ERM - Mysterious Monuments


By Ella Rose Mast


The TLC station on T.V. was covering this message of the building of these monuments all over the planet, and for once there was much truth portrayed in this story, and I was fascinated with what I was seeing. I have always wondered why this building was so necessary for these Aryans who were such master Builders.

Most of you are acquainted with the Zodiac for we have spoken of it often. You know that the earth revolves around the sun. You have heard of the Great Mystical Temple of ON built in Egypt with its Dome portraying the outline of the heavens. There was a small symbol of the Sphinx between the woman --Virgo --of the heavens and Leo the Lion thus marking the spot where you would start to read the message as outlined in the Zodiac, and where the end of the story ends in the heavens. This is of course the old Bible of the Stars. This was known in fact long ago, from the days of Enoch on, and the people of the world knew also that this had something to do with their lives.

Today we are finally finding men of knowledge who admit that the ancient people who built these great monuments had a great spiritual knowledge as well as the knowledge of mathematics surpassing even today. The men making this video did not seem to know, at least they did not stress the true story of the Bible. But they did show the picture language of ancient Egypt, and the pictures of the monuments showing the fascinating method of building way back there in time. Why then was it necessary to build these great monuments about 5000 years before the Birth of the Christ child? And how then did they move those great stones? Today we still cannot do it with all our modern equipment. A man who is a great architect stood in the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid and was heard to say:---"How did they do it? We cannot match this work today.

We find today that our people are in such a hurry, searching for what they do not understand. And if they do not see things happening fast they are happy to go back to following the World Order just as the Israelites did as YAHWEH brought them out of Egypt, during the Exodus.

In this manuscript we hope to show you what was built on Planet Earth so long ago was for a definite purpose. Mainly so that you the children of the Kingdom would understand the message of the Bible which was given only for you to understand.

Over the years we have learned much about that Great Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt which we understand as the Bible in Stone. Here in 1998 men finally are discovering that this Pyramid is tied to the Zodiac of the heavens, to the constellation of Orion the great balancer of the heavens. The three small Pyramids also are a part of this story and they are represented as the three stars in the belt of Orion, even to the off line up of one of them. The air vents of the Great Pyramid lead out on the angle so as to line up with the constellation of Orion. So what were these ancient builders trying to do as they said this is for Our God.---YAHWEH of the heavens? What power did they use to move those great stones, thus why?

Today many will not admit or do not know who built the Great Pyramid and other monuments still they marvel at the magnificent workmanship. Today they have turned to ancient Mythology to try to unlock these mysteries. And using their computers they have stumbled onto the fact that ---yes--these monuments are tied to the stars, and this plays a part in this ancient Mystery of the Stars.

In Anchor, Cambodia out in the jungle they discovered a great ancient Temple and much other building laid out in a definite pattern, which they at first did not understand. Then they discovered that this surely had a definite purpose, for it was so precise. Today Buddhist monks live there. But who did this building of Anchor Woc, there in Cambodia and why? You can find pictures of this site in many magazines of today. Then these men who were doing this video discovered that this building site is laid out on the pattern of Draco of the heavens. Thus, here was another instance of someone telling the story of the heavens only now tying it to earth.

Thus I ask you ---just where does your Biblical story begin? But in the heavens with the Rebellious Archangel names Lucifer. And yes, it is also in your scriptures thus you read the story in Isaiah 14:12-27.

In the Ferrah Fenton Bible the word “nations” is race. Thus why were these ancients tying the Biblical story of the heavens to earth unless they realized they also came from there as did this rebellious Archangel, who when he came to earth, caused so much trouble. Yes, caused so much trouble that 'In the world that was', that a great flood was used to destroy that creation.

Jeremiah recalls this great tragedy. For he was not on earth as this occurred, but in another dimension. (Jeremiah 4:23-27). However, he also recalls that YAHWEH WAS NOT TO MAKE A FULL END at that time.

Thus we find that YAHWEH THEN RESTORED the earth, and HE restored a people upon the earth, and all the other things. And Moses tells you of this in the first Chapter of the Bible---in Genesis 1.

Again we find that as that restoration took place that again Lucifer was busy doing his work of evil, so that the Almighty then went forward with His plan to send His Spiritual children into physical earth and there with His help they were to whip the Devil, as they received a great education as between good and evil.

Thus here we are today getting to the end of our race who are to come for their time in earth. And what do you think is to happen now?

Thus the Great Spirit we call God or by His name of YAHWEH, who is also YAHSHUA, Savior went forward with his program to finish his great purpose in finishing off the devil, here in earth, for the heavens are all cleaned. Here the work is to bring a final end to the work of this rebellious Archangel so that the Kingdom of God can be set in place once more in earth.

Thus here at Anchor Woc, in Cambodia they build to show you that there is both good and evil here in earth, and that it came out of the heavens into earth. Thus, came the message of The Ancient Star Bible to earth. Tying the heavens and the earth together until finally we will have the picture of the Kingdom of Heaven and earth joined. All then will be shown bathed in white, true light, whereas of today, the bottom pyramid is still pictured as dark.

