ERM - ERM Bible Study - Exodus 2





by Ella Rose Mast


In the writings on Exodus, you have just read what even the concordance has to say about this word---Jew---which is so prevalent today. I would now like to back this up from an article pulled from my files. It is from an address by Ben Freedman many, many years ago as to the origin of this word and also as to the origin of the Khazars.

Ben Freeman, we are told by Dr. Swift, was not a Jew, although he had been raised by a distinguished Jewish family in New York City. Col. Doll, Chairman of Liberty Lobby, when introducing Ben Freedman as the speaker to this military group, told us that after marriage, Ben Freedman then moved over into the areas of Christianity. This took 'guts' to do. For then he was ostracized by many of his friends for believing that this country of the United States of America had objectives and ideals that did not appear in the minds of some of our alien citizens.

Ben Freedman was actually a Prussian in his true lineage. But like the Apostle Paul, he had a great education when young. For he thought that he was Jewish in all his young life. Thus we believe that he has a message for us of today as he did for these people he was speaking to many years ago.

Here is a summary of what he had to say:---Ben Freedman----

I am grateful to Col. Doll for the privilege of addressing you of this group. And if you will try to make a little use of this information I will give you, then maybe you can be helpful in saving these United States from the fate which has befallen Great Britain and also Czarist Russia, now the Soviet Union. I just returned from an extended trip in what is known as the Middle East. I am very friendly with the heads of government, the rulers who have known me from 25 to 30 years, who talk to me, and treat me as a brother. I stay with them in their homes, And we call each other by our first names.

Now what I am going to tell you may not make you fell any more comfortable, but the less comfortable you are after hearing me, the more chance you will exert whatever influence you can to save this country from a fate it does not deserve.

Before I make this talk I want to call your attention to one thing. I am going to use a word known to you all, as a by-word---Jew. For you see the word, you hear the word, and you use the word--Jew. Altho it is something that could be weighed and felt, and has a background. I'm going to use that word, altho I never use it in my own personal affairs, or in my private life.

Now, I also want to explain that Dr. Samuel Johnson wrote the first English dictionary in 1797, which is only a few years from 1800 A.D., which is not so very long ago. It consists of two thick volumes. It has possibly every word that was then used in the English language. I have shown that to many important people in all walks of life, and they were amazed, because when I told them what I am going to tell you now, they didn't believe me. So I acquired these two books. They cost a little money, but they are first editions and rare. In those volumes, the first English Dictionary ever published, by Dr. Samuel Johnson, the "WORD JEW DOES NOT APPEAR". That word Jew which has been coined, and forced on you, stuffed down your throat by control of all the media, by people who are interested in leading you to slaughter.---The word Jew did not appear. They say that Shakespeare used it. They cite all the people who used it but it did not exist at that time.

The word JEW was coined for a purpose by the people who got us into two wars, and who have laid a trap to get us into a third one. And who have practically taken over control of the world, especially the control of this country, according to Senator Fullbright and others. So it is about time that you learned the basics and did something about it. I am certain that unless something is done to change the thinking of the 200,000,000 United States Christians, that this country is heading for disaster. There are 200,000,000 Christians in this country who have been brain washed from morning to night by radio, T.V., Press, Motion Pictures, and every Media. Mass information has been used to deceive ;you into believing things that they knew were deliberate lies and part of their scheme to brainwash you. One of these things is this word--Jew.

In the Middle East you know the situation, since the end of W.W. II, 32 Billions dollars of the taxpayers money, 93% or maybe 97% of them are Christians, have been having their money sent over to the Middle East by the Congress of the United States, to the little state of Israeli. Thus taxing you---making the United States the accomplice, the ally of thieves, murderers, and to aid and abet them to hold on to their stolen loot. (Territory which they acquired by invading Palestine, and driving that population out of the country they had inhabited for 2000 years.) And now, you have been told by your ministers, and your Priests, and the Media, and by every other means, that it is your Christian duty to help repatriate God's Chosen People to their promised land.

I will tell you now what a lie this is. I can cite the sources that I have consulted, maybe 234 official documents, maps, books, and other records. But the best one I have found in the last few years is this "The Encyclopedia Britannica", the 1911 Edition, volume 15 where in three pages, they define the word---'KHAZAR'. Now, this book was then published in 1911, in London, and probably took 25 years to compile all the information. It is the research of many people.

