ERM - Newsletter 01-99

NEWSLETTER FOR January, 1999

by Ella Rose Mast


Again we will give you a run down of the history of this Impeachment process, as we finish the year of 1998.

Oh! Remember this is all for the children.----But the last time President Clinton was in Arkansas he took a report card from a little girl who wanted him to autograph it. And he was in a hurry so he promised he would autograph it and return it to her so he hurried on. But he never returned it and the little girl got in trouble with her teacher as the teacher did not believe her story. The little girl wrote the White House about her missing report card but so far has not had a response. After all President Clinton must have more important things to do than to see about the little girl’s wishes. After all this pushing of the working for the children is simply a political stand.


THE WASHINGTON TIMES: --------McCarthy revisited.

Joseph McCarthy is arguably the most reviled American public figure in the 20th Century. But the opening of the Russian archives, intelligence files has finally vindicated McCarthyism, if not also Joseph McCarthy.

These new intelligence files sully many of the 'old left' such as Julius Rodenberg and Algers Hiss. Now confirmed is the fact that in the 1930's and 40's the American government harbored hundreds of Communist spies and even more fellow travelers.

It is well known that Eleanor Roosevelt consorted with Communists and that President Roosevelt took a Communist with him to Yalta where he gave 10 Christian Nations over to Joseph Stalin.

The Observer of London stated in 1996 that Joseph McCarthy had gone down in U.S. History as one of the most reviled man in U.S. History. Still historians are now facing the unpleasant truth that he was right. Today he can be seen as much closer to the truth than those who ridiculed him.


More Clinton lies:--

President Clinton has now hit the gun shows as illegal sources of gun transfers. He is seeking an executive order to preempt the 2nd Amendment while the other side of the story is that the Chinese gun dealers and importer ---Wang Jun--- was the President’s guest at the White House after giving a good bit of money for the "96" campaign. Then we learn that Wang Jun tried to smuggle 2000 AK-47's with full automatic selector switches making them true ‘assault’ weapons for sale to street gangs in California.

Are the 80 million gun owners in this country and the Congress of the U.S. going to let the president get away with this?


HUTCHINSON HERALD---Nov. 30, 1998---

Can you understand why the Clinton Administration is so paralyzed with indecision about the Pinochet case? Are they thinking about abuses under the Clinton Administration where in President Clinton could be extradited to the World Court for instance for bombing the Serb strongholds in Bosnia, in 1995? Or even ex-Secretary of Defense McNamarra the leading architect of the Vietnam war, be vulnerable?


Names in the News:--

President Clinton has a Zipper problem.

Organizers of Madame Tussaud's traveling Wax exhibition has been forced to sew the ‘Zipper’ shut on the trousers of the Clinton figure because visitors have been unzipping it. Clinton is a real popular figure, and because the figures are so accessible, people have been taking a few liberties with his clothing, said Vicky Brown, general manager of the exhibition.

Before Brown hit on the sewing-up strategy, security guards had to check on the state of Clinton’s trousers every couple of hours to avoid embarrassment, she said.

The exhibition, featuring 110 wax figures, is on display in Sydney, Australia until next July.


POLITICAL CORRECTNESS BACKFIRES . . . from the American Sentinel.

Geraldo Rivera pulls a Clinton: in September, Geraldo Rivera dared the public to demonstrate that lying about sex under oath had ever been prosecuted. He offered a $10,000.00 award to anyone who could prove it. Now attorney Marc Bogatin may sue Rivera and CNBC because he dug out and presented five cases in which people had been criminally prosecuted for lying about sex. (We have since learned that the check for $10,000.00 was picked up by Joe Digenova and Vicki Toensing ---conservative commentators who are paid to appear on Rivera's show.)


War for the White House:

Al Gore's nightmare:

Ted Turner, proud winner of a recent 'world citizen' award, knows where to turn for support for his bid for the Presidency. In addition to his million or billions, he'll tap the resources of a new group called "Trustees 21", that has taken over for the Bilderbergers and other groups that are now just shells to keep the press and public amused. "Trustees 21" is led by wealthy Canadian Maurice Strong, a devotee of Mother Earth religion and liberated lifestyles. He's a 50-year-old veteran of top U.N. assignments and also heads this Earth Council, the outfit that nearly got the Earth Citizen's Charter passed in Rio at the recent global summit conference.

"Trustees 21", at which Strong declares is just a cooperative effort and not a genuine World government, is made up of 1,000 super wealthy corporations plus leading policy makers, intellectuals, and other influential types. Once the word goes out in that network to get behind Ted Turner, we'll see an independent end-run that will leave the Republicans and Democrats wondering what hit them. (We will see what YAHWEH has to say about that!)


