ERM - Cleopatra's Needles


Report by Ella Rose Mast


Written by: Sir. E. A. Wallis Budge



Again a Book review, this one to add to the picture of the 'Lost Pharaoh's' of Egypt

The transport of these two Obelisks called 'Cleopatra's Needles', one to London, England, there erected on the Thames River embankment in 1878, and the second to the United States of America, the erection in the Park in New York us are the most important because of the message they carried. However Dr. Budge does not mention this in his book being more interested in tracing the other Obelisks, and not interested in Israel Identity, but I have to insert my thoughts in this Book Review for they are of Israel's Identity.

The religious tract Society of England published...'By Paths of Bible Knowledge' in 1884, and this book helped to incorporate some of these Ancient facts. After the period of darkness lifted somewhat an attempt was made to interpret the inscriptions on an Obelisk by a Jesuit Priest in 1650 and he published a 600 page book on the 'Pamphyliam Obelisk' but his translation proved to be worthless. The first useful work about these Obelisks was by W.R. Cooper of London in 1877. However, before this Lieutenant Commander H. H. Gorring of the U.S. Navy published the volume 'Egyptian Obelisks' and the study of these Ancient Monuments was underway. It was this same Gorring who had transported and erected the 'Cleopatra's Needle' in New York City, and he wrote of this work from a Scientific and engineering point of view. He also wrote of the Obelisks found in Thebes, Constantinople, Rome, Paris and elsewhere.

An Obelisk is a rough stone, rising to a great height, shaped like a pillar in a stadium, but tapering upward in imitation of a Sunbeam, keeping its quadrilated shape until it rises almost to a point. On these Obelisks the Ancient 'authority of wisdom' caused these strange cuts called Hieroglyphics to be cut. Throughout the centuries we find that (Adam) man was fascinated with this work with stone perhaps because of this symbolism of the 'STONE KINGDOM'...cut out of a Great Mountain without hands. Most writers do not make this connection but they do point out these great stones scattered over the area where these Adamites wandered, and now we are finally learning to decipher some of the messages left behind by those 'Amazing Aryans'.

Even non-Aryans realized there was some connection between these stones and the God of Heaven, and many were revered by certain people. When a stone happened to be a Meteorite, or a part of one, this made it special. Such is the 'Black Stone' which has been set in silver and built into the Southeast Corner of the Ka'abah at Mekka. This stone is only eight inches by six inches and is reddish brown in color, but was a sacred object to the Arabs before placed in its present place. Our author thinks that Muhammadan Priests invented this story..but listen:...'This stone descended from heaven in the days of Adam, was preserved during the flood, the Archangel Gabriel had been appointed to watch over this stone...gave it to Abraham to be placed into the Ka' abah'.

To our many authors anything connected with the significance of these great stones is called a CULT...but look up the true meaning of the word for it is not what is supposed there something Pagan here? Even the Hieroglyphic for GOD is the symbol of an An-head fastened to a short handle, but this means nothing to our authors, but you should remember that His race is His 'Battle Ax', and Weapons of War.'

We believe that it is significant that we can trace these Ancient Obelisks, and we find they found their way into the Christian West. We find two Obelisks in the Royal Museum in Berlin, Germany...two are standing, one on each side of the main doorway of the Egyptian Gallery in the British Museum. The people of Anu (the ON of the Hebrews, and the Heliopolis of the Greeks) had a stone which was thick at the base and then tapered to a point. This stone was called BEN and it resembled a small Obelisk. It was a short thick shaft surmounted by a small Pyramid. The Ancients were said to have regarded this as the Incarnation of the soul of RA. The Greeks identified BEN with the Phoenix Bird, which was said to resemble an Eagle, and had part-colored feathers of red and gold. The home of this Bird was somewhere in Arabia, and the Phoenix was said to have visited Heliopolis at the close of every period of 500 years. Towards the end of his life the Phoenix would build a nest in Arabia, to which he imparted the powers of generation and thus as he died another generation arose from it. When the new Phoenix had grown up he went to Heliopolis and buried the remains of his father in the Temple...dedicated to YAHWEH..but here called the Sun-God. It was said that only one Phoenix lived at a time, and that the successor was developed from a worm which crawled out of the dead Bird under the heat of the Sun. We have told you of this symbolic story before, yet no writer seems to understand the symbolic indications.

