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2. BILDERBERGERS............





 7. UNITED NATIONS........................................................................

 8. COMMON MARKET-ATLANTIC UNION.......................................................

 9. SEATO - NATO -FRONTS & ALLIANCES................................................................

 10. TAX FREE FOUNDATIONS...............................................................................................

11. INCOME AND ESTATE TAXES..............................................................................................

12. COMMUNISM. SOCIALISM, AND ISM’S..................................................................................

13. SECRET SOCIETIES. W.C.C. & N.C.C..................................................................................


All cross our country people are worried, and troubled as they see the values and ideals of this country disappearing. They see the mounting debt of the Federal Government as well as the State Governments, and they wonder, but they don’t seem to understand what is happening.

This country was founded on a strong foundation, and the founding fathers guidance came from above, for they took their plans for our Nation right out of the Old Testament plan of Government given to Israel at Mount Sinai.

To understand what is wrong I think we have to go to the Bible for answers, and as we do that then there are two things we must do:.....


FIRST. Identify the God of Israel...

Exodus 20:1-3. Verse 3 is the first and Great Commandment.

Deuteronomy 6:4.

Exodus 6:4.

I AM THAT I AM. As you understand that verse more fully then you realize that it says:...”I AM YAHWEH, THY YAHSHUA. YAH...means ‘Great Spirit’, and SHUA means...’Saviour.’ This leads you to the New Testament and to Acts 2:36... “Let all the house of Israel know that God (YAH..the Great Spirit) hath made this same Jesus whom ye saw crucified, both Lord and Christ.” Here we are reading: ...”Hath made this ONE we call Jesus” in reality to be the Embodied YAHWEH who came as YAHSHUA.


SECOND. You must identify God’s Israel because this Bible is written too, for, and about God’s Israel and the struggle of this Race in building the Kingdom of God ‘on earth as it is in heaven.’ Two important references for God’s Israel are:

Revelation 12:1-3.

Genesis 2:7-8.

Here you have the beginning of God’s Kingdom in the heavens and in the earth.


Now; where did the enemy get their design for World Government? The Symbol of the House of David which was the ruling House of Israel, and the House from which the body of Our Embodied Saviour would come, was an inverted Pyramid. We now know that the Great Pyramid is the Bible in Stone, and the Symbol for all Israel. Today we see these great symbols on the Seal of the United States. The Pyramid with the Capstone of the All Seeing Eye of Yahweh, and the symbol of the Kingdom...The 13 Stars enclosed by 6 of those 13. Today our enemy has taken the Pyramid design and the design of the Kingdom and interwove it and come up with the 6 pointed Star of Israeli.

Over the years the Luciferians moved into the Masonic Lodges and began corrupting them, and they have moved in every area to take over the inheritance of the true Israel of God. The old Schools of knowledge in the background of Israel were their great Schools of knowledge handed down by men or our race who were in close touch with YAHWEH. The Mason’s were “The Builders”, and Jesus The Christ was a “Master Builder.” Pilate realized this as he asked him... “What shall I do, I know you are not guilty as charged?” Jesus said:..”You will do as it is written.”

To me this design of the Pyramid is this Invisible One World Government which the Kingdom of Lucifer has been trying to bring to fulfillment every since the coming to earth of the race of Adam...the white race. This is the explanation of each part of it.



The Illuminati was formed in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt in Ingolstadt, Germany, and a cell of the Illuminati was founded in this country of these United States in May of that same year of 1776. When the Illuminati was formed then the top control was in the hands of 12 men. Here they were imitating the 12 Tribes of Israel, not realizing that now by this time the Tribes numbered 13. From this top of the Pyramid design then would come in time the I.M.F., the International Monetary Fund, so as to control the money of the World, and in this connection the Rockefellers of our Country would come into the picture, for in the beginning they were the Rothschild representatives to take over the control of the money in this Country. People understanding ‘Identity’ would know that the reason for the move against this Country is that according to Bible Prophecy these United States are marked as the Great Nation to come from the seed of Abraham....number 13 would be our Trademark as we carry the symbols of the Tribe of Manasseh, and Britain is 12 and carries the symbols of Ephraim, the other son of Joseph.

