ERM - Genesis 08 Bible Study


by Ella Rose Mast

Vs: 1 --And God remembered Noah and every living thing, and all the cattle, that was with him in the Ark, and God made a WIND to pass over the earth, and the waters ceased.:-----

Now,--God here in Hebrew is also Elohim---because here every living thing is included and it was YAHWEH and his family who set in place this program to build HIS kingdom, in earth, and here to be destroyed in this place of beginning was all those and everything which was used to try to hinder this kingdom.

Vs: 2---'The fountains of the deep and the windows of heaven were stopped and the rain from heaven was restrained.'

Vs: 3---And the waters returned off the earth continually; and after the 150 days the waters were abated.'

Vs: 4---'And the Ark rested in the 7th month, and the 17th day of the month upon the mountains of Ararat."

So---the Ark came to rest on a Sabbath--Seventh day, of the month, and the17th day of the month upon the mountains of Ararat.'---

Now; 7th day is Adams number, and Sabbath means Spiritual perfection, and the number 17 denotes a combination of Spirit and order, for this is the 7th, prime number. Other numbers lide 25 and 27 and so forth, follow the laws of the smaller numbers---thus 24 would be 12 times 2--so 24 is just a higher form of 12.

Now; I should call your attention to this-------- there is always this fight between the Childred of Light and Childred of Darkness and they have their pattern of numbers and their meanings, and if 42 is the number of Anti-Christ in their numerology, then there is also the numerology of the Childred of Light and the higher numbers according to the Companion Bible---the higher numbers take on the meaning of the lower numbers as their most important feature.

An instance of this is----the Jews use the 9 candle Candalabra where the Israelites had 7 candles. The Seven signified that this number is Adam's number and in the other listing of numbers 9 is judgment and they do not seem to know that, or they think from their fathers line of thought that the judgment will be upon the Children of Light. But there is this two listing of numbers when you are studing this. Therefore their numbers are just totally opposite Adam's numbers.

So the Ark came to rest in the month of July on the 17th day, the last prime number in the symbolism lineup of July, on a Sabbath, upon the MOUNTAINS of Ararat. The work Ararat means a high mountain, --thus it rested upon a high mountain in the chain of mountains, but high as the flood went in that area of the Tarim Basin. We then think that the ARK rested upon the top of one of the high mountains in this mountain chain of the Himalayan mountains. We would also say at the south west corner of that basin, on the route of migration of the Adamic race as they left the area, for there are certain passes out of those mountains.

Vs: 5---'And the waters decreased continually until the 10th, month or September, and at the first of September then the tops of the mountains were seen'. Here this is not listed as a Sabbath. And here as Noah looked, the tops of the mountains were to be seen, so this was on the top of one of the high mountains within this basin that the Ark rested.

Vs: 6---"Then it came to pass at the end of 40 days that Noah opened the window of the Ark which he had made."

Vs: 7---"And he sent forth a raven, which went forth to and fro, until the waters were dried up from off the earth."

Now a raven is an unclean bird for it eats Carron and it did not come back to the earth.

Now; in this chapter also is another Key to understanding---- Remember that it says:---God sent forth a wind to dry up the earth.

Well, what was this WIND---According to history there was a great earthquake in that area and as the Ark was beginning to rest, when undoubtedly that earthquake took place and this rim of that big basin was opened at the east end and the west, and the waters rushed out, some going out on the south and east and down the Whang-ho river of China, and on the west, it went westward in the mountains until the Tigrus and Euphrates river beginning and then went down those rivers.

Archaeologist have found the facts of this in their digging along those rivers of Euphrates at the city of Ur, and the Chinese records show the other end of the flooding area.

So this wind came forth from the Spirit of YAHWEH, and look up the meaning of Wind in the Concordance and you get the impression of a meaning of great distress and disturbance connected with it.

Vs: 8---'Then Noah sent forth a Dove to see if the waters were abaited from off of that area of ground.'

The Dove--a clean bird, also the symbol of Spirit, and you will understand what the Dove was searching for.

Vs: 9---The Dove did not find a place to rest and returned to Noah and the Ark."

Thus the waters were still here, and the Dove did not fing what it was searching for--sumbolically. And Noah took the dove back into the Ark, for a little while, and the next verse tells you more.

Vs: 10---(No. 10) Then Noah waited another 7 days and again he sent forth the Dove.--

Vs: 11---And notice--this time the Dove came back with an Olive leaf in her mouth.---And now Noah would know that the waters were abated from off the earth where the migration path of the Adamites had been established.

Vs: 12---"And Noah reated yet 7 more days and sent the Dove out again, and she returned no more."

Thus the Dove had returned with an Olive leaf in her mouth signifying she had found the trail of the Adamites, for their symbol was the Olive tree, and Noah knew that prophecy---the deliverance of Israel was coming true.

Vs: 13---And it came to pass in the 601 years, in the 1st month, the first day of the month that the waters were dried up from off the earth, and now Noah removed the covering of the Ark and looked and behold the ground around the Ark was dry. Thus it was in the 601th year in the life of Noah, on the first day of the month---and you will remember that these first day of the month events were very important in the Bible--remember:------

1. The drying up of the waters here at the time of Noah. (Gen:13)

2. The setting up of the Tabernacle at the time of Moses. (EX:40:21)

3. The sanctification of the cleansed temple by Hezekiah. (IIChron:29:17)

4. The going up of Ezra to Jerusalem. (7:9)

5. The giving up of strange wives. (Ezra 10:17)

6. The offering up of a Bullock in Ezekiel's future Temple. (EZ:45:18)

Vs: 14----'And in the second month, on the 27th day of the month, the earth was dried up.'

This was also the completion of the solar year from Chapter 7:11

Vs: 15 ---And God spoke unto Noah saying:---

Vs: 16---'Go forth from the Ark, thou and thy wife and thy sons and thy sons wives with thee.'

Vs: 17---And bring forth, with thee every living thing that is with thee, so that they may breed abundantly on the earth and be fruitful and multiply upon the earth.'

Vs: 18---And Noah went forth, and his sons and his wife and his sons and their wives with him.

Vs: 19---And every other thing in the Ark also went forth. Thus the Ark had been unloaded.

Vs: 20---And Noah built an altar unto YAHWEH and took of every clean beast, and of the clean fowl, and offered burnt offering on the altar'- and the scent always moved upward from such an offering.

Vs:21---And YAHWEH smelled a sweet savor and HE said:--Never again will I curse the gound for man's sake.'

In other words never again will He destroy this way for Adam's sake thus:-Vs: 22---While the earth remaineth there will be seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.'

Now; this Covenant of YAHWEH -- with Noah was unconditional as in connection with the earth, as it was also with Abraham for he gave Abraham the land, as He gave David the throne.

Again here in this Chapter there are many---ANDS---these are to emphaize each promise.