In this book you will find that the Khazars were an Asian nation. They were a Mongoloid, Turko-Finn tribal nation in Asia. And they had so much trouble with them that the other nations finally succeeded in driving them out of their area of Asia into what is known today as Russia, in the area of the Ukraine. They found there a lot of peaceful, agricultural people, mostly Slavic. And they conquered them. They did what they are doing in the Middle East today. They conquered them because these people were not trained to fight. And they then established the Khazar kingdom there.

These three pages of the Encyclopedia Britannica Volume 15, the 1911 Edition, then tells you that these Khazars were a war-like savage, barbarian people. And they then swept across Europe to the gates of Paris, and to Finland. And these Mongols were known as Khazars. (They were also part of the hoards of Genghis Khan. Were they not?) They did this from maybe the fourth to the ninth century A.D. They enslaved the people, extracted tribute from them also.

In the 8th century, a man by the name of Rurik, a Varengian, who came from across the waters, from what is known today as Sweden, then came on the scene and he organized these people (Aryans) who were just interested in agriculture, who did not want nations of governments, or politics, just wanted to be left alone. He organized them into a nations. Rurik saw that they were subject to this treatment by their Khazar conquers and he organized the principality of Rokh. Which then became the Russian Empire. Then he started to drive these Khazare back into what became known as their Khazar kingdom.

Now, these Khazars were Phallic worshipers. And they were so degenerate that their king heard that there were three religions. He called representatives of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism to his kingdom. He listened. Then he picked out the one he liked and he said:--"I am going to become a Jew, and will adopt the religion known today as Judaism.' Then he compelled his whole nation to adopt that faith, and built thousands of schools, and temples of so called places of worship. And these people became known as Jews.

Now, these Khazars are carriers of a disease which no other people in the world have. The March of dimes put this folder out with the help of the Rockefeller Foundation. And this disease is therefore called the 'Kasak Disease'. The New York Times called it 'The Jewish disease'. When one Khazar marries another Khazar, then out of four children in a family, one child cannot live beyond three years. And the death of that child is too miserable to describe to you. Out of the others, two of them become carriers of this disease, and one is clear. (Perhaps this is why they work so hard to adopt children.)

Now, for 26 years the United Nations has been setting there telling you that these are God's chosen people. After the Russian Empire incorporated the Khazar kingdom into Russia after conquering them, then these people have been called Jews in Russia and they began to call themselves Orthodox Jews. But the Khazars vowed they would not ever accept that conquest. Thus there has been war in that area ever since. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, under the word 'Bolshevism'--one of the five rules for their revolt was:--Never start until the armies of the country are engaged otherwise. In 1905, when Russia was at war with Japan, in the far east, the Jews (Khazars) in Russia started their revolt. And they were slapped down like every other revolt since the 11th century.

In 1905 according to reports, we had a president in Washington D.C. by the name of Mr. Taft. Well, Mr Jacob Schiff, of Khun Loeb and Co., the bankers now in the United States who are the arm in the Unites States of the Rothchild International World Wide Plutocracy,---Mr. Schiff went with two young men down to see Mr. Taft. And they said --'We want you to cancel the "Most favored Nation Treaty" with the Czarists Russia and recall the United States Ambassador.' You will find this in the books in the Congressional Library. The President said:--'Mr. Schiff, things are not what you represent them to be. My Ambassador tells me differently.' Then Mr. Schiff told Mr. Taft, in so many words:--'Is you is, or is you ain't going to do it?'--The President said:--'I am not going to do it.' Mr. Schiff replied:--'Then we will put a president in Washington to whom we can dictate what they should do.'

Jacob Schiff came back to New York, ( I think you should understand here, that the Jewish people out of Old Palestine--the Sephardin, were Zionists. And they wanted Palestine. And they were known as Jewish or Judeans. But they were not called by the slang term 'Jew' as yet.) Mr. Schiff was head of the American Jewish Committee, at that time, and (remember that Ben Freedman lived in the home of Jewish parents, or so he thought of them as his parents at that time. So he experienced this first hand. And as a young man, in the presence of many prominent men, some of whom you have heard the names of. He retold this story of his meeting with the President. And I went to the Library, and in the Memoirs of men who were in that room at that time, names that are familiar to many people that are here today, that is a fact. I experienced this.) Quote.

So what happened?

(to continue with Freedman) They ganged up in New York to get rid of President Taft. I was a protege of Mr. Bernard Baruch.,---a name I think you are all familiar with. His father was a doctor and he courted one of those who I thought of as my sister. So the stage was set to get rid of the Republican Party and this Republican President. And put in their own party and their own president. This was difficult to do because President Cleveland who was a Democrat, brought on with his Free Trade Policy---one of the worst depressions in history which had swept the Republicans into power. Because they advocated Protective tariffs to protect the working man against cheap labor or Europe, and to protect the infant industries in the United States against foreign competition.