In setting up the Illuminati the leaders said that they would corrupt the earth with the use of words, and one of those words was to be BROTHERHOOD. Through this word they would push their propaganda disclaiming that all people came from Adam and Eve and then later from Noah and his sons every race-color and religion. Common sense should tell you better because if you turn to the first chapter of the Bible it tells you...”Each after his own kind, having seed in itself.” Then another word that was coined for use against your race was ANTI- SEMITISM. This was a coined word and people did not understand what it meant and they have used this word to make Israel forget her Heritage and join the World Government, with its religion of Humanism. Today the word ‘Humanism’ is very much in the news, and Humanism is simply man trying to be his own God. This is the program for the whole system of evil.



This organization was formed in 1897. It was a political movement set up under the same Apex of number One, and its purpose was to further the design of the Illuminati, and stir the world so as to set up a homeland for the Jews, and in their drive steal the Heritage from the true Israel people of the Old Testament who are today the Christian people who answered when The Christ called His lost Sheep. In studying History we find that when the Jews could not stop the early Christians by killing them then they finally joined the Christian Church to try to change and destroy it from within. If you want to know what the Jews did in the Roman Catholic Church then read the Book of documentary evidence called “The Plot against the Church,” by Maurice Pinay.

When Nelson Rockefeller took the oath of office for Vice President of these United States he used an old family Heirloom book, ...not a Bible, and at that time he was President of the World Zionists Organization.



This is a group of wealthy men of the world, and they are some of them in the Illuminati, and some of them in Political Zionism movements, and they married into families of the wealthy people of Europe, and into the Governments of that area. This Organization had its beginning in 1954., and Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands was the head of this Organization. The man who organized the wing of it in this Country was Col. House of Texas. The Rockefeller brothers are in this Organization and David usually attends for all of them. This has been a secret organization all these years, but the spotlight finally made them surface. Now we have lists of the men of this Country who have attended these meetings, and some of our Presidents have attended, and some prominent politicians of today have attended these secret meeting where they decided how to run the world. The Rothschilds of France are another family that is in all these secret meetings. The Left Wing of the CIA has always worked with this Organization, and when investigating the CIA I noticed that Senator Frank Church, the great man of that Committee carrying on the investigation is also listed as a member of the Bilderbergers, and has gone to their meetings and the taxpayers pay for them.



This group is the Staff that does the work for the I.M.F., the Illuminati, and the Political Zionists, and the Bilderbergers. Each Staff has a man at the head of that part, and he is responsible to the 12 men at the top. They work up agendas for their meetings and arrange security and things like this.



This is the Organization of the Rockefeller brothers, and it is located in this Country but it reaches around the world. These members of the C.F.R. are found in the Bilderbergers and in the Illuminati, and the IMF and also in Zionism. The Rockefellers were the one who set up the International Monetary Fund, and that Fund has drained our Country of our God and Silver. In this country you find that a large percentage of the men of Congress and throughout the Government in the Civil Service jobs are CFR members, and you cannot fire the Civil Service personnel so....see the control of the Government? This CFR was set up in 1919 so it has been at work for a long time. Nelson Rockefeller was Sec. of State when the United Nations was started, and over the years other Secretaries of State have been of this CFR Organization. Averal Harriman has been a CFR man all of his political life, and Henry Kissinger was a Rockefeller man before coming into government work. When he came into government work he was given $50,000.00 as a gift by the Rockefellers. This Organization was instrumental in the setting up of the next step...No. 5.



Here the C.F.R. were the men who set up the United Nations Banking Complex, and again this ties back through all the numbers before this. This is all a part of the One World Government plan, being sold as salvation for the world. After all, if everyone is finally of the same race, and same religion, then no more wars, and everyone will live together and all work for this top group of men who are so money hungry.



