ERM - ERM Bible Study - Ezekiel



By Ella Rose Mast


Today as people see many things happening they are trying to find mention of them some place which will tell them just why these things are happening and what they should do about it. Dr. Swift would say that as you see these things which are happening today, that there are not many of them which you cannot find listed in the scriptures.

The year of 597 B.C. was a tragic year for the kingdom of Judah. King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon came to Jerusalem and took the king--- Jeroiachin captive. Took him to Babylon--with his wife, but not his children. And he also took other Judahites, and among them was a young priest named Ezekiel. This young man had lived a life centered upon the service of the Israel Temple in Jerusalem. He would thus be a misfit in any other life. Yet here he is, and his wife is taken with him and his young children are separated from their parents and left in old Jerusalem. Nebuchadnezzar had no need of small children. He wanted only the strong and the valiant, the craftsmen and the educated.

Thus Ezekiel and his wife were among the large company who made that 700 mile trek across the desert of Babylon. The journey took three months, and when they finally came to a small community near the river Chebar, and here this company of Judahites settled, and began once more to try to put their lives together. Here other Israelites had put down roots after their captivity and removal of the House of Israel from their area near the Judah kingdom.

Here now the young priest Ezekiel would mourn for his children--and for his communion with YAHWEH which he had found in the Jerusalem temple. Here in this strange land he also felt a lonely separation from his God. Then after four long years in this strange land Ezekiel had a vision. And in this vision he saw what to him was YAHWEH riding thru the sky in a conveyance which was apparently propelled by wheels and wings of living creatures. Ezekiel is now frightened but also overjoyed for now he had seen His God in Babylon. No longer was Ezekiel chained to the concept that YAHWEH --His God--dwelt only in the Temple in old Jerusalem.

Now HE could be worshiped also here in Babylon. And Ezekiel no longer felt so alone. But there was also a deep grief for Ezekiel for he also realized that the destruction of Jerusalem was coming to pass, and along with the city this beautiful Temple where YAHWEH and his people had met.

Now; in the book of Ezekiel chapter I we are told of this vision which came to this young Priest--Ezekiel--now living in Babylon captivity. "And Ezekiel looked and behold a whirlwind (signifying the spirit) came out of the north like a great cloud, and there was a brightness about it. And out of the midst thereof as the color of Amber, out of the midst of the fire. (Describing the symbols of the Glory of God.)

As Ezekiel continued to watch, he sees men at the controls of this one ship and they are symbolized as four living creatures--or the man, the lion, the Eagle and the bull. All are symbols of the tribes of Israel, YAHWEH's Kingdom people in earth.

As Ezekiel now also in the spirit sees this vision, to him it is so real for this was from his YAHWEH (GOD) and he feels so comforted. As Ezekiel watched these crafts piloted by these men of Israel, flying in this formation, one of those crafts touched down on earth, and Ezekiel is to get the experience of a lifetime for he is to see his YAHWEH. (God) whom he has always worshiped. And now Ezekiel then falls on his face. But in chapter two then YAHWEH said; Stand up Ezekiel for he wanted to talk to him. YAHWEH was now going to send Ezekiel to speak to the Children of Israel who were also here in the Babylonian captivity. And Ezekiel is told that now they are a rebellious nation. But Ezekiel should speak to them as a prophet.

Then Ezekiel sets out on his mission to preach to the Children of Israel. He demonstrates his talk by the symbolic act of putting a pot of stew on the fire, and as he cooked the stew he let it burn, for he was depicting the fate of old Jerusalem. And he left the pot of stew on the fire until even the pot was destroyed. And he was told thus to write:---"Son of Man" (Ezekiel) write the name of the day, even the same day the king of Babylon set himself against Jerusalem--this same day." For Ezekiel this was a tragic day for this was the day that his wife died. And now Ezekiel is left alone to bear the concern for his children left behind when he and his wife went into captivity. Thus, Ezekiel is now left alone in his grief.

Six months later one who had escaped from Jerusalem as it fell made his way across the desert to this small community on the Chebar river. He told all that had happened. How the beautiful temple had been burned with fire. The Temple on the Rock which had been the meeting place between YAHWEH and his children in earth had been reduce to ashes and rubble.

