ERM - Comet Hale Bopp



by Ella Rose Mast


We are always praying and asking for guidance, and what is to happen next, could it be that YAHWEH SENT THIS COMET TO TELL US? When we read the story connected with these constellations and their portions of the heavens it makes us wonder.

We believe that HE does not come this time embodied to take over the throne of David, but as this story tells, to ‘Gather HIS Saints. And as HE gathers the enemy to the great and terrible day of Judgment, and the story foretold in the heavens tells us whom the judgment falls on. In the book of Revelation, chapter 16:13, we see the whole world called to the battle of Armageddon. This portrayed as the last and 'final battle’ with the enemy.

Vs: l5 -- ‘I come as a thief in the night.’ And here HE is speaking to HIS True Church, for HE said of the Laodicean church age, this literal physical church with its many denominations, that since they are neither hot nor cold, HE will spew them out of HIS mouth.

Vs: 16-- ‘This is called Armageddon.’---and we remember that Socialism was the program brought forth by Communism to keep Israel bound.

Vs: 17-- ‘It is done!’

Now; Hale-Bopp, all of this time, has been coming into earth’s orbit in the sign of Sagittarius. Thus, we must now turn to the Gospel of the Stars and read the message as it moves thru the constellations. The Internet has put forth a schedule using first and middle of the month dates to show us where the comet will be located on those dates. In ‘Sky and Telescope’ they have put forth a map showing the path of the comet, and its turn to begin its story from the constellations. And this gives a more close picture of just when the comet moves into those constellations. Thus, the difference in the two maps.

The sign of Sagittarius has the meaning of 'The Redeemer’s Triumph.’ The picture is of the man on the horse with the bow and with the arrow which is pointed at the heart of Scorpion. In this archer, we see a faint reflection of HIM who shall presently come forth, all gracious, all wise, and all powerful; whose arrow shall be sharp in the heart of the King’s enemy.

Now there are three more parts to this story. One is the 'altar’ which is burning with fire and pointing toward earth. It is a ‘consuming fire’ prepared for HIS enemies, and pointing downward means the completion of judgment. Another in this story is the harp, and it pealing cry, 'Praise awaiteth in thee, oh, God of Zion.’ And the 21st Psalm tells of the coming forth of so great a conqueror. In the ancient zodiac in the Temple of Zendera, this picture was of a man seated as king bringing judgment. The interesting thing here is that Isaiah says ‘Who is this that cometh from Edom?’ You will remember that at the time of Christ that it was the Edomite Jews who came into Judea and took over from the Israelites; took their government, their Temple, and they money system, and crowded them out of their nation. In the Hebrew the name of this coming King is Bau. It is the same as Hercules has. And it just means 'HE is coming.’ Thus, as the arrow of Sagittarius points at the heart of Scorpio, all of these others come into play for now the earth has been found wanting and out of balance with our God. And the comet ‘Hale-Bopp’ has been now in the sign of the Arrow which is pointing at Scorpio and it is flying to the heart of Scorpio.

We have told you of the crop circles in England near Stonehenge, and that one was of a Scorpion. And now this new one is of three scorpions with but one head. So what does that bring to mind?

Now from a closer calculation, then from ‘Sky and Telescope,’ we find that Hale-Bopp makes its turn and moves into the sign of Ophiuchus about August 1, of this year. Thus, it moves from the heart of the Scorpion which the arrow has pierced, into the sign of the Man in the heavens who is holding back the Serpent which is reaching for the crown.

Now what is going on here in earth in this most important time in America? August 5, Dole made his speech about where he plans to move this country according to the tax structure, and also touches on education.

Of course, the opposition says it will not work. We then have the Ross Perot Convention, August 11, for one day. And then on August 12, the start of the Republican Convention. Then August 26, 1996, is the Democrat Convention in Chicago. And the comet is still in this sign of Ophiuchus. And still the Man is holding back the serpent. And the comet is making its completion of the turn to begin to tell the story of the heavens while still in the sign of Ophiuchus on October 1, 1996. As November starts, the Man in the Heavens is still holding back the serpent. And by November 5, 1996, election day, HE is still holding back the Serpent. And it is not until November 22, 1996, that we now find the comet in the sign of Serpens Cauda. Thus, the Serpent will make one more try for the crown. But we believe that the Conservatives have now won the election. But remember also, that Bill Clinton is still President. Thus, what kind of a try will this be to affect our people? Will it be an economic strike so as to stop the Republican momentum? Going back a little way to the picture of Hercules, we also would call attention to the tree branch with the three-headed serpent held in his hand. You must remember that Lucifer’s kingdom controls three things. They are Economics, Politics, and Religion. And in Religion is also your way of life. Here they control many things as well. Thus, making up ‘Great Babylon’ of the Scriptures.