This is what has done more harm to our Country than any of the other schemes by the One World Planners. This Organization of Private Bankers was set up in 1910. The father of the present Rockefeller brothers was the man behind this scheme in this Country. They set up 12 Federal Reserve Banks over this Country and these are the Head Banks. The one in New York City is the Rockefeller Head Bank, and David runs this one today (1976). The little branch banks tied into this Federal Reserve System doesn’t seem to realize what is going on. They get audited every so often but when this Federal Reserve System was passed through a gullible Congress, it was established that this System could never be audited. According to our Constitution then Congress is the only one that can coin money. They were to see that there is always enough money available to match the production in this Country, and by that System then we would a in debt. But through this Federal Reserve System then Congress votes the money to be spent and then turns around and borrows all they need above what revenue they take in from the Federal Reserve Banks. And.....we haven’t paid off the first money that we borrowed from them, and now we are even paying interest on interest because of that. This money created out of nothing is...USURY...and is throughly condemned by the Bible. On the $1.00 bill, you still see the picture of the Seal of the United States but there is talk of removing that.

Our forefathers did their research when they chose the Pyramid and the Kingdom symbols for our Seal...the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle with the 13 Arrows, the 13 Stripes, and etc. But always back through history we find that the invisible planners of World Government have used the plan of the Kingdom of God for their work in blinding the Christian followers of The Christ.



This is a gathering of the Nations of the World, where over the years we have paid most of the bills, but also where we are now outvoted 130 to 1. This was a plan that the men of this one world design had hoped would bring to fulfillment their One World Government. As you go through records that are available, even in the Archives of our Government, you can find that it was the work of men from New York City, and other cities throughout Europe that brought about the war called W.W.I, for the purpose of setting up Communism in Russia. They furnished the money and they shoved men of Governments to bring this about, and then men from New York City were sent to Russia as the first leaders of that Communist State. Sometime look up how many Christians were killed in that take over of Russia, which at that time was governed by White Christian people.

The funny part of this is, if there is a funny side, is that now after having set up Russia as their illegitimate child, then we find that now Russia does not always bow to the wishes of this invisible group of International Bankers, and we got the vote in the United Nations that Zionism is Racism.

At the time the United Nations was started, Alger Hiss was high in Government and a known Communist, and Nelson Rockefeller was on the scene to push this plan. Only two Ministers in the whole United States turned up in San Francisco to protest this plan, and the United States, joining with this Organization which was started without a word of prayer. Why? Because prayer was offensive to the Communists. Those two ministers were Dr. Wesley A. Swift and Gerald K. Smith. Even the Great Senator Erwin who was the Bible quoting Senator of Watergate fame was a friend of Alger Hiss, and he stuck with him to the end, as did most Senator’s who were his friend. You would be surprised at the names of the men in our Government who were aware of this situation all through this time, and yet bowed to it because of political pressure, and political money. This shouldn’t be surprising to the American people if they only knew that the Illuminati was started in this Country May 1, 1776, and from then on all these other Organization’s have been added. After getting to Washington our Representatives and Senators, and yes even Presidents, became puppets, or they were removed from their power....or killed. At this time (1976) Alger Hiss is now out of jail and has been reinstated to practice Law in New York State, and he is also touring the Colleges on speaking engagements. Many men have put up with this situation for so long, and then they rebel and are removed by a smear campaign, or sometimes by death.



These are a part of this same game-plan for One World Control. The Common Market hasn’t worked too well, but they are still, each year, pushing the Atlantic Union which was started in 1949. The Atlantic Union, if Congress should ratify it, would do away without sovereignty and no more would we be the United States, but we would only be a part of the Atlantic Union of so called Western Free Nations and Israeli.



This as well the O.A.U. which is the Organization of African Union and are all a part of the One World scheme, if one doesn’t help then maybe another one will. The OAU was set up to bring Black rule to all white countries of South Africa, and thus to destroy the white Christian race there. Most people think that land belongs to the Black man, but there were no Negroes in that area as the white men went into that country to the rest of Africa through the United Nations plan of turning all those countries back to Black rule. The money that has milked the American Taxpayers over the years has not helped the common people of those countries.



