ERM - ERM Bible Study - Exodus 1




by Ella Rose Mast


There were seventy souls who came into Egypt with Jacob-Israel. And as you recall, Joseph was already in Egypt. These children of Israel in those years under the guidance of Joseph had been fruitful and increased abundantly and multiplied and waxed exceedingly mighty. And the land seemed to be filled with them. Remember it was a famine that brought them into Egypt, into the land where Joseph would be Prime Minister. You will remember that there were seven good years and seven lean years that produced this famine. People have always been disturbed that Joseph took all the land for Pharaoh. And then after that asked the people to plant seed and he gave them the seed and then told them to give one-fifth to Pharaoh. But he had taken their land. But you must remember that this was a different type of operation at that time. On studying the situation, you find that Pharaoh was the sovereign over all Egypt. And if you go into that type of government, then you find that not only was it maintained as a sovereignty with nobody but Pharaoh or the Royal Household owning the property, but all Egyptians were considered their family. This was the king of Aristocracy that they had. And Pharaoh alone could grant a Goshen unto the brethren of Joseph when they came into the land. So the entire Aristocracy was controlled by Pharaoh and his family. And around him were Priests who helped shape his decisions. But Joseph had no control over the existing structure of this government. He only worked under it and suggested the plan wherein the people would be taken care of in the years of famine. And in this situation, his own family would benefit. Therefore what happened to this Covenant people after the death of Joseph??

We are told in the scripture that there arose a new king (vs:8) who knew not Joseph. And from then on the status and fortune of the Israelites began to change. And they fell upon hard days of affliction; days of increasing bondage and persecution. As this bondage increased, we see that YAHWEH was raising up another leader to step into center stage to lead the Covenant people out of bondage.

Actually, what was happening in Egypt was that Pharaoh raised a daughter from an Aryan wife and then stepped out of his race for another wife and thus was born this king who would not know Joseph. Meaning, being of mixed race, he would not think as did the Aryan rulers before him. The daughter who would be Queen Hatshesput would be a good ruler in her fathers place, but when her half-brother took power, then he would see the Israelites now in Egypt, as so many that they were a menace.

But in all this time then YAHWEH was raising up a new leader for His people, who would in time rescue them and start a different mission for these Covenant people. This is a simple story. An Egyptian Princess came to the river to bathe. To her amazement she discovers this strange vessel lying at anchor upon the waters of this, her private bathing area. And in the basket was a baby boy who was waving his dimpled hands, and kicking chubby feet, and crying. His helplessness touched the Princess. And she gathers him into her arms. We have been told that the Egyptian Pharaoh had given orders that the Israelites were to have no more babies. And if they did, they were to kill them, for there were already too many Israelites in Egypt.

But you remember that YAHWEH as we have said was raising a leader for His people and this was an Israelite or Hebrew baby. And the Princess realized this. The sister of this little one was watching from the bushes and when the Princess picked up the baby, the sister offers to find a nurse for the baby. And of course, this was his mother who would come. This Hebrew lady was a faithful servant of YAHWEH. And this Hebrew Princess handed over this precious bundle of immortality into the arms of his own mother.

In the book of Exodus chapter 2, it begins with this sentence:--'And there went a man of the house of Levi, and took a wife, a daughter of Levi'. Thus the parents of Moses were Levites--Hebrews, but also Levites. THEREFORE TO CALL MOSES A JEW IS TOTALLY INCORRECT. BUT MUCH OF MODERN LITERATURE DOES JUST THAT. It is therefore important for you to note that Moses was thus a Levite, a Hebrew, and an Israelite. But he was not from Judah. He was not from the tribe of Judah where in some of this tribe of Judah were called Jews later in the modern scripture story.

Read Exodus 6: 16-27 and you will see the emphasis placed upon the fact that Moses and Aaron are among the sons of Levi. Unless a student keeps these distinctions in mind, he will never be able to read the scriptures intelligently.

