ERM - Genesis 07 Bible Study

Bible Study - Genesis 7

by Ella Rose Mast

The time came at last, Noah had preached for the 120 years as he built the Ark, and had been laughed at, by the people in that area who could not see that their cup of iniquity was full--but just the same the time came and:--

Verse 1:--And YAHWEH said unto Noah, come all your household into the Ark, for thee I have seen righteous before me in this generation (family history).

Verse 2:--"Of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee by sevens, the male and the female, and of beasts that are not clean (not for food) take two--male and female (for reproduction).

The clean beasts for food, or for sacrifice when they come out of the Ark, and here you see the number 7 which means spiritual perfection, and Adam's race number is 7.

Verse 3:--"Of the fowls also of the air, take by sevens, the male and the female to keep seed alive upon the face of the earth (or in this area).

Verse 4:--And yet 7 days and then I will cause it to rain upon the earth 40 days and 40 nights; and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the earth--(from this area).

The word earth is here again--(eret) meaning all that area. This is for a reason for the number 7 is Adams number, and he starts the kingdom in earth, and number 4 is the number of the Kingdom, and 40 is 4 times 10 a completion number. Thus the number 40 in Divine order applied to earthly things is the number of probation (or the act of proving).

Verse 5:--"And Noah did according to all that the LORD commanded him".

Verse 6:--"And Noah was 600 years old when the flood of waters was upon the earth (in that area).

Verse 7:--"And Noah went in, and his sons and his wife and his son's wives with him--into the Ark, because of the waters of the flood."

Notice here the number of the verse is also 7--thus Adamites would go into the Ark, and the use of the word--And--is used for emphatic purposes (App: 6) calling your attention to what is spoken of every time it is used. Also notice here the different titles for YAHWEH--meaning YAHWEH-Elohim and then The LORD God, and just LORD--was this the work of the translator to make you think there were many Gods?

Verse 8:--"Of the clean Beasts and beasts that were not clean, and of fowls, and of everything that creepest upon the earth."

Verse 9:--They went in--two by two, unto Noah, into the Ark, the male and the female as God (now it is YAHWEH AND Elohim) had commanded Noah."

Now; the animals are in the Ark with Noah and his family, did you ever stop to think that if this flood were all over the whole earth, how big a navy would it take just to haul all the animals of the earth, and their food? Besides YAHWEH would have to bring 2 elephants from Africa and other places up to the high mountains of Asia to put them on the Ark, or many Arks that it would have taken to haul them, but there was just Noah and his sons to do all this feeding?

Verse 10:--"And it came to pass after 7 days that the waters of the flood were upon the earth."

Now; why 7 days instead of 6? Again this is symbolism for this is the story of the deliverance of number 7 or The Adamic race for they are the Kingdom of YAHWEH in earth.

Verse 11:--"In the 600th., year of Noah's life in the second month, and on the 17th., day of the month, the same day, were all the fountains of the deep broken up, and the window's of heaven opened."

Now; Noah had been in physical body in earth 600 years--thus the symbolism for earth man, and here your symbolism consists of the numbers--6-2-and 17.

The fountains of the deep refer to the fact that under that land in that Great Basin was an inland sea; thus the land also sank as the rain fell from the heavens, but it was the sinking of the land to suddenly which caused the catastrophe, and caught the people unawares.

Now; I would suggest that you read the booklet by Dr. Swift telling of his research into what that area was liked entitled "--Were all of the people of the earth drowned in the Flood."

Verse 12:--"And the rain was upon the earth 40 days and 40 nights." Again you have your symbolism of numbers 10 X 4=40---- 10 is completion and 4 the kingdom.

These next verses are almost a repeat:--

Verse 13:--"In the self same day entered Noah, and Shem, Ham and Japhet, the sons of Noah, and Noah's wife, and the 3 wives of his sons with them unto the Ark."

Thus again symbolism 8 persons entered the Ark and you turn to the New Testament for confirmation:--I Peter 3:20---"8 souls were saved by water" so again the symbolism number 8.

Verse 14-16:--"Every animal after his kind, male and female and every fowl, and bird of every sort, and creeping things, each after its own kind as God commanded, went into the Ark and the Lord God shut them in."

Here the title God is to mean the Almighty Creator shutting them into the Ark, so we are sure he did the job of moving those animals into the Ark and into their rightful places in the Ark which Noah and sons had prepared for them.

Verse 18:--And the waters prevailed and were greatly increased upon the earth and the Ark now is moving upon the face of the waters.

Verse 19:--"The waters continued and all the high hills in that area are now covered."

Remember that this basin was ringed by high mountains, it was about the size of the state of Kansas, and there were level spots, but also some high hills but the mountains around it were very high, and they increased to this height by degrees.

Verse 20:--15 cubits did the water prevail and the mountains were covered'---alright the mountains in that area but not the high mountains around this plateau.

Verse 21:--And everything in the valley, or plateau that was confined to earth of that area died.

Again you are reminded to notice the word -- 'And' to emphasize that there was a complete extinction here of life. This is signifying a break and a fresh beginning.

Verse 22:--"All those in whose nostrils was the breath of life of all that was in this dry land, died."

Now; the words, breath of life here is not Hebrew which is 'Ruach'---instead it is n'Shamah meaning non-Hebrew. The word Shamah we will see later at the time of Christ---as false Pharisee.

Verse 23:--"And every living substance was destroyed (in that land) both man, and cattle, and the creeping things and the fowls of the heavens, and they were destroyed (or blotted out) Noah only remained and those that were with him in the Ark."

Verse 24:--And the waters prevailed over the earth (in that area) 150 days. And here again your symbolism for the numbers to connect are 10 and 5---Completion and the Work of YAHWEH.


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