As you will remember the Adamites carried out the ritual of sacrifice and Atonement of their Savior. We find that at the Great Temple of Dendera stood a so-called BEN or Sun-Stone, and this was a symbol of their God thus called by the authors...the Sun-God-Ra..represented as being in Human form. This BEN Stone was short, and thick and had a Pyramid on top, and on the east side of this sacred stone was an altar on which sacrifices were performed, and no, these were not as suggested human sacrifices. The Pyramid was the most important part of this Monument since it symbolized the resting place of the Great God of these (Adamic) people. To them the Sun was but the symbol of YAHWEH. This Pyramid on top of the Obelisk signified the completion of the Kingdom...YAHSHUA of course is the Capstone of the Kingdom.

One of the oldest of the large Obelisks still stands at Heliopolis. In the inscription so far interpreted...this Obelisk tells of being set up for a great celebration, they do not say just what. Later Obelisks say they are installed in Honor of the God-Ra, in order to obtain the gift of Eternal Life.

The Ancient word for Obelisk is TEKHEN...and all those Ancient Obelisks had Pyramid tops like the BEN stone. The later Obelisks were not Pyramid topped, but were erected for many different reasons, and different events were recorded on them, however these later ones did not take the place of the BEN Stone.

It was the Arab writer, Hasan Ibu Ibeahim, who tells us that the two Obelisks of Thotmes III, that were transported to Alexandria by Augustus and were called 'Cleopatra's Needles'...were originally in the Temple of the Sun where it is said that Zelekha tore Joseph's shirt in pieces. These two Obelisks were not connected historically with Cleopatra, and we would say they were just following their path of Destiny. The Ancients said that the shaft of the 'Needle' is in Honor of YAHWEH...this so called Sun-God, and that the Pyramid symbolized the Rays of the Sun, spreading out as they descended to embrace the earth. The word BEN also referred to the Sunshine and the word BEN also meant to shoot up into the sky. This the Sun does each day to warm the earth, thus the symbol of YAHWEH (God) to His people now in earth.

In the symbolism of the Ancient Star Bible you find the sacred barge which is said to carry the children back home. In the time of Amenhelep III, there was produced two large Obelisks and they were placed in the Great Sacred Barge made of Cedar Wood thus carrying forward this belief of those Amazing Aryans called gods. On the shaft of this Obelisk was the names of the Kings who set these Obelisks in place. The Obelisks built in the time of Hatshepsut had carved pictures showing the King worshiping the God-Ra, and making offerings to HIM. The inscription makes it clear that the King that the King who is kneeling before the God, owes his life to HIM, his health, strength, stability, well being, wealth and victories. Some of these Obelisks have the symbol...a capital T with a circle on top which means Life and Eternity. Since Ra was Eternal the Obelisk symbolized stability, and fertility, and creative force which HE possessed.

Now;...think a moment. From this description of these Ancient symbols, most writers then came up with the pagan idea that these Ancient people were phallic worshipers. Through misunderstanding our people have been led down the wrong pathway until they are sex oriented and do not recognize the Adamic Story, or the symbolism which goes with the story, and especially they do not recognize the 'Gospel of the Kingdom'.

We find that the greater number of these Egyptian Obelisks were made of Rose Granite, with a few from the greenish black basalt, and even some of mere sandstone. The Great Granite Quarry of Egypt lay at the foot of the First Cataract where today modern Aswan is located. Many unfinished Obelisks were found in this Quarry. In 1922 the Egyptian Service of Antiquities instructed one of their officers to clear out the portion of the Quarry in which lay a long forgotten Obelisk. This one was 137 feet long, its base was 13 feet 9 inches square, and the height of the Pyramid top was 14 feet 9 inches. Had it been erected, its weight would have been about 1,168 tons. This Obelisk seems to have been abandoned because of the flaws and cracks which were discovered to exist in some parts of it. Still today men only guess at the methods used by these Ancient Master Builders to transport and erect these great markers of antiquity. They also built the ships to transport them to different areas, and yet some writers picture them as wandering naked over the earth in their time of history.