In the second chapter of Exodus are 25 short verses telling us of the marriage of the parents of Moses, his birth, his adoption by Pharaoh's daughter, his sympathy for the Hebrew--Israelite race, proving that the seed of the family loyalty was placed in his heart by his mother. It tells how he lived in Pharaoh's house, his flight to Midian, and there he marries Zipporah, and of the birth of his son Gerskon. Then from the old books we learned that there was still a white Priesthood at the city of ON and that Moses studied there. The Princess, the daughter of the Pharaoh who raised Moses as her son was also an Aryan from the lineage of Seth, as was her father. But he would then step out of his race to marry a woman not an Aryan. And from that union, would come this half brother who is listed as 'the one who knew not Joseph'. We are also told in the old books that Abraham left much of his great library in Egypt when he went there and this was available for the study by Moses. As far as the girl that Moses married, she is called a Midianite because she lived in Midian. Her father was one of the Priests of the White Shepherd Kings who lived there. She is described as having golden hair and blue eyes and very beautiful. Thus no.--She was not a Negro as you sometimes find suggested. These White Shepherds, who did not go down into Egypt with the others who ruled that country for a long time, lived in Midian.

Thus we come in this story concerning the Covenant people this time when, with Joseph gone, and a ruler who was of a different lineage, that the Israelites were being persecuted and having a hard time. But then YAHWEH HEARD THEM CALL OUT AND REMEMBERED HIS COVENANT WITH ABRAHAM, ISAAC, AND JACOB. (Exodus 2:23-24)

Moses, you will remember, had to leave Egypt hurriedly because of his reaction when he found an Egyptian abusing one of his people and was now in Midian, and was now even married to Zipporah. He was out caring for his father-in-law's sheep, and he led the sheep to the back side of the desert and came to a small mountain, even to Horeb and there someone talked to him. Remember the burning bush that did not burn up, which YAHWEH used to get his attention?

YAHWEH CALLED TO HIM out of the midst of this burning bush and Moses was rooted to the spot, for He called him by name. And Moses answered:--'Here am I."--YAHWEH informs Moses that He has noted the affliction of His people in Egypt, and now Moses would be called on to step into center stage, and used to deliver these Covenant people our of bondage which had been declared way back in the days of Abraham.

Let us here, pause once more and review this Everlasting Covenant which YAHWEH had with His people:--Adam and Eve now in physical bodies would, after their misadventure, be set on their feet and path of destiny, finally produced this son called Seth who could carry forward this special seed of spirit. From Seth would come the sons who led the Adamites out of the High Tarim Basin, and here we find their seed much, much later down here in Egypt and in the land of Midian. Along the way came Noah and his sons, and from Shem on down would come Heber and his two sons, and then from Peleg on down would come Abraham, of this called out race unto whom the Everlasting covenant was to find a meaning. On down from Abraham, thru Isaac, and Jacob, then the twelve sons, we see the expanding of this Kingdom. And now here comes Moses, a son of Levi, to take his place in this developing picture.

Remember, that the lineage of the Adamites was always counted from the male line. Where as those called Jews today trace their lineage from their mother. The women of Israel, as they marry, then take the lineage of their husbands. Or mix their lineage with each of the tribes of Israel with whom they marry. But Moses was a Levi before the tribe of Levi were then counted only as Priests and helpers and no more counted in the symbolic 12. Wherein Joseph's two sons would both take their places in this counting of 12, since Jacob-Israel had pronounced his blessing naming them under the name of Israel.

You will notice two elements here in this story, which characterized YAHWEH'S dealing with His people. When they call, He hears them and remembers the Covenant. Seconds even before they call, YAHWEH has raised up a leader for them. And that leader under His guidance will bring His people to safety and victory. Well! Here in Egypt, the people are now calling and sure enough, YAHWEH had been preparing Moses for this leadership. But as YAHWEH informs Moses that he is the one selected for this job, then Moses hesitates. For he realizes that he has a speech impediment and he wonders if the people will listen to him. However, Moses is reassured that sine HE made the mouth of Moses, then He will also see that Moses speaks what He wants him to say. But since Aaron, his brother was such a good speaker, then YAHWEH would send both brothers to His people and tell them what to say.