Here at Anchor Woc, they are telling the story of how this rebellion occurred in the heavens, and then that it came into earth, this building there in Cambodia is laid out on the pattern of the symbol of Draco of the heavens, and it is tied back as to what that pattern of the skies was 10,500 years ago which would lead us back in our thoughts to the ancient civilization of Atlantas where the collapse of that civilization was also the fault of this Rebellious Archangel. Even tho the sons and daughters of YAHWEH came into those ancient temples on Atlantas to instruct the people, a certain percent of those people of the old civilization still fell, as they bought the lies of the fallen Archangel just as did the beings in the heavens, and they met their fate.

We today know from the old records that some of these people of ancient Atlantas were still true to the knowledge they had of YAHWEH of the heavens, and they with their Priest left that land of sinking Atlantas and migrated finally, marching across northern Africa where they found the grass as high as the horses bellies. They finally settled in Egypt along the Nile river, and they brought with them the knowledge that at some time these sons and daughters of God would come into earth, in physical bodies bring the knowledge of Life and Resurrection. Others from the western edge of the Atlantian civilization went to the west into Central America and Mexico and became the Maya civilization. We see much of this old story from the Old Big Book, and we learned much from the Swift ministry as well.

We have needed for a long time to go back to the ancient mysteries and learn the truth. We have needed to study the old books, the myths and their meaning as it is our right to do and to proclaim. For we are now coming up to the end of the age, and this Great Babylon mystery needs to be understood and explained to our people. Thus this story laid out in Anchor, Cambodia is also connected to the monuments built in ancient Egypt.

Besides the Great temple at On, Egypt, and the Great Pyramid of Giza, there is also the Sphinx built at the site also. And it tells the story of Death and Resurrection, which we also see in the Stars. Thus this Sphinx like the other monuments built by the Master Builders of this race as they spread out over earth was telling the story found in the heavens, and tying it to earth where they were now to live and develop for years. Those Master Builders were true Masons. They were masters of Astronomy, and of all types of mathematics. They used spiritual power to move the great stones for their work. No wonder then that men of today cannot match their achievements. For who understands the power of the spirit---very few. But men of the early Adamic race understood this and their wise men spread out over the earth to connect the story of the heavens to the earth as a guide for our race. The Sphinx is thus tied to the constellation of Leo, the end of the story in the sky---thus death and Resurrection.

Thus the Sphinx is the head of a woman and the body of a Lion, showing the beginning---Virgo----and the end---Leo. These Master Builders had built an observatory high up in the Himalayan mountains as they established the Magi to watch for the sign in the heavens that would tell them that the birth of the Savior was near. They built their circle of Stones in Persia for the same purpose. And the Wise of this race watched and waited for a definite sign, from each of their observation points. Others then moved on into Great Britain to build Stonehenge which you have studied for years, and then Avebury both circles of stone where they marked the years as the waited. They left the mark of the White Horse on the hillside. And if you go to Britain today maybe some of the older folks may remember some of their history, but the young aren't interested.

In France there are still traces of this ancient building. For instance at Carnak. AS the ice melted in the oceans, then much land disappeared. But today there is still a trace of this building at Carnak. High on a hill on what is now an island are these 3000 ancient stones. These stones were cut a long way from this place, but how they were transported remains a secret to most. And what of those ancient Carvings found there? We know some were to mark the summer and winter solstices, but that is all we seem to understand.

Now comes the question. Did these ancient people cross the Mighty Oceans? We know today that there was also a great civilization on the land of Mu located in the Pacific ocean site before that civilization fell and sunk under the waters. We know that there was a great Civilization on land that once was above the waters of the Atlantic. We have much more knowledge of this Atlantas than we do of the land of Mu. In the Old Big Book, we find more about Atlantas, and even in the writings of Plato. But there is a book about the Mu civilization as well for men have been recording these things for years.

And yes, men crossed the oceans back in those early days, for actually the Adamic race came into earth with much knowledge. And as they searched for knowledge more was given them. We know that very early the race found their way into South America. For you find the traces of the Incas and those who followed high up in the Andes mountains. Always these people left traces of the knowledge of the stars. Thus, connecting earth to the heavens. All the ancient people, even those you still find traces of today always knew that the Pleaides, was the center of the universe, and that some people came from there, thus from the stars. And always you find this work of the Great Serpent thru out all the civilizations. Off the coast of Peru is Easter Island. And again you find here the Great Stone figures, while the quarry where these stone figures were carved with their rocker bottoms is some distance away. But those rocker bottoms made it possible to walk them into their place where they are now found.

In my review of "In Search of the White God," I reviewed this great building now high up in the Andes mountains. You may turn to that for the story. And here today we find that the Maya civilization is once more

finding much interest. And more and more thus is being discovered in Central America, and in Southern Mexico. Here once more they are finding that an ancient civilization existed. And it also was still telling the story found in the sky. Their calculations were so accurate they predicted dates for even today. And one of 2012 which is to be the wind up of all things and the rest of the Kingdom of Heaven finally found. These ancient buildings were in many places taken over by the Serpent and his people. And their pyramids were built on top of the original and they became places of human sacrifice. But if you dig down to the heart of the original pyramid you find the tomb of a Caucasian.