We find that an Obelisk was taken from Heliopolis to Rome and the inscription on it called attention to the one taken to Constantinople. This one then showed the method of hauling and setting up of an Obelisk, thus the Ancients even left those instructions for those who followed. The French took an Obelisk to Paris and set it up in the Place de a Concord, and there it was much admired but not understood. But the 'Needle' which was brought to London was more of interest to us. This Obelisk was found lying on the ground, had laid there for 70 years because of lack of interest. This fallen Obelisk lay close to the sea, thus was moved more easily and although not realizing the importance of this Obelisk still England was to receive her 'Marking' Obelisk. This one weighed 183 tons, exclusive of the Pedestal and the steps. Much time was spent trying to estimate the cost of moving single block of Red Granite. Fifteen years passed by and then they were informed that now the 'Needle' must be moved from the sand or they would loose it. A ship named 'Cleopatra' was built for it...93 feet long and 15 feet in diameter to transport this Obelisk. Disaster struck while they were launching but finally it was loaded and on her way. Then bad weather developed and more trouble, but eventually this Obelisk which was to follow the path of Ephraim, on January 20, 1878 reached London, England. A base or Pedestal before the Obelisk was placed on it. Among other things placed there was a scale model of the Obelisk 2 feet 10 inches high in Bronze, a complete set of British money, a standard foot, a two foot rule, a portrait of Queen Victoria, a copy of the Bible in several languages, a translation of John 3:16, the Pentateuch in Hebrew, the Book of Genesis in Arabic.

On September 12, at 3:00 PM, the great Obelisk was lifted into position to be lowered to sit on its Pedestal. One half hour later this great monolith of red granite, 68 feet long and weighing 180 tons stood securely where it still stands today. The Bronze wings representing the 'Winged Disc' of Horus, were placed at each corner of the Pedestal and in between were the words...Men-Kheper-Ra, with the Disc and Plumes of the so-called Sun-God carved above this Cartouche.

The Obelisk is flanked by two Bronze Sphinx's which are copies of the Egyptian Sphinx, each is 19 feet long and 6 feet wide, and 9 feet high weighing about 7 tons each. The breast of each Sphinx carries this inscription:..'Beneficent God Men-kheper-Ra Giver of Life.' The inscription also carries the story of how and why the Obelisk came to London, and this Obelisk to Ephraim:..'may this follow his path' was not in its place of Destiny.

In the city of ON or Heliopolis where this great Obelisk once stood in this Temple, today called the Temple of the Cult of Sun Worshipers was an Ancient White Priesthood. The Hebrews called this city ON or 'Aven' and 'Beth Shemesh' (Jeremiah 43:13) or the 'House of the Sun'. It was here that Joseph married a daughter of the Priest Potipherah of this White Priesthood. Here at this Ancient Temple there was also a famous well, or fountain and it was said that the Sun-God Ra bathed his face when he rose the first time, on the world. The Arabs still call this the 'Fountain of the Sun'. Tradition says that this is the place where the Virgin Mary rested and drew from this well the water with which she washed the clothes of her child, and wherever this water fell...balsam bearing plants sprang up; drops of oil from them were always mixed with water used in Baptizing Christians.

It is noted that the Priests of Heliopolis were famed for their learning and that they were a very powerful body at all times. They were known as the 'Sons of Ra' although today the writers do not catch this significance. They even equate human sacrifices to these Priests, and further in misunderstanding their beliefs call this Priesthood a cult with the meaning of the word for today.

By the time of the Ptolemies, as Alexandria became the capital of Egypt, the life of the Temple was becoming more uncertain, but the buildings would remain complete and some of the White Priesthood would remain for the protection of The Christ Child until that time in history when Mary and Joseph and the Christ Child returned to their own land. At that time these two Obelisks were still standing, the whole surface was said to be covered with Priestly characters. The Pyramid top was originally covered with a casing of fine polished copper, the glint of it could be seen for miles.

The Obelisks of Thotmes I, and Queen Hatshepsut are pictured in this book as they stood at Karnak, each had a Pyramid top. On these two as on others is also the symbol of the Bull, showing them conquerors of the Serpent or Vulture Crown. The meaning of this symbol of the Bull is also much misunderstood. You would need to turn to the Star Bible for understanding of this symbol, for there is a mighty Bull pictured in the heavens. I presume that not understanding symbolism you might think these Aryans were worshiping this Bull, but it was only through the misunderstanding of this symbol that the Pagan worship of the Bull became a practice. After all you are told in the Scriptures that some would not be able to understand this symbolism here connected to the House of Joseph as his people are pushing to the ends of the earth.