As Moses hesitates YAHWEH asks him if that is a rod or a shepherd's staff in his hand, then turns it into a serpent startling Moses. Then turns it back again into a shepherds staff. Significantly this staff will be used to convince those following the Serpent that Moses and Aaron do speak for YAHWEH.

Moses and Aaron (Ex:14) then go to the children of Israel who are so oppressed and gather their leaders together and tell them that YAHWEH has spoken. And he will rescue them and these two Levite brothers convince their people to remember and worship their father YAHWEH, and prepare for this crisis by gathering together all their belongings and their people and prepare for a quick flight out of this land. Just as had been predicted back in the days of Abraham over 400 years before.

Moses and Aaron then go to Pharaoh and demand that he quite persecuting their people, and let them leave this land peacefully. But this Pharaoh will not listen. Moses in human error, then complains unto YAHWEH. But he does not realize that if victory come too easily, this is not good for men since they tend to lose their poise if things come too easily. YAHWEH had other things on His mind, knowing that experience is a great teacher. He tells Moses that He will see that Pharaoh learns his lesson as He will not afflict the land of Egypt and its people until Pharaoh decides to let the Israelites go.

Here YAHWEH had spoken. He had said He would return these people to the old land of Canaan. And this time had arrived. And here this Pharaoh had dared to oppose the Will of YAHWEH, by declaring he would not let the Israelites leave. Well--Pharaoh's opposition brought an avalanche of disaster upon the whole nation of Egypt. One by one the judgements fell, immediately and in rapid succession:--the contamination of the water supply, the murrian (warnings) frogs, lice, fleas, boils, hail, locust, and actual darkness and death. How stupid for men to fight against the one who created them and the earth upon which they dwell. The plague of darkness resulted from the planet Venus which was used in these plagues. For Venus at that time finally settled into its place in our Solar System. Under the pressure of the plagues, then Pharaoh would each time agree to let the Israelites go and then when things got better, he would change his mind.

Therefore:--'I will put a division between my people and thy people, that they may know that the LORD doth put a difference between the Egyptians and Israel." Thus spoke YAHWEH to Pharaoh. (Ex:8:23--11:7). Some people can't accept this saying that this makes God a partial God. However, in Exodus 9:18--we read:--'Behold tomorrow about this time, I will cause it to rain a very grievous hail, such as not been seen in all the time of Egypt." They were told to bring in all their cattle, and shed them. And all the people should seed shelter or they would die. Those that believed, met the conditions and were saved. Most of the Egyptians had some contact with the Israelites and some obeyed and some did not. On Passover night came the climax of these series of judgements. This would be the death of the first born children, cattle and everything. And this raised a cry among the people, for the Israelites were protected.

Then came the instructions to Moses--take their flocks and their herds, all their belongings and go from Egypt. Death thus accomplished what nothing else had been able to do. It broke the chain which bound Abraham's family to Egypt and sent them on their way to fulfill the next great phase of this Covenant story. This Passover then was to be a memorial of the deliverance of the Covenant people. And they were to keep this feast as an ordinance (Ex:13:13-14). Thus after 430 years, 'all the hosts of the LORD'--the family of Jacob-Israel, went out of the land of Egypt and they took the remains of Joseph with them as they followed the directions of their God.

However, they were not quite finished with Pharaoh. For as he learned that the Israelites were marching away, then again, he changed his mind. And taking 600 chosen chariots and all the other chariots of Egypt, he pursued the Israelites who were now camped by the Red Sea. The people were thus afraid when they saw the Egyptians coming. But YAHWEH was with His people, and He just rolled back the sea, dried the ground and all Israel marched between the walls of water unto the other side. But when the Egyptians came, they rushed into this area and the waters returned and they were drowned. The people of Israel saw this and they once more believed YAHWEH and His servant Moses. (Ex:14)

