld the majesty of the Eternal Father of Light, and righteousness, who with all intent of purpose, and in his own time table---with the measure of the sky confirming it----came to take the visitation to his race thru the processes of birth----lived his life-----demonstrated his power---showered his sons with vision and then left them saying---I will send this wave of spiritual power to charge your ministry, as you go forth as MY witnesses, to build the great Spiritual center of MY Kingdom, and My church, to awaken MY people.

But I will return----I think of those words and I realize that there was a timetable set, and to know that it is not expecting against blind expectation, and to know it is not as a fanatic, it is just realization----that right now the hosts of Heaven are being gathered. That the vanguard is being moved, and that God is going to have a great show of power in the earth, and that power is going to defeat world communism, and its backers, and it will end with only Christians in power in every Christian nation.

A woman said to me, Dr. Swift what can I do in my little community, we have people there who get up and speak in every gathering and they crowd every one else out?

Just gather up more people, outnumber them, stand up with more people and out talk them and out vote them.

The great majority of your race are like that they let themselves be pushed around. We don't want to hurt someone’s feelings.---But there is coming an hour when they will be counted, and here in this nation there is more of us than there is of them.

One of our major newspapers can't understand why there is so much talk about whether this is a Republic or a Democracy.----Well it does make a difference, because it is not the power of a mob, but it is the power of duly elected representative government, that speaks for the people who elected them.

That means that you in this United States are a majority, and can elect your kind of people, in great numbers, until you can determine your own destiny by voting and standing up and being counted.

Some one said how many elections do you think are ahead for us? I think you will have one and maybe two ahead and then you will have---either deliverance---or you will have a great world struggle on your hands before deliverance arrives.----but even on the latter course of action you still have deliverance.----Because these forces of heaven stand by you. In this last course, there are many political and social trials that you will face, but we do not have time tonight, but I want you to now that we have watched every phase that the world powers of Anti-Christ touched in the world orders----and they all went wrong.

If there is one important thing that America must do ---it is---that she must take its firm position on stands of leadership for things which are right, for things that are in the best interest for Christians in the world, and for things in the best interest of the white Western world, whether the Pagans round the world like you or not.

The Pagans used to respect you all over the face of the earth, but now they neither like nor respect you, and they think, because you have had no leadership showing its head above your people, that they can push you around everywhere.

Yes----God said----Enough! And in the words of Enoch-----He said:--'I'm going to pour out my Spirit and I'm going to synchronize the mind of My people to My mind, and My people are going to think like I think, they are going to act in performance of the things that I have ordained, and they are going to rise against the powers of darkness and overthrow the powers of darkness in the earth.

And this is the sign and around this sign will the stimulation occur. And from this time on, we march the other way.

I'm going to tell you this----before you have passed to many more mile stones of measure---your nation is going to be in the hands of Christians on the right. There are things which are coming---thru this measure----one of the most important is the realignment of the nation. (Now with Nixon---the Arabs are now on our side)

While we stand tonight at the Zero Hour---measuring the outcome of these events----we realize these realignments are going to be most interesting. The Alignments will be more dense tomorrow, as the Alignments are more completely in line.

Some of the measures of these results will not even be seen until Wednesday, but the measure of what time it was is here.

If you do not think this measure had any power---then what sent the fear thru all of Asia and India, and even into China. ??

YAHWEH knew this----and YAHSHUA said:----'When this sign comes even the pagans of earth will mourn.'

So I challenge you----that if there is any one thing YAHWEH wants you to do-----it is lift up your head, lift it up and see from whence cometh your strength-----and look for the deliverance that draws near.----And then walk forward as Sons and Daughters of God, not bowing your head, not seeking to assimilate into your society the destroying force, but seeking to bring forth intelligence, leadership and rule, so you can carry forward your destiny.----This is the thing God has called you to do.

If you want the world set free from darkness, lift up the standards to the one true God. Tell them to bow the knee to that one true God. Tell them what he has accomplished.---Don't tell them that this makes them your brothers, but tell them that this truth brings them back to the responsibility of the one God, who says every knee will bow.

Today we are able to point out the progress of the realms of agriculture, and to the technological lightening of mens burdens by the harnessing of the powers of the waters, and the winds, the harnessing of the power of electricity, the waves which carry the voices and the light thru the air. All of this is the results of the technological ability and inspiration of your race under God. You do not turn to these scientists and say it started in Asia, it started in Africa. It started where the Sons of God has been--you are the blessing unto the ends of the earth.

Do not let them curse your blessings by letting them take your place, where they lack the capacity for leadership.

Zero hour--I tell you --we look for this day of the Lord, for this hour of awakening. I look again for the day when men are not ashamed to identify their faith, their race, and their expectations. Where they don't find it essential to be still because they would disturb someone else who happens to be around.

When the world has been taught the truth-- they will respect you for it, and they will look to you for the hope of the earth, and they are vibrating with you--waiting for the manifestations of your power so say the Apostle Paul.

Zero hour has come. We move into the hour of expanded spiritual leadership. We will watch the signs as they develop and we will watch the measures as they follow in the course of this year.

Do not forget the sign of the 'son of man' in the heavens. It will only end when the skies are filled with the crafts of heaven to make your experiments of rocketry look like amateur experiments, when all the hosts of heaven join you in the greatest show of power, of glory in all the earth. When your race shall be elevated to its position with the smiling face of our Father in all His majesty and glory saying--these are my children with whom I am well pleased.

This is your sign.--This is your day. Remember this. Even as we hear the world recognizing that there was a sign--let us go forth with happiness.

(end of message)