The reign of Queen Hatshepsut was associated with her father Thothmes I. Her reign was a time of Peace for all Egypt. We find that she often wore the garb of men, so the book says:..she was very active in the Administration of the Kingdom, therefore did she wear slacks as the gals do today??? She wore the headdress of a god when seated on the throne, and she had built a temple for herself and her father in expectation of their deaths, and this temple was approached through an avenue of Sphinx's. It was entered through a pylon before which stood two Obelisks. She had built a small Temple at Karnac and set up another pair of Obelisks in another part of the temple, and these were also capped by Pyramids on top. They born inscriptions of service to RA-the ONE great God. They carried Hieroglyphics which told of the reign of her father and herself, and explained their religious beliefs. She tells of her understanding that she was the daughter of RA (YAHWEH). She inserted the belief that she was begotten of the Great God, and that the substance of her body was identical in every respect with that of the Great God. She inscribed this:...'Oh ye men of understanding, read my message'. She also records that she built these two great Obelisks so that her message might abide and flourish and stand in this temple forever and forever.

Now; this Great Obelisk which was brought to New York in 1880 and was set up in Central Park, by Lieutenant Commander H.H. Gorring of the U.S. Navy, weighed about 220 tons. It also carried inscriptions of Thothmes III, and here again you find the message in these inscriptions of the Great God and his company of gods whom were given life, stability, and all serenity by RA forever. These gods (Adamites) were given a White Crown, and victory over every land, and of course were given Eternal Life. And here also as we have told you before was the Obelisk following the path of Manasseh and it also had now found its resting place in the New World.

One of the Obelisks taken to Rome was built about 1130 B.C., at Heliopolis. It is about 70 feet high and weighs 235 tons. It was transported to Rome by Emperor Augustus about 10 B.C., was improperly set up and eventually fell over, then in 1589 A.D., was once more set in place. The height of the Monument including the Pedestal and the Cross now on the top is 118 feet. On the sides of this Obelisk you find Seti I., in the form of a Sphinx offering a figure to the Goddess of Truth, and to the 'Sun God-Ra'...yet all inscriptions cover the same story of the Mighty Bull moving forth, satisfying RA with this work of Love, offering the land of Egypt to the MAKER OF ALL THINGS.

The Obelisk of Ramese II, which stands in Paris carries much the same message of the Egyptian ruler, the Son of RA..and the Mighty Bull moving his people forward in their Destiny, watching every hour to seek after the splendor of HIM who begat him. Signifying that his name is established firmly in the heavens, his period of life in the physical is numbered.

Other Obelisks are to be found now in the western world and all tell much the same story when the inscriptions are read. By 593-588 B.C., Obelisks were still being built in Egypt, and they were still built with the Pyramid top signifying the developed Kingdom, looking forward to this total Kingdom when Christ is the Place.

The largest un-inscribed Obelisk in the world stands in the Piazza of St. Peter's in Rome, and is commonly known as the 'Vatican Obelisk'. It is just a little more than 83 feet high and weighs about 326 tons. It was the Pontificate of Sixtus V., who decided to dig out the Obelisks laying among the ruins in various parts of the city, and to re-erect this Obelisk in honor of The Christ and His Cross. At the time of its re-erection it was

inscribed with these words:..'Those hostile to the Cross should flee, for the Lion of Judah conquerors'. Here we see the religion of Ancient Egypt faded into the Christian religion which is not strange at all, for both were Adamites...Aryans following their Destiny laid out by the Great God of the Heavens.

In Abyssinia were found somewhat different Obelisks, the order of the Architecture here was strictly Grecian thus probably carved in the time of the Ptolemies. Some of these were not pyramid designed, some were found with covered metal tops to represent the Solar Disk..a semi circle. They were not made to represent some king as do the Egyptian Obelisks, but rather they were made simply to honor this so called 'Sun-God Ra'...the principal God of the Sabaeans. The blood sacrifice made on the altars before them were offered up to the Sun which we realize was the symbol to the ONE God YAHWEH.

We have often said that people should never look forward to posterity unless they look backwards to their ancestors. These Ancient people of our race were very conscious of this. Hebrew was the tongue of creation, this was said to be lost at the Tower of Babel, then given back to Abraham by Noah's House on command by YAHWEH. Today we still hear this cry...'what difference does it make if we are Israel? After all we have such a perfect way of salvation, confess a belief in Jesus and go to heaven some day.' We would only point out that it sure made a difference when YAHWEH took His people out of Egypt. It will also make a difference in this end time battle when He comes to fight for His Kingdom. After all this message of Romans 11:26..'All Israel shall be saved' is not a personal salvation message, it is National. There is still so much to learn but the 1000 years is a development period, and before it is over the children of the Kingdom will be able to go throughout the Universe, and this of course includes these Ancient Master Builders in Egypt so long ago.


End of this message......May YAHWEH Bless.

Mrs. E. M.