This was the miracle at the Red Sea crossing. Here lies the perfect timing of events as well. At the point where the Israelites were led to cross, east winds at times still pile up the waters into a wall, leaving for a time, portions of dry sand. Thus YAHWEH of course, knew this and He had nature on His side as well. The Egyptians must have known this waters would return soon to their level but the Egyptian Pharaoh and his army were too intent on crushing the Covenant people. Thus they took a chance. Even today this still holds true. Those opposing the building of this Kingdom on earth are so determined that they listen not to reason, or anything from God or man. Therefore, the solution is the one given in this case. YAHWEH allowed the Egyptian half breed and his hosts to exterminate themselves. Today they compare the evacuation of allied forces from Dunkirk as the German army came thru Belgium into France, claiming this was also a miracle. Here half a million men were rescued and brought across the English Channel into England. These were soldiers and we do remember the hazardous rescue mission. Whereas in Egypt those were in the millions of men, women, and children, and their herds and their belongings. Thus quite a miracle, but all in a days work in the presence of YAHWEH. Moses in performing His work as a servant, got all these people across that Red Sea, never losing not even one small child or aged grandmother.

The Exodus was now completed, but the troubles for Moses were just starting actually. For human nature being what it is, he would have all kinds of complaints to deal with. Out in the wilderness of Shur, they would find no water. At Marah, they could not drink the bitter water until it was sweetened by prayer. They drank from Elim's wells and encamped in the shade of its palm trees and were also instructed in the use of Manna from heaven as food. At Rephedim, they drank from the smitten rock. They were attacked by Amalek, and Moses had to call on Joshua to recruit an army for defense. Then Moses built an altar continuing this family custom of worship and thanksgiving as Joshua and this army taught Amalek a great lesson.-- (Exodus 17:13) That when YAHWEH is with you, then the enemy is already whipped.

In the third month after leaving Egypt, the Israelites came into the desert of Sinai where they camped for more than a year. Sinai ----If only people could realize that it was here in Sinai that YAHWEH'S Kingdom in earth was organized to be then exposed to the eyes of the World Order. Remember how YAHWEH spoke of the Mysteries of the Kingdom in His parables? How others would not understand, but His people of the Covenant would be able to understand and the World Order of course, would not understand. (Matt: 13:10-12) The tragedy of Protestant Christianity is that most people can't find the Kingdom today. No one wants to pick up and unravel this mystery of the Kingdom of Christ which is laid out in Exodus 19. If you want to trace the design of divine purpose in the bewildering movements of nations of today, you must begin with the events lined out in Exodus 19.

It was here at Mount Sinai that Moses went up the mountain. And here he learned the words which he was to speak to all these people who had come out of Egypt and now were camped at Mount Sinai.

"Thou shalt say to the House of Jacob--tell the children of Israel, ---Ye have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bear you on Eagles wings and brought you to myself. Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people, for all the earth is mine, and ye shall be unto me a Kingdom of priests, and an holy nation." (Ex: 19:3-6)

Now, once more--First YAHWEH stated His plan was to use a designated portion of Abraham's family as a basis of His earthly Kingdom for the latter years. Only the Isaac branch of Abraham then on thru the Jacob branch of Isaac were to be used as this basis of this building of the Kingdom in the latter years. And the subjects of His Kingdom were to be regarded as a peculiar treasure into HIM, and above all the people of the earth. Those critics of the Bible who are angered with anyone who would mention a people chosen by the Almighty for some special purpose, let them that consider this have their quarrel with the Holy Spirit whom they are accusing of misrepresenting God. Once more it is necessary to consider and to weigh the question of YAHWEH'S selection of an individual or a race for a definite work.

Look at it this way. A father had three sons and he has built up a great business of some sort, and it is his dream that these three sons will share his love for this business he has built up over the years and will then work for its success. He envisions his oldest son as President eventually of this business and the two other sons will be his partners. Well, to make a long story short, the eldest son, as he grows up, shows no interest whatsoever in this business. And neither does the second son, which grieves the father very much. But as the youngest son grows, then he wants to follow in his fathers footsteps, and thus becomes a peculiar treasure in his fathers eyes. Does he not? This does not mean that he loves his other children less, but this enjoyment of his younger son's interest is very human. He will help his other sons to accomplish what they yearn to do, now more willingly and everyone will be happy.

