ERM - ERM Bible Study - Esau


by Ella Rose Mast


The father of Esau was Isaac the man of the Covenant and his wife was Rebekah. (Genesis 25)

Rebekah had twin sons. Esau came out first and it is recorded that he was red all over and much hair all over him, and they called him Esau. The second child came out holding on to Esau’s heel, and they called him Jacob. (Meaning contender)

Now, according to the Companion Bible the word RED in this case means simply a figure of speech---to attract your attention to something that will explained better later on. Esau was the first born and thus would be expected that he should inherit the birthright which included the father’s blessing and the supremacy of the inheritance within the covenant. Jacob, however, was well schooled in this meaning by his mother. Whereas Isaac loved the fresh meat that his son Esau brought in from the hunting and had prepared for his father. But the love of the flesh---the red meat,--is just that---of the flesh and had nothing to do with the spiritual or inheritance side of the story.

Thus the son grew. And later one day, Esau came in from hunting and he had no luck in his endeavor. And he was hungry. And when he saw that Jacob was cooking meat in a pot, he wanted to eat. Jacob said to him:--‘Sell me your birthright.’ And Esau decided to do just that. He was not interested at the time in the inheritance. He was thinking only about being hungry.

In scripture, you are told that after that Esau’s name would be Edom meaning Red or ruddy. And now you understand a bit more about the description as he was born.

When Esau was 40 years of age, he took a wife, Judith the daughter of a Hittite. And this was a great grief to Isaac and Rebekah because--you see--their son was marrying outside of his race. Then Esau took another wife also from the Hittites who were also part Cainaanites. This grieved his parents very much. But he was of age and they could not do much about it.

As Isaac was about to die, he became almost blind. And you know the story of how Jacob, under his mother’s coaching, fooled Isaac and then Jacob received his father’s blessing and the birthright before Esau came back from hunting.

Now, we of this race have a tendency to get ahead of the program of our Father. And this work of Rebekah and Jacob would not have been necessary unless this was the way that YAHWEH wanted this to happen. For He would have prevented Esau from receiving the birthright since He had told Rebekah that--’Two manner of people were in her womb, and that the elder shall serve the younger.’ (Genesis 25:23)

Esau then took a wife from the lineage of Ishmael, thinking this would make his parents feel better, because Ishmael was from Abraham. But the Covenant moves only thru Isaac and his seed. But now you can see just how the descendants from Esau would be mixed up in their thinking as they came along. And also for some of them---from the lineage of Esau and the Ishmaelite girl, they would have different ways of thinking than those from the Hittites.

Esau was of course an Adamite from the lineage of Shem down thru Abraham, and there would be redemption for him. But as for his children, then it would be almost impossible to pass thru the law for 10 generations back to the marriage within the race to cleanse one child.

Do not forget, that the violation of law in the beginning with Adam and Eve was the mixing of the races. You then must understand the symbolism of this message as to the difference between the ‘Tree of Life’ and the ‘Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil’. This tree would be led by Satan, and he rules all who had fallen under his influence, and rules the ‘World Order’ as well.

Now, I believe that these people who are called the ‘Yezidis’ whom the archaeologists Laylard and Guest also found in the old ancient land where once the Aryans built a great civilization, may be from Esau and the lady from the tribe of Ishmael. I can see the influence of the Hittite religion there also. But they also seem to be trying to find a way back to restoration. These people then went into the mountains of Turkey and mixed with the Kurds of whom some were Christians and some were Muslims. These people today are in Iraq and in the mountains of Turkey. They have now almost forgotten their old religion which was passed on by tradition.

We have told you before how these people believed that Lucifer was once a great Archangel who will someday be restored. And how after his restoration then perhaps he will help them to be restored. The Yezidis suggest that their religion is very very old and that the historical details of its foundation has been lost in the midst of antiquity. These people have passed on thru the religion of the Christians, the Arabs of the Old Ottoman Empire, and Judaism. And yet they retain a bit of their ancient beliefs.

The Yezidi name for Lucifer is Melek Taus and they keep the symbol of the Peacock. In the old books, you find him described as the Peacock because of his dress and his posture. As to Melek Taus, they say he comes after God. But that he really didn’t do anything too bad, because God is going to reinstate him. Thus it would be wrong to give him a bad name. The Ottoman Empire tried to convert the Yezidi to Islam. They were very insistent and that old land has seen much tragedy since the great days of its earlier civilizations. The land has been under judgment for a long, long time. And still has much catastrophe there today. The Archaeologists have proved that this was the old land where once the ancient cities of Nineveh and Babylon and others existed. And we know that it was in this old land that the ‘children of darkness’ began to mix the races as they encouraged this coming together for a ‘One World Government’ where all races are brothers so it is all right for the mixing of the races. This brought on the downfall of this area and its people, and the Judgements of God which still continues today.

We see this old idea also pushed in our own nation today. And we cannot help but remember the results of that idea in the past. The program of God’s Kingdom is not co-existence. It is segregation. One Race. One Destiny. If the program of God’s Kingdom had been this mixing of the races, then what Esau did in his marriages would have been okay. And the Almighty would have just left this solar system under the control of Lucifer forever. This was not the reason HE said:--’Jacob have I loved, Esau I have rejected.’

The violation of Divine Law is reaped in the area of the violation. If a nation violates Divine Law as the United States has done when they turned our money system over to the Federal Reserve System, then the only thing you can do to wipe out that violation, is to wipe out the whole system of accumulating judgement. Biologically this is also true. It works the same way.

Today, the Jews claim that Edom is a part of Jewry. Thus they recognize the mistake that Esau made, but they do not tell you that. Many of the Jews at the time of Jesus, were out of Edom. And they had gained power in Jerusalem and were holding sway there at the time. Read the 83rd Psalm and you will see this is a fact.

(End of study)