One of the mementoes that can be purchased at the Ronald Reagan Birthplace Historical Home is a picture postcard with the picture taken by Mr. NcEthiney on the evening of November 3, 1980. This picture shows the row of red brick buildings along Tampico's Main Street. The sky is grey, but at the center of the photo the sun pierces through the rain clouds and lights up Reagan's birthplace. A Rainbow shines down from above, hitting it directly. The next day Ronald Reagan was elected President.


December 17, 1998---------President Clinton gave the order to start the bombing of Iraq.

This was just the day before the Impeachment was to be voted on in the House of Representatives. Because in war times, we always, as a people, and as a congress, back our troops who are in harms way, then the Impeachment of President Clinton by vote in the House of Representatives was postponed. Many people are angry about this timing of the strike against Iraq. But so far it is holding. (Will have to see as to what is allowed in this case.)


Remember the bombings of Hanoi and then how London was bombed--did it whip them? Did it bring an end to the war? No this was used to delay the impeachment vote and hopefully to put it off until next year and the next congress, but Dec. 17th, the House votes to go ahead with that process and tomorrow they will go ahead with the debate which is very tense and quite ugly and then they hope to vote and finish this on this week end. There is more to happen in this time of prophecy, so hang on.


December 19---Bob Livingston bows out as Speaker of the House of representatives, and calls on President Clinton also to Resign. He is setting the example for the President, and in six months Livingston will resign his seat in Congress.------Wonder who will be the next target? ---Are they using the F.B.I. files?


The House of Representatives voted out 4 articles of Impeachment for the President. Thus now President Clinton has been impeached which will always be on his record. And now this clears the way for a trial in the Senate, starting possibly January 6th.

Do we now stand at the crossroads of only---Right or Wrong?----- So we now bow in America to the minority rule and forget that it is also our Savior who is on trial in America? Is this a fulfillment of the prophecy which says that this nation will have trouble such as you never saw since you became a nation? (Daniel 12:1)?

There was thundering and lightening over the capital in Washington, D.C. as this Impeachment proceeding was under way, just as the Democrats were trying to get the vote for censure. When it failed, the Democrats walked out in a protect, but they came back in to vote as the impeachment items came up. Two articles of Impeachment--number 1 perjury, and number 2, obstruction of justice were passed.

The Democrats then went to the White House to encourage the President not to resign. The two articles of Impeachment voted down were:--pertaining to the Paula Jones Affair, and number 4, abuse of power.

As I pondered these numbers of this affair, I find that Number 1 and number 3 both pertain to primacy--God, himself---Divine and Christ ---Omnipresence and Omnipotence. Whereas, number 2 and number 4 pertain more to earthly matters, thus world numbers.

To end the day of December 19, the President then announced that the bombing of Iraq was to stop. So did he or did he not start that bombing to try to influence the votes on Impeachment?


The President, after Dick Gephart had called for the stopping of this tearing down of government men, (so far 4 Republicans) both then spoiled it by calling for the Republicans to allow a vote on Censure. Is this the only way to stop this blood bath? The Republicans and some Democrats do not think that censure is constitutional.


We are told that the World Order wants the Democrats and the Republicans to fight and they will make a run around them in the year 2000 and run Ted Turner for President. (I do not think that the Almighty will stand for that.)


David and Lucille Packard of the Packard Foundation announced in November that it was granting 333-million-dollars to the International Population Control and Reproductive Health Program. This tax-exempt foundation has been a heavy contributor to abortion related causes. This new contribution gives this foundation the distinction of being the premier founder of infanticide and genocide around the world.


New American:--


I have talked to you before of the fact that this government was going to seize land, for federal use, and put it under the United Nations control or World Control.

First announced by Vice President Gore in November of 1997, the Clean Water Act --(CWI)--this idea to control how and by whom water is controlled thru out the U.S. Then the President now thinks he has the authority to go forward with their plan and has thus not sought authority from the Congress of his actions. He now claims that this authority now exists in the CWI.

Tax payers have already spent tens of billions of dollars cleaning up our waters over the past 25 years. Now Mr. Clinton is coming out with the grand daddy of all land grabs, and use control mechanisms---the Clean Water initiatives. This calls for locking up of at least two million miles of private land lying within river corridors, and starting in Iowa, this will start along the Mississippi River. This is included in their implementation of Agenda 21---the 40th chapter manifesto---to reorganize the World into an eco-socialist gulug controlled by the United Nations, and the Global Elite.