From the beginning YAHWEH had a vast Empire in mind for the welfare of all mankind. In each generation then, he selected certain individual as co-workers of his plan. He began by choosing Seth instead of Cain. And we find that any wise human father would have done that. Noah then in his generation was the key man. And then a glimpse of the records of Ham, Shem, and Japhet and you realize why YAHWEH picked Shem. Abraham whose spiritual discernment enabled him to find the true and Living God amidst all of his environment, justified his call as a partner in this great ETERNAL COVENANT. Isaac was thus chosen instead of Ishmael, and Jacob instead of Esau. And now at Sinai, then YAHWEH assembled Jacob's posterity, and organized them into a "Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation" which becomes the National basis of His Kingdom in earth. Thru these people as His servant nation, He proposed to establish righteousness and bring blessings to the whole earth as stated in the Covenant outlined to Abraham. It was for this purpose that YAHSHUA--THE CHRIST--told his disciples to pray in these words:--'Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven." (Matt:6:10)

The second fact exposed here in Exodus 19 is the response of these Covenant people to His great plan:--"All that YAHWEH hath spoken, we will do." Remember all twelve tribes made this pledge. And by reason of this high calling they were to be counted a treasure unto YAHWEH, above all people.

Moses then brought the Children of Israel out of their camps and they stood in awe before this mountain, which now under the presence of YAHWEH would look as tho on fire. And smoke would be seen above the mountain. All the people trembled for YAHWEH thus appeared in this manner unto his people to inaugurate His Kingdom in earth among his people now in earth. Well, the earth shook. Later, on the Mount of Transfiguration, the subjects of this earthly Kingdom beheld the Glory and the Majesty of their King. They heard his voice and never again could Israel honestly doubt YAHWEH'S reality and his concern for their welfare. Never would they be able to deny the validity of this contract or do away with this obligations assumed on that day. Later the instructions for the tabernacle would be given and all the rituals to bring them to Christ. But for now the Kingdom is thus established in earth.

Thus we have outlined how the House of Jacob became the nation of Israel. And it surely must be clear that this Kingdom organized at Sinai was not a Jewish kingdom or nation. For the foundations of this Kingdom was the House of Jacob---his twelve sons. Jacob was a Hebrew and his name changed to Israel thus the Israelites came into being. But he was then made an Israelite not a Jew. The term 'Jew' according to the concordance, and even Young's Analytical Concordance, under the heading 'Jew' makes this statement:--'Strictly speaking, this name Jew would be appropriate only to two tribes after the separation of the Ten tribes in 975 B.C. The first time the word Jew appears in the Bible, is in II Kings 16:6 where the record deals with the events in the time of Ahab, 1200 years after Solomon's reign. And the division of the twelve tribes into two kingdoms. Even then, the term was used to designate only a small garrison of Judahites. 150 years later this term 'Jew' was used to designate only a few military captains of the same separated group.

Centuries after the events of the Exodus a portion of the descendants of Judah, one of Jacob's twelve sons were then called Jew because they were from Judea. This is simply taking a small portion of the sons of Jacob---this son named Judah. And now call all these people Jews?? But this is the way this erroneous idea got started. Obviously we should not give the word 'Jew' a meaning which is not justified by Bible usage. Incidentally this would also be a biological impossibility thus making it even more a farce. All Judean's who were Judah's posterity are Israelites. If Judah stepped out of his race, to raise a child, then that child was not an Israelite. This misconception that was fed into the scripture making part of Judah into Jews has led to the losing of the identity of the Covenant people in these latter days.

At Sinai the origin of the Kingdom was exposed. The citizens of the Kingdom were acknowledged. The next step would be the framing of a Constitution with its by-laws and we find that none other that YAHWEH himself delivered the laws for His Kingdom. What person dares to deal lightly with the only legal document which has been given to the human race from the courts of high heaven? Remember YAHWEH made the laws and we his subjects should only be interested in administering those laws. Instead we are seeing them changed every day.