Ezekiel was then told to open his mouth and eat (or digest) what YAHWEH would then tell him. Then he is to go and speak to the House of Israel all of the things he is being told as to speak to the House of Israel. And in chapter 3 this was in his mouth as 'honey for sweetness.' (This was trouble predicted, and it would be for those who deserved it, or rebelled, and there was sweetness for those like Ezekiel who mourned for what they had lost.)

Now; Ezekiel is told that he was not sent to anyone, but the house of Israel. He was not to be afraid of them even tho they would not listen to him. Still he was to speak certain words to them for sometime they will turn and remember. Now they are in rebellion, and they think that they are being treated badly, for after all they are God's Israel, and they did not think that anything Should happen to them. But it had happened, and now they were a rebellious house.

Ezekiel while in the spirit rode in one of the chariots of heaven, and came to some of Israel who were also in captivity at Telabib, another community of his people along the Chebar river. He remained here seven days and he was astonished at things he saw and heard for these Israelites had drifted far away from their beginning.

Now; YAHWEH tells Ezekiel that he must warn these rebellious people as to what will happen to them if they continue in this mood. And if he does this well then he will have delivered his soul. And those who turn again to righteousness (or right thinking) will also deliver their souls.

Next Ezekiel is told to arise and go out onto the plain and there again YAHWEH came to him, just as he did at first. And again Ezekiel fell on his face before the glory of HIS God. Ezekiel was then told to go to his home and shut himself in. Don't go out among Israel any more until YAHWEH has instructed him as to what he should say to the lost House of Israel. And then the message comes:---"He that heareth, let him hear, but he that forebeareth, or he who will not listen, let him alone for remember this is a rebellious house. (We think this is very good advice for today.)

Ezekiel is told that the House of Israel needs a sign so---Ezekiel is told in chapter 4 to lie upon his left side 390 days, for the iniquity of the house of Israel, and then 40 more days for the house of Judah. Thus Ezekiel is to bear the iniquity of Israel even tho they were in rebellion. But did you notice that YAHWEH did not abandon his people. He made a way for them to come back to HIM. Always thru their experience here in the physical he has done this.

Then Ezekiel takes off his hair and his beard, and 1/3 of the hair he will burn with fire. This in symbolism is to mark the fulfillment of the siege of Jerusalem. Thus, 1/3 of the people of Jerusalem would die in the siege. And 1/3 of the hairs (or the people of the city of Jerusalem) would be scattered in the wind, and HE would send a sword after them. Of those who are left then 1/3 of them Ezekiel is to signify that this small number would then be cast into the midst of the fire (which is Shekinah glory).

Now; as for these rebellious ones the judgment was set, and Israel would then after know their God. Their iniquity being the transgression of YAHWEH'S law.

While Ezekiel is on his mission, he is, in the spirit taken to old Jerusalem (chapter 8) and shown what is being done in the temple of which he was so proud of, and which he still held such an attachment to. He was shown the abominations that were being done there. This was done so that Ezekiel would let go of his love for that old Jerusalem temple, for it was no longer the place where YAHWEH met his people. There was no longer an ark of the Covenant there, nor any of the symbolic things which had marked this as the house of YAHWEH where young Ezekiel had served as a priest. He must now understand that strangers now ruled there and be must let go of his love of that old temple and look ahead as to what YAHWEH planned now to do even with this rebellious people, for they were still his people. He had put them in earth, this physical earth where Satan ruled. And HE would still deliver them after they had this experience and finally come to their knowledge of who they are and what they are expected to do in earth for their father. Always HE brings a remnant thru the disasters to keep on building his kingdom in earth, as he is getting ready now to scatter Israel among the nations and disperse them into all countries.

So what happened next? From history we then learn that the Israelites here in captivity began to stir themselves and they longed to go into another country where they could once more follow their god for this life they were leading was not good for them. From old records we learn that here in captivity then Israelites sent out men to tell any that were interested that in the spring they would be heading west out of captivity, and anyone who wanted to go with them must be ready to leave as spring breaks in this old land. Thus as YAHWEH remembers that he has a covenant with this people which is an everlasting covenant ---thus he is ready to cleanse them and once more set them on their way as his people.