The creation or restoration of nearly one million acres of wet lands, the whopping two million miles of river protection corridors, taken almost all from private lands. Closure of over 20,000 miles of roads then on federal lands that are essential to commercial and recreation activities. Federal land use authority over nearly 1/2 of all watersheds in America. All of this to be fully implemented between the years 2002 and 2004. Much of this private land along the rivers that the government plans to seize is worth as much as $10,000.00 per acre. That is also just a part of what some people will lose. This plan comes right out of the UN's Agenda 21, laid out in that 'Earth Summit' back in Brazil.

(Under cover of the Clinton scandal this is going on right under the noses of the American people who still are backing him.)


Now----if you want to stop abortion, retain gun ownership, exercise your free speech, practice your religious faith openly and exist as a free nation, then work to get our nation out of the U.N. If our national sovereignty is lost to a Godless World Body, the other battles will be lost by default.


December 25, 1998-------Which Way GOP? ------Which way?

We have now had men of the G.O.P. stand, led by Henry Hyde and vote two articles of Impeachment against President Clinton. This has infuriated the Administrations attack dogs. But it has also give us the clue as to the numbers of those things voted for.

Now you have seen Henry Hyde and his group deliver those Impeachment articles to the Senate the other legislative body. It is now up to the GOP and the Senate to see that they work with some old-line Senators to move this process of impeachment along the constitutional path. Mr. Hyde and his men will explain the evidence they have gathered to substantiate the claims of perjury and obstruction of justice, and other items can now be added. The Senators are to set as jurors so they do not produce the evidence then render the judgment if it is sufficient to impeach.

In this meantime, before January 6, when the Senate comes into session, then everything is thrown at the Congressmen as the enemy tries to get them to go around the Constitution and bring on a type of Censure which is acceptable to the president. This is not lawful. ----BUT WHO CARES?

After seeing the way the Republicans stood their ground, for our nation in the House of Representatives, we expect the Almighty to also manage what is to come next.

The Progressive Caucus (PC) is tightly bound to the Democratic Socialists idealogy of America, an affiliate of the Socialists International. Its goal amounts to a Socialist program for the U.S. as it is eased into the ‘One World Order.’ Thus the call is for socialized medicine, redistribution of the wealth of America, Environmentalist extremism, funding for AIDS research, and of course higher taxes. There is nothing in it that conflicts with the socialism advanced by Karl Marx.

Look over the list of PC members: ---David Bonier, Democrat minority whip. John Conyers of the Judiciary committee, Henry Waxman of Government Reform committee, George Miller of Resources, Lane Evans of Veterans affairs, and Charles Rangel of Ways and Means, and George Brown of Science. Should the Democrats win a majority in the House of Representatives, these socialists would become chairmen of their respective committees.

Other Socialists in the socialist clique include Barney Frank, Pete Stark, Ed Pastor, Dianna DeGette, John Lewis, Jesse Jackson JR., John Lafalce, Louis Stokes, James McDermott, and Peter DeFazzio. Their affiliation with the Progressive Caucus means that they have no regard for the constitution.

The burning question here is, will more Republicans begin to lead our nation back to the Constitution and traditional values, or will it continue the fatal flaw of Compromise?


NOW SINCE CHRISTMAS WILL BE OVER BY THE TIME THIS ARRIVES, I would also like to stick my neck out again and enter this argument as to whether, and how or why, you should celebrate Christmas for some of our identity ministers has pushed this idea that it is wrong.

Yes, I know that December 25, is probably not the true date of our Saviors birth. But Christmas has traditionally been the most popular holiday in Christendom. It commemorates and celebrates the birth of the Christ Child, centering on the beloved image of the Holy family with the infant Savior in the manger.

This symbol of the holy family is mysterious and it summons both our intelligence and our imaginations, and has for over 20 centuries, as theology and art have tried to understand it, while public worship and festivity have rejoiced in it.

We have acquired cozy, secular and associations like the Lighted Tree, Santa and his reindeers, and exchange of gifts and songs like "White Christmas" and "Winter Wonderland.” Oh! Sure there is a danger that such seasonal pleasures may distract from the real significance of the holiday. But we tend to forget that Holiday once meant Holy Day, just as Christmas meant "Christ's mass'. And Santa Claus meant St. Nicholas.

But we as Christians must never forget the fact that the words of Christ penetrate the soul of His children and they continue to exert their spiritual power even in translation after 2000 years.

No wonder the world order tries to take such things from you as this Celebration of Christmas, as they try to make it just a day to be celebrated behind locked doors. The American Civil Liberties Union, with its war on the "Creche," is only one of the forces waging a campaign to remove all holy symbols from public property, under a special interpretation of the American Constitution. The ACLU interpretation has also been adopted by the Supreme Court which has used the Bill of Rights as a protest for imposing the anti-Christian theology on the U.S. in the name of the wall of separation between Church and State. Most fail to see that the council is marching in step with a great modern trend toward a centralized state or Godless Tyranny.