There is an erroneous idea that Divine Law originated in the time of Moses. In such an assumption then critics say the Moses only assembled moral and legal codes originating from other races, which had used them for centuries. Thus Mosaic Law had no Divine foundation. The truth is Divine Law had been in operation since the days of Eden. (Exodus: 18:15-16) --Moses said unto his father-in-law:--'Because the people come to me to inquire of YAHWEH, I do make them know the statutes of YAHWEH and His laws.' What then happened at Sinai was not the making of new laws, but the reinstatement, codification and amplification of the common law of YAHWEH which had been in operation since the days of Adam.

At Sinai the Commandments, Statutes, and judgments were compiled so they might be preserved as the constituted bill of Rights of YAHWEH'S people forever. This edition where YAHWEH and Moses collaborated served as Israel's text book during the 40 years schooling in the wilderness. This occasion was the formation of the new nation--Israel-- to whom it was necessary to teach the old law. Remember (Gen:26:5) "Because Abraham obeyed my voice and kept my charge, my Commandments , my statutes, and my law."

Scholars have noted that Hammurabi, contemporary with Abraham, had and administered a code similar to that of the Mosaic Law. How it is then that they overlook the fact that Abraham possessed and obeyed the laws at the same time. In the book of Jasher, we are told that Abraham learned the law in the household of Noah and Shem. And the same book also declares that the ancient Patriarchs taught the people the law of the LORD.

A study of the Sinai code reveals that Israel's constitution had three major sections; the commandments, statues and judgements. The Ten Commandments are the Codified expression of basic principals. They are the framework upon which all law rests. They are stated in full only twice in the Bible. First here in Exodus 20, and again in Deuteronomy 5. The first four commandments deal with man's relation to his GOD.

1. "Thou shalt have no other God before me."---The pre-eminence of God.

2. "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images."--Prohibits idolatry.

3. "Thou shalt not take the name of YAHWEH thy God in vain."--Reverence for the name of God.

4. "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it Holy."--Respect for the Sabbath of YAHWEH.


The last six commandments deal with man's relation to his fellow man.

5. "Honor thy father and thy mother."--Regards for family ties.

6. "Thou shalt not kill."--Regard for life.

7. "Thou shalt not commit adultery."--Regard for character as well as respect for the program of the Almighty.

8. "Thou shalt not steal."--Regards for the property of others.

9. "Thou shalt not bear false witness."--Regard for another's reputation.

10. "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house, his wife, nor his manservant, nor his

maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor anything that is thy neighbors."--Regards for

the property of rights and welfare of others.


The laws thus of worship and all other things needed for a Kingdom were given here at Sinai. The Ten Commandments held so much more than people realize today, for they covered the whole scope of worship, of responsibility of the Covenant people to keep their race pure for a definite purpose, for conduct to produce this purpose and all laws necessary for government of a Kingdom. Moses and seventy of the elders of Israel, along with Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu went up the mountain there at Sinai to meet with their God and to worship Him. Only Moses was allowed to come close to YAHWEH. And Moses then wrote down all the words that YAHWEH had said to him.

Them after returning to the people, Moses built twelve altars; One for each tribe and they each made the acceptable 'burnt offering'. This sacrifice was the symbol of the later to be Supreme Sacrifice. Then the business of building the Tabernacle was begun. And even all the furniture of the Tabernacle as well as the worship service,--all was done in symbolism which pointed to an event yet to come.

In the old Masonic Lodge was what was called The Blue Lodge. This is where truth was maintained the best since the enemy was always trying to gain an entrance. And furnishing the Tabernacle the VEIL in front of the Holy of Holies was to be (Exodus 26:31) --And 'Thou shalt make a Veil of blue and purple and scarlet, and fine twined linen of cunning work; with Cherubims shall it be made."---Here is the Blue law---the scarlet is the blood of Christ in symbolism and the blue and the scarlet merged together gives you the purple.

We did for you a study from the 'Old Book' about this ancient Tabernacle and will not repeat it here. But everything in it was in symbolism.