These are the great foundations such as the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, and the Ford Foundation. When Alger Hiss was taken out of Government to stop the clamor for his ouster as a Communist then he was appointed Head of the Carnegie Foundation, and that Foundation has sponsored him every since. These International Bankers funnel their money through these tax foundations, and then by not paying taxes they have more money to use to bring this Country under their control. They so some good as a cover up, but most of the money goes to the Left Wing causes. Even a wing of the CIA which works for Left Wing causes has been getting money for their work from these tax free foundations. Of course Congress, under the control of the C.F.R. was glad to set up the Foundations, and any Congressman who has suggested that the Foundation be looked into is removed from power.



The Income and Estate Tax racket was set up in 1913., and the father of the Rockefeller boys of today was behind this illegal tax racket. Col. Lindbergh's father was in Congress at that time, and he fought to stop the Income Tax and Estate Tax fraud. He also fought the Federal Reserve System, and to get even then you know what happened to Col. Lindbergh's little boy. Congressman McFadden made many speeches on the floor of the House of Representatives about this Federal Reserve Corporation and the Tax system being set in place. In 1934., he made many speeches but Congress never investigated his charges. Last year when some suggested that the Federal Reserve System be audited, you saw the present head that system rise up, very angry and say, ‘that will never be!’ That is what Arthur Burns said that he will probably be removed as the powers that be may think that someone will challenge him.

Under the Law’s of God, a man is always to pass on his property to his son, but these taxes now imposed are doing away with the Law’s of God, and have substituted them with the Law’s of The International Bankers.



This is the most visible aspect of this One World Organization. But remember, that Communism and Socialism were both spawned by the International Bankers to be used against you. They are financed with your tax dollars, and if American people were not so blinded by....BROTHERHOOD...and a guilty feeling that has been put upon them, because we seem to be more fortunate than our....brothers, then they would see through this scheme.



Perhaps this will shock some people, but anyway, you will find that the World Council of Churches, and the National Council of Churches, were formed and managed from behind, for the purpose of brainwashing the Christian Churches and to milk money from them and to use the Ministers to help in this brainwashing of these Christian people. The ultimate result was... Judeo-Christian. The printing of the Sunday School literature and the Pastors literature was taken over gradually, until their ‘will’ was accomplished. If you study history you will always find that the Jew’s entered into the Christian Church for only one purpose and that was to change it from within. If they could not do that then they destroy it. This happened in Judea at the time of the Ministry of The Christ. They took over the true Faith of the Hebrews and turned it into Judaism, the Tradition of the Elders that Jesus condemned so many times. All Jewish writers tell you these things, and a great many of them have bragged of how they pretended to be Christians for this purpose.


Thus you have the Design for World Government. From this design you see that is nothing new, and has been around for a very long time, it just never quite accomplished it’s ultimate goal.


October 1978., I should add as a footnote the fact that now you also have in this Design...the Trilateral Commission. This surfaced in 1973., but did not come fully into the light until Jimmy Carter named his Cabinet Members, and the names of the officials in Government circles. This Commission was to finish what Nelson Rockefeller failed to do in his drive for the Presidency.


Ned Touchstone from Florida..”Counselor”...said that as N.B.C. came on the air in the evening with the election results, and if we saw the map on N.B.C. light up like a Christmas Tree with the whole South-Eastern part of the United States solid for Jimmy Carter, then we would know that they had failed in their drive to have the voting machines of that area checked. Because long before election day he said the machines were being rigged, and they had a case in Court for an examination. Well you know what happened. Before 1% of the votes were counted from many of those States, N.B.C. declared that Carter was the winner. Thus here you should recall that it was the Rockefellers who put up the money for the development of the voting machines, so I guess the time had come for them to be used fully as we build up here to the day of Armageddon.


Some of the books available in studying this situation are:


1. The New Unhappy Al K. Chesterton

2. The Gary Allen

3. Conquest or Vennardd

4. The Protocols of the Learned men of Zion.

Many works by Col. Dall and etc.