Far from being controlled by the Constitution, the Federal Government now uses the Constitution to enlarge its own power. This has brought not only an expansion of federal government, but a veritable explosion.

Now; for the first time, the sexual revolution, as the organized assault on Christian morality is commonly known, has an active friend in the White House for the aggressive promotion of abortion, gay rights, and related evils, whose purpose is to weaken the family, reduce everyone to servants of the federal government.

This bible carrying President, is the mortal enemy of both the Constitution and Christianity.

The tragic fact is that the American people seem to have little inkling of what they have lost. The young have no memory of a truly Christian America, and their elders have too many times almost forgotten. Our religious leaders fail to appreciate the deep connection between political and the spiritual, between Faith, and Freedom, between despotism and damnation.

American Christians this year have celebrated Christmas which has been segregated from public life. But in our little town we still see the manger scenes and the lights, and the trees, and the stars, even tho in the minds of those who would rule, they think that the trend that Europe faced between the World Wars is at the door of the land of the free. Thus Christians must awaken from their slumber before it is too late for our beloved land.

Now let’s go back in history and see where all of those Christmas customs came from. Such as the date even of December 25, and you will realize that all this even the lighted tree had their meanings as but symbols to help keep alive and to spread onward this Faith of a Chosen people.

Remember that Christ came--HE took flesh like we have, and HE lived life in our material world. HE created these things of our material planet, and won redemption for mankind. From the first the enemy has tried thru abuse and misuse of the Good things which God has give to take those from you. The use of flags, drums, music, parades and patriotic symbols, such as the Eagle, which embodies our natural history as well, have all been attacked. Anything that Christianity has loved the enemy sets out to destroy.

But Christianity grew. It took over pagan practices to try to bring the people forward into a better Faith. There is an old Hymn, composed in the eastern Christian Empire in Europe and sung there as Christianity tried to drive home the point that December 25 was a pagan holiday, where they worshiped the sun and the stars, but with Christianity this would move forward to the worship of 'The Sun of Righteousness,” (see the writings of Malachi). And the Dawn or Day spring, from on high---(St. Luke). Thus Christianity tried to capture the worthy aspects of the old culture, but at the same time to teach the true inspirations. Christianity has things associated with it that are older than Christianity. But these things are but vessels, the content of which has been utterly transformed.



Thy nativity, O Christ, our God has manifested to the world the light of knowledge. For by it, those who worshiped the stars dist' learn from a star to worship Thee--'The sun of, and to know thee, the Dawn from on high. O LORD, Glory to thee.

Thus we learn that Holly, for instance made beautiful garlands for decorating homes and public buildings in winter. The red berries came to symbolize the Blood of Christ. The Holly leaves with their sharp points, the crown of thorns, and all Evergreens became symbols of Eternal Life.

The Christmas tree idea came from Germany in the 14th century, and at first it was called the Paradise tree, and in the 'plays' of that time acquired the name of Christ-tree, later in English --The Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree was brought to England by a German prince of the House of Hanover. And under Queen Victoria, the Christmas tree took its welcomed spot in English history. In early 1900, the Christmas tree was brought to America and its popularity has grown since then. The lights on the tree are said to symbolize Christ as the Light of the world.

The Creche or nativity scene originated over 800 years ago in northern Italy. These scenes as told in the Bible became instant favorites with the people. The custom spread over the Alps and into Germany then on to the other Christian countries.

Gift giving also has a history. The Roman exchanged gifts on New Years Day. After Christianity came to the front, then came the practice of gift giving in remembrance of Gold, frankincense and myrrh, brought by the Wise men. At first, gifts were given on December 6, St. Nicholas Day. But eventually this gift giving moved to Christmas day. From St. Nicholas came the idea of Santa Claus and his leaving of the secret gifts.

We realize that Christmas can be misused, yet we must not fall into the trap where the truth is smothered by denial.

Christianity took over pre-Christian festivals and transformed them or at least tried to transform their celebrations into happy and holy days. Therefore it does not matter that certain of our traditions can be traced back to pagan times, or that the months and days of the year are also pagan in origin. They have thus been transformed and made Eternally new.

Today Christmas with its evergreen trees, carols, gifts and feasting, is at its best when a deep awareness of the true religious meaning of the holiday is combined with an emphasis on the love of family and the warmth of the Home.

Thus we celebrate Christmas and try not to let it get to materialistic, and always remember the reason for the day, and we do this even tho we know that our enemy and many who pretend to be friends don't quite understand our reverence for this day and HIS season.


We hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year is in the Cards, altho there will be a lot to go thru this coming year, but still it is all for our good.


May YAHWEH bless.