Now, with the Israelites as they came out of Egypt, was also what was called a mixed multitude. Always these were with Israel. And even so today. Someone of a family will step over the racial line and marry outside of his race, or raise a child thus. And altho this race mixing is fornication and is condemned, still it occurs. Then if this child is raised as part of the family, this child which does not carry the same spirit that you do will have different thoughts and ideas and will be not totally obedient to YAHWEH. And since kept in the family, this will most often contaminate some other member of a family has this child grows up and marries. And from this comes the mixed multitude. Thus here at Mount Sinai, as the Kingdom was being set in place, this mixed multitude began to mummer and complain when Moses stayed on the mountain out of sight 40 days. And they stirred up the people. And they had come to Aaron and said:--"Make us something which we can call our god, for this Moses who brought us out of Egypt, is no where to be found." So Aaron told them to break off their gold earrings from their ears, and from their wives as well and from their daughters, and bring them to him. And he then melted them down and made the golden calf that they had learned to worship in Egypt.

Now, remember that the symbol on the staff of Ephraim would be the Bull. But this golden calf represented wealth. However, the mixed multitude would not understand the symbolism of the White Bull. Anyway you will remember that Moses --saw what was going on then dropped the two tablets of stone and they broke. And he had to go back up the mountain and YAHWEH re-wrote them.

Moses called for those of Israel who were on the side of YAHWEH to come to him. And the sons of Levi all gathered unto the side of Moses. They then received orders to go among the people and all those who had participated in this great sin were slain that day.---Thirty thousand men were removed from the tribes of Israel that day. Moses gave the orders for all the men of Israel to consecrate themselves that day unto YAHWEH, so that He might bestow a blessing upon them. And then Moses went back up the mountain to make an atonement for their sins. There he also sought of YAHWEH that he would let him see HIM face to face. But Moses was put behind the rock, because actually he still could not stand the Shekinah. Therefore he was put behind the rock that had a hole in it and YAHWEH said that as HE walked by, then Moses could see Him. Well, Moses being human, could not wait and he peaked before YAHWEH came by. But YAHWEH had put His hand over the hole in the rock and Moses only saw His back. He still shown so bright when he went down the mountain, that he had to cover himself or the Glory would have burned the Children of Israel.

The Tabernacle had finally been prepared, the Ark of the Covenant was in its place and the Glory of YAHWEH came and covered the Tabernacle and it looked again like the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night. The Israelites were now ready to begin their march to the old land of Canaan. The land which had been promised to them since He promised it to Abraham. This will be a long journey and a great education for this young fighting force being formed to take back that old land where once Adamites lived in peace as they built a great civilization.

We look at the situation we are in today and we remember that on July 1976, the Liberty Bell pealed forth the news of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Molded into this famous bell is also the Jubilee call to Israel, 'Proclaim Liberty thru out the land, unto all inhabitants thereof.'--Well, the bell cracked on the first ringing. It was recast and again cracked in July of 1835 while tolling the funeral of John Marshall. Perhaps there is a protest in its silence, a warning that Israel is inconsistent and out of order when she attempts to sound the trumpet without fulfilling the terms of the Jubilee?

We have not as a people who have seen his great nation develop, gone back to the laws that formed the government of the Kingdom. Oh.--We have tried in our beginnings, but always the children of darkness were able to persuade enough people to their view point until we don't quite make the grade.

Under Biblical laws laid down here at Mount Sinai, the Politicians were to tax only the Income from the land. Not assess a tax on buildings, for apartments, only on the rental received. They were not to tax homes and farms, only tax the income received from such. Today everything is taxed. Even the loaf of bread. Under YAHWEH'S law, neither government nor private monopolies would be permitted to confiscate the homes of the people by taxation or any other method. Today the laying of taxes is limited only by the endurance of our citizens. We are finding out that the citizens of this kind of country governed this way has no have no guarantee of the security of their homes or farms.

YAHWEH laid out a perfect law of taxation. And under that law no levying was made on property, either personal or real. The home, the farm, the possessions of all the descendants of all descriptions, were free from confiscation. Yes. Taxes were paid, but only on the increase. The government bore a direct relation to the income of the people. For National leaders to increase governmental returns it was necessary that they first increase the Prosperity of every citizen of the nation. Think what that would mean for today. Under the laws laid down for the Kingdom, prosperity would always be with us. People would live not in fear of future destruction and want, but in their enjoyment of continuous prosperity and peace in their possessions. The return of these just principals of administration are as fundamental to the welfare of the nation as the moral code is fundamental to the life of the individual.