Today we know that about 600 B.C., into Central America came some of the Manasseh people, into this land of the Maya. They brought their knowledge with them of events up to their time, and of what they expected to come to pass with the birth of the Christ Child. This was added to the knowledge of the Maya, the people from the land of the sunken continent in the Atlantic Ocean site.

We contend that YAHWEH kept HIS people, at least their leaders, informed as to what was to come next. Today we find men now exploring the Mayan ruins, and they marvel at some of the things that they are finding as to the knowledge which was possessed by the leaders of that civilization. In the land of the Olmec people in Yucatan, they have found that these people were also sky watchers. And today they tell us that there are even domed cities at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. Thus that land must have been very different in those earlier days. They are finding that this was not an Asiatic society altho by now the Asiatics were crossing the land bridges of the Aleutian Islands to come into the western part of what is now the United States of America. They then would come on south, down the coast line and cause much harm in Maya land.

We have told you before of the flight of some of the Maya people with the Manasseh people into Aztec land and eventually into the southern United States of New Mexico and Arizona. In the book of The Maya Land, it tells of their recording of the coming of the White GODS from across the Seas. It also tells you much of the coming also of the feathered serpent and how the people were then corrupted.

We also have a record of sites in the United States from the work of Barry Fell, who has written books revealing these mysteries here in our own United States. Available is the book ---America B.C., by Barry Fell, well worth owning.

We contend that very early in the Adamic Race men of wisdom moved out over this planet at that early age, marking the path way for their own people. Thus, even today there is still this trace of all there activities. Today men are exploring these ancient ruins, such as the "City of the Sun" near Mexico City which was built about 2000 years ago. It has that famous tunnel still there by which the Manasseh people escaped as the Asiatics circled their city with sulphur and set it afire. Always these ancient people knew they were under attack and they planned their escape routes, as they moved out over the planet doing their ancient building, and marking the way of Prophecy. Today we know that they knew the scale of the circumference of the earth, as well as the diameter of earth even back in those early days, for they measured time and distances. This was a common knowledge for these people who were so busy connecting sky and earth for their own people.

It is now time for you to catch up with this knowledge. We think you will be surprised at the knowledge which is available out there when our modern world which has wandered so far afield finally has to stop and think. The more you learn the easier it will be for you to adjust to what is taking place today.

Every 19 years something seems to happen at Stonehenge in Britain. The ancient Druid knowledge seems to have been forgotten. But they do seem to retain the knowledge that Stonehenge is connected to the Stars, to the constellation of the Bull of the heavens---Taurus. Thus it was built in Britain which carried that symbol as well as that of the Unicorn.

These ancient monuments thus give us this connection between sky and earth, showing our people where they came from and why. Thus it is time to awaken and get on with our Father’s program for this earth. There is today much of this ancient knowledge to be found, if you are interested. We now understand the two dates of 10,500 years, and 2,500 years. This ties together the ancient civilizations of Atlantas where the Children of God taught in their Pyramid Temples when they were in spirit form.

It was said that they could be heard and seen to a certain extent, but you could not touch them. The knowledge of Atlantas, thus pointed to the coming into earth about 5500 B.C. of the Adamic race, the seventh and last race put in earth. The story then continues of the fall and the breakup of Atlantas all because most of the people followed after the teachings of the fallen Archangel. We think the Aryans at the time of Enoch, built these various monument all over the planet, in the paths which their race would later follow. Thus they begun with the building in Cambodia, which tells the beginning of the story which begun in the heavens, and will end in earth by the destruction of Lucifer and those who followed him in Rebellion. Thus the battle between The Children of Light (spirit) and the 'children of darkness ' started in the heavens and has continued in earth. This is also the story of your bible. And since this battle is to be won by the 'Children of Light,’ with the help of their Father, the Almighty, why would you expect it to be different today?

With the Aryans into earth came this knowledge of how to watch for the birth of their Savior. But long before that time arrived the Aryans would have marked this planet with their symbolic building.

The sign of the Star of Bethlehem was a measure of prophecy. We have that in our history of almost 2,000 years ago. Was that star a comet? For the comets were considered 'the Sword of the Lord.'

The Seed (Christ) of the woman---Israel was to crush the head of the Serpent. Thus the sign of the woman of the heavens, Virgo is also a sign of prophecy.

The planets were called wanderers by the ancients. Saturn indicated the influence of Lucifer. While Jupiter demonstrated the power of YAHWEH.

Those moons around the planet Jupiter were referred to as administering spirits.

Now adding to the failure of the Adamites to walk the right path was the misconception tied to our faith. The church of Sweden in the l6th Century decided they would let the Jews be the children of the tribe of Judah. Thus, the church sold their inheritance. And soon the church world also accepted this belief. But think a moment. If the Jews were of the tribe of Judah, they would not have killed 3000 babies that night in Bethlehem.

Yes. We thus say that out in the sky is the ancient Star Bible, and in the measures of it, is this Great New Day. Hale-Bopp pointed out the last part of this ancient Star Bible and now we wait for fulfillment of that Great and Terrible Day.