In chapter 17 of the book of Ezekiel we find the riddle and the parable as to how the throne of David was moved to the west. Col. Totten in his writings traced this from history. Thus the movement of the Princesses were moved west also and now Jerusalem would become the dry tree, and the Green tree, would come forth in the west. And then we read how the LORD held back the river Euphrates in the spring until the Children of Israel had passed over. Ezra wrote of this, and you find it--not in the King James Version. But in other Bibles in those books written for that time. And then from a western base you now trace the Children of Israel.

As to the accomplishment of the transfer of the Throne then read:--Ezekiel 17:22-24. There was a small number of the house of Judah and Benjamin that would stay in the east until their time would come to return to Jerusalem to try to rebuild and be in place as prophecy was played out, and YAHWEH in the flesh as YAHSHUA came to save his people from their sins. And thru them then correct the world and put it back eventually under his orbit by installing His Kingdom in earth.

Thus Ezekiel was then told (Chapter 20) that now the LORD would again gather his people, pass them under the rod of the law. And then in a nation the height of Israel he would build again his people---for his kingdom. And finally Israel was to realize just what they have done wrong when they followed the way of the World order, instead of their God.

In chapter 21, it speaks of the throne and its progress in the west. This would be a very troublesome time for Israel. Col. Totten’s writings would cover this time. In chapter 25 we are told of God's vengeance against Edom for what they have done to His people. Then in chapter 26 we are told of the fate of Tyrus because of what was said against Jerusalem.

Then in chapter 27, we learn about the King of Tyre, and that he is now this fallen Arch Angel Lucifer. (Vs:14-19)

Chapter 29 then speaks of what chastisement comes to Egypt, as HE moves against all of the lands that came against Israel while they were in their own land, with their temple in Jerusalem.

In chapter 33, we come to that time that interpretations become mixed up and a people would say, people in that old land would say that ‘Abraham was one, and he inherited the land. But we are many; the land is thus given to us for an inheritance.’ Today you see how this has happened. (verse 24)

In chapter 34, the leaders or shepherds of Israel are scolded because they do not feed the sheep. But HE then promises to gather the sheep and to set a Prince over them, and make a covenant of Peace with them. And they shall dwell safely in the WILDERNESS. And this was to happen as the Israelites would be busy developing their new land in America. Where as in the old land the vengeance against those who came against Israel in the old days will continue. But this was also in the days when the dry tree in old Jerusalem would finally dry up. Thus, Israel in the west would go on with their migrations, and their development. The enemy who also seemed to always move with them would cause some trouble but the development of the new land would go on in spite of the parasites on their backs.

Then in the 36 chapter of Ezekiel then Israel is told (vs:22--) that YAHWEH will once more gather his sheep. Not for their sake but for His Holy Name's sake. And He thus brings His sheep into their own land (vs:24). And He cleanses his sheep and gives them a new heart, a heart of flesh and puts His spirit in them, and causes them to finally walk in His statues. And they will keep his judgments and do them. (In the millennium?) And ‘I will yet be inquired of the House of Israel, to do these things for them.’ Thus HE will increase them with men like a flock. All New Jerusalem will be filled with flocks of men and women, and all shall know that YAHWEH AS YAHSHUA IS OUR SAVIOR.

In chapter 37---this story of the dry bones, then here he describes the awakening of Israel so they will finally arise and set his kingdom in place. Finally he will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hands of Ephraim and the tribes of Israel with him, and the tick of Judah and those of Israel with him. And HE makes them ONE stick in HIS HAND. Thus now Germany and those of Judah with them, and the people of Ephraim and of Joseph and those with them are now all together. This is the whole house of Israel, now under one Hand---HIS HAND AS ONCE MORE THE ENEMY COMES AGAINST THEM.