One of the toughest spots in the realm of Mosaic Law is the subject of Usury. Many devout Churchmen who clamor for strict adherence to divine commandments in general, are aloof and silent on the specific question of Usury. What does the scripture than say about Usury? (Ex:22:25-27) --- And Leviticus 25:35-38) Actually you do not charge your brother usury. Money is a medium of exchange for the distribution of the needs of the people. Money is not wealth. To give money anything but an exchange function, permits perversion. Thus did the United States fall into the trap of the money creators. Until today, it is used to exploit and enslave ones fellow man with debt. Many banks are merely legalized loan rackets extracting camouflaged interest rates, secured by real property to the amount of $100.00 in security for every 'fountain pen' dollar loaned. Thus you may describe the Federal Reserve System.

When speaking of the Mosaic code regarding criminals, many well meaning sentimental Christians have so much undigested misinformation about the scripture that they regard the penalties of the Mosaic code as being in opposition to the teachings of Jesus the Christ. How absurd. In His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus confirmed the law as given unto Moses and did not change the penalty of a single one of the criminal statutes. He even made some of them more inclusive and binding than even Moses did.

An example of the disaster which follows in the wake of disregard for Biblical law is making dramatic news for press, radio, and T.V. here in our time. Christian nations calling themselves the LORD'S people in this generation are fighting for their very existence because they have ignored the foreign policy statutes of Israel's law. Speaking as to Israel's dealings with alien races, Moses writes:--'Thou shalt make no Covenant with them, nor with their gods. They shall not dwell in thy land lest they make thee sin against me. For if thou serve their gods, it will surely be a snare unto thee.' --(Exodus 23:24-27)

How long before Christendom will heed the Psalmist's declaration:--'His truth shall be thy shield, and buckler.'--When God's people set aside the laws of YAHWEH they unleash elements of decay which undermine their strength, and eventually force themselves to limp back sometimes unconsciously to the laws written into their constitution at Mount Sinai. In the Ark of the Covenant, carried in the wilderness, within that sacred chest, was the Commandments. Those 'Ten' basic principles of all divine and human relationships. Upon this repository of Eternal Truths rested the Mercy Seat and the Cherubims, emblems of God's Mercy and Protection.

Educated people who neglect to enrich their minds from this store house of beauty and truth contained in the sacred word often reveal a lack of spirit. It is told for a fact that a college Professor once attempted to justify his atheism in this manner. He said:--'I have honestly tried to believe in the Bible. But when I am asked to believe that the Israelites carried around in the wilderness for 40 years an unwieldy thing like Noah's Ark, my common sense rebels against such a preposterous idea.' It would be interesting to know how many other scholarly adults would be embarrassed to define the "Ark of the Covenant."

Many Christians have been taught that the law has been done away with by the Grace of God in Christ. The theologians tell us that we are no longer subject to any of the Mosaic statutes. They were all discarded by Christ. Nothing could be further from the truth. Read carefully the New Testament in reference as it is affected by the coming of the Christ. And in every instance the content shows that only ecclesiastical ordinances, and not all of them were set aside by the installation of the New Christian Order. Nothing was discarded but animal sacrifices and its attendant rituals and ceremonial washings.

"He taketh away the first, that he may establish the Second."--speaking of the Old Covenant and the New. We have been sanctified thru the offering of the body of Jesus the Christ. Once and for all.' (Hebrews 10:9-10)

Now, this "Ark of the Covenant" was carried in the midst of the children of Israel until the time when Moses was taken and no longer their leader. Then after that it went before them, leading the way, in their destiny.

Thus we have traced these people of the Covenant to Mount Sinai and now they are on their way to the Promised Land. And there Moses will leave them. But as always, a new leader has been prepared. As we study Leviticus and Numbers and Deuteronomy, then Moses will still be with them. But we will see how this new leader is being groomed for his great task.

Until next time---YAHWEH willing.