However, Mr. Schiff had gone down to Washington D.C. and had this conversation with the President and came back to New York and the stage was set. I was a young man, and I also got into the act. What I am not going to tell you, I saw with my own eyes, and heard with my own ears. The stage was set. Mr. Baruch was picked for the leg man, and he was a smart man.

They set up the National Democratic Headquarters at 200 Fifth Avenue and Mr. Henry Morganthau Sr., the father of the one that you all know was made chairman of the Finance Committee. I was made his confidential assistant in liaison with the Treasurer, who was Mr. Rollo Wells of St. Louis, and Andre Mellon of his time. I was right in the middle of everything because I handled the books that had the cash contributions in them. Mr. Jacob Schiff and the Jews--and I use that word as I told you with reservations,---put up the money to launch this party and they looked around for a man to put up for President. So they looked and they looked and finally picked Woodrow Wilson, a man with more ego that any man I ever saw. And they put him in to head the Democratic Party. And they got into difficulties, because the Democrats only had the electoral votes of the South, where the people in Agriculture wanted cheap goods from Europe. Whereas the North wanted the Republicans. So those in New York found out that they could not elect a President in the U.S. So what would they do?--I was only a boy at that time but I was handling the money and I was the leg man, the errand boy. So I watched. And they trotted Theodore Roosevelt out of the Political mothballs. And they told him he was the only man who could save the U.S. So using his ego, they formed the "Bull Moose" party. And in that way, they split the Republican Party between Taft and Roosevelt. And Mr. Wilson walked in with a minority of the popular vote. (Ha. What happened in this last election?) Never was a lower rascal in the White House and I've seen plenty of them since that time. Over the years I have noticed that before they attempt to put a man in the White House, they have the 'Goods on him.'

Mr. Wilson was told that when the next vacancy on the Supreme Court came, he would name one of them. Mr. Brandise was the No. 1 Zionist in the U.S. And he became very friendly with Mr. Wilson and he became in time seated on the Supreme Court.

In 1882, Germany passed the Emancipation Edict'. Now there would be no more quotas on how many Zionists or Jews could be doctors, dentists, lawyers, school teachers, and so forth, which other countries and even Germany up to then had controlled. So now all the Jews in Europe now raced to Germany. And these were Khazars also. And the others would not allow their children to marry the Khazars when they came.

The Eastern Jews---the Khazars---were called 'Pollocks'. When W.W. 1 was on, the Zionists and the Khazar Jews in New York, let by Brandise, went to the British and promised to help if when the war was over they would be given Palestine. As you know, they had their way.

When W.W. II came, they put pressure on the U.S. to get into the war and as you know, this was done thru the 'Back Door' by President Franklin Roosevelt.

Mr. Fullbright, later would be chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. And he said in answer to a question about the Middle East:--'We can't do anything about the Middle East, for the Senate is controlled by the Jews'.----meaning the Zionists. And all of these lies that you have heard, all the lies that you have been told, that it is your Christian duty to help repatriate "God's Chosen People" to their promised land, is a lot of 'hog wash'. Thus America is in trouble unless the Christians wake up and quit running around saying:--'Jesus is a Jew'. And now I have told you that this word--'Jew'--did not exist at the time of Jesus.

Now, Pontius Pilot wrote on the Crucifix on which our LORD and Savior was crucified--"Jesus, the Nazarene, the leader of the Judeans." And now they are trying to even 'Frame' our LORD and SAVIOR by saying that he was influencing the people not to pay taxes so that gold could be shipped to Caesar. Thus, this was called a rebellion when he said:--'Render to Caesar that which is Caesar's and unto God's that which is God's'. Here he was not advising the people to withhold taxes paid to Rome. And you 200,000,000 Christians in the United States need to learn the facts. People spend hours and hours interested in all kinds of sports, and even in crossword puzzles. They spend hours and hours and buy dictionaries and then don't know the correct facts of existence.

Now, we did not ask to come into the world, neither did our children, but we own them a debt. We also owe these men who sacrificed their lives to save this country. So lets see what we can do about this.

Thank you.


(Thus ended the address by Ben Freedman---He pointed out the difference between the Sephardin and the Khazar Jews; between the Zionists and the Khazars. And he came to know that neither of them was interested in the welfare of America. They did not understand the importance of this country as he did after he became a Christian. And no doubt, began to think as one of the race. He made other speeches over his years, but this one seemed to me to be an informative one as to the word Jew.---By E.M.)