In chapter 39, this is the time that Gog and Meshech and Tubal try to come against Israel. But they will have no luck in bringing down New Jerusalem (U.S.A.) Then finally we see that the promise of YAHWEH is that now the heathen shall know His name and that He is the final boss, the HOLY ONE of Israel. And now of course the knowledge of who the children of the kingdom are will be known. Thus, the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God shall be known. This is thus the day which He has spoken of that was to come. And Israel will then spend so many months burying all the errors that the enemy has brought against their faith. And in that day YAHWEH-YAHSHUA SHALL BE GLORIFIED IN THE WEST. Thus by this method shall the land of New Jerusalem be cleanses. (Chapter 29:12-16) WE know that many people have been interpreting these two chapters of Ezekiel ---Chapters 38 and 39 --- as that which was to happen in these latter days. Much of it we feel has been brought to pass, and what has not been then that is why we say buckle your seat belt for we are going thru.

Now; HE brings captivity upon the whole House of Israel and never again will HE hide his face from His people. Their troubles are over. Now they will see their God and be with him forever.

One day Ezekiel had another vision and in this one he sees a beautiful Temple. And he of course remembers the one in Jerusalem which he loved. But in this one Ezekiel sees YAHWEH is dwelling in this glorious temple. And then Ezekiel sees that a lovely river of pure water is flowing from beneath this temple. And he see a beautiful city stretched around it. In his vision then Ezekiel is transported to a high hill (a high nation, or government) where he can look down on this spectacular sight. To Ezekiel this was a confirmation of all he had lived for. The assurance that YAHWEH was indeed in the Temple. And there was again a meeting place between YAHWEH and Adamic man. To the students of the Old Testament, this vision was a promise of redemption from the Adamic death curse. And a reconciliation to YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. This was a beautiful picture, of the relationship of Adam man to his creator, or begetter during and beyond earth's great Millennium. As we fit the pieces together, a beautiful picture emerges, and it confirms the verity of the divine origin of numbers.

In the vision Ezekiel saw a man with a measuring reed in his hand (Ez. 40:5) "And in his hand a measuring reed of six cubits long and by a cubit of a handbreadth" He measured the length thereof, 20 cubits, and breadth before the temple --20 cubits, and this was the most Holy of Holies. (Ezekiel 41:4)

In the knowledge of numbers this is very plainly a sign of Israel. And a number there representative of a divine rulership during earths coming millennium. But the city Ezekiel saw is also in the measurements of New Jerusalem. The name of this city---YAHWEH-YAHSHUA is there. And this city which Ezekiel saw is not the city which we have been told the Jews will build in old Judea.

In chapter 43, Ezekiel is describing the rising of the kingdom, then what would be seen in the kingdom. (vs:7) This is the whole house of Israel--now a united and cleansed Israel. (Vs:l0) True Israel may build a memorial temple over in the old holy land, but this temple Ezekiel is talking about here is the one in Revelation, in symbolism (Rev. 21) for this is the whole House of Israel returned to their God, cleansed and ready to rule with HIM.

After YAHSHUA has entered the east gate of this temple, it will be shut for this is where only HE can enter. This is not a gate for man to enter for only Christ enters from the east. AS Ezekiel is brought to the north gate he sees that the glory of God is now in this house---and as Ezekiel looks he realizes that this is the perfect house for YAHWEH is there and again he falls on his face before this great picture.

As for those who ministered unto the people causing the house of Israel to fall, those shall bear their iniquity and they shall not come near unto him. The priests of the Levites, the sons of Zadok that kept the charge of his sanctuary, when the children of Israel went astray, they are the ones who shall come into His sanctuary and serve HIM, and His people. (Chapter 44)

Now; in this new land when you divide it by lot, for an inheritance, you shall offer an obligation unto the LORD. In other words you line out the possession of New Jerusalem, this city four square which shall then govern the kingdom. And as we see in chapters 47 and 48 this is talking of this same city, and who Israel is just as we read in Revelation 21. Only here details are spelled out, but this city is also for the Lost tribes--- all of them. This is the children of Israel under the leadership of their tribal leader. This is the shinning city on the hill that Ronald Reagan looked for. This is the rest that is promised to the children of the kingdom. And we can be sure that those who reach this rest are the generations, (race) from those same 12 tribes of Israel outlined in the Old Testament and confirmed by Revelation 21.

As for me, I am inclined to say --buckle your seat belt for we are going thru whatever events that are to happen here at this end of the age. Stand for what you believe to the best of your ability, as it is possible here in the world order. Then we can rejoice as things come to pass and we can recognize our work for the kingdom, which is our place of rest.