By December 5, 1996, then the comet is back again in the sign of Ophiuchus. So that struggle is over. Then we see from this calculation that the comet will be in the sign of the Serpent. So the struggle is still continuing, and we see this struggle continues thru Christmas, 1996. We are not quite sure of this calculation, but Hale-Bopp may move back into the sign of Ophiuchus at Christmas time. But we would say that December will be a difficult month. But we believe that since the Conservatives have won the election, they will win this struggle also. For those who have the testimony of Jesus the Christ hold the winning card in the scriptures.

But again, January 1, 1997, the comet is again in the sign of Serpens Cauda. . . but not for long. And now the feet of the Man who is holding back the serpent is planted on the pathway of the sun signifying this is truly the story for the earth. This contest is for the dominion of earth.

Now commences the real story. For the Comet moves into the sign of Aquila, the Dying Eagle. Does that not describe the condition of our nation today? For remember that Israel is chained hands and feet. February 1, 1997, the comet is still in the sign of the Dying Eagle, but now is coming out from behind the sun and is brighter than ever. In the ancient Zendera Zodiac, Aquila was also the Eagle and called the ‘smitten one falling’ AND HAS BEEN PIERCED, wounded, and is falling. In it, WE NOW SEE A GREAT STRUGGLE. Does this still not make you think of the United States today?

Aquila was also in the path of the Star of Bethlehem, representing the Savior who came to die for us. But notice also the little ‘Dolphin’ trying to stop the fall. Do you know the story of the Dolphins?

February 15, 1997, the comet is in the sign of Vulpecula, which is the arrow pointing downward. Thus, this message is still for those of earth.

March 1, 1997, the comet is in the sign of Signus, the Swan, and will soon be touching the feet of Pegasus the Winged Horse. The meaning here is that the blessings are coming quickly. The wings on the horse signify where the blessings are coming from. And one of the stars in this area has the meaning of --'Returning from afar.’ One star means 'The Branch,' and this is HE who procured these blessings for the Redeemed of this atonement. And these blessings are coming quickly and HE is to pour them forth upon a groaning creation. This Swan is not falling dead like the Eagle, but is flying in mid-heaven, but also coming to earth. For it belongs to earth and to its people. It is also connected to Aquarius the Water man, who pours out his spirit upon his people, identified as fishes.

Now Hale-Bopp is becoming brighter with each sign. And at Easter time, March 30-April 1, 1997, it will be at its brightest, so the Astronomers say.

And the comet will be in the area of Andromeda, for she came into that position on March 15, 1997.

But by April 1, 1997, the comet is still in the Andromeda picture meaning the ‘helpless woman chained, hands and feet.’ And this has to be Israel. And she is thus, helpless to help herself, so she has to have a deliverer. This helplessness to the ancients meant 'a foreshadowing of truth.’ Today knowledge is coming faster and faster.

April 15, 1997, the comet is still in the Andromeda picture and the one who chained her now has his head cut off by Persius. And then free, she is Cassiopeia, combing her hair and getting ready for the ‘Marriage of the Lamb.’ On the left side of Andromeda we see two fishes. This one fish is touching Andromeda and is also pointing to the polar star. And the other fish is swimming along the ecliptic path of the sun. The two fish have their tails bound with a band and they are then pictured as fastened to each other this way. This is described in the Gospel of the Stars as (Ezekiel 47:9) as Abraham's seed to grow into a great multitude of fishes.

Look closely. For the first fish has its head close to the star Mirach in Andromeda, who is also Israel of the Scriptures. And the meaning of this star is ‘WEAK.’ The first fish pointing at the north star and coming into Andromeda pictures the heavenly calling of the Saints, and joins in calling thus, Andromeda to our attention. And remember that she is distinct and separate from the church which came later. Thus, the Saints of the Old Testament have a heavenly blessing and a heavenly portion. For they have a city prepared for them coming out of the heavens, out of New Jerusalem.

But the church which came later, is the spiritual center of the kingdom, and would have a better calling, for the Saints of the Old Testament without us, would not be made perfect. Thus, one fish represents the heavenly calling and relates to the woman chained. The other fish on the ecliptic, answers to those who were content with an earthly portion, or who are still in earth. Both are divinely called and chosen and upheld.

“But thou, Israel, My servant,

Jacob, whom I have chosen,

The seed of Abraham, my friend."

The first fish takes this thought and emphases it. And the two stars in the sign not identified are called-- ‘the united and the upheld.’ Thus, all Israel is the meaning, and the band which holds, then is Antarah. And it speaks of the coming ONE---and HIS relations to the redeemed, and speaks also of HIS unloosing the bands which these two fish have been fastened to the Sea Monster, Cetus. The woman (Israel) who has been so long captive, chained, will soon be delivered by Cephus the crowned King, the Redeemer, the Breaker; for HE comes quickly to deliver HIS redeemed. Thus, this side of the Andromeda constellation has this story. And we see also Aries who rests on --- Taurus, the next sign, and the fishes of Pisces, and this sea monster who chained Israel also. And did you notice that this monster which chained them, all came out of the Sea, meaning out of the people of earth, and thus must be Great Babylon? Isn't this quite a story which Hale-Bopp is pointing out as it passes thru? And all of this is also in close connection to Taurus.

May 1, 1997, then Hale-Bopp will move into the sign of Taurus, and this is also the sign representing the House of Joseph, in earth. And we are a part of this. For we are the Manasseh part of that sign and Great Britain is the Ephraim part. But we carry the sign of the ‘Outstretched wings of the Eagle,’ the help for the Kingdom in the latter days. And thus, we are also this last great nation of the kingdom which was promised to Abraham. The Big Bull in the picture carries the Pleaides in his shoulder, considered the place of the throne of God. One of his horns points to Aurica, the man carrying the little goat and her two babies. In the head of the bull is a group of stars called Hyades and has the meaning of 'The CONGREGATED.’ Everything points to this truth that the LORD has come and set HIS people free and now will finish that job. The Testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. All hope for the world, all hope for Israel, and hope for the church turns on this. -- That Jesus is coming. And when HE comes, this time the sons and daughters of the KING are with HIM. Thus, this is portrayed in Pleaides and Hyades. The left horn of the big bull then points to the raised club of the next sign, which is Orion. But now you will notice the serpent now has his head cut off.

May 15, 1997, ---Hale-Bopp is still in the sign of Taurus. Thus, fulfilling Jude 14-15:---"Behold! The LORD cometh with 10,000 of HIS saints to execute judgment upon all and to convict all that are ungodly." But since we are represented as the Manasseh people of the house of Joseph, then that means that we should also look for an earthly meaning as we study what is going on today in the earth. Perhaps it marks the place we stand today in our Father’s plans.

June 1, 1997,--Hale-Bopp is in the sign of Orion---the coming Prince, and is the most brilliant of all of the constellation. And this constellation was known also in the time of Job 9:9 and 38:31. When the time for it comes, the Glory of this light will break forth and it will be said: ---"Arise and shine thy light is come."

In the book The Gospel of the Stars, it says that HE comes unto the world in Judgment. HE comes forth to receive the members of HIS body unto Himself. Before HE then comes with them to destroy all of HIS enemies and to rule the world in righteousness. And at this time, then from then on HIS Church, All Israel, the body of Christ in the world today will be with HIM, safe from all judgment.

Thus, Orion presents us with the picture of --'The light of the world.’ HIS left foot is upon the head of the enemy; HIS belt has three stars, and HE is also the 'Lamb’ slain before the foundation of the world.’ And HIS sword is in the form of the head and body of a lamb. In HIS right hand, HE holds the club. HE is as the stars say:---'The coming of the Branch.’ And in HIS left hand, HE holds the head of one called 'like a roaring lion.’ This is the old Serpent. HIS left foot has the star named Rigel, meaning the star that crushes. And the star in the left shoulder is called Bellatrix which has the meaning of --'Coming quickly, or swiftly destroying.'

Now also in this picture is the ‘River of Darkness’ called Eridanus which is today like a roaring lion. And thus, Orion cuts off its head. And in the writings of Daniel 7: 9-11---this is the river of the Judge. This then is the ‘Day of the LORD.’

In the old Zendera zodiac, this Aurica had a different picture. It was of a man carrying a scepter. At the top of the Scepter was the head of a goat, and at the bottom below the hand that held it, was a cross. And the meaning of this was the ‘sign of life.’ The Crucifixion and Resurrection of course, would come years later to fulfill that. Malachi tells this story also (Mal. 4:1-3)

Now in summary, did you notice that HE comes first to HIS saints, to Israel before HE comes to rule in righteousness from the throne of David? So does it mean that at this time HE is not visible to anyone but Israel, HIS people, and that HE at this time HE sets HIS people in their rightful position so that they will help put the world in place, or back into its rightful orbit into the presence of our God? That is the story in the old Zendera vision. I had always thought that this time HE comes as HE did as HE led HIS people out of Egypt, maybe in a great flag ship as HE gathers HIS Israel-people to HIS way of thinking, so that they will do as they were supposed to when they came in the first place, to set HIS kingdom in earth in place. And then after the earth is as HIS footstool, then HE comes to finally rule from the throne of David. So we will watch as to what happens. And it is interesting to watch and try to figure out what happens as to whether Hale-Bopp follows this path laid out by the Astronomers. And then where will this comet go or what will it do when we come to June 1, 1997?

But there are many things to happen before that. So we will be following this closely and not talking too much about it, for some people who do not think along these lines will think it is crazy.


*Note enclosed diagrams----

Where to find lineup of Hale-Bopp’ from the Internet.

Path of Comet Hale-Bopp,’ from Sky and Telescope mag.

Three Scorpions